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The Essence of Evil

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We should keep in mind that the language itself plays a major part in the meaning of its word lexicon, specific to the people and culture relative to that language group; and the mind/brain, neural system which uses the said language. “Evil” may exist as it does in many occidental-christian-european languages; but it has no parallel in other languages (outside of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic matrix).

For example, the closest thing to “evil” Sanskrit has is the word “Papa” or “papam” (which is funny because that’s literally “Pope” in Latin [etymological humor]). Here’s “evil” in the minds of a people literally living outside of the lingual-religious-cultural-political influence of Christendom/Europe:


{{Quote Source}}
Evil: Hindu – Hinduism Dictionary on Evil

evil: That which is bad, morally wrong, causing harm, pain, misery. In Western religions, evil is often thought of as a moral antagonism to God. This force is the source of sin and is attached to the soul from its inception.

Whereas, for Hindus, evil is not a conscious, dark force, such as Satan. It is situational rather than ontological, meaning it has its basis in relative conditions, not in ultimate reality. Evil (badness, corruption) springs from ignorance (avidya) and immaturity. Nor is one fighting with God when he is evil, and God is not standing in judgment. Within each soul, and not external to it, resides the principle of judgment of instinctive-intellectual actions. God, who is ever compassionate, blesses even the worst sinner, the most depraved asura, knowing that individual will one day emerge from lower consciousness into the light of love and understanding.

Hindus hold that evil, known in Sanskrit as papa, papman or dushta, is the result of unvirtuous acts (papa or adharma) caused by the instinctive-intellectual mind dominating and obscuring deeper, spiritual intelligence. (Note: both papa and papman are used as nouns and adjectives.) The evil-doer is viewed as a young soul, ignorant of the value of right thought, speech and action, unable to live in the world without becoming entangled in maya. –

intrinsic evil: Inherent, inborn badness. Some philosophies hold that man and the world are by nature imperfect, corrupt or evil. Hinduism holds, on the contrary, that there is no intrinsic evil, and the real nature of man is his divine, soul nature, which is goodness.
{{End Quote}}

The Sanskrit word “Papa” itself has its own unique essence or meaning, which isn’t really related in any way to the occidental/Christian word Evil (but is the closest thing to it):


{{Quote Source}}
papa – literally papa is what brings one down. Sometimes translated as sin or evil.
{{End Quote}}

Papa is how you feel, or what happens when you had a nice job with which you were paying off an expensive house and then you loose your job and become miserable, woeful, worrisome, hopeless, uncertain, suffer, distressed. Another dictionary gives papa a more contemporary meaning:


{{Quote Source}}
papa (p. 158) [ pâpá ] a. (&isharp;, V.; &asharp;) evil, bad, wicked, criminal, sinful; inauspicious (planets, omens); m. wicked man, villain, sinner; n. evil, trouble, misfortune, harm; wickedness, offence, crime, villany, guilt, sin […]
{{End Quote}}

One of the Buddha’s Noble Truths is Life Is Suffering (Papam). This doesn’t mean to the christianized mind: ‘Life is evil/satanic/god forsaken/antichrist/murderous/rapist/child molesterish/hell bound.

It simply means that during the course of your 100 years of life, you’re gunna cry sometimes, you’re gunna worry, experience heart break, et cetera. Sure those are ‘bad’ thing but nothing some god or demon is responsible for. What causes suffering/papam?

Desire and attachment. When we fall in love, and that love leaves us, our heart is broken – papam… we suffer. Did our lover act because they were possessed by hellbent demons? No, shit happens. When we love to much that we can’t let go, and our parents die of old age, we suffer – papam. Was it “evil” that our parents died of old age? No, its a natural process.

Ignorance and the inability to empathize also causes papam. If a young married couple sees a house they want, and the bank wants to make money off of them and gives them a loan for a house they can never possibly pay off or afford and out of their ignorance they fuck up their lives, they have no one to blame for the suffering or “evil” in their lives but their own stupidity. If you are a guy and you say something insensitive to your wife which you thought was a joke and you end up upsetting her and sleeping on the sofa, you have no one to blame for your marital suffering but your own inability to empathize with your wife to understand her as a woman.

In some languages like Khmer (Cambodian – Chloe is one… or half Cambo) the closest thing they have to the word “evil” is “Akra.” That’s a phonetic anglicized spelling. It literally means: Ugly or bad mannered. The opposite of Akra is of course “La’or” which means Nice, Pretty, Good.

This same Pretty-Ugly concept is present in Thai (Thailand is next door to Cambodia and practices Theravada Buddhism like its neighbors). “Dee” means: Pretty, Beautiful, Nice, and Good. It’s the same Dee in “Sawat Dee Ka?” which loosely means hello, but literally means “Are you going nice?” It’s also the same Dee in the word “DeeChan” which is the female word (gender specific) for “I” or “Me” literally meaning “I am pretty” or “Pretty Girl.”

“Maidee” is the opposite of Dee. Mai means: No/Not. It means Ugly, Unattractive, bad, not good. This is the closest word they have to “evil” which is nowhere near what “evil” means to us and to our Christianized minds.

Like it or not, just because we are not practicing Christians or do not believe in it’s mythos, does not mean that our neurological system was not wired to THINK in a “christianized” way. Purging ourselves of Christianity goes deeper than emotionally and intellectually rejecting it. Because we adults “Think” in words/language, every thought we have, regardless of its religious or irreligious flavor, is “Christianized” still. It’s something to think about. Yes, I know many dumbasses will ask how so? As far as English goes, all one has to do is open a history book and study the 1700’s when English was being ‘reinvented’ or morphing into “Modern English” and ask yourselves what people, religions, and factors were invloved. I’ll Give you a few hints for those of you who are mentally retarded: King James (Catholic/gay); “his” bible – and the scholars who translated it who were very creative and innovative with making new words. That’s just a couple hint. I’m not gunna do your thinking for you.

So anyways, this is all great and stuff says the Christian, but if evil does not exist and Satan isn’t the father of evil, then why is there so much evil in this world? That’s a terribly stupid question to ask.

Because the world wouldn’t be “filled with evil” if there was only one single human on it. Evil doesn’t exist. It doesn’t ooze like black foggy water from the spirit of some demon lurking in the shadow. Shit happens because you are stupid. Sometimes you make mistakes in life. Sometimes you do things with out THINKING of its physical consequences. Stupid thinking, generates stupid emotions. Stupid emotions influences stupid actions. Stupid actions manifests dumbass real world results. Multiply that stupidity by about 7 billion (because there are about that many of us in the world), and add to the equation the complexity of interactions and interconnections between people and their actions, and voila! You have a whole planet in peril!

“Evil” exists literally because of mass stupidity on a global scale. Then there are different grades or levels to this scale – such as the national-political level… the sectarian-religious level… the financial-economic level… the familial level. Let me give some random examples:

Afghanistan. Why was Russia in Afghanistan in the first place during he 1970’s? The real reason – Plutonium. The mountains of Afghanistan contains some of the largest (in content) plutonium ‘fields’ on the earth’s terrestrial surface (as opposed to its suboceanic surface). 1970 was the during the Cold War and Arms Race and all that great stuff. Well the Russians got their asses kicked and couldn’t extract the crap anyways from the mountain range. The Cold War died and Afghanistan was “left alone” by the super powers mutually. Then, like all of a sudden, in the wake of China becoming a nuclear super economic power, the Western World (US, UK & Friends) suddenly occupied Afghanistan again via a whole lot of war and slaughter… mass suffering and mass exudes and displacement of its people. That’s “evil” on a national-political scale.

I really don’t need to bring up any examples of “evil” on a sectarian-religious level, since we all know the hundreds of millions of lives that have been slain, and the day to day suffering Christianity has murdered and caused for all 2000 years of its existence. There is also the lives slaughtered during the birth and expansion of the “religion of peace” – Islam, which is still killing and murdering today. Religion is “evil” not Satan. “Evil” actually oozes out of religion… because what created the CONCEPT in the first fucking place? Just because Religion asserts its concept/belief of evil onto the objective/causal world doesn’t mean that ontologically and cosmologically evil is part of the physical universe, like it’s an anti-nutrino or a mysterious quantum demonic particle or something.

The economy and/or lack of financial wellbeing itself causes “evil.” Rampant senseless consumerism actually takes a toll on the earth. These things we buy/want don’t just come out of nowhere. It require natural resources which obviously, over a period of time strips the earth of what she has AND pollutes her. Satan and his demon friends aren’t deforesting the Amazon Jungle. Brazilians are! Because Brazil borrowed money from the IMF to upgrade itself from a “majorly poor country” to a “moderately poor country in debt” and they need to pay the debt off some how. Lack of financial wellbeing like many, if not all inner cities suffer from also causes “evil.” When you brainwash innercity people to want/buy/desire/consume products, but neglect them and their needs, and don’t give them a means of acquiring their wants and needs you get “crime.” People will do what needs to be done to survive in the jungle or in the inner cities. Satan doesn’t make crime. The political regime’s aloofness, insensitivity and inability to empathize with the needs (jobs, housing, food, basic creature comforts) of inner city folk is what causes crime. Don’t blame that shit on Satan.

Families can also produce “evil.” If an ignorant husband and wife have a daughter and don’t give her the love and attention she needs during her childhood, and neglects her; she’s going to grow up emotionally underdeveloped and psychologically unhealthy and a number of “evil” things can happen: She gets pregnant at 13… she disrespects her parents… she becomes a hooker… she fails school… she has problems dealing with people… she cuts herself or does things for attention… she kills herself. These are all things that are results of her familial environment – not because she is demon possessed. Worse evil can happen if you abuse and neglect a son. He can shoot your head off with a shot gun after listening to a heavy metal song about killing your parents which excited his rage – but who put that rage into him? A demon of stupid parents? This is just one hypothetical family. A city is made up of hundreds of families… a state is made up of thousands… and a nation is made up of millions of families. This is “evil” on a familial level.

You see, evil is the results of stupid actions being applied to on the causal world. The very word “CAUSal” give the game away.

Mirriam-Webster defines causal as: “” 1: expressing or indicating cause : causative <a causal clause introduced by since> 2 : of, relating to, or constituting a cause <the causal agent of a disease> 3 : involving causation or a cause <the relationship…was not one of causal antecedence so much as one of analogous growth — H. O. Taylor> 4 : arising from a cause <a causal development> “”

Wikipedia gets more detailed: “” A causal system (also known as a physical or nonanticipative system) is a system where the output y(t) at some specific instant t0 only depends on the input x(t) for values of t less than or equal to t0. Therefore these kinds of systems have outputs and internal states that depend only on the current and previous input values.

The idea that the output of a function at any time depends only on past and present values of input is defined by the property commonly referred to as causality. A system that has some dependence on input values from the future (in addition to possible dependence on past or current input values) is termed a non-causal or acausal system, and a system that depends solely on future input values is an anticausal system. Note that some authors have defined an anticausal system as one that depends solely on future and present input values or, more simply, as a system that does not depend on past input values. “”

Basically a causal system is like a machine that gives you what ever the hell you put into it! If your stupid, and you input your stupidity into the machine with your actions, you’re going to get a stupid – evil – result, and it’s not Satan’s fault. It’s your own dumass’s fault and nobody else’s. Stop making up imaginary things to blame your faults on.

Most of the time people deserve whatever causal reality gives to them, but sure, there are times when the innocent are affected by evil – people starving in Ethiopia… Tootsies beings “genocided” in Rawanda… altar boys being raped by Catholic Priests. But who care? Why do I say that? Because if you don’t like it, then fucking educate your fucking self and stop being stupid. If you don’t learn to fucking realize that your actions manifests real world results and consequences, and you keep blaming it on imaginary phantoms, you will alway only cover the symptoms and never cut out the actual cause.

But of course there are always exceptions to the rule. Some Sinisterfolk just like to harm and hinder people for personal fun, gain and profit to themselves and for their long term goals – the O9A. The Sinister Way of the ONA; as Chloe & Associates points out; is the Way of the Psychopath:

“” Psychopathy is a psychological construct that describes chronic immoral and antisocial behavior. The term is often used interchangeably with sociopathy.

The term is used as a definition in law, for example, “psychopathic personality disorder” under the Mental Health Act 1983 of the UK as well as to denote a severe condition often related to antisocial or dissocial personality disorder as defined by the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R). The term “psychopathy” is often confused with psychotic disorders. It is estimated that approximately one percent of the general population are psychopaths.

The psychopath is defined by a psychological gratification in criminal, sexual, or aggressive impulses and the inability to learn from past mistakes. Individuals with this disorder gain satisfaction through their antisocial behavior and lack remorse for their actions. “” – Wiki

So, what did we learn in all this? We learned that evil really doesn’t exist. That it is just a concept/meme that mostly exists in the synaptic firings of an Occidental brain. That fat ugly girls are evil and pretty girls are good. That stupidity accounts for 99% of what we label as “evil.” And that 1% of evil is caused by plain old psychopaths that don’t give a fuck about you and your misery. Nothing will really be done about it. Stupid people will always continue to do stupid things on whatever scale or level they have an influence on; and the O9A will continue to do what it does. This is the way things have been since long before Homo Sapiens, and it shall be so long after we have caused our own extinction.

Evil is then just Human Nature, why else would evolution allow billions of stupid bipedal apes to exist, if Nature doesn’t Herself lust for blood? Some of us dance to the evil yearnings of Earth and Provide Her. When you have become accustom to the full extent of your own Human Nature, Evil becomes a beautiful thing.



What Lies Beneath

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“How can the acausal be presenced, now, on this planet which is currently our only place of causal residence? Is it still relevant for the acausal – the Dark Forces, the Dark Gods – to be so presenced?

Yes – it is still relevant, still necessary, for all those who belong to our Dark Tradition, and all those who aspire to belong, to so presence the Dark: still relevant, still necessary to do both magickal and practical deeds which glorify the Sinister, which presence the Dark Forces. This is Aeonic Magick – and a Magick which aids, or which can aid, both the Internal and External Magick of each Initiate and each Adept. Words, ideas, symbols, writings, and all such transient causal forms, are only intimations; perchance the beginnings of inspiration. Beyond such things – a necessary beyond – are the deeds, the acts, the magick, that each and every Initiate and Adept must do to presence the Dark: the practical experiencing which alone breeds the knowing of the Sinister.

Those who decry such practical things – such action, in the world, such dark deeds – are feeble; they are not of-us. They belong to the Old Order, which festers still, which still infects the world with its cosmic-denial, its pathetic anti-evolutionary materialism, its vapid egotism, its dogma of duality, of “good” and “evil”, and its limiting of each and every individual. We, on the contrary, proudly defy – as we proudly announce that we know we can be, we should be, more than we are – that we have the potential to change ourselves, to reach out into the Cosmos; to evolve; to become like gods… They of the Old Order stifle the potentiality of our being while we who pledge ourselves to bringing the acausal down to this Earth are of the new Cosmic Order yet to be: we, the future, who despise everything that belongs to, that clings to, the little ones of the Old Order who scurry about in their vanity and material concerns. We have the strength to dream great dreams – to be bold in our visions, in our quest; while they would have us all go back down to their low animal level. We have the strength to know we are a new race, a new breed of human beings, taking evolution ever upward by our magick and our deeds.

So, how do we bring the acausal down to this Earth? By Aeonic Magick, using our skill, our knowledge, our nexions, our dark forms. By practical deeds which disrupt the Old Order and all its forms, ideas, organizations, groups and societies. By practical deeds which glorify the dark and which take us, as individuals into and beyond defiance and which make us new archetypes to inspire others and future generations. By creating nexions to draw forth to this world, and to its peoples, the darkest of Dark Forces – the Dark Gods, and the Chaos of the Acausal Itself. By championing anything and everything which can challenge and disrupt the Old Order with its Magian magic and its Magian ethos (of which the Nazarene ethos is a part) and its desire for lower everyone down to the lowest level. By causing, inspiring revolution; evolution. By creating new and newer forms to presence the Sinister and so restore the balance, thus re-enabling the dialectic which powers Change and evolution. By championing those forms which actively now, and in the recent past, have challenged and even threatened the old Magian order, which forms they who belong to the Magian (and their lackeys and agents) fear.

What we always must remember is that what others think of us – what labels, what names they attach to us – are irrelevant. We are beyond such things – we, who are the future.

“I, and others like me, are the darkness which is necessary and without which evolution and knowledge are impossible. I am also my own opposite, and yet beyond both. This is not a riddle, but a statement of Mastery, and one which, alas, so few have the ability to understand.” -Anton Long, ONA, 116yf

“It is important to realize also that the name “Satan” is not his real name, it is a convenient epithet, used because it expresses part of his nature. There is, in fact, no real ‘name’ as we undertand names – […]. In a sence which few people will understand, Satan is the essence of the acausal: the cosmic force of Chaos whose intrusion into our causal demention disrupts the entropy that linear time produces.” -ONA, Aeonic Magick

These hints made by the ONA regarding “Satan” is a very important concept within the White Star Acception. ‘Satan’ and mythos associated with ’satan’ are sinister strategies required to purge our minds and lives of the Nazarene Ethos and paradigm, and to liberate ourselves from the hold that the Magian has had on a vast portion of humanity, which prevents us from progressing humanity forward. But to lose oneself in the mythos and strategy; that is to believe in the actualy being of a satan; is conterproductive because not only is this satan a mythic being of the Nazarene Matrix itself, but it is also reactionary.

The Genuine Progressive Satanist of the Dark Tradition who has insight, undersatnds that satan is merely a descriptor used to describe a more esoteric phenomena- the Acausal, or Force of Chaos; which we in 352 symbolize also with Azagthoth- the blind force of Chaos, that is the center and fundamental substance of the Cosmos.

This Acausal Force of Chaos may be likened to an ocean which crystalizes and condenses into a different form in certain areas- ice burgs. Althought the Ocean and Ice burg are essentially the same fundamentl essence in two different form; they are very different and do not naturally mix. In otherwords – this material Cosmos we physically exist in is a materialization or crystilzation of acausal chaos in a very condenced and coherent strucure. Thus, this Dark Force, which Life Force is but another of it’s manifestations, lies beneath all things.

This crytsalization phenomena is esoterically hinted at with our use of Crstyals during our ceremonies, which helps open nexions. Crsytals themselves are the condensation of energy and elements into a tightly coherent patern. The energy cannot be experience in a crystal, unless one brings two quartz crystals into a dark room and physically rubs them together, thus producing a very visible release of light and energy. Releasing this energy in a way, is similar to the act of opening a nexion and bringing down acausal energy.

The opening of a nexion which draws down acausal energy into our material universe, may be illustrated by holes being drilled in an ice burg to draw sea water down into the ice burg. This drawing down then brings us to the esoteric meaning of the word ’satan.’ In Sanskrit the word “Satana” actually means: “causing to fall,” “bringing down;” as well as to “destroy,” “wear out,” or “remove.” That is to say that we Presencing the Dark, or “drawing down” acausal energy into our material world to gradually destroy the old aeon to manifest a new future one. This is perfectly congruent to the Dark Tradition of the ONA.

This process of actively using our minds to form chaos into order is illustrated by Yug-Sothoth ordering Azagthoth into form, as we desribe in the very first Chapter of Opus Vrilis, as well as within our initiation ceremonies.

Thus within our White Star Acception “Satan” is understood on many levels – esoteric and exoteric. On one level he is a mythos of the Nazarene Paradigm used for certain sinister reasons; on another level ’satan’ to us represents Nature in all its forms – primal, cosmic, earthly, animal, and human nature; and on a more esoteric level ’satan’ is the very acausal force we are presencing to manifest change and progression.

This is very important to understand because our Dark Tradition is not a reactionary thinking process like the profane satanisms which either worships a literal being of the Christian Paradigm, or uses the name ’satan’ as a mere symbol of 9 statements. There is more to our religion than just reacting. Those profane stagnant satanisms would not exist without the Judeo-Christian mythos, or without the ’satan;’ but our Dark Tradition would still be in tact even if we chose to abandon the satanic mythos and stopped using the word satan. The acausal is still the acausal either way; and the Dark Gods- those ‘entities’ of the acausal – are still the Dark Ones; with or without our usage of satan and his mythos. – Chapter XLII; OV:352

Satanic Illumination

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Stagnant brands of Satanism makes indulgences and doing what you want the core of their system. Such a system was admittedly needed to liberate 1960’s society from the limited and conservative zeitgeist of the 50’s generation. But in this day and age when every Joe and Suzi America knows they can do and think as they please, this causes these stagnant Satanisms to becomes shallow, and causes them to scramble into different directions to collect regurgitated occult material to cover their ultimately useless doctrine of mindless self indulgence, and conformity to nonconformity to the present zeitgeist.

Our Progressive Satanism has as its core the individual’s personal and unique quest for Self-Realization and Illumination as its backbone. As a codified system we cannot impart on you pseudointellectual or quasimystical prewritten concepts to illuminate you. It is a personal journey, based on your own personal level of education, understanding, and ability to comprehend abstract thoughts. To aid you on this private journey Progressive Satanism provides you with our Five Principles of Illumination, which we hope you will make thorough use of and be Enlightened by Lucifer’s Promethean Flame.

1. Undefiled Perception

Undefiled Perception is the beginning and the end of illumination, it simply means to see (hear, observe) and to understand things as they really are and not as they appear to be or as they are said to be. As such, Undefiled Perception is the cognitive aspect of wisdom. It means to see things through, to question what you see to come to an true understanding of things. Undefiled Perception is not necessarily an intellectual capacity, just as wisdom is not just a matter of intelligence. Instead, Undefiled Perception is attained, sustained, and enhanced through all capacities of mind. It begins with the intuitive process, is strengthened with commonsense and it ends with complete understanding of the true nature of all things.

2. Undefiled Thinking

While Undefiled Perception refers to the cognitive aspect of wisdom, Undefiled Thinking refers to the volitional aspect, i.e. the kind of mental energy that controls our emotions and actions. Undefiled Thinking has three parts to it: 1. Renunciation: which means the rejection of the Herd or Mass: to resist doing what they do and thinking how and what they think. 2. Equanimity: refers to the unshakable strength of mind under stress and emotions. You must not allow your thinking to be affected and influenced by emotions or you’re thinking is weakened and contaminated. 3. Circumspection: implies walking around something and studying it closely from ever perspective and angle to come to an understanding. Having an open mind means your mind is wide open to the thoughts and convictions of others. Your mind must be closed like a harbor, and like a customs agent, you must circumspect every thought and concept that comes your way or every thought and concept that you have. It becomes clear how potent Undefiled Thinking is when you consider that that emotions controls actions, and actions generate real reactions and results in your life. When you allow other peoples words, thoughts, opinions, and convictions to provoke emotions within you, and you react to them, you are no long master of your own mind and others manifest results in your life. In other words, you are merely an observer experiencing a life others have generated for you.

3. Undefiled Mindfulness

Undefiled Mindfulness is the controlled and perfected faculty of cognition or awareness. It is the mental ability to become consciously aware of things and events without opinion or thought; in the same way that an infant devoid of language consciously becomes aware of something, and simply observes it. Usually, the cognitive process begins with an impression induced by perception, or by a thought, but then it does not stay with the mere impression. Instead, we almost always conceptualize sense impressions and thoughts immediately. We interpret them and set them in relation to other subjective thoughts and experiences, which naturally go beyond the objectivity of the original impression. The mind then posits concepts, joins concepts into constructs, and weaves those constructs into complex interpretative schemes. All this happens only half consciously, and as a result we often see things obscured. Undefiled Mindfulness is anchored in clear mental perception and it penetrates impressions without getting carried away. Undefiled Mindfulness enables us to be aware of the process of conceptualization in a way that we actively observe and control the way our thoughts go. The four foundations of Undefiled Mindfulness are: 1. contemplation of the Self (Know Thyself), 2. contemplation of Nature and Natural Laws, 3. contemplation of the mind, and 4. contemplation of phenomena.

4. Undefiled Concentration

Undefiled Concentration, refers to the development of a mental force that occurs in natural consciousness, although at a relatively low level of intensity and focus. Concentration in this context is described as one-pointedness of mind, meaning a state where all mental faculties are unified and directed onto one particular object. Undefiled Concentration for the purpose of illumination refers to concentration on ones thoughts, and the emotions born from thoses thoughts. Concentration of emotions and the actions governed by those emotions. Concentration of action and the physical reactions they generate. Concentration of end results of desires, through planning and organization, and a process of reverse order where the proper actions, emotions, and thoughts are generated to manifest said end results. The method of choice to develop Undefiled Concentration is through the practice of meditation. The meditative mind focuses on a selected object or phenomena. It first directs itself onto it, then sustains concentration, and finally intensifies concentration step by step. Through this practice it becomes natural to apply elevated levels concentration also in everyday situations, thus controling and mastering life; as opposed to having life and others control and master you. Although life is great, on a cosmic level, you are meaningless to life, so long as She Herself continues Her cyclical progression. Life only gives to those who are deserving of Her gifts, otherwise you are a means for Her own progression. The human animal did not achieve its lofty state by begging Nature for its position at the top of the food chain. It was ruthlessly fought for with applied intelligence by our ancestors.

5. Undefiled Meditation

Undefiled Meditation, refers to a method of meditation vital to attaining illumination that cannot be divorced from the former four principles, but must work in harmony with them. The method of Undefiled Meditation consists of stilling and silencing the mind of all thoughts and mental activity. The mind is emptied and made into a receptive attractant. A deep level of relaxation and trance is achieved with the intent of tuning into or harmonizing with the Universal Mind, from which all revelations, ideas, dreams, innovations, and advancements arise. It is no accident that many things we take for granted every day came to the thinker when he was either asleep or on the toilet. When the mind is silenced and magnetized with an intent, it attracts and receives. By the regular practice of Undefiled Meditation, the Progressive Satanist learns to tap into the Supernal Light and receive his illumination and Undefiled Wisdom.

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Any idiot can amass knowledge from prewritten material, but wisdom only comes from direct experience and realization. Through the Five Principles of Illumination, direct experience of the unwritable becomes possible on a personal level. In this way rather than plugging into a standard group belief system; what wisdom you have realized and may teach is not only unique and personal, but a means of self expression, and will make you truly different from a crowd of people who think alike. This makes Progressive Satanism an ever evolving and dynamic organism, wherein each of its parts adds their unique touch to its collective growth and progression.

352 holds Thinking, and Intelligence in high regards, as a Crown Jewel of Humanity. The process of thinking, concentration, when mixed with the Five Principles in 352 is symbolized by a Diamond and called a “Thazer.” The diamond is nothing more than carbon atoms in an organized coherent pattern, as opposed to a lump of coal, which is composed of the same atoms in a weakened and incoherent pattern. One is much more harder and cuts through nearly anything, whereas the other crumbles easily under applied stress. The same principle can be seen in light. An ray of incoherent light, just illuminates darkness; but when that same light is concentrated into a single coherent beam, it melts steel. Thought works on the same principle of coherency. Thoughts that stagger in different direction, are weak, and produces nothing but mental babblings. But when the same thoughts and thinking process is focused into a single concentrated, coherent pattern (a “Thazer”), the thazer can pierce the veil of maya, achieve illumination, and becomes a force to alter physical reality to ones will. In Progressive Satanism, a Diamond Mind is our badge of honor, as opposed to an incoherent mind that just incoherently babbles.

By “Satanic Illumination” we mean to say: the application and utilization of the Five Principles of Illumination on the Great Book of Nature, Life, and Existence symbolized by Satan with the intent of coming closer to understanding the mysteries that surrounds us. But even such Softcore pursuits are worthless, unless what Light one sees and discovers is applicable and yields real world results to the Satanist. It is like the difference between physics and applied physics. physics concerns itself with the theories of the phenomenal world only; whereas in the field of applied physics, the scientist utilizes these theories and principles to produce new resourses and commercial products. Satanic Illumination, without physical results is as useless a Mind Puzzle as any distraction of the mind, which does nothing but misdirect the mind’s attention away from the natural world of experience inwards into a mental labyrinth of psychosis.




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Sangha is a word in Pali/Sanskrit that can be translated roughly as “association” or “assembly,” “order” or “community” with common goal, vision or purpose. Vada is the Pali for Teaching, actually, it literally means ’speaking’ or ‘oral teaching.’ The word Sanghavada is entirely unique to the White Star Acception and refers to its history, tradition, and mythos, which were either generally known by members in the past due to close physical association with members, or gradually learned it verbally from a Disciple of 352. The Sanghavada of 352 has since then been written down in Q & A format. These were test questions used to prove genuine accepted Discipleship of the White Star Acception, which serves a double purpose of teaching 352 Tradition/Culture via a different method.

Certain things will be noticed as one learns the private Tradition and Culture of 352. The first is that the WSA was not always an ONA nexion nor had it anything to do with Satanism. It first began as a private association of grade school boys who made a blood pack to remain life long companions and brothers. This eventually grew with them into a street gang, and only later, after maturity did it evolve into an ONA nexion. Just like a person is an ever evolving entity progressing in age from childhood to adulthood. So does the WSA. Just as a person in the present is not the same person in mind, body, and personality as he/she was 15 years ago. So is the WSA not the same thing it was many years ago. But just as a person is a collage or mosaic entity composed of all its past forms and experiences at once; so is the WSA. Wuxian Shi An is as relevant to Wanglai Shehui An as both are pertinent to Wu Shu An – the White Star Acception.

The other thing to be noticed is that 352 has structure, rules, and it’s own internal laws Disciple follow. This may seem to contradict Anton Long’s statement saying that Satanism has no authority, structure, et cetera. There is no contradiction simply because the WSA is not Satanism period. Satanism is a way of living and belongs to no one. The WSA is an organization which uses ONA Satanism as its main Software. The Hardware and Software of a computer are two different things. Think of ONA Satanism as a Tetris video game. Some people play it on their Game Boy; some on their Play Station; some on their Mac; some on their PC; and others on their phones. The WSA is like the thingamajigger you are playing the game on, and is not the game itself; it is a new game system in the market…

Sanghavada Kalika:

Q. Whence come you?
A. From the West.

Q. Where wend you?
A. To the East.

Q. Of what are you in search?
A. Of Light.

Q. Have you found it?
A. I have not, but I have a Means, a Method and a Guide to help me find it.

Q. What is the Means?
A. Karma.

Q. What does it mean?
A. Action. To every action, there is a reaction. That we reep what we sow. This teaches me that what actions I preform manifests a result in the real world, and that if I govern my actions with diliberate planing, and intelligence, I shall reap the fruits of my actions accordingly.

Q. What is the Method?
A. Nine Angles.

Q. To what do you allude?
A. To the Order of Nine Angles, and it’s Dark Tradition, as pasted through the Grand Master Anton Long.

Q. Who is your Guide?
A. The Black Buddha.

Q. What is its meaning and to what does it allude?
A. Black represents the Abysmal Mystery of the Cosmos. Buddha because it means Enlightened. The Black Buddha alludes to primeval nature and the primal laws of the Cosmos.

Q. Does the Black Buddha have a name among our people?
A. Saturnas, the Roman god of Agriculture, the Harvest, Justice, and Strength.

Q. What does Saturn allude to in the Acception?
A. To the Golden Age of Saturn, and to our Father Sun which gave birth to the earth in primeval aeons, which was captures by Solaris whereon earth was ripped out of Saturn’s orbit becoming dark. Thus we call it the Black Sun.

Q. Does saturn have a symbol?
A. The Sickle.

Q. What does it teach and represent?
A. It teaches karma, that what actions we sow in the causal world, produces fruit. It represents Chronos, and alludes to Time and the magic of time which our people call Chronomorphosis, sometimes known as Aeonics. Together they remind us to govern our actions with planning and intellligence, to utilize time, that we may manifest a future civilization resembling the lost age of Saturn.

Q. Has it a Sinister meaning?
A. The sickle is an identifying weapon of Mother Kali, that is Baphomet in the East, with which she slays mankind, and alludes to Sacrifice.

Q. By what do you mean sacrifice?
A. Those who hold mankind down with the grip of religion and prevent humanity from achieving it’s collective potential and progression.

Q. What does Kali mean?
A. Black or Dark.

Q. Has She another identifying weapon?
A. She has- a Trident in her left hand, the sickle in her right.

Q. What does it symbolize?
A. The continuum of Acausal, Mind and, the Causal; the three powers of creation, sustenance, and destruction; the three jewels of the Acception: Commonsence, Intuition, and Critical Thinking; our three tools: Mind, Heart, and Action. And to the three Letters of the Acception.

Q. What are the three Letters?
A. W, S, & A.

Q. Have they a meaning?
A. Yes, four altogether, established at different times.

Q. The First?
A. White Star Acception.

Q. To what does this allude?
A. To the Orange Blossom, which takes the shape of a white star; and to the initials of the last names of the First Three Brothers.

Q. Repeat the story of the First Three Brothers.
A. The first three brothers were boys in their age of innocence, who had a deep bond with one another and desired to become blood brothers. They went to a field in which they played often where there were many Orange Trees. Under the largest Orange Tree the three boys pricked their thumbs and vowed to care for and love one another as blood brothers until death. They etched the initials of their last names upon the Tree which was in blossom – WSA.

Q. The Second?
A. Wuxian Shi An.

Q. It’s meaning?
A. It is three Chinese words alluding to the secret vows made by the First Three, which was declared to be perpetually effective. Wuxian meaning Without Limit, Infinite, Immortal and Eternal; Shi meaning a Vow or Sacred Promise; and An meaning Secret, Dark, Hidden, or Underground.

Q. The Third?
A. Wanglai Shehui An.

Q. It’s meaning?
A. The Third meaning was formed at a later time during the First Three’s rebellious age when they and close friends formed a street gang of outlaws under three Chinese words which best described their enterprise: Wanglai Shehui An; which refers to an underground society of business associates. Wanglai meaning Contacts, Dealings, or Relations; Shehui meaning a Society; and An has been already defined.

Q. The Fourth and final?
A. Wu Shu An.

Q. It’s meaning?
A. The Fourth was formed during a time of the First Three’s maturity and Dark Illumination after having studied the Seven Fold Sinister Way of the Order of Nine Angles. Wu meaning Black; Shu meaning a Method or Technique; and An refering to the Dark. Together Wu Shu An alludes to the Dark Tradition or Sinister Way of the ONA. Wu Shu together has an alernative meaning of Witchcraft, Wicked, Sinister; or the Black Arts; and An here also has an alternative meaning of a Temple.

Q. What is the symbol of he Acception?
A. The conjoined Trident and Sickle, called the Trisickle. The Trident pointing up, a bar in the middle, and the sickle pointing down.

Q. Why is it called the Trisickle?
A. Because we totally lack a better name to call it. But later gave it a mystical meaning anyways.

Q. What is this mystical meaning?
A. The WSA is like a tricycle in that it phycially takes us from place to place. The three wheels being the Book of Nature, Opus Vrilis, and ONA MSS.

Q. What does the bar symbolize?
A. The process by which mental theory becomes causal action. The Trident, being a symbol of Shiva – the unmanifested represents Thought. The Scythe or Sickle, being an instrument of agricultural harvest and of the manifested Shakti, symbolizes causal effect,or the fruition of applied action governed by intelligent thought.

Q. What year was the White Star Acception born?
A. In the year ninety-nine, year of Fayen, by the First Three during their age of innocence, under an Orange Tree in Blossom.

Q. On what day?
A. On the 15th of April, the day the Buddha was Enlightened; symbolized by the Blossoms opening up to absorb the Light of the Sun.

Q. Where was it found?
A. In their Hearts first; the Streets second; and their Minds third.

Q. Who is the Mistress of the Acception, as an ONA Nexion?
A. The Constellation Cassiopeia known as “Chattel” in the Acception, because Her stars resemble jewels in a chattel.

Q. Why is a constellation made the Mistress of our Acception?
A. For two reasons. The first is to say that there is no mortal leader, head, or governor of the Acception. The second alludes to the fact that mankind has a miniscule grasp of the ineffable Mysteries and Beauties of the Cosmos – symbolized by Cassiopeia; therefore mankind is stupid, and the stupid cannot reasonably lead the blind into Enlightenment. Each of us are responsible for living our own lives, thinking for our ownselves, and illuminating ownselves by establishing a direct link between us and the Cosmos itself, without any other person coming in between.

Q. What do the Letters WS symbolize?
A. The White Stars of Cassiopeia and all that She symbolizes as our Mistress.

Q. How came it to spread into California?
A. By one of the First Three relocating there and spawning a chapter of Wanglai Shehui An with his blood brother known as James the Younger, later becoming the Second House called Agent Orange NxS.

Q. What composes the foundation of the Acception?
A. A Book and manuscripts.

Q. Name them.
A. The Book of Nature being the Supreme Guide of our Acception. With the following manuscripts as its commentary: Opus Vrilis and all manuscripts of the Order of Nine Angles written by Anton Long.

Q. What is the reading of the Book of Nature called?
A. Science.

Q. By what is Science apprehended?
A. By mindful contemplation first; Intuitive revelation second; Rational speculation third; and the Scientific Method fourth.

Q. Why does the Acception hold Science in such Noble Regard?
A. Because without Science there is no Progression nor ontological understanding.

Q. What are the Seven Noble Sciences of the Acception?
A. 1) Anthropology, by which we come to an understanding of the human race; 2) Psychology, by which we come to an understanding of the way the human mind works; 3) Behavioral Science, by which we come to an understanding of how the human organism behaves; 4) Sociology by which we come to an understanding of how the human organism functions and interacts in context to social order; 5) Technology, by which humanity mechanically progresses as a species and civilization; 6) Geometry – that is the Measuring of the Earth, whereby we study earthly nature in all her arts and parts to gain a scientific and rational understanding of our relevance to it; and 7) Ontology, which is the existential study of the nature of being, existence, reality, the Cosmos, and our relation to such.

Q. What are the Three Mother Temples of the Acception?
A. Universities and Colleges is the First. Business and Enterprise is the Second; Body and Mind is the Third.

Q. What do the Mother Temples symbolize and teach?
A. That the First Objective of our Acception is a real education or the pursuit of real knowledge, rather then the stupidity of superstition and irrational beliefs in whatever form these may take. That our Second Objective is our financial independence whereby we gain the freedom to live our lives truly to the fullest, and to spend our free time with those we love and adore, rather then waste the best years of it away working to make another rich. And that there must be a ballance of physical indulgence and growth of the mind; that both the body and mind has their natural needs which must be met accordingly.

Q. What is the Number of the Acception?
A. 352, exoterically meaning the same as the Letters: the 3 is a W; the 5 is an S, and the 2 is a lowercase A.

Q. What do the numbers mean esoterically?
A. The blood bond and Oaths we take to one another during our initiation rite to live and die for each other, in heart, in the streets, and in mind.

Q. Has the Acception any Patrons?
A. Yes, Three altogether. Sirius the Dog Star; and the Constellations Cassiopeia and Gemini.

Q. Their meanings?
A. The Dog Star symbolizes the unconditional loyalty and love a dog has for his friend and master. Cassiopeia being a female mythic deity and the constellation forming a W high in the sky represnting Woman, symbolizes the Supremacy of Womenkind – they being the source of humanity and mortal existence itself. Gemini being two companions, hand in hand, eternal in the heavens symbolizes the perpetual and eternal nature of Sworn Companionship, bound together, until the heavens are no more.

Q. What is the jewel of our Acception?
A. A necklace with a pattern of 3 Orange beads, 5 Black, and 2 White.

Q. By what did you come to be a Disciple of our Acception?
A. By IO (eye-oh); which I gave up to assimulate into the Acception.

Q. What does IO signify?
A. My Individualism and Obedience.

Q. It’s meaning?
A. That I gave up a solitary life where I was fending for my own survival to be a part of something bigger than myself, in which we pool our collective efforts, energy, and resources to cooperatively labour for the unborn. That our future progeny who will come after us will inherit a better life and world. For such a Noble Objective to be accomplished there must be coherency, structure, and rules to which I must obey willingly for the system to work.

Q. What is our color?
A. White, which is worn by Disciples as a white bandanna or handkerchief.

Q. What is the meaning behind this?
A. It alludes to the past life memories of one of the first, used as a mythos of our Acception; and to the Supreme Doctrine of the Acception itself.

Q. Recite the memories.
A. In a past life one of the First was a young man from South Carolina who was born just before the American Civil War. He was the son of a plantation owner, known as Richard McDonald. Richard married a young girl from Delaware named Loran. When Loran gave Richard a two year old daughter and a new born son, the Union divided into North and South.

Richard and his companions followed the rally cry for war. He said to Loran that the war would end in a short time, and he would be back before Christmas. Loran gave to Richard a White Handkercheif and kissed its center, leaving a mark of her lips and gave it to Richard, wherethen he left as a Confederate soldier. He left to fight the Battle of Bullrun with the South Carolina infantry.

He was stationed on the westside of a hill called Henry Hill in the night, and came morning the Union Army surround Henry and Mathew Hill and advanced both hills capturing it. A Union soldier shot Richard in the gut as he came from behind a tree to defend his ground. When the Union soldier came upon Richard to finish him off with his bayonet, Richard then cried out the Grand Hailing signal of a Master Mason. The Union soldier being also a Freemason, threw his weapon down to help his fallen brother, whom he had shot.

The Union soldier took Richard to his camp to try to mend Richard’s mortal wound. Knowing that his body was near expiration Richard asked his Union brother for a pen and paper, and a bottle of whiskey and wrote to Loran apologizing how he had let something so impersonal as politics get in between the only thing that truly matters in life: Love. Richard then took out the white handkerchief which Loran gave to him, and gave it to the Union soldier as a token of his forgiveness and friendship, and asked him to deliver the letter to his wife Loran and to escort her and his children back to Delaware, where they would be safer. And his Union brother vowed to do so, and did as he had promised. Richard died and came back as a new person to find the woman he lost.

Q. What is the Supreme Doctrine of the Acception?
A. That brothrhood and Love is immortal. And that we ourselves should not let politics and religion or anything impersonal come between us and the people we love and adore, because love is all that is worth living for in the end.



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The Indo-Iranian & Pali word Ariya and the Indo-European/Sanskrit word Arya have the same basic meaning: Noble. It’s original idiomatic value has the meaning of a “Civilized Person,” which is still used today in India to refer to people living in a City, as opposed to those who live in rural areas. In it’s original, native, [Indian] context, this word is not associated to race or skin color. It is associated with refined humans imbued or possessed with the essence of culture and civilization. As opposed to a primitive, unrefined, feral human; devoid of culture and civilization. In Buddhism, those of cultivated, Noble Minds are called the Ariya; whereas the “worldly” – the Mundane – who are of uncultivated, low mental resonance, are called the Anariya.

At some point in “India’s” history a strange group of people migrated enmass into India. It is said that they originated from somewhere North; give or take a few hundred miles. Their original homeland had dried up due to changes in the climate and they fled southwards to greener pastures. They brought with them something strange which the native feral sudras and Mundas had never seen before: Civilization. Here Civilization is defines as “a cohesive, coherent, dynamic social system of humans, living in a single place in settlements; which utilizes agriculture and collective labour/force to sustain itself, and generate synergy for further growth and evolution.” Synergy here may refer to a millitary and/or industry. As opposed to “Primitive Uncivilization” which is living with your kinfolk out in the bush in temporary huts made from cow shit and sticks and following your cows, sheep, or yaks around. Primitive Uncivilization exists in the middle of the Human Social Order Spectrum. At the very end of this spectrum is the most incorehent and primitive expression of human social “order.” This would be humans grunting, picking berries, living in caves, scavanging, eating grubs, and opportunistically “living of the fat of the land.”

Civilization is to the human species what the Cambrian Explosion was to multicellular life. One day some incoherent single celled things just came together to form a coherent-cooperative community, and *BOOM!* life exploded into every direction, with all these wierd multicellular organisms everywhere. Then nature culled the weak designs, and kept the few well designed strong forms. One of these forms being our ancestor. Civilization is the same way. One day some people just came together to form a coherent-cooperative community and *BOOM!* nonstop war and competition to weed out the weak. Eventually only a few forms of civilization will ever evolve into the coveted Interstellar Civilization.

Just as we can, with science locate the first multicellular organisms that started the whole Cambrian mess; we can unfortunately locate the place and people that started this whole civilization mess, because it is such a new phenomenon to the human species that it literally happened almost yesterday (compared to the 200,ooo years of our species existence). Unfortunate, because the truth (based on archeological findings) is sometimes hard for many people to swallow or except.

The world’s oldest civilization [as defined here] (a city-state in other words) is Jericho in that aweful part of the world – Palistine/Israel. It dates back to 9000BCE, making it circa 11,ooo years old. The name of the city comes from the word “Yareah” meaning moon, since it was a center of moon worship. The people who founded Jericho came from Arabia – which by the way, still uses the [crescent] moon as a symbol of their religion. But that’s not even the interesting part. The interesting part is the native name of “Jericho” as it’s Civilized inhabitants call it – ARIHA! Interesting because the Indo-Iranian word ARIYA had to have had an ancestral, much older word it came from, since Jericho existed before Persia or Babylon in what is now Iran.

Jericho/Ariha means “The Moon” in Canaanite. In Hebrew it’s called Yariho. The “Ya” part refers to “moon,” and has its cognatives in Ancient Egyptian, Summerian, and neighboring languages. Interestingly enough, “Jericho-Ariha-Yariho-Ariya-Arya” even has a Chinese form- “YUEZHI” which means… “Moon People/Tribe” [source: ]. The Yuezhi were a group of people who entered China, but were eventually chased out and they fled South into India. This is the funniest shit we have ever come across (scholastically), because it turns out that the original Aryans are Jews! This would be considered sheer blaspemy by some of the more “traditional” initiates of the ONA who are still stuck in outer form of the shenanigans of the 1930’s and 40’s. But seeing as the ONA represents continual Heresy, and blaspemy of all accepted dogma, we introduce this heretical blasphemy, to be pondered upon by our Disciples, and the general ONA population at large.

The Ariyavada is a set of “oral teachings” (Vada) concerned with the Noble science and art of civilization (Ariya). It is a word unique to 352. The Ariyavada, like the Sanghavada, is constructed in Q & A format, which teaches the tradition and basics of culture and civilization in a different nonstandard method (as opposed to a lecture) to our Disciples. A Senior brother/sister asks the Questions, the new Disciple learns the Answer part and answers appropriately when asked.

Ariyavada Pacchimaya:

Q. Whence come you?
A. From the West.

Q. Where wend you?
A. To the East.

Q. Specifically?
A. Into the Land of Sin.

Q. Where located?
A. Between the rivers Sindus and Ganges.

Q. By what way?
A. By the North, around the Himalayas.

Q. Then where?
A. Our tribe took an easterly course into China.

Q. Your tribe?
A. The Ariya.

Q. It’s meaning?
A. The Noble Ones.

Q. When in China what did you meet?
A. Resistence. The local inhabitants, having a civilization of there own, resisted our presence.

Q. What happened next?
A. We fled south, into the land of Sin, between the rivers Ganges and Sindus.

Q. Once in Sin, what did you encounter?
A. Anariya.

Q. Describe them.
A. Dark of skin color, illiterate, having low mental calibre, wild, and living is subcivilized conditions.

Q. Why is it said among our people that the Anariya are dark in skin tone?
A. Our people, having existed in a civilized setting, within houses for thousands of years, grew a light complexion. The Anariya, being feral organisms without civilization, were frequently exposed to the equitorial Sun and developed more skin pigment, called melanin.

Q. Is melanin an essential quality of the anariya?
A. It is not, for even in the limits of a single race there exists the Ariya, and anariya. And even in those races with high levels of melanin, there exists among them kindred Ariya. The quality of the anariya is rather the causal result of their mental state.

Q. How so?
A. The anariya, having low mental capacity, are segerated individualized units, unable to come together as a coherent, synergic social system. Therefore, not being able to rely on something larger and collective from themselves for survival, they depend solitarily on nature for their survival.

Q. How do they essentially differ from us?
A. We are the opposite of the anariya. Rather than be segregated indivudualized units; we assimulate into a coherent, collective, in which we pool our energy, intelligence, and force of labour as functioning untis of a whole integral system; to the benefit of the whole and its parts.

Q. What is this synergic coherency called among our people?
A. Civilization.

Q. What is then the inherant quality of the anariya?
A. Weakness.

Q. Why so?
A. The anariya, being a mass of segregated, individualized incoherent units; have no ability to resist the might of a predatorial coherent social system; especially one with military force.


Passions of Youth

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The one aspect that turned me on to the Order of Nine Angles is it’s two essential prime objectives: A) The Progression of Man; and B) The Progression of His Civilization to its hightest causal expression and potential.

How does a civilization come into being? Initially it begins some where deep in the collective psyche; or zeigeist; of a people. It’s a silent subjective process, a wanting, a yearning, a feeling. This is the esoteric reason for bringing down the acausal force. Those of us of the ONA will understand. Then what?

Next comes the Fire… the setting of young passions ablaze. Thru words that evokes and provokes emotions. Words that call out those silent laten wanting, yearning, or feeling! This is Vindex… the Hitlers and Lenins and Obamas whose voice sets the young on fire and impregnates their mind with visions of change.

But why would a regime even give the time of day to make grand speeches to a crowd of dumb rebellious teens and postteens? Anyone with a little understanding of Nature will understand. Because Nature favors action over thinking. This is why evolution has allowed stupidity to be the common standard of Humanity. If stupidity didn’t have its place in the greater scheme of Mother Nature, it wouldn’t have been allowed to last all these millions and billions of years.

Can you imagine back in our primal days if a tribe of intellectual protohumans sitting around their campfire brainstorming; and along came another tribe into their territory? Do you think Nature would have it that the intellectual protohumans should debate issues and intellectually figure out the best reasonable method to deal with the invaders? What would happen to our intellectual protohumans and their genes, if the invading tribe were a group of young dumb people throwing rocks and spear everywhere? Yeah, it means your smartass genes and bloodline won’t make it far.

There is a reason why Nature begins us all being stupid teens burning with a chemically (hormones) induced passion. Passion for anything. What army of any nation which has ever existed was composed of old 30-40 year old mature intellectual partyliners? None. We should all know this by now. Young dumb people burning with a passion to do something makes up all armies. Passion subsides with maturity for all of us giving way to intelligence in its proper time and period. The mindless young warriors of yesterday become the great minded cheiftans of tomorrow. Great from the experience and exploits of a carefree and passionate youth.

This Passionate Youth was what filled Hitler’s armies that made the Third Reich possible. Not the mature partyliners. It takes a great speaker to set ablaze the passions of youth. It only takes a boring book of theories to turn the old men on. Those theories don’t mean anything anyways. It’s the promise of power and glory that these old men sees. The speeches don’t mean anything anyways. The young and passionate just need a cause to burn for. Give them a meaningless symbol, and they fight for it. Give them a color and they’ll wear it in rebellion. Give them and enemy and they’ll kill. Give them Imperium and they’ll work for it.

This is the fundamentals of the Art and Science of Civilization. This science begins with the understanding of Humanity and how it naturally works. When the insights are gained, they can be exploited and utilized. If the ONA is genuinely interested in establishing a future civilization, then it must ballance its “Occult” knowledge with the wisdom of Human Nature: “Man, Know Thyself.”

Why then deny or condemn Nature? If the Dark Tradition is based on the very primal essence of Nature, why condemn the young and stupid? There is a time and place for mindless passion, and with time, to us all, will come maturity and intelligence… in it’s proper time.

This ONA was never meant nor designed to be dominated by thinkers and book thumpers. It is desgined for the passionate youth who burns for a cause and ACT. Thru their action is an end result manifested. Thru their action they grow in experience, and with time, such experience becomes wisdom. A true undefiled wisdom not collected from any book of dead letters, but from the very living library of Nature Herself.

In many of the vulgar satanisms the very power of youthful passion is rejected for meaningless teenrebellion. They glorify the passionless thinkers instead, as if these “Nodoers” were the apex of human evolution. If Humanity relied on these passionless Nodoers, we wouldn’t be here today.

The ONA is not a Nodoer religion. It’s not a book club or nerd gathering. It was designed to DO. We all by nature start off as not so bright teens ready to burn for something… anything. These are our warriors. Give them something to burn for and let them set the world ablaze. In their youth, they may not be interested in teachings or traditions, but let them be as Nature intended for awhile, to collect their experiences and grow mature. For in maturity, these same mindless, passionate warriors will mellow out and absorb the mysteries of the ONA in rippened age and become Dark Sages. There is a time and a place for everyone and everything. And because this ONA is a living reflection of Primal Nature, there is within our dark Shadows a place for every age and kind… the passionate youth and the mature partyliners. Or perhaps I should quote here Anton Long:

“What Satanism Is Not:

a) Satanism is not, nor can ever be, a religion, nor just a ‘philosophy’. A religion means acceptance of authority, the rigid structure of a ‘Church’ or a ‘Temple’, and a unified dogma (with the consequent schisms and claims to ‘authenticity”). The religious attitude is the antithesis of what Satanism really is – for Satanism is a way of living, a way of experiencing, in the raw, whereas religion abstracts, limits endeavour, behaviour and moralizes. In short, a Satanist plunges into reality, without any supports (moral, psychic or human) whereas a religious person has that reality prescribed by dogma, authority and such like, and is supported by a `Church’, its members and their attitudes. Satanism is an ecstatic affirmation of existence – a taking of existence into new and higher realms, as well as a plunge into existing darkness and the creation of new darkness.

b) Satanism cannot have anyone impose upon it any structure, authority, or institution of any kind by claiming a ‘dark mandate’ or some kind of ‘revelation’. There can be no such thing as an, infernal mandate’ of whatever kind because the only thing that really matters to Satanism is experience, its accumulation and the highly individualized learning that results from such experience. A genuine Satanist, for example, confronted by an entity which exhibited all the powers attributed to Satan would not even accept what that ‘entity’ said and would most certainly not show any submission – instead, they would a defiance, a reasoned assessment of what was said, and then a judgement made from experience. A Satanist never surrenders to anything – and would rather die, proud and defiant, than submit. This applies even to ‘Satan’. If and when a Satanist accepts guidance, it is from someone of experience who has explicated Satanism by their life and thus who can offer advice based on that experience. The aim of Satanism is to create wilful, characterful, defiant, unique individuals who have or can fulfil their potential as gods – it is not to create followers or sycophants. An `infernal mandate’ implies sycophancy.

c) Satanism does not involve discussions, meetings, talks. Rather, it involves action, deeds. Words – written or spoken – sometimes follow, but not necessarily. The ideal candidate for Satanism is the individual of action rather than the ‘intellectual’.”

This generic disliking and hatred for young passionate adolescents is a product and insurance policy of Nazarene culture and Ethos which is by nature inertal and conservative. This Nazarene hatred for the passions of youth and their desire to destroy this passion is evident in their religion’s control of sexuality and sexual expression, which is the first awakening  which marks a child’s advancement into adolescence and is the begining of a naturally burning passion. A Nazarene mindset based on maintaining religious and political orthodoxy and control will logically hate and cause others to hate Humanity’s Fire who are the catalyst and ember of change, progression, disruption, and action in motion – the young; the newer generations, that have not yet been trained and conditions to be Quality citizens.

This is clearly the case in modern nations under Magian control. High school is just an excuse to keep these young out of the streets. What age group are most likely involved in protest demonstrations? The young and passionate, those roughtly between 15-25 years of age. What age group is the target of a police state? The older mellow citizens, or the younger passionate ones who want something different? What is the force and age group that can, if collective enough tear down both America and Communist China? The passionate youth. They may not be smart yet, but this smarts comes with time for everybody. They are chemically ready to burn at all times with the slightest spark.

This Nazarene hatred for the passionate youth is even adopted by the vulgar satanism such as LaVeyan satanism as their slogan and catch phrase: Quality over Quantity; their antagonism towards social organizational conformity; and their hatred for collective identity. Individualism is a Magian tactic of divide and conquer to seperate you from the power source of a coherent social order to make you easier to control.

Thru their Magian politics, Nazarene religion, and chemicals processes such as floridation of tap water, the more virulant and passionate portion of human social order is mellowed and brought under control. The flames of youth are put out. The young are kept in check by social ridicule for being stupid rebellious teens and post teens without a cause. Where then does the ONA stand on this issue? Think on these things a while.

If we learn to sucessfully make a Nation of our ONA, it would be much easier in the future to learn how to manifest a civilization. A Nation is not just a parliament or senate of thinkers and traditionalists. It is also made of common citizens and an army, each unique, each in their own state of mental developement, but all loyal to the same Nation. Our National Slogan should be: “Quality AND Quantity.” The Quality to think and instruct; the Quantity to do and act.

If Vindex is to set the world a fire – the young make the best kindler.


Agia H Baphomet

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I’ve often wondered about the Dark Tradition and how, or thru what manner it presenced itself into causal form. If it does exist; and I feel that a primal Dark Tradition does exist; then the Dark Ones themselves first presenced the Dark to primal man in ancient forgotten times. How it came to be that Anton Long had the Way is irrelevant; but I wondered a while ago how it came into his hands. It is like a radio tuned into a distant frequency it resonantes with. When our being is in tune to the “Dark Muses” the Primal Tradition presents itself by nature thru the mind in resonance to its Dark Current. To establish a footing or link to the causal realm, whereon each mind then expresses this Primal Dark Way in its own exoteric manner. If we resonante with the Dark Current, submerge ourselves in the Abyss, and yearn for the wisdom of the Way, it will come. As if Nature Herself whispers Her Dark Mysteries to you without need of master or prophet. And in the end, no matter who or where we are, Our Dark Tradition manifests itself in the same exoteric form. This Sinister Way of ours is a Way we learn directly from Primal Nature Herself, which is the core essence all casaul life. This Sinister Way, needs no teacher or preacher; no prophet or guru; it just comes naturally to those who are Chilldren of Primal Nature, who still dance to her wild music.

Ordo Ab Chao [Order Out Of Chaos]

Chaos is the base fundamental essence of the causal universe. It is symbolized in 352 as Azagthoth, which we esoterically name ourselves after: WSA: Waffen-Schaft Azagthoth, the Legion of Chaos. Azagthoth is the blind and idiot source at the center. It is thru Yug-Sothoth that the chaos, and idiocy of Azagthoth is brought into order and crystalized into coherency which gives form. The Chaos of the Quantum Flux coagulating into coherent structures of peons, neutrons, protons, atoms, elements, and molecules.

It is the Chaos that disrupts the coherency of order and form, bringing order back into chaos, to regenerate itself into new orders and form. Such as the death of physical life is a Disruption which causes the body to lose its order and coherency. It melts into a chaotic pool of biochemicals to be recycled and reorganized into new forms.

If we see and understand this basic process of creation and regeneration in Primal Nature, can we not also use the same process to Conquer, Destory, and Create social order?

What are the 3 required factors of distrupting a social order such as a state or city? What are the steps needed to disrupt its coherency into chaos for the purpose of regenerating it into a new social order according to the will of the adept?

The First is called the “Distortion Factor.” The Distortion Factor is any means, method or tool that is introduced into a coherent system to cause Disruption of that coherency. this can be illustrated by piercing a nail into a galss window. The windo is a coherent, crystalized structure. The tip of the nail is “introduced” into this structure which causes it to fracture. The fracturing affect is the Distortion where its coherency is fractured, thus making the window weak.

The Second factor is “Disruption.” It is the coherency of the glass cracking. Disruption is anything which cracks the coherent bond of the target social order. Such as racial tention, or economic frustration. When done right, with enough force, Disruption annihilates social coherency and manifests chaos and instablity. This is called the Weak Point, which is the most critical period in destorying the said target social order. The Weak Point is not the end, it is only a sign post to inform you to keep going further and to keep applyng force because the end is near. Then what?

Then comes “Order.” To take that chaos and regenerate it into a new order, according to the will and design of the Master Architect. This is the same basic three step process that created the civilization of the United States of America, and vertually every civilization known. What we see as revolutions and war, is only Primal Nature in physical motion.

But… says the perceptive: States and cities aren’t the only social orders. Wherever there is more than one person, there is a social order. It doesn’t matter what it is exoterically called, whether it is a club, web forum, political party, or religion, it is all social order, and psyt cherency. The same three step plan of attact and tactics works in all cases. So to study and come to a deep understanding of how primal nature works, we can use what we learn from Her to regenerate and establish new orders out of old ones.

Which brings me to this present writing. In previous writings we intoduces Distortion Factors into the coherent fabric of the ONA. This writing is the Disruption factor. The cracks have been made, now to pound it into piece. When working to disrupt sociey in the real world, one uses physical tools and people at your disposal. When disrupting a memetic system such as a religion, one uses new or “alien” memes. These memes infect minds that resonant with it, causing those minds to defect from the old way, and to assimilate into the new way. Thus, a new order takes form to bring the target fractured social order to its Weak Point; producing regeneration. Let the revilution then, commence.

If the ONA doesn’t change, find equilibrium, and update it system to the 21st century it is doomed to die out eventually. The main problem with the ONA right now is that it is to too heavily contaminated with testoterone and it lacks perspective of primal nature. What do I mean by that? I mean 99.99% of this Nine Angles Tradition is all boys.

What is a boy? A boy basically starts of his life as an X chromosome egg and a Y chromosome sperm. This Y chromosome is the smallest chromosome in existance. In fact the Y chromosome only has about 75 genes in it. These 75 genes in turn are “palindromal.” A palindrome is a sequence of letters, numbers, or digits which is the same backwards, as it is forwards such as the example: ABBA. If you look closely, you will notice that ABBA is actually a mirror image of only two letters: A & B. That’s what the Y chromosome is. It really isn’t even 75 genes, in actuality it is only about 37 puny genes that puffs itself up to make it look bigger. In the same way that boys usually puff up their egos, muscles, and lie about their penis size to make them look bigger and more important. Like we care even. This Y chromosome really doesn’t do anything but tell the boy’s body to make testicles and manufacture a hormone called Testosterone; and it passes color blinded down to sons.

What does this mean? It means that boy live life and grow up totally intoxicated with testosterone or is always under the influence of the hormone. It means everything the boy sees, he sees with boy eyes, under the influence of this hormone. It means whatever he absorbs of life and nature into his inflence mind, he interprets with a boy brain. It means that we girls aren’t boys, and that we don’t percieve or live life, or understand life intoxicaed with testosterone. It’s like a boy is always drunk on beer, and he thinks we girls see the whole world with drunk eyes like him. The nature he sees and understands is not the same nature a girls feels and understands. Baphomet thus, has two faces, one she shows to her sons, and one seen by her daughters.

Why is it even important to talk about the differences between boys and girls? Well, considering that boys and girls make up the entire human species, if we learn to understand our basic primal natures, could we not use that information to our advantage in the art of manipulation and glamour? Couldn’t we learn to use that information to help disrupt social order? Couldn’t we also use that information to be more successful in life and establish stronger bonds and more fullfilling relationships? Isn’t that what life is essentially about? We are born into causal existence completely immersed in relationships of different kinds, and within social order.

The difference between a boy and a girl starts off as soon as we are born. Us girls while we’re being breast fed or held, look at our mother’s faces more often then boys, whereas boys more often look around to anylize his surroundings. This is the basic primal difference between the two genders. The girl stares at her mother’s face more often because she is emotionally, hormonally, and physchologically programmed for social awareness, and social bonding. The boy looks around observing his environment more often because he is emotionally, hormonally, and phycholohically programmed to me more territorially aware, and for territorial behavior.

When these boys and girls learn to walk, and we place them in a room together with toys. That primal coding affects their behavior, actions, and methods of interaction. The girls will most of the time instinctively play with the dolls. While the boys play with toy trucks or other items of private possession. Why? That doll to a girl is a surogate “other person” with which she practices her primal coding of social bonding. While the boys take the more private possession-like toys because the accumulation of material goods and property is a fundamental aspect of territorialism. Observe closely and you will also notice all the girls tend to group closer together and end up playing with each other; while the boys independetly play with their toys with a possessive nature or bond to the toy. Girls bond with each other and boys bond with their property.

Give these little girs and boys paper and crayons and let them draw and we see this basic primal nature again. girls draw mommies, daddies, pet dogs, and horses; all having to do with emotional bonds, and relaionships. While boys draw cars and trcks… things that can be possesed.

When boys and girls are older and we observe them at play on the playground, we can see a further developement of these two primal natures in affect. How do little boys play? They play fight. They pick up sticks and sword fight, or they play wrestle. They become possessive of items on the play ground like the swing set or the sand box. I know, I remember. And they defend their swing set and sand box from other boys they don’t like. Where are the girls on a play ground? We’re somewhere in the corner with each other talking of playing with dolls.

Boys are territorial, posessive, and competitive by nature. This nature isn’t girl nature. It doesn’t matter where you then put a boy in live, whether he is in politics, the army, a corporation, or a religion. Boys will be boys, and they will alwasy do boy things. If the boys are in a religion, they will use it compete with, fight with, and accumulate possessions with. Why? What has every great war from the Trojan war to the Mahabarata of ancient India ever been fought for? Women.

We see this more clearly in the baser animal kingdoms. Take a pride of lions for instance. A pride of lions consists of usually an “Alpha Male” and his herem of females lionesses. The boy lion is only concerned over his territory; defending it from competition, and expanding it for more resources. The female lions are more concern over the social bond of the pride, maintaining the social orer, and regenerating that social order by giving birth to new lions. But why does the alpha male get all the girls?

Because the primal survival insticint of a female is “Security.” The feeling of being secure knowing that we are safe to continue surviviving without being harmed and that our offspring will be safe also. These alpha males, because they control a given territory offers that needed Security… for a fair exchange of course.

The male’s primal survival instinct is “Replication.” To breed with as many healthy girls as possible to pass his Noble Genes down and to make sure those offspring are all his. it is not the land or possessions of a male, nor how he looks that primally and sexually attracts a girl to a man, it is his glamour of Confidence that he can provide and satisfy the need for Security. Boys are primally and sexually attracted to “pretty” girls because beauty is a visual signifier of biological and genetic health. When a female animal encounters a male that is alpha status, she yields and submits by her very nature to him, giving herself to him in exchange for security.

But then, why do secondary ranking guys – those who are not alpha males, choose to support and follow an alpha male? In 352 we call this the “Trickle Down Affect.” The alpha male’s glamour of confidence and “alphamaleness” trickles down to his supporters and associates, thus making them “appear” to be just as confident and attractive to the females in that group. We are essentially a refection of who we associate with in live. The alpha males allows his associates to have the second class females that he doesn’t want, in exchange for the support.

We see this Trickle Down Affect in the world of music. Rock stars are modern ‘alpha males’ because the success in life they have achieved from a girls persective offers much security, therefore they become very attractive. It doesn’t matter how they look to a girl. Just as a guy cannot help but be physically attracted to a girl for her looks, a girl cannot help but be attracted to a guy for the level of confidence he has. So these rock stars have girl groupies who would be more than willing to yeild and submit themselves up for security. The rock star’s associates gets residual glamour from the rock star and in turn looks good.

This is the fault of satanism. It is masulinized and contaminated with testosterone. It rejects primal feminine principles of social bonding, condemning it as bad and conformity. It claims to be based on human nature, but is just as far removed from that primal nature as Christianity. This is what makes satanism a weak religon, and why Christianity has members in the billion. Because the world great religions utilizes the social drive of mankind as its central essence. What goes on in a church, a synagogue, a mosque, or a Buddhist Temple? Social interaction.

So we learn that girls are naturally attracted to a man not because he has big muscles, or even a big house, but because he “appears” (glamour) to have the confidence to make her feel secure in life. Confidense is the first and biggest turn on for a normal girl. But who cares you ask? So what? Knowing this stuff is the difference not only in you getting laid or masturbating alone; it also if you work it right, lead you you fame and fortune.

We can see this primal principle being applied in real life in the presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain. This example will also show how stupid men confuse “ego” for confidence. What exactly first does “confidence” mean in the eyes of a girl? It is the appearence that you know what you want, how you want it, and how to get it. A quick example that any girl will understand is riding in a car with a male friend of boyfriend. If the guy is confident, he just puts the girl in the car, take control of the situation, and just drives her somewhere. That’s confidence, and its attractive. A guy who is INSECURE and lack confidence when he puts a girl in his car shows in feebleness by asking: So, where do you want to go… what do you feel like doing?

It’s a simple question, and to the guy it might think he’s saying: I want to make you happy, so we can do whatever you want, because I love you and just being with you makes me happy.” But to a girls ears she hears: I suck. I am a loser. I am insecure. I don’t even know where to take you or what to do with you.

Barack Obama knew how to work his glamour to appear completely confident. He made his statements and stuck by them. He speaks with a voice that vibrates with self confidence. He looks and uses his eyes emiting confidence from them light beams. His thinking process is determination. He knows how to take control of the situation, and never shows any signs of insecurities. His glmaour is contagious and hypnotic, like the glamour of Hilter in those old days were Hitler just exuded hypnotic confidence into the German Folk to entrance them and captivate their collective attention, hearts, and minds. This is the quality of a winner or an alpha male, and the source of sheer power.

John Mccain sucked. He lack any kind of confdence. Instead, he compensated his lack for a confidnt self image and glamour for ego. All he did was talk about himself: I was in Vietnam… I was a P.O.W…. I did this… I did that… and he said these things in a voice that showed in insecurities. his mind and thingking process was indecisive. He couldn’t make up his maind about his statements and opinions. The way he stands and his body language showed his lack of confidence. He avoided eye contact. Why is eye contact important and associated with confidence? Because when two male animals face each other to fight over territory they make eye contact and the insecure one breaks that eye contact and looks away. lack of eye contact expresses a lack of confidence and insecurity.

Eye contact is the second most attractive quality in a man for a girl. The more eye contact he makes with her, the sexier he makes himself appear to her. Establishing eye contact with secondary males establishes rank and class sturcture, and those with cofidence sheds that glamour thru their eyes to their associates. John Mccain lost because he didn’t understand primal human nature. Because he didn’t convince men that he had the confidence of an alpha male to share with them as associates, so he lost support, and he didn’t know how to make himself look attractive to women to gain their vote. If you were a secondary ranking male, who would you support a male who was confident enough to insure power for your group, or a male that is a loser? Who the hell wants to follow a loser? For what?

So we see here that Nature rewards her sons who struggles and fights to the top with the coveted gift of power, dominion, and women, which rightfully belongs to them. Their fitness to climb human order to the top of the piles makes their genes of noble quality, which Nature desires to propagate to Her next generations. Thus the Great Mother to men rightly appears as a dark, bloodthirsty Kali, who demands ruthless might and blood shed. None of the greatest men that ever walked this earth achieved that might and power with out bloodshed, spilled to the ground as an Opfer to the Dark Mother. How many men fell victim to the sword of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan that they would be immortalized amung the greatest humans to ever grace or race? How many lives did Hitler, Lenin, Moa, and Washinton Opfer up to the Dark Goddess to manifest their civilizations and recieve their reward of immortal fame and supreme power?

But this same Goddess shows herself to her daughter in a different manifestation. To Her daughters, who were made in Her likeness, she is Sophia, the Mother of Wisdom. For when we girls understand the mysteries of Her Pimal Nature, we have but to yield and appear to submit and She rewards us with those same foolish men that struggled and faught for glory, and their entire estate. You see, Alexander the Great may have fought, sluaghtered, and struggled his way to the top, but all Roxanna had to do was yield and appear to submit to control his heart… and his entire empire.

Yielding and submition, in the mind of a man rightly is associated with weakness. Because when a man yields and sumbits, to whom does he yield to? Another man. But when a girl yields and submits, it it to the alpha male, not because she challenged his territorial authorty, but because she desires security and because she has something he needs, which she will give up for a very large price – his life, devotion, and all that he has ever worked for. Baphomet favores Her Daughters.

Thus in 352 we say that Baphomet is only an outer name and form. But when you translate those letters thru the Atbash Cipher we come to a more hidded name: Sophia. Which is Wisdom, more softer, more beautiful, and yielding to Her Children. This is to say that Nature has two faces. One that is of bloodthirst might, progression and survival; but those who study Her and gains an understanding of her primal mysteries becomes Wise; and with that Wisdom procures Her coveted gifts.

This balance which we have brought in 352 to Baphomet must then in be expressed in word also. The masculinized “Agios O Baphomet” is no longer valid and the feminine form: “Agia H Baphomet” is used by us who understand Her feminine mysteries, Her Wisdom, Her undying bond to Her Children; and the Power She has over men. May She bless this Nexion of ours with abundance of sisters and brothers, an indisoluable social bond, and fruitful endeavors. Agia H Baphomet…