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I stood there in the night eight years ago to this day, bewildered and betrayed. I looked down at the ringbox and opened it to peer at the shimmering diamond that I was to present to Tina, asking her to be my wife.

Inside the black Honda, some guy reclining in the driver’s seat and Tina’s head going up and down on his lap. Tears stung my face and I started to descend back into the train station. I went home and drank myself into a stupor and fell asleep on the sofa.

The next day, I woke up angry and bent on vengeance. I worked out to calm myself down and when I was at the point of exhaustion, I called Tina and asked her what she was going to do tonight. She told me that she was going with her sister to get their hair done and go to a movie. Right. Semen is a really great conditioner for the hair, I thought.

I called my friend Chris and he agreed to loan me his car after I told him what happened. He wanted to come so that we could throw the guy a beatdown but I said that I would handle it. It wasn’t entirely the guy’s fault, I reasoned. Tina is a beautiful girl and not many men could resist her.

I drove over to Tina’s house and waited for about two hours to see if I see the black Honda again. There it was after two hours. It didn’t seem that long because my thoughts were racing. Enough thoughts that seemed to fill two hours. The time did help to calm me down.

There she was coming out of her apartment building, looking beautiful as always. She wasn’t dressed very flashy, blue jeans and a black blouse, but she was easily the most beautiful woman in any room that she stepped in. My heart sank as she got into the Honda and kissed the driver on the lips. I took off after them as they drove off. I talked myself down and let a car come between us as I was planning my next move.

About twenty minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot of the movie theater. Great, not I have to sit here for another two hours. As soon as they walked into the theater and I ran across the street to the convenience store and grabbed a six pack of beer, feeling sorry for myself and wanting to kill both of them at the same time. Maybe alcohol wasn’t the best thing for me right now but it just seemed right. Whatever the hell I’m going to do next, I know that I’m going to the topless bar tonight. With or without my friends, fuck it.

For the next three and a half hours I sat there drinking and stepping out to piss on the door handles of Loverboy’s black Honda. I hoped that they would open their doors and eat something without washing their hands. Yeah, I’m pretty lame when I’m a little buzzed. 

I went back in Chris’ car when no sooner that I close the door, here come the lovebirds walking like they’re joined at the hip and groping each other. I looked on the floor of the car and saw an anti-theft device. I wanted to go out there and just bludgeon them both but something told me that there was a better way if I was just patient. So I waited, not even looking at them squirming around in their car. Then I remembered that I pissed on the Honda and giggled like I was ten years old.

Now where the fuck were these two going? I wanted to go get some more beer but I wanted to make my next move whatever the fuck that was going to be. Shit, they were going to the park. That fucker was too cheap to even pay for a fuckin’ motel. Tina’s even cheaper figuratively and literally than I suspected. I almost cried as I watched the two figures in the car just going at it. I say almost because I was now more angry than anything.

About fifteen minutes later, both of their windows were rolled down and I could see them smoking. Then, quiet. I waited another twenty minutes and then started to walk over towards the Honda without thinking. I stood at the driver’s side and there they were, half naked and asleep in their seats. I wondered for a moment if I should kill them both. It would be be pretty dramatic if I was the last thing that they saw before they met their grisly demise. Then I thought, I did a lot of things in my life. I wouldn’t want this to be the thing that defines me. I kill them and then I end up on the front page of the paper: “Scorned Lover’s Rampage at Make-Out Point” or some other stupid contrived headline.

Then, there it was. The guy’s cellphone on the dashboard. A feeling came over me to grab the phone. So I tried the door carefully and it was unlocked. I slowly grabbed the phone and the almost full pack of Marlboro Lights, fuck it. I carefully closed the door and ran back to Chris’ car.

I drove by the lovebirds and no one stirred. I laughed maniacally to myself and then laughed for even laughing. I went to the store and bought more beer.

I came home, sat down on the couch and looked at the phone. There was a girl that he used as the phone’s wallpaper. She was pretty, not as pretty as Tina, but not many women are. I scrolled through the phone’s menu until I saw “Home” on the screen and called it. A female voice picked up on the other end, presumably the face on the phone. I asked her if her husband drove a black Honda and she said yes. I told her that he was fucking a girl named Tina at the park in the car. She was unpleasantly surprised and asked who the fuck I was and why I had her husband’s phone. I told her that it didn’t matter who I was, I picked up the phone off the dashboard while he was sleeping and then I hung up.

The next day, I went to Tina’s house and she seemed pretty disturbed. I asked her what was the matter. She just replied that she couldn’t explain, only that something weird was going on. I made an excuse like I didn’t feel well and went home. I never called her again, and never returned her calls nor answered my door for her.

Skorne, Nexion 352


Order of Nine Angles

Pima Penal Colony

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Altar 1

Editor’s Note: It seems as if the boys over at the Pima Penal Colony haven’t been too discreet with their activities. Shame on you guys!

These photos of the strange Altar we found while investigating the stories of SkinWalkers in the Canyons near Alamogordo New Mexico
We Are working on getting the footage we shot of the unknown entity we filmed moving about on the ridge above us. More details coming

We are also working on getting the footage we shot of the unknown entity we filmed moving about on the ridge above us in the early morning. At about 4am we started hearing weird howls from the ridge above us. The footages show something large, estimating 14 ft tall moving on the riverbank/ridge above us. We ended up firing on it as it kept coming closer and closer. It then moved off over the ridge.Altar 2

We have now interviewed several eyewitnesses who have testified that The Order Of The Nine Angles is active and practicing in New Mexico in a canyon near Alamogordo, New Mexico.

The oldest and most influential is The Order of the Nine Angles, or ONA. This group has its own website at. Based in England, the ONA appears to act as a sort of “mother church” for Satanists who describe themselves as “traditional.” (The more popular, “Gothic” types of Satanism are often disparaged as “American.”)Altar Stone (2)


The ONA’s beliefs, and some of its documents, are mirrored in the Internet material relating to the Order of the Deorc Fyre, formerly known as the Order of the Left-Hand Path. This group is based in New Zealand, though contact information is provided on the Web for other places in the world. Its documents suggest that it is more interested in recruiting than are other groups of this type.

The White Order of Thule, formerly known as the Black Order, seems to be pan-European. The only contact information I found was a mailing address in the United States, where this kind of thing is constitutionally protected. It has by far the smallest amount of Internet material. It is also almost pedantically Nazi: its literature even reflects something of the style of German “völkisch” groups of the early 20th century. Such material as there is suggests an acquaintance with the academic literature on the subject, such as Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke’s “The Occult Roots of Nazism.”We also note the WOT has since become inactive (link).


Inside the Underbelly

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The thought of transgressing against the current forms and structures, the “powers that be” is an alluring concept, to say the least. I have attempted the Presencing of the Dark, particularly that of the Sinister Feminine through the performance of real-world deeds and solo rites.

Since I was considered as someone who had a “problem with authority,” I decided to undertake the Insight Role of Police Officer in my hometown of New York City back in 2005. I had little difficulty applying since I only had one offense as a juvenile (12 y/o) for graffiti. I met many in the Police Academy whom to this day, I consider to be friends, even if I was only “on the job” for “selfish” reasons.

The Police Academy was what I consider to be semi-rigid. There were strict haircut and uniform policies and academic requirements that I felt wasn’t overly difficult, maybe penal law material that would be considered dry and boring. The physical fitness requirements were feasible, which was designed to increase in difficulty as time progressed.

My first assignment was the 108th Precinct in Long Island City, Queens. Like many “houses,” it had its good people to work with and not-so-good. The good ones were the ones who didn’t rat you out to the supervisor for even the smallest discrepancy and whom you could count on to watch your back.

For my first three months of service, I was assigned to a foot post (“foot patrol”) on the streets of Long Island City, Woodside and Sunnyside. If there were any major jobs, a sector (patrol car) would pick me up for the run (assignment).

I found out that over a period of time, cops would look at other people who weren’t cops as almost a different species. Non-cops that were encountered during a tour (shift) would be treated with indifference because these were people that were not empathetic with you, they just couldn’t relate. People that we knew were perps (perpetrators of crimes) were referred to as “skels.” To this day, I have no knowledge as to the origin of that word.

The job also wreaked havoc on a good percentage of marriages because cops only confided with other cops and found themselves being more and more distant from their spouses and significant others.

My fiancee’ also had no knowledge of my personal philosophies and we grew even more distant because of my line of work. I could not bring myself to share the grisly details of the whole family killed in a car accident or the DOA’s (dead on arrival) discovered in dwellings or the various arrests.

I was tempted to renounce my quest and my role due to my deteriorating relationship with her. I then thought of how this society possessed a plebian quality, a society that lacked true Satanic excellence or honor. I aspired to do my part to contribute to the heresy against the mundane. 

One night about a year and a half ago, we busted these three teenage boys for vandalizing a church. These profane “Satanists” spray-painted  pentagrams and even went so far as to quote John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” All the cops at the “house” were talking about how this society was fucked up because it produced these anti-Nazarene “Satanists” and how they would sacrifice babies next.  I commented on how I didn’t think real Satanists did that and that these kids were just misguided, rebellious and going through that common teen angst melodrama. I probably said that in those exact words because everybody, cops and perps within earshot alike froze and shot me this look as if I had taken a shit on the floor. I smiled as if I was just kidding and everyone just waved it off.

Many cops become cops because they think that it is a “noble” or “honorable” profession (according to the Magian principles, of course) and that they are contributing to society as a whole by enforcing its laws. Of course, there are the few that are referred to as “buffs,” the ones who only see themselves as cops and are unaware of their own nature, who are too ignorant to see that they are just being used Then they become disenchanted and “burned out” from the job’s rigors and the thanklessness. Most of us went to work just trying to get through the tour safely and immersing ourselves in the camraderie, the seemingly impregnable “Blue Wall.” Just trying not to end up as ashes sitting on the mantle of a rent-controlled apartment.

As of last week, I turned in my shield and gun to the precinct commander after four years of being “on the job.” Surprisingly, it hurt but I felt myself becoming almost too immersed in the job and almost impeding my true intention. This I write with a heavy heart.


DarkCon Nexion352,

-Order of Nine Angles-

The Return of Pseudo-Satanism…

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As the Fetching One stated in ‘Sinister Times’, Anton Long never left. Unfortunately, neither has Pseudo-Satanism. Upon Long’s  “return”, who should crawl out from his mother’s basement and conveniently make his “return” as well? G[rand] M[asturbator] Blackwood! What more can I say that hasn’t already been said during the past year?

Tom, hasn’t your mother ever told you to shut your mouth when the grown-ups are talking? We don’t believe in the fairy tale Satanism that you believe in. This is about Presencing the Dark through real world actions. Rites, ordeals, you know, not the pretend Dungeons and Dragons Satanism where you play with yourself and state that Satan whispered in your ear while you held your sword pointing to the heavens and He told you what needs to be accomplished in the “community” and how to worship His Greatness that is Satan.

Your way is not the Sinister Way, so there is no possibility that you could ever claim any involvement with excellence that is the Nine Angles or its various Nexions. The Satanism that you preach is profane and is only inverse Christianity.  “Yahweh bad….Satan good. Read the profane buy-bull backwards. The Satanism that lacks any real Insight and enlightenment. How does one evolve personally simply being a follower of your delusions? Is it because you, who lacks true Satanic character, say so? It sounds a bit iffy Tom. Even if one doesn’t choose to live the Dark Tradition, it is plain to see that the Tradition is but a means to Progression and Evolution, not simply devil-worship.

The Traditional Satanism that is the O9A is about being honour-bound and numinousity. Progression and Evolution. Words that you will definitely have to google because you have never experienced or attempted to experience them.

I feel no need to explain the practice of the O9A Traditional Satanism because all you need to do is click and point like you always do, Tom. Ctrl X, C and V are the Temples of Satan’s tools to worship. How do you think you were first noticed last October? You simply cut and paste Chloe and Kayla’s MSS and offered one sentence criticisms, which were flat, at best.

Anton Long “returns”, Tom. Don’t raise your infernal sword when you here gunfire. That’s just plain dumb of you. Could we have expected any less from you?

That goes for the species of homo-hubris who feels “brave” enough to mindlessly banter about the Sinister Way in this profane outlet. We make use of the internet to render ‘copyleft’ material for those who wish to travel the Sinister Path [which quite frankly, remains esoteric because of the majority of “Satanists'” lack of comprehension]. All manuscripts are there, but only a few “get it.” If you don’t get it, please refrain from letting your insecure nature rear its ugly heads.


The New Satanic Aeon

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Our Destiny is to manifest a New Aeon and to Presence the future in the present via Satanic Magick, to secure the establishment of a new civilization. We exist to fulfill our Destiny by fulfilling Wyrd, this very Sinister Intent transcends our causal lifetimes.

Conscious  manipulation of relevant energies will ensure Presencing and its long term effects. The New Aeon will hitherto be manifested through willed change.

Satan is the herald for change within an individual and in a civilization. A Satanist does not worship anything – including him/herself, but only possesses an insatiable desire to seek challenges and overcome them. Rather than submit to anyone or anything,, the Satanist would rather die – ever laughing and defiant.  Satan is the identification of a part of the primal Chaos that is transcends our perceived, causal dimensions. It represents the forces of the Cosmos that we seek to help emerge to cause Change.

The Satanism of the Order of Nine Angles and its Nexions develops the  mind, body and character of the whole individual and increases ones vitality. The essence of the Sinister Way is to believe that we can achieve far more than we believe in our lifetimes, ‘going beyond’ set boundaries and the like. Satanists revel in life and know when is the right time to die, for challenges even then, the challenges never end. This hard way of living and dying inspires fear and hatred even among others who are purported “Satanists.”

The true Master is one achieves esoteric skill, wisdom, and creativity. Each Destiny of each Master differs, for they are individual and unique and never actually conform to others’ expectations and ideas of them. The Master passes the Abyss, he is detached, intense, serious, yet natural and spontaneous. He/she will possess the ever elusive quality of charisma – natural, sexual, etc.

Satanism, as stated numerously in the past, is but a means to bring balance to the world and to break down The System that attempts to hold us in thrall. To cause Change, to destroy all of society’s illusions and forms, to seek the essence for what it truly is. Satanists can be “made” through practical experience, through hardship and suffering, the striving to overcome and achieve. The “born Satanists” are consumed and dominated by their own fragile egos and exhibit pretentiousness, never escaping their own egos. 


 Cosmion, O9A-NXS:352

Mastery and Suffering

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This world is Profane and suffering is almost a given. The common misconception among those who live their lives according to the Sinister Way is that life will be easier.

In the past, few have become too obssessed with their Satanic roles and are lost when suffering still occurs because they belive that Magick will avert tragedy, suffering, etc.

From an artistic perspective, suffering serves to stimulate ones creativity. The artists and musicians that we follow express their suffering in the hope that someone could relate to them and purchase their works.

If ones life was too simple, then we wouldn’t be interested. Aren’t we also fascinated with hearing and reading about strife as long as it isn’t our own?

We must all accept that Satanism is a means towards self-excellence and ultimately, Evolution. Satanism is living life with vitality and in this life, it will also involve suffering. It is impossible to achieve in everything attempted and failure is almost predictable in many undertakings. Arising from failure and laughing in the face of it is true vitality indeed.

The Magian way would be to beseech the ally in the sky to ease your burdens. The Sinister Way would be to ascend from it. 


Traditional Satanism

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Satanism is but a means, its objective is to Evolve the individual through the use of  the Dark Esoteric Arts and to transform the world and the causal itself through using the Sinister Strategy. Traditional Satanism describes the Sinister Way and also to differentiate from the perspectives of LaVey and Acquino. The term ‘Traditional Satanism has been appropriated by others and it has also been confused with “Theistic Satanism.” Genuine Traditional Satanism describes the teachings of the O9A.

Satan is but the exoteric label or ‘name’ of a particular acausal being, a living entity dwelling in the acausal. This entity is able to manifest in our causal world and is also able to assume causal forms.

Sinister Strategy is the utilization of Magick and Sinister Presencing to change individuals and/or events on a significant scale over long periods of causal time. It is to gain control and influence, to bring about a New Aeon. An Aeon is a particular Presencing of causal energies that would affect a multitude of individuals over a certain period of causal time.