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Introduction from Grimoire of the Dark Gods

Posted in The Dark Gods on August 30, 2009 by cosmion


Introduction from Grimoire of the Dark Gods

The Dark Gods exist in the acausal realm and this realm is joined to our causal, physical universe in two ways – first, through Star Gates which are regions of space-time where the two universes intersect, and second, in the medium of our minds since certain levels of consciousness in their very nature are “gates”. Archetypes are to our causal perception simply ordered elements of some of the energy present in various forms in the acausal universe.

The acausal universe itself may be described as that aspect of the cosmos bounded by acausal time and possessing more than three spatial dimenions; the causal universe may be described as that aspect of the cosmos bounded by causal, or linear, time and possessing three spatial dimensions at right angles to each other.

The entities known to esoteric tradition as the Dark Gods are beings which exist in the acausal universe. Other such beings probably exist in the acausal realm, but the Dark Gods are known to us through having, at various times in our evolution, ‘intruded’ into our spatial universe.

It is possible for individuals, by virtue of the nature of consciousness, to open pathways to the acausal by various methods and thus draw into our phenomenal world various acausal energies or forces. Such forces, due to the nature of the acausal, are often seen to be from our point of view “evil” or negative.

Three types of drawing down are possible. i) localized of an individual on a small scale of small energies; ii) of certain powerful forces or entities to physical manifestation in our universe; iii) returning to our planet and universe the race of beings known as the Dark Gods – tradition knows some of these beings by names such as Atazoth, Shugara, Athushir, Budsturga and Gaubni.

The first and second forms of drawing down involve those pathways residing (mostly dormant) in the mind, while the third involves the Star Gates themselves of which three are known to us as areas in space near the stars Dabih, Naos and Algol. Physical travel to the acausal is possible through these Gates, but it is nevertheless possible to draw through them by various methods of powerful ritual the Dark Gods themselves, the time and stars being aligned aright.

This Grimoire shows how to awaken the latent pathways in our consciousness and, most sinister of all, how the Dark Gods themselves may be returned to Earth.