Sinister Tribes of the ONA


The Sinister Tribes of the ONA

The Order of Nine Angles is unlike and distinct from other esoteric groups for several reasons. Among the most important distinctions are the following:

(1) Because the ONA is a genuinely sinister elite – that is, the emphasis is on the self-reliance, the independence, of the individual, and upon individual practical experience and the surpassing of the limits set by others, by “society”, and especially set by the mundanes who have made such abstractions as “the State” and “the law” as a means of trying to ensure their own safety and their own mundane survival. Thus, those of the sinister elite which is the ONA are defiant individuals who have embarked upon a sinister quest to experience, know and understand – and then surpass – their own limits and that of their societies. This practical self-reliance and this practical experiencing of the sinister – and the learning from what individual, direct, practical experience teaches – means that: (a) no one individual – not even myself – has some sort of “final authority” in or over the individuals who belong to or who associate with the ONA, or who use the methodology of the ONA; and (b) there is no dogma, or “ideology”, or some “authorized” teachings, associated with the ONA, for it is the methodology of the ONA which is important: the ethos, the true sinister spirit, the dark timeless acausal itself which should inspire and motivate individuals and cause them to dream surpassing dreams and strive to make their dreams reality.

(2) Because the ONA is now a living, changing, evolving being: a sinister entity, which sinister being is manifest – which lives – in the sinister tribes that are the ONA: in our many and diverse nexions (local groups), and in the many and diverse individuals who may or who may not be part of a local group/tribe and who thus may live, and do their sinister works, alone.

(3) Because the ONA has long-term sinister and esoteric aims which surpass the life-span of the individual mortals associated with it. One of these esoteric aims is to encourage, to breed, to bring-into-being, a new type of more evolved, more sinister, human being, and from these new humans create a world-wide elite of various sinister tribes. Another esoteric aim is to disrupt, undermine, and replace all existing societies, and in their stead create entirely new ways of living compatible with such evolved human beings – beyond the restrictions, the tyranny, of all modern nations and States. Another esoteric aim is for us – our new elite, our new tribes – to leave this planet which has been our childhood home and to seed ourselves among the stars.

Membership of our tribes is earned; it is privilege; achieved by showing or by developing that personal character – that nature – that both marks us and distinguishes us from the mundanes and from those who dabble in, but who do not know, and who dare not experience for themselves, the sinister darkness we revel in and desire.

What distinguishes us – we of the tribes of the ONA – is our fierce sinister ethos, manifest in one very important way in our Law of the New Aeon. This Law, our Law, the basis for the change we seek to make to this world – and to the extra-terrestrial places where we will dwell in the future by our sinister visions, dreams and desires – is the law of personal honour.

In practical terms, this law of personal honour means that we take personal responsibility for ourselves; and that we do not accept nor seek to abide by the “laws” made by the mundanes and their societies. Thus, for us, justice is the natural justice of personal honour – not the so-called “justice” of some “Court of Law” established by some State or by some supra-personal authority. Thus, for us, our disputes are personal ones, to be settled by ourselves, and not by being taken to or resolved by some so-called “Court of Law”.  Natural law and true justice resides in – and can only ever reside in – honourable individuals, and to extract them out from such individuals (from that-which-lives) into some abstraction is the beginning of, and the practical implementation of, impersonal tyranny (the control and emasculation of individuals), however many fine sounding words may be used to justify such an abstraction and to try and obscure the true nature of honour. For individuals of honour understand – often instinctively – that honour is living while words are not; that honour lives in independent individuals of strong character, while words thrive in and through mundanes: in individuals in thrall to either their own emotions and desires or in thrall to some abstraction, or in thrall some to some -ology or to some -ism. Thus, the laws and the so-called “justice” of all modern States and nations are lifeless and de-evolutionary; a means of ensuring the survival of the mundanes and their societies; whereas the law of personal honour is the law of evolved, and evolving, free independent human beings.

The Law of the New Aeon is the law of the tribes of the ONA – and the law of those tribes and those tribal communities which will created in the future through the striving of our kindred, who probably will have dispensed with such a name as “the ONA” and who may thus describe themselves by a multitude of names and terms but who will nevertheless be our living, changing, evolving progeny, for such is the nature of the sinister being that is now, and has been for some while, the true, the esoteric, and the nameless, “ONA”.

This Law of the New Aeon – our new and tribal law – means that we are clannish among ourselves; that we distinguish our tribal and feral kind, and our sinister kindred, from the mundanes (from all of those who are not-of-us), and that in our relations between ourselves – between our brothers and our sisters – we abide by a certain, and mostly unwritten, code of personal conduct. Part of this code of conduct is that we strive to treat our brothers and sisters, of our own local tribe and of our other tribes, with respect and honour, and expect them to do the same in return. That is, that we accept and strive to respect our personal differences – of personal character and of tribal methods and of “ways” and of styles of living – accepting that despite these often minor and always family differences, we are still kindred. Another aspect of our clannishness is that we should reserve our sinister manipulations, our japes, our sinister machinations, for the mundanes: for those who are not-of-us; those who are an obstacle to the achievement of our aims, or who may be used in order for us to achieve these aims of ours.

In essence, the sinister tribes of the ONA – what they are now; what they are becoming; and what they will-be – are that presencing of acausal energy which will fundamentally and irretrievably change our world, and which will manifest, and bring-into-being, an entirely new, more evolved, type of human being and entirely new types of human communities, preludes as these are to us leaving this planet which has for so long been our childhood home and to seeding ourselves among the stars of the Galaxies of the Cosmos.


Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen

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