Excusis: A Secret Tradition Revealed


Too often, in the past, the true nature of Satanic sacrifice was hidden – even from many who professed to be Satanists. More recently, pseudo-Satanists have falsely claimed that “Satanism does not and never has conducted human sacrifices.” However, I repeat that human sacrifice – properly conducted according to the guidelines laid down by traditional Satanist groups – is a culling and thus is positive and a practical expression of Satanic belief. Of course, the modern pseudo-Satanists deny this – since in their weakness they seek respectability and seek to make what they call ‘Satanism’ like themselves: weak, pseudo-intellectual, ineffective, inoffensive and addicted to fantasy role-playing.

The time is now right, however – both strategically and tactically – to reveal the Satanic truth, the whole Satanic truth and nothing but the Satanic truth in clear, precise terms which are not open to mis-interpretation.

The traditional code of silence which forbid the casting of this aspect of esoteric Satanic tradition into writing – and which expressly forbid the dissemination of anything connected with that aspect – no longer applies. That is, the Grandmaster representing traditional Satanic groups recently decided to permit this asp[ect of the tradition to be not only written down, but also disseminated.

This would establish for both present and historical purposes, what the true nature of Satanism was and is since it was considered that the time was right (given the conditions pertaining in western societies at the time the decision was taken) for this knowledge to be made known. The main reason for this judgement was Aeonic – to enable greater participation in genuine Satanism, thus increasing the number of genuine Satanists, and thus enable these Satanists by their acts and their living to implement Sinister Strategy. With the revealing of the principles and practice of Satanic sacrifice, all of genuine Satanic practice and belief was made accessible – it was no longer confined to esoteric groups or reclusive individuals.

A subsidiary reason for revealing this aspect of Sinister Tradition was to counter the falsehoods of pseudo-Satanists. These pseudo-Satanists had set themselves up, within what had become the ‘Occult establishment’, as authorities on Satanism – making pronouncements as to whom they considered to be ‘genuine Satanists’ and which group or groups they considered to be ‘authentic’. Of course, those so deemed ‘genuine’ or ‘authentics’ had to fit their definition of what they considered Satanism to be – and by the nature of that definition these so-called ‘genuine Satanists’ were one or more of the following: jerks, role-playing hucksters, babbling pretentious nerds, fantasy-mongers, pseudo-intellectual dabblers, mental defectives and vain, egotistical, materialized urbanite softies incapable and afraid of undergoing genuine ordeals in the real world.

These people went around feeling rather pleased with themselves and their safe, tame, ‘Satanic’ world of fantasy-rituals conducted in covens/pylons or in some pathetic ‘temple’ they made in their own home out of various bits-and-pieces sold to them by some “I really believe in the power of crystals” Occult-shop owner. The meanderings of these pretentious Temples and Churches – “we are ‘authentic’ and ‘genuine’ Satanists!” – with their fictitious “mandates” and their spurious “teachings” cobbled together from old Jewish-inspired grimoires and long-dead useless  myths and legends, would, if left unchallenged, gradually obscure then undermine and destroy the real essence of Satanism. This essence is that it is a practical means, a practical way, to create a new, higher type of individual – and eventually a new human species. This way involves – and can only involve – real experiences, real ordeals, real darkness and real self-effort over a period of many years, for only these things build real personal character; only these things lead to a self-overcoming, an evolution of the individual. The pseudo-Satanists wallow in intellectual verbosity and engross themselves in pseudo-magickal rituals.

For so defying the Sinister Dialectic, and revealing their true, weak, nature, some at least would be suitable as opfers…In their last moment of terror, they would at last experience the real, primal, darkness which is Satan.


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