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Crowley, Satan and The Sinister Way

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Extracted from Hostia, Volume One. O9A, 1992eh.

Reprinted in Fenrir Vol V, Issue 2.

In one sense, the work of Crowley may be said to be a restoration of various chthonic mysteries of mainly Sumerian origin. Thus the importance in the cult of Thelema attached to Set/Shaitan/Satan – an attempt to re-integrate into the consciousness of the individual the duality represented by the formula LAShTAL.

However, despite the many claims, Crowley did not inaugurate a new Aeon. His restoration is simply a restoring of something long dead – a kind of necromancy, and as a magickal force the cult of Thelema might as well not exist.

In the exoteric sense, ‘Shaitan’ represents those instinctive levels that often, in our modern society, repressed in the individual – and Satanic rituals of either the traditional kind or the kind based on the use of sexual formulae, are a means of catharsis: a beginning where consciousness is prepared and liberated from the restrictions implicit in ordinary life. In practical terms – and for the civilization of the West whose dominant religion and ethos has hindered by its distortion all that is natural in terms of sex – this often means participation in rituals as those given in ‘Codex Saerus’ or Crowley’s Gnostic Mass or some form of sexual working. Such participation restores the balance that is often lacking.

Yet such a participation is only a beginning – and the ritual forms of such a participation are only a means. They are means to experience and if correctly undertaken should provide the individual with an understanding of that aspect of their personality which has been symbolized as Satan (for men) and Lilitu/Darkat (for women) – the darker, sensual side. Such an understanding is personal in the sense that the personality of the individual is involved, and the perspective achieved is usually that of the life, or Destiny, of the individual in relation to his circumstances and other individuals. That is, there is little concern with or appreciation of, the forces of an Aeon – other than perhaps some vague ‘intellectual’ understanding: or what is thought of as understanding.

This re-integration of the darker aspects – whether it occurs through participation in rituals or via other techniques of magick – is represented, in the Septenary System, by the three lower spheres of the Tree of Wyrd (Moon, Mercury and Venus) and these spheres symbolize the three stages of that re-integration – that is, Calcination, Separation and Coagulation to use alchemical terms. It is during the next stage that the individual who is following a planned and practical magickal way gains both cultural and Aeonic perspective. This enables an understanding of the relationship existing between the individual and their unique Destiny and those forces which are symbolized by a magickal formula or ‘word’ and which represent a particular Aeon.

Such an understanding (associated with the forth stage – the sphere of the Sun – and the fifth stage, Mars) derives or has its foundation in, a rational approach and usually involves the individual studying Aeons, civilizations and the relations between them.

However, the system of Crowley, as well as the many systems deriving in whole or in part from his work, never arrives at this stage because it has

(a) set the formulae of sexual magick above everything, and

(b) negates with its approach the rational analysis required.

The same is true of other magickal systems involved in the ‘darker’ side and which try in some way to let the individuals following them experience their own shadow nature. An integration and thus understanding of this nature – enabling the individual to build upon the foundations thus achieved – of necessity implies the development of those qualities such as reason, ;ogic and scientific understanding, which Crowley et al have abandoned. Yet this development does not imply a mish-mash of Occult and pseudo-scientific concepts such as ‘quantum mechanics’ and ‘relativity’ – an unstable amalgram currently fashionable in certain circles. Rather, it implies the development of the mind and a certain way of thinking.

On both the esoteric and exoteric levels, the most significant step so far in the evolution of our consciousness has been the development of rational analysis and its extension as the scientific method.  The acceptance of this method (which does not preclude an acceptance of the forces with which magick deals) implies a certain ‘view of the world’ and a personal approach to living: a way, which is at once cautious, generally optimistic and open and enquiring. This ‘view of the world’ or way of thinking derives from the ancient Greeks – it is expressed in their early philosophy (i.e. before the decline represented by Plato), in their religious attitude and in their way of living. It is essentially the same attitude exemplified by Western paganism, and it is the antithesis of that view and way represented by the religion of the Nazarene. The religion of the Nazarene inverts all natural values – as Nietzsche understood. Thelema, and similar beliefs, negate, as Nazarene philosophy and life does, that natural spontaneity which is the essence of this pagan ‘view of the world’ – because Thelema ties the mind in knots of obscurity and metaphysical speculation (as the qabala in general does) it briefly fress the spirit only to weigh down the spirit with the chains of its own metaphysics.

The true ethos of the West – which the religion of the Nazarene distorted and supplanted – may be signified by the word ‘Azif’ and the symbol of the sunwheel; it is pagan in essence. The ethos of the West (which derives from the present Aeonic force or ‘current’ first established c. 500 AD) is not and never has been patriarchal in the sense that Crowley and his followers believed – such a ‘patriarchal’ ethos representing the distortion imposed upon the original ethos by the Nazarenes. That Crowley and others were unaware of this is indicative of how far removed Thelema is from genuine esoteric tradition. Esoterically, the genuine Western ethos is symbolized by that force which has become known as ‘Satan’ or ‘Lucifer’, Exoterically, this represents the desire to know which has attained its greatest manifestation in modern science and exploration.

An analysis of Aeonic forces indicates that the present Aeon has, on the practical level – i.e. in terms of its effects on the vast majority of individuals who because they have not been liberated by Occult Initiation are sway to external influences – about three centuries more to run. During this time, the distortion of the current caused by the Nazarenes and their allies may or may not be continue – depending on how certain Initiates use certain powerful magickal forces. Whatever, the ‘New Aeon’ (the sixth out of the seven that mark our evolution) will have its beginnings on the magickal level within the next few decades – although on the practical level it will be about another three centuries until the effects are apparent. This new Aeon will have no ‘word’ and its magick will be the magick of ‘Thought’, that is spontaneous empathy. One of the moat fundamental facets of this new Aeon will be the development of a symbolic language, which extends the frontiers of thought. such a language is already prefigured in the Star Game – just as the Star Game itself was prefigured in traditional Alchemy. Another facet of the new Aeon will be the emergence of a new type of individual: a type outlined by Nietzsche. This new individual will be fierce, free (of both external and internal/psychic influences), exult in exploration and discovery and possess an essentially pagan attitude to life. It is and has been one of the aims of genuine sinister Orders to produce such individuals – by having their Initiates follow the Seven-Fold Sinister Way.

What has happened over the past fifty or more years is that the distortion of the Western ethos – and thus the genuine Aeonic current – has increased. Part of this increase is, in fact, due to Crowley and those who have followed him and his system without really understanding what they were doing. The genuine Western esoteric tradition – as distinct from what most Occultists wish to believe is the ‘secret tradition’ – has no connection whatever with the qabalah, or Egyptian mysteries and symbolism, and neither does it employ in any way the sorcery of ‘grimoire magic’ and the forms once appropriate to now dead Aeons be such forms Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian or whatever.

The basis of Western tradition was and always has been rational in the sense that those who carried on its tradition sought to understand themselves, the world and the cosmos in a detached manner – free from religious/political dogma. That is, to understand things as those things are in themselves: without the projection of beliefs and ideas…To this end, the Septenary System was evolved, and the ‘mysteries’ expressed in abstract symbolism (of which Alchemy was one form). The essence of the Western tradition was not some ‘great secret’ or ‘hidden knowledge’ to be revealed to Initiates only – rather, it was the belief that everything in the Cosmos could be understood if one probed, investigated or thought enough about it. That is, the Cosmos was seen as a natural order into which individuals could gain insight. From this insight, a new individual would emerge: a more conscious, evolved, person.

The tradition thus encouraged the development in the individual of empathy via personal experience: an experiencing of all aspects of our own nature as well as the worlds within and without. Thus were the ‘magickal/Occult’ faculties themselves developed. The way of this tradition was essentially practical – exemplified by the Grade Rituals, tasks and so on of the Seven-Fold Way. There was no speculative metaphysical system, no acceptance of irrational fears and beliefs, no subservience to someone else’s personal mythology.

The new Aeon should be a continuation of the process which the genuine Western tradition began. Yet it is possible that this new Aeon may never emerge. The distortion of the Western current does and has represented a desire by some to return to what may be described as an aspect of the Babylonian ethos. This aspect gave rise eventually to not only the poison of Nazarene philosophy and religion, but also to the many political and social systems and ideas founded in the ‘view of the world’. There is, at this moment in time, a very real magickal conflict occuring between two forces – those representing (whether consciously or not is immaterial) this Babylonian/Nazarene ethos, and those representing the genuine Western (and thus ‘sinister’) tradition. On the outcome of this conflict the next Aeon depends – there will be either the new Aeon with the blossoming of the individual and the development of consciousness giving thus a liberation from the tyranny of religion and politics, or a return to those essentially patriarchal dualistic values where impersonal ideals/ideology have precedence over the individual. Every act of genuine sinister magick is a step toward the new Aeon. Thelema is a step back into the past – as are other systems which lack the empathy, that experience and then transcendence of the sinister beings.


-Order of Nine Angles-

Darkness is my Friend

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Contrary to a current and growing misconception, the Sinister Way (and Sinister Magick) involves practical acts of darkness, of heresy, of chaos – involving such things as human sacrifice. The Sinister Way does not simply involve the study of folk-traditions, of myths, of magick, of esoteric subjects, as it does not just involve individuals or groups experiencing (or claiming they have experienced) a certain “atmosphere” in certain “surroundings” which they or others believe or assume to be “sinister”. Furthermore, the Sinister Way means the wholehearted acceptance, by the Sinister Initiate and Adept, of that particular way of living which has for centuries been called “Satanic”.
The Sinister Way is still intrinsically Satanic because the Satanic archetype/mythos/image – the very Being, or life, which has been named Satan – still exists, still lives, and is still a becoming. This is so because this Being is part of the present civilization, and its Aeon, which still exists, and which will exist for several more centuries, albeit toward its decline and end. This Being is the ethos of Heresy for this present civilization of ours – the presencing of the Dark, the Sinister, and thus a practical manifestation, in the world, of the workings of the sinister dialectic: a means to bring change, imbue life, and initiate further evolution. Those who do not understand this, quite simply do not understand Aeons and the sinister dialectic itself.

However, it needs to be further understood that the acausal energies of the next Aeon, which will give rise to a new civilization centuries after, are already becoming manifest, partly through the work of esoteric groups who, knowingly or unknowingly, are nexions for the new energies waiting to be unleashed upon this world of ours. The Sinister ethos of this new Aeon is an apprehension of the acausal – the Sinister – itself. This apprehension is beyond a descriptive word or words, beyond a name and even beyond an archetypal image. It is initially – for the first century or so – a numinous symbol. This is because this new manifestation of the Sinister is a new type of Being, a new type of life presenced on this planet of ours, and presenced by our very lives, as human beings – and will thus go with us, and be manifest, wherever we go beyond the confines of this planet we call Earth. And yet this new manifestation, this new ethos, incorporates what will then be the “old” archetypal image of Satan – in the simplistic allegorical sense, the new type of Being will be the child or children of Satan, grown to maturity; a child or children born from the symbiosis with those Sinister Adepts existing now or in the near future.

Thus to scorn and reject what now is, presenced as the Satanic, is to reject what is yet to be – and thus it is to reject that which alone ensures the creation of the next civilization, its Galactic Empire and the new higher race of human beings we through our lives, our magick and our deeds, desire to create.

The reality of the present (and the next fifty to an hundred years or so) is that the majority need to be changed; they need to become human – and thus develope the potential latent within most. Only by such a change – in more that a few Initiates or Adepts – can the next civilization arise. It will not just “happen” – it has to be created, constructed, and controlled by Sinister Adepts who know what they are doing. The change that is necessary means that there must be a culling, or many cullings, which remove the worthless and those detrimental to further evolution. To change, the majority must be provoked into changing. This means them experiencing, confronting the shadows within and the shadows without; thus must the Sinister be made manifest for them, and in them. This requires Sinister Initiates and Sinister Adepts “to presence the dark”. Furthermore, the causal structures the majority rely on, such as societies, need to be changed, via the creative/sinister dialectic, and thus by such dark presencing. In these things, the Being which is Satan is important, and vital – a valid apprehension for the majority, and their means of change through provokation, heresy and direct presencing of the Sinister.
At the same time, the new Aeonic apprehension which is arising among Adepts must be nurtured, and expanded. As mentioned above, this new apprehension is even now being born from the one which still is. In Initiate (and exoteric) terms, this new apprehension is an understanding of Satan as one of the Dark Gods (or even as the Father of the Dark Gods) and a further understanding of the Dark Gods themselves as chaotic, primal, sinister entities which provoke, create, cause change and evolution, and without which evolution is impossible. In esoteric (and Adept) terms, this new apprehension is an understanding of the Dark Gods as causal manifestations, a presencing, of acausal energy – and a further understanding of how such acausal energy is the very life, the very Being, of both us as human beings, and of the cosmos itself.
Esoteric Groups and the Immediate Future
At this precise moment in our own human evolution, Sinister esoteric groups are in a unique position – capable of rationally understanding Aeonic processes, and poised between the birth of a new Aeon, and the end and destruction of the old.

The new Aeon means a new, and higher, Galactic civilization – several centuries after the energies of the new Aeon first become manifest and are presenced, via new nexions. The decline and ending of the current Aeon means the establishment of a new and expanding physical Empire: a New Order which is the last and most glorious manifestation of the genuine spirit, or ethos, of the old Aeon. Sinister esoteric groups must understand such things as these, and then act upon that understanding, esoterically and exoterically.

Thus they must understand that for the next higher civilization to arise – created by and imbued with the energies of the new Aeon – our present societies must change or be changed.  The Faustian/Promethean (or more correctly, the Satanic) Destiny of this current civilization must be returned, and the present cultural disease affecting this civilization cured, with the excision of the parasites sucking the life-blood of this civilization – for only this returning of Destiny will enable the Empire to be created, and only this Empire will breed in sufficient numbers the new type of individual required to create, build and expand the entirely new Galactic civilization and Galactic Empire which will arise from the eventual decline of the old Promethean/Faustian Empire.
Hence there are three main tasks for Sinister esoteric groups. (1) To provoke or cause, through both practical and magickal means, the destruction, the Ragnorak, which is necessary now to build a New Order from the diseased society of the present, and regain the ethos, the Destiny, which is necessary to inspire the creation of such a New Order. (2) To presence the Sinister energies of the new Aeon in particular places and through new living nexions. (3) To cause at least some of the now sub-human majority of our species to change, to evolve. This change can be achieved in two ways: (a) by presencing the dark which now is (Satan) and presencing the dark which can and will be (the primal cosmic acausal – “the Dark Gods”); and (b) by individuals following the Seven-Fold Sinister Way to Adeptship and beyond.


Anton Long ONA 107 yf

Toward Sapanur

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One of the tasks of a genuine Satanic organisation, is to bring about practical, physical Change. As stressed in various ONA MSS, this Change is worth striving for only if the outcome occurs on a large scale: if its consequences create a new type of society that enshrines the Satanic vision. Much has been written – and misunderstood – as to how this Change, this New Aeon, may be implemented. The Dark Tradition exists to create a type of being who is capable of making history; of rationally using forms (and individuals) for a higher, Cosmic purpose. The reality is there will always only be a handful of genuine Satanists amongst those who would claim such a title, since a genuine Sinister organisation does not seek a large ‘membership’: to actively do so, would imply a compromise of the Darkness essential for evolution. All that is ever really required, in terms of genuine Satanism, is the working together of the tiny minority who have struggled and suffered their individual ways though the processes of the ‘Forbidden Alchemy’ (for which read Sinister Seven-Fold Way).

That few such individuals exist is not actually a hindrance to the fulfilment of esoteric aims, for it only takes two or three such beings to presence the terror necessary for the future… With the emergence in recent years of Aeonics (qv), allied Occult groups have concentrated on ‘seeding’ energies by subtly distorting/reinterpreting/ infiltrating existing forms, with the aim of gradually altering a cultural psyche towards (what we term) the Sinister. This is of course, a laudable premise: superficially speaking, the more organisations who adopt this strategy, the better – as long as this tactic does not result in a dilution of the Sinister within that cultural psyche. However, the Magickian must take care when using, or ‘flowing with’ what is perceived to be the contemporary trend, or opinion.

 To simply state that the ‘masses’ are putty, should not really come as a revelation. In this densely-populated world of ours, the ‘average person’ is too busy with the basics of living – ie. feeding a family – or too stupefied to worry overmuch about the greater context of society (thus the trust placed in ‘politicians’ and the illusion of ‘free speech’ given by the con-trick of ‘democratic’ elections). Opinions and trends are, for the most part, engineered by the minority who are The System. The public does not exist to be convinced by any ideal that happens to come along, because it simply does not possess the capacity to think and act independent of the prevailing Power. An independent ideal has only The System to face, and unless it fights, it is regurgitated as a commodity and denuded of the power to genuinely transform. In reality, there is very little The System cannot flow with and adapt to – such is the nature of the tyranny that is ‘capitalism’: to turn heresy into fashion. When the tactic is to fight by subtly manipulating accepted forms , the Magickian must be certain as to who exactly is controlling who – whose ego is actually being manipulated – lest the process of ‘seeding’ proves in the long term to have been a waste of time.

To effectively alter temporal forms via such an approach really requires the abilities of an individual who is ‘outside of Time’, who is free of temporal, temporary influences – someone who has passed though the screaming silence of the Abyss: a genuine Master of the Temple/Mistress of Earth. [Thus the practical purpose of the Seven-Fold Way.] Subtle manipulation of forms has its part to play; but if every would-be Sinister magickian opted solely for this, then little, if anything, of significance would be achieved. ‘Seeding’ [which would include the Aeonic technique of mimesis] can only prepare the way – and only then if it is conducted with understanding; rarely does it in itself catalyse Change. When the subtle manipulator believes that s/he, “when the time is right”, will implement a next, more overt stage, they are deluding themselves: practical examples (involving conventional politics) have proved as yet that this does not happen – rather, there is a losing sight of the original aims.

What is significantly missing at present, on the part of Occultists, is an overt declaration of intent in the real world. What we need now are fanatics – individuals who will remind us all of what we, as Sinister Initiates, are supposed to believe: that we can become gods within our lifetime, to the greater glory of our acausal selves. Thus it is vital, for every initiate who would be Satanic, Sinister, to at least once in their life, conduct a practical act of tenor in the real world: an act that does not hide beneath the guise of something else – something innocuous – but one that leaves no doubt as to its Satanic nature. Only by individuals acting thus, by directly aiding System Breakdown, will the Masses grasp the practical possibility of an alternative reality. Let us not fool ourselves any longer: real, significant Change – the bringing of the new aeon – will only occur once The System has collapsed, and society is plunged into the necessary primeval phase where the majority – and Sinister Adepts, for that matter – are constantly reminded of that tyranny of existence which can wipe out an individual life in an instant, and in that instant render that life irrelevant. Until this next phase is reached, life remains too soft to motivate anyone beyond the intellect to implement anything worthwhile. That collapse is much more likely to be reached, not by slow ‘seeding’, but by presencing the Dark: by causing sudden explosions of primal terror. To risk one’s life and liberty requires certainty: belief and vision – the arrogance of the genuine Satanist.

The System, however, allows us the luxury to believe exactly what we want, and to find many convincing reasons why not to act in truth. But to know the reality is to know that which is beyond yourself, and until Sinister Initiates strive to embody the current of Change necessary, then the holiday that is individual life will carry on its slow, meaningless journey, deathwards. The New Satanic Aeon What is this far-off Satanic purpose described as the ‘New Aeon’? It does not matter that, for most, a clear answer cannot be given; only that there exists a desire to practically create a new form of existence – that the stagnation of the ‘norm’ is countered, destroyed, and laid to rest. If life is to be lived right, there must always be, for individuals, a dream, a vision-splendid to strive and most likely die for. It does not really matter if various Sinister organisations disagree over the tactics involved in bringing this Change, as long as effects can be discerned – as it also does not matter whether or not there is Sinister “unity” between those various organisations. What matters, in the presencing of this ‘new aeon’, is that individuals strive to act with nobilty and out of duty to the furtherance of a Cosmic force beyond the personal. They must rely on their own judgment in this, regardless of consequences; and whatever mistakes are made in the process, are gifts by which further personal insight may be attained.

The loyalty of a Satanist is to the Dark – to Satan, and the forces beyond Him, by which civilisations are reminded of their unique Destiny. Because what is certain, is the suffering and death that will be required to allow the difficult transition from this dying Aeon, to the next: only through a crucible of Darkness will the “Light”, the positive upward trend of evolution, flow forth.

Regardless of contemporary beliefs, human beings are not born inherently ‘good’: true ‘goodness’ must be cultivated – and such a creation only occurs through suffering. This suffering will be because we must as a species re-integrate with what is for us, the reality of Nature – a reality from which we are progressively and deliberately distanced: our natural role as hunters. The New Aeon will be Satanic, because it implies the synthesis achieved through the conflict between Nature Herself and The System, and the triumph of Nature implies the creation of a higher type of human species – a truly free individual who needs neither politics or religion.

 A Note on “Vindex’

It is generally true to say, for the Esoterrorist, that it is the Path of their occult journey that is important, rather than the forms encountered or used during the way. However, it is a mistake to believe that this is the rule for all in the broadly esoteric field, and thus that all forms ‘ipso facto’, are simply a means to be discarded when appropriate, since no form can ever express the essence. For some unique individuals, in unique circumstances, there is no living of a form whilst hiding the “esoteric reality”, the esoteric wisdom – the ‘Occult’ aspect. There is no clever deceit, no skilled manipulation, because the form created is the reality, that esoteric wisdom made real and practical. This form is usually of a ‘religious’ nature, and is what it is because it is open about what it represents, regardless of societal prejudices. In an important sense – which few will understand – the form (”organisation”) so created, is not a nexion to channel or presence the essence – it is the very essence itself: the essence evolving as it must evolve in causal time and space [hence also the continuing relevance of ‘Satan’ as an archetype] This is the domain of Vindex, that much misunderstood embodiment of creative Change. Vindex does not really need ‘the Occult’ in conventional terms, to presence, or access the numinous ideals that s/he represents. Such things, in this case, only obscure the essence of Change, of evolution – as they can often distance a person from the creative numen which can and does provoke such an evolution.

However, this aspect of bringing Vindex can cause dismay to some Occultists, who might view this stance as a betrayal of ‘occultic principles’ perhaps previously championed. The reality is, what must be done, must be done if it is to be lived – over and above the perceived “truth” of some forms (and a Satanist should always be their own opposite, and beyond …). All Vindex needs, is already what is innate, and a Will made powerful by it being grounded, or presenced, in what is – now and in the future – numinous and great in evolutionary terms. Vindex can embody what is necessary: not particularly in the sense of some popular charismatic leader (a Caesar type figure), but in the sense of creating and maintaining the form which embodies the numinous ideals in the realistic way necessary. And this is the real Magick…

1996 e.h., Order of Nine Angles

The Law of the New Aeon

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Warriors, Freedom and the Sinister Way

One of the primary aims of the ONA is to produce a new type of human being. This new human being will – compared to individuals at present – be a more evolved individual who fulfills some of the promise latent within us, as a species. The Seven-Fold Way is one means whereby such a new individual can be produced. This individual would thus be an Adept: someone with a Destiny who understands wyrd, that is, Aeonic processes and change.

Hence, this individual will seek, through their lives, their work, their actions, to create new ways of living, new communities, new societies, new possibilities. This new individual will represent, and indeed be, a new archetype. The basis for this new archetype is the “thinking warrior”: an individual who, being self-disciplined, can and does use their own personal judgement and who thus does not rely on the concepts, ideas, ways, forms, theories, laws, ethics, of others, and who is unswayed and unswayable by those forces which governments, politicians, the Media, religions, and Institutions in general, use to try and persuade and manipulate and control people.

In essence, this new individual will use their will to control and change themselves. Thus, this new individual – this new human type – will be beyond “individuation” and truely free. They will take responsibility for themselves, and those they have given a personal pledge of loyalty to, and not allow anyone to take this self-responsibility away. In brief, they would rather die – if necessary by their own hand – than have to submit to anyone, or allow anyone to control them, just as, if anyone or any Institution tries to confine them or control them, they would rebel, and fight to obtain their personal freedom. Their is one thing and one thing alone which can produce such individuals: personal honour. True freedom, and true strength, arise when a person abides by a Code of Honour. The only law that this new individual will recognize and accept is the law of personal honour.

The law of the New Aeon is the law of personal honour. The revolution which is necessary will be in part a revolution of ideals, with the ideal of personal honour the catalyst necessary to create a New Aeon from the destruction of the old. The law of honour means an end to the tyranny of governments; an end to all the old ideas of the old repressive Aeon. In the simple sense, honour is a manifestation, a presencing, of those evolutionary energies which can change us into a higher type, a new species of human being. With honour – and the laws deriving from it – new societies, and ways of life, can and will be created which will transform this planet, and enable us to take the next great leap forward in our evolution: the exploration, conquest and settlement of Outer Space.


Anton Long 114yf

The Lands of the Dark Immortals

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 It is essential for the Satanist to die as well as live in the correct way, according to their sinister oath. Hence, for those so fated, there is the final stage of the Seven Fold Way.

It should be clear from the preceding article that this final stage, that of ‘Immortal’, does not represent some empty occult posturing, but rather is a description of a new form of existence, one which has involved a conscious transcendence of the causal realms.

This stage is reached when the tasks of the Magus/Mousa (Grand Master/Grand Mistress) have been successfully achieved. These tasks are exclusively concerned with the creation of significant causal forms to enable the unstoppable presencing of the New Aeon. This final nine angles rite fully activates these forms, and this activation will send tangible reverberations throughout the Earth – in terms of the acceleration of the aims implicit in the created causal forms, but also in other seemingly unconnected ways, such as unusual natural phenomena.

These significant causal forms are the counterparts by which the Immortal continues their existence on Earth; they become, in essence, the presencing of the new Aeon itself.

But the Immortal is also the change which naturally occurs in the cosmic fabric as a whole, and this change initiated by that one rite on Earth becomes a perpetual rippling outwards, affecting other causal forms elsewhere in the cosmos and spawning new forms in the known causal dimensions and in those as yet undiscovered. This cosmic aeonic knowledge will for the most part be apprehended by the candidate as they approach the final stage, enabling them to alter the Earthly causal forms in accordance with those non-Earth based others.

The Immortal also has a wholly acausal existence, and one which naturally continues long after the myriad causal counterparts and their future mutations/offspring have faded. Here, they are dwellers in the Lands of the Dark Immortals, their life force shifting and changing according to the many and strange wyrds threaded within that shadowy existence. They are then themselves a Dark God of legend, haunting dreams and the edge of all consciousness.

As the Dark Gods increasingly return through the many nexions fully opened by the final rite, the Immortal may indeed at some far future point walk again upon the Earth.




Auf dem Wasser zu singen

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Auf dem Wasser zu singen: Yet Another Interview with Anton Long


The following is taken from interview conducted by F.D. on a Summer night 114yf/2003eh.

Do you believe the future of the Order to now be in America? If so, would it be right to assume that this would imply the necessity for creating a semi-public presence agitating for disruption and change? Or does the Order remain and grow as it now is, hidden but working away within England – and indeed Ireland?
A: The answer to the first part is yes, and no. Yes, insofar as America should give rise to the first practical, sinister, manifestation of the next stage – a new society, based upon the Law of the New Aeon, and the emergence of Vindex – and will thus become the centre of that practical manifestation; and no, insofar as the esoteric essence, manifest in one way in a physical nexion and in another in a small esoteric teaching community, will remain in Europe. Expressed simply, America will be the home of the outer aspect of the Order, with all that involves, while the inner aspect remains where it is and has been for a long time. However, there will come a time when the inner aspect will need, due to practical circumstances, to be duplicated elsewhere – but even this will not be in America.

A semi-public presence would be one of the manifestations of the outer Order, in America.

In the MS Words of Vermiel there is mention of interacting with a Star-Gate; are there plans – aside from the Star Game – to extend the ONA’s symbolic language into a cosmic one, creating symbols and magickal techniques which are not Earth based?
A:  Yes. But this requires advanced mastery of our Way, and only a few individuals, at present, are capable of the thinking which is required to even begin this.

What is required is a new way of thinking, and a new way of being – a move toward the acausal, by the individual. Conventional magick operates in the causal, using acausal energy. Internal Magick is a move toward the acausal by the individual, and this is the beginning of the being, the thinking, which is required.

In time – of many, many decades – a few more will advance, and learn, and master this new way of being. But this requires many practical changes, in people, in society – it requires the new society of the New Aeon, which in itself means the destruction of the old order and the mental tyranny of the present, not to mention the physical tyranny which the New World Order is creating.

We can now step over the threshold into a new way of being – and so begin the next stage of our evolution. Opening pathways to the acausal continuum itself. Conventional (external) magick, and even internal and Aeonic magick, are but beginnings – there is so much more, which will take us toward immortality, and enable us, by the very nature of the acausal continuum, to travel the Cosmos without the need of physical machines. But it must be understood that last the stage of the Seven-Fold Way is only the beginning of this, and to achieve that Grade takes one individual many, many decades. So far, this century, only one person has achieved it. We have the potential to achieve that Grade – to evolve past even that – but have wasted and are wasting this potential.

Some symbols – or the prototype language, if you prefer – and some techniques, already exist, but to use them, to understand them, requires that apprenticeship which is the Seven-Fold Way up to the stage of Master/ Lady Master. Two individuals, in the old country – one male, one female – are heading toward this stage, but as yet no one in America is near this stage, so there is a long way to go.

Given the proved Astronomical significance of the various stone circles and alignments, is there any received information within the Order regarding the human species originating from somewhere other than Earth? Do you believe the alignments represent a knowledge which is now lost concerning our relation to the stars – or do we, according to the principles of evolution, now know more than we have ever known?
A:  There is no received information about our origins. There is no “lost knowledge” is that sense – although we have lost a great deal through the modern way of living. One thing we have lost is the sense, the intuition (and that is what it was) of our belonging: to Nature, to Earth, to the Cosmos. But we have also acquired many things – one of which is a rational understanding of ourselves; another is a knowledge of how to consciously change ourselves; and another is our ability of empathy, of true magick. Real magick is an empathy – a knowing, a sense-ing, of the matrix of acausality which binds all living things together. 

We – or rather, esoteric Initiates – do indeed know more, or can learn more, than we have ever known or learnt.
Is Satan, for the Order, a supra-personal being with which we can communicate, or an archetype residing in our psyche drawn out into our being via invokation – or both?

A: To fully answer the question one has to understand the true nature of such things as causal, acausal, being, presencing, sinister, archetype, not to mention the nature of an individual and what is “communication”.

An archetype is a particular manifestation of acausal energy in the causal – a living being, but a being with an acausal “nature” (or more correctly a partly acausal and partly causal nature). This being is born (or can be created), lives, declines, and then ceases to exist on the level of existence where it was manifest (our psyche). But there are beings beyond these archetypes – beings which are more acausal, and beings which are purely acausal. That is, which have more acausal energy than archetypes.

What is named as “Satan” is beyond an archetype, just as the “Dark Gods” are.

In the simplistic sense, archetypes are related to the stages up to Adept; the next type of acausal beings we can perceive – or more correctly, which can be accessed in some way, or presenced in the causal – relate to the Abyss and beyond. That is, archetypes cease to have any effect, on an individual who is beyond a certain stage of our Way, and this is one meaning of being an Adept.

There is no communication, but rather an apprehension. This apprehension, for archetypes, is fairly simple. Beyond archetypes, it is much more complex and does not rely on our conventional senses and the way of causal apprehension: which is via sounds, colours, “words”, images, and collocations of these (such as a static Tarot image, such an image used in as magickal way, or a magickal rite), synchronistic or otherwise.

A magickal apprehension is a participation – an expansion of one’s own being, and thus an evolution. Hence, “Satan” is one means of evolution, magickal and otherwise.

Is there still a purpose to the traditional Satanic ceremonies – particularly the Black Mass – or are they now outmoded?
A: Yes. A beginning. A learning. A liberation. A moving toward that apprehension wherein is knowledge of causal and acausal, sinister and non-sinister, and what is beyond.

But there will come a time when this beginning, and learning, is not needed any more. This will be after the New Aeon has been manifest for some time, and moved individuals towards the next stage of our evolution.

There will then be the apprehension mentioned earlier – the new language (beyond symbolism) and the new magickal methods, which relate to the Cosmos and not this Earth. But first, we must liberate this world from the tyranny it now endures. First, we need many individuals living according to the Law of the New Aeon, and many individuals becoming Adepts of our Way.
Esoteric chant is, for me, one of the most powerful and original of the ONA’s teachings. Just how important is it for Initiates to master this technique – for their own development, and also in terms of the effects such a technique has in the wider world (and beyond)? Are all the chants now written down, or are there some which have to be taught on a teacher/pupil basis?
A: It is very important, because it is one means of magickal apprehension – a powerful magickal techniques which can open, and create, certain nexions, nexions which are Aeonically necessary. In one sense, it is one step toward one of the new non-Earth based, Cosmic, magickal techniques of the future.

Most of the chants have now been written down.
Is Hangter’s Gate a re-telling of a real event, and if so, were the details of this event originally communicated orally by Master/Mistress to pupil, and will there be more such Traditional Folk tales to relate?

A: Yes, yes and yes.
Is the Order near to realising some of its long term goals – i.e. the founding of some type of rural community/presence?
A: To achieve this goal takes three things – the right individuals at the right level of understanding; the right external circumstances (the condition of our societies – how close the New Aeon is); and the opening of a certain nexion in the area where this physical nexion must be.

It will arise when the time for its arrival has come; and this time is near. For two of the conditions are already fulfilled.

I once read in an Order MSS a reference to ‘alchemical seasons’. What does this mean in terms of Nature, and can these seasons by experienced and lived within, in the same manner as the four seasons?

A: An alchemical season is a natural process which occurs in Nature, and also in we ourselves, who are beings of Nature. They are Change; a natural dialectic; and span several, or many, of the “Four seasons”.

In one sense, the Internal Adept rite is a very simple “alchemical season” in relation to an individual. In relation to Nature, an alchemical season is either a natural, or a magickally-induced, change or evolution. The creation of a physical nexion is one type of created, induced, evolution, and this creation occurs over an alchemical season.

There are also, of course, Cosmic alchemical seasons, some of which we know – in terms of their beginnings and their ending – by various observed astronomical events, often relating to star or planetary alignments, which alignments also, sometimes, signify the length of a alchemical season in relation to Nature.

Some might argue that – esoterically/magickally – the practice of human sacrifice is a little archaic. Why is such an act still regarded as important – what does it create in magickal terms, and why?

A: It is important on several levels. As a necessary means of Initiate learning; as a necessary magickal act – a presencing of the dark: a drawing down of acausal energy, if you prefer. As a means of aiding the Sinister Dialectic; and as a means of removing the worthless, dishonourable dross so manifest in the societies of our time.

Magickally, it aids internal magick (the evolution of the individual); aids Aeonic magick; and opens nexions. It ensures the Order stays esoteric and that its Adepts are genuine Adepts of the Sinister Tradition. And of course it also adds to the aura of the Order itself, and weeds out the dross.