Surreal Science [2nd Epistle]





First, before people accuse me of being a product of Myattian thinking; as if one day I chanced upon Myatt’s writings with a blank mind, and having nothing else better to fill my mind with I just mindlessly adopted his thoughts – I had my own mind and ideas. The reason why I really like Myatt is because I actually share many of my private thoughts and beliefs in common with him. By this I mean I spent a lot of my time at school and during my free time studying and speculating about things which gave birth to ideas and thoughts then, when I found all of Myatt’s writings, I saw much of my own thoughts in them.

I want to start this Second Epistle first with a subject I personally have a passion for which Myatt spoke about last in his collection of Ethical National-Socialist MSS. Myatt was nice enough to call mainstream science “surreal,” but we’ll go ahead and call it what it is – retarded.

I find it incredible that so many institutions today have no real place in their institution for science. If such an institution as the Myattian Triad (Reichsfolk NS; The Numinous Way, and the ONA) desires to progress into the future as a stellar civilization, then science must be the very center and spearhead of the Myattian Triad. Which is what Myatt took the pains to do – graft science into his Ways. Except, if the science is retarded, then the future is going to be retarded. Unfortunately, it seems as thoe the ONA, perhaps being the runt of the litter, didn’t get a good dose of science like the other two ‘mind children of Myatt.’

In his Acausal Science article, Myatt mentions several “surreal” (re: retarded) ideas; which I and many other 352ers agree with. Like – “black holes,” and the “big bang.” The reason why modern Cosmology is so retarded is because of an inherent weakness in what we call “Reason” and its unfortunate near deification.

What we call “Reason” is a logical thinking process where input from the outside world is brought into the brain, which is then evaluated and measured up to sets of pre-formulated rational concepts. By “rational concepts” here, I mean to say thoughts and or beliefs, or opinions of things we develop and gain an understanding of from years of direct experience, and observation. For example, if we grew up never witnessing a cow fly, and we see birds with wings fly… after a while we will develop a conclusion that birds can fly because of their wings, and cows can’t fly thus a “rational concept” form in which we think or believe that only things with wings can fly. Thus, if one day someone came along and told you they saw a horse fly, you would say that it is irrational or outside the limits of your reasoning to believe that such a thing were possible.

Input to the brain is based entirely on 5 senses. We can logically assume that the more of the 5 senses are bringing in information to be processed – the more accurate the process of Reason will be. Thus, sciences such as Geology, Anatomy, and Medical science are highly accurate disciplines due to the fact that the object of study is close enough to the student whereby all of the 5 senses can bring in their input into the brain to be processed. We can then rationally assume that the less senses bring in input, the less accurate the science will be… no matter how refined your faculty of Reasoning is. Thus “distant” sciences such as Astromony, which relies on one mere sense – the eyes; cannot be considered as accurate a discipline as something “near” as Geography.

Now we come to Cosmology. This may be considered a “senseless” science. Not only is there really nothing to observe, but none of the senses are bringing any input. The only faculty or process of thinking in Cosmology is “Reason.” To compensate for a lack of sensual input Cosmologists use something retarded called Speculative Mathematics… which uses something called Imaginary Numbers. Thus, it’s not surprising that modern Cosmology comes up with the most outland theories, that are just about as ludicrous as biblical cosmology. In essence, modern Cosmology has left the Scientific Method behind for chalk board speculative mathematics.

Today’s modern retarded cosmology can be named “Gravitational Cosmology.” Gravitational Cosmology (GC) posits that the universe’s most weakest force – gravity – a force we daily defy when we pick things up – is the absolute source and means of the formation of the universe and everything inside it. GC states that gravity magically makes everything from stars to galaxies. A theory in science is only useful in so far as the theory can be used to explain and predict phenomenon, and as long as it can withstand the onslaught of new discoveries and hypotheses. Gravitational Cosmology is under major attack now, and is on it’s death bed, thanks to modern instruments and those heretics who have left the Newtonian-Einsteinian rank and file who question such freakish oddities as neutron stars, black holes, time travel, tachyon energy, worm holes, warp speed, expanding universe theory, big bang (the most stupidest theory ever); dark matter, dark force, and a host of others ridiculous stuff.

I’m not going to spend time here attacking all of these stupid GC “teacher’s pets,” but I’ll talk a bit about the big bang theory which was developed by a catholic priest. It’s retarded for physicists to say that something can’t come out of nothing; but they say that something the size of an atom “exploded” and from this atom-thingy came all of the matter in the universe! Then they say that when all this stuff was flying out of the explosion, it was flying faster then light… because conveniently the laws of physics didn’t existe yet. That’s when gravity came along and packed everything together. Even if we give the big bangers this much, it still doesn’t make sense, because the universe as we know it is relatively very uniform. Meaning the galaxies are uniformly distributed very well.

This might not mean anything, until you’ve sat and watched fireworks explode. When a firecracker blows up it happened at the core and explodes outwards. As the material flies out, it leaves an empty space where the core was. You can see this same effect in some novas or nebulas, where a “shell” of debris can be seen encircling a core empty spot. This of course suggests and implies NONUNIFORMITY of distribution of matter. Why is the universe uniform? Why aren’t the galaxies that formed later after the big bang not located in a “shell” of material surrounding an empty core where the bang first happened? This is only one mere disagreement among a long list of anti-big bangers.

The current scientific heresy, which is adopted by 352, is Plasma Cosmology (PC)… sometimes called the Electric Universe theory. PC posits that the cosmos is an infinite and eternal big old thingy of Plasma (4th state of matter), without a beginning. It just always was. This cosmos is alive and buzzing literally with Electricity. Where there is electricity, there is Magnetism and vise versa.

Pockets of Magnetic Fields in the cosmos then interact with the plasma to make all these ionic soup of stuff. The atoms in the plasma interact and produce elements and suchlike. The Sun in PC isn’t a primitive ball of nuclear fire as GC says it is. The Sun is a big ball of Plasma – just like the plasma globes you buy at the mall, but a billion times bigger with more energy. PC states that Suns are connected to each other to long filaments of greatly big plasma, like drops of morning dew on a spider web. Suns in PC “give birth” to gaseous planetoids like Jupiter. These gaseous giants in turn give birth to rocky moons. PC also states that Galaxies give birth to other galaxies.

The Planet Saturn play an important role in our solar system in regards to our own earth in Plasma Cosmology. PC states that at one time Saturn was a ball of plasma (sun) also and the earth was a planet around it. Something happened where Saturn and this sun came into contact with each other which caused the sun Saturn to go around this sun, which also caused the earth to fly into a new orbit then Saturn lost it’s plasmic power sourse and went dark – thus in many world cultures, Saturn is often called the “Black Sun,” Schwarze Sonne in German by the way.

The great thing about Plasma Cosmology is that it can be experimented and tested with in laboratories because the Plasma we can make here such as that found in plasma globes, is the same stuff in space. Under laboratory conditions when plasma has been found to naturally form spiral shaped “galaxies,” Gravitational Cosmology can’t explain why spiral shaped galaxies (such as our own Milky Way) exists… it shouldn’t because of “gravity.” The other great thing about PC is it explains those stupid theoretical things such as black holes and such away, without much fuss and leg pulling.

By far, in my mind, the greatest and most appealing aspect of PC is the deeper… more “esoteric” side of Plasma Cosmology, which fits perfectly into Reichsfolk NS and “Myattian Cosmology.” All that Electricity – which science now knows actually does exist out there in what we once thought was “empty” space can’t just come out of nothing. It needs a Source… and because we as living beings are ourselves electric beings – meaning our most intimate parts like our brain cells and muscles and stuff – work with the same Electricity… we are all intimately Connected to our world, our Sun, our Galaxy, and the whole Cosmos itself… even to the Source of the energy itself. Because Matter comes in 4 basic forms… or manifestations of the same “Causal” essence – Solid, Liquid, Gas, and Plasma – we are all… as all things are in this universe – the Cosmos in living expression. A manifestation of the same electricity and plasma that IS the Cosmos. It is not really known at the time what exactly is the Source of all this Electricity and Plasma yet; but our Myattian Triad may offer a clue: the Acausal matrix.


This very interesting heretical theory – which is gaining wide support was postulated by Rupert Sheldrake. The theory and idea of Morphic resonance also fits well, into National-Socialist Science (Reichsfolk) and it’s Living Cosmos.

The idea of MR starts off very basic. Around every thing is a Memory Field (also called a Morphogenic Field). This Memory Field contains the information needed to “tell” the atoms and molecules of anything where to go – in the form of Coherent Energetic Information – in the same way these digital letters you are reading is actually a string of coherent energetic information on a hard drive or your RAM. Before you think this is crazy, do yourself a favor and research the subject first. You will learn that science has already made instruments to see this field, and a lot of experiments with this field has already been done – which will one day soon kill this stupid current theory and science of genes. I recommend anything by Sheldrake, and a book called “The Field.”

Then MR gets interesting. It posits that the way of Nature is the effortless path in which the lest amount of energy is spent. Thus MR must work in tandem with the natural way of least resistance. Each species has in MR theory what might be called a “collective over-field” which developed and collected its memory and information after millions of years of evolution based on its species’ adaptation to such things as environment and climatic changes.

So, in environment with very similar conditions, Nature will utilize a time tested Memory Field of an organism which it “knows” can thrive in such conditions, and thus, plants and animals existing in very similar conditions will look very similar. This save Nature from having a glob of protoplasm go thru the billions of years to evolve into something. It save energy.

Morphic Resonance theory then would explain to us what extraterrestrials living on a planet similar to our own Earth would look like – they would look like us. This is so because MR states that the whole Cosmos is a big virtual Memory Field “Hard Drive” and since there is only one Cosmos-Hard Drive, the most efficient memory fields contain in it will be used to conserve energy no matter where in the universe life may occur.

All this of course – to the chagrin of the modern materialist scientific inquisition – is heresy, because it implies… suggests a Living Cosmos… which is even perhaps “intelligent” in it’s own big way. Again, the very nature of these Memory Fields – which is no longer speculation – suggests a “something” beyond causal matter… something our Myattian Triad terms Acausal Energy, due to lack of a better term.

Why do I say that Myatt is beyond his time and deserves a bit of good word? Because I read and study current shit like this, which is barely being spoken about in school and books now – when Myatt was thinking of this stuff before it ever surfaced up. This “weird science” shit, which is and will be the science of our future, is something still alien to the average person… especially to the average ONA Initiate who spends his time reading old black magical grimoires or philosophical works by long dead people which has jack shit to do with our world today – or the future. You need to take your head out of the past, read some current heretical shit, and look to the future – or your stupid – and this is why some of you “of the ONA” don’t see Myatt as we here in 352 do. It’s far from hero worship. It’s just us saying – oh shit Myatt thought of all this when we were in diapers… before it was a heresy in materialist science! Why is science so important to our Myattian Triad? Because you can’t apprehend the future without it. And if your retarded and buy into that “surreal” stuff they are teaching in mainstream science.

Finally because of the vision for a future we shared in common with him, the passion for which he helped set a blaze – and the principles and practical method he gave to manifest that future – to aeonically work with Wyrd to manifest that future and hopeful destiny. By “destiny” I mean to say a clear Destination in the future we can envision, and the aeonic “journey” we must consciously make to get us there. Many people before him have dreamed yes, and have thought about colonizing the galaxy yes; but none believed it was possible. That is was our human destiny. That it was the ultimate thing to strive for. That it was our next stage in our human evolution. None inspired, and none gave a practical and “occult” method of working for that future like Myatt. Sadly, we are few who resonate with his vision. Those of us few are nonetheless Loyal to that Vision and Way – and pay credit to where its due.



I should make it clear that this epistle as I stated up there is directed to our Acception (352), since some of those “of the” ONA get asshurt over reading our stuff.

By Principles I refer to the Principles of Reichsfolk and the Numinous Way. By Application I mean the vehicle of Application that is the ONA which  transmutes these Principles into casual results. Without any kind of Methodology these Principles remains just quaint ideas you store in your head, and just another label you wear.

We’ll begin to show the Harmony of this Myattian Triad by first using Acausal Force as an example, since we talked about it up there.

Myatt spends a great deal of his time trying to explain in detail what the Acausal is in his Ethical National-Socialism and Numinous Way MSS. Yet, in the ONA he only briefly touches on the subject, but goes into detail about the Practical Method of harnessing Acausal energy and using it.

According to the Principle and Theory Acausal energy is the matrix which envelops the causal universe. Each of us in turn are nexions of acausal and causal substance. Or points in space-time where acausal and causal substance converges. The convergence of these two cosmic substances in turn gives “life” to the dead matter which we are composed of. This concept of a mingling or convergence of “matter” and “energy” is also expressed in Morphic Resonance theory and Plasma Cosmology.

Althoe in his ONA MSS Myatt leaves out the details; in the Reichsfolk MSS he does go into deeper detail explaining the workings of this convergence of cosmic substance. In an article he calls “Acausal Science,” he mentions a future technology which utilizes acausal energy. The reasoning behind this is because according to National-Socialist Ethics the current form of energy we are using is essentially destructive, not in Harmony to the way of Nature and defies our Honour and Reverence for Nature. The most violent and destructive form of energy is nuclear energy.

This National-Socialistic abhorrence for such unnaturally violent forms of energy is actually in essence somewhat very unique to Esoteric National-Socialism… for those of us who know. There is a documented and well know story of an Admiral Byrd who was conducting US Naval mapping missions in Antarctica during the 1950’s by air. One day as Admiral Byrd was flying about 100 miles from the shore he reported by radio of seeing a hole in the middle of the area into which his plane was fling into.

Admiral Byrd later reported two flying saucers with Nazi Swastika designs on then using some sort of a force to control his ship causing it to land inside a city of some sort. He reports that a race of beings, often referred as the “Vril-ya” had taken him to their “leader.” He reports that these people spoke a strange dialect of German. The “leader” of this subterranean race had desired to speak with Byrd to give him a message to bring to the rest of the world above ground. The message was simple. The Vril-ya were against the idea of the human race using nuclear energy and nuclear bombs because it disturbed the Life Force of Nature, and that if we choose to continue our love affair with such unnatural destructive forces, we will eventually annihilate ourselves.

I really can’t say how true this story is. He was a high ranking Naval Officer of America, and he did give a documented report of his strange experience. Even if it is a legend of myth, it still shows how deep and essential and old this idealism of being in harmony with Nature was to National-Socialism. It may seem outlandish for many people – those of us not familiar with Ethical and Esoteric National-Socialism – to think that Nazis would even give a damn about Nature. This opinion is due to about 70 years of Zionist propaganda and the retardation of the common person believing such crap because some “authority” figure told you so and not trying to gain a more accurate and authentic understanding of genuine and esoteric NS. I’ll save this topic for a later date.

So, as Myatt suggests in his Reichsfolk MSS, that a sort of “Organic Technology” should be used in which living organic things are created and used to apprehend Acausal energy to be used. This concept reminds me of an idea of another personal object of admiration of mine – Wilhelm Reich and his work on a form of natural energy he called “Orgone.” There is a not so well know work by Wilhelm Reich he experimented with at one time which seems to greatly support Myatt’s idea that Acausal energy is “Life Force” itself. Reich one day took ordinary lifeless matter such as dirt and dry leaves, and he mixed them in water, and placed this under a microscope. With a little orgone manipulation Reich saw these tiny corpuscles emerge from the putrefying matter which “turned” into living things he called “Bions.”

The important thing here is that this energy… call it what you want – acausal, orgone, vril, prana, chi, whatever – is naturally “attracted” to organic matter and crystals. By organic matter and crystals I mean, as I have come to understand it – matter in which its molecular and atomic structure is in a Coherent Form. Coherency of molecular structure seems to be a key factor of matter being able to absorb cosmic energy. If you doubt this, all you have to do is take two quartz crystals, go into a dark closet, and rub those two crystals together vigorously. You will notice that the applied force will cause the crystals to glow a yellowish color, and pay very close attention to the smell it makes. I won’t tell you what it smells like because I actually want you to try it yourself.

Organic matter absorbs and attracts acausal energy. Myatt spends a lot of time talking about acausal stuff and organic technology in his Reichsfolk and Numinous Way papers; but he leaves out a practical method whereby we can actually physically work with acausal energy… but… in his ONA he does quite the opposite and instead of going into detail about the science and theory behind acausal apprehension, he just provides an organic – practical Method of Application. There is something about the state of your mind you go into when performing those rites given in the ONA, plus your organic body which attracts acausal energy ‘down.’ This acausal force, which anyone in the ONA should know, does things or influences the world. Perhaps it doesn’t affect the dead matter of our cities and states itself… but maybe this acausal energy we attract via those rites “infects” and affects those around us, and those this acausal substance comes into contact with. Of course, the rites in the ONA is a primitive method of acausal apprehension, but it gives us a template and platform to work with to develop future organic technology, if we can see these rites in a different way. Not just “magical” rites, but a rudimentary future science more in harmony to Mother Nature and the Living Cosmos.


If you could sum up Ethical National-Socialism, the Numinous Way, and the ONA’s “Law of the New Aeon,” it would be those three words. It’s the very essence and meaning of Nobility, and the New Human.

Myatt spends a lot of time and effort in explaining the theories and principles of Honour, Loyalty, and Duty in both his Reichsfolk and Numinous Way. Again he elaborates on the principle, but does not present a usable method whereby the individual who desires to uphold and express, or utilize these principles to change herself or himself into a better, more noble person. Yet the ONA offers a very practical and physical Method of applying these principles in live to engineer personal change: the Seven Fold Way.

Thru the Grade Rituals and Ordeals Myatt created for the ONA, the Initiate may begin to learn to physically live and express those three moral doctrines. Self Honour is required – in that you must be honest and true to yourself – to honestly go thru and experience each grade ritual and ordeal. Not only do the grade rituals help one understand the concept of self honour, but it also is the principle of Self Excellence, and Triumph of the Will in motion. It requires a great amount of Will to go thru all of these grade rituals and ordeals, which helps build Self Excellence. Loyalty here is loyalty to yourself and to the Seven Fold Way. Duty – to experience all grade ordeals.

The creation of an ONA Temple or Nexion, or belonging to one provides the template and platform for establishing a Clan – since no real clan or tribe exists currently in the developed countries to learn from. Future clans and tribes must be born today from Traditional groups such as this. Functioning in a Nexion further teaches the Initiate in an on hands method how to honour your fellow clanmate, pay your loyalty to them and your oaths, and to uphold your duties you own to them and the clan/nexion. The next step required to transform a functioning nexion into a clan would be proper – selective breeding – to produce offspring who will be born members of the clan/nexion, raised in the Way. By Way here, I mean the Myattian Triad Way – Ethical National-Socialism; the Numinous Way, and the ONA. The three don’t have to be mixed into a single triune “thing.” They can remain separate, yet parallel and in harmony with one another, thus supplementing and complimenting each other.


There is a certain, honest duty and honour we must learn to give to other races, folk, and cultures – if we should genuinely live by the ‘Reichsfolk Doctrine.’

It isn’t really out of arbitrary quaintness that David Myatt urges us to honour other peoples, cultures, and religions. It is out of a certain duty we owe to our ownselve to strive to be better and progress in Excellence.

It is only when we are open minded, and open hearted, to other’s different from us, and we honourably try to understand them and their way that we learn to see the world from new perspectives and angles, cancelling what cultural myopia we might have had.

There is a kernel of truth, light, and insight in every culture, Way, and religion. By learning to Empathize with these other people and their weltanshauungs and systems of thought, we add to our ownselves.

The German National-Socialist in there time were very much open to there peoples and cultures. To Japan and it’s cultures for an example. More esoterically to Tibet. Early on the German National-Socialists had made contact with Tibet. Once contact was made, many of them began to study Tibetan Buddhism – particularly different forms of meditations and tantras in hopes to be able to contact a subterrainian race of beings called the Vril-ya.

The German National-Socialists had desired to make contact with the Vril-ya to learn certain secrets whereby their own Aryan race would, like the Vriyl-ya, to be super human… a true Master Race.

Sometime after the war the Americans entered Tibet and Germany and had discovered something very odd, which if you can understand, gives you hints to the genuine nature of National-Socialism. The Americans had discovered several hundreds of bodies of Tibetan monks who had all committed mass suicide.

The strangeness was that these Tibetan monks were all dresses in Nazi regalia, Swastika and all… and all had a lapel pin of a Green Dragon – said to represent the King of Agartha. Back in German, the Americans also discovered several hundreds of Nazi Officers who have committed mass suicide as well. They all, of course had their Nazi regalia on as well, but they each also had the same Tibetan lapel pin of the Green Dragon.

Aside from this example of honour for other people and cultures, we have Myatt as an exemplar and example to follow. Like a traveller on a journey of exploration he travels into different belief systems with an open mind, learning from each of them and thus gaining new insights and perspectives – growing in his Self Excellence.


There is a saying in mystic circles – Where there is Beauty, there also is the face of God. Or as Plato defines God – The Supreme Being is both Truth and Beauty. How does a “Dark,” and “Sinister” ontology fit with the Numinous Cosmology? Inside the Acausal matrix which surrounds us. Which is the fundamental fabric of existence and life.

The only reason why some of us see something “evil” and horrid in “the sinister” is because we are mentally immature and not willing to see Nature and Cosmic Essence as it is – beyond good and evil. These words are but arbitrary – abstract – values and human judgments we ascribe to certain things, which is entirely relative. Life just IS. What is wrong and evil in one culture – to one folk – may sometimes be right and good to another. For instance the concept of euthanasia, specifically killing elderly people so that they will not be a burden to society. This to some of us in the West may “feel” bad, and wrong; but in Inuit Society, it is, or was practiced and right. The elderly Inuit (Eskimo) in olden days, when their time came, walked themselves off into the frigid cold and froze themselves to death, for the sake of their folk.

The underlying issue here is stigma and misunderstanding. The concept of “Left Hand,” and “Right Hand,” predates Christianity and Occidental conception and values systems. It originates in India based on a pre-hindu godform named Ardhanari who was a hermaphrodite. Ardhanari means Male-Female. It’s Right side was a male named Shivaya; the Left side was a female named Shakti.

The Mythos of Ardhanari states that the Right half became the Eternal Transcendental One Spirit that permeates the universe – the Acausal, if you will. The Left side became the Manifested world of physical existence – the Causal if your will. Bothe Shiva and Shakti as the unmanifested and manifested are locked together in an eternal dance.

From these two halves, two different schools were born – the Right Hand school; and the Left Hand school (better known as Vama Marga). The Right Hand Path believed that carnal existence was something to be abhorred and rejected. Sensual experiences was rejected for a restrictive life in hoped that when the adherent died, he would merge back into Shiva. This concept of renunciation and rejection of life to merge with the unmanifested source incarnated as Buddhism’s concept of Nirvana where one works to annihilate one’s ego to merge into the nothingness of Nirvana.

The Left Hand Path, was dedicated to Shakti, and believed that the unmanifested source was just a pantheistic force which permeates the Cosmos, and that physical existence was by Nature sacred and divine. Every physical act, every sensual and carnal pleasure was a blissful offering to Shakti. Nothing about carnal existence in the Left hand Path and Nature was rejected. There were no morals or limitation. Life was experienced uninhibited. They believed that without the body, and physical experience of life itself, there can be no illumination.

The carnal practices of the original Left Hand Path were seen by the Hindus as vile and disgusting, specifically since these Left Hand Tantrikas would often practice sexual rites without the moral limitations of familial relations, if you catch my drift. Further more Shakti’s Right side – Shiva – was merged with the Hindu’s Rudra (Hinduism’s Devil) and the Left hand Path ever since got a bad rap.

The Sinister Path – meaning the Left Hand Path – is only evil because of our own immaturity and limitations of  not “going beyond” – as someone once put it – of definitions, stigmas, and human concepts.

It is essentially a Life affirming Path which, like its ancestor, sees every aspect of carnal existence and nature to be “just is” meaning just Natural as things are; and sacred. It is the opposite – adversarial – path to the Right Hand Path that is the Judeo-Christian religious system and their life rejecting morals and values.

The Dark Ones, as it has been explain are acausal beings. Like us, they are living manifestation of the Cosmic Being. A mode of the Cosmic Being’s existence within the acausal manifestation of the Cosmos. If Acausal energy is itself Life Force, which “animates” coherent causal matter. Then it is not beyond reason to assume that “living beings,” exist within the acausal itself. For as long as we as a species have been around we have had two constant companions – the belief in a “spirit” which survives death; and the belief in ‘spirits” thru which our ancient ancestor’s rites were dedicated to.

The Dark Tradition is thus a Way… an ontological perception… wherein the Initiate’s mind is open to the apprehension and understanding of the Acausal, and it’s living essence, which is beyond such human conceptualizations as “good,” and “evil.” It is a Way whereby the Initiate awakens… as slumbering Shakti must awaken from this Maya of materialism… to the Realization of the Unity… the One Reality of the Cosmos. Wherein the Initiate comes to the realization that there is more to material existence, then just flesh and stone. Wherein a bond… a reyoking… a reconnexion is gradually developed between the Initiate and the Dark Numinous Acausal… becoming once again – Whole.

The Numinous in the Sinister Way, is the living Beauty of the Cosmos, Nature and Carnal existence itself. In all it’s forms and manifestations. Wherever you see Beauty, there also is the very living essence of the Cosmos… calling… yearning:

“Nothing is beautiful except man: but most beautiful of all is women.” – 19th Satanic Point; 21 Satanic Points, BBS, ONA

Kayla of 352

120 yf


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