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Thernn – An Introduction to Natural Septenary Magick

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Coirie Riabhaich & O9A 1996 eh


I. Nature, Magick and Satan

“Magick” on the individual level is, quite simply, the attainment of cof conscious integration with natural forces – or with “Nature”, and the Cosmos that is beyond. This integration implies a loss of the “self-image”, and a gradual expansion of consciousness into the acausal realms. There is thus achieved a natural balance within living, and the cultivation of a more noble, higher type I  of human being (this cultivation being the foundations for what is conventionally terned the New Aeon).

How this alchemical process is initiated is simple in theory but difficult in practice. At present, the only realistic way of attaining this “integration” is via the practical  system of the Seven-Fold Way, and this is so because, as yet, no other system contains a ritual of natural hermetic magick comparable to that of the Internal Adept (for details of which, see Naos). It is this rite, above all the other difficult tasks, that terrifies the would-be Adept, and spawns many excuses for  alternative ways to enlightenment. There is no “Infernal symbolism” contained within the structure of this rite – only the stark primal fears of the Candidate.

Thus, to achieve this natural integration, the Initiate must strive primarily against him/herself (and consequently the many factors in a society that seek to shackle individual Will to a conformity). The symbol for, or spirit of, this defiance is Satan and Satanism..

Many who profess to be Pagans and practitioners of Natural Magick cannot, or will not, grasp the meaning of Satanism. This partly stems from the perspective that “Satanism” was spawned as a consequence of the distortions of the Judeo-Christian religion, and is therefore to be regarded as having been founded upon “Old Aeon” dualism – and is thus to be superceded, since it cannot fully reflect the genuine “Western ethos”. [With regard to the latter, what is genuine about this ethos is its promethean spirit, and as such it is actually explicated by the conflicts and struggles with the external factors it draws to itself, in the quest for exploration…]

As explained in the booklet ONA: An Introduction for Prospective Adherents, “Satan” derives from an ancient Greek word meaning “an accusation” (and also “foundation” or “origin” of something). The Hebrew “accuser” is in turn derived from this source. Thus the symbol predates the Hebrew, and has a truly Western origin: it did not come into being specifically as a response to the Nazarene distortion, but as a symbol of opposition – to what is the accepted, to what enervates. Thus Satan (and the Sinister – one is the other) is a symbol of creative change, and is concerned with opposition not in the misunderstood sense of “dualism” (i.e. that which is based on an abstract morality), but in the sense of countering whatever is the “norm”. This is the real secret of Satanism: that it restores to a society and individuals, at any given point in history, that which is lacking. Thus there is balance, and thus synthesis: “the process of dialectic change which governs evolution”.

Satan is a vital Western archetype. What “old Aeon” connotations exist in the symbol of Satan, in reality exist only in the minds of those who simply do not understand Satanism itself, and the Sinister in general. From a conventional “Pagan” perspective, Satanism may be described as “Militant Paganism”, since the roots of the Sinister Tradition lie in the solar cults of Albion – the symbol of Satan being comparatively recent (c. 10th or 11th century eh) and entirely appropriate adoption by what is, in essence, the original “Western Way”.

All histories begin somewhere – why not be the ones to begin the history? Thus the outdoor Temple provides the focal point for the new Magick of the working group, allowing this Magick to flow, free from expectations of a past, and towards, perhaps, the creation of aomething significant.

II. The Living Temple

Within the Sinister Tradition, an outdoor “temple” is of two types:

i) a Nexion connected with a particular Aeon;

ii) a site established for personal use by a Satanic group/”coven”/Temple.

With regard to i), the Nexion associated with this present Western Aeon is located in the Welsh Marches, having been established c. 500 AN [Its twin Nexion is known as “Bron Wrgan” – mentioned in various Order MSS]. Tradition relates that the Western Aeon was inaugurated using a crystal, this object being remembered later as “The Grail” of romantic Arthurian legend. It is not known what constituted the rituals of this inauguration, although one authority has suggested a form of a Nine Angles rite (qv. Codex Saerus). It is unlikely, however, that these rites would bear much resemblance to anything of a contemporary Occult structure, since the concept of “Time” was very different, being of a more “holistic” kind. [The linear perception of Time, “cause and effect” and so on, is a legacy of the Nazarene religion – with its emphasis on “sin”.]

The energies at this Western centre are waning, and the majority of the associated sites now belong to the past – although this “past” will enable, within the next few decades, the fulfillment of a future Destiny connected to Sinister forces (the form of this Destiny is similar to how places such as Glastonbury and Stonehenge are viewed by this present society…). It is one of the aims of the O9A to establish, before the end of the century, a new Nexion to presence the New Aeon. This site will also be located in the Welsh Marches, where the Dark Tradition originated. With regard to energies, this new Nexion will be a synthesis of the aspects represented by the previous twin Nexions, mirroring as it does the evolution of the O9A itself. [Establishing an Aeonic Nexion requires some skill; apart from the obvious demands of the rites involved, the Cliologist must assess how the land is to be effected by outside forces throughout the next ten or so centuries; whether the land will remain, as desired, untouched, or whether it will become prey to development from tourism/other business interests. Thus the site chosen should not necessarily be of “outstanding natural beauty”, or of potentially historical interest.]

With regard to ii), the “indoor Temple” is a relatively modern concept, born from the requirements of city living. While there are, of course, certain ceremonies most usually, of necessity, performed within a prepared room (i.e. Mass of Heresy), the fetish of the “indoor” Temple has served more to obscure than enhance the most vital gift of magickal experience: integration with the Land. Where the indoor sorcerer dwells within a shrine to the Ego, the way of natural magick dissolves the Self and re-integrates the magickian with Nature – there is thus presenced a sense of the greater Cosmos. A magickal rite within a natural outside environment produces effects within the participants that cannot be attained when working indoors: it is the difference between playing at magick, as a hobby; and actually living as a magickal entity. When working on and with the Land, the magickian is subject to forces that do not subscribe to the laws of the learned Occult writers, and over which there is no control: there is thus the glimmerings of genuine magickal understanding. There is personal empathy, devoid of trendy abstractions and in time, the magickian attains – or is returned to – an “at-one-with” existence. [It is interesting to observe how the Land itself is changed by/responds to magickal work – and to observe how others within the magickal group are thus changed.]

Those followers of the Dark Tradition cannot significantly evolve along the Way without returning themselves, through magick, to the Land (this should be true of all genuine magickal paths – particularly in this present self-obsessed age). For the External Adept, natural magick within a ceremonial context is an important prelude to the hermetic context of the Internal Adept, this natural unfolding allowing this most difficult of hermetic ordeals to be lived successfully.

This living closely with Nature does not imply resurrecting old beliefs, rituals and gods. Rather, it implies, for the working group, a finding through practical experience of a natural expression of “worship” (where “worship” here means integration) relevant to the environment worked within. [Natural magick finds its ultimate expression in the establishment of an esoteric community – this again does not imply a harking back to a “golden age”, but instead the creation of new ways of living – q.v. Esoteric Pioneers.]

 Thernning in Practice

 The finding of an outdoor site may take some time and effort, but it is an interesting exercise in itself. For the Satanic group, many factors have to be considered – privacy and isolation being the most obvious. At present, in England, the conditions for performing rites such as the Ceremony of Recalling on a suitable hilltop are increasingly restricted – although this is not the case within areas of north Wales, and Northwest Scotland. However, the site should be within reasonable traveling distance of the dwelling place of the participants for several reasons, esoteric and practical. If those concerned live in a city, then a site should be chosen on the rural outskirts (i.e. York – Yorkshire Moors; Manchester – The Pennines; Swansea – The Black Mountains, and so on).

If the magick of the group has any puposeful future, then the site will make itself known, after a revelant span of time. This is to say, that there exists a site fated to be part of the magick of the group.

As with an Aeonic Nexion, the outdoor site need not have served any previous historical purpose. It is isually tempting to choose a “stone circle”, or a hill fort, for the obvious romantic esoteric connotations. Apart from being generally known, these places, for the most part, have already served a purpose and have played a role in leading us to where we are now – as previous societies have done,  such as those of the Celts, the Anglo-Saxons, and so on. There really is no significant esoteric purpose in a working group “re-activating” an ancient site – apart from perhaps as a prop for the benefit of the group psyche. Likewise, with the performing of long-dead rituals, where those rituals once dynamically expressed the unique forces involved in living in the society pertaining to that time – often a type of society that we can only now speculate about. Such rites, as with places, become abandoned because they are only outward expressions do change and evolve – as Art, Musick and Science has done. It is true that we as a whole have lost some things over the Aeons, but such things in essence can be re-captured, without recourse to the past, in expressions such as Magick. None of this is to say that an ancient form is irrevelant because it is ancient: a form is meaningful if it continues, since its inception, to presence the numinous necessary for evolution. Such a form belongs to a genuine Tradition and appears, while relevant, timeless in its words and imagery, until its purpose is realized and superceded (many such rites still provide the powerful foundations of the Seven-Fold Way).

In England, the most suitable sites can be found within wild woodland, preferably on “common land” or near footpaths through rough farmland (though as far as possible from human habitation). The site is best near a river/stream, where thorn grows. Alternatively – and it must be a practical alternative – a rocky outcrop on a high peak is most effective, particularly if it is of a certain type of rock containing layers of quart (see Rite of the Nine Angles MS for further details) – such is the description of the hallowed places of the country. Establishing a Sinister Temple in other lands will require its own criteria, relevant to the country involved.

Once established, a circle of seven stones is set up within the enclosure, according to the guidelines set out in various MSS, and the area protected appropriately. Following this, the Ceremony of Eorthe is conducted, reinforced by the opening of the Earth Gate, and sealed by regular sunedrions. [roup members may also wish to undertake the Nine Angles solo rite within the Temple area, commencing the rite at dusk, and remaining there alone until dawn. Individual results would only be discussed once all participants had completed the rite. Such an experience further binds the group members to the outdoor site.]

Sunedrions consist of a framework of rites from Codex Saerus, with emphasis on the mastery of Esoteric Chant (this is a vital aspect, making possible the performance of future Aeonic rites  – qv. Naos and other MSS). Other features should hopefully consist of new aspects created by the Temple members themselves. Authority for the group and its actions lies solely with the Choregos/Mistress, etc. – there is no interference from some outside “higher authority” within the ONA (although the External Adept may occasionally seek advice from their Order guide on certain matters – i.e. Opfer).

Sunedrions should be as regular as possible, and are most usually conducted during the full moon (primarily for purposes of visibility, although other lunar phases are used for specific rites). Satanic Tradition contains no real “seasonal rites” (i.e. “Beltaine”, “Imbolc” and so on). If one studies the rites contained in the Black Books, it will be clear that they all presence the basic forces of the Cosmos – and mainly that which is represented as the Hierosgamos. No seasonal symbolism is employed (such as the slaying of “the Holly King”) because the tides that are prevalent at particular times can be experienced as themselves, without abstraction. All that is required is the regular performance of a rite (such as the cthonic form of the Nine Angles Rite) within a natural outdoor setting, for integration with the seasonal  forces to be attained. There are, of course, certain times when the magickal tides are at their most pronounced, and these are recognized bby Satanic Tradition as seven “festivals” – the two most importannt being around the Summer and Winter solstices. The others are: Spring Equinox; May (middle/end of month: ANTARES); August (middle of month: ARCTURUS); Autumn Equinox; early November. [There are other workings and times allotted for alchemical seasons.]

The “working tools” of a Satanic Temple are very few. The obvious items are: lanterns; censer; communal chalice. Incense is always made by a member of the Temple, using the associations in Naos as a guide (for example, if energies appropriate to the sphere of the “Sun” were being employed during a ritual, then the incense would comprise of oak). The altar is provided by the recumbent body of an appointed Priest or Priestess. The sacrificial knife is kept under the guardianship of the Mistress (along with a large silver bowl), and used solely for that purpose (and may be only once every seventeen years). According to Tradition, after such a ceremony, the head would be severed and displayed at all sunedrions thereafter, bedecked with a crown of oak leaves. Sometimes this would be the only “image” present; either that, or a statue/painting of Baphomet, according to the genuine esoteric tradition (qv. Sinister Tarot   and the various MSS concerning Baphomet contained in Hostia and elsewhere).

One important item is a large piece of quartz crystal, which is activated by voice vibration and can quite significantly enhance the energies accessed during a ritual. As mentioned many times in Order MSS, the crystal is most effective when shaped like a tetrahedron.. This can prove a cosly procedure, since a large enough piece for grinding needs to be purchased (and should be as clear as possible – coloring/cloudiness usually implies impurities), and the grinding itself, by a reliable craftsperson/jeweler does not come cheap. This shape is ideal, but not entirely essential – it all depends on one’s priorities. Whatever form is used, the Master/Mistress can opt to bury the crystal during a consecration ceremony, thereafter directing energy towards the place of burial.

Performing “natural” or “empathic” magick returns the practitioner to the sacred patterns of Being. There is exultation and awe which transforms life away from the petty and personal via direct experience of the greater context of Nature and the Cosmos. It is the stage beyond that of the indulgence of the indoor shrine and the modern “magick” of self-conscious parody – although this early stage of involvement with the “Occult scene” can play a part in aiding the Initiate along the difficult path to Adeptship, via “people management”, manipulation, and so forth. [This is to say that Traditional Satanism is concerned with the Ego, the manipulative arts and sorcery only in the early stages of the path: such things are there to be experienced/confronted and then transcended if further development is sought.]

A genuine working group should not be as a club to which any vaguely interested person can be invited to attend. It is an organic form that creates itself through certain factors becoming balanced (these factors being unique to those involved in the group). This process can involve much causal time, but through nurture and consequent esoteric binding of those who comprise this organic form, something extraordinary may one day be created. One autonomous (Sapphic) group within the O9A has been active for over twenty years, but has only within recent years completed itself, having acquired the right individuals and environment. It is now closed to outsiders. [For further details concerning the practice of Sinister Ceremonial Magick, see The Black Book of Satan I.]

Esoteric Pioneers: Towards a New Way of Living

The Satanic Temple in practice describes in microcosm one of the most important magickal aims for the immediate future: the establishment of an esoteric community. Most magickal organizations have proved now that they can write profusely and confidently about their aims (in often polemical tones). What is needed now is a new form of magickal expression, and one that cannot be achieved via anything other than practical means. An esoteric community needs, quite simply, dedicated, pragmatic individuals who are prepared to work hard to make the dream real – it does not need another “journal”. Such a venture made real, would take magick into an entirely new phase, away from the dying, urban scene of the present: it would re-interpret magick as the most profound way of living.

To start, several Satanic/Magickal comrades need to club together to purchase a substatial property with a large amount of land (certainly no less than fifteen acres). The property needs to be well isolated but situated on good farming land, since the community must be self-sufficient, and must be understood as being the seed for a new civilization, indifferent to the goings-on of the Old World of Western Capitalism (it may be prudent to establish a base that is also easily defensible). Features of the Community may include: Organic farming techniques (such as the use of heavy horses); the banning of motorized vehicles (allowing the traveler to retain integrationwith the environment); no electricity, thus Musick, for example, would be made by the Community members themselves; and of course, the creation of a new type of education system.

As far as accommodation is concerned, considering the failed experiment of the ‘sixties’ commune, the dwelling places should realistically consist of separate apartments. The aim is not to share out oneself and one’s belongings in order to de-value the concept of self-identity through material possessions and ‘morality’, but to create – through individual skills – an organic whole (and a real [Folk – T.] democracy).

Feast days/Festivals would be observed communally – for example the Mass of Life (qv. The Black Book of Satan III) could be performed every Sunday, in an area designated for “worship” [such an area would become an important Nexion – as would the Community itself…]. There would also be, it is hoped, the continuation of the fifty-year tradition of The Giving (qv. Deofel Quintet). Thus, the unique, natural magick of the Community would unfold.

Although the above outlines are offered as suggestions only, a genuine Community cannot be defined by anything less than a group of individuals creating together an entirely self-sufficient life-style, able to exist wholly apart from modern day society. This implies farming the land. It also implies family: a genuine Community  cannot exist as a single-sex unit, because the aim is to create a new society – the foundations for a new civilization comprising of a new type of human being. Striving to establish and maintain such a new society will in itself be a magickal rite – one that is greatly important for the evolution of magick as a whole. Thus there should be no compromise in fulfilling the described criteria for the Community.

In essence, the “esoteric” aspect is simply the nurturing by practical living, of the spiritual connexion we possess the Land: it is this discovery that will presence the numinousity needed. Thus, the rites conducted by members conducted by members of the Community will serve to focus, as worship, this natural magick, rather than the rites themselves providing, or creating, in the first instance the esoteric aspect.

If there is to be significant aeonic Change, then many such Communities should be established in this and other countries. Aside from general esoteric principles shared by those on the Sinister Path, there will be no one dogmatic code as to how each Community organizes itself, since the uniqueness of each Community environment will require its harmonious system of expression. To reiterate, this Great Rite of natural magick will allow a move away from the “post-modernism” of present Occultism towards a new phase where individual lives can be dedicated to a higher purpose. Those who have been denuded of real power by the System can now begin to create History – all it requires is strength of Will.

For the Magickian, there could be no greater Quest.


Toward Sapanur

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One of the tasks of a genuine Satanic organisation, is to bring about practical, physical Change. As stressed in various ONA MSS, this Change is worth striving for only if the outcome occurs on a large scale: if its consequences create a new type of society that enshrines the Satanic vision. Much has been written – and misunderstood – as to how this Change, this New Aeon, may be implemented. The Dark Tradition exists to create a type of being who is capable of making history; of rationally using forms (and individuals) for a higher, Cosmic purpose. The reality is there will always only be a handful of genuine Satanists amongst those who would claim such a title, since a genuine Sinister organisation does not seek a large ‘membership’: to actively do so, would imply a compromise of the Darkness essential for evolution. All that is ever really required, in terms of genuine Satanism, is the working together of the tiny minority who have struggled and suffered their individual ways though the processes of the ‘Forbidden Alchemy’ (for which read Sinister Seven-Fold Way).

That few such individuals exist is not actually a hindrance to the fulfilment of esoteric aims, for it only takes two or three such beings to presence the terror necessary for the future… With the emergence in recent years of Aeonics (qv), allied Occult groups have concentrated on ‘seeding’ energies by subtly distorting/reinterpreting/ infiltrating existing forms, with the aim of gradually altering a cultural psyche towards (what we term) the Sinister. This is of course, a laudable premise: superficially speaking, the more organisations who adopt this strategy, the better – as long as this tactic does not result in a dilution of the Sinister within that cultural psyche. However, the Magickian must take care when using, or ‘flowing with’ what is perceived to be the contemporary trend, or opinion.

 To simply state that the ‘masses’ are putty, should not really come as a revelation. In this densely-populated world of ours, the ‘average person’ is too busy with the basics of living – ie. feeding a family – or too stupefied to worry overmuch about the greater context of society (thus the trust placed in ‘politicians’ and the illusion of ‘free speech’ given by the con-trick of ‘democratic’ elections). Opinions and trends are, for the most part, engineered by the minority who are The System. The public does not exist to be convinced by any ideal that happens to come along, because it simply does not possess the capacity to think and act independent of the prevailing Power. An independent ideal has only The System to face, and unless it fights, it is regurgitated as a commodity and denuded of the power to genuinely transform. In reality, there is very little The System cannot flow with and adapt to – such is the nature of the tyranny that is ‘capitalism’: to turn heresy into fashion. When the tactic is to fight by subtly manipulating accepted forms , the Magickian must be certain as to who exactly is controlling who – whose ego is actually being manipulated – lest the process of ‘seeding’ proves in the long term to have been a waste of time.

To effectively alter temporal forms via such an approach really requires the abilities of an individual who is ‘outside of Time’, who is free of temporal, temporary influences – someone who has passed though the screaming silence of the Abyss: a genuine Master of the Temple/Mistress of Earth. [Thus the practical purpose of the Seven-Fold Way.] Subtle manipulation of forms has its part to play; but if every would-be Sinister magickian opted solely for this, then little, if anything, of significance would be achieved. ‘Seeding’ [which would include the Aeonic technique of mimesis] can only prepare the way – and only then if it is conducted with understanding; rarely does it in itself catalyse Change. When the subtle manipulator believes that s/he, “when the time is right”, will implement a next, more overt stage, they are deluding themselves: practical examples (involving conventional politics) have proved as yet that this does not happen – rather, there is a losing sight of the original aims.

What is significantly missing at present, on the part of Occultists, is an overt declaration of intent in the real world. What we need now are fanatics – individuals who will remind us all of what we, as Sinister Initiates, are supposed to believe: that we can become gods within our lifetime, to the greater glory of our acausal selves. Thus it is vital, for every initiate who would be Satanic, Sinister, to at least once in their life, conduct a practical act of tenor in the real world: an act that does not hide beneath the guise of something else – something innocuous – but one that leaves no doubt as to its Satanic nature. Only by individuals acting thus, by directly aiding System Breakdown, will the Masses grasp the practical possibility of an alternative reality. Let us not fool ourselves any longer: real, significant Change – the bringing of the new aeon – will only occur once The System has collapsed, and society is plunged into the necessary primeval phase where the majority – and Sinister Adepts, for that matter – are constantly reminded of that tyranny of existence which can wipe out an individual life in an instant, and in that instant render that life irrelevant. Until this next phase is reached, life remains too soft to motivate anyone beyond the intellect to implement anything worthwhile. That collapse is much more likely to be reached, not by slow ‘seeding’, but by presencing the Dark: by causing sudden explosions of primal terror. To risk one’s life and liberty requires certainty: belief and vision – the arrogance of the genuine Satanist.

The System, however, allows us the luxury to believe exactly what we want, and to find many convincing reasons why not to act in truth. But to know the reality is to know that which is beyond yourself, and until Sinister Initiates strive to embody the current of Change necessary, then the holiday that is individual life will carry on its slow, meaningless journey, deathwards. The New Satanic Aeon What is this far-off Satanic purpose described as the ‘New Aeon’? It does not matter that, for most, a clear answer cannot be given; only that there exists a desire to practically create a new form of existence – that the stagnation of the ‘norm’ is countered, destroyed, and laid to rest. If life is to be lived right, there must always be, for individuals, a dream, a vision-splendid to strive and most likely die for. It does not really matter if various Sinister organisations disagree over the tactics involved in bringing this Change, as long as effects can be discerned – as it also does not matter whether or not there is Sinister “unity” between those various organisations. What matters, in the presencing of this ‘new aeon’, is that individuals strive to act with nobilty and out of duty to the furtherance of a Cosmic force beyond the personal. They must rely on their own judgment in this, regardless of consequences; and whatever mistakes are made in the process, are gifts by which further personal insight may be attained.

The loyalty of a Satanist is to the Dark – to Satan, and the forces beyond Him, by which civilisations are reminded of their unique Destiny. Because what is certain, is the suffering and death that will be required to allow the difficult transition from this dying Aeon, to the next: only through a crucible of Darkness will the “Light”, the positive upward trend of evolution, flow forth.

Regardless of contemporary beliefs, human beings are not born inherently ‘good’: true ‘goodness’ must be cultivated – and such a creation only occurs through suffering. This suffering will be because we must as a species re-integrate with what is for us, the reality of Nature – a reality from which we are progressively and deliberately distanced: our natural role as hunters. The New Aeon will be Satanic, because it implies the synthesis achieved through the conflict between Nature Herself and The System, and the triumph of Nature implies the creation of a higher type of human species – a truly free individual who needs neither politics or religion.

 A Note on “Vindex’

It is generally true to say, for the Esoterrorist, that it is the Path of their occult journey that is important, rather than the forms encountered or used during the way. However, it is a mistake to believe that this is the rule for all in the broadly esoteric field, and thus that all forms ‘ipso facto’, are simply a means to be discarded when appropriate, since no form can ever express the essence. For some unique individuals, in unique circumstances, there is no living of a form whilst hiding the “esoteric reality”, the esoteric wisdom – the ‘Occult’ aspect. There is no clever deceit, no skilled manipulation, because the form created is the reality, that esoteric wisdom made real and practical. This form is usually of a ‘religious’ nature, and is what it is because it is open about what it represents, regardless of societal prejudices. In an important sense – which few will understand – the form (”organisation”) so created, is not a nexion to channel or presence the essence – it is the very essence itself: the essence evolving as it must evolve in causal time and space [hence also the continuing relevance of ‘Satan’ as an archetype] This is the domain of Vindex, that much misunderstood embodiment of creative Change. Vindex does not really need ‘the Occult’ in conventional terms, to presence, or access the numinous ideals that s/he represents. Such things, in this case, only obscure the essence of Change, of evolution – as they can often distance a person from the creative numen which can and does provoke such an evolution.

However, this aspect of bringing Vindex can cause dismay to some Occultists, who might view this stance as a betrayal of ‘occultic principles’ perhaps previously championed. The reality is, what must be done, must be done if it is to be lived – over and above the perceived “truth” of some forms (and a Satanist should always be their own opposite, and beyond …). All Vindex needs, is already what is innate, and a Will made powerful by it being grounded, or presenced, in what is – now and in the future – numinous and great in evolutionary terms. Vindex can embody what is necessary: not particularly in the sense of some popular charismatic leader (a Caesar type figure), but in the sense of creating and maintaining the form which embodies the numinous ideals in the realistic way necessary. And this is the real Magick…

1996 e.h., Order of Nine Angles

The Sinister Predator

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Notes on The Sinister Predator

 One important area of the Sinister Dialectic – of Sinister strategy – has remained rather neglected, despite the fact that it not only expresses the essence of sinister presencing, but also is important for our evolution toward higher beings. This area is that of the Sinister Predator. Basically, the Sinister Predator culls our own human species. In effect, the Sinister Predator is a natural and necessary evolutionary mechanism: a means to weed out the human dross and to keep our own human species in check, ensuring it does not reach the point of significant unbalance. 


There are two aspects to the Sinister Predator – the personal, and the Aeonic, and both of these aspects aid the Dialectic. However, the changes caused by the personal are, usually, not so great as those caused by the Aeonic for the simple reason that the personal usually involves the culling of individuals opfers, as mentioned in the various Order MSS concerning opfers.

The Aeonic aspect involves such things as war, armed conflicts, combat and “disasters”. From the viewpoint of the Sinister Initiate and Adept, this aspect involves encouraging, participating in, aiding, and creating war, combat, and those things – such as acts of “direct action” [what the unenlightened often call “terrorism”] – which can aid, or begin, or continue wars, armed conflicts, combat and “disasters”.

We Sinister Initiates and Adepts are the natural balance – the natural predators – which and who not only aid evolution, but who and which can direct that evolution toward the goals we know are necessary. We cull the dross; we create, inspire, and ensure that our species remains healthy – that it has the competition, the darkness, the opposition, the heresy, and especially the predators, necessary to ensure health. What we do to ensure and maintain the balance necessary is a true Presencing of the Dark, just as this doing itself enables our own personal evolution.

At this moment in our development, it is important that vast numbers of the human species are culled, on a regular basis, for otherwise our species will over-run this planet before we can develop sufficient means to live elsewhere in the Cosmos. This over-running will destroy many – if not all – of those things which are necessary not only for our own survival, such as the land required to produce the food we need,  but also for us to remain in balance with both ourselves and Nature, since this personal balance between the light and the dark is itself a nexion – a necessary stage – to what lies beyond the opposites implicit in all concepts and all “ethics”. It should be obvious to all Sinister Initiates and Adepts that the suffering, deaths and trauma caused by the Sinister Predator are irrelevant from the perspective of the Sinister Dialectic.


Anton Long

A New and Numinous Art

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A New and Numinous Art

 The reality of the present is that personal feelings, based on relationships, and the personal struggles and/or sufferings of individuals, have all been described by artistic means in the past two millennia or so. There are centuries of work concerning and created because of personal love and personal relationships – and the problems of ordinary living and society – in literature, music, drama and so on. What has needed to be said, written and expressed about such things, has been said, written and expressed by the many great artists of the past two millennia.

What is needed now is to build upon these foundations – to turn outward, and away from the inner world of the personal psyche and the world of mundane society. What is needed is to describe and express what is relevant to the next stage of our evolution, as human beings. This next stage is the stage of new adventures, of new worlds, of new ways of living brought through striving for a numinous and thus supra-personal goal.

The personal life should now take care of itself – if there is a numinous goal to strive for. In brief, the great Art of the past has enabled us to achieve an understanding of ourselves – it has brought us to individuation, to the wisdom of a genuine Adeptship founded upon the reconciliation of opposites. We have discovered and learnt to know ourselves – and have discovered the unity, the wholeness, which lies beyond the Shadow and the Self. We have learnt that we are – or can be – both Destroyer and Creator, both Lucifer and God, as we have learnt the natural necessity of both these forces of creation, and destruction, and how renewal and re-birth proceeds from them. We now need to and should go beyond this – for anything else is unhealthy and a waste of life. It is also the negation of the work of those great artists which has allowed us this understanding.

Thus, there is no longer any need for those who desire to be great artists to endure or desire personal suffering to aid their development and their understanding, as there is no longer any need for individuals to describe their inner suffering, their personal development and their personal understanding through artistic means. What should and must be understood in the personal sense now can be rationally understood through an act of will – through a conscious understanding of the works of Art of the past two millennia.

There needs to be a whole new artistic movement – or many such movements – which seek to go beyond this personal understanding and which seeks to develop new forms of Art to express and describe what must be expressed and described in the numinous realm which lies beyond this personal understanding. We need to free ourselves from the mundane world of the past, and achieve a real understanding of and a real balance with Nature Herself. We need to strive to free ourselves of this planet of ours, at first in artistic visions and dreams, and then in practical reality as we reach out toward other planets around other stars. We need to dream great visions again, as we need to strive to make these visions real. Thus, do we need to become inspired by greatness – we need to dream of and create new civilizations, new aeons, new Empires to stretch ourselves in, to explore and discover, and to use to create an entire new species of higher beings who are fulfilling the promise of existence latent within them. In essence, we need to capture and express the numinous itself and mould that numinous through a unique work or works of Art.

Anything less than this is unworthy of us.

-Order of Nine Angles-

The Essence of Evil

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We should keep in mind that the language itself plays a major part in the meaning of its word lexicon, specific to the people and culture relative to that language group; and the mind/brain, neural system which uses the said language. “Evil” may exist as it does in many occidental-christian-european languages; but it has no parallel in other languages (outside of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic matrix).

For example, the closest thing to “evil” Sanskrit has is the word “Papa” or “papam” (which is funny because that’s literally “Pope” in Latin [etymological humor]). Here’s “evil” in the minds of a people literally living outside of the lingual-religious-cultural-political influence of Christendom/Europe:


{{Quote Source}}
Evil: Hindu – Hinduism Dictionary on Evil

evil: That which is bad, morally wrong, causing harm, pain, misery. In Western religions, evil is often thought of as a moral antagonism to God. This force is the source of sin and is attached to the soul from its inception.

Whereas, for Hindus, evil is not a conscious, dark force, such as Satan. It is situational rather than ontological, meaning it has its basis in relative conditions, not in ultimate reality. Evil (badness, corruption) springs from ignorance (avidya) and immaturity. Nor is one fighting with God when he is evil, and God is not standing in judgment. Within each soul, and not external to it, resides the principle of judgment of instinctive-intellectual actions. God, who is ever compassionate, blesses even the worst sinner, the most depraved asura, knowing that individual will one day emerge from lower consciousness into the light of love and understanding.

Hindus hold that evil, known in Sanskrit as papa, papman or dushta, is the result of unvirtuous acts (papa or adharma) caused by the instinctive-intellectual mind dominating and obscuring deeper, spiritual intelligence. (Note: both papa and papman are used as nouns and adjectives.) The evil-doer is viewed as a young soul, ignorant of the value of right thought, speech and action, unable to live in the world without becoming entangled in maya. –

intrinsic evil: Inherent, inborn badness. Some philosophies hold that man and the world are by nature imperfect, corrupt or evil. Hinduism holds, on the contrary, that there is no intrinsic evil, and the real nature of man is his divine, soul nature, which is goodness.
{{End Quote}}

The Sanskrit word “Papa” itself has its own unique essence or meaning, which isn’t really related in any way to the occidental/Christian word Evil (but is the closest thing to it):


{{Quote Source}}
papa – literally papa is what brings one down. Sometimes translated as sin or evil.
{{End Quote}}

Papa is how you feel, or what happens when you had a nice job with which you were paying off an expensive house and then you loose your job and become miserable, woeful, worrisome, hopeless, uncertain, suffer, distressed. Another dictionary gives papa a more contemporary meaning:


{{Quote Source}}
papa (p. 158) [ pâpá ] a. (&isharp;, V.; &asharp;) evil, bad, wicked, criminal, sinful; inauspicious (planets, omens); m. wicked man, villain, sinner; n. evil, trouble, misfortune, harm; wickedness, offence, crime, villany, guilt, sin […]
{{End Quote}}

One of the Buddha’s Noble Truths is Life Is Suffering (Papam). This doesn’t mean to the christianized mind: ‘Life is evil/satanic/god forsaken/antichrist/murderous/rapist/child molesterish/hell bound.

It simply means that during the course of your 100 years of life, you’re gunna cry sometimes, you’re gunna worry, experience heart break, et cetera. Sure those are ‘bad’ thing but nothing some god or demon is responsible for. What causes suffering/papam?

Desire and attachment. When we fall in love, and that love leaves us, our heart is broken – papam… we suffer. Did our lover act because they were possessed by hellbent demons? No, shit happens. When we love to much that we can’t let go, and our parents die of old age, we suffer – papam. Was it “evil” that our parents died of old age? No, its a natural process.

Ignorance and the inability to empathize also causes papam. If a young married couple sees a house they want, and the bank wants to make money off of them and gives them a loan for a house they can never possibly pay off or afford and out of their ignorance they fuck up their lives, they have no one to blame for the suffering or “evil” in their lives but their own stupidity. If you are a guy and you say something insensitive to your wife which you thought was a joke and you end up upsetting her and sleeping on the sofa, you have no one to blame for your marital suffering but your own inability to empathize with your wife to understand her as a woman.

In some languages like Khmer (Cambodian – Chloe is one… or half Cambo) the closest thing they have to the word “evil” is “Akra.” That’s a phonetic anglicized spelling. It literally means: Ugly or bad mannered. The opposite of Akra is of course “La’or” which means Nice, Pretty, Good.

This same Pretty-Ugly concept is present in Thai (Thailand is next door to Cambodia and practices Theravada Buddhism like its neighbors). “Dee” means: Pretty, Beautiful, Nice, and Good. It’s the same Dee in “Sawat Dee Ka?” which loosely means hello, but literally means “Are you going nice?” It’s also the same Dee in the word “DeeChan” which is the female word (gender specific) for “I” or “Me” literally meaning “I am pretty” or “Pretty Girl.”

“Maidee” is the opposite of Dee. Mai means: No/Not. It means Ugly, Unattractive, bad, not good. This is the closest word they have to “evil” which is nowhere near what “evil” means to us and to our Christianized minds.

Like it or not, just because we are not practicing Christians or do not believe in it’s mythos, does not mean that our neurological system was not wired to THINK in a “christianized” way. Purging ourselves of Christianity goes deeper than emotionally and intellectually rejecting it. Because we adults “Think” in words/language, every thought we have, regardless of its religious or irreligious flavor, is “Christianized” still. It’s something to think about. Yes, I know many dumbasses will ask how so? As far as English goes, all one has to do is open a history book and study the 1700’s when English was being ‘reinvented’ or morphing into “Modern English” and ask yourselves what people, religions, and factors were invloved. I’ll Give you a few hints for those of you who are mentally retarded: King James (Catholic/gay); “his” bible – and the scholars who translated it who were very creative and innovative with making new words. That’s just a couple hint. I’m not gunna do your thinking for you.

So anyways, this is all great and stuff says the Christian, but if evil does not exist and Satan isn’t the father of evil, then why is there so much evil in this world? That’s a terribly stupid question to ask.

Because the world wouldn’t be “filled with evil” if there was only one single human on it. Evil doesn’t exist. It doesn’t ooze like black foggy water from the spirit of some demon lurking in the shadow. Shit happens because you are stupid. Sometimes you make mistakes in life. Sometimes you do things with out THINKING of its physical consequences. Stupid thinking, generates stupid emotions. Stupid emotions influences stupid actions. Stupid actions manifests dumbass real world results. Multiply that stupidity by about 7 billion (because there are about that many of us in the world), and add to the equation the complexity of interactions and interconnections between people and their actions, and voila! You have a whole planet in peril!

“Evil” exists literally because of mass stupidity on a global scale. Then there are different grades or levels to this scale – such as the national-political level… the sectarian-religious level… the financial-economic level… the familial level. Let me give some random examples:

Afghanistan. Why was Russia in Afghanistan in the first place during he 1970’s? The real reason – Plutonium. The mountains of Afghanistan contains some of the largest (in content) plutonium ‘fields’ on the earth’s terrestrial surface (as opposed to its suboceanic surface). 1970 was the during the Cold War and Arms Race and all that great stuff. Well the Russians got their asses kicked and couldn’t extract the crap anyways from the mountain range. The Cold War died and Afghanistan was “left alone” by the super powers mutually. Then, like all of a sudden, in the wake of China becoming a nuclear super economic power, the Western World (US, UK & Friends) suddenly occupied Afghanistan again via a whole lot of war and slaughter… mass suffering and mass exudes and displacement of its people. That’s “evil” on a national-political scale.

I really don’t need to bring up any examples of “evil” on a sectarian-religious level, since we all know the hundreds of millions of lives that have been slain, and the day to day suffering Christianity has murdered and caused for all 2000 years of its existence. There is also the lives slaughtered during the birth and expansion of the “religion of peace” – Islam, which is still killing and murdering today. Religion is “evil” not Satan. “Evil” actually oozes out of religion… because what created the CONCEPT in the first fucking place? Just because Religion asserts its concept/belief of evil onto the objective/causal world doesn’t mean that ontologically and cosmologically evil is part of the physical universe, like it’s an anti-nutrino or a mysterious quantum demonic particle or something.

The economy and/or lack of financial wellbeing itself causes “evil.” Rampant senseless consumerism actually takes a toll on the earth. These things we buy/want don’t just come out of nowhere. It require natural resources which obviously, over a period of time strips the earth of what she has AND pollutes her. Satan and his demon friends aren’t deforesting the Amazon Jungle. Brazilians are! Because Brazil borrowed money from the IMF to upgrade itself from a “majorly poor country” to a “moderately poor country in debt” and they need to pay the debt off some how. Lack of financial wellbeing like many, if not all inner cities suffer from also causes “evil.” When you brainwash innercity people to want/buy/desire/consume products, but neglect them and their needs, and don’t give them a means of acquiring their wants and needs you get “crime.” People will do what needs to be done to survive in the jungle or in the inner cities. Satan doesn’t make crime. The political regime’s aloofness, insensitivity and inability to empathize with the needs (jobs, housing, food, basic creature comforts) of inner city folk is what causes crime. Don’t blame that shit on Satan.

Families can also produce “evil.” If an ignorant husband and wife have a daughter and don’t give her the love and attention she needs during her childhood, and neglects her; she’s going to grow up emotionally underdeveloped and psychologically unhealthy and a number of “evil” things can happen: She gets pregnant at 13… she disrespects her parents… she becomes a hooker… she fails school… she has problems dealing with people… she cuts herself or does things for attention… she kills herself. These are all things that are results of her familial environment – not because she is demon possessed. Worse evil can happen if you abuse and neglect a son. He can shoot your head off with a shot gun after listening to a heavy metal song about killing your parents which excited his rage – but who put that rage into him? A demon of stupid parents? This is just one hypothetical family. A city is made up of hundreds of families… a state is made up of thousands… and a nation is made up of millions of families. This is “evil” on a familial level.

You see, evil is the results of stupid actions being applied to on the causal world. The very word “CAUSal” give the game away.

Mirriam-Webster defines causal as: “” 1: expressing or indicating cause : causative <a causal clause introduced by since> 2 : of, relating to, or constituting a cause <the causal agent of a disease> 3 : involving causation or a cause <the relationship…was not one of causal antecedence so much as one of analogous growth — H. O. Taylor> 4 : arising from a cause <a causal development> “”

Wikipedia gets more detailed: “” A causal system (also known as a physical or nonanticipative system) is a system where the output y(t) at some specific instant t0 only depends on the input x(t) for values of t less than or equal to t0. Therefore these kinds of systems have outputs and internal states that depend only on the current and previous input values.

The idea that the output of a function at any time depends only on past and present values of input is defined by the property commonly referred to as causality. A system that has some dependence on input values from the future (in addition to possible dependence on past or current input values) is termed a non-causal or acausal system, and a system that depends solely on future input values is an anticausal system. Note that some authors have defined an anticausal system as one that depends solely on future and present input values or, more simply, as a system that does not depend on past input values. “”

Basically a causal system is like a machine that gives you what ever the hell you put into it! If your stupid, and you input your stupidity into the machine with your actions, you’re going to get a stupid – evil – result, and it’s not Satan’s fault. It’s your own dumass’s fault and nobody else’s. Stop making up imaginary things to blame your faults on.

Most of the time people deserve whatever causal reality gives to them, but sure, there are times when the innocent are affected by evil – people starving in Ethiopia… Tootsies beings “genocided” in Rawanda… altar boys being raped by Catholic Priests. But who care? Why do I say that? Because if you don’t like it, then fucking educate your fucking self and stop being stupid. If you don’t learn to fucking realize that your actions manifests real world results and consequences, and you keep blaming it on imaginary phantoms, you will alway only cover the symptoms and never cut out the actual cause.

But of course there are always exceptions to the rule. Some Sinisterfolk just like to harm and hinder people for personal fun, gain and profit to themselves and for their long term goals – the O9A. The Sinister Way of the ONA; as Chloe & Associates points out; is the Way of the Psychopath:

“” Psychopathy is a psychological construct that describes chronic immoral and antisocial behavior. The term is often used interchangeably with sociopathy.

The term is used as a definition in law, for example, “psychopathic personality disorder” under the Mental Health Act 1983 of the UK as well as to denote a severe condition often related to antisocial or dissocial personality disorder as defined by the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R). The term “psychopathy” is often confused with psychotic disorders. It is estimated that approximately one percent of the general population are psychopaths.

The psychopath is defined by a psychological gratification in criminal, sexual, or aggressive impulses and the inability to learn from past mistakes. Individuals with this disorder gain satisfaction through their antisocial behavior and lack remorse for their actions. “” – Wiki

So, what did we learn in all this? We learned that evil really doesn’t exist. That it is just a concept/meme that mostly exists in the synaptic firings of an Occidental brain. That fat ugly girls are evil and pretty girls are good. That stupidity accounts for 99% of what we label as “evil.” And that 1% of evil is caused by plain old psychopaths that don’t give a fuck about you and your misery. Nothing will really be done about it. Stupid people will always continue to do stupid things on whatever scale or level they have an influence on; and the O9A will continue to do what it does. This is the way things have been since long before Homo Sapiens, and it shall be so long after we have caused our own extinction.

Evil is then just Human Nature, why else would evolution allow billions of stupid bipedal apes to exist, if Nature doesn’t Herself lust for blood? Some of us dance to the evil yearnings of Earth and Provide Her. When you have become accustom to the full extent of your own Human Nature, Evil becomes a beautiful thing.