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The Meaning of Sinister Initiation: An Initiate’s Perspective

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Order 0f Nine Angles

From “OTONEN – A Guide to the Stage of Initiate”, Vindex Press 1989, 1999.

The Sinister Path

For many non-initiates and, unfortunately Initiates (an indication perhaps of the current state of the ‘Occult world’ itself), it is often misunderstood that the performance of a Rite of Initiation will bring forth immediate psychic change is noticeable in the individual; this itself will most likely be due to the intensity of  the Rite of Initiation. But whether such change has a lasting effect is another question, it being more likely that such immediate change will slowly evaporate as time passes. Another exception is that although there will have been no real or genuine inner change the Initiate will fall prey to one of the many delusions of the Abyss and believe that a change has occurred against all indications that tell otherwise (q.v. The Deceitful Occult Ego). So, although immediate change within the Initiate is possible, a more balanced and natural approach is to perceive Initiation as a process. It may be – and often actually is – physically desirable for the beginning of this process to be symbolized by the outer form of an Initiation Ritual (be it hermetic or ceremonial).

Along the Seven-Fold Sinister Way these Initiation rites (for in one sense all the rituals involved during the various stages of the Sinister Way are initiation rites in themselves) are primarily concerned with presenting the Darkness or acausal component of the psyche in the conscious world, or mind, of the Initiate. This enables the consciousness of the Initiate (that is, where the individual is largely controlled by unconscious desires or impulses) to that of Initiate (where the Satanist begins to comprehend and interact consciously  with these previously unconscious components) and then on to Adepthood where these energies are consciously understood enabling a certain balance to be attained between causal and acausal.

The Path of the Initiate

As each new Initiate progresses along the Sinister Path, it is expected that individual insights will add to the Tradition as a whole (the Heir to the Tradition adding significantly). Whether this does or does not happen is really dependent upon the Initiate and the quality of his or her contact with the Sinister Tradition. If the Path is genuinely followed, that is, if the Sinister is being actively pursued during the daily life of the Initiate (such pursuit or questing being a continuous act, and thereby a development of individual Will) genuine occult transformation will begin to occur. With this transformation it is possible that variations on some Sinister Rituals may arise whereby the Initiate finds a more powerful method of manifesting the acausal during the rite.

The rituals that are of primary concern for the Initiate are the Dark Pathways and the Sinister Pathworkings. Besides these rituals – which will already, if followed continuously, begin to dominate the Initiate’s consciousness – there are the individual sphere chants to be learnt, the undertaking of physical training, the study and practice of the Star Game, the study of Order texts and correspondences, the collation of incenses and the purchasing of specific implements for the future Temple. In regard to this latter aspect, by undertaking such actions these actions themselves will or may (dependent upon Individual Destiny) aid to the manifestation or creation of a Sinister Temple. That is to say, that by purchasing or making items that are specifically for a Sinister Temple, the reality of that (future) Temple is becoming presenced in the causal life of that Initiate.

Further to previous Order guidelines, a new method of Initiate development advises that the Initiate begins with the Dark Pathways themselves (instead of the Sinister Sphereworkings). The aim is to invoke one Dark God per week, meditating each night leading up to the ritual for no less than fifteen minutes on the respective sigil whilst slowly repeating the name of the Dark God or the World of Power. Combined with this the Initiate should aim to reduce sleep and food until the night of the ritual whilst also locating the respective planetary incense (taken from the bark of the respective tree) and burning this, during this, during the ritual. Once all Dark Pathways have been experienced, the Initiate may then undertake the Sinister Pathworkings, performing the nightly meditations. The  following of the Sinister Path in this manner, implies that the Initiate has already recreated or made conscious the Tree of Wyrd within him or herself, by consciously invoking each of the fundamental archetypes into consciousness. This conscious presenting of the archetypes thean being further developed by the Sphere Meditations themselves.

Initiate Tasks: Other Aspects

Besides the primary rituals that are required for the completion of Sinister Initaition, it is advisable that the initiate purchases – or contracts a jeweler to make – the relevant piece of jewelry to be worn (ring set with quartz for males, quartz necklace for females). The wearing of such an item of jewelry further stimulates the Initiate’s awareness that he or she is a member of a Tradition, one that is far more important and potent than the frankly rather pathetic past-times that most people takes as an interest or hobby. This ring or necklace becomes for the Initiate a ‘Mark of Satan’, a symbol of the Initiate’s quest and a constant reminder of the Sinister in the Initiate’s life, that is the Initiate is constantly aware that he or she is wearing and outward symbol – that others can see – of his or her Sinister Quest.

When all the different factors or tasks of Sinister Initiation are combined the Initiate’s entrance into the Sinister becomes a very potent force, one that is active (by virtue of the fact that the Initiate is consciously realizing or making real the Sinister in his or her life).

The practice of the chants is, as mentioned previously, a further task of the Sinister Way. Although this does not necessarily have to be undertaken during the stage of Initiate, it is advisable to begin to learn these so that once the Grade of Professed Brother or Sister is attained, the Sinister Magickian may be a little more prepared for the running of a Sinister Temple. By virtue of the fact that there are a number of chants that will need to be learned for use during Sinister ceremonial ritual it is usually advisable that the Diabolus is the first chant to be learned. Besides this the sphere chants are probably the next most important (the Agios Lucifer chant being ideal to begin with) since they provide a foundation for a number of rituals, and can be – and have been – used during the Dark Pathways Invokations.

There are of course a number of other tasks that are suggested, some new and some more Traditional aspects. One of the older and more secretive tasks is for the Sinister Initiate to gain some hosts from a Nazarene place of worship and desecrate these either during or after the Rite of Initiation. If one is seeking to join an existing Temple it will be necessary to have attained these prior to Initiation for use during Initiation, such an acquisition further proving the worth of the candidate.

A more recent addition to Tradition is that whilst the Initiate is undertaking the Dark Pathways, he or she draws a Tree of Wyrd in his or her Magickal Diary or ‘Sinister Book of Shadows’. This map however should only be added to once a Dark Pathway has been concluded. Thus, the Initiate begins by drawing the seven spheres, in appropriate sphere colors. Then, once the Noctulius Pathway is completed this is drawn in, then the Shugara Pathway is drawn in and so on. This in itself adds (albeit in a minor way) to the conscious integration of the energies being brought forth as enabling the Initiate to see – in physical terms – how the Pathways are connected to the spheres and one another.

Self-honesty and Sinister Occult Development

It is important to remember that, as an Initiate you have made a pledge to Satan and the Dark Gods to follow the Sinister Way:

‘Now receive as a symbol of your new desire and as a sign of your oath this sigil of Satan. This sign shall be the Power which I as Master wield shall always be a part of you – a symbol to those who can see and the Mark of our Prince.’

‘I….(state name chosen) am here to begin my Sinister Quest. Prince of Darkness, hear my oath! Baphomet, Mistress of Earth, hear me! Hear me, you Dark Gods waiting beyond the Abyss!’

(The Black Book of Satan)

It is easy in times of anger or tiredness to say to oneself that it doesn’t matter too much if a meditation is missed, or you don’y have a ring, or you don’t bother with the physical aspect, or that the Initiation Rite doesn’t need to be undertaken, or the Grade Ritual of External Adept isn’t really too important. That, because you know you could do it, it isn’t necessary to prove it to yourself.  And so on and so forth. And yes, it is easy to say such things because it means that you don’t have to make an effort. But, the Sinister Path is hard and demands commitment. It is only with this commitment, with this continuous effort, with this continual personal act of Will, of individual defiance, that such changes will occur. So in the context of Sinister Pathworking:

‘…faithful repetition is important, because by following the procedure exactly the required changes in consciousness are produced.’


How easy it is to miss these simple statements that describe the very means to achieve Sinister Adepthood. Perhaps if more Initiates actually did what was said by virtue of an act of Will then there might be more Sinister Adepts in the world. But things are as they are and human weakness is usually the cause of a waste of life, of potential. So, it is necessary, if the Sinister Initiate truly seeks an understanding that cannot be taken away from him or her, to follow the way as stated in numerous Order MSS. It is necessary to face the challenges that are set before the Initiate. At this stage there is no need to look too far ahead. Rather it is better to keep ones mind and thoughts on the current stage, because it is by following this stage now, and then the stage of External Adept, that the heights of the stage of Sinister Adept may finally be approached.

Thus, with all this in mind although the Initiate may have a tendency to say that it is not necessary to meditate upon the sigil of the Dark God each night prior to the Dark Pathways Invokations, such meditations really do enhance the energies brought forth and, after an unspecified amount of time has passed (dependent of course upon each Initiate) the Initiate will start to feel the acausal body surrounding the causal body.

Notes On Study and Practice in Modern Satanism

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In Traditional Satanism, the novice is expected to not only study the tenets and traditions of Satanism, but also put these into practice in real life. Thus, a secret Satanic Initiate – whether working alone or as a member of an established Order/Temple – would study the following works, and then strive to apply the principles contained in them in the way described.

i) The Black Book of Satan

ii) Naos

iii) Hostia – Vols. I, II, III

iv) Hysteron Proteron

‘Naos’ would be used as a guide to practical hermetic workings, both external and internal. The ‘Black Book’ would be used as a guide to forming and running a Satanic Temple to perform ceremonial magick. ‘Hostia’ and ‘Hysteron Proteron’ would provide an insight into Satanic traditions and beliefs. In addition, the images of the Sinister Tarot would be employed (e.g. in some of the workings given in ‘Naos’), and the ‘Deofel Quintet’ might be read to provide additional understanding, together with the Black Book II and III.

Satanic practice in the real world would arise from:

(a) forming and running a Satanic Temple

(b) undertaking Insight Roles and other Satanic tasks. Aside from a specific Insight Role, which the novice would choose, they would undertake the various physical challenges required [qv. the MS ‘Adeptship – Its Real Meaning and Significance, for example] and strive to increase their experience by living Satanically in a way which aided the Sinister Dialectic.

What these experiences were, they would decide after having studied the works mentioned and after having undertaken the tasks, ordeals and so on, up to External Adept [qv. ‘Naos’, and the various MSS guides to the Seven-Fold Way] e.g. having run a Temple for some months, and achieved the physical goals.

One of the tasks might be to plan and undertake a culling. Another might be to aid Heretical forms by, for example, becoming involved with an extremist group which seeks the destruction of ‘the System’ and whose principles and aims are in accord with the Satanic ethos and whose actions aid the Sinister Dialectic. [Obviously, both of these could be combined.] Another might be to undermine present structures by fostering their decline – e.g. dealing in drugs. Another might be removing in a practical manner on a regular basis, the scum and the worthless – e.g. by vigilante action [this is culling performed on a regular basis rather than a ‘one-off’ event].

What matters about these tasks is that the novice chooses them to gain practical experience of Satanism in action and thus increase their understanding and so aid their esoteric development. Naturally, to qualify as Satanic actions, they must aid the Sinister Dialectic – be steps toward realizing the strategic goal of Satanism. Here, an understanding of Aeonics is crucial, as is a genuine insight into Traditional Satanism: as explicated, for example, in Hostia I, II, III and as explained to prospective novices in the booklet ‘Satanism – A Basic Introduction for Prospective Adherents’.

The choice of practical action is the novice’s: they must use their understanding to select Satanic tasks. Occasionally, they might be given advice, from a more experienced Satanist, but the final choices are and must be theirs. What matters is to choose and act. The acts are learning experiences, ordeals, and thus it does not matter if because of, say, a certain lack of understanding, a novice chooses, or seems to choose, wrongly. They will either learn from this, or not. If not, they have basically failed – shown themselves not to be suitable. Whatever, their actions will have presenced the Sinister in some way or ways.




Darkness is my Friend

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Contrary to a current and growing misconception, the Sinister Way (and Sinister Magick) involves practical acts of darkness, of heresy, of chaos – involving such things as human sacrifice. The Sinister Way does not simply involve the study of folk-traditions, of myths, of magick, of esoteric subjects, as it does not just involve individuals or groups experiencing (or claiming they have experienced) a certain “atmosphere” in certain “surroundings” which they or others believe or assume to be “sinister”. Furthermore, the Sinister Way means the wholehearted acceptance, by the Sinister Initiate and Adept, of that particular way of living which has for centuries been called “Satanic”.
The Sinister Way is still intrinsically Satanic because the Satanic archetype/mythos/image – the very Being, or life, which has been named Satan – still exists, still lives, and is still a becoming. This is so because this Being is part of the present civilization, and its Aeon, which still exists, and which will exist for several more centuries, albeit toward its decline and end. This Being is the ethos of Heresy for this present civilization of ours – the presencing of the Dark, the Sinister, and thus a practical manifestation, in the world, of the workings of the sinister dialectic: a means to bring change, imbue life, and initiate further evolution. Those who do not understand this, quite simply do not understand Aeons and the sinister dialectic itself.

However, it needs to be further understood that the acausal energies of the next Aeon, which will give rise to a new civilization centuries after, are already becoming manifest, partly through the work of esoteric groups who, knowingly or unknowingly, are nexions for the new energies waiting to be unleashed upon this world of ours. The Sinister ethos of this new Aeon is an apprehension of the acausal – the Sinister – itself. This apprehension is beyond a descriptive word or words, beyond a name and even beyond an archetypal image. It is initially – for the first century or so – a numinous symbol. This is because this new manifestation of the Sinister is a new type of Being, a new type of life presenced on this planet of ours, and presenced by our very lives, as human beings – and will thus go with us, and be manifest, wherever we go beyond the confines of this planet we call Earth. And yet this new manifestation, this new ethos, incorporates what will then be the “old” archetypal image of Satan – in the simplistic allegorical sense, the new type of Being will be the child or children of Satan, grown to maturity; a child or children born from the symbiosis with those Sinister Adepts existing now or in the near future.

Thus to scorn and reject what now is, presenced as the Satanic, is to reject what is yet to be – and thus it is to reject that which alone ensures the creation of the next civilization, its Galactic Empire and the new higher race of human beings we through our lives, our magick and our deeds, desire to create.

The reality of the present (and the next fifty to an hundred years or so) is that the majority need to be changed; they need to become human – and thus develope the potential latent within most. Only by such a change – in more that a few Initiates or Adepts – can the next civilization arise. It will not just “happen” – it has to be created, constructed, and controlled by Sinister Adepts who know what they are doing. The change that is necessary means that there must be a culling, or many cullings, which remove the worthless and those detrimental to further evolution. To change, the majority must be provoked into changing. This means them experiencing, confronting the shadows within and the shadows without; thus must the Sinister be made manifest for them, and in them. This requires Sinister Initiates and Sinister Adepts “to presence the dark”. Furthermore, the causal structures the majority rely on, such as societies, need to be changed, via the creative/sinister dialectic, and thus by such dark presencing. In these things, the Being which is Satan is important, and vital – a valid apprehension for the majority, and their means of change through provokation, heresy and direct presencing of the Sinister.
At the same time, the new Aeonic apprehension which is arising among Adepts must be nurtured, and expanded. As mentioned above, this new apprehension is even now being born from the one which still is. In Initiate (and exoteric) terms, this new apprehension is an understanding of Satan as one of the Dark Gods (or even as the Father of the Dark Gods) and a further understanding of the Dark Gods themselves as chaotic, primal, sinister entities which provoke, create, cause change and evolution, and without which evolution is impossible. In esoteric (and Adept) terms, this new apprehension is an understanding of the Dark Gods as causal manifestations, a presencing, of acausal energy – and a further understanding of how such acausal energy is the very life, the very Being, of both us as human beings, and of the cosmos itself.
Esoteric Groups and the Immediate Future
At this precise moment in our own human evolution, Sinister esoteric groups are in a unique position – capable of rationally understanding Aeonic processes, and poised between the birth of a new Aeon, and the end and destruction of the old.

The new Aeon means a new, and higher, Galactic civilization – several centuries after the energies of the new Aeon first become manifest and are presenced, via new nexions. The decline and ending of the current Aeon means the establishment of a new and expanding physical Empire: a New Order which is the last and most glorious manifestation of the genuine spirit, or ethos, of the old Aeon. Sinister esoteric groups must understand such things as these, and then act upon that understanding, esoterically and exoterically.

Thus they must understand that for the next higher civilization to arise – created by and imbued with the energies of the new Aeon – our present societies must change or be changed.  The Faustian/Promethean (or more correctly, the Satanic) Destiny of this current civilization must be returned, and the present cultural disease affecting this civilization cured, with the excision of the parasites sucking the life-blood of this civilization – for only this returning of Destiny will enable the Empire to be created, and only this Empire will breed in sufficient numbers the new type of individual required to create, build and expand the entirely new Galactic civilization and Galactic Empire which will arise from the eventual decline of the old Promethean/Faustian Empire.
Hence there are three main tasks for Sinister esoteric groups. (1) To provoke or cause, through both practical and magickal means, the destruction, the Ragnorak, which is necessary now to build a New Order from the diseased society of the present, and regain the ethos, the Destiny, which is necessary to inspire the creation of such a New Order. (2) To presence the Sinister energies of the new Aeon in particular places and through new living nexions. (3) To cause at least some of the now sub-human majority of our species to change, to evolve. This change can be achieved in two ways: (a) by presencing the dark which now is (Satan) and presencing the dark which can and will be (the primal cosmic acausal – “the Dark Gods”); and (b) by individuals following the Seven-Fold Sinister Way to Adeptship and beyond.


Anton Long ONA 107 yf

Esoteric Notes XXIX – Magick, the Sinister, and the Psyche of the Folk

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Magick, The Sinister, Aeons, and The Psyche of The Folk:

Esoteric Notes XXIX

Essentially, magick – according to the Sinister tradition of the ONA – is defined as “the presencing of acausal energy in the causal by means of a nexion. By the nature of our consciousness, we, as human individuals, are one type of nexion – that is, we have the ability to access, and presence, certain types of acausal energy.” [See Footnote 1]

Thus, understood esoterically, an individual represents a willed-evolution: the potential to change and evolve by means of utilizing certain energies, with such change and evolution involving a bringing-into-being, or, more prosaically, a bringing-into-consciousness. That is, a making-conscious of what was hitherto “unknown”, hidden and latent, both within and external to the individual. This making-conscious is the first step – the beginning – of genuine individual magick; the first stage of that Sinister Way one of whose aims is the creation of a new, more conscious, more highly evolved, individual.

The psyche of the individual is a term used, in the Sinister Way, to describe those aspects of an individual – those aspects of consciousness – which are hidden, or inaccessible to, or unknown to, the individual. Basically, such aspects can be considered to be those forces/energies which do or which can influence the individual in an emotional way or in a way which the individual has no direct control over or understanding of. One part of this psyche is what has been called “the unconscious”, and some of the forces/energies of this “unconscious” have been, and can be, described by the term “archetypes”.

Understood esoterically, an archetype is a limited presencing (a manifestation) of acausal energy, which presencing is limited in causal time. [See Footnote 2]

Fundamentally, the basic task of an esoteric Initiate is to make-conscious – to experience, know and understand – their own psyche, and this, in the beginning stages of magickal Initiation, is done by means of symbols and rituals, both hermetic and ceremonial. That is, the forces/energies, both archetypal and otherwise, are objectified, experiences and experimented with – hence such symbols and tools such as The Septenary System (of correspondences, including the Tree of Wyrd), the Tarot, and The Star Game. To complement this, the individual undertakes “Insight Roles” where they identify with a certain symbolic aspect or aspects, or rôle – and/or a certain archetype or archetypes – and thus experience, in real life, such energies, and their causal effects. One particular aspect, of course, is The Sinister itself, which is manifest in archetypes such as “The Magickian”, The Mistress of Earth, and in Satan.

As stated in the MS The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way:

“All magick – external, internal and Aeonic – is but a means to apprehend, experience and presence acausal energies, and thus create/provoke Change. That is, the conventional magick of the Tree of Wyrd, of books such as Naos, of rituals, is but a beginning – through such things, the individual Initiate acquires experience and knowledge, and also develops as an individual: in terms of character. In the simplistic sense, they move, through the Grades, beyond “The Abyss”, toward The Goal, which is the transformation of the individual and the emergence of a new type of being, beyond the Adept.”

Furthermore, the archetypal energies which affect and influence an individual – a non-Adept – are, according to The Sinister Way of the ONA, both personal/individual, and related to the Aeon during which the individual lives. In addition, some of the personal archetypal energies which are manifest, or which can be manifest, in the psyche of the individual, are related to the living-being which is the folkish culture of the individual. Thus, in order to properly progress along The Way toward Adeptship – in order to evolve as an individual – the individual needs to understand, and work with, such particular energies.

The Folk Psyche and Folkish Archetypes:

By virtue of being a nexion, an individual is connected to the causal presencing that is Nature, and to those living-beings which are manifest in Nature. One such living-being is the folkish-culture, the folkish-psyche, to which they belong – from which they have come-into-being, as an individual. [See Footnote 3] Basically, this is just a precise way of understanding that all non-Adepts are, or can be or will be, influenced by various unconscious archetypal forces deriving from their ancestors, and their ancestral culture (or way of life) and that, whether they know or not (and they mostly do not know) they are connected to such living-beings. Generally, such a connexion (both unknown and made-conscious) is positive: that is, it tends towards an affirmation of life, and provides the individual with access to certain energies which are beneficial to them.

Furthermore, it needs to be understood that magick as a Way is neutral – that is, it can be used (or more correctly can be assumed, by those individuals below the stage of Mastery, to be so used) to either aid or harm such connexions, such Earthly living-beings, as human beings are connected to and from which they have emerged, such folkish-culture and folkish-archetypes.

In practical terms of self-development and evolution, an individual can greatly benefit from knowing, and from direct involvement with, their folk psyche and folkish archetypes: and this is especially true when the stage of Adept is reached and Aeonic workings are undertaken.

Aeons, Civilizations and The Presencing of Acausal Energy:

An Aeon – according to the Sinister Way of the ONA – is a particular presencing of certain acausal energies on this planet, Earth, which energies affect a multitude of individuals over a certain period of causal time. One such affect is via the psyche of individuals. This particular presencing which is an Aeon is via a particular nexion, which is an Aeonic civilization, which Aeonic civilization [See Footnote 4] is brought-into-being in a certain geographical area and usually associated with a particular people, or folk.

An Aeon can thus be considered to be a type of acausal being [See Footnote 5] manifesting in the causal, and, as such, has certain archetypal energies associated with it: that is, it can to a certain extent be “re-presented”, or apprehended, via causal-thinking, in terms of certain symbols, archetypes, abstractions, myths, rituals, and so on. The living-being which is an Aeon is thus “born”, lives for a specific period of causal time, and then “dies”, as, of course, do the archetypes associated with such an Aeon. Each Aeonic civilization can – according to limited causal-thinking – be described, or re-presented, by a particular mythos, which mythos is a limited causal apprehension of the life-force, of “the soul” or psyche, of the Aeon from which that civilization derives.

Hitherto, we human beings have lacked the ability to affect Aeons and thus Aeonic civilizations. That is, as stated in the MS Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction:

“All the individuals associated with a particular civilization – unless and until they attain a specific degree of self-awareness [variously called ‘individuation’ and ‘Adeptship’] – are subject to or influenced by their psyche. This psyche draws its energy from – is determined by – the civilization and thus the aeon. In practical terms, the psyche is a manifestation of the acausal energy that creates/created the civilization…”

However, magick – correctly understood and correctly used – is a means not only of personal development and personal understanding (a freeing from psychic, archetypal, influences and affects) but also of evolving to the next level of our human existence where we can understand, and to a certain extent control and influence, supra-personal manifestations of acausal energies, such as an Aeon, and thus cause, or bring-into-being, large-scale evolutionary change. Such understanding, such control, such a bring-into-being, is Aeonic Magick.

Aeonic Magick is the magick of the Adept and those beyond: the magick of the evolved human being who has achieved a certain level of self-understanding and self-mastery and who thus is no longer at the mercy of unconscious psychic, archetypal, influences, both personal/individual, and of other living-beings, since as the folk, and Aeons.

According to the sinister tradition of the ONA, there have been five Aeons, including the current Thorian (or “Western”) one. The current Aeon is, however, unique – for it has, in the last hundred years or so, suffered from a distortion of its life-force, a distortion of its soul. This distortion has been somewhat simplistically and rather graphically described as akin to a “viral infection” which has modified the behaviour of the peoples of the civilization through changing, modifying, and in some cases supplanting, the natural archetypes of the Aeon. In the esoteric sense, this distortion, this infection, can be understood as a natural process affecting our evolution – a consequence of that evolution itself,  and such an infection could have certain undesirable consequences for our evolution, and for our ability to free ourselves from those viral forces which are, in essence, de-evolutionary. That is, this distortion, this infection, represents a challenge to the Sinister Way – to magick, to the alchemy of evolution itself.

Thus, one aim of Aeonic Magick is to counter this Aeonic distortion through various sinister strategies; another aim is to consciously bring-into-being a new Aeon: one which will allow us, as human beings, to evolve and fulfil the potential latent within us.

There is thus a real war occurring at present, part of which is magickal, Aeonic and supra-Aeonic: a war, battles, between those who represent the genuine wisdom and understanding and freedom and life-enhancement which genuine magick (with its presencing of the acausal) brings, and those who represent what is fundamentally de-evolutionary, limiting, enervating and stiflingly causal, and who are manifest through and in the distortion of the Thorian Aeon. [See Footnote 6]

The Sinister Way:

In essence, all genuine magick is Sinister because it is Change: a move-toward a new bringing-into-being. A re-ordering in the causal. That is, it is a presencing of the acausal – from which all that is evolutionary and life-affirming arises.

However, to work – to affect evolutionary Change – such presencings have to be based upon, to manifest, to use, what-is acausal: that is, there has to be a knowing, an understanding, of the acausal as the acausal is. Without this knowing, this understanding, there has been, is and will be only the delusion of self and at best a stasis and at worst a return to the thralldom of the past.

Anton Long
117 Year of Fayen


(1) q.v. the MS The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way. For a basic discussion of causal and acausal, see Chapter 0, A Theory of Magick, in Naos and the MS Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.

(2) It needs to be understood that the ONA uses such terms as psyche, and archetype, in a particular and precise esoteric way, and thus such terms should not be considered as being identical to those used by others and defined, for example, by Jung.

Thus, esoterically understood, an archetype is a particular causal presencing of a certain acausal energy and is thus akin to a type of acausal living being in the causal (and thus “in the psyche”): it is born (or can be created, by magickal means), its lives, and then it “dies” (ceases to be present, presenced) in the causal (i.e. its energy in the causal ceases).

(3) Such connexions, such living-beings as the folk and the folkish-culture which derives from the living of such a being, are only what-are, on this planet where we dwell. That is, they are aspects of Nature: they correctly describe the reality of how the acausal is presenced, in the causal, on this planet, through that living-being which is Nature. In a simplistic descriptive sense, such folk-beings are among Her descendants, her “sons and daughters”.

Furthermore, there is a symbiosis involved in such connexions – or, rather, there is now a symbiosis involved as a result of our natural evolution of will and consciousness; a symbiosis between us, our folk-beings, and with Nature, as well as with the Acausal beyond Nature.

(4) To be precise, this nexion is “a culture” which itself is a living-being, a spawn of a particular Aeon, with the Aeonic civilization itself being a by-product, a manifestation, a stage, of this new culture. However, the general term civilization will be retained, although such Aeonic “civilizations” such be understood in such a context.

Also, note that what is referred to is an Aeonic civilization – not just a “civilization”. q.v. Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.

(5) For a basic introduction to “acausal beings” refer to the MS Advanced Introduction to The Dark Gods: Five-Dimensional Acausal Sorcery which explains the nature of the acausal-thinking (or, more prosaically, the “esoteric/magickal” thinking) that is required to begin to understand such beings: to apprehend Them as they are.

In addition, it needs to be understood that, as explained in many other MSS, there are many and varying types of acausal entities, or acausal beings or acausal forms of life. Some exist solely in the acausal; some can manifest in some ways in the causal, with some such causally-manifesting beings – or forms of life – being in symbiosis with the causal (or rather, in symbiosis with causal life-forms) and thus “dependant” on them to some extent. Some such dependant symbiotic acausal beings may cease to exist (in both the causal and the acausal) when their energy fades and “dies”, while others may return to the acausal to leave only a dead causal “shell” or “shells”.

Further, it should be obvious that the majority of such acausal life-forms cannot and should not be conceptualized in an anthropomorphic way, bound and limited as such conceptualizations are by causal Time and causal Space.

(6) The distortion has been, exoterically, described as “Magian”: as representative of a particular ethos deriving from the psyche of a certain people.