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The Seven-Fold Way: Training and Grades

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wrI many ways the Seven-Fold Way can be regarded as a process, by the individual, of discovery and experience. The goal of this process is the production of individuals skilled and knowledgeable in the magickal arts who have developed their latent, occult facilities and who possess the beginnings of wisdom.

This process can result, sometimes by accident over extended periods of time (for example, three decades or more) but it is most usually undertaken as a result of a conscious decision by an individual to seek esoteric and/or magickal groups/Orders/Adepts. In this later case – and provided the guidance received is good – the goal can be achieved in a much shorter time.

The first part of the process is in many ways the easiest: that of seeking some form of Initiation (qv. the Order MS ‘A Novice’s Guide to Initiation.’). Before and after Initiation the novice is required to undertake various tasks by the Master or Mistress who has agreed to guide the individual along the Seven-Fold Way. The pre-Initiation tasks are the performance by the individual of a simple hermetic ritual (usually on the night of the full moon), the construction of the simplified version of intent and commitment of the candidate. The important thing about these tests of intent is that the candidate is unaware of them – for example, the candidate is asked to be present at a certain time and place and instead of meeting there the expected Master or Mistress meets a person of odd appearance who propounds various views which the individual in question may find not only unusual but distasteful. Such tests and encounters are not games but merely devices which enable the preparation to Initiation. It is to be understood that it is not the order which tests the candidate – but the candidates themselves. Initiation is the beginning of the breakdown of the illusion of roles, and to be successful this breaking must be done by the individual, within.

Once this breaking down begins, then Initiation is already underway, and no ‘Rite of Initiation’ however complex or well-meaning is a substitute for this change in the individual. Such a rite, as a ceremonial ritual, is only the representation of this process in a dramatic form and in many cases is not necessary if some other form of Initiation is more suited to the candidate.

Besides this breaking of self-delusion, Initiation is an awakening of the occult facilities – that is, the experience by the candidate of the reality of magickal forces. This experience can be brought about in several ways – 

1 – by means of a powerful ritual of Initiation which produces magickal forces through invokation;

2 – through the candidate experiencing the charisma of a Master or Mistress

3 – as a consequence of the individual undergoing a particular experience where magickal forces are present.

An example of this third type is when a candidate, expecting perhaps (as a result of their imagination) a ceremonial ritual of Initiation, is led to an isolated spot where magickal energies are present either naturally (as for example in most stone circles0 or have been created beforehand by an Adept in readiness for the candidate. The candidate is then left alone. What the candidate then experiences (sometimes for many hours) is an Initiation – although that is seldom understood by the candidate at the timebecause outwards form is lacking. In many respects, this third type is the most valuable of all the forms of Initiation since it does not rely on the illusion of ceremonial, or the dogma normally associated with such rural forms. Initiation is complete when the candidate realizes that a process of inner change has begun.

The next stage of the Seven-Fold Way, following Initiation, is when the novice begins to undertake in a systematic way workings with the various magickal forces through such forms as Path Workings, hermetical and ceremonial rituals. Such workings in themselves take several months and during this time the novice will be given several tasks – some practical, some magickal – to perform. These tasks may themselves take several months to complete. The most usual magickal task involved the novice assuming the ‘role’ of a dark sorcerer/sorceress for example, dressing in black and cultivating a Satanic appearance – and in this guise attending various Occult functions and generally trying to invoke argument and dissent. The novice in this is advised to cultivate an attitude of arrogance and pride and must be prepared to defend forcefully their Satanic views. Following this, the novice is expected to infiltrate another magickal group/Order with the intent of attending a ritual and during that ritual either redirecting the magickal power (if any) or invoking by their own effort during the ritual a powerful force of their own choosing to disrupt or otherwise alter the original ritual. In some cases, the novice may organize their own group (recruiting people for it) for just this purpose.

This magickal taskdevelops not only the use of magickal forces in an interesting way but also provides the novice to develop various skills pertaining to the manipulation of other individuals chiefly through the deliberate development of a ‘charismatic’ personality or role. It’s the fundamental task of the novice to learn from these experiences – that is, not to allow the role to become dominant.

This is achieved by the novice remembering that they are involved in a Seven-Fold quest and accepting the advice given by the Master or Mistress who assigned the task. Both of these things some novices find difficult to do. The behavior of the novice during this task is governed by specific guidelines – failure to observe the guidelines by an individual means the end of their noviciate as far as the Order is concerned.

The practical tasks associated with this stage usually involve the novice developing certain physical abilities suited to their character. Such physical goals (for example, cycling 100 miles in under 5 hours or running 20 miles in 2 hours 30 minutes – fitter individuals will be given a more demanding goal) are a necessary balance to the magickal tasks as well as enabling those tasks to be achieved in a more invigorating manner.

This stage generally takes from six months to two years and is concluded when the novice finds changes of perspective arising as a consequence of the self-understanding brought through following the goals and tasks. This change should arise naturally and it is made conscious to the novice toward the end of the stage through the grade ritual of External Adept. This ritual is a prelude to the goals and tasks of the next stage and signifies the beginning of Adeptship.

The Grade Ritual involves the involves the individual constructing a septenary Star Game and the performance by the individual of a certain ritual on a night of the new moon. This ritual involves the invoking of a certain force, female in aspect.

The External Adept may choose to continue with the group or temple begun in the previous stage (or create one if this was not done before) for the purpose of conducting ceremonial and hermetic rituals of the type associated with, for example, the ‘Book of Wyrd’ as well as for the performance of the cthonic Nine Angles rite if desired. Alternatively, the individual may opt to concentrate on magickal working with the Star Game – and for this (as the task above) a companion is required. it is a task of the External Adept to find such a companion, as well as teach them all they themselves have learned during the previous stages – guiding them as they themselves have been guided. This in itself takes from one to two years, and because of this most External adepts prefer, during this time, to organize a magickal group/Temple since it provides a structure and a focus.

During this satge the External Adept will experience many things, particularly of a magickal kind if rituals are undertaken by a group, and contact with the Master or Mistress will be limited and occur for the most part if the External Adept wishes. It is important during the long period associated with this particular stage, that the individual does not become prey top the illusion of being a Master or Mistress.

Most will of course succumb at some time to this as a consequence of the varied magickal experiences and contacts with those less experienced in magick, many individuals sever their links with the Order as a consequence of this illusion.

In some ways this stage is the most difficult, involving as it does confrontation with various roles and what had been called the ‘anima/animus’, this latter occuring naturally through the training of a companion. Provided the individual maintains during the stage their resolve to follow to its end the Seven-Fold Way (and here the advice of the Master/Mistress is often crucial at some point during this stage) then, with the completion of the Ritual of the fifth stage, the new Master or Mistress assumes a teaching role via an Order or an individual basis, and usuall those who attain this stage take over at some time their Order, guiding individuals along the Seven-Fold Way. They may also create their own Order or group should they wish – or re-activate the Temple by its nature, means the individual must disband such a Temple or leave it in care of one less experienced.

After some years teaching, the Master or Mistress may withdraw to seek the next stage – provided they have trained at least one person to continue the tradition of the Seven-Fold Way.

Thus it will be seen that the Seven-Fold Way is not easy. It is a way of life, which any individual may follow. Those who only follow its early stages gain something of benefit- those who go further may achieve the goal that awaits us all: the stage of human evolution.

In the past, in any one decade, the Order had many hundreds of candidates seeking Initiation. About four or five a year, sometimes less, may become Initiates through their own choice. Of these, perhaps two will complete the noviciate and only two or three from twenty a decade become  Internal Adepts, the others drifting away away for various reasons. Every twenty years, a new Master or Mistress may take office. There may be one or two Magi a century. So it has been – and sowill it probably unfortunately remain until the New Aeons begins to emerge on the practical level three to four four centuries in the future.

The Seven-Fold Way possesses the potential to create (given good guidance) in ten years what it has taken seven civilizations, five Aeons or nearly ten thousand years to achieve. Every individual is free to choose between this path to the divine and a continuation of the sleep that keeps the potentiality of life at bay. All magick is a glimpse of this path – it is up to the individual to walk along it.

-Order of Nine Angles, 1989eh-

Pima Penal Colony

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Altar 1

Editor’s Note: It seems as if the boys over at the Pima Penal Colony haven’t been too discreet with their activities. Shame on you guys!

These photos of the strange Altar we found while investigating the stories of SkinWalkers in the Canyons near Alamogordo New Mexico
We Are working on getting the footage we shot of the unknown entity we filmed moving about on the ridge above us. More details coming

We are also working on getting the footage we shot of the unknown entity we filmed moving about on the ridge above us in the early morning. At about 4am we started hearing weird howls from the ridge above us. The footages show something large, estimating 14 ft tall moving on the riverbank/ridge above us. We ended up firing on it as it kept coming closer and closer. It then moved off over the ridge.Altar 2

We have now interviewed several eyewitnesses who have testified that The Order Of The Nine Angles is active and practicing in New Mexico in a canyon near Alamogordo, New Mexico.

The oldest and most influential is The Order of the Nine Angles, or ONA. This group has its own website at. Based in England, the ONA appears to act as a sort of “mother church” for Satanists who describe themselves as “traditional.” (The more popular, “Gothic” types of Satanism are often disparaged as “American.”)Altar Stone (2)


The ONA’s beliefs, and some of its documents, are mirrored in the Internet material relating to the Order of the Deorc Fyre, formerly known as the Order of the Left-Hand Path. This group is based in New Zealand, though contact information is provided on the Web for other places in the world. Its documents suggest that it is more interested in recruiting than are other groups of this type.

The White Order of Thule, formerly known as the Black Order, seems to be pan-European. The only contact information I found was a mailing address in the United States, where this kind of thing is constitutionally protected. It has by far the smallest amount of Internet material. It is also almost pedantically Nazi: its literature even reflects something of the style of German “völkisch” groups of the early 20th century. Such material as there is suggests an acquaintance with the academic literature on the subject, such as Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke’s “The Occult Roots of Nazism.”We also note the WOT has since become inactive (link).


Some Notes on Mythos and Methodology

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I have read somewhere that the ONA has now entered the third phase, or stage, of its century-long sinister plan to destroy the Old Order of the mundanes. Can you go into more detail?

The essence of the first two stages was (to use new ONA-speak) basically: (1) manufacturing a variety of sinister viruses; manufacturing different strands, or mutations, of each sinister ONA virus, imbuing them with acausal energy, and then releasing these sinister and esoteric viral infections out into the world so that they might infect the psyche of susceptible individuals; and (2) creating the ONA itself as a living evolving nexion, imbued with the defiant individuality of the true LHP; independent of any one individual (including myself); and unfettered by the causal forms of the Old Aeon (such as dogma; ideology; hierarchies; copyright, and so on).

Expressed in old, traditional, ONA-speak, certain causal and esoteric forms were manufactured, and these were imbued with acausal energies. That is, certain nexions were created, and acausal energy accessed to flow through them, with the ONA itself becoming a type of sinister acausal being, presenced – living – in the causal.

One of the most successful exoteric forms proved to be the mythos of the ONA itself; another was our ONA methodology. In mundane-speak, these particular viruses inspired some creative individuals, already possessed of a latent sinister character, leading them to make their own contributions in their own valuable and necessary way. That is, because of, and through these talented individuals, there was another mutation of our sinister ONA viruses, as they contributed to – extended; evolved; represenced – that mythos, that methodology, and so gave birth to their own new causal sinister forms, their own living nexions. Thus did these gifted individuals evolve the ONA itself.

The third stage of our current long-term sinister strategy will last some four, or five, decades. As mentioned in the MS Toward The Dark Formless Acausal:

Outwardly, or externally, the third stage involves continuing to presence The Dark Forces, via nexions, through supporting, and creating, various causal “forms”; through practical de-stabilization, through supporting and championing various “heretical” causes and ideas, and so on: to the greater glory of Baphomet, one might, with correctness, say, and write.

One such causal form – and a most important one, for this particular stage – is that of sinister tribes, as briefly outlined in MSS such as (1) The Sinister Tribes of the ONA; (2) Whose Gonna Run This Town Tonight?; and (3) Heresy, Sinister Tribes, Nexions and The Methodology of the ONA.

Thus, during this third stage we should begin to see the establishment of some sinister tribes in urban areas. Initially, these will be small, local, groups, most of whose members (or all of whose members) will and should earn their living outside the laws of the mundanes, which mundanes are their prey, their resource. For it is not the function of our sinister tribes to have their members “earn a respectable living” according to the rules, the standards, the norms, of the mundanes. Rather, it their function – their character, their aim – to be sinister; to live the sinister; to presence the sinister in practical ways.

Once established in their own areas, they may seek to co-operate – for their mutual benefit – with other sinister groups in other areas, and, eventually, in other lands, so that a large sinister network (eventually extending overseas) is created purely on a practical and very business-like basis. Supply and demand; the economics of organization; the obtaining of wealth; the trading of goods; the building of respect, and the emergence of leadership, through practical deeds and by establishing in a practical way our law of personal honour, which law importantly applies to and which binds only us, our sinister kind, our feral kindred, and which we do not extend to the mundanes or anyone, unless they join us and so become part of our sinister kind, with the duty and loyalty this involves, and with them subject to our penalties should they go, or act, against us.

In practical terms, the third stage is where our forces begin to directly challenge The System on a scale beyond that of a few sinister individuals, with this challenge being especially of the so-called authority and laws of The System, of the societies created for and maintained for the benefit of the mundanes, those servants and allies of the Magian. Thus, we will be “the law” in the areas where we dwell; where our tribes have their base. We will be the ones our neighbours first turn to for practical help; we will become the ones aiding our communities by using some of our profits, some of our skills, to aid them.

It may well be from one of the new urban tribes that Vindex emerges, possibly in America. [See Footnote 1]

Another causal form important during this third stage is the emergence of more “traditional” nexions, where individuals outwardly concern themselves with following the Seven Fold Sinister Way according to ONA tradition as manifest in works such as NAOS, and where they esoterically undertake esoteric rituals to presence The Dark Forces, disrupt the Magian, and to aid and strengthen other sinister forms, such as our sinister tribes. One quite important role of such (often hidden) traditional nexions is to magickally aid Vindex and his or her forces of insurrection when Vindex emerges. Another important role is to train a few suitable sinister Adepts, and then send them out into the world to do practical sinister deeds.

In several recent articles you have made mention of sinister empaths, the breeding, the manufacture, of an entirely new type of human being who has a very developed faculty of empathy. Will you go into more detail about them?

No. Except to mention that it is empathy with living beings, and with the acausal itself, which is the fundamental basis for the successful presencing of powerful acausal energies and the creation of long-lived nexions, such as those associated with a New Aeon and its associated outer, causal, sinister forms. Here, what may be termed the sinister numen (the numen of the sinister) is important.

I read in a recent ONA MS, that you consider film should be used as a sinister art-form. What exactly did you mean?

As the ONA grows, evolves, changes, and as more and more people become affected and infected by our mythos and our methodology, there should be some gifted, creative, individuals, of sinister character, who can meld together various art-forms, possibly using modern technology, to create new presencings of the sinister.

Thus, we need new and deeply sinister music, of and in whatever genre (modern or otherwise), as we also need a whole new genre of music – a whole new type of music – to manifest the sinister. So far, no one – it seems to me – has really presenced the sinister in music.

That is, no one has yet produced an original piece of music which directly affects individuals and imbues them with sinister feeling; which may inspire some susceptible individuals to do sinister deeds; and which is dangerous: which the mundanes find disturbing and which they might seek to make illegal.

Thus, such music is far more than mere entertainment; far more than a momentary thrill; or a momentary feeling. It is real sinister inspiration, which is capable of transporting the listener elsewhere, to other realms; which affects them in a significant way and which can lead them to do practical sinister deeds.

One way to do this is through musically invoking archetypal sinister energies; evoking acausal energies, and acausal entities. Thus, such music becomes a sinister ritual of itself.

Another way to do this is to deal with genuine heresy – for the music and/or the words to concern themselves with what the mundanes fear; what they have outlawed in most if not all of their tyrannical societies.

This music can then be combined with video; with moving, colourful images and/or action that “tell a story” or which add to or which even create the sinister ambience.

In addition, there should an extension of this “story telling” and/or action so that a genuine sinister film – or many such films – are produced.

Importantly, there are no limits. That is, as mentioned previously, any type of music, any genre, can be used, from classical to hip-hop; just as the story can be anything we like or desire to presence. If we are not satisfied with some existing genre, we ourselves should create a new one. We are only limited by our creative genius, by our imagination, by our sinister desire.

Thus, there could and should be music, films, animations – whatever – about real outlaws, past and present, who inspire us; about our urban sinister tribes (real or our hopeful intimations of what they should be); about Vindex (fictional accounts or hopeful intimations); about our Dark future Imperium; about our sinister dreams and the sinister deeds we might desire to do; about individuals the mundanes fear and whom they revile and hate.

We should also be thinking of using modern technology to create new art-forms, to use such technology as a new means of presencing the sinister. The only limits, the only limitations, are those we might wrongly impose upon ourselves.

Someone has brought to my attention what appears to be a basic grammatical mistake in the chant Agios o Baphomet, since Baphomet is female. Is it a mistake?

Although this question of alleged “mistakes” in some ONA MSS, or in some ONA traditions, has been mentioned several times before, in some other mostly older ONA MSS, it does perhaps merit some further explanation, particularly since the ONA mythos and the ONA methodology has now seeded itself among thousands and thousands of people worldwide, some of who may well be pouring over various ONS MSS in the hope of sinister enlightenment.

In this matter, one must apply the fundamental esoteric principle of there possibly being an outer, exoteric (or dhir) meaning and/or intent, and there being an inner, esoteric (or batin) meaning and/or intent.

Thus, is what is first perceived as a mistake or an error, really so? Is it a real error, or a typo in the MS; or might it be a test designed to (1) encourage those possessed of our character, our ethos, to reflect further upon the matter and/or to research further, or (2) to encourage the mundanes the make the mistaken conclusion they make by virtue of their mundane personal character? Or, might it indeed be a mistake?

Our ethos is that of the individual of strong personal character who strives to learn by experience, by doing. Such a person questions; they seek to find their own answers; they challenge everything, and do not merely accept something just because it is in some MS or in some book or because someone has told them something. The author of a particular MS may indeed have made an error – no human entity is infallible, and no one in the ONA claims to be so infallible, or claims their work is divinely or diabolically inspired by some “higher entity”. I, personally, have made many mistakes, and some of my MSS may indeed contain contain some undeliberate errors.

Thus, it is for each individual to ascertain, if they can, where the truth may (or may not) lie. If a particular matter concerns them and they cannot be bothered to so ascertain the direction in which “the truth” (or the error) may lie, then they are not “of us”; but rather more akin to a mundane. Several ONA MSS – especially some “older” ones – may have some traps for the unwary; may lead some mundane who reads them to make certain false conclusions; and may, just may, inspire a few individuals of sinister character to discover certain matters for themselves.

Thus, and in respect of the particular example you cite, someone possessed of our sinister character, our ethos, might – after reflexion upon and/or further research into the matter – conclude that it is not an error because the entities being mentioned and “invoked” by such a vibration/chant are beyond the limited causal category – our limited dichotomy – of male and female. That is, our rather limited classification of sentient beings into just two categories, male and female, is or may not be strictly applicable to such acausal entities. A really talented individual might go even further, and be inspired to seek to invent some type of language – or some collocation of symbols – which goes beyond such limited causal categories. And so on.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen


(1) For a basic exoteric account of Vindex, refer to Myatt’s book, The Mythos of Vindex, of which extracts from the first two parts (Vindex and The Defeat of The Magian and The Ethos of Vindex In Historical Context) have so far been published.

As stated in A Brief ONA Glossary:

Vindex is the name of the exoteric  (or “outer”) nexion through which powerful acausal energies are presenced on Earth in order to destroy the current status quo (the Old Aeon, now manifest in the so-called New World Order) and prepare the way for – and inaugurate the practical beginnings of – the New Aeon.  Like Falcifer (q.v.), Vindex can be presenced (”manifest”) in an individual (who may be male or female). If an individual, Vindex is the embodiment of The Law of the New Aeon, which is personal honour [See the ONA MSS The Law of the New Aeon and Tyrannies End: Anarchy, Magick and the Law of Personal Honour].

As mentioned in Myatt’s The Mythos of Vindex, Vindex can be a person of any ethnicity, and may – or may not – arise in what is called The West (America, Europe, Australasia). Myatt goes so far as to suggest that Vindex could arise in Asia.

Further Reading: 

Intimations of The New Aeon

Toward The Dark Formless Acausal

ONA Esoteric Notes 103a

The Sinister Tribes of the ONA

The 21 Points of Satanism

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  1. Respect not pity or weakness, for they are a disease which makes sick the strong.
  2. Test always your strength, for therein lies success.
  3. Seek happiness in victory – but never in peace.
  4. Enjoy a short rest, better than a long.
  5. Come as a reaper, for thus you will sow.
  6. Never love anything so much you cannot see it die.
  7. Build not upon sand, but upon rock And build not for today or yesterday but for all time.
  8. Strive ever for more, for conquest is never done.
  9. And die rather than submit.
  10. Forge not works of art but swords of death, for therein lies great art.
  11. Learn to raise yourself above yourself so you can triumph over all.
  12. The blood of the living makes good fertilizer for the seeds of the new.
  13. He who stands atop the highest pyramid of skulls can see the furthest.
  14. Discard not love but treat it as an imposter, but ever be just.
  15. All that is great is built upon sorrow.
  16. Strive not only forwards, but upwards for greatness lies in the highest.
  17. Come as a fresh strong wind that breaks yet also creates.
  18. Let love of life be a goal but let your highest goal be greatness.
  19. Nothing is beautiful except man: but most beautiful of all is woman.
  20. Reject all illusion and lies, for they hinder the strong.
  21. What does not kill, makes stronger.

A Letter to ‘The Watcher’

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Satanic Greetings from the Order of Nine Angles, U.K.

May I, on behalf of your brothers and sisters here in Great Britain, extend best wishes and support to you on this night of Sinister Solidarity [Halloween]. Whilst facing this current wave of Nazarene hysteria, it is appropriate that we should remember the achievements of Adepts throughout the ages who have suffered greatly in order to create the freedoms that we experience today.

For those courageous enough to continue this tradition, there will never be acceptance, only the pathetic wailing of those who tremble in the face of their own liberation. We endure physical and verbal abuse – sometimes death – for our acts are genuinely black to the blind. Such conflicts are intrinsic to Magickal evolution, developing character and creating the genuine Adept as opposed to those who indulge in child abuse or any wallowing in – as opposed to transcendence of – personal inadequacies. There is no easy path to individual insight – ‘wisdom through suffering’ as the ancient Greeks understood.

The great – and simple – secret of Satanism is that we represent balance and our Dark Prince shall continue to symbolize our adversarial acts until such times exist when Satanism, in Aeonic terms, is no longer necessary (and thus sinister aims are realized on a large scale). Of course, the Aeon of the Dark Gods will not occur for some time – for many of use, beyond our own temporal existence – considering that the majority of people are not very physically developed (I feel it would be accurate to say that 90% of people are stupid).

However, ten years, one hundred years, the timescale of such achievements is irrevelant. We are in a very privileged position, and this must always be remembered; that is, those of us who endure/survive will complete work begun thousands of years ago by our dark ancestors. We all, in our individual ways, actually shape the evolution of the human race. From the majority who are still shackled to maoral abstract illusions, we are dangerous and the disinformation and the fear that currently abounds is a comment on this fact. But for those few who consciously understand, we are the key to the floodgates that will free human nature and take us to the stars.

To the glory of They who are seldom named, Christos Beest, ONA

The Song of a Satanist

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In an important sense, most of my life represents genuine Satanism in action – a going to extremes, a learning from the experiences of those extremes, and a doing of dark, dangerous and sometimes “illegal” deeds.

This life stands in stark contrast to those of the pseudo-Satanists, some of whom have acquired a notoriety and a ‘fame’. I have – as a Satanist should – been intoxicated by the essence of life itself – by that which inspires, which causes creativity, self-absorption and genius of all great artists be they musicians, writers, warriors, explorers or whatever. I have dared to dream and to defy – and have dared to try and make my dreams and inspiration a reality. I have used my life for some purpose – striven toward goals with a passion that overcomes all obstacles. I have known great love – physical, intellectual, and of the soul, the essence of existence. I have also known the opposite – the sadness that awaits all who venture into the dark starkness of the Abyss within and without. And thus the synthesis of these and other things which is the prehension of wisdom.

This living has been an ecstatic affirmation of existence – a self-surmounting. The goals striven for were for the most part irrelevant: what was important was the striving for something with a passion. For in such striving, in the action in the world so entailed in the striving, there was an intensity which captures the immortal and which re-presents the spirit of Satanism: that heroic defiance which is the essence of all conscious evolution and thus civilization itself.

Such exultation is dangerous. By its nature it is individual. It is anathema to those forms and structures which suck vitality and which by their very existence, level individuals down and break or try to break their spirit. It is Heresy. It is testing – some become possessed; some perish; some are broken in spirit and descend to the mediocrity of the majority; some are caught in the snares left by those who adhere to those things which suck vitality (such as religion and ‘law’ and ethics). But some few survive and prosper and thus inspire others to venture out where no one has dared to go before. And of those few who survive, there are some who can express in words or other mediums (like music) what they have felt, and experienced and learnt – in a way which is easily understood. These few are the really dangerous ones…

It amuses me – and has amused me – when I come in contact with modern, self-professed ‘Satanists’, be such people a part of some ‘Temple’ or ‘Church’ or ‘cult’, or be they working on their own. With a few notable exceptions, these people are ridiculous – for them, Satanism is an intellectual philosophy, a collection of rituals, and/or an anarchic attitude. For them, it is an object of study, and involves meetings, discussions. For them, it is communal, and involves ‘ethics’ and/or a religious approach and attitude. For them, it is a glorification of their ego and a wallowing in the pleasures and wealth this existence can offer: an excuse for self-indulgence and lack of self-discipline.

In reality, Satanism is an attitude to living – and an attitude foreign to these mostly urbanized people who profess to be Satanists. Satanism means living one’s life in a cetain way – achieving things, in the real world by one’s own efforts and because one is exulting in existence itself consciously. That is, one’s life is intentional – a striving toward a higher existence by practical deeds, by overcoming challenges which take evolution to new realms. A Satanist strives to change themselves – and then the world itself. They desire glory, fame – to be significant. They are not content, and even when a goal is achieved, there is a need to find and strive toward another goal, another way of living. There are always new experiences awaiting – new levels of achievement. A genuine Satanist needs action – they need challenges, because they possess within themselves the ‘fire of Satan’, that vitality which is the quintessence of living. This vitality shows in their eyes, their character – it is evident in their deeds.

Fundamentally, one becomes a Satanist by acting like one – by doing Satanic deeds. A Satanist of some experience would say one or more of these things: “I have experienced combat; I have killed; watched comrades die. I have loved – and hated. I have discovered something for the first time. I have been alone for months, bereft of most things, and thus come to know myself. I have faced my own imminent death, not once, but many times. I have achieved things with my body I thought not possible. I have exulted in overcoming physical, intellectual and psychic challenges. I know the passion that motivated Beethoven, Van Gogh, Nietzsche, and I know the feelings and greatness of Caeser, Adolf Hitler and Alexander the Great… I have heard the music of the galaxy and the stars and planets within it. I have been in a Prison cell and known the meaning of freedom. I have culled human dross. I have done criminal deeds – to learn and defy.”

Of course, these things are only examples – there are many more. What is important is that they express real experiences of a dangerous or learning kind: they breed character; they test. They are selective. They are the type of deeds done by individuals with with spirit – the type of understanding such an individual possesses, if only intuitively at first.

A Satanist will live life on the edge – will take up a profession which allows him or her to excel in deeds of action or creativity or exploration, or all of these. They will become experts in their chosen fields – and these fields by their nature will require persons of character and inner strength who prefer to work alone. Fields like assassination; Special Forces; Political manipulation… And then, having achieved, they will move on – to new ways and deeds. Or perchance they will die, defiant to the end.

Whatever, their quality of living will far surpass that of the weak majority. Their experience of both the dark and the light will be deeper, more extensive, and thus will they possess greater insight, a greater understanding, a real depth of character. In contrast, the self-professed ‘Satanists’ will be shallow – all talk, with little or no real experience of living on the edge. They shy away from real self-effort, from real self-overcoming, and build fantasy worlds in which they find comfort. They need the company of others, as they need their ego to be massaged by what they regard as their ‘Satanic peers’. They talk an awful lot with others about Satanism, and probably, having learnt a lot of ‘theory’ from books and various organizations, write their own ‘Satanic’ rituals which they perform with the glee of the necrophilac.

Some of these denizens of pseudo-Satanic organizations and cults will indulge in anarchic behaviour to impress themselves and others. But by so doing they reveal a lack of character – for a genuine Satanist possesses nobility and a self-discipline that others seldom understand. Imitation Satanists make excuses – and devise theories to explain their lack of Satanic deeds in the real world. They have seldom if ever changed themselves to something greater than what they were at Initiation, and they most certainly have not changed the world in any way, significant or insignificant.  They have achieved no glory – discovered nothing new; not extended the frontiers of understanding by even one micron. Instead, they wallow in obscure doctrines and consume the drug of self-delusion. To be brief, they have not composed a Satanic song which illustrates their life. They labour, but in vain – Poeta nascitur, non fit.

Most Satanists cannot publish an autobiography, or even have a biography which relates their life in detail while they still live, for the simple reason that it would probably render them liable to prosecution by those asinine guardians of even more stupid system of ‘Law’ (plus the fact that most wish to continue their sinister esoteric work in secret, to aid the sinister dialectic). If this threat does not exist, then their life has not been Satanic enough. And, moreover, that life is never completed until causal death – something written at a certain age, should be out of date within few years. If it was not, then again the full Satanic promise of one’s existence has not been fulfilled. The time for the publication of such writings is after the causal death of its subject – although an expurgated version may serve a purpose, for some replete with experiences who wish to express the essence and inspire others to follow and then surpass them.

In my own case, I have written a brief a brief recollection of some of the experiences of my Satanic life, for posthumous publication. But even in that MS, there were many things not recalled, perchance the MS falls into the wrong hands before the right time. Such a recalling – of dark and occasionally ecstatic deeds, most of them “illegal” and all of them “heretical” in this purblind society – will have to await my twilight years and a recounting of them to a trusted Satanic comrade. And even though the MS was written only two years ago, it is already out of date…

And of that living, it is the essence which is important, not especially the details. From that living, I have distilled the quintessence into words which cannot be mis-understood – devising a method by which others may obtain that elixir. I have constructed a guide to the goal, drawn a map and explained the goal in detail, because I have been there. I explored, and discovered. Now others can benefit from the lessons learnt from such a life. Non generant aquilae columbas.

Meanwhile, I anticipate the lies, rumours and distortions will continue, based on jealousy. The small and weak of character have always sought to drag those who are outstanding down to their own level of mediocrity – at least in the eyes of others.


Stephen Brown, ONA, 103 yf


Satanism: The Epitome of Evil

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Let us not be mis-understood: genuine Satanists are evil. They question, seek to know, and they defy. They champion, advocate, and propagate – and most importantly live, as a way of defiance and ecstasy – whatever is genuinely heretical, or forbidden, in the societies of their times. They cause, and strive to cause, Chaos, disruption, revolution, and thus causal Change. They are the fomenters of, and the agents of, evil, of genuine darkness. They are adversarial; agents of genuine human evolution, which evolution only and ever arises from an acceptance of challenges and the application of the Sinister Dialectic: from the direct causal presencing of acausal darkness.

They cause harm, disaster, corruption, and death; they bring death – and sometimes, or often, before the due time to those deserving of such an early death: to those who have shown by their actions that they have a weak character or are a nuisnace, or a hindrance to the spread of darkness, to the creation of the new form of destruction, the change, of the old. Genuine Satanists are dangerous people to know; associating with them is a risk. Their psyche is contagious: and can break others, or bring them misfortune, or drive them toward inner breakdown or even madness.

Their Way, our Way – that of genuine Satanism – is the Way of the self-controlled individual, not the way of sycophancy to, or obedience to, some doctrine or some person or some creed; not the way of those in thrall to their desires, conscious or unconscious. Satanists do not seek to be “understood” nor accepted nor lauded by the majority, just as they are shapeshifters in character and way of life, who may use and often do so use some form, or some way of life for their own sinister, dialectical ends. Thus are they a genuine enigma, seldom appreciated, in their own life, for who and what they are and for what they have done and are doing.

Their deeds and goals – once they have learnt their trade and become professional, Masters and Mistresses of the Dark Arts – are not personal or undirected, causal, ones. Instead, their deeds are directed, intentional, often detached, and arise from their knowledge of, their understanding of, the Sinister Dialectic: of what is needed in the causal times in which they live; what is needed to radically disrupt, to challenge, to defy, to presence darkness and evil, and bring Chaos and the evolution that derives thereform. Thus do they, so causing Chaos, defy and break or seek to break the restrictive forms, structures, laws, and Institutions, that still hold people in thrall.

The way of ordinary life, of ordinary mortals, is the way of control, of restrictions; of authority, of a supra-personal law. It is the way of those forms, those abstractions – such as governments, and States and prisons and religions – which have been constructed to control, to restrict, to bully, to level-down, to enforce submission. The way of ordinary life, of ordinary un-evolved mortals, is the way of minimizing risk, the way of hypocrisy, of the lies and the deceit and the envy and jealousy born from weakness and cowardice and the dishonour of the bully. In direct contrast, the Path of the genuine Satanist is the difficult Dark Path of inner strength, of joining, being, opposites, and of going beyond opposites: the path of evolved human beings exemplified in one way by the openness of the fighting warrior who believes in their very being that the only genuine real law and real justice is the law, the justice, of personal honour, of a fair fight, of fair retribution, and of being responsible for oneself.

Thus is the Way of the Satanist, the Way of the Dark Warrior who, in real life in the real world, fights the tyranny of those who, weak of character, oppress: the Dark Warrior who fights all that oppresses and stifles our potential, and hinders our evolution into a higher race of human beings whose rightful place is among the star-systems of this, and other, Galaxies.

Order of Nine Angles, 119 Year of Fayen