An Infernal Alliance


The fundamental aim of the Infernal Alliance is to keep alive, and to disperse, an ethos – a particular ‘view of the world’. This ethos contradicts the present status quo and the Christianity which is an essential part of this.

 This ethos is an ‘infernal’ one – a dark one. It represents numinous awe; it represents a pagan understanding and a pagan way of living. This ethos, the experience and the understanding which are part of it, are essential to individuals – a means whereby a healthy, fulfilling life can be lived. Without these things – without this ‘dark’ experience, this ‘dark’ understanding – and without the primal awe which this ethos engenders, life is pretentious, shallow or worthless. Without the energies of this ethos, the world is a place fit only for sub-humans living sub-human lives – for these energies are the energies of creation, of change, of renewal and rebirth, as well as the energies of defiance.

 This darkness has become increasingly forgotten, or is increasingly ignored, in the modern world with its materialism and its pursuit of an unnatural equality. Individuals increasingly have little or no experience of the often dangerous numinous and primal awe which these dark energies create. The increasingly mis-use of modern technology conspires to make this so, providing individuals with comfortable lives where the outer darkness, the fear of the unknown, the joy of personal discovery, has been done away with through electric lights, loud music, entertainment, mundane work, and other vapid things. These modern, often urbanized, individuals are seldom, if ever, touched by or inspired by these dark energies – seldom, if ever, roused by these energies to dare to make a Vision or a dream real and so become something greater than they are. As a result, these denizens of urbanity feel safe – they feel sure of themselves. They are, in short, vainly arrogant – untouched by the stark terrors of the night or the unknown. In effect, they are only half alive – although a lot of them hardly live at all, merely existing as they flit about on the surface of life, like the insect life they have become.

 The Infernal Alliance exists to keep alive, and to spread, the darkness, the awe, the splendour, the defiance and the danger which are necessary and an essential part of our lives. These things – and the infernal ethos itself – are what makes us human. These things must be returned – as they must be experienced again, by individuals, in real life. To experience, to integrate that experience, is to grow. Without this experiencing and this integration there is decay, and the slow death that is sub-human life.

 Our societies have lost their infernal ethos – the dark side of their soul. As a result, decay has set in. Balance must be restored or our very humanity will be lost – perhaps forever. The Infernal Alliance represents Imagination; it represents Vision and the primal awe of darkness. It represents Wonder and the strength of defiance. Above all, it represents that creative, vital, energy which nurtures change and which alone ensures growth and evolution.

 The Infernal Alliance is Sinister and Satanic, just as we ourselves, as evolving beings, are and must be if we desire to continue our human existence.

Anton Long

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