The Evolution of the O9A.



Here is more esoteric truth from a certain sinister group, which reveals – once again – that they have understood, and felt, the sinister essence, and embody this essence in a new form appropriate to these current causal times of ours:

” To establish a footing or link to the causal realm, whereon each mind then expresses this Primal Dark Way in its own exoteric manner. If we resonante with the Dark Current, submerge ourselves in the Abyss, and yearn for the wisdom of the Way, it will come. As if Nature Herself whispers Her Dark Mysteries to you without need of master or prophet. And in the end, no matter who or where we are, Our Dark Tradition manifests itself in the same exoteric form. This Sinister Way of ours is a Way we learn directly from Primal Nature Herself, which is the core essence all casaul life. This Sinister Way, needs no teacher or preacher; no prophet or guru; it just comes naturally to those who are Chilldren of Primal Nature, who still dance to her wild music.”


They also have – with one point of contention, which I shall elucidate later – a burgeoning awareness of how the currently perceived outer (exoteric) Order of Nine Angles needs to change, or, rather, to evolve:

” If the ONA doesn’t change, find equilibrium, and update it system to the 21st century it is doomed to die out eventually. The main problem with the ONA right now is that it is to too heavily contaminated with testoterone and it lacks perspective of primal nature. “

However, it is my view (and that of some other ONA Initiates) that they – and others like them – are this very change; they are the continuation of the ONA which is now, as a living-nexion, evolving and transforming, to become some-thing other than what it was. Here, we might introduce several somewhat Old Aeon similes, such as that they – and others like them – are the new vigorous growth of transplanted cuttings taken from the ‘ONA tree’; or, perhaps sometimes more apt and accurate, that they – and others like them – (as one ONA associate recently wrote) in their difference, similarities and divergences, are sometimes antagonistic and quarrelling family members; the young, chic, beautiful sister, perhaps, and the thoughtful, more intellectual, more traditionalist older brother, who – despite such occasional (or lengthy and maybe even sometimes emotional) disputes and differences, are still ‘family’, and who will in their turn give rise to other progeny who will, no doubt, diverge from and be different from, they themselves.


The esoteric reality is that the ONA is now a kind of magickal entity in its own right. Fluid; changing; growing; transmuting. It is not a static, purely, causal thing; it is a living, evolving, entity, partly causal, partly acausal. Which is why no person – or even a group of persons – now ‘owns’ the ONA, and never did; not even Anton Long. He was just a means of presencing certain energies; someone with certain abilities who was given, from his Lady Master, the knowledge and means to open a new nexion to what was already existing, ‘on the other side’ (the sinister; the acausal); someone who over a few decades kept the new nexion open, and who (through various writings, and deeds) increased the presencings of acausal energies through that new nexion. Now, the acausal energies have spread out; affecting and effecting and inspiring others in many diverse ways. This is why physical ‘membership’ of a causally existing organization named The Order of Nine Angles is quite irrelevant. Why, now, ‘who or what’ Anton Long was – or is – is quite irrelevant. Why there is no such thing as an ‘inner ONA council’ (or whatever) who and which decide ‘policy’, or whatever, for – to use an Old Aeon metaphor – the ONA is a genuine manifestation of the genuine Left Hand Path, in which Path there may be some guidance, from others who have travelled along The Way, but in which the individual has complete freedom to act they desire, to believe as they feel or reason that they should, and where there is no absolute, or even relative, morality, and no subservience to others, or to some dogma or ideology. For it is practical experience, and personal character and ability, which are important.

The Sinister Feminine Principle

In the matter of the one point of contention mentioned previously, it is my view that the ONA does not now lack, and never has lacked, “the perspective of primal nature”, and what follows from that and which, in truth, is an intrinsic part of it, which is the feminine.

However, what was – and to some extent still is – missing is not only an exoteric understanding and appreciation of this hitherto esoteric (and rather neglected) aspect of the ONA, but also its further development by others of, or influenced by, or affected by, or infected by, the ONA, by the ONA mythos. That is, there is certainly more work to be done to further explicate, to elucidate, to presence, this aspect of the sinister mythos.


In this context, it is worth reprinting here part of an ONA MS.

The Sinister Feminine Principle in the Works and Mythos of the ONA:

One of the most noticeable (and neglected) aspects of the ONA mythos is the predominance given to what may be termed the Sinister Feminine Principle, evident, for example, in what the ONA calls the rôle, and Magickal Grade, of Mistress of Earth, and in its depiction of, and homage to, the Dark Goddess Baphomet, whom the ONA describe as one of the most powerful of The Dark Gods.

Thus, in the Occult fiction of the ONA, the main character – the main protagonist, the “hero” – is often a powerful, beautiful, woman, with ordinary men, more often than not, manipulated by, or somehow subservient to, these women who belong to or who identify with some ancient Sinister tradition, or the Left Hand Path, and Satanism, in general. For instance, in The Giving – which is probably the most forthright fictional portrayal, by the ONA, of a genuine Mistress of Earth – the heroine is Lianna: a wealthy, powerful, beautiful and mature woman, who is heiress of a sinister rural pagan tradition which involves human sacrifice. She is seen manipulating both Mallam and Thorold, and the story ends to leave the reader to answer the unanswered question as to whether she really contrived Monica’s death and used her sinister charms to beguile – “to beshrew” – Thorold following that death.

Quite often, in these stories, the Dark Goddess Baphomet is invoked directly – as for example in The Temple of Satan, and In The Sky of Dreaming. In the latter, we are left to speculate as to whether the always un-named alien female shapeshifter who returns to Earth is actually Baphomet herself, and there are several clues, scattered throughout the text, which might be used to answer this question. In other stories – such as Jenyah and Sabirah – we are presented with sinister, vampiric-like, entities who have assumed female form (or who have always had a female form in our causal world) and who have dwelt on Earth for millennia, using the “life-force” of human male victims to sustain themselves, and who can easily be regarded as “dark daughters of Baphomet”. All of these women are mysterious, enchanting – and physically powerful: for instance, the woman described in Sabirah easily overpowers the young men who attempt to molest her.

In general, such depictions – and the mythos of the ONA in general – may be said to empower women; to depict them in a way that has been long neglected, especially in the still male-dominated, materialistic, West. However, this empowerment, it should be noted, is based upon “the sinister”: upon there being hidden esoteric, pagan, depths, abilities and qualities in women who have an important, and indeed vital, rôle to play in our general evolution and in our own lives. Furthermore, it is one of the stated aims of the ONA to develope such character, such qualities, such Occult abilities, in women, and the following of The Seven-Fold Sinister Way is regarded as the means to achieve this.

Furthermore, the ONA’s depiction of such women – its explication of the dark feminine principle – is very interesting because it is a move away from, and indeed in stark contrast to, the “feminine principle” of both the political “feminism” which has become rather prevalent in Western societies, and that particular feminine ethos which many pagan and Wiccan “White-light” and Right Hand Path groups have attempted to manufacture.

This political feminism is basically an attempt to have women imitate the behaviour, the personality, the ethos, of men – which is what the strident calls for “equality” are essentially about, and as such it is often a negation of the character, and of those unique qualities and abilities, germane to women. The pagan and Wiccan type of feminism is most often about some dreamy, pseudo-mystical vision of a once mythical “perfect past” or about goody-goody types “harming none” – in stark contrast to the dark sinister goings-on of the ONA feminine archetype, which most obviously includes using sexual enchantment to manipulate those Homo Hubris type men “who deserve what they get…”

One of the central themes of the ONA’s Breaking The Silence Down is the nature of the dark goddess “manifest in or who can become manifest in women”, and there are many references, in ONA works, to a dark sorceress being one of the essential keys to “opening the nexion that allows The Dark Gods to return to Earth…”

It is also worth pointing out that not only is Myatt’s Numinous Way philosophy a keen, if somewhat mystical, appreciation of primal, numinous, Nature, but also that many involved with or associated with the ONA believe this ‘way of life’ (as David Myatt calls it) is a quite deliberate, conscious, creation (by an esoteric Adept – a certain Anton Long) designed to go some way to redress the balance that many intuitively, and some consciously, believe is lacking in the societies and ways of life of the modern world.


As an ONA associate wrote, not that long ago:

” My assumption, my personal view, and that of several other people I know, is that he crafted his Numinous Way for a specific very long term purpose, which is of providing a complete pagan “way” to enable some people to live beyond and independent of the current “System” (the New World Order and the like with its Magian values). That is, to create new communities and from them, over causal time, new dynamic and warrior tribes, for the ethic of personal honor, and the law of honor, are the ethical foundations of this new “way” of his. His development of this Way was – somewhat fortuitously – helped by his own recent personal experiences, of bereavement and the like, and this enabled him to create another persona for himself, or perhaps more accurately to more fully develop another aspect of himself (which was already there and evident in his poetry), which persona – that of a Nature loving mystic – some individuals can identify with and which then changes, inspires, them and leads them to do stuff and maybe develop this pagan way further and into new directions…..

So, I think this new mystical stuff is part of the “overall package” – of setting certain things in motion, if you like, which are or which will become useful to “us” (even though it “appears” to be of “light” and not of “the dark”) and which will certainly aid the creation of a New Aeon as well as aid the fight against the Old, Magian, Order. ”


If this is so – and the matter is quite debatable – then this is a kindred nexion, presenced in a particular causal form, which is intended to provoke change and to give rise to further developments (’new siblings’ à la the ONA as a living nexion).



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