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Florida. April 30th, 161 yf.


We drove down to the old dilapidated structure where we parked our truck. Richard had relocated there 12 years ago from New York when he retired from the force to get a way from the big city. It had been a while since we were in the area.

” Seems like only yesterday… “

I smiled in response to Chloe’s reflections. Just looked at her. I couldn’t believe were were sixty or something. I still loved her:

” Help me with her Lamar… David. “

My son David and his father pulled out the old woman from the back of the truck. My husband Lamar still had gusto in him after all these years. She had a sack around her head… we put her in a white wedding gown.

Richard was patiently waiting inside on his wheel chair. I noticed he had a nervous look on his face… clutching a black box and looking into my eyes for reassurance:

” You’re 70 something Rich… Time to go…”

” Yeah, I know… It’s just hard… the feelings… after all those years on the force. “

Chloe nodded and gave the old bastard a final shoulder massage:

” Don’t think about it… it was just a job… just do it… you were working for the 10 percenters. “

” Here, I brought you your last bagel. ” Lamar chuckles to himself as he hands a bag to Richard.

” Who is she? ” Richard heard the old lady whimper and cry. I was afraid of this. Chloe and I looked at each other, knowing inside he knew.

” Richard…” Chloe was still massaging, ” You don’t even know her any more… she made the best years of your life miserable. “

I looked at him for a moment, then went to the truck to get things to prepare the place.


“Did I miss the party?!?”

It was Cathy. The old hag was always late for shit.

“Cat! Shhh, you wanna get us busted?”

“There isn’t another building around here for the next 20 miles honey, besides…”

She pulls out her gun. Cathy never goes anywhere without it.

Kayla left to give her a hug. Last time she saw Cat was 7 years ago when we were in Malta, helping Frank preform his Hohes Opfer. He’s floating somewhere in the stars now.

She gave Rich a kiss on the forehead, and kissed me looking into my eyes.

“Sorry I’m late sweety, I thought somebody was following me so I took a detour. So fucking hard to drive around here with no street or lights,” She looks over to the lady on the ground and gives her a kick, “Doing O.K Dee?”

She frustrates me sometimes, it’s like she can’t feel the atmosphere:

“Jesus Cat, please,” I kinked my head towards Rich with that look trying to get her to get the drift.

“Oh… yeah, I’ll go help Kayla get ready.”

“It’s a nice day for a white wedding…”

David was singing some ancient song by Billy Idol called White Wedding and snickers with Cat. His mom squints her eyes at him and slaps him across the head:


Kayla was setting things up around the barn. She’s been awful quite lately thinking about Rich.

“Still remember the longs talks you and Kayla had Rich?”

He smiled, “Yeah… I’ll wait for you two; school… yeah,”

“I’ll be a cheerleader, Kayla’s best friend. You can have her in the next life…sloppy seconds. Hopefully you won’t be a nerd, or she’s not gunna give you the time of day.”

He laughs, “Stuck up bitch. Always was. We’ve come a long way huh? Built a small empire. Good game.”

“Yeah. Game over for you.”

I looked at him as I knelt beside him looking at his black box:

“Can I see it?”

Richard unlocks the box with his old hands and pulls out black satin and unwraps it. The Obsidian Blade was shaking in his nervous hands:

“Moose horn. Me and Cat went to Alaska when we were still young. Younger at least. Had a hell of a hard time trying to kill the thing with my home made bow and arrow. Of course Cat gets impatient after the 4th day. She pulls out the fuckin’ nine she was hiding and shoots the damn thing 6 times!”

I was admiring the sharpness of the shiny black blade while he was laughing and reflecting. I don’t even think I was paying any attention to him. I saw Frank’s face in the blade as he was gasping for his last breath.

It’s indescribable to see a man die in front of your eyes. One moment he’s there talking to you, and the next he’s lifeless. You realize standing there over the empty shell that something that was once there, left.

I cried. Knowing that I’ll see that scene again, and watch the blood of an old beloved friend soak the ground.


ONA-NXS:352, 120yf

Hohes Opfer

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This ritual is performed at the end of the causal life of the Satanist, and is a sinister variation on the solo nine angles rite which marks the last stage of the way (qv. Acausal Existence MSS).

The rite exists in two sections: the Ritual of Sealing and the Hohes Opfer itself.

Ritual of Sealing:

This is undertaken following Initiation, and requires the candidate to first carve an obsidian blade. This blade is carved over three consecutive months on the nights of the New Moon, in the hour before dawn. The knife may feature suitable inscriptions, such as an inverted septagon, or a phrase pertaining to the Temple group of the Initiate, written in a script such as ‘Dark Immortal’. During this carving incense combining the elements of Mars and Saturn may be burned.

The candidate then finds a suitable outdoor location for the ritual. This must be an isolated area close to a river, and somewhere the candidate judges will remain untouched and undeveloped for at least a century.

The ritual is undertaken again on a night of the New Moon in the month following the completion of the carving, in the hour before dawn. [The ritual may be enhanced by the candidate timing it to occur during certain stellar/planetary alignments.]

The candidate first bathes in the river, and then changes into suitable black clothing, or robe. S/he kneels with the knife placed before them on a black cloth.

The knife is first consecrated to Baphomet by either performing the Baphomet chant, or simply vibrating ‘Agios o Baphomet’ or the feminine form: “Agia H Baphomet.” The candidate traces an inverted pentagram over the knife.

Then the Diabolus is chanted three times, after which s/he sits and visualizes a nebulous chaos streaming from a nexion in the sky to first envelope the knife and then spread outwards to engulf the candidate.

Once complete, the candidate vibrates ‘Ad Satanas qui laetificat juventutem meam’ and departs from the area.

The knife is then wrapped in black cloth (black silk is best) and stored safely in a locked box in the candidate’s keeping.

Hohes Opfer:

At the conclusion of the Satanist’s causal life, s/he writes a full account of their experiences of the Seven Fold Way. This is written in code, in a variant of the ‘Dark Immortal’, and then entrusted to either their heir and/or their Temple.

The Satanist then chooses an opfer as their final victim, applying the usual guidelines. It is ideal that the Satanist undertakes the sacrifice themselves using the obsidian blade, and this may be done ceremonially with the full participation of the Temple, or swiftly in circumstances of the Satanist’s own contriving. [Or the Satanist may instead opt for an assassination, by proxy, of some significant world figure.]

Once this is successfully complete, the Satanist withdraws to the place where the Ritual of Sealing was conducted and undertakes the form of the solo nine angles rite suitable to that final stage. Their causal life is ended at the ritual’s conclusion, using the knife. They may opt for a trusted comrade to accompany them, who will then arrange suitable and respectful disposal of the empty vessel (see Black Book of Satan for funereal rite). The knife then passes into their keeping.




To Die Questing…

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Dawn arrived and the river was frigid.

I knelt before the Obsidian blade

The Baphomet, the Diabolus.

I traced an inverted pentagram over the knife.

From the Nexion in the sky, a nebulous Chaos

Engulfing the blade and then my soon to be empty vessel

‘Ad Satanas qui luetificat juventulem meam’

My journal of the Dark Immortal with entries of going beyond

The final victim would provide me solace

I am only helping to improve the human stock 

I undertake the rite of the final stage;

My journey ends by my own hand.