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The Essence of Evil

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We should keep in mind that the language itself plays a major part in the meaning of its word lexicon, specific to the people and culture relative to that language group; and the mind/brain, neural system which uses the said language. “Evil” may exist as it does in many occidental-christian-european languages; but it has no parallel in other languages (outside of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic matrix).

For example, the closest thing to “evil” Sanskrit has is the word “Papa” or “papam” (which is funny because that’s literally “Pope” in Latin [etymological humor]). Here’s “evil” in the minds of a people literally living outside of the lingual-religious-cultural-political influence of Christendom/Europe:


{{Quote Source}}
Evil: Hindu – Hinduism Dictionary on Evil

evil: That which is bad, morally wrong, causing harm, pain, misery. In Western religions, evil is often thought of as a moral antagonism to God. This force is the source of sin and is attached to the soul from its inception.

Whereas, for Hindus, evil is not a conscious, dark force, such as Satan. It is situational rather than ontological, meaning it has its basis in relative conditions, not in ultimate reality. Evil (badness, corruption) springs from ignorance (avidya) and immaturity. Nor is one fighting with God when he is evil, and God is not standing in judgment. Within each soul, and not external to it, resides the principle of judgment of instinctive-intellectual actions. God, who is ever compassionate, blesses even the worst sinner, the most depraved asura, knowing that individual will one day emerge from lower consciousness into the light of love and understanding.

Hindus hold that evil, known in Sanskrit as papa, papman or dushta, is the result of unvirtuous acts (papa or adharma) caused by the instinctive-intellectual mind dominating and obscuring deeper, spiritual intelligence. (Note: both papa and papman are used as nouns and adjectives.) The evil-doer is viewed as a young soul, ignorant of the value of right thought, speech and action, unable to live in the world without becoming entangled in maya. –

intrinsic evil: Inherent, inborn badness. Some philosophies hold that man and the world are by nature imperfect, corrupt or evil. Hinduism holds, on the contrary, that there is no intrinsic evil, and the real nature of man is his divine, soul nature, which is goodness.
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The Sanskrit word “Papa” itself has its own unique essence or meaning, which isn’t really related in any way to the occidental/Christian word Evil (but is the closest thing to it):


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papa – literally papa is what brings one down. Sometimes translated as sin or evil.
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Papa is how you feel, or what happens when you had a nice job with which you were paying off an expensive house and then you loose your job and become miserable, woeful, worrisome, hopeless, uncertain, suffer, distressed. Another dictionary gives papa a more contemporary meaning:


{{Quote Source}}
papa (p. 158) [ pâpá ] a. (&isharp;, V.; &asharp;) evil, bad, wicked, criminal, sinful; inauspicious (planets, omens); m. wicked man, villain, sinner; n. evil, trouble, misfortune, harm; wickedness, offence, crime, villany, guilt, sin […]
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One of the Buddha’s Noble Truths is Life Is Suffering (Papam). This doesn’t mean to the christianized mind: ‘Life is evil/satanic/god forsaken/antichrist/murderous/rapist/child molesterish/hell bound.

It simply means that during the course of your 100 years of life, you’re gunna cry sometimes, you’re gunna worry, experience heart break, et cetera. Sure those are ‘bad’ thing but nothing some god or demon is responsible for. What causes suffering/papam?

Desire and attachment. When we fall in love, and that love leaves us, our heart is broken – papam… we suffer. Did our lover act because they were possessed by hellbent demons? No, shit happens. When we love to much that we can’t let go, and our parents die of old age, we suffer – papam. Was it “evil” that our parents died of old age? No, its a natural process.

Ignorance and the inability to empathize also causes papam. If a young married couple sees a house they want, and the bank wants to make money off of them and gives them a loan for a house they can never possibly pay off or afford and out of their ignorance they fuck up their lives, they have no one to blame for the suffering or “evil” in their lives but their own stupidity. If you are a guy and you say something insensitive to your wife which you thought was a joke and you end up upsetting her and sleeping on the sofa, you have no one to blame for your marital suffering but your own inability to empathize with your wife to understand her as a woman.

In some languages like Khmer (Cambodian – Chloe is one… or half Cambo) the closest thing they have to the word “evil” is “Akra.” That’s a phonetic anglicized spelling. It literally means: Ugly or bad mannered. The opposite of Akra is of course “La’or” which means Nice, Pretty, Good.

This same Pretty-Ugly concept is present in Thai (Thailand is next door to Cambodia and practices Theravada Buddhism like its neighbors). “Dee” means: Pretty, Beautiful, Nice, and Good. It’s the same Dee in “Sawat Dee Ka?” which loosely means hello, but literally means “Are you going nice?” It’s also the same Dee in the word “DeeChan” which is the female word (gender specific) for “I” or “Me” literally meaning “I am pretty” or “Pretty Girl.”

“Maidee” is the opposite of Dee. Mai means: No/Not. It means Ugly, Unattractive, bad, not good. This is the closest word they have to “evil” which is nowhere near what “evil” means to us and to our Christianized minds.

Like it or not, just because we are not practicing Christians or do not believe in it’s mythos, does not mean that our neurological system was not wired to THINK in a “christianized” way. Purging ourselves of Christianity goes deeper than emotionally and intellectually rejecting it. Because we adults “Think” in words/language, every thought we have, regardless of its religious or irreligious flavor, is “Christianized” still. It’s something to think about. Yes, I know many dumbasses will ask how so? As far as English goes, all one has to do is open a history book and study the 1700’s when English was being ‘reinvented’ or morphing into “Modern English” and ask yourselves what people, religions, and factors were invloved. I’ll Give you a few hints for those of you who are mentally retarded: King James (Catholic/gay); “his” bible – and the scholars who translated it who were very creative and innovative with making new words. That’s just a couple hint. I’m not gunna do your thinking for you.

So anyways, this is all great and stuff says the Christian, but if evil does not exist and Satan isn’t the father of evil, then why is there so much evil in this world? That’s a terribly stupid question to ask.

Because the world wouldn’t be “filled with evil” if there was only one single human on it. Evil doesn’t exist. It doesn’t ooze like black foggy water from the spirit of some demon lurking in the shadow. Shit happens because you are stupid. Sometimes you make mistakes in life. Sometimes you do things with out THINKING of its physical consequences. Stupid thinking, generates stupid emotions. Stupid emotions influences stupid actions. Stupid actions manifests dumbass real world results. Multiply that stupidity by about 7 billion (because there are about that many of us in the world), and add to the equation the complexity of interactions and interconnections between people and their actions, and voila! You have a whole planet in peril!

“Evil” exists literally because of mass stupidity on a global scale. Then there are different grades or levels to this scale – such as the national-political level… the sectarian-religious level… the financial-economic level… the familial level. Let me give some random examples:

Afghanistan. Why was Russia in Afghanistan in the first place during he 1970’s? The real reason – Plutonium. The mountains of Afghanistan contains some of the largest (in content) plutonium ‘fields’ on the earth’s terrestrial surface (as opposed to its suboceanic surface). 1970 was the during the Cold War and Arms Race and all that great stuff. Well the Russians got their asses kicked and couldn’t extract the crap anyways from the mountain range. The Cold War died and Afghanistan was “left alone” by the super powers mutually. Then, like all of a sudden, in the wake of China becoming a nuclear super economic power, the Western World (US, UK & Friends) suddenly occupied Afghanistan again via a whole lot of war and slaughter… mass suffering and mass exudes and displacement of its people. That’s “evil” on a national-political scale.

I really don’t need to bring up any examples of “evil” on a sectarian-religious level, since we all know the hundreds of millions of lives that have been slain, and the day to day suffering Christianity has murdered and caused for all 2000 years of its existence. There is also the lives slaughtered during the birth and expansion of the “religion of peace” – Islam, which is still killing and murdering today. Religion is “evil” not Satan. “Evil” actually oozes out of religion… because what created the CONCEPT in the first fucking place? Just because Religion asserts its concept/belief of evil onto the objective/causal world doesn’t mean that ontologically and cosmologically evil is part of the physical universe, like it’s an anti-nutrino or a mysterious quantum demonic particle or something.

The economy and/or lack of financial wellbeing itself causes “evil.” Rampant senseless consumerism actually takes a toll on the earth. These things we buy/want don’t just come out of nowhere. It require natural resources which obviously, over a period of time strips the earth of what she has AND pollutes her. Satan and his demon friends aren’t deforesting the Amazon Jungle. Brazilians are! Because Brazil borrowed money from the IMF to upgrade itself from a “majorly poor country” to a “moderately poor country in debt” and they need to pay the debt off some how. Lack of financial wellbeing like many, if not all inner cities suffer from also causes “evil.” When you brainwash innercity people to want/buy/desire/consume products, but neglect them and their needs, and don’t give them a means of acquiring their wants and needs you get “crime.” People will do what needs to be done to survive in the jungle or in the inner cities. Satan doesn’t make crime. The political regime’s aloofness, insensitivity and inability to empathize with the needs (jobs, housing, food, basic creature comforts) of inner city folk is what causes crime. Don’t blame that shit on Satan.

Families can also produce “evil.” If an ignorant husband and wife have a daughter and don’t give her the love and attention she needs during her childhood, and neglects her; she’s going to grow up emotionally underdeveloped and psychologically unhealthy and a number of “evil” things can happen: She gets pregnant at 13… she disrespects her parents… she becomes a hooker… she fails school… she has problems dealing with people… she cuts herself or does things for attention… she kills herself. These are all things that are results of her familial environment – not because she is demon possessed. Worse evil can happen if you abuse and neglect a son. He can shoot your head off with a shot gun after listening to a heavy metal song about killing your parents which excited his rage – but who put that rage into him? A demon of stupid parents? This is just one hypothetical family. A city is made up of hundreds of families… a state is made up of thousands… and a nation is made up of millions of families. This is “evil” on a familial level.

You see, evil is the results of stupid actions being applied to on the causal world. The very word “CAUSal” give the game away.

Mirriam-Webster defines causal as: “” 1: expressing or indicating cause : causative <a causal clause introduced by since> 2 : of, relating to, or constituting a cause <the causal agent of a disease> 3 : involving causation or a cause <the relationship…was not one of causal antecedence so much as one of analogous growth — H. O. Taylor> 4 : arising from a cause <a causal development> “”

Wikipedia gets more detailed: “” A causal system (also known as a physical or nonanticipative system) is a system where the output y(t) at some specific instant t0 only depends on the input x(t) for values of t less than or equal to t0. Therefore these kinds of systems have outputs and internal states that depend only on the current and previous input values.

The idea that the output of a function at any time depends only on past and present values of input is defined by the property commonly referred to as causality. A system that has some dependence on input values from the future (in addition to possible dependence on past or current input values) is termed a non-causal or acausal system, and a system that depends solely on future input values is an anticausal system. Note that some authors have defined an anticausal system as one that depends solely on future and present input values or, more simply, as a system that does not depend on past input values. “”

Basically a causal system is like a machine that gives you what ever the hell you put into it! If your stupid, and you input your stupidity into the machine with your actions, you’re going to get a stupid – evil – result, and it’s not Satan’s fault. It’s your own dumass’s fault and nobody else’s. Stop making up imaginary things to blame your faults on.

Most of the time people deserve whatever causal reality gives to them, but sure, there are times when the innocent are affected by evil – people starving in Ethiopia… Tootsies beings “genocided” in Rawanda… altar boys being raped by Catholic Priests. But who care? Why do I say that? Because if you don’t like it, then fucking educate your fucking self and stop being stupid. If you don’t learn to fucking realize that your actions manifests real world results and consequences, and you keep blaming it on imaginary phantoms, you will alway only cover the symptoms and never cut out the actual cause.

But of course there are always exceptions to the rule. Some Sinisterfolk just like to harm and hinder people for personal fun, gain and profit to themselves and for their long term goals – the O9A. The Sinister Way of the ONA; as Chloe & Associates points out; is the Way of the Psychopath:

“” Psychopathy is a psychological construct that describes chronic immoral and antisocial behavior. The term is often used interchangeably with sociopathy.

The term is used as a definition in law, for example, “psychopathic personality disorder” under the Mental Health Act 1983 of the UK as well as to denote a severe condition often related to antisocial or dissocial personality disorder as defined by the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R). The term “psychopathy” is often confused with psychotic disorders. It is estimated that approximately one percent of the general population are psychopaths.

The psychopath is defined by a psychological gratification in criminal, sexual, or aggressive impulses and the inability to learn from past mistakes. Individuals with this disorder gain satisfaction through their antisocial behavior and lack remorse for their actions. “” – Wiki

So, what did we learn in all this? We learned that evil really doesn’t exist. That it is just a concept/meme that mostly exists in the synaptic firings of an Occidental brain. That fat ugly girls are evil and pretty girls are good. That stupidity accounts for 99% of what we label as “evil.” And that 1% of evil is caused by plain old psychopaths that don’t give a fuck about you and your misery. Nothing will really be done about it. Stupid people will always continue to do stupid things on whatever scale or level they have an influence on; and the O9A will continue to do what it does. This is the way things have been since long before Homo Sapiens, and it shall be so long after we have caused our own extinction.

Evil is then just Human Nature, why else would evolution allow billions of stupid bipedal apes to exist, if Nature doesn’t Herself lust for blood? Some of us dance to the evil yearnings of Earth and Provide Her. When you have become accustom to the full extent of your own Human Nature, Evil becomes a beautiful thing.