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Darkness is my Friend

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Contrary to a current and growing misconception, the Sinister Way (and Sinister Magick) involves practical acts of darkness, of heresy, of chaos – involving such things as human sacrifice. The Sinister Way does not simply involve the study of folk-traditions, of myths, of magick, of esoteric subjects, as it does not just involve individuals or groups experiencing (or claiming they have experienced) a certain “atmosphere” in certain “surroundings” which they or others believe or assume to be “sinister”. Furthermore, the Sinister Way means the wholehearted acceptance, by the Sinister Initiate and Adept, of that particular way of living which has for centuries been called “Satanic”.
The Sinister Way is still intrinsically Satanic because the Satanic archetype/mythos/image – the very Being, or life, which has been named Satan – still exists, still lives, and is still a becoming. This is so because this Being is part of the present civilization, and its Aeon, which still exists, and which will exist for several more centuries, albeit toward its decline and end. This Being is the ethos of Heresy for this present civilization of ours – the presencing of the Dark, the Sinister, and thus a practical manifestation, in the world, of the workings of the sinister dialectic: a means to bring change, imbue life, and initiate further evolution. Those who do not understand this, quite simply do not understand Aeons and the sinister dialectic itself.

However, it needs to be further understood that the acausal energies of the next Aeon, which will give rise to a new civilization centuries after, are already becoming manifest, partly through the work of esoteric groups who, knowingly or unknowingly, are nexions for the new energies waiting to be unleashed upon this world of ours. The Sinister ethos of this new Aeon is an apprehension of the acausal – the Sinister – itself. This apprehension is beyond a descriptive word or words, beyond a name and even beyond an archetypal image. It is initially – for the first century or so – a numinous symbol. This is because this new manifestation of the Sinister is a new type of Being, a new type of life presenced on this planet of ours, and presenced by our very lives, as human beings – and will thus go with us, and be manifest, wherever we go beyond the confines of this planet we call Earth. And yet this new manifestation, this new ethos, incorporates what will then be the “old” archetypal image of Satan – in the simplistic allegorical sense, the new type of Being will be the child or children of Satan, grown to maturity; a child or children born from the symbiosis with those Sinister Adepts existing now or in the near future.

Thus to scorn and reject what now is, presenced as the Satanic, is to reject what is yet to be – and thus it is to reject that which alone ensures the creation of the next civilization, its Galactic Empire and the new higher race of human beings we through our lives, our magick and our deeds, desire to create.

The reality of the present (and the next fifty to an hundred years or so) is that the majority need to be changed; they need to become human – and thus develope the potential latent within most. Only by such a change – in more that a few Initiates or Adepts – can the next civilization arise. It will not just “happen” – it has to be created, constructed, and controlled by Sinister Adepts who know what they are doing. The change that is necessary means that there must be a culling, or many cullings, which remove the worthless and those detrimental to further evolution. To change, the majority must be provoked into changing. This means them experiencing, confronting the shadows within and the shadows without; thus must the Sinister be made manifest for them, and in them. This requires Sinister Initiates and Sinister Adepts “to presence the dark”. Furthermore, the causal structures the majority rely on, such as societies, need to be changed, via the creative/sinister dialectic, and thus by such dark presencing. In these things, the Being which is Satan is important, and vital – a valid apprehension for the majority, and their means of change through provokation, heresy and direct presencing of the Sinister.
At the same time, the new Aeonic apprehension which is arising among Adepts must be nurtured, and expanded. As mentioned above, this new apprehension is even now being born from the one which still is. In Initiate (and exoteric) terms, this new apprehension is an understanding of Satan as one of the Dark Gods (or even as the Father of the Dark Gods) and a further understanding of the Dark Gods themselves as chaotic, primal, sinister entities which provoke, create, cause change and evolution, and without which evolution is impossible. In esoteric (and Adept) terms, this new apprehension is an understanding of the Dark Gods as causal manifestations, a presencing, of acausal energy – and a further understanding of how such acausal energy is the very life, the very Being, of both us as human beings, and of the cosmos itself.
Esoteric Groups and the Immediate Future
At this precise moment in our own human evolution, Sinister esoteric groups are in a unique position – capable of rationally understanding Aeonic processes, and poised between the birth of a new Aeon, and the end and destruction of the old.

The new Aeon means a new, and higher, Galactic civilization – several centuries after the energies of the new Aeon first become manifest and are presenced, via new nexions. The decline and ending of the current Aeon means the establishment of a new and expanding physical Empire: a New Order which is the last and most glorious manifestation of the genuine spirit, or ethos, of the old Aeon. Sinister esoteric groups must understand such things as these, and then act upon that understanding, esoterically and exoterically.

Thus they must understand that for the next higher civilization to arise – created by and imbued with the energies of the new Aeon – our present societies must change or be changed.  The Faustian/Promethean (or more correctly, the Satanic) Destiny of this current civilization must be returned, and the present cultural disease affecting this civilization cured, with the excision of the parasites sucking the life-blood of this civilization – for only this returning of Destiny will enable the Empire to be created, and only this Empire will breed in sufficient numbers the new type of individual required to create, build and expand the entirely new Galactic civilization and Galactic Empire which will arise from the eventual decline of the old Promethean/Faustian Empire.
Hence there are three main tasks for Sinister esoteric groups. (1) To provoke or cause, through both practical and magickal means, the destruction, the Ragnorak, which is necessary now to build a New Order from the diseased society of the present, and regain the ethos, the Destiny, which is necessary to inspire the creation of such a New Order. (2) To presence the Sinister energies of the new Aeon in particular places and through new living nexions. (3) To cause at least some of the now sub-human majority of our species to change, to evolve. This change can be achieved in two ways: (a) by presencing the dark which now is (Satan) and presencing the dark which can and will be (the primal cosmic acausal – “the Dark Gods”); and (b) by individuals following the Seven-Fold Sinister Way to Adeptship and beyond.


Anton Long ONA 107 yf

Mastery – Its Real Meaning and Significance

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atu X - wyrd

Mastery is one of the names given to the achievement, by an individual, of one of the advanced stages of the occult way or path. In the septenary tradition – which the ONA regards as the authentic Western tradition in contradistinction to the Hebrew ‘Qabalah’ – this stage is the fifth of the seven that mark the quest, and those who reach it are often known by the titles Master of Temple or Mistress of Earth.

It follows from the stage of Internal Adept, which is the stage of Adeptship [qv. the MSS Adeptship – Its Real Meaning and Significance]. Between the two, lies an area often called ‘The Abyss’. Basically, an Internal Adept [or simply ‘Adept’ for short: an ‘Internal’ Adept is distinguished from an ‘External’ Adept by virtue of the former having achieved an internal as well as an external insight/understanding and a skill in both internal and external magick] has discovered the nature of their unique Destiny in the real world. That is, they are aware of personal wyrd. Before they can venture into and beyond the Abyss, this Destiny has to be strived for – the Adept has to make real, in the real world, this dream of Destiny.

For every Adept, the Destiny is unique. But for all it means an interaction with the real world – in effect transforming their inner vision and energies in a practical way and so in some way (often quite significant) changing the real world. All Adepts effect changes in others. Some do this in a directly magickal way – for instance, by running a Temple/group and teaching esoteric traditions. Some do it via creativity – for instance, music, Art, writing. Some do it via direct action which appears to non-Initiates as divorced from Occultism – for instance, politics or business. Some combine elements of all of these. There are many other ways. What is important is that the Adept is using their skills and abilities, derived from achieving Adeptship, in a practical way – their life has a vitality, a purpose, a dynamism which is beyond that of most others.

While this is occuring, the Adept is learning and evolving further. For some Adepts, the majority in fact, this interaction, this striving for a Destiny, is totally satisfying. In effect, their wyrd is this Destiny. [Note: wyrd and Destiny are not identical. Wyrd is beyond, but includes personal Destiny. The ‘Tree of Wyrd’ comprises all the seven spheres or stages of the Occult quest.] In esoteric terms, they possess no desire to progress further; and usually their desire to follow the Occult path to its ending fades, slowly, and then is lost in everyday and personal concerns. Their quest has been a phase of their lives – a rewarding one, but nevertheless a phase, which they mostly consider they have ‘outgrown’.

However, some Adepts see and understand this Destiny in a different way. Or, rather, they feel it differently after a number of years of striving. They gradually become aware of what is beyond, in esoteric terms: they understand this Destiny as a part of their wyrd, and that wyrd as the ‘dialectic of change’. In essence, they understand in a real, complete way [i.e. not just ‘in theory’] what Aeonic magick is – of how their life and deeds are part of an Aeonic imperative.

Of course, all Adepts – if they are genuine – understand the rudiments of Aeonic theory. But this is a purely intellectual, abstract, understanding. It is cerebral, devoid of numinosity. Further, most Adepts are aware of the rudiments of Aeonic magick – but, once again, this awareness is cerebral.

What occurs in some Adepts is that by the very process of striving to achieve a personal Destiny in the real world, they gradually come to understand what Aeonics really means, in personal and supra-personal terms: they experience Aeonic magick via their striving. This makes it real to them in a meaningful way – cerebral understanding is mostly a vacuous understanding.

In essence, therefore, the esoteric understanding of these Adepts grows in the only way real esoteric understanding does – via practical experience of the realities. They acquire more insight into the world, the cosmos and themselves. On the psychic level, the energy which imbued their personal Destiny, which gave them the vitality, the “elan” to persue it, wanes. They begin to seek after something else – they desire what seems to be an intangible wyrd.

Thus, they move toward ‘The Abyss’ after some years of striving in the real world, of garnishing experiences, of learning from them. In effect, the self-image, which Adeptship created, is waning. [Note: Initiation creates an ‘ego-image’; an External Adept has both an ego-image and the beginnings of a self-image. An Internal Adept has achieved a self-image: a certain unity of conscious and unconscious/pre-conscious forms. This self-image is vitalized by a Destiny.]

For a period, the Adept lies between two-images: the self-image which has almost died, and an intangible but tantilizing wyrd~image. This is often a most difficult time in the personal life of the Adept. There is nothing and no one to help them.

Gradually, they may achieve more understanding and come to understand the real essence hidden behind appearance: in themselves, others, the structures of the world, the cosmos itself. They will also come to realize what is missing from their own life – in terms of experience. Accordingly, they will redress the balance by living to attain what they lacked, to fully complete themselves. This, of course, is difficult, requiring as it does not only a genuine self-honesty and awareness, but also a real understanding of what the balance itself actually is. Here, ‘theory’, book-learning and such like is no use.
Then, when some balance is achieved, there will be a discovery of the essence of not only Aeonic Magick but also what the essence of magickal forces really are. A discovery of that which is beyond opposites – a return to and a going away from, primal Chaos.

Following all this, there is usually an ordeal which is magickally ruthless and which ascertains if the person undertaking it has actually achieved both an internal and a magickal mastery. In the septenary tradition, this ordeal is the Grade Ritual of Master/Mistress which involves the candidate walking, alone and unaided and carrying all food etc., a distance of 80 miles in isolated terrain, starting at sunrise on the first day and ending at sunset on the second day. After reaching the target distance, a magickal ritual is performed which is psychically dangerous.

Then, there is a certain satisfaction of having achieved the stage of Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth.

Naturally, the above is only a brief outline of the transition from Adept to Master or Mistress. The salient points are that it involves many years of striving for something in the real world, of causing changes via a Destiny; that there are and must be more experiences to take the individual far beyond ‘the self’; and that there is a real understanding of what lies beyond external and internal magick – of the patterns and processes of dialectic change, of evolution itself: in brief, of Aeonics. And a real Mastery of forms.

To provoke or cause the individual to go beyond ‘the self’, the experiences of necessity are hard. By their nature they take the Adept to and beyond the limits of living – mostly in a way more extreme than those which form the character of an Adept and which therefore a novice may undertake to experience and learn from and so grow.

Because of all this, the Adept who progresses to the stage beyond possesses real wisdom. They have achieved many things. They are different from ordinary mortals – inside, where it matters. They know because they have experienced: because they have seen more of life; because they have been to the limits of themselves and gone beyond what they were. And because they have maintained their resolve to follow the occult path they have chosen to its ending.

In effect, they belong to a new race – they are part of an elite more exclusive than that to which Adepts belong. They have developed a significant part of their latent potential; have fully understood themselves, the world, the people in it, the esoteric or hidden forces in the world, and the cosmos itself.

This does not mean that they are infallible or that they have nothing more to learn. Neither are they deceived by their own abilities and understanding. They are, however, aware of what it is they must do, conversant with their own abilities and the dialectic of change. That is, they know how to use Aeonic Magick to affect evolution – and do so, for their own life is a part of the creative change necessary.

Most who claim to be a ‘Master’ (or ‘Mistress’) are charlatans. As with the false Adepts, they appoint themselves to this title, or are appointed to it by someone who claims to have progressed even further. They have not achieved it. They have not achieved anything significant in creative terms; have little or no self-understanding; possess no real knowledge of Aeonics and Aeonic Magick. They have not lived their limits – and gone beyond them. They have no ‘genius’, no wisdom. They are still full of self-delusion particuarly about their esoteric knowledge and their own abilities, and have no real insight into others, let alone themselves. In fact, many who claim to be ‘Masters’ lack even the basic qualities of an Adept.

The same applies – even more so – to they who claim to have gone beyond the stage of Mastery, and I shall explain why in words which will expose them for the frauds that they are.

The stage beyond that of Master – often signified by the title Grand Master – requires for its achievement significant Aeonic works. That is, it requires the person to have produced profound changes in the causal and magickal forms which mark a particular Aeon: or to have actually presenced esoteric/magickal energies in such a way that a new Aeon is created. This does not mean that someone believes they have done these things – ‘on the magickal level’. It means that the structure of evolution has been significantly altered in accord with the wyrd of that Grand Master/Mistress: and in such a way that the changes are perceptible, in real life, in those forms and structures which Aeonic energy is presenced in the causal, such as societies.

This does not mean a playing at magick by heading some self-created Occult organization or Temple – or writing/talking at great length about Occult matters. Neither does it mean that one assumes the title by taking over some already existing organization or group. It most certainly does not mean someone else awards it or confers it.

Further, it means one has not only reached the limits of present knowledge regarding Aeonics and other esoteric matters [and knowledge in the sense of practical experience] but has also extended those limits by one’s own creativity – taken conscious evolution further. That is, added in a profound way to a conscious understanding and to the means for others to attain such understanding. This in itself does not mean anything ‘dogmatic’ or of a religious nature – or ‘given to one’ by some entity/supra-personal intelligence or whatever. It is never ‘revelatory’ in the sense of a religion. That is, it does not mean one is “appointed” by some entity/extra-terrestrial intelligence or whatever and so “heads” some sort of messianic crusade of a religious nature.

The frauds indulge in psuedo-mystical babble and Occult histrionics – they expect and mostly demand obediance.They play a “role” and often dress the part. Of course, by doing these and similar things they obtain followers, sycophants – i.e. weak individuals who need to fawn and obey. All the frauds rely on something external to themselves, be this something a “role”, a mandate, a divine/diabolic revelation, an imagined/real lineage, an organizational authority, a messianic/diabolic/extra-terrestrial commission or whatever.

In reality, all these traits and actions are signs of someone not yet achieved Adeptship – someone striving for self-insight.

A real Grand Master (or mistress) has a wealth of practical experience both Occult and ‘in the real world’. They have genius – a highly developed intellect and a creativity. They possess empathy in the highest degree. They have judgement. They possess a critical awareness and understanding of all those factors and forms which have and do shape and change our evolution both conscious and unconscious from individuals to Aeons. And they are unique – ‘their own person’. They owe allegiance to no one and they are not constrained by any affectation or role (such as conforming to the imagined image of a Master or Grand Master or ‘teacher’). Like genuine Masters and Mistresses, they are spontaneous and human, without affectation of ‘knowledge’ or ‘cleverness’. Neither do they pretend to be ‘venerable’.

There are perhaps two or three genuine Grand Masters/Mistresses a century – and that is all. And this is unlikely to change, given the present capacity of individuals to delude themselves and given the fact that few are prepared to undertake the really hard and difficult struggle that lasts for at least a quarter of a century and which creates such a unique entity.

As regards the last stage of the Occult way, which the septenary tradition describes by the term Immortal and which the distorted and inauthentic tradition of the ‘Qabalah’ describes as the stage of the “Ipssisimus” [and I had to look-up how to spell the word], this really is not obtainable except in the last few years of the causal existence of a Grand Master/Mistress who has created for themselves an acausal and thus Immortal existence. Thus, anyone claiming this title in the causal or mortal world is, ‘ipso facto’, a fraud – and one who has little or no knowledge of real esoteric matters. Those who so claim, show themselves up to be not even a genuine Master or Mistress – and seldom, if ever, even an Adept.

As Aeschylus once explained: one can learn through adversity/ suffering as so achieve wisdom. Before this ‘law’, people suffered, but did not learn. Most Occultists have never suffered, and so learn nothing; they eschew ordeals, and real life experiences, in favour of mystical meanderings and a religious mentality. Or they find comfort, an escape in the Occult. A real Occult quest involves adversity – undertaking hardships, surmounting real physical, mental and psychic challenges; forging into the unknown, alone. Questing through adversity to transform one’s existence.

It takes years of self-effort and adversity, of accepting challenges and triumphing, to achieve real self-insight and genuine esoteric understanding, and thus to become an Adept. It takes even greater effort and adversity and learning to go beyond that. Real wisdom is still, unfortunately, a precious commodity. The esoteric path to Wisdom is open to all – its techniques and methods work. But such is the primative self-awareness of most people that they cannot appreciate this or be bothered to undertake a real quest in search of the next stage of existence. So the Occult babbling will continue, and the frauds claim their titles.

De nihilo nihil fit.


97 Year of Fayen

The Dark Imperium

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One of the exoteric – practical and outward – aims of The Order of Nine Angles is to aid the creation of a Dark Imperium. This Dark Imperium is and will be a manifestation, a practical implementation, of The Sinister, of The Sinister Dialectic, where Sinister Adepts (and, of course, Sinister Masters and Lady Masters) guide, control and manipulate – on a large scale – ordinary (non-Initiated) mortals, and thus effect sinister changes in a particular society, or in many societies.

It is one of the aims of the person named by sinister esoteric tradition as Vindex to create the foundations for this Dark Imperium, and, in practical terms, the Dark Imperium will be a large, organized – most probably militaristic – society whose ideals are those of excellence and of the noble honourable warrior and warrioress, and whose ethos will be essentially pagan. In addition, this Dark Imperium will function on the basis of the warrior leadership-principle and not upon any form of democracy, just as – and importantly – the basis for the law, for the justice, of the new societies of this Imperium will be personal honour (the law of the warrior), and not the abstract, dis-honourable, law that has come to dominate all Western societies, to the detriment of our evolution as a species.

Given this distinctive practical nature of the Dark Imperium, it will thus be ideologically, violently, and of necessity, opposed to the current materialistic, “politically-correct”, democratic, plebeian, status quo, in the West, and elsewhere, and – once established – one of the first practical aims of this new Imperium will be to extend, if necessary by force of arms and conquest, its Law of the Warrior to other societies, creating in time a new world-wide Empire. It is this new world Empire which will efficiently begin the practical colonization of Space, first in our own Solar System, and then among the stars. It will do this practical exploration and colonization of Space both as duty and as a necessity, since such practical exploration and colonization is an integral part of its fundamental, irrevocable, pagan and warrior ethos.

Furthermore, such a Dark Imperium will, outwardly, not be directly associated with “the Satanic” or with “Satanists”, although, under the guidance, the leadership, of Vindex and his (or her) successors, this warrior society will be aiding the Sinister Dialectic and thus achieving long-term Sinister, Satanic, goals.

Of course, Sinister Adepts – and some sagacious non-Initiates – will understand that such a Dark Imperium is itself only a stage; only one part of an Aeonic process; and that, as such, it does not represent the essence, nor the ultimate aims, of the ONA itself, although it is only to be expected that the majority among the plebeius will fail to appreciate the difference.

In essence, the Dark Imperium is a stage toward the emergence of – a means to create – that new human species which Sinister Adepts have named, variously, as Homo Sol, Homo Galactica and Homo Galacticus: the Promethean species whose homes, whose dwellings, whose life, will be among the star-systems of our Galaxy, and then among the star-systems of other Galaxies in the causal Cosmos.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen