352’s Interview with THEM.


It’s been a weird year and a half for Nexions THEM & 352. Almost from the get go there was friction and hostile rivalry between the two ONA Nexions. Yet, during the hostilities, there were strange moments when THEM worked behind the scenes to help Nexion 352 rise.

Now, after the two Nexions have buried the hatchet and settled their exoteric drama for the sake of the ONA’s future – In Sinister Solidarity and Siblinghood, a Triumvirate has amalgamated – their collective eyes firmly fixed on the future.

Kayla of 352 interviews Kris of THEM. It is strange and even humorous to consider that for the longest time, even now, these two Initiates were/are believed to be the same person. As Kris says wisely: Sometimes giving the game away produces more desired paranoia. Perhaps they are. What does it matter really, when at the end of the day, the “work” gets done.


1. 352: What was the inspiration for… or what is the meaning behind the name “THEM?”

+O+ Please keep in mind that while speaking didactically (as an authority) comes naturally to my style of writing – I by no means believe any of my points are objective or unassailable.

I came to see from my involvement in Satanism – even within a powerful organization that expressed and emphasized freedom of thought and an independent path – qv. the ONA, that there was still some restriction against certain forms as a result of the ’skeletal’ infrastructure of the Order; which as a visible formation, had to use arguments, pre-suppositions, dialectic and create forms to put forth and express/share its views.

Because of the duality of our language – all worded views correspondingly give immediate rise to a counter-argument, and this duality applies to the dichotomy of creating a clan of friends, instantly creating the perception of a division between insiders and outsiders, or a clan of enemies.

However – this distrust and subsequent attempt by Myatt in the early years of ONA to distance himself from the Modern Satanic practitioners as well as the Jewish Qabala, gathered such fierce momentum that for a time the ONA was largely followed by fanatical NS supporters.  The result of this snowball of fierce hatred of the Jew/Magian/Christian and the Qabala however did not move on from the stigma of ONA – when Myatt moved on.  Thus it is that much of the instruction of ONA members comes from ONA mss, while a study of the enemy is skipped over, out of a misguided sense of loyalty to a changing path by myatt, which on paper or screen is generally perceived as static. I.e., something written on his path many years ago, since buried under new insight or genius – is taken as fresh, up-to-date, and wrongly applied to an environment in which the conditions that gave rise to that insight have drastically changed, or no longer exist. This is probably why
it is exceptionally important that an emphasis on abstraction and the fifth-dimensional way are understood.

I digress – while hating Jews and condemning the qabala may be intuited or construed to be encouraged by earlier ONA mss (either directly or indirectly) comprising part of Myatt’s changing experiences and learning: It is more important to Know thy Enemy. How does one do this if one does not study them out of fear for being judged a Magian?

An ONA member generally assumes from the mss that the Magian and their works are to be avoided at all costs – building up a quick judgement of all such associated forms as poison, rubbish, to be ignored. This assumption of what is expected includes an understanding that involvement with the TOS and COS via the perception of the Letters of Stephen Brown is to be aiding an undesirable form. So in the early stages – overwhelmed by what it means to be a member of ONA – certain assumptions lead to certain omissions and self-restrictions.

Myatt’s own forms could not help but raise the bar as far as Satanism as a discussion point was concerned. Some very careful thinking and philosophic gymnastics has been developed as a result of his detractors being forced to go out of their way to bring logical dialectic and debate.  But for all its freedom, ONA still had the unfortunate outcome of creating restrictive policies as to what was considered Lhp, Satanic and so on.  To limit oneself via any mode of thinking, any window of perception, any way of viewing the world – is to immediately limit possibilities.

The Adept, someone who is in charge of their own Wyrd, will come to see through practical application, that they must use all and everything available to them in their path as they see fit to achieve their aims. The forms must never master the Sorcerer. If suitable forms do not exist – then the Sorcerer can create them so they do. The learning and study  (and appreciation) of the Qablah or of the Jewish Faith, or working from within a technically Magian system such as freemasonry was not banned per se, but frowned upon as being unable to assist the Sinister Way.  To the detriment of the possible Adept – only half of the system was learned, and comparisons with the Qabala for the Tree of Wyrd, largely shunned by people willing to accept Myatt’s early views as current gospel.

As a result of these divisions and others – there were many who had an interest in ONA, even fierce loyalty and admiration, but whose views or background were so aligned that they were ignored.  In some cases, disagreements over the treatment of ONA regarding Lovecraft, Crowley, or Lavey were the catalysts – in others, disagreement over Culling, National Socialism, or the nature of the Dark Gods, the means to open the Abyss, the Will to Power of the ONA’s magic, or the methods by which it propagated itself were the cause of friction.

Perhaps after 40-50 years of answering questions, defending the ONA, trying to make people see reason or sense, AL gave up responding – because the ONA grew silent in the face of many of its detractors and champions alike.  Many felt that there should be a means for others to share their own experience of the Sinister even if outside of the ONA’s framework.  For quite some time I had been trying to make this happen – largely to benefit myself – as I experienced my fair share of silence too.  But I was far too inexperienced, too young, too headstrong to be a competent leader at the time, and the groups I did open quickly dissolved. I was lucky in that throughout the silent treatment of others, I was able to communicate with the ONA, receiving some mentorship in the process.  Up to this point my involvement with ONA was fanatical and blind.  After I met the Sorceress however, I found myself neatly seated between two powerful opposing views and complete paths of the Lhp, on one hand the ONA, on the other the Sorceress who tempered my fanaticism over the course of years and whom I worked with to work out the problems facing Satanism – listening and discussing our involvement with the Septenary Way, and to which we both agreed the problem facing Satanism was one of Solidarity. Meanwhile I continued to receive magical instruction from both sides, not withstanding my own powerful drive, forming a synthesis enabling me a truly fortunate understanding of magic.

After the genesis of my insights via Radia Sol: Emanations of the Self – we came to see that an independent body of shared experience from all LhP paths, using a similar framework, terminology, and groundwork as the ONA, but advancing beyond the personal spheres of creating the Adept toward such things as a study of the components that formed the ONA, (giving rise to our mss on Remote Solidarity, Sinister Solidarity, Form, Abstraction, Mythos, etc) that would be more suitable to our respective understanding of magic and the Order, which at the time was extensive. Moreover, I had made a lot of contacts who felt a similar way. There was of course, also no place for many of the theories and workings others around us had – in the ONA’s system.

Recognizing our Acausal connexion, a focus on psychology and sociology, numinous aspects of Time and Space, the power of Narrative Magic, Form and the creative faculties and tools for building a Mythos, extensive knowledge of the ONA, inc how it worked, what it was doing, what it was, put us in a key position to both continue the Sinister Tradition of the ONA – attracting many interested parties keen to learn about the esoteric properties of this enigmatic organization – and a variety of people from many different paths and mind-sets coming together as one – set us apart from other occultists and current ideas.  What defined us could not be set down as belief – since we all thought independently, or race – since we were all from different backgrounds – or location – since we were at the time all over the world; – only Time. We believed our unique connection to each other to be the result of breakthroughs on the work on our Selves, and some strange new experiment by the Cosmos calling for the emergence of a more connected unity in people.  We believed our personal encouragement for a greater connexion to our unconscious opened up certain gates, certain genius/madness, and a unique nexion; we believe that connexion to the unconscious, and the rise of the Self, to be the Voice of the Dark Gods.  Thus THEM, The Dark Ones, and the voice that issues through as a conscious recognition of being a plural or collective unity of selves, not one ego.

2. 352: You have obviously dedicated a great portion of your time and energy to the ONA, thru the many books you have written, and the hundreds if not thousands of initiates you have taught over the years, even decade. We know there was a time before all this when you, like all of us were searching. Maybe you went into a few religions, tried a few Ways, even tried a few kinds of Satanisms before you found the ONA. What do you see in the ONA? What about the Order do you feel makes it stand out above the rest to which you decided to dedicate your time and energy to?

+0+ I saw expansion – and I still see expansion. I still don’t know whether to call it simplicity or complexity – but the ONA was so different from all the other views, all the other systems, all the other thinking, I had done before – that I was convinced it was magic. When you compare the ONA to a group like the COS, or TOS you see immediate differences in the approach – in the direction – in the purpose – in the methodology. Most groups, though they try to differentiate themselves, work within a basically similar system – with pylons, degrees, restrictions, dogma, doctrine, leaders, followers, blah. They might look different on the outside, but on the inside they follow a regimented and religious styling of hierarchy and rank.  They are different only in wrapping paper. ONA on the other hand, even from the very beginning was so far out of the box from anything I had seen that I am still learning from it even as I learned the first day more in a few hours than any other occult organization had ever taught me before.  For instance, other occult organizations might try to capture you inside a certain frame of view/belief – ONA explained that this happened, how it happened, and that it could be avoided. It went ‘over the top’ of the occult labyrinth and dispelled the nonsense that went with it. It was like an enormous eagle high above the circuit, peering down with a panoramic view, all-knowing because it focused on understanding the essence behind things, not the illusions those things presented. There has never been anything for me personally that has rivaled the ONA for its genius – something I have lamented at times in fact, because there is nowhere else to go after the ONA – after I understood Myatt and ONA – I found myself lost. Because every other writer had been trapped in form, lacking as someone once said, a ‘praxeology’ – their work was like looking through rose-tinted glasses again via a small myopic perception of the world, however lofty – it paled in comparison to the scope of the ONA. And to some extent this is why the Temple of THEM was necessary, because after learning so much, there was no other way that I could evolve further. I’d reached my limits.

3. 352: How was your personal “journey” into the ONA like as you progressed thru it’s grade rituals?

+0+ Difficult Just like you, I had to force my way into the ONA and solidify that position over time, a lot of time.- and I did not do this the “Traditional” way. This may surprise you, but in terms of the Septenary system I am not even an External Adept; I attempted this rite but set the bar too high in arrogance thinking my black magical will power would prevail. Well in some areas it’s useful – but not in this one and not that time. I failed the External Adept rite though I keep it in my mind to attempt it again. And I have not attempted to perform the Internal Adept rite because I fear that my personality would experience too much change, too much shock, and possible even a re-orientation of my anima – proving disastrous to my relationship with my Mistress.  As it stands, my personality is required to achieve the aims of THEM. The fact that I am so familiar with ONA but have not followed it to the letter – should provoke some interesting questions – but with luck provoke more understanding than inquiry…

4. 352: We know the Temple of THEM is ONA, but as a Sinister Organization in itself, it is… as it sometimes states – different. In what way?

+0+ The Temple of THEM is not actually an ONA Nexion.  It called itself a Nexion to reinvigorate the ONA and give the impression of fresh blood to save it from stagnating during some dark years it was losing its vigour. Prior to you, in fact. But its members were either so inspired by, taught via, or involved with the Order in varying degrees, including respect and homage for it, that it would be hard to call it anything else. As the Order has said – we are “of the ONA” and we recognize that.

As for the second part of your question – one need only read our mss to get an impression of how different THEM are from the ONA. THEM openly invite viewpoints that conflict with our own to provide dialectic – since the point is not that people accept what we’ve written, but accept that what is written anywhere is a viewpoint – and should be recognized in that context.  We directly oppose the ONA’s Tradition in some of our manuscripts – but more importantly – the insights and secrets we share about the ONA’s form, function and methodology were not given to us by the ONA – i.e. they did not teach us how to understand them – in fact, the put all manner of obstacles in our way to doing so.  Despite this, THEM teaches about Mythos, Forms and Abstractions using the ONA as a prime example – to allow others to perceive what is behind the illusions of the world and its Magian masters – thus destabilizing the infrastructure of the Authorities on the outside just as Satanic Alchemy destabilizes it on the inside. We are not sanctioned by the ONA as much as tolerated – and toleration is a necessary evil – because THEM will voice itself whether the Order wants it to or not. THEM has also expanded much of the Septenary Tradition not only via its own works or preservation of all former ONA mss – but via the dialectic it has posed, prompting answers to difficult questions from the Order.

The crux is this – if ONA had not been so hard to get answers from, so secretive, silent on matters, and more willing to talk – we would not have had to de-construct it brick by brick to see how it worked. I should point out that where we found weak points – we have always endeavored to patch them up.  So in some way, ONA’s silence has brought life to a new science by necessity; Narrative Magic.

5. 352: Personally, in your eyes, how relevant is the ONA/Sinister Way in today’s world?

+0+ I’d like to answer that question but information is lacking because it’s in limbo. The WSA is modifying the Tradition from what it was to something altogether unique for future generations; it is difficult to say which ONA or Sinister Way is relevant because they splinter into all-possible definitions; and today’s world for me is hardly an objective anchor from which to proceed.  I will say this – ONA were relevant for me, then, and now – without which, I should likely be a very different and stupid man. The keys in ONA are still as perennially unchanging as wisdom from any great sage or work – but with the extensive and elaborate (I must confess, breath-taking to watch) transfiguration of the Order by the WSA under way – I believe the ONA has never been made more relevant, more accessible, nor more profoundly condensed. Even by Us.

6. 352: You’ve been active in the ONA for at least a decade. During that decade the ONA has been successful in accomplishing many things. Have you noticed, or are you willing to name certain “endeavours” where the ONA failed or made mistakes?

+0+ Even after a decade of observation – it would be presumptuous of me to think I knew that ONA had made a mistake – or to comment on Myatt’s conduct from a point in time now past, especially, because as an Initiate, I know firsthand that “mistakes” are a necessary part of learning, growing, evolving. If you don’t make mistakes, it probably means you’re not trying hard enough, daring enough, defiant enough to reach further than you should, and won’t experience the sobering humbling fall that marks every step on the staircase of wisdom. But ONA had to have made thousands. If it didn’t it wouldn’t be the powerful collective experience it is. It clearly grew from them all, too.

7. 352: If you could change the ONA to make it “better,” and more relevant to the next generation; what would you change… add, phase out… etc?

+0+ All of my works and books contain the indications where I felt changes should be made. And I went ahead and made those changes giving rise to THEM. With that: it’s no longer my desire to change or challenge the ONA; that responsibility has been taken squarely on your more than capable shoulders – with full support from Us.

8. 352: What are your personal hopes for the Temple of THEM?

+0+ As you may already know, THEM are highly secretive as concerns details of their intended function and purpose – hints have been given – but I cannot answer this question;  in some regard, THEM is a hypothesis, an experiment being conducted over a thirty year period, and to explain the experiment would affect it. Nonetheless, we hope that the Temple succeeds in acting as Falcifer and ushering in Vindex, in saturating the global psyche with the ONA mind-set and the work of Myatt, to teach what lies beyond, beneath, and behind Appearance; Destroy the Magian; and to give Australia a truly Sinister History.

9. 352: Your most memorable Insight Role – What was is, and what did you learn from it? How was that Role different from the person you are within and the life you normally live?

+0+ Probably a dual role. Working six months as a janitor in an elderly home, and then six months for the federal government as a clerk immediately after. Proving to myself how easy it was to shape-shift by fulfilling behavioral expectations. I also learned how extremely different it is to be an average working joe, (I’ve held jobs in furniture removal, retail, salesman, warehousing, demolition, metal works) and part of the government payroll. The conditions are so different it made me very angry. Safety, Workplace laws, Comfort, Restrictions on task, insurance, premiums, superannuation are all vastly superior to the working man. I am completely disillusioned regarding the effort of the govt to get people into jobs – which they have treated as a new religion, with job network providers popping up everywhere in the thousands quietly performing a number of dubious activities to get people jobs including extensive psychological profiling. Just as WSA say, the ten percenters are real, are a threat, are our enemy. You make excellent points too in your comments regarding the nature of schools and how they are there to make machines for the industry. This also goes into all the echelons, where in every part of society the rich are catered for at the expense of the poor man. I once had several indepth discussions with a Q.C. at my gym who was so disgusted by the justice system he had quit. And, because I am a Satanist – and my job required gathering National Intelligence – it was directly at odds with my subversive, revolutionist spirit.

10. 352: In your honest opinion: What role do girls play in the ONA? I mean besides making nice naked ornaments for altars; things needed for rites that involve copulation; and reading the part in ceremonies where it says “priestess/mistress.” Is a girl even important in the ONA?

+0+ In my honest opinion – my essay “Baphomet: The Greatest Heresy” covered my thoughts on this subject aptly. Because of the secrecy by other members concerning their role in the ONA, let alone the role of their priestesses – I can really only speak for myself and the role my “priestess” has played. In the beginning of my path I sought out word for word, exactly what was required by the Way – viz, a willing priestess who would learn chant, follow the septenary way, and generally rise up there spheres alongside me in the proscribed manner. However – I don’t think the ONA ever met someone like my “priestess” NineRays. 9R was willing to do all of this, for me. 9r and I were friends before lovers. For many years she watched me go through the motions, becoming a dangerous fanatic in the service of the ONA. But throughout she also guided me, making me second-guess myself very often and very hard when I came at here with my opinions, ideas, and answers. It was thus she got her name Nine-Rays, for she always knew how to introduce Chaos into anything, even my most sure of answers – for this, any credit to the powerful arguments and common-sense of THEM, belongs to this woman and her ability to make me think ever harder ever further. 9R was taken with the ONA, as was I, and we performed dozens of rituals based on their tenets, chanted together, and generally assembled ourselves into an ONA lifesyle with all that it implies – but she did this not for the ONA, but for me. However – it came to the point where 9R showed this to me, and as she had always done, remained independent of the ONA even if she used some of their works for her own means. She was always strongly, fiercely, darkly, Sinister, willing and capable of using violence to co-erce, even before I met her and introduced her to the ONA. She is a tall striking beautiful red-headed woman with a very intimidating presence. She has and always will, walk her own, path, as she does now. And without that spirit of hers, I should be a weaker, paler, man now. And, she is not the only strong female to influence me, my mother, and the Sorceress, my girlfriends of the past – all strong catalysts. Even though though many of them may have never even heard of the Order – I firmly believe Women of whatever creed play an essential role in the dance of Men. Neither do they need to be directly involved in such things as Satanism or the occult, to do so.

11. 352: We know there are many sincere people out there who are interested in the ONA, and desire to apply its principles, and contribute their time and energy to the ONA,but who don’t have the advantage or opportunity of knowing someone to teach them the Sinister Way, and would appreciate guidance, or an adept to point them in the right direction. Besides advising these solitary individuals to gradually work towards undertaking the initiation stages of the ONA. If you could devise a practical curriculum, or essential practice to help them on their way to develop their magickal skills and such what would it be?

+0+ I would advise them, naturally, to look into THEM. THEM – is not a curriculum of defined magic, we are not about returning someone to an occult labyrinth to memorize rituals, names, means, or even a philosophy. We do not believe in one singular magical system for all – but share what we know from experience among us without expectation. We are a means of devising an extremely powerful sense of self-analysis, critical analysis, and rational deduction for when you DO get into a system (occult or otherwise) that has a proscribed curriculum. So that not only can you learn the little things like the leaves and the flowers of the system, but can study the tree, the roots, and turn your eye toward the rest of the forest. That you would also take many things into account in your journey that are largely invisible when you start it – more quickly, can also be of benefit, because Time is your greatest enemy. Thus we host systems like the TOB, IOT, WOT, ONA, OSV, OOS, and so on for others to choose from, combine, or simply study at their own leisure, in their own way. We are, like the ONA, not a simple repetitive set of classes that teach magic, we teach how we learned to learn.

12. 352: Pathways and Pathworking – for the benefit of those beginners of the Dark Tradition who wish to gain insights as to the way and method an experienced Adept pathworks: Would you describe a pathworking session as you personally preform it, in whatever way you have found works best for you?

+0+ Well I’m not an Adept – I’m an Initiate. I would refer them to Shugara – A Sinister Pathworking. Pathworking opened my eyes – because I saw nothing. No demons, no mystical gateways, no voices, no nothing. If the Pathworkings changed me – they did it subtlely. But then – that in itself is an experience – testing what is given you – and forming your own conclusions – are what has always worked for me.

13. 352: Dark Gods – To you personally what are these? There comes a point in an Adepts journey to the Abyss where he/she begins to more frequently experience acausal intrusions and maybe even some form or manifestation of these Dark Forces: What’s your most strangest encounter?

+0+ From my experience – there’s no way to describe what these are. Any conscious grab to understand these concepts only seems to push them away, hides them under wishful interpretation. Rather than try to grab them – to understand or rationally intuit this concept – I just let them be.

14. 352: What is the “Magian” to you?

+0+ I answered this question in a set of essays called “On the Cold Facts of Form and Manipulation”. This is a complex question, as have all questions become with my understanding of the limits of language; because all answers where abstractionsd are concerned (and everything is an abstract) require me to take into account my personal bias, limitations, expectations, and prejudices. This can’t be done fairly – because the ‘Magian’ as an abstract does not essentially mean anything, and could yet mean everything. The easier level provides a nice solid answer like, our enemy, nazarene this, ruining aeon, blah blah. But I don’t feel like a “You” – and even though feeling as though I should say it’s when referring to myselves – this is too eccentric for language. And some proof toward the limitations of language to aptly express the alchemical changes of the occult. This is probably why the Lhp and Satanism insist on you providing yourself with the answers to these. Some may see this as avoiding the question – but if my time with ONA has taught me anything more than I’ve already elaborated – its the true power and key of self-sufficiency when it comes to knowledge.

15. 352: How is this Magian force to be destroyed?

+0+ It’s not that easy. But breaking through language is one means to loosening the simplistic boxes that define reality and the means of apprehending it. Language binds us to a specific geometry. Qv. Liber 13.13

16. 352: As an Adept with advice to give to those solitary genuine ONA initiates beginning on this Seven Fold Sinister Way of ours, who don’t have the advantage of a group to work with, but wish to some how contribute to the destruction of the Magian by “bringing down” more acausal energy to help manifest change: How would you instruct or advise them, as far as what they can do as a single individual, to either be a living nexion for the acausal to pass thru or to physically help destroy the Magian?

+0+ Again, I’m not an Adept of the ONA. I would advise them a) to observe very carefully how they themselves process information and learn as much as others have written about it as they can until they feel slightly schizophrenic and detached from their ego, their ‘one-ness’. b) to observe very carefully what comprises the forms they witness in the world in regards to taking into account their own possible ignorance, arrogance, failings, prejudices with good humour and with self-honesty and understanding, and a sense of humour. c) to seek, devour, and explore the works of groups like the Tempel ov Blood, the Order of Nine Angles, the Order of Saturn, the White Star Acception, and anyone else affiliated with THEM as we propose not to bury someone in a system for our own ends, but to remove one from the occult labyrinth and place them squarely into their own seat of wisdom.

17. 352: Imperium – 300 years from now when “Imperium Galactica” has been actualized; in your mind: How do you envision it to be? What does it look like to you? What are your hopes, dreams and visions of it?

+0+ This term used to mean something tangible to me, but it no longer does. “Galactic Imperium”, like “Solvet Saeclum in Favilla”, “Anti-Cosmic Black Flame”, “A Sinister History for Australia”, or “New Aeon” or whatever end or ultimate aim our language professes as the motivation for a form is from where I stand empty rhetoric used only to effect the magicians will; it is the creation of simplistic, tangible, graspable, propaganda or handles (attachments to forms) to allow many to grasp what is conceived by one. Whether a political or magical or social or religious or scientific interpretation; it’s all interpretation; one shouldn’t forget that and one should strive to understand that if one does not; the laziness of the human being is the laziness that allows society, condensing what is into interpretations that take on a solid immovability; from which all manner of brave postulates proceed even if the prime interpretation is wrong. Whilst on one hand it is essential to work with such phrases, building and substantiating a mythos/reality to support them and the necessary handholds so that others can support them too – the Sorcerer is or needs to be above getting trapped in forms, and believing they have of themselves any real validity or existence; they have only persistence. Imperium, insofar as it echoes from ONA – is David Myatt’s personal word, to reflect his apprehension of the future drawn from his studies of the past. And insofar as it reflects a synthesis of wisdom that many of us share agreement on; the idea and ideology necessary to achieve Imperium, qv, Falcifer/Vindex is used by THEM but understood as a form, to carry along the momentum its presence generates among people such forms have the power to affect. My hopes and dreams change as I change, but my belief, is that an external Imperium is only ever going to arise when the inner sanctions people impose upon themselves are re-oriented.

Imperium, via the death-grip of the American-Magian Axis, is already bringing the world to a boiling point, and I think it is going to get extremely dark before the dawn. I cannot imagine what the world would be like, nor the outward changes it would undergo were people to follow the same train of alchemy I have; that is outside the known, and I cannot speculate on that. What I do have conviction in though – is that THEM acts as Falcifer to tear not just down but through the Magian; and whatever comes after they fall, is up to Vindex.

18. 352: In your eyes: What is Anton Long to you? Is he a prophet, a teacher, a guru, some guy with some great insights, or is he irrelevant to what you have become and or what the ONA has become?

+0+ Anton Long is the closest approximation I have had to a father figure (via my projection onto him as a father via his resonance of the archetype of Satan), and the best mentor of Satanism I have had the fortune to encounter. AL is without question a genius in my mind, though one must not forget to thank the many others around him who were a part of ONA and who made his genius ever more vibrant, ever more diverse, and ever more accessible with their own. He’s all of those things; a prophet, a teacher, a guru, a guy whose work has completely revolutionized my life and what I do with it. I don’t of course sell my own attributes and fire short here; I may see AL as many things, but he is not my God. I have an excellent memory – I’ve never forgotten, nor will I ever forget those who helped me in my path to be the man I am. I acknowledge every debt; and preserve every member of the Sinisterion in my memes, that the Tradition be REMEMBERED. I am very impressed this man has done so much with life. He’s an inspiration to us all.

19. 352: Closing question – What was you funniest shapeshifting/manipulation experience?

+0+ Funniest? There’s a side to Satanism WSA bring that I don’t see too often. Making light of things… Good to see. Well, when I tried to kill of one of my personas, I invented a story about him being killed in a car crash and posted it on the public forum. I was trying to move out of one role and into a more impesonal one, so Tnepres Ra, had to die not just for me, but for others. It was going alright, and though I’m not proud of this part, many people sent their consolations thinking he were actually dead. Until of course, I accidentally posted something to the same forum from Tnepres Ra’s address… whoops. Believe me, happens all the time, in shape-shifting. I have something like 21 personas, and I have to remember twice as many passwords. It’s easy to make mistakes and give the game away – but then, I learned that early, and I’ve also studied Ninjitsu for a few years, and sometimes, being seen to give the game away is just the distraction you need.

It did have a benefit though – people still think I’m places I’m not out of the paranoia it created; it’s nice to think people think I’m behind every rock and tree; Watching, Scheming, Lurking like some omnipresent demon with its own existence and when I do die, and someone from THEM announces it, who’d believe it? Perhaps shape-shifting is one means, in a certain way, to live forever – even if it’s as a phantom – as DM appears to be doing.


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