Our Objective


The Objectives of the Acception are long term, progressive, and depends on science and Cronomorphosis – or the magic of time. Our Rites, Ceremonies, and teachings are all memes which act as biological software to guild each generation towards these Objectives.

The greatest example of Cronomorphic Magic being used is in Freemasonry, which I will give here (Magic meaning the change of reality to one’s will):

300 years before republics and voting, there was Freemasonry. The internal system of Freemasonry uses a “republican” system of politics, where individual members vote for their representatives in their governing body. Within Freemasonry are three basic degrees; each degree imbued and charged with special “memes.”

A meme consists of any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that gets transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, practices, habits, songs, dances and moods and terms such as race, culture, and ethnicity. Memes propagate themselves and can move through a “culture” in a manner similar to the behavior of a virus. As a unit of cultural evolution, a meme in some ways resembles a gene.

A “meme” is like a virus, but one that infects the mind. Memes are spread between two people by word of mouth, or some other method of communication such as rites and rituals, which then infects the other person’s mind. Political propaganda is a powerful example of memes in action, another is religion.

These memes in question infects the Mason’s mind with thoughts of Equality, Fraternity, and Liberty. They teach that no man is holier than any other and certainly not ordained by any God to rule over anyone with divine right… all these memes are pasted down from generation to generation through these rituals – the medium of memetic prorogation.

In this way each generation and era, has a certain group of people… usually people of power and influence… who are infected with these memes. They in turn infect those around them…

Culminating in the Revolutionary war in America… the French Revolution… and the Revolutions of South America by Simon Bolivar et al. Granted Freemasonry may not have had a direct involvement in these revolutions… but the by product of their memes did. The end result, after 300 years of cronomorphic incubation: A radically new world order, a grand experiment: where kings and popes were powerless; where the People governed themselves democratically via the republican system; where everyone was free and had rights and natural liberties, such as the liberty to pursue one’s happiness. Now nearly all countries are in some way democratic; and the old world order is dead.

Its awe inspiring to see that the thoughts, dreams, and visions, of the anonymous intelligencia who put the ritual works of Freemasonry together had such a globally powerful effect on the human race and human civilization…

Compared to this, Softcore Satanic magic seems perversely petty and insanely short sighted. We sit here and desire something, do our magic, and maybe get what we ask for. But none of us ever sit here and think about what kind of world or reality we as Satanists want our future progeny to live in… we will live out our short Satanic lives fulfilled to the brim with indulgence; then die; and leave a rotting world for our great great grand children to inherit. What if we could use “cronomorphic” magic to create a new world 300 years from now? What if we could impregnate our rituals, rites, and ceremonies with Cronomorphic Memes, and infect our members, and their children, and their children’s children? After 300 years of our Acception’s Cronomorphic Incubation, what would result?

This is the aim and objective of the WSA. It is not just empty Satanism and short sighted magic. It is an institution which has dreams, visions, and goals, which it will pass to each new generation via the most powerful form of magic known to mankind. “DOG SMILLE” is the simplified representation of our goals; which all our rites and memes must be in tune with. Each generation must be infected with the Dog Smille. With Time, all things are possible. The number of our membership does not matter. Time alone will accomplish our dreams.

DOG SMIILE is the acronym of our Objectives. DOG is our first objective formulated by the WSA. It stands for DiOvoGenesis. SMIILE stands for: Space Migration; Intelligence Increase; & Life Extension.

By Diovogenesis we mean female to female reproduction. Diovo meaning two eggs. Two eggs from two females are taken, the 23 chromosomes of one egg is injected into the other and an electrical current is introduced which will cause the merged eggs to divide and become fertilized. The children born will inherit each mother’s characteristics, and all children will be female. This will give females final and total independence from men, and will make men absolutely useless to the human species. Their utter worthlessness will cause them to rethink their own value as they have been the source of religion, politics, nations, and wars, since the dawn of humanity. A brighter future can be realized, but only when we each know our place in the order of nature.

By Space Migration we mean the colonization of space and celestial bodies. Space is the last bastion of freedom. Free from the political shit of this world, which will never go away. Space is our sanctuary of liberty, and our destiny.

By Intelligence Increase we mean merging our human brain with the computers we make into a collective network, enhancing our intelligence; which is our inevitable destiny. This process we call Cyborgation. Intelligence Increase also refers to enlightening mankind with science, and alternative belief systems which offer new biolological software for the human animal, to drown religion in a world of secularism.

By Life Extension we mean the science of extending our mortal lives so we can live longer and healthier. For now it is becoming more health aware and green. To take less man made chemicals and eat more natural foods. It will be about the study of genes in the future. The key is to understand the spindals that pulls the genetic material apart when a cell divides, as these spindals are genetically encoded to divide at a certain maximum number before they are shut down, and therefore causing old age.


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