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The New Satanic Aeon

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Our Destiny is to manifest a New Aeon and to Presence the future in the present via Satanic Magick, to secure the establishment of a new civilization. We exist to fulfill our Destiny by fulfilling Wyrd, this very Sinister Intent transcends our causal lifetimes.

Conscious  manipulation of relevant energies will ensure Presencing and its long term effects. The New Aeon will hitherto be manifested through willed change.

Satan is the herald for change within an individual and in a civilization. A Satanist does not worship anything – including him/herself, but only possesses an insatiable desire to seek challenges and overcome them. Rather than submit to anyone or anything,, the Satanist would rather die – ever laughing and defiant.  Satan is the identification of a part of the primal Chaos that is transcends our perceived, causal dimensions. It represents the forces of the Cosmos that we seek to help emerge to cause Change.

The Satanism of the Order of Nine Angles and its Nexions develops the  mind, body and character of the whole individual and increases ones vitality. The essence of the Sinister Way is to believe that we can achieve far more than we believe in our lifetimes, ‘going beyond’ set boundaries and the like. Satanists revel in life and know when is the right time to die, for challenges even then, the challenges never end. This hard way of living and dying inspires fear and hatred even among others who are purported “Satanists.”

The true Master is one achieves esoteric skill, wisdom, and creativity. Each Destiny of each Master differs, for they are individual and unique and never actually conform to others’ expectations and ideas of them. The Master passes the Abyss, he is detached, intense, serious, yet natural and spontaneous. He/she will possess the ever elusive quality of charisma – natural, sexual, etc.

Satanism, as stated numerously in the past, is but a means to bring balance to the world and to break down The System that attempts to hold us in thrall. To cause Change, to destroy all of society’s illusions and forms, to seek the essence for what it truly is. Satanists can be “made” through practical experience, through hardship and suffering, the striving to overcome and achieve. The “born Satanists” are consumed and dominated by their own fragile egos and exhibit pretentiousness, never escaping their own egos. 


 Cosmion, O9A-NXS:352