The Priesthood


We each are equally near and equally dear to the center of Creation. Each of us a living expression and manifestation of the Great Architect of the Universe. Therefore it is only reasonable that we are all priests and priestesses of Satan in the Acception. Each of us individually has a unique and direct relationship and experience with life, creation, and nature to be our own religious authority and need not depend on another mortal person to interpret life and our reality for us. We logically than believe in the Satanic Priesthood of all believers of the Sinister Way; and reasonably reject the imaginary priestly authority of any church or religious organization as fraudulent and a usurpation of our natural born right to think our own thoughts and govern our own selves.

Who are they, these self righteous Satanists who play the Christian game and make themselves mediators and priests of dark imaginary gods? What makes them so special that they alone can speak for and represent nature and it’s laws? It is one thing to be all equal in brotherhood and sisterhood, all with equal honorary titles; to profit off the dumb and gullible. But it is another game altogether when they hide their ulterior motives and self righteousness behind these titles, to place themselves above a princely son or royal daughter of His Infernal Majesty. We are all his children. Among us there are no titles but brother and sister, but to the profane, who are not of our blood; let them call us by whatever title; let them praise us; so long as we know among our kindred we are all of the same Imperial Blood.

Every Initiate is by nature’s law an ordained priest and priestess of Satan and represents the Acception in act and word. The officers needed to preform Satanic rituals and rites are not official titles or ranks. The are offices that every nexus member are eligible for. Every three months each nexus will elect new ritual officers from among its members, insuring that each and every member experiences each office in due time. Initiation into the Sinister Way of the WSA is an automatic ordination into the Priesthood of Satan. Entitling each initiate with the authority and power to preform its rites, degrees, and make new members for the Acception.

For guidance and mentoring each member has two sources available to them: senior members who are more experienced than them, from whom they can learn and study from. And from a more occult source: The High Priesthood of Satan.

The High Priesthood of Satan exists in the acausal Abyss. Each member has his or her own personal High Priest/ess as a teacher and guide. The High Priesthood are fragmentary manifestations of ‘Satan’ who represents the force of darkness of the acausal Abyss itself, called the Lord of Is. It is the duty and responsibility of every brother and sister to contact their personal High Priest/ess, and establish a link with them and the Acception. The following will be instructions for making this contact. Without your High Priest/ess protection, venturing into the Abyss is a danger to the mind.


First lay down and flex every muscle group in your body beginning with the toes and working your way up to your face and head. Hold the tention for as long as posible until it burns then let go and relax. This is called Rigging.

Once this is finished take a few deep breaths and imagine a large bell above your head. Ring the bell and imagine the sound and resonance bathing your body relaxing it even further. Next begin Death Breathing also called “Avayuvica”:

Avayuvica is the opposite of Mahavayuvica and is used to enter a powerful altered state of consciousness near death called Death Gnosis. It is used to enter the Stargate and the Abyss. Avayuvica is done laying down with arms crossed over the chest like a mummy.

The initiate first begins with Mahavayu breathing: the initiate uses the abdomen to breath as a billow filling his lungs with air to its maximum capacity and letting it out rapidly. This is done continuously without a pause. This oxygenates the blood and fills it with vril. This is done until the initiate becomes light headed. Then he may go into Death Breathing.

The initiate exhales, and keeps his lungs empty for as long as possible, remaining relaxed and focusing on the death point – behind the head where the skull meets the neck. When inhaling the initiate takes in air very slowly with his abdomen, just enough to satisfy the need, and lets exhales, keeping the lungs empty for as long as possible. While the lungs are empty the initiate must chant in his mind the following to link his mind to the Abyss: “Agios O Satanas Fanya Esi Kunya AOMA (Ah-Oh-Mah).” The eyes are looking up to the point between the eyebrows. After 9 chantings air is filled into the lungs and held for as long as possible. This is done 9 times.

Once the initiate has reached his Death Gnosis a screen is visualized in the minds eye. Upon that screen will be displayed 12 colors associated with a trigger upon which the initiate must use his five senses to experience:

12: Red – Apple
11: Redish Orange – a flame
10: Orange – the fruit
9: Gold – the metal
8: Yellow – Lemon
7: Green – Grass
6: Aqua – ocean water
5: Blue – the sky
4: Indigo – the night sky
3: Purple – grapes
2: Violet – the flower
1: Crystal White – Quartz crystal or mother of pearl.

Continue Death Breathing and now count backwards from 13 to 1 slowly. Visualize yourself going down a ladder with 13 rungs. Go down this ladder and count down. Once you have reached the bottom concentrate on your heart beat, willing it to slow down. The state which this process has taken you is called the Death Gnosis. Here magic is more powerful when preformed in the mind.

Once here you must make your intention. Say the following three times with conviction: “I am invoking the force of Satan within me to manifest as my personal teacher and guide.” Here Satan is not some horned being. It is the force of Chaos of the Abyss itself, which will manifest to you as a unique manifestation. This is your High Priest/ess. Your direct link to the Prince of Darkness.

Once you have made your intention imagine a path in front of you. Follow the path. It leads to a stair case. Follow the stair case. Allow your subconscious mind to form the images itself. Follow these stairs until it leads you somewhere, usually a big empty space, or temple. Here you will see your High Priest/ess. Introduce yourself with respect, and salute the entity with the Sing of the Acception. Observe what your High Preist/ess looks like. Ask him or her for a name; then ask him or her how to invoke it next time you come to this place. Be silent and listen to whatever the High Priest/ess says to you. Thank it and salute it once again with the Sing of the Acception, and return home. Keep your first meeting short as the connection is still very weak, and information passing through that weak link can become very distorted.

Return to the stair case and make your way back to the path. Walk up the ladder then count from 1 to 12 slowly returning to normal breathing. Take a deep breath; open your eyes; and get up very slowly. The more you meet with your High Priest/ess, the stronger the connection will be. This exercise is practiced every day before going to sleep.

During your second meeting with your High Priest/ess you must test the connection and the High Priest/ess. During the second session before leaving, ask your High Priest for something. Start small and simple, since the connection is still weak. Ask for a desire you have, see it, experience what you want, feel whatever emotions you will experience when you have it. Then leave it to your High Priest/ess to make it happen.

Manifesting your will through your High Priest/ess is like tossing a note in a bottle into a river. You must let go and not hold on to it. Learn to trust your High Priest/ess, and know that it will come, and let go allowing the desire to flow with the cosmic current. You must also let go, and go with the flow as well. Life in the material plane will change; situations will bend to create optimal conditions; people will come; coincidences will happen. Write everything down and keep your eyes out for the signs given; follow your hunches; smile at people you walk by and say “hi.” Because the acausal forces works through other people who are most receptive to being influenced by its energy. If your High Priest/ess is powerful, you will get what you have asked for. If it isn’t then you must ask for a new one, because you probably got a weak manifestation.

This High Priest/ess is your teacher who will teach you of what ever magic, occult and psychic knowledge and power you desire to know. This is your guide and authority in the Sinister Way. This is your link to the Abyss; and your partner in the physical world.

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