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The Abyss

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The Abyss is where the causal and the acausal meet; a nexus of temporal and spatial dimensions. Because of the nature of our consciousness, the Abyss lies latent within all of us – that is, our consciousness consists of both causal and acausal aspects. In this sense, we are all ‘Gates’/to the acausal dimensions, although this Gate – and the pathways leading to/from it – often lies undiscovered. Magickal training is essentially the discovery, exploration and use of these pathways.

Symbolized causally, the Abyss lies between the spheres of the Sun and Mars in the Septenary Tree of Wyrd, and the ‘Entering the Abyss’ is that stage of magickal development which distinguishes the Master/Mistress from the Adept. The experience of the Abyss – which the Grade Ritual ‘Entering the Abyss’ begins – is fundamentally a destruction of the self-image which the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept created and which was glimpsed during the External Adept rite. It is also the destruction of all personal illusions regarding opposites: the final ‘withdrawing of projections’. In essence, the Internal Adept has learnt (mainly through the Grade Ritual) to withdraw the projections of the ‘ego’ from other individuals – that is, there is an understanding of individuals as those individuals are in essence: without the distortion of one’s own passions/ideas/prejudices and without the distortions of other people’s ideas/judgements and so on. The experience of the Abyss takes this a stage further – there is a withdrawal of all personal projections made by every individual upon others/ the ‘cosmos’ and so on: both personal and impersonal. Thus, the essence is apprehended behind the appearance which the causal produces because it is the causal. Put very simply, the Abyss is the beginning of acausal perception.

This perception implies a complete understanding of oneself, one’s wyrd, as well as an understanding of others, of aeonic influences, and of the ‘cosmos’ itself – the beginnings of wisdom…Yet this does not mean a negation of individuality. Rather, it is an enhancement of consciousness. This is so because the Abyss is also the Tree of Wyrd itself – all the spheres and the pathways in both their individual and aeonic forms: the ‘individual forms’ being Jungian-type archetypes (and the experiences/understanding appropriate to these) on a personal level, and the ‘aeonic forms’ being aeonic/cultural myths and images on a suprs-personal level, in both ‘sinister’ and ‘light’ aspects. Further, the Abyss is also a direct opening or ‘Gate’ to the acausal dimensions.

The ritual of the Abyss implies an acceptance of acausal energies as those energies are – that is, without any ‘abstract’, personal or judgemental views. It is a letting ‘in’ of those Null, Chaotic energies without any hindrance. This of course can be dangerous, but the preparation reduces this danger as well as making possible an understanding of those energies and the ‘forms’ that may or may not assume in both the causal and acausal worlds. This latter point is quite important, because there have been many who, unprepared, having experienced some acausal energies via entering the Abyss too soon. Quite often, the result of this premature magickal experience is madness or extreme personal disorientation resulting in a ‘possessed’ personal life and/or loss of vitality; another and frequent result is personal delusion about one’s own abilities and understanding, both personal and magickal.

This understanding of the acausal, vital to a ‘successful’ crossing of the Abyss, derives from the preparation implicit in

(a) having undertaken the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept [that is, in essence, having spent at least three months alone without any external influences and without any personal contact] and

(b) having fulfilled the tasks revealed by that Grade Ritual. This fulfilling of personal tasks (the accomplishment of part of the wyrd of the individual) is necessary (and it takes from one to many years after the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept) because it dissipates the energy of the ‘self-image’ that the Grade Ritual produces, preparing thus a voidness within the Adept.

The Adept generally knows when this inner void is reached (in simple terms, the personal, driving energy is gone through achievement of personal goals: the reality, of course, is more complicated and here the advice of a Master/Mistress/Magus is often sought).

The ritual of the Abyss is simple. The physical part (the walk in the unspecified time without assistance) is essential preparation for the ‘magickal’ part because it prepares the consciousness in a very specific way as well as draining the physical resources of the body. To complete the walk given the conditions stated requires determination – and this determination is released/abandonment occuring quite naturally because the physical goal has been achieved. Thus, there is a ‘hidden’ wisdom in the construction of the rite (as there is in all the Grade Rituals).

The physical part also creates – because of the isolation – a feeling within the individual of being only a part of something more vast, and it for this reason that the walk is undertaken as far from human habitation as possible. This isolation, the concentration required to walk at a pace enabling the goal to be reached within the set time, the rhythym of walking, the anticipation of the magickal part, all combine to produce the conditions necessary within the consciousness of the individual conducive to success.

As mentioned above, the Abyss is also an opening into the acausal. The ‘passing of the Abyss’ is the opening of that ‘Gate’ within us. All magick is a glimpse of the acausal, and the stageswhen the acausal energies are developed and understood in a progressively more emphatic manner – that is, they may be seen as ‘pushing that Gate wider and wider’ – in the passing of the Abyss there is no longer a Gate, but rather a union or fusion. In another sense, the Seven-Fold Way may be said to be the creation, within the consciousness of the individual, of connections or pathways to the acausal – each stage develops more and more pathways until they form a conduit through which acausal energy ‘flows’. Beyond the Abyss, the individual is part of the acausal ‘flow’ and has achieved the goal of sentinent life. This is really the great secret of alchemy, of magick and of the Left Hand or Sinister Path itself – that is, we can create for ourselves another existence in another ‘universe’ and an existence which continues after our causal self dies. This means to this existence is simply – the Seven-Fold Way.

According to tradition, the Abyss is also presenced physically in our causal universe. That is, terrestrial and ‘Space’ or ‘Star’ Gates exist where the two universes are joined. In reality, the terrestrial Gates may be used to be points where the causal and acausal come close in contact: where there is ‘seepage’ of acausal energy to alter the causal (and thus the individuals in the world). [See the Order MSS relating to Aeons, ‘Lovecraft and the Dark Gods, etc.]


-Order of the Nine Angles-

Imitations of the Abyss

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The Sinister Abyssal Nexion
Part One
Intimations of the Abyss

 The time leading up to the fifth stage of the Sinister way, that which is marked by the grade of Master/Mistress, is one of significant emotional struggle. The years following the successful undertaking of the rite of Internal Adept mark a time when the various seeds planted during that ordeal grow and are reaped. This particular, personal, ‘alchemical’, season can span a decade or so of causal time, and the presencings of that Rite include a much greater awareness of one’s character, and thus of one’s personal Destiny, or purpose. Much causal earthing of energies should be completed during this time, expressing that personal Destiny in the world.

This period of deeper personal growth may also be enhanced by an insight role. As has been written elsewhere, this insight role is tied to Aeonic goals, since there has also emerged, beyond the often intuitive drives of the Initiate for personal, transformative experiences, a sense of what-lies-beyond … Glimmers of this awareness begin to form during the rite of External Adept, as a different form of time is experienced, presenced by flowing with the precession of the stars. This particular flowing is further encouraged by the ordeal in the wilderness which is the Internal Adept. Here, a landscape as devoid as possible of human activity and interference, dissolves the self and absorbs it into the many considerably slower modes of time presenced in the emanations of Nature.

This creates in the Adept that often sad-infused yearning for what-lies-beyond, and that particular presencing is permanent. Although there will be times when this aspect within is buried amidst the mundanities of everyday life, it always resurfaces eventually, driving the Adept on to seek to taste those nearly elusive intimations of eternity. This resurfacing can cause anguish and restlessness. Whilst many may cease to follow the Path before they reach Internal Adept, once the threshold of Internal Adept is crossed there can be, for the vast majority, no real undoing of what has been presenced, since the changes which have occurred do not allow a completely successful re-integration back into ‘normal life’.

According to the nature of the changes wrought, the Adept will go through a period of questioning themselves, their Path, and their Destiny. There may even be, as in one or two known cases, an apparent rejection of the sinister, and an earnest living of the ‘light’. By so living, there emerges a very slow and sometimes painful synthesis of ‘light’ and ‘dark’, and thus a dissolution where both aspects cease to exist is slowly presenced. This can cause great emotional struggle for the Adept, since in its early stages, this form of change removes what was once regarded as an absolute, a structure which made one’s life suffused with meaning. The outer forms, the rituals, the symbols, the words all can then seem empty. There is then a seeking to replace what appears to have been lost.

This replacing may be earnestly implemented for several years, but these new outer forms also inevitably fall away, since what has begun to be revealed consciously to the Adept are Intimations of the Abyss, of what-lies-beyond. There emerges then a new consciousness which is essentially sinister: a deep awareness of the turning of that helix perpetually from the darkness which is chaos and change, to the order which is light and creation, and back to the darkness … (In practical terms, in a way which continually confounds those below the stage of Adept, this synthesis is the enigma which is the genuine sinister Master/Mistress: that they are both the light and the dark, and beyond both …)

With this new and often disturbing awareness, the Adept is impelled towards the threshold of the next stage, driven to seek to positively live and contain and presence this consciousness of the abyss which seems to threaten to devour them and in that instant of decimation, render the life of that Adept irrelevant. Thus, all that has gone before, all the works which were once so suffused with the power of individual Destiny, seem merely as shadows and shells. The promise of the Crossing of The Abyss is the power bestowed to fully presence what-lies-beyond in causal creative forms, in deeds, in one’s very being. In essence, it is the potential hinted at from the stage of Initiation, to become an earth based nexion, a gate to our Dark Gods, and to begin the creation of a unique life form beyond the causal.

Once the Adept makes the conscious decision to undertake the ordeal of the Abyss, there are several difficult tasks which must be undertaken, some of which are to do with completing the self-image created by the Internal Adept rite, and others to do with fulfilling certain duties associated with the sinister way. Fulfilment of these tasks bind the Adept to the Sinister Way absolutely, and from thence there really can be no turning back. Thus the Adept must be completely certain of the seriousness and significance of taking that step. The option of not undertaking the next stage will mean staying within the realm of the self-image, and whilst this is possible and much work of value can still be developed by remaining there, the Adept will not be able to hide from occasional visits by the demons of the Abyss. They will take opportunities to remind the Adept of the shadow of Death’s oblivion and of how that shadow may have been harnessed and used instead to cross over the unfathomable gulf towards acausal immortality.


Order of Nine Angles 119yf

The Oath of the Abyss

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 Part Two

The Oath of The Abyss

The transition between Internal Adept and the next stage – that of Master/Lady-Master (Mistress of Earth) – is both long and arduous, requiring as it does – among other things – (1) a personal and practical experiencing, and integration, of both Sinister and non-Sinister aspects of living, and of the Adept’s own personality; (2) practical experience of Aeonic Magick and of all forms of The Star Game; (3) contributing, through fulfilling their personal Destiny, something unique, and redolent of the Sinister, to human knowledge, achievement, understanding and/or to that presencing “which is beyond human words” and which is often manifest in works of genuine artistic, and/or magickal, genius and originality. In summation, they will have presenced the Sinister both within, and external, to themselves, and externally to a sufficiency that casual effects are noticeable, as they will have both understood and to a certain extent have experienced, the acausal reality which lies behind the nexion of our causal lives, and behind the causality of appearance and forms.

They will then become, gradually, suffused with an increasing yearning for that-which-is, and for Those-Who-Are, acausal, and it is this yearning, at first somewhat intangible but always powerful (in terms of their psyche and their own lives), which propels and guides them toward The Abyss, and which provides them with the desire to take that dangerous, and secret, Oath of The Abyss. Furthermore, this yearning which becomes transmuted to, at first, a human-type desire and love, and then to some-thing founded on such human emotions but which is an evolution and a sinister transformation of such things (and all the more powerful for being so), and it is such a living-with this new evolutionary “feeling”, this dark Sinister almost supra-personal desire redolent of and which manifests something of the acausal essence, that is one of the reasons whereby a new Master or Lady Master is bound to the very acausal darkness itself, both in their remaining causal years, and in the life in the acausal which can be attained after that.

For the Oath of The Abyss has practical, causal consequences which are both magickal, and personal, and it is these personal practical consequences – and the dark dangerous nature of the magickal consequences – that distinguish this genuine Sinister Oath from the so-called other “oaths of the abyss” that some charlatans and some imposters and some frauds have had the temerity to write about and make pronouncements about, and to lyingly declare that they have “gone beyond the Abyss” itself.

The genuine Oath of The Abyss is a solemn declaration, made in front of several witnesses of our sinister-folk, by which the Adept pledges themselves, for the rest of their causal life, to – among other things – Presence The Dark, to continue with and evolve The Dark Tradition, and to aid human and non-human evolution, with the important and necessary proviso that if at any time they renounce their Sinister aims and goals, and The Dark Tradition itself, then their own life will be forfeit, with them then becoming an opfer who can and who will be sacrificed. In established Nexions (Sinister Temples of a sinister group) the current Grand Master, or Lady Grand Master, appoints several Guardians, unknown to the Candidate, who themselves are pledged to undertake – without warning if required – this honourable duty of sacrifice should such a duty be deemed or found to be necessary.

In addition, The Ceremony of The Oath of The Abyss invokes and presences within and near-to the Candidate certain acausal entities, which – and who – are forever with, or near-to, the Candidate for those remaining causal years, however long or brief, that will mark the rest of the causal life of the Candidate, and the Candidate can never escape, in this causal realm, from these entities.

Thus, it can be seen that the Oath of The Abyss is not something that is to be entered into lightly, even though the rewards of a successful crossing of The Abyss, are great indeed, and include the real possibility of that particular human entity creating for themselves, or being rewarded with, an acausal existence beyond this mortal causal realm.


Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen