The Sigil of O9A


Sigil of the Order of Nine Angles

Viewed exoterically, the unique sigil (above) is one useful means of meditation for new Initiates – by concentrating on the sigil, a certain exoteric appreciation of the acausal within the causal [that is, of a nexion] may be obtained, especially if there is an attempt to view it three-dimensionally.

Considered esoterically, this sigil, as given, not only re-presents the Septenary in two-dimensional form [the seven points (of various angles) which touch the outer circle] but also the various pathways which join them.

However, the actual ONA sigil, as used by the ONA, is a four-dimensional one: that is, the two-dimensional sigil (as above) is constructed in three-dimensions, within a sphere, which three-dimensional construct itself changes, thus mimicking the change which is causal Time. This change is both a simple change of perspective (for example, the movement and rotation of the sphere and the construct within it) and also a “mapping” (that is, a causal “distortion”) of both the sphere and the construct within it). This mapping is essentially a change of, a transformation of, the regular Cartesian three-dimensional co-ordinate system, and to a limited extent this can be understood, and re-presented, by reference to the mathematical change of metric in causal Space-Time.

This change is – viewed causally – random, and thus there is some esoteric appreciation, on viewing this four-dimensional sigil, of some of the properties of a nexion: of where the acausal is manifest in the causal.

Acausal 1

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