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What Lies Beneath

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“How can the acausal be presenced, now, on this planet which is currently our only place of causal residence? Is it still relevant for the acausal – the Dark Forces, the Dark Gods – to be so presenced?

Yes – it is still relevant, still necessary, for all those who belong to our Dark Tradition, and all those who aspire to belong, to so presence the Dark: still relevant, still necessary to do both magickal and practical deeds which glorify the Sinister, which presence the Dark Forces. This is Aeonic Magick – and a Magick which aids, or which can aid, both the Internal and External Magick of each Initiate and each Adept. Words, ideas, symbols, writings, and all such transient causal forms, are only intimations; perchance the beginnings of inspiration. Beyond such things – a necessary beyond – are the deeds, the acts, the magick, that each and every Initiate and Adept must do to presence the Dark: the practical experiencing which alone breeds the knowing of the Sinister.

Those who decry such practical things – such action, in the world, such dark deeds – are feeble; they are not of-us. They belong to the Old Order, which festers still, which still infects the world with its cosmic-denial, its pathetic anti-evolutionary materialism, its vapid egotism, its dogma of duality, of “good” and “evil”, and its limiting of each and every individual. We, on the contrary, proudly defy – as we proudly announce that we know we can be, we should be, more than we are – that we have the potential to change ourselves, to reach out into the Cosmos; to evolve; to become like gods… They of the Old Order stifle the potentiality of our being while we who pledge ourselves to bringing the acausal down to this Earth are of the new Cosmic Order yet to be: we, the future, who despise everything that belongs to, that clings to, the little ones of the Old Order who scurry about in their vanity and material concerns. We have the strength to dream great dreams – to be bold in our visions, in our quest; while they would have us all go back down to their low animal level. We have the strength to know we are a new race, a new breed of human beings, taking evolution ever upward by our magick and our deeds.

So, how do we bring the acausal down to this Earth? By Aeonic Magick, using our skill, our knowledge, our nexions, our dark forms. By practical deeds which disrupt the Old Order and all its forms, ideas, organizations, groups and societies. By practical deeds which glorify the dark and which take us, as individuals into and beyond defiance and which make us new archetypes to inspire others and future generations. By creating nexions to draw forth to this world, and to its peoples, the darkest of Dark Forces – the Dark Gods, and the Chaos of the Acausal Itself. By championing anything and everything which can challenge and disrupt the Old Order with its Magian magic and its Magian ethos (of which the Nazarene ethos is a part) and its desire for lower everyone down to the lowest level. By causing, inspiring revolution; evolution. By creating new and newer forms to presence the Sinister and so restore the balance, thus re-enabling the dialectic which powers Change and evolution. By championing those forms which actively now, and in the recent past, have challenged and even threatened the old Magian order, which forms they who belong to the Magian (and their lackeys and agents) fear.

What we always must remember is that what others think of us – what labels, what names they attach to us – are irrelevant. We are beyond such things – we, who are the future.

“I, and others like me, are the darkness which is necessary and without which evolution and knowledge are impossible. I am also my own opposite, and yet beyond both. This is not a riddle, but a statement of Mastery, and one which, alas, so few have the ability to understand.” -Anton Long, ONA, 116yf

“It is important to realize also that the name “Satan” is not his real name, it is a convenient epithet, used because it expresses part of his nature. There is, in fact, no real ‘name’ as we undertand names – […]. In a sence which few people will understand, Satan is the essence of the acausal: the cosmic force of Chaos whose intrusion into our causal demention disrupts the entropy that linear time produces.” -ONA, Aeonic Magick

These hints made by the ONA regarding “Satan” is a very important concept within the White Star Acception. ‘Satan’ and mythos associated with ’satan’ are sinister strategies required to purge our minds and lives of the Nazarene Ethos and paradigm, and to liberate ourselves from the hold that the Magian has had on a vast portion of humanity, which prevents us from progressing humanity forward. But to lose oneself in the mythos and strategy; that is to believe in the actualy being of a satan; is conterproductive because not only is this satan a mythic being of the Nazarene Matrix itself, but it is also reactionary.

The Genuine Progressive Satanist of the Dark Tradition who has insight, undersatnds that satan is merely a descriptor used to describe a more esoteric phenomena- the Acausal, or Force of Chaos; which we in 352 symbolize also with Azagthoth- the blind force of Chaos, that is the center and fundamental substance of the Cosmos.

This Acausal Force of Chaos may be likened to an ocean which crystalizes and condenses into a different form in certain areas- ice burgs. Althought the Ocean and Ice burg are essentially the same fundamentl essence in two different form; they are very different and do not naturally mix. In otherwords – this material Cosmos we physically exist in is a materialization or crystilzation of acausal chaos in a very condenced and coherent strucure. Thus, this Dark Force, which Life Force is but another of it’s manifestations, lies beneath all things.

This crytsalization phenomena is esoterically hinted at with our use of Crstyals during our ceremonies, which helps open nexions. Crsytals themselves are the condensation of energy and elements into a tightly coherent patern. The energy cannot be experience in a crystal, unless one brings two quartz crystals into a dark room and physically rubs them together, thus producing a very visible release of light and energy. Releasing this energy in a way, is similar to the act of opening a nexion and bringing down acausal energy.

The opening of a nexion which draws down acausal energy into our material universe, may be illustrated by holes being drilled in an ice burg to draw sea water down into the ice burg. This drawing down then brings us to the esoteric meaning of the word ’satan.’ In Sanskrit the word “Satana” actually means: “causing to fall,” “bringing down;” as well as to “destroy,” “wear out,” or “remove.” That is to say that we Presencing the Dark, or “drawing down” acausal energy into our material world to gradually destroy the old aeon to manifest a new future one. This is perfectly congruent to the Dark Tradition of the ONA.

This process of actively using our minds to form chaos into order is illustrated by Yug-Sothoth ordering Azagthoth into form, as we desribe in the very first Chapter of Opus Vrilis, as well as within our initiation ceremonies.

Thus within our White Star Acception “Satan” is understood on many levels – esoteric and exoteric. On one level he is a mythos of the Nazarene Paradigm used for certain sinister reasons; on another level ’satan’ to us represents Nature in all its forms – primal, cosmic, earthly, animal, and human nature; and on a more esoteric level ’satan’ is the very acausal force we are presencing to manifest change and progression.

This is very important to understand because our Dark Tradition is not a reactionary thinking process like the profane satanisms which either worships a literal being of the Christian Paradigm, or uses the name ’satan’ as a mere symbol of 9 statements. There is more to our religion than just reacting. Those profane stagnant satanisms would not exist without the Judeo-Christian mythos, or without the ’satan;’ but our Dark Tradition would still be in tact even if we chose to abandon the satanic mythos and stopped using the word satan. The acausal is still the acausal either way; and the Dark Gods- those ‘entities’ of the acausal – are still the Dark Ones; with or without our usage of satan and his mythos. – Chapter XLII; OV:352

The Star Game

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The Star Game


The Star Game serves three basic esoteric functions. First, it is a new type of sinister magick, appropriate to our times and the emergence of the next Aeon. Second, it enables an understanding of Aeonics; and, third, it is one means of developing that new type of thinking – beyond causal, abstract, forms – which is an important part of the the forthcoming New Aeon.

In addition, it can be played simply for pleasure, as a “game”, although it is somewhat more complicated than ordinary chess.


In The Dark Tradition, it is one of the tasks of an aspirant Internal Adept to learn, and master, the rudiments of The Star Game, since this learning reveals many secrets about The Dark Tradition itself.

The Star Game exists in two forms: the “simple” (or basic) form, and the “advanced” (or esoteric) form. In the basic form there are seven boards, and only 27 pieces. In the advanced form, there are at least 81 pieces per “side” (or player) and many more boards, and it is this advanced form which is most interesting from an esoteric point of view and which enables effective Dark Sorcery, beyond “words” and “chants”.

An outline of the basic version of The Star Game is given below, together with some notes regarding the advanced form, and more details regarding both forms can be found in the ONA MS NAOS, as published by the ONA in facsimile.

The Boards:

There are seven boards, each one named after a particular star, which boards are placed one above the other in a spiral and forming a septenary Tree of Life (or Tree of Wyrd, to be precise).

Each board has nine black and nine squares, with each board representing a sphere of the Tree of Wyrd (ToW). See Figure O  below.


The Pieces:

Each player has three sets of nine pieces, that is 27 pieces in all. The nine pieces are:

a(a)  a(b)  a(c)      b(a)   b(b)  b(c)     c(a)   c(b)   c(c)

The pieces can also be named Alchemically, abstractly or in terms of the Dark Tradition.

In Alchemical terms, a is the Alchemical symbol for Salt.  b is the Alchemical symbol for Mercury, and c is the Alchemical symbol for Sulphur. Abstractly, a is the Greek letter alpha, b the letter beta, and c gamma. In terms of the Dark Tradition, a is causal space-time; b is where the acausal is present or manifest in the causal, and c acausal space-time.

These symbols and letters should be written on the pieces which are either small, square pieces of wood (of a size to fit on the board squares), or small tetrahedrons.

One set of three pieces is coloured black, the other set, white.  [ Or red and blue may be used.]

Esoterically, the pieces represent the combinations of the alchemical substances, or the various combinations and manifestations of causal/acausal.

The Moves:

The central rule of the game is that each piece, when it moves, is transformed into the piece next in sequence:


Thus the a(a) piece when it is moved becomes an a(b) piece;  a(c) becomes b(a) and so on. A c(c) piece becomes a(a).

The c (or gamma) pieces – c(a)   c(b)   c(c)  – can move to any (vacant) square on any board.

The b (or beta) pieces can move across the board they are already on to any vacant square, and up, or down, one level – for example, from Acturus up to Antares, or down to Sirius. Note that a piece on Sirius can move only up to Arcturus.

The a (or alpha) pieces can move only across the board they are on.

After a piece has been moved, and therefore changed into the piece next in sequence, it moves according to its new identity. Thus, a b(c) piece would become a c(a) piece and on its next move, moves as a c (or gamma) piece.

The Placing of Pieces:

The initial or starting position of the pieces depends on how the game is used. Esoterically, the pieces are placed to represent a particular form at a particular moment in causal time: for example, to represent a civilization, an Aeon, or a person. Exoterically – when the game is played simply as an intellectual game – the placing of the pieces is fixed.

In the exoteric game the starting positions are as follows:

Six pieces are placed on Sirius – two sets of alpha pieces – for white, and six for black. See Figure 1

Arcturus has three pieces for white and three for black. See Figure 2

Antares has six pieces for white and six for black – two sets of beta pieces, placed exactly as the pieces on the Sirius board.

Mira has no pieces on it at the start.

Rigel has the three remaining pieces (for each player) of the beta sets, placed as the alpha pieces on Arcturus.

Deneb has six pieces of white and six of black from the gamma set, placed as the alpha set on Sirius.

Naos has the three remaining pieces of the gamma set, placed the same as the alpha sets of Arcturus.

Exoteric Game Rules:

The pieces move according to the rules above (see The Moves above), and are transformed as above. However, in the exoteric game, pieces can only stay on Mira for three moves. After three moves have been played (three by white; three by black) the player must move one of their pieces on Mira, if they have pieces on Mira, and this move must – if the piece is able (of the correct sequence) – be up or down from the Mira board. If there are alpha pieces on Mira, these are moved according to alpha piece rules: across the board only. That is, until they become beta pieces when they must move up or down from Mira.

A c(c) piece is the only piece that can can capture any opposing piece.  A c(c) piece can capture an opposing piece on any square from any board except Naos. The pieces on Naos cannot be captured. The piece so captured is removed from the game and plays no further part.

After a c(c) piece has captured another piece, it becomes a a(a) piece.

Exoteric Game Object:

The simplest form of the game is for one player to occupy certain squares on Mira, of a pattern decided by both players beforehand. A suggested pattern for winning is given in Figure 3.

Thus, the player has to place three of their alpha pieces in the pattern given.

The first player to achieve this pattern (within the three move Mira limit) wins. Note that c(c) pieces can capture pierces on Mira.

Exoteric Rule Variations:

To initially make the game easier to learn, and play, two variations are suggested. The first is to amend the three move Mira limit – to five, or seven, moves. This makes the game much easier.

The second is not to allow the c(c) piece to capture pieces on Mira. This makes the game very easy indeed.

Star Game: Elementary Guide to Esoteric Meanings


1)  The seven boards can represent the origin, and change, of one particular Aeon. That is, each board – each sphere – is an aspect of that particular Aeon. Sirius represents the origin, and Naos, the end of the Aeon. The pieces symbolize causal-acausal, and the presencing of the acausal. Or in more mundane terms, archetypes.

Thus, the present Western Aeon can be symbolized, and the future ascertained – or changed, if the game is used in a Magickal way by an Adept.

2) The seven boards can also represent the seven Aeons, with Sirius being the Sumeric – the first Aeon – and Rigel the present Western Aeon.  Thus, the Next Aeon, the galactic, can be studied, understood and perchance brought into being/changed.

(See Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction for details about the seven Aeons of septenary tradition.)

The initial placing of the pieces is the key to representing both of the above, and such placings are taught to Initiates of the Sinister way.


The boards can also represent one individual. The pieces then represent aspects of the consciousness – the life – of the individual. The alpha pieces are concerned with the “ego”; the beta pieces with “self”; and the gamma pieces with Adeptship and beyond.

The alpha set represents “feeling”; the beta set “intuition”; and the gamma set “thinking”, broadly as those terms are defined by Jung. Each board represents that aspect of the individual associated with that sphere: thus, Sirius represents the “Moon” aspect (Night; Calcination; Aries; Nox and so on), and Mira the “Sun” aspect (Putrefaction; Lux; Vision). See the Septenary Correspondences.

In one very important way, the pieces and the boards represent the esoteric path to Wisdom: to self-understanding, and the creation of a new being.

The initial placing of the pieces is usually done to represent the individual in the present, as they are now, and this placing is an esoteric skill, learned through study and practice.

Note: The above is the general, or simple, form of The Star Game. A more advanced Game exists, with each board having six (minor) boards (three at each end), and there being additional pieces (more sets of nine for each player: often 81 pieces per player; sometimes more), with additional rules regarding movement. In this advanced form, each board is divided into three other levels so that there are four levels to each board: 

——————— Level 3                                        ———————-   Level 3

——– Level 2b                                                                ——–   Level 2b

——– Level 2a                                                                ——–  Level 2a

———————– Level 1   (White)                        ———————- Level 1 (Black)

Level three consists of six squares, three white and three black; level 2b is a single square; level 2a is the same as level three: three black and three white squares.

The Star Game Figures:


Figure 0 

(Click on images to enlarge)



Figure 1 



Figure 2 


Figure 3 

This document was compiled from Order of Nine Angles manuscripts including Naos: A Practical Guide to Modern Magick

Desire – Ligadon

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Autumn –

A marriage beneath the Earth

In Elixir

She washes Her hands

A Black Eagle

A Palace of Light

She becomes the snake

Who offers the sword

To sever the arm…11-Desire-LIDAGON


Alchemy: the union of two balancing forces that as a nexion, create change through Sinister Intent – the energies in action as earthed and affected by that which is represented by atus VI, VII, VIII.

Synopsis of the Sinister Way

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The Sinister Way, also known as the Dark Tradition, the Way of 352, is the Sinister quest for esoteric knowledge. This Sinister Way is practical a practical Presencing of Acausal energies, a training system utilized by Traditional Satanists. The Way or path tests resolve and character and because of  its degree of difficulty, few follow this Path. There is no simple way to obtain real ‘Occult’ knowledge or Insight. Individuals walk the difficult path and the achievement is strictly, individual.

Those who decry practical, Dark, real-world action are not one of us, the O9A, 352 or any other Nexion. They are of the Old Aeon and believe in its dogma of ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ its limiting of the individual. The Way is to take Evolution and Progress it ever upward by magick and Dark deeds.

Aeonick Magick, individual skill, knowledge, Nexions and Dark forms are the means to bringing the Acausal down to this profane Earth, which create Chaos and disrupt the forms and institutions of the Old Aeon. We are beyond what others think, their names attached to us, their opinions for they are irrevelant.


atuIX  - the hermit

“I and others like me, are the Darkness which is necessary and without which Evolution and knowledge are impossible. I am also my own opposite, and yet beyond both. This is not a riddle, but a statement of Mastery, and one which, alas, so few have the ability to understand.” – Anton Long, Morning Rising of Sirius, 116yf.

The Darkness

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Those who practice the Dark Tradition do so to attempt to make history while rationally using forms, and at times, individuals, for a higher, Cosmic purpose. In this new Satanic Aeon, the stagnation that exists within the ‘norm’ is to be destroyed. The ultimate goal is the Presencing of this new Aeon, the furtherance of a Cosmic force beyond the personal.

The Dark Ones are indeed shapeshifters in character as well as in life, the real world. Their actions are performed with Insight and ruthlessness and the doer is often detached, thus causing Chaos, defying and seeking to ‘go beyond’ restrictive forms, structures, laws ans institutions whose purpose are to hold people in thrall.

The Way of the Satanist, the Way of the Dark Warrior is to oppose the oppressors, who are usually of weak character and herd mentality, to fight all who seek to stifle our potential and evolution.