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The Meaning of Sinister Initiation: An Initiate’s Perspective

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Order 0f Nine Angles

From “OTONEN – A Guide to the Stage of Initiate”, Vindex Press 1989, 1999.

The Sinister Path

For many non-initiates and, unfortunately Initiates (an indication perhaps of the current state of the ‘Occult world’ itself), it is often misunderstood that the performance of a Rite of Initiation will bring forth immediate psychic change is noticeable in the individual; this itself will most likely be due to the intensity of  the Rite of Initiation. But whether such change has a lasting effect is another question, it being more likely that such immediate change will slowly evaporate as time passes. Another exception is that although there will have been no real or genuine inner change the Initiate will fall prey to one of the many delusions of the Abyss and believe that a change has occurred against all indications that tell otherwise (q.v. The Deceitful Occult Ego). So, although immediate change within the Initiate is possible, a more balanced and natural approach is to perceive Initiation as a process. It may be – and often actually is – physically desirable for the beginning of this process to be symbolized by the outer form of an Initiation Ritual (be it hermetic or ceremonial).

Along the Seven-Fold Sinister Way these Initiation rites (for in one sense all the rituals involved during the various stages of the Sinister Way are initiation rites in themselves) are primarily concerned with presenting the Darkness or acausal component of the psyche in the conscious world, or mind, of the Initiate. This enables the consciousness of the Initiate (that is, where the individual is largely controlled by unconscious desires or impulses) to that of Initiate (where the Satanist begins to comprehend and interact consciously  with these previously unconscious components) and then on to Adepthood where these energies are consciously understood enabling a certain balance to be attained between causal and acausal.

The Path of the Initiate

As each new Initiate progresses along the Sinister Path, it is expected that individual insights will add to the Tradition as a whole (the Heir to the Tradition adding significantly). Whether this does or does not happen is really dependent upon the Initiate and the quality of his or her contact with the Sinister Tradition. If the Path is genuinely followed, that is, if the Sinister is being actively pursued during the daily life of the Initiate (such pursuit or questing being a continuous act, and thereby a development of individual Will) genuine occult transformation will begin to occur. With this transformation it is possible that variations on some Sinister Rituals may arise whereby the Initiate finds a more powerful method of manifesting the acausal during the rite.

The rituals that are of primary concern for the Initiate are the Dark Pathways and the Sinister Pathworkings. Besides these rituals – which will already, if followed continuously, begin to dominate the Initiate’s consciousness – there are the individual sphere chants to be learnt, the undertaking of physical training, the study and practice of the Star Game, the study of Order texts and correspondences, the collation of incenses and the purchasing of specific implements for the future Temple. In regard to this latter aspect, by undertaking such actions these actions themselves will or may (dependent upon Individual Destiny) aid to the manifestation or creation of a Sinister Temple. That is to say, that by purchasing or making items that are specifically for a Sinister Temple, the reality of that (future) Temple is becoming presenced in the causal life of that Initiate.

Further to previous Order guidelines, a new method of Initiate development advises that the Initiate begins with the Dark Pathways themselves (instead of the Sinister Sphereworkings). The aim is to invoke one Dark God per week, meditating each night leading up to the ritual for no less than fifteen minutes on the respective sigil whilst slowly repeating the name of the Dark God or the World of Power. Combined with this the Initiate should aim to reduce sleep and food until the night of the ritual whilst also locating the respective planetary incense (taken from the bark of the respective tree) and burning this, during this, during the ritual. Once all Dark Pathways have been experienced, the Initiate may then undertake the Sinister Pathworkings, performing the nightly meditations. The  following of the Sinister Path in this manner, implies that the Initiate has already recreated or made conscious the Tree of Wyrd within him or herself, by consciously invoking each of the fundamental archetypes into consciousness. This conscious presenting of the archetypes thean being further developed by the Sphere Meditations themselves.

Initiate Tasks: Other Aspects

Besides the primary rituals that are required for the completion of Sinister Initaition, it is advisable that the initiate purchases – or contracts a jeweler to make – the relevant piece of jewelry to be worn (ring set with quartz for males, quartz necklace for females). The wearing of such an item of jewelry further stimulates the Initiate’s awareness that he or she is a member of a Tradition, one that is far more important and potent than the frankly rather pathetic past-times that most people takes as an interest or hobby. This ring or necklace becomes for the Initiate a ‘Mark of Satan’, a symbol of the Initiate’s quest and a constant reminder of the Sinister in the Initiate’s life, that is the Initiate is constantly aware that he or she is wearing and outward symbol – that others can see – of his or her Sinister Quest.

When all the different factors or tasks of Sinister Initiation are combined the Initiate’s entrance into the Sinister becomes a very potent force, one that is active (by virtue of the fact that the Initiate is consciously realizing or making real the Sinister in his or her life).

The practice of the chants is, as mentioned previously, a further task of the Sinister Way. Although this does not necessarily have to be undertaken during the stage of Initiate, it is advisable to begin to learn these so that once the Grade of Professed Brother or Sister is attained, the Sinister Magickian may be a little more prepared for the running of a Sinister Temple. By virtue of the fact that there are a number of chants that will need to be learned for use during Sinister ceremonial ritual it is usually advisable that the Diabolus is the first chant to be learned. Besides this the sphere chants are probably the next most important (the Agios Lucifer chant being ideal to begin with) since they provide a foundation for a number of rituals, and can be – and have been – used during the Dark Pathways Invokations.

There are of course a number of other tasks that are suggested, some new and some more Traditional aspects. One of the older and more secretive tasks is for the Sinister Initiate to gain some hosts from a Nazarene place of worship and desecrate these either during or after the Rite of Initiation. If one is seeking to join an existing Temple it will be necessary to have attained these prior to Initiation for use during Initiation, such an acquisition further proving the worth of the candidate.

A more recent addition to Tradition is that whilst the Initiate is undertaking the Dark Pathways, he or she draws a Tree of Wyrd in his or her Magickal Diary or ‘Sinister Book of Shadows’. This map however should only be added to once a Dark Pathway has been concluded. Thus, the Initiate begins by drawing the seven spheres, in appropriate sphere colors. Then, once the Noctulius Pathway is completed this is drawn in, then the Shugara Pathway is drawn in and so on. This in itself adds (albeit in a minor way) to the conscious integration of the energies being brought forth as enabling the Initiate to see – in physical terms – how the Pathways are connected to the spheres and one another.

Self-honesty and Sinister Occult Development

It is important to remember that, as an Initiate you have made a pledge to Satan and the Dark Gods to follow the Sinister Way:

‘Now receive as a symbol of your new desire and as a sign of your oath this sigil of Satan. This sign shall be the Power which I as Master wield shall always be a part of you – a symbol to those who can see and the Mark of our Prince.’

‘I….(state name chosen) am here to begin my Sinister Quest. Prince of Darkness, hear my oath! Baphomet, Mistress of Earth, hear me! Hear me, you Dark Gods waiting beyond the Abyss!’

(The Black Book of Satan)

It is easy in times of anger or tiredness to say to oneself that it doesn’t matter too much if a meditation is missed, or you don’y have a ring, or you don’t bother with the physical aspect, or that the Initiation Rite doesn’t need to be undertaken, or the Grade Ritual of External Adept isn’t really too important. That, because you know you could do it, it isn’t necessary to prove it to yourself.  And so on and so forth. And yes, it is easy to say such things because it means that you don’t have to make an effort. But, the Sinister Path is hard and demands commitment. It is only with this commitment, with this continuous effort, with this continual personal act of Will, of individual defiance, that such changes will occur. So in the context of Sinister Pathworking:

‘…faithful repetition is important, because by following the procedure exactly the required changes in consciousness are produced.’


How easy it is to miss these simple statements that describe the very means to achieve Sinister Adepthood. Perhaps if more Initiates actually did what was said by virtue of an act of Will then there might be more Sinister Adepts in the world. But things are as they are and human weakness is usually the cause of a waste of life, of potential. So, it is necessary, if the Sinister Initiate truly seeks an understanding that cannot be taken away from him or her, to follow the way as stated in numerous Order MSS. It is necessary to face the challenges that are set before the Initiate. At this stage there is no need to look too far ahead. Rather it is better to keep ones mind and thoughts on the current stage, because it is by following this stage now, and then the stage of External Adept, that the heights of the stage of Sinister Adept may finally be approached.

Thus, with all this in mind although the Initiate may have a tendency to say that it is not necessary to meditate upon the sigil of the Dark God each night prior to the Dark Pathways Invokations, such meditations really do enhance the energies brought forth and, after an unspecified amount of time has passed (dependent of course upon each Initiate) the Initiate will start to feel the acausal body surrounding the causal body.

The Seven-Fold Way: Training and Grades

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wrI many ways the Seven-Fold Way can be regarded as a process, by the individual, of discovery and experience. The goal of this process is the production of individuals skilled and knowledgeable in the magickal arts who have developed their latent, occult facilities and who possess the beginnings of wisdom.

This process can result, sometimes by accident over extended periods of time (for example, three decades or more) but it is most usually undertaken as a result of a conscious decision by an individual to seek esoteric and/or magickal groups/Orders/Adepts. In this later case – and provided the guidance received is good – the goal can be achieved in a much shorter time.

The first part of the process is in many ways the easiest: that of seeking some form of Initiation (qv. the Order MS ‘A Novice’s Guide to Initiation.’). Before and after Initiation the novice is required to undertake various tasks by the Master or Mistress who has agreed to guide the individual along the Seven-Fold Way. The pre-Initiation tasks are the performance by the individual of a simple hermetic ritual (usually on the night of the full moon), the construction of the simplified version of intent and commitment of the candidate. The important thing about these tests of intent is that the candidate is unaware of them – for example, the candidate is asked to be present at a certain time and place and instead of meeting there the expected Master or Mistress meets a person of odd appearance who propounds various views which the individual in question may find not only unusual but distasteful. Such tests and encounters are not games but merely devices which enable the preparation to Initiation. It is to be understood that it is not the order which tests the candidate – but the candidates themselves. Initiation is the beginning of the breakdown of the illusion of roles, and to be successful this breaking must be done by the individual, within.

Once this breaking down begins, then Initiation is already underway, and no ‘Rite of Initiation’ however complex or well-meaning is a substitute for this change in the individual. Such a rite, as a ceremonial ritual, is only the representation of this process in a dramatic form and in many cases is not necessary if some other form of Initiation is more suited to the candidate.

Besides this breaking of self-delusion, Initiation is an awakening of the occult facilities – that is, the experience by the candidate of the reality of magickal forces. This experience can be brought about in several ways – 

1 – by means of a powerful ritual of Initiation which produces magickal forces through invokation;

2 – through the candidate experiencing the charisma of a Master or Mistress

3 – as a consequence of the individual undergoing a particular experience where magickal forces are present.

An example of this third type is when a candidate, expecting perhaps (as a result of their imagination) a ceremonial ritual of Initiation, is led to an isolated spot where magickal energies are present either naturally (as for example in most stone circles0 or have been created beforehand by an Adept in readiness for the candidate. The candidate is then left alone. What the candidate then experiences (sometimes for many hours) is an Initiation – although that is seldom understood by the candidate at the timebecause outwards form is lacking. In many respects, this third type is the most valuable of all the forms of Initiation since it does not rely on the illusion of ceremonial, or the dogma normally associated with such rural forms. Initiation is complete when the candidate realizes that a process of inner change has begun.

The next stage of the Seven-Fold Way, following Initiation, is when the novice begins to undertake in a systematic way workings with the various magickal forces through such forms as Path Workings, hermetical and ceremonial rituals. Such workings in themselves take several months and during this time the novice will be given several tasks – some practical, some magickal – to perform. These tasks may themselves take several months to complete. The most usual magickal task involved the novice assuming the ‘role’ of a dark sorcerer/sorceress for example, dressing in black and cultivating a Satanic appearance – and in this guise attending various Occult functions and generally trying to invoke argument and dissent. The novice in this is advised to cultivate an attitude of arrogance and pride and must be prepared to defend forcefully their Satanic views. Following this, the novice is expected to infiltrate another magickal group/Order with the intent of attending a ritual and during that ritual either redirecting the magickal power (if any) or invoking by their own effort during the ritual a powerful force of their own choosing to disrupt or otherwise alter the original ritual. In some cases, the novice may organize their own group (recruiting people for it) for just this purpose.

This magickal taskdevelops not only the use of magickal forces in an interesting way but also provides the novice to develop various skills pertaining to the manipulation of other individuals chiefly through the deliberate development of a ‘charismatic’ personality or role. It’s the fundamental task of the novice to learn from these experiences – that is, not to allow the role to become dominant.

This is achieved by the novice remembering that they are involved in a Seven-Fold quest and accepting the advice given by the Master or Mistress who assigned the task. Both of these things some novices find difficult to do. The behavior of the novice during this task is governed by specific guidelines – failure to observe the guidelines by an individual means the end of their noviciate as far as the Order is concerned.

The practical tasks associated with this stage usually involve the novice developing certain physical abilities suited to their character. Such physical goals (for example, cycling 100 miles in under 5 hours or running 20 miles in 2 hours 30 minutes – fitter individuals will be given a more demanding goal) are a necessary balance to the magickal tasks as well as enabling those tasks to be achieved in a more invigorating manner.

This stage generally takes from six months to two years and is concluded when the novice finds changes of perspective arising as a consequence of the self-understanding brought through following the goals and tasks. This change should arise naturally and it is made conscious to the novice toward the end of the stage through the grade ritual of External Adept. This ritual is a prelude to the goals and tasks of the next stage and signifies the beginning of Adeptship.

The Grade Ritual involves the involves the individual constructing a septenary Star Game and the performance by the individual of a certain ritual on a night of the new moon. This ritual involves the invoking of a certain force, female in aspect.

The External Adept may choose to continue with the group or temple begun in the previous stage (or create one if this was not done before) for the purpose of conducting ceremonial and hermetic rituals of the type associated with, for example, the ‘Book of Wyrd’ as well as for the performance of the cthonic Nine Angles rite if desired. Alternatively, the individual may opt to concentrate on magickal working with the Star Game – and for this (as the task above) a companion is required. it is a task of the External Adept to find such a companion, as well as teach them all they themselves have learned during the previous stages – guiding them as they themselves have been guided. This in itself takes from one to two years, and because of this most External adepts prefer, during this time, to organize a magickal group/Temple since it provides a structure and a focus.

During this satge the External Adept will experience many things, particularly of a magickal kind if rituals are undertaken by a group, and contact with the Master or Mistress will be limited and occur for the most part if the External Adept wishes. It is important during the long period associated with this particular stage, that the individual does not become prey top the illusion of being a Master or Mistress.

Most will of course succumb at some time to this as a consequence of the varied magickal experiences and contacts with those less experienced in magick, many individuals sever their links with the Order as a consequence of this illusion.

In some ways this stage is the most difficult, involving as it does confrontation with various roles and what had been called the ‘anima/animus’, this latter occuring naturally through the training of a companion. Provided the individual maintains during the stage their resolve to follow to its end the Seven-Fold Way (and here the advice of the Master/Mistress is often crucial at some point during this stage) then, with the completion of the Ritual of the fifth stage, the new Master or Mistress assumes a teaching role via an Order or an individual basis, and usuall those who attain this stage take over at some time their Order, guiding individuals along the Seven-Fold Way. They may also create their own Order or group should they wish – or re-activate the Temple by its nature, means the individual must disband such a Temple or leave it in care of one less experienced.

After some years teaching, the Master or Mistress may withdraw to seek the next stage – provided they have trained at least one person to continue the tradition of the Seven-Fold Way.

Thus it will be seen that the Seven-Fold Way is not easy. It is a way of life, which any individual may follow. Those who only follow its early stages gain something of benefit- those who go further may achieve the goal that awaits us all: the stage of human evolution.

In the past, in any one decade, the Order had many hundreds of candidates seeking Initiation. About four or five a year, sometimes less, may become Initiates through their own choice. Of these, perhaps two will complete the noviciate and only two or three from twenty a decade become  Internal Adepts, the others drifting away away for various reasons. Every twenty years, a new Master or Mistress may take office. There may be one or two Magi a century. So it has been – and sowill it probably unfortunately remain until the New Aeons begins to emerge on the practical level three to four four centuries in the future.

The Seven-Fold Way possesses the potential to create (given good guidance) in ten years what it has taken seven civilizations, five Aeons or nearly ten thousand years to achieve. Every individual is free to choose between this path to the divine and a continuation of the sleep that keeps the potentiality of life at bay. All magick is a glimpse of this path – it is up to the individual to walk along it.

-Order of Nine Angles, 1989eh-

Grade Ritual – Grand Master/Grand Mistress

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The Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth needs to fulfill several conditions before the ritual proper:

1) To have fully fulfilled the pledge of a Master/Mistress regarding transmission of the Way by

i) having trained at least one suitable individual up to and including Internal Adept, and revealed to them all esoteric teachings

ii) explicated that Way using appropriate means enabling understanding by others as/when their Wyrd inclines (these means including writings; images; music, etc.)

2) Having fully mastered all the techniques of Aeonic Magick and achieved by some of these new temporal forms.

3) Significantly extended the boundaries of knowledge, understanding, and existence by creative endeavor explicated causally and acausally – some magickal, others outwardly not magickal.

4) Have begun the process of directing acausal energies via a new or presently or past existing nexion according to the Wyrd of that Master/Mistress with the intention of a new aeonic manifestation or re-creating a previous form or forms.

These conditions have been fulfilled (or nearly so) the candidate sets in order his/her temporal affairs – discarding all that is unnecessary. This includes all properties, all of significant monetary value, all accumulated possessions, and all obligations of a personal kind (familial etc.; profession/employment) The candidate is to have no financial or other resources other than that required for necessary survival (and then on a weekly basis) save for a small amount sufficient only for the performance of the ritual.

All this preparation is necessary and should be strictly adhered to – this attainment of ‘temporal freedom’ being necessary for reasons which a Master/Mistress will understand. (To those lacking this understanding and post-Adept insight all that will be said that such freedom enables the candidate to become for a short period an actual ‘nexion’ between’ the causal and acausal, all attention, energies (psychic and otherwise) being then capable of focusing upon the task.).

The ritual proper involves the candidate achieving a difficult feat of mental and physical endurance – usually this involves walking, in difficult, isolated terrain, a distance of 300 miles in 15 days carrying appropriate equipment and occasionally buying food en route using the small monetary savings mentioned above. (Experienced long-distance walkers are advised to increase the distance.) This feat is planned to end at or near the site chosen by the candidate for the physical nexion.

The candidate is then to reside at or near this site for a period from Equinox to Solstice or Solstice to Equinox (or, for some nexions, for an alchemical season) during which time and using aeonic techniques, acausal energies are brought forth and directed to an individual(s)/organization/order/archetypical form(s) and so on, via the chant/name(s)/images and so on chosen by the candidate. In addition, the candidate usually creates a new technique, to enhance the working (eg. similar to the ‘Star Game’). During this period the temporal changes caused by the magick should be discernable. (Further enhancemants/workings may be required after this initial period.)

These changes signify the success of the Grade Ritual.


Beyond Illusion

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endseas2Christos Beest, 1998eh

All authentic occult Ways bring enlightenment – that is, they bring a living apprehension of the Cosmos as a unified Being, and the purpose of individual existence in accord with that Being. In the Dark Tradition, this apprehension is but a beginning.

The Sinister Path aims to bring this apprehension via its various Grade rituals, ordeals and tasks. These experiences, as has been written many times, gradually expand individual consciousness into acausality. The Initiate, if they are honest with themselves, will know what experiences are necessary in order to bring an internal balance, and so enables progress along the Way.

However, these various ordeals do not in themselves produce enlightenment. In understanding this, an Initiate of the Way must cease to view the ordeals as forms of conventional “Occultism”; that is, as isolated rituals which supposedly provide “quick fix” results, and an instant attainment of some grand occult title. The ordeals must be understood as ways and means to enlightenment only within the context of the whole journey, from “novice” to “immortal”.

In particular, each Grade ritual is a rite of consolidation, a method to distill the wisdom from the previous tasks and ordeals (such as an “Insight Role”). For example, the Grade ritual of External Adept, by its very nature, provides the conditions necessary to reflect upon the previous stage of Initiate, and to thus allow a process of understanding to occur unhindered. This understanding, produced by the conditions of the rite and derived from the experiences which have led up to it, is the quintessence of each Grade ritual.

By allowing this consolidation, via a method which fulfills Satanic criteria, character and creativity is deepened and further evolved, and thus the next stage of the Way is made possible. This next stage signifies the practical implementing of this “further evolving” in the real world.

This process is particularly demonstrated by the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept. The conditions of long isolation and silence enable, really for the first time, genuine understanding of the Way as previously and uniquely experienced by the prospective Adept. This understanding occurs of itself, because the prospective Adept has ceased the practical, dynamic life of experience that was previously required.

Thus, the rite of Internal Adept only produces enlightenment when a sufficient amount of sinister experiencing has occurred (usually over a period of three to seven years following Initiation). The ritual may be undertaken at any time, but may not produce what it is designed to produce if the time is not ready for its undertaking: this is to say that enlightenment does not merely result from spending a minimum amount of three months living isolated in the wilderness. It is easy to become enchanted with the “glamour” and challenge of the image of that particular rite: but the outward form is only the surface and meaningless if undertaken simply for its own sake.

The prospective Adept therefore will come to an intuitive understanding of the essence of that ritual beyond its appearance, within a time frame unique to their own development. When that intuitive understanding occurs – and the individual will know when it does – then all conditions, esoteric and exoteric, are present for a genuine, successful undertaking. Any attempts prior to that point of intuitive understanding implies that the ritual is being undertaken for the wrong reasons, and will end in failure.

One such reason to see the rite of Internal Adept as an escape from solution to personal problems or circumstances – and for those subjected to the pressures and sicknesses of modern urban life (or the culture of the “real world” in general, the allure of living as the archetypical Hermit is understandably very strong. But the ritual does not in itself constitute a new way of life – although it does give, perhaps incidentally, a glimpse of the beginnings of such a way; and if such a new way is desired, then it must be discovered and created prior to or following the ritual itself. (Conversely, an established, productive and “happy” life can produce excuses not to undertake the ritual.)

Following the completion of the Internal Adept rite, the new Adept returns to the world and begins to implement their Destiny, of which they are now conscious. The tasks then required are devised by the Adept themselves, in accord with that Destiny. Only when (and if) the primary goals of that Destiny are achieved, can the next stage of Master/Mistress occur.

Essentially, the undertaking of a Grade ritual should not occur as a consequence of allowing unconscious and personal motivations to dominate (which are then obscured in fine-sounding ideas or excuses). Personal dilemmas are there to be resolved in other ways, and the Grade rituals there to be allowed – no matter what the desire of the Initiate – to occur of themselves. In allowing this, the Initiate needs to develop a certain detachment from the personal – a combination of the intuitive and the objective.

Where the various other tasks are concerned, such as those listed in Hostia, the Initiate is occasionally led into these by the individual who is acting as their guide. Sometimes such tasks are not undertaken altogether willingly, but are experienced because the advice of the guide – someone who has travelled further along the Way – is trusted and accepted. Such tasks harden personal character, provide greater insight into oneself and the world, and further refine a sinister focus and understanding. Such a focus/purpose/sense of Destiny, enables judgement and the endurance to see that judgement through.

As for the Grade rituals – at least beyond the Grade of External Adept – the Initiate must themselves learn to wait and watch for the right time and trust, amidst the alchemy of other tasks, stay, but is as a gate that will open and then begin to slowly close, until the opportunity is lost. In this – as in all other aspects – self-honesty is the fundamental requirement of anyone who seriously aspires towards the ultimate goal of wisdom.

To conclude: an Initiate should ask themslves the following questions: 

 – What really is the purpose, for the individual and beyond, of each Grade ritual? 

 – Is such an ordeal undertaken because of the glamour and promise of its “image”?

– Is the ritual to be manipulated for personal ends, or are there larger forces involved to which the individual must learn to listen?

 – If there is a larger force, what is it and how is the individual to listen?

In so answering, there is no point in simply regurgitating the expected ONA theory; one must answer according to how one feels.

A real Adept knows the answers.


-Oreder of Nine Angles-

A Complete Guide to Seven-Fold Sinister Way

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The Seven-Fold Sinister Way is the name given to the system of training used by traditional Satanists. It is the practice of Satanism, by individual Satanists, and thus expresses Satanism in action.
The Way is an individual one – each stage, of the seven stages that make the Way, is achieved by the individual as a result of their own effort. To reach a particular stage, requires considerable effort by the individual, who works mostly on their own.
     One aim of the Way is to create Satanic individuals – that is, to train individuals in the ways of Satanism. This Satanic training developes individual character, esoteric (or Occult) skills and self-insight. The individual also acquires genuine esoteric knowledge and a genuine understanding.
 The Way itself enables any individual to achieve genuine magickal Adeptship (and beyond) and thus fulfil the potential latent within them – thus they can and do enhance their life, and achieve their unique Destiny.
 The Way is essentially practical – involving experiences in the real world, and ordeals, as well as the completion of difficult, challenging tasks. It also involves a practical mastery of all forms of magick. The Way requires a sincere and genuine commitment, and it is both difficult and very dangerous. Success depends on this commitment by the individual.


 The Way is divided into seven stages, and these mark a specific level of individual achievement. The stages are: Neophyte; Initiate; External Adept; Internal Adept; Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth [ or “Lady Master”]; Grand Master/Grand Mistress [ or “Grand Lady Master”]; Immortal. Sometimes, Initiates are described, or known, as “novices”; Internal Adepts as Priest/Priestess; a Grand Master as a Magus, and a Grand Mistress as a Magistra.

 Each of these stages is associated with specific tasks, ordeals, rituals and so on, and a completion of each and all of these (given in detail below under the appropriate stage) is required before the next stage can be attempted. Also, each stage involves the individual in a certain amount of reading and study of Order manuscripts  hereafter “manuscripts” is abbreviated as MSS, and “manuscript” as MS ]. The purpose of this reading and study is to provide a Satanic understanding of the tasks, ordeals, rituals and so on of the particular stage being attempted. Each stage represents a development of and in the individual – of their personality, their skills, their understanding, their knowledge and insight.

 Before embarking on the first stage – that of Satanic Initiation – the individual who desires to follow the dark path of traditional Satanism should gain some understanding of what genuine Satanism is. To this end, the following Order MSS should be read:

* Satanism – An Introduction For Prospective Adherents
* The Sinister Path: An Introduction to Traditional Satanism
* The Essence of the Sinister Path [contained in Hostia – Secret Teachings of the ONA]

I – Neophyte

The first task of a neophyte [the word means “a beginner; a new convert”] is to obtain copies of the various Order MSS which will be needed. These are: (1) The Black Book of Satan – A Guide to Satanic Ceremonial Magick; (2) Naos – A Guide to Becoming an Adept; and (3) Hostia – The Secret Teachings of the ONA (Volumes I & II). The following MSS (contained in Hostia) should be particularly studied in order to gain an understanding of traditional Satanism and its methods: (a) Selling Water By The River; (b) Satanism – The Sinister Shadow, Revealed; (c) Guide to Black Magick; (d) Ritual MagickDure and Sedue Ceremonial. The neophyte also needs to understand the fundamental concepts of magick, such as “causal” and “acausal” and here a study of the following Order MSS is useful: (a) Chapters 0 and I of Naos; (b) Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.

 The second task of a neophyte is to undertake the “secret task” appropriate to this first stage. This task is a necessary prelude to Satanic Initiation [ the task is detailed in the MS “The Secret Tasks of the Sinister Way”, which is included as an Appendix to this present work].

 The third task of a neophyte is to undertake a ritual of Satanic Initiation. If you are in contact with a traditional Satanic group, this can be a Ceremonial ritual. If you are working alone, or the group you are in contact with suggest it, it can be a Hermetic one of “Self-Initiation”. Both of these rituals of Initiation are given in detail in the Order MS The Black Book of Satan – A Guide to Satanic Ceremonial Magick. There is no difference between a Ceremonial Initiation, and a Hermetic Self-Initiation.

 The fourth and final task of this stage involves the new Satanic Initiate in constructing and learning to play, The Star Game, details of which are given in the Order MS Naos.

II – Initiate


1. Study the Septenary System in detail [Naos] and begin hermetic magickal workings with the septenary spheres and pathways as described in Naos. Write a personal “magickal diary” about these workings. Study and begin to use the Sinister Tarot [copies of the Sinister Tarot, and study notes, are available from the ONA].

2. Undertake hermetic workings/rituals for specific personal desires/personal requests of your own choosing, as described in Naos. Record these, and the results, if any, in your magickal diary.

 3. Set yourself one very demanding physical goal, train and achieve or surpass that goal. [Examples of minimum standards are, for men: walking thirty-two miles in less than seven hours in hilly terrain; running twenty miles in hilly terrain in less than two and a half hours. Cycling one hundred miles in under five and a half hours. For women, the acceptable minimum standards are: walking twenty-seven miles in hilly terrain in less than seven hours; running twenty miles in hilly terrain in less than three hours; cycling one hundred miles in under six and one quarter hours.]

 4. Seek and find someone of the opposite sex to be your ‘magickal’ companion and sexual partner, and introduce this person to Satanism. Initiate them according to the rite in The Black Book of Satan. Undertake the path and sphere workings with this partner.

5. Obtain and study the Order MS The Temple of Satan [Part II of The Deofel Quartet]. A guide to this MS is given in the MSS The Deofel Quartet – Responses and Critical Analysis; and The Deofel Quartet – A Satanic Analysis. [Note: Part I of the Deofel Quartet – Falcifer, Lord of Darkness – is intended as entertaining Satanic fiction.]

 6. Undertake an ‘Insight Role’ [see the Secret Tasks MS and the MS Insight Roles – A Guide, in Hostia.] This Insight Role is the Secret Task of this stage.

 7. After completion of your Insight Role, undertake the Grade Ritual of External Adept, given in Naos.

 The stage of Initiation can last – depending on the commitment of the Initiate – from six months to a year. Occasionally, it lasts two years.

Understanding Initiation:


Satanic Initiation is the awakening of the darker/sinister/unconscious aspects of the psyche, and of the inner (often repressed) and latent personality/character of the Initiate. It is also a personal commitment, by the Initiate, to the path of Satanism. The dark, or sinister, energies which are used/unleashed are symbolized by the symbols/forms of the Septenary System, and these symbols are used in the workings with the septenary spheres and pathways. These magickal workings provide a controlled, ritualized, or willed, experience of these dark energies or “forces” – and this practical experience begins the process of objectifying and understanding such energies, and thus these aspects of the psyche/personality of the Initiate. The Star Game takes this process of objectification further, enabling a complete and rational understanding – divorced from conventional “moral opposites”.

 The physical goal which an Initiate must achieve developes personal qualities such as determination, self-discipline, élan. It enhances the vitality of the Initiate, and balances the inner magickal work.

 The seeking and finding of a magickal companion begins the confrontation/understanding of the anima/animus (the female/male archetypes which exist in the psyche and beyond) in a practical way, and so increases self-understanding via direct experience. It also enables further magickal work to be done, of a necessary type.

 An Insight Role developes real Satanic character in the individual; it is a severe test of the resolve, Satanic commitment and personality of the Initiate. The Grade Ritual which completes the stage of Initiation (and which leads to the next stage) is a magickal act of synthesis.

III – External Adept


1) Organize a magickal, and Satanic, group/magickal Temple. You must recruit members for this Satanic Temple, and teach them about Satanism. With your companion (or another one if personal circumstances have changed) you must Initiate these members according to the ceremonial ritual in The Black Book of Satan as you must perform ceremonial rituals on a regular basis. In this Temple, you will be the officiating Priest/Priestess, with your partner acting as the Priestess/Priest. Regular Sunedrions should be held, as detailed in the Black Book of Satan, as you should regularly perform rituals, both hermetic and ceremonial, for the satisfaction of your own desires and those of your members. You should run this Temple for between six and eighteen months.

2) Train for and undertake all three of the following different and demanding physical tasks – the minimum standards (for men) are: (a) walking thirty-two miles, in hilly terrain, in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 30 lbs; (b) running twenty-six miles in four hours; (c) cycling two hundred or more miles in twelve hours. [Those who have already achieved such goals in such activities should set themselves more demanding goals. For women, the minimum acceptable standards are: (a) walking twenty-seven miles in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 15 lbs. (b) running twenty-six miles in four and a half hours; (c) cycling one hundred and seventy miles in twelve hours.]

3. Undertake the ‘Secret Task’ as given in the Secret Tasks MS.

 4. Study, construct and learn to play the advanced form of The Star Game.

 5. Study Aeonics and the principles of Aeonic Magick, as detailed in Order MSS.

6. Study, and if possible practice, Esoteric Chant, as detailed in Order MSS [ particularly in Naos].

7. Study the esoteric traditions of traditional Satanism, and if so inclined [see ‘Concerning The Satanic Temple’ below] instruct your Temple members in this tradition. The tradition is contained in The Black Book of Satan; Naos; Hostia; The Deofel Quartet; Aeonic Magick and other Order MSS.

8. Prepare for, and undertake, the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept – if necessary choosing someone to run the Satanic Temple in your absence.

Concerning The Satanic Temple:

 The Temple must be run for a minimum of six months, as you yourself must seek out, recruit, instruct and train, the members of this Temple. There must be at least four other members, excluding yourself and your companion, during these six months, as you must strive to obtain an equal balance between men and women. It is at your discretion whether or not you are honest about your intentions, and inform recruits/potential recruits that this Temple is one of your tasks as an External Adept, and that you yourself are not yet very advanced along the Satanic path. If you choose not to so inform your members, you must play the appropriate role. If you are considering keeping and expanding the Temple beyond the minimum period and into the next stage, that of Internal Adept, it is more practical to be honest from the outset. The crux is to decide whether you wish your Temple to be solely for your own External Adept purpose, or whether you want it be truely Satanic, with your members guided by you to become sincere and practising Satanists. If this latter, then you must be honest with them about your own progress along the path, and instruct them according to ONA tradition.

After this six months is over – with four or more members and many ceremonial rituals having been performed – you may disband the Temple, if you consider sufficient experience has been gained in magick/manipulation/pleasuring. However the time limit of six months, and the minimum of four other members, must be observed, otherwise the task is not completed, and the next stage – Internal Adept – is not possible. This particular task, of an External Adept, is only complete when these minimum conditions have been met, for such conditions are essential for practical ceremonial experience to be gained.


After these conditions have been met, you may opt to continue with, and expand, your Temple.

Understanding External Adept:

 The tasks of an External Adept develope both magickal and personal experience, and from these a real, abiding, Satanic character is formed in the individual. This character, and the understanding and skills which go with it, are the essential foundations of the next stage, that of the Internal Adept.

 The Temple enables various character roles to be directly assumed, and further developes the magickal skills, and magickal understanding, an Adept must possess. Particularly important here is skill in, and understanding of, ceremonial magick. Without this skill and understanding, Aeonic magick is not possible. The Temple also completes the experiencing of confronting, and integrating, the anima/animus.

 From the many and diverse controlled and willed experiences, a genuine self-learning arises: the beginnings of the process of “individuation”, of esoteric Adeptship. [ See the Order MS Adeptship – Its Real Meaning and Significance.]

 The stage of External Adept lasts from two to six years.

IV – Internal Adept

 The basic task of an Internal Adept is to strive to fulfil their personal Destiny – that is, to presence the dark force by acting Satanically in the real world, thus affecting others, and causing changes in accord with the sinister dialectic of change. This personal Destiny is revealed, or becomes known, before or during the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept.

The Destiny is unique, and involves using the natural, and developed character and abilities of the individual. For some, the Destiny may be to continue with their Satanic Temple, teaching others, and guiding them in their turn along the Seven-Fold Way. For others, the Destiny may be creative, in the artistic or musical sense – presencing the sinister through new, invented and performed forms or works. For others, the Destiny may be to acquire influence and/or power, and using these to aid /produce Satanic change in accord with the sinister dialectic. For others, it may involve some heretical/adversarial or directly revolutionary or disruptive role, and thus seeking to change society. For others, the Destiny may be specific and specialized – being a warrior, or an assassin….. There are as many Destinies as there Adepts to undertake them.

While this Destiny is unfolding, the Adept will be increasing their esoteric knowledge and experience through a study and practice of Esoteric Chant, The Star Game, Aeonic Magick. Rites such as those of the Nine Angles will be undertaken. A complete and reasoned understanding of Aeons, Civilizations and other forms will be achieved, and with it the beginnings of wisdom.

After many years of striving to fulfil their Destiny, and after many years of experience and learning, the Adept will be propelled toward the next stage of the Way [ see the MS Mastery – Its Real Meaning and Significance; and the MS The Abyss where what occurs during Internal Adept is described.] When the time is right, the Grade Ritual of Master/Mistress will be undertaken. The time is right only after the Adept has spent years completing themselves, and their ’self-image’, having taken themselves to and beyond their limits – physical, mental, intellectual, moral, emotional. Being genuine Adepts, they will have the insight, and the honesty, to know what experiences, and what knowledge, they lack – and accordingly will seek to undergo such experiences, and learn such knowledge.


The stage of Internal Adept lasts from five to eleven years.

V – Master/Mistress

 The fundamental tasks of this Grade are threefold:

1) The guiding of suitable individuals along the Seven-Fold Way, either on an individual basis, or as part of a structured Temple/group;

 2) The performance of Aeonic Magick to aid the sinister dialectic; 

 3) The creation of new forms to enhance conscious understanding and to aid the presencing of acausal/sinister forces.

Further, and importantly, a Master/Mistress will be using their Aeonic understanding, and their skills to influence/bring about changes in the societies of their time – this is Aeonic Magick, but without “ritual”, as described in Parts III and IV of The Deofel Quartet. They will also be working to create long-term change (of centuries or more).

Few individuals reach the stage of Master/Mistress – so far, only one to two individuals a century, out of all the genuine esoteric traditions, have gone beyond the stage of Master/Mistress to that of Grand Master/Grand Mistress.

The stage of Master/Mistress lasts a minimum of seven years – when sufficient Aeonic works are completed/achieved, and wisdom attained, there is a moving toward the next stage, that of Grand Master/Grand Mistress.


Appendix – The Secret Tasks of the Sinister Way

  The secret tasks have remained secret for a long time by virtue of their nature – they represent genuine Satanism in action and as such often are “a-moral”. Such esoteric tasks were revealed to an Initiate by the Master, or Adept, guiding and training that Initiate.

 To understand the nature of these tasks, it is necessary for the Satanic novice to be familiar, and in agreement with, the secret teachings themselves, particularly as these relate to human sacrifice, or culling. [These teachings are contained in such Order MSS as

(1) The Hard Reality of Satanism;

(2) Satanism, Sacrifice and Crime;

(3) Culling – A Guide to Sacrifice;

(4) Guidelines for the Testing of Opfers;

(5) Victims – A Sinister Expose;

 (6) The Practice of Evil in Context.]

 For a long time, the matters mentioned in the above secret MSS were transmitted only on an oral basis – it being forbidden for such teachings and practices to be written down or divulged to non-Initiates. However, as explained elsewhere, in several other MSS, this practice has now changed.

Accordingly, this present MS will detail the secret tasks which a Satanic novice must undertake as part of their commitment to Satanism. That is, these hitherto secret tasks – like the other tasks detailed in the MS A Complete Guide to the Seven-Fold Way – are both required and necessary: mandatory if progress is to be made upon the Way. Without them, there can be no genuine achievement along the Way, for it is such tasks which develope that character and those abilities which are Satanic and which thus represent the presencing of the dark forces on Earth via the agency (or vehicle) of the individual Satanist. These secret tasks – and the other tasks – represent the way of Satan. They are Satanic. As such, they a fitting only to a minority: to those who are, or those who desire to become, Satanists. Some who profess to be ‘Satanists’ – and some who wish to become Satanists – will hear of these tasks, or read them, and be surprised, perhaps even appalled, particuarly by the tasks that involve hunting and killing animals and culling human dross. Such people will say or write such things as “Such tasks are not necessary”. By saying or writing such things such people condemn themselves as “ordinary” and weak, as they will show they lack the demonic desire, the hardness, the toughness, the darkness which all genuine Satanic novices possess or must develope. Satanism is at it is – dark, and dangerous, and full of diabolic ecstasies and diabolic triumphs over the “ordinary”, the mundane and those who would keep everyone in servitude and thrall. So it is, so has it been, and so shall it continue to be – to enable evolution, to create what must be created, while the fearful majorities in their sloth, delusions and ignorance continue their morbid, Nazarene-like, sub-human existence.

 As has been stated many times, genuine Satanism requires commitment – it requires self-effort, by the novice, over a period of years. It involves genuine ordeals, the achievement of difficult goals, the participation in pleasures, and the living of life in certain ways. Only thus are self-insight and genuine Occult ability born – only thus is a genuine Adept created.


Before Initiation – and after undertaking the first task of a neophyte as given in the Guide – undertake the following task:

* Find an area where game is plentiful and, equipping yourself with either a cross-bow or an ordinary bow (a longbow) hunt/stalk some suitable game, and make a kill. Skin and prepare this game yourself (if necessary – for example, a pheasant – ‘hanging’ the game until it is ready). When prepared and ready, cook and eat this game.

 “Game” in this context means wild edible birds or animals such as venison, hare, rabbit, partridge, pheasant, wildfowl. For this task, you are undertaking the role of hunter, using primitive weapons. (Guns cannot be used for this task.) After completing this hunting task, either undertake the next task as given below – which is not obligatory – or repeat the task above, choosing a different type of game.

* Obtain from a Nazarene place of worship some ‘hosts’ as used in their perverse and sordid rituals. If you are seeking Initiation into an established ceremonial group/Temple, this will probably be your task of fidelity to that group/Temple, with the hosts being used in the celebration of The Black Mass. If however you are undertaking a Self-Initiation (as given in The Black Book of Satan) then immediately following that rite of Self-Initiation you should trample on or otherwise defile these ‘hosts’ (e.g. by urinating on them) saying as you do so the following: “By this deed I pledge myself to counter Nazarene filth, and give myself, body, blood and soul, to Satan, Prince of Darkness.” You should then burn the hosts or what remains of them by placing them in a vessel containing flammable liquid and setting this alight, laughing as the burning seals your gesture and your oath.


After the rite or ceremony of your Initiation, and following the completion of the tasks as given in the Guide, you should choose and undertake, for between six to eighteen months, an Insight Role [see the MS Insight Roles – A Guide].

External Adept:

 The following two tasks must both be undertaken successfully.

 1) With your Temple formed as one of your External Adept tasks – see the Guide – perform a Black Mass using hosts obtained by one of the newer members of this Temple, or obtained by a candidate seeking Initiation.

 2) Train several members, and yourself, in the undertaking of the tests relevant to choosing an opfer – a human sacrifice. Select some suitable victims, using Satanic guidelines for so selecting a victim, and undertake the relevant tests on each chosen victim. The victim or victims having been so chosen by failing such tests, perform The Death Ritual with the intent of eliminating by magickal means the chosen victim(s). Thereafter, and having completed all the necessary preparations, select a further victim using Aeonics or sinister strategy as a guide, and undertake a culling by disposing of the victim either during a suitable rite (e.g. The Ceremony of Recalling) or via practical means (e.g. assassination). You may elect to do this practical means yourself, or you may choose a trusted suitable member of your Temple to undertake this for the glory of the Temple. If you have elected for practical means, have your Temple undertake The Death Ritual at the chosen time.

It must be stressed that (i) the victim(s) must be chosen according to Satanic principles as given in the appropriate Order MSS; (ii) those so chosen must be tested according to Satanic principles as given in the appropriate Order MSS. Furthermore, the victims can be chosen either by you, or suggested by a member of your Temple, if those members are following the Satanic path in a committed way.

Beyond External Adept, there are no secret tasks of a prescribed nature, for those following the sinister path to undertake.

 – Order of Nine Angles –

Shadowscape: Esoteric Notes XXI

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(Note: This MS was written for those approaching the stage of Internal Adept.)

Beyond the Individual, Toward the Abyss:

In a somewhat simplified sense, before the Adept there is a concentration on the self: on the desire, the will, the personality, the skill, the Destiny, of the individual. After the synthesis that creates the Adept, there is an increasing awareness of the acausal – of how each individual relates to the acausal.

Part of this acausal awareness is some understanding, and experience, of Aeonics – of Aeonic Magick, and thus of the symbolism, the forms, of such things as Aeons (1). Another part is some understanding of the Nine Angles, of The Star Game, and of what has been symbolized by the mythos of The Dark Gods.

The ONA has stressed again and again – both exoterically and esoterically – that the Adept is only a stage; that what has been called “individuation” is only another beginning; that there is more to genuine magick, to the Seven-Fold Way, than the lower, exoteric magick of individual desire and Destiny; that there is more to existence than the exultation of the “individual”. However, this does not mean some kind of denial of life, of the kind often associated with “white light”  groups, organizations and dogma. Rather, it means an expansion of the individual – an awareness, a practical understanding, of the potential that we, as individuals possess. This is a new alchemy – indeed, it is the essence of what genuine alchemy is, and one of the tasks of a genuine esoteric Order such as the ONA is to teach this alchemy, to guide others so that they have the possibility of becoming part of an altogether different species of life than that evident in most who mistakenly dignify themselves as “human”.

In effect, the individual, as existing now – up to and including the Adept – is still bound to the causal, and to the re-presentations, the forms, of the causal, as well as to those symbols and forms which often can presence the acausal, the sinister, in the causal. That is, their perception, for the most part, is still of the flow of cause-effect, of causal time, with all that this implies in terms of “results” and “desire” and “individuality”. Beyond Adept there arises an empathy with the acausal, and thus a knowledge of how the acausal transforms as the acausal transforms, beyond symbolism, forms, names, abstractions, and such things as mythos.

What such things are, beyond, have not been written about, nor will be they written about – they are experienced by the Adept who is moving toward and beyond the Abyss: to and into the experiencing, the knowing, of the acausal devoid of causal “forms”. At best, someone who has gone that way before may guide, or may hint at some things, and that is all. For it is the experience, the knowing, that is important – not the words, of others.

For the Adept, there is an increasing appreciation of the acausal, and one practical aspect of this is the knowledge of how Change occurs, through nexions (2) – and what, in the practical sense, nexions actually are.

That is, there is some understanding of how, sometimes (depending on the nexion and on the particular presencing of acausal energy) such changes as are esoteric are slow, by causal standards, as measured by the causal life-span of individuals. Thus, in the particular case of some Aeonic Magick, the Adept learns how it takes decades, and often a century or more, for the effects of that magick to be “visible” on a scale large enough to produce certain causal, and affective, changes. There arises, thus, the apprehension of the Master and the Mistress – of those who, being beyond the Adept, re-present almost another form of living.

Thus, the Adept also comes to understand how certain causal forms, chosen to effect Aeonic Magick, are only causal forms – that they are not the essence; that they are only like exoteric shells which shells non-Adepts see and which such non-Adepts often confuse for the essence, and indeed often confuse for the aims of a group, an Order, a sinister presencing such as the ONA is. Thus do such non-Adepts mis-understand not only such groups, Orders, but also Aeonic Magick itself, confused as such non-Adepts are by the appearance of the individual, of their self, and mistaking, as they often do, the sinister for such a self, for the desires, the joys, of such a self. In one symbolic sense, Aeonic Magick – and its causal effects – are but an extension of the causal-living which is an individual.

In the personal sense, the Adept is drawn toward the understanding that the sinister itself is supra-personal – not some causal abstraction which they as mere Adepts, can totally “control”. Hence are they moved toward a genuine knowing of the sinister, toward a genuine experience of what is hidden behind such things as The Mythos of the Dark Gods, and thus are they conveyed toward an experiencing of those shadowscapes where such “things” dwell and have Their being.

The Knowing of Forms:

As has been mentioned above, and elsewhere, many times: many non-Adepts, and even some Adepts, sometimes confuse a tactic, a form, for the essence. That is, they fail to appreciate what is being done, and why it is being done. Sometimes, non-Adepts even mistake an Insight Role – undertaken by an Initiate or even an Adept – for the “views”, or whatever, of that Initiate or Adept, and thus castigate that individual! Consider, also, the incitement to action, to disruption, to practical change, which occurs in many of the exoteric (3) ONA MSS, and which sometimes might take place in some Temple (Nexion) or some Sunedrion by such a thing as an individual giving an emotive speech. This individual may even be regarded, in the conventional sense, as “advanced” (that is, beyond Adeptship) and thus may not be “expected” (by non-Adepts) to still use such emotive rhetoric or such forms.

There is, in such circumstances, a rather conventional, non-Initiated projectionism at work here by those who mis-understand such things. That is, a failure to go beyond appearance, and forms, to the sinister essence. A failure to understand that a tactic is just a tactic, which may or may not be useful, and which may be abandoned if it proves to be unsuccessful, or used again if it proves of some value. A failure to understand that such things may be some form of sinister manipulation, or some effect of Aeonic Magick, or even some form of Aeonic Magick itself.

One mark of a genuine Adept is their ability to see beyond such forms, such tactics, to the essence – to the sinister magick often at work in such things. Another mark of a true Adept (and those beyond) – as has been written many times – is the ability to appear as different things: to be a shapeshifter, a chameleon. One mark of a non-Adept is their sometimes willful refusal, or their lack of ability, to distance themselves from their own prejudices, their own views, their own opinions, and from the abstractions they have come to depend on and which they use to “interpret” the world and individuals. Often, such abstractions are inherited from the “society” they live-in, or from some dogma they have accepted, or from some ethos or form which, often without their knowing, holds them in thrall. However, such is the rather low state of most “human beings” that this wallowing in such things – this reliance on such things, this inability to strive toward Adeptship, this lack of perception of the essence, and this lack of knowing the sinister – will continue for some causal time; many centuries, in fact. It is one of the aims of all genuine esoteric Orders and groups to be there to guide, and aid, those who are ready: those who desire to move-on toward the next stage in our development, as beings. Genuine Magick is the means by which they can do this.

Anton Long

Stephen Brown to Mrs. Stockton

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Shropshire, England

19th june 1991eh

Dear Miss Stockton,

Thank you for your letter inquiring about the ONA which has been passed on to me to reply to.

Essentially, the ONA is a Satanic organization which seeks to guide its members toward Adeptship and what is beyond Adeptship. This is an individual quest, which involves the Initiate striving to achieve the goal by their own self-effort. Initially, on joining the Order, the new member has one Order contact. This contact offers advice and guidance, and makes available Order Initiation. Thereafter, they work at their own pace, following the techniques and so on as explicated, for example, in the MSS ‘Naos’. This takes some months, during which time they meet their contact to discuss matters and during which the contact may give advice if such advice is sought.

Following this initial period of basically hermetic and solomagickal workings and tasks, the Initiate usually goes on to the next stage – the formation of a Satanic Temple to undertake ceremonial workings and gain experience in people-manipulation and other Satanic skills. The Initiate is expected to recruit members for this Temple – which is solely under the Initiate’s control. Thus, the Initiate learns by experience – no constraints of any kind are placed on the novice who runs the Temple. Generally, the novice in running the Temple, follows the guidelines and rituals as given in the Black Book of Satan – i.e. they use the magickal energies of traditional Satanism and so enhance the sinister, rather than the energies associated with other ‘traditions’ which tend to undermine the sinister.

The novice then, after some further time, moves on to the other tasks which await along the sinister path – i.e. undertakes further workings, magickal ordeals, and gains further experience. Generally, their Order contact remains the same, although occasionally it may be changed. The novice is free to continue with and expand their Satanic Temple, and may if they wish, turn it into a teaching Temple – i.e. the novice teaches and trains those who may be suitable to follow the path of traditional Satanism, as they themselves have done. Or they may keep the Temple as an instrument for their personal edification – or they may disband it; it is entirely their choice.

All this takes from a year to a few years. There are then other tasks, other knowledge to be gained, other experiences to be learnt from. Thus, there is a commitment by the Initiate to follow the path of Satanism. The path is not easy, and requires effort. Adeptship is achieved, by each individual who gets that far – it is never a gift. Furthermore, the individual is for the most part alone – they rely on themselves, they have to rely on themselves, make their own mistakes, and learn from them. Their contact only guides, only offers advice. There is no contact with other Order members, at whatever stage of development – no secret gatherings, no Order rituals which members attend, no group discussions. Thus, there is self-effort, and self-achievement. There is only the unique journey you undertake and whhich you learn from in your own time according to your commitment.

This is so, because Satanism is a commitment – by each individual. One aim is to find your unique Destiny, and fulfill that. No one can do this for you.

You write that you are at present studying at University. Well, you attend lectures, may read, may discuss matters with others – but in the Finals, the effort is yours alone, and you may on your own efforts pass. Of course, someone could sit the Finals for you – but then the achievement, the Degree, would not be yours. It is the same with magick – what really matters is the amount of effort you put in. The achievement of genuine Adeptship requires you to learn: no one can do this on your behalf.

This lack of meeting with other members also has a very practical point above and beyond the fact that it encourages a uniqueness and the development of strong character [both traits a Satanist has or aspires to] – i.e. it ensures the security of those other members. They remain secret, and so continue with their work. Unless, that is, they decide for themselves to the contrary.But the number who do this are very few, for obvious practical reasons, most connected with the dark nature of Satanism and its still heretical nature insofar as the majority of non-Occultists are concerned (and, indeed, as far as the majority of Occultists are concerned!).

It is the fact of the nature of most individuals that gathering in groups is necessary: few possess the strength of character to be and act alone. Most require the comfort of others around – of knowing they are not alone, that help is near, that problems can be discussed, and so on. This is true magick as in life – in fact, more so, particularly in the Left Hand Path. People like to compare experiences, like to be re-assured, like to feel part of a larger grouping. But this is actually detrimental to the development of the qualities a Satanist must possess or develop. An Adept of the Left Hand Path must be self-sufficient, must be strong – must be an individual who has developed a unique ‘view of life’, a unique ‘philosophy of living’ from their own experience. A being-with-others implies a social or ‘peer’ pressure, a conformity, and an expectation – an ‘image’ to strive toward and conform to, a ‘role’ to fulfill. A genuine uniqueness of character can only be forged through a certain isolation – through struggling alone, through finding solutions to ones own problems by ones own efforts. The path of Satanism (or rather the following of the path by an individual) poses problems for each individual – it is the nature of the path itself for this to happen. It tests, it presents the individual with ordeals (and rewards of course – but we are considering the formative experiences which breed Satanic character). There is and must be a ‘self-overcoming’ – a development of the individual. Thus is the Adept born.

Of course this is very difficult, and there are easier options. These, however, do not lead to real Adeptship, but to the illusion of attainment. The Satanic path sorts out the strong from the failures. Only the strong, the gifted, survive and prosper. And that is as it should be, for Satanism is elitist.

Thus, we maintain the isolation of the novice from other novices. If they want contacts – they find their own, via the Temple they form, as explained earlier. But here, they are the ‘role-model’ for others – an obvious inversion which has benefits insofar as developing Satanic character is concerned. Since their Order contact only guides them, each novice ha sno image to aspire to – they must find their own. Often, they try many ‘images’, then discard them, and so gain experience, the hard way.

I have gone into this matter at some length, since the person with whom you have been in contact, has intimated that you thought the Order was akin to some others who held the ‘social’ type gatherings and rituals for members. In fact, most individuals who inquire about the order have this misconception – and most are disappointed when they discover or are told of the reality! To be honest, the majority dislike the notion that they are expected to work at their own development via their own efforts without the support and comfort of other members being around. Thus, do they show themselves unfit for the order – not possessed of the ‘right stuff’!

You ask who has authority in the Order and what this authority represents. Basically, the only ‘authority’ is that which arises or develops because of experience. For example, the Order contact you may may have should you decide to begin the Satanic quest, offers advice, or decline it. Your contact teaches what they have learnt from practical experiences – they offer no ‘theory’, they demand no obedience, no subservience. As for myself, I “represent” the Order, in a sense, simply because I have more experience. Perhaps I have learnt more. I certainly consider I have achieved something – perhaps some little Wisdom. But I  am not infallible – I have no ‘authority’ in the real sense – I simply offer advice and guidance based on my own experience. I am still learning. What I teach is not ‘sacred’ – hopefully, it will be surpassed, refined, changed, when others discover and experience and attain. I inherited some esoteric knowledge, and have added to it – and that really is what esoteric knowledge is: a slowly accumulating body of knowledge which represents both what Is and what is Not. Gradually, this representation is refined – gets closer to being a genuine representation.

Thus, when I speak or write I speak or write from my own experience – I do not claim some supra-personal authority, to be in contact with some entity (like Satan) who has chosen me, or empowered me or whatever. I am a unique individual, and what I say or write should be judged by its merits – by whether it works, is effective, is a genuine representation of what it is supposed to be. My creations do not pretend to be other than what they are – my creations. They are not the ‘sacred works of the Devil’ or whatever. I may sometimes have been inspired by the prince of Darkness, but the works are mine – and should be judged as mortal rather than the product of some entity. I leave it to others to claim that their works are imbued with a sacred quality (or Infernal power) and so they deserve ‘obedience’ and all that religious stuff!

The same applies to the traditions I inherited. They are simply traditions, and like most traditions are a mixture. Some contain a little Wisdom; there are bits of insight; bits of real esoteric knowledge. And an awful lot of mystification as well as some fables. Each individual must assess them for themselves – if they are useful, fine. If not – fine. [If you are interested, the traditions are: some of the rituals in ‘The Black Book of Satan’, certain techniques of magick (e.g. Esoteric Chant; Insight Roles) and certain esoteric ‘knowledge’ connected with the Dark Godsmythos and the Septenary system – the sigils, some chants, words, and the septenary correspondences.]

To end, I must repeat that our Way is not easy. It requires many years of effort – you will receive little help, and a lot will be expected of you. It will be your effort – not mine, not that of your contact or a friend or anyone else. You will be faced with ordeals, with tests of character. There are rewards, of course – including the obvious ones of carnality and wealth, if that is what you desire. But there is an awful lot of other things awaiting…I make no promises – if you succeed, you will succeed. You might fail. It is you who will decide.

No one will or can you award Adeptship – or any other magickal Grade. You will have to achieve them. It usually takes five or more years to reach the stage of Adeptship – few get that far. Most who begin, give up, because the quest is just too hard or they are too soft. It will probably take fifteen or twenty years to reach the stage of Mistress of Earth, the fifth stage of the seven that mark the path. Are you prepared for this?

Should you be interested in taking the matter further, I can arrange for you to meet the person to whom you gave the letter. She will be able to answer any questions you might have regarding the next step, should you decide to undertake it.

Incidentally, there are no fees, no dues of any kind connected with membership of the Order. And all Order MSS are available to members, at cost – none are ‘secret’ or withheld until you reach a certain stage. Once Initiation is complete, and the first tasks are achieved by you, all Order MSS are accessible.

With best wishes,

Stephen Brown [signed]