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Doctrine of Satan by GM Blackwood

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Doctrine of Satan I:


On the windy coastline of Michigan I stand looking out into the vast lake known for its beauty and roughness.

I stand alone, sword skyward over the flames of a burning pit calling to The Lord and Master Satan.

“Oh Lord and Master Satan I call forth into the lands for you to deliver a message to share with mankind.”

“I am of you Lord MasterSatan, devoted and committed to your cause and in understanding of your prowess and power over humankind.”

As I begin to enter into mediation, the winds increase and suddenly I am pushed to the sandy ground with a force from an unknown direction.

“Satan I feel your power and feel your intellect coming over me”.

I began to see darkness befall the beach and clouds cover the sun, my head has began to pound from a sudden migraine and I began to utter the words.

“I welcome your return and welcome your words of wisdom, Oh Lord Master Satan.”

I quickly removed my parchment from a nearby bag and began to write the following edicts and words that come from a message delivered to my mind from Satan.

1. Satan desires devotion and learning from his disciples and ministry.
2. Satan desires strength through study and constant challenge by others.
3. Satan desires destruction of the Moon God Idolatry Allah.

4. Satan requires absolute allegiance to his causes and desires of ones personal goals and ambitions to further his cause and not the causes of ministry dedicated to him.

5. Satan most all desires a large army to further his intentions.

I became comatose and began to drift into deep meditation shortly thereafter I clear the circle to Satan.


Relatively quickly I begin to feel the migraine drift away the flames of the camp fire go out, the winds calm and it is apparent Satan has gone, as quick as he came he is gone again.

“Oh Master Satan I thank thee for the insights and so begin the journey for you.”

I take the parchment and after I close it seal it with wax and leave the beach, driving home I begin to feel sick and pull over only to find myself staring at a black misty figure standing in the road shouting at me, in what is presumed to be some angelic or demonic tongue.

Getting out of the car, the figure drifts into a nearby woods and vanishes and quickly as it appeared and so begins the journey and so comes the idealogy known today as Real Satanism and its edicts to change the world for Satan.

Over the next several weeks I will spend time with revisits to the site however I am unable to re-invoke Satan, over and over I will try, but my calls grow silent to the Master and then after six I begin to drive home and rest most of the day until I am awoken by the same figure I saw in the road weeks before, grasping at my neck and somehow choking me uttering some unknown language.

Grasping for air I somehow manage to push the entity off and bolt outdoors into the night uttering.

“Satan protect your servant from the dark force that comes.”

The force has never returned, and the scars of the encounter have drifted from my mind.

It is often thought that one has illusions and suffers from some sort of hysteria when one encounters figures cloaked in darkness, this is further from the truth, Satan permeates society and has for thousands of years finding himself amongst the masses of devote Christians and Muslims that taint his words and make him into something he is not.

Satan is immersed in folklore and mystery and thus has enjoyed the ability to remain hidden amongst the proverbial shadows of society remaining inactive until an accomplished adept is able to summon him from the darkness and receive his words, not in person or from a entity through mysterious and mystical means.

Satan emerged from somewhere in the Middle East during the times of Sumer, it is still unclear and requires definition not yet theorized by experts in Archeology and or experts in Middle Eastern Studies.

From Milton spawned the name Lucifer, however the name was wrong and Satan found himself gleaning titles and terms that he often endeared and often held with distaste all the while remaining in the shadows of darkness and secrecy.

Satan has never desired the “quote-unquote” underground attitude that those has rained upon the masses interested in Satanism, the leadres of his cause have remained often times misguided and caught up in ego motivated decisions and actions that actually have damaged his throne.

Satan however is displeased with those in Satanism not yielding to his desires, however his vision remains clear as far as moving the religion forward and bringing back his dominion over the masses, this can be accomplished through a unwavering mission that includes these finer points.

Editor’s Note: Any criticisms or comments would only serve to obscure the essence of the ‘doctrine’s’ author’s stupidity.

Legends, Myths, Tests – and Laughter

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Let us not forget that the Sinister Path involves a lot of fun – a lot of laughter and pleasure – as well as a certain dark, and sometimes even grim, striving. There is and should be ecstasy; exultation – as there must be, beyond the stage of novice, the ability, as I have wriiten elsewhere, to not take one’s self too seriously: to have fun at one’s own expense.

It is one of the many signs of the failures – of those who pose at being Satanists – that they take themselves too seriously, and can become obsessed, with themselves, with others, with “things”. Our way means self-understanding and self-honesty – we have to know, and admit, when we are wrong and so – knowing and admitting – we can move on, learning from our errors of experience.

Those along our Way should always test themselves – as those, being guided, will sometimes be tested. Always, there should be questions, a striving to understand, to know, to not be satisfied with what is given, or read, or shown, or told. What is important is the practical experience, the following of the Way, the learning that results – nearly everything is a form, a presencing, and thus only a beginning, a move toward that genuine understanding which is beyond all causal forms.

Thus, legends, myths, traditions – even those of the ONA! – may be interesting and they may (or may not) possess some aspect or aspects of a certain causal truth, often limited to a certain causal time. Mostly, such things are tools, a means – to create what is beyond them, which is of the essence from which such “things” derive. All these things should therefore be related to this, their context. But it is up to each and every novice, and Initiate, to study such things – to analyze them, and to form their own conclusions about such things. Their conclusions may be wrong – but so what?

There is a real truth in the seeming riddle that the ONA is, and is not, a tradition. Like a numinous musical creation, there are many layers, just as many and diverse “meanings” can be projected onto the ONA. But in the end even the ONA, public or esoteric – what is found or given or discovered by each new Initiate and Adept – is but one means to take us from this lowly causal existence to the realms where true magick and real living begin….. And what fun can we have on the way!

“One of the least-known but important signs of a genuine Adept of our Dark Tradition, our sinister way, is the ability to not take one’s self too seriously – to laugh, at one’s self, and especially at others: those who fall for the japes, the games, the riddles, the tests, that we as Adepts set for neophytes, for the poseurs, for the supine masses. For we revel in such things, in such games, which we create and play for our own amusement, and that of others like us, just as we love to be changelings and cause confusion, misunderstanding, doubt, uncertainty – and, occasionally, the light of insight, dawning as it can and does upon one person possessed of our own evolutionary and magickal abilities, perchance propelling that person towards us and our ways…” (The Laughter of the Adept)

Anton Long

The Deceitful Occult Ego

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It is indicative of the sorry state of most occult paths – and the people who follow them – that there is an abundance of dis-information, deceit, mystification and cultivation of egos.

Consider a typical case: a young man develops an interest in occult arts, and eagerly seeks information and contacts. Books and articles are read, contacts made, perhaps a group or three joined. Soon the young man is part of the ‘occult scene’ and one of three things usually happens: (1) he accepts some system or person, for awhile and tries to follow what is expected – then, after some ‘practical’ work, decides it is not right for him and moves on to another system or person; (2) after a little while he comes to believe he has attained his goal (and thus is an ‘adept’ or ‘Master’ or whatever) – usually after engaging in a few rituals and a lot of conversations and meetings with others; (3) after e short or intermediate period cultivating and fawning upon others (and thus assisting them in their endless campaigns to ’safeguard’ their own reputations by attempting to discredit others via rumours and so on) he establishes an identity for himself – exaggerating his own achievements, knowledge and contacts. In short, there is the perpetuation of old Aeon traits and values – contra what the occult in general is supposed to be achieving.

Two things are involved in this process: the desire (mostly unconscious and natural) for self-importance and self-delusion. Part of this self-delusion occurs because of the ‘intellectualisation of the occult’ – there is too much talk, too much acceptance of what others say (particularly about others) without first-hand knowledge, too much theory and too much ego-domination where ‘cleverness’ (particularly in words) is rated above practical experience. Too much concern for someone’s ‘past’.

The result is almost inevitable (and a waste of the potential of occultism) – the young man achieves no real progress, no real insight no real occult abilities. He has become infected with the ‘occult disease’. Instead of going within, into the wilderness, to lose all illusions and delusions and begin the hard and solitary path to Adeptship by practical work, there is the camaraderie of being ‘in the know’, of ‘being accepted’ or working (mostly in intellectual or pseudo-intellectual ways) in a certain ‘niche’ and thus becoming self-satisfied in a comfortable way. The occult thus becomes a ‘habit’ or an interest- a source of self-congratulation (perhaps even of material income) and a place where a ‘role’ is obtained and lived out. Some ‘practical’ work may be done – but the end result is the disposal occultists so familiar from the recent past and the present: the attender of meetings (or the more modern ’symposia’ or ‘conferences’), the seeker after and spreader of gossip and rumour, the pseudo-intellectual dilettante writing articles and books (and perhaps even editing a magazine) not from direct, personal experience but rather from hearsay, from self-opinion and from intellectual aridity and cleverness. Or, perhaps, the plagiarist enjoying a cliquey success and amateur adulation – or t he self-appointed ‘master/adept’ who may need the mystique of an organisation to mask his lack of character or charisma or who may be so self-deluded that he actually believes he has attained his goal. Then again, our young man may turn out to be one of those many failures who hang around the ‘occult scene’ – flitting from one group to another, one ‘master’ to another, and talking, worshipping (both ‘gods’ and ‘masters’) and talking again and accumulating a mass of useless information, ‘lore’ and ‘grades/degrees’.

Despite the interest in recent years in the techniques or ways of the occult – despite all the many words written and spoken – there has been little or no real achievement on the personal level: no increase in the very few adepts. Instead, almost the opposite has occurred – an increase in self-delusion, in glorifying the ego at the expense of gaining insight; a turning away from effective experience to the glorification of the vapid, the intellectual and the ‘non-directive’ sensation-seeking, temporary, ‘mind-expanding’ experience. In short, there has been less real self-discipline and more ego-biased stupidity and stimulation. Adeptship, and the wisdom that lies beyond that, is obtained by a slow, hard process which requires self-discipline and the self-overcoming of hardships. There is no path to it which is not without difficulties and which is not solitary – which does not require the discarding of all those props which most require to survive: a dogma, friends, ideas, companionship, lovers, material security, ‘masters’… There is no potion to obtain which when taken will suddenly give insight or wisdom, no sudden revelations – from god or mortal – which instil wisdom, no technique to be used a few times a week, no ritual or rituals which will give personality or character or self-development.

This process requires years & involves certain ways of living – & often a certain guidance. It requires also the desire to reach the goal, to not give in when things become difficult or confused – a tenacity to follow the chosen path to its ending.

The occult knowledge and insight of an individual is shown most of all by their bearing – by the way they relate to others. But this bearing is not the assumption of some ‘role’ (such as ‘master’ or ‘guru’ or whatever) – rather, it is genuine and spontaneous, full of individual character: neither affectation nor pretension. This is so because the knowledge and insight is within, acquired from experience. Where there is lack of real knowledge end lack of insight, there is pretension, artifice, the “I must preserve my own ego by doing down all others” syndrome, and the inebriated laughter of the ill-disciplined, ill-at-ease discussion machine.

Our young man would do well to try and find some guidance from an insightful individual – and be prepared for a hard and long journey. Perhaps then, in time one new adept will arise, and the ‘New Aeon’ will be brought a little nearer.

Anton Long

Order of Nine Angles

Anton Long and the Internet

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“Their opinion and judgement of us – often erroneously based on some causal form we or some of our Adepts may use or some rôle an Adept or Master might assume – is irrelevant…

Most of the chatter on the Internet is worthless, ephemeral, the product of people with little esoteric knowledge and even less genuine practical esoteric and personal experience, with such people being led or controlled either by their own desires or by some unconscious impulse or by some causal abstract form or dogma they do not rationally comprehend, or by all of these things. Such chatter is almost always immediately reactive, never the product of a reflexion based on experience, and – when it is not simply inane – it is esoterically and/or intellectually shallow; worthless; pretentious.

Genuine esoteric wisdom arises from a reflexion born from personal, direct, practical experience: from an alchemical symbiosis; from that acausal growth that arises slowly over causal time. And it cannot, should not, be expressed in hasty words of the reactive, immediate, emotive kind based upon, dependant upon, some causal abstraction, some dogma, some causal form. Such wisdom is to be savoured; communicated, at best, on a personal basis, and otherwise in some form which enables others to reflect upon it, or judge it, over a period of causal time.

The only value, esoterically, of this Internet thing is that it allows – for the moment at least – the free dissemination of mythos, of causal forms, of various esoteric Ways, enabling people to access such things, and consider them and if necessary act upon or be inspired by them in their own way in their own causal time. Such action and such inspiration, to be esoterically valid, must of course take a certain amount of causal time: months, most usually years. Thus, the immediacy of chattering Internet forums, and the like, is esoterically irrelevant to us.”

Anton Long, ONA

A Cosmic Revenge

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“The Master of Magick” – for so he called himself and believed himself to be – smiled, and stretched his tired limbs. Outside, a nearly full moon glowed in the cold air of the early morning twilight of an English mid-Autumn day.

It had been a tiring night for this magickian – with his visualizations, his laughter, and the completion of his sigils. But he himself was pleased by his exertions. As many times before, he had allowed his imagination to triumph over his reality. He truly believed he was controlling events, through his curse and his magickal rites, as he truly believed in the power of his magick. He was laughing, smiling, trickster while his victims the bumbling, unknowing fools.

So it was that he left his Temple room, his sigils parchments and laid himself down on his bed in the sleeping room of his cottage. Outside, a few birds began their Dawn Chorus, as mist formed as if sucked from the very Earth by the slowly increasing light. The Master of Magick was soon asleep, dreaming of tremendous deeds he had done or would do. He was there, a new Merlin who stood unseen but nearby while his warrior followers fought their enemies in the Wildwood – a savage battle of spurting blood, severed limbs and many deaths. He was there, smiling, laughing, as he and his followers feasted their triumph…

His sleep was peaceful, and untroubled, as he himself was warm wrapped in his carefully chosen coverings. In his wakening hours, he did not – and would not until it was too late – feel around him a presence vastly more powerful than his own mind and his own fantasies. He did not, in his wakening hours or even in his fantasies, dreamt while awake or asleep, feel a presence far more demonic than he presumed his own magick to be. Had he felt this, he would have sensed the sometimes terrible awesome Becoming for which one living life-form was at best an experiment and at worst an inconvenience, a failure – even if, or particularly if, that life-form possessed consciousness and deemed itself advanced, powerful and a master of  ”magick”.

So it was that when this Master of Magick awoke, he was rested and at peace with himself, unaware of how trivial he was and how, in the end, his life would mean nothing because he had achieved nothing of any significance. There would be no self-awareness, no advancement beyond the illusions he lived with and strove hard to cultivate. There would be no sense of Becoming, no awareness of That which, and Those who, awaited beyond his world and which, and who, were the change, the very evolution of the cosmos and all life within it. Perhaps this particular Master of Magick would live into old age – but for what, and why? Insects sometimes live out their allotted span.

Such thoughts, however did not concern this Master of Magick. He himself did not know that there were no miracles, no divine or demonic manifestations; no great and mysterious secret; no cosmic Law to proclaim. The magick of what was, the magick of this Becoming, was just the advancement, the evolution, the exaltation, the becoming of the life in which this Being which was, this Becoming, manifested itself. Life itself – its change, its consciousness, its evolution toward something higher – was the magick, just as, in terms ordinary mortals might today understand, Satan was, is and will be the very cosmos itself – its Becoming, its life.

Thus, this Master of Magick could do nothing – his curses were without meaning. He could do nothing – nothing at all – against someone who was a manifestation of such a becoming and whose individual will was therefore only a manifestation of what was: the very becoming itself, the change toward something higher. What that someone did, or did not do, was done or not done because Satan himself – the very cosmos itself – willed it or did not will it. Only if this Master of Magick himself became such a manifestation – such a directed will, such a nexus to presence the essence – could he do something against such a person. But then, if he did so become such a manifestation, he would not do it anyway, because he would be them at best, and at worst, their Comrades, striving for the same ultimate and, to the majority, almost incomprehensible goal.

This riddle was the great Secret that his kind sought. Sometimes, one of them found it, but they seldom if ever understood it, even when they realized what they had stumbled upon. So it was that the life of this Master of Magick went on as it went on – as the day itself continued as it does, without any miraculous or even demonic manifestations, and without, it seemed, any “magick” at all.

The revenge of the cosmos would be the utter futility, the utter waste – in cosmic terms – of the delusional life of this “Master of Magick”.