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Take me out and bleed me

As our love burns in effigy.

My head spins, my heart quickens

Chest heavy as the air around me thickens.

I lay here but sleep will not come.

Thoughts of hate and loss and harm to some.

A thief ravages the temple as I seeth helplessly.

The lovers’ silhouette embedded permanently.

The world goes on as I come apart;

Never again to have a place in her heart…


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She appears from the

Depths of my Darkest Dreams.

The love of my life;

As well as the

Bane of my existence.

The Night seems to laugh

As it enshrouds her.

She disappears as quickly

As she had appeared.

My heart quickens,

Then drops away.

The sense of loss converges

As I lay in this

Romm full of emptiness…



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I close my eyes and hear leaves rustling;

The wind blowing through dried trees.

Rememberance of an Autumn that once was,

When you possessed empathy and compassion;

Before you became consumed by hate and anger…

The melodic voice once whispered in my ears;

Is replaced by indignance and harsh words,

Perceived by you as the honest, brutal truth.

Now only others see the side that I once saw;

What was Aeons ago in the seemingly distant past.

Yet still prettier than ever on this Autumn day…

Envy for those others rears its ugly head.


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Once you sent promises of destruction

To the ones who refused to kneel.

We did not fear the pledges of doom;

For we hold things beyond your reach.

Our minds as black as our masters’ hearts;

The webs we’re weaved are complete.

Implore your darken sky;

Broken down before a false divinity.

The mounds of piling corpses;

Cast a shadow on your paradise.

As blood trickles away in the sand,

Oblivion and apathy shall be your solace…



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kindra-tree of wyrd

Don’t listen to what they tell you;

They don’t care for you or love you like I do…

With me, you’ll find haven from all the pain;

And  truth

And choice,

And other toxicities;

That would keep you away from me.


American Gothick

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The Widow

She was light and Darkness simultaneously;

Beyond opposites, I was captivated nonetheless.

Her almost jade-like eyes and almost obsidian black hair,

The intoxicating scent that followed her.

She told me that her profane name is Jenna;

Yet she is known as someone else, possibly something else.

She became the muse for my work;

The paint seemed to kiss the surface of the canvas.

She showed me things, things that my mind wasn’t ready for;

A place of Darkness where “They” existed,

An almost nightmarish landscape to the untrained eye,

A haven for the enlightened.

Yet my new knowledge made my dreams

and my edge of consciousness become “haunted.”

It was said that my “Darkly beautiful” creations become renderings

That only the insane could create or comprehend.

This Dark New Day enlightened me…

Yet it drove me mad and I was committed

With others that society deemed sociopathic…

Still she comes to me at night…In dreams;

My immortal…



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It seems that no matter where I turn;

The world feels itself so inclined to speak unkind words in my direction.

I try to just mind my own business and just live my life;

Difficult enough as it is.

At work, or at home, I find no empathy;

Only coldness and harshness;

Even complete strangers in passing.

Seem to want to take their turn when it concerns me.

I fill the magazine to the top with rounds.

I put the other two in my coat pocket.

My angst will contain a body count…