The Sinister Constitution of WSA352

wsa sci-fi6

Article I.



Section 1. This Nexion and Sinister Tribe of the Order of Nine Angles shall be named: The White Star Acception.


Section 2. The Letters of the White Star Acception shall be: WSA.


Section 3. The Number of the White Star Acception shall be 352 [Three Fifty-Two]. Its esoteric meaning is OMRA. The 35 is an Anglicization of the Sanskrit word “OM,” while the 2 is the Anglicization of the Sanskrit letter “R” (RA) for Rudra, an aspect of Shiva, whose name means the “Wild or Feral One.”


Section 4. The Colors of the Acception shall be White, Black, and Orange; Orange being the color of Shiva.


Section 5. The Seal, or Symbol of the Acception shall be the conjoined Trident and Sickle, known as the Trisickle.

Article II.



Section 6. The Supreme Law of the Acception is its Ehreneide [Oath] found in the initiation rite of the Acception.

Section 7. Opus Vrilis and this Constitution is the secondary supreme law of the Acception.

Section 8. The Brotherhood, Sisterhood, and Tribalism of the Acception is a perpetual supreme law of the WSA.

Section 9. The aims, goals, visions, and collective interests of the Acception is a supreme law of the Acception.

Section 10. The Ehreneide, Opus Vrilis, this Constitution, the Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Tribalism, aims, goals, visions, and collective interests of the Acception is perpetually binding on all Disciples of the Acception.


Section 11. The Supreme Laws of the Acception; which are the Ehreneide, Opus Vrilis, this Constitution, the Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Tribalism, aims, goals, visions, and collective interests; shall be collectively personified as “Caligula Simpson” who is the esprit, élan, eggragore, master mind, or spirit of the Acception.

Section 12. Caligula is the permanent and perpetual Grand Master of all the WSA.

Section 13. All Official documents and signatures not affixed with the Seal of the Acception shall be closed with the phrase: “Vita Et Fides Pro Caligula” meaning “Life And Loyalty/Faith To Caligula;” which is the Motto of our Tribe.


Section 13. The Tribe of the White Star Acception shall consist of a collection of subsidiary Clans.

Section 14. Each Clan is a sovereign and independent entity from other Clans. Each Clan may name itself as it wishes; conduct it’s own business, perform it’s own rites; and collect its own membership.

Section 15. Each Clan is divided into two tiers: A) an inner Nexus, which is the core of the Clan; and B) an outer Colony, which is the shell or appendage of the Clan.


Section 16. A Nexus is an Enclave of White Star Disciples bound under Caligula.


Section 17. A Colony is a firm, crew, or body of trusted associates and business partners loyal to a Nexus, which also may include it’s governing Nexus. Members of a Colony may not always be Oath bound Progeny of the Acception but is run and controlled by a Nexus. A Colony may be likened to Foot Soldiers, whereas the Nexus of a Colony are OG’s who call the shots.


Section 18. The WSA is a Matriarchal Meritocracy.

Section 19. The Supreme Tribal Parliament of the Acception shall consist of the Boudoir, which shall consist only of Senior Female Progeny of the Acception.

Section 20. Every 25 years all Senior Female Disciple of the Acception shall convene to elect 2-5 Senior Sisters (depending on the size of the Nexus) from each recognized Nexus to serve as Mistresses of the Boudoir.

Section 21. Mistresses of the Boudoir serve a term of 25 years, and are eligible for multiple terms.

Section 22. Worthiness of qualification of election to the Boudoir is based on Merits such as work and or labour put in for the Acception; 7 years of Discipleship; she must not be in a relationship of any kind with an outsider, and she must pledge to bare the Acception at least one offspring during her term of office.

Section 23. Sisters born into the Acception at birth have first priority during elections.

The Triumvirate.

Section 24. Every 10 years the Boudoir shall convene to hire or appoint a Triumvirate of Three Brothers and or Sisters called the 1) Chief Executive Officer [CEO]; 2) The Chief Financial Officer [CFO]; and 3) The Chief Propaganda Officer [CPO].

Article III.


Section 25. The Jurisdiction of the Acception shall be the home territory of each Clan, with the limits of such jurisdiction being the distance a Disciple or Disciples can travel to execute duties. Such territorial Jurisdiction is called a “Reichstand” or “Dominion.”

Section 26. Each Clan must work together to gradually gain control and Domination of their Mother Reichstand with any and all means and force necessary, such as diplomacy and alliances with local street gangs, partnerships with other criminal organizations, and assassination of rivals and enemies.

Section 27. All Mundanes and all Profane Businesses (Businesses not owned by our brothers and sisters) which exists within the Dominion of a Colony are Taxable Entities.

Section 28. Individual Mundanes within a Dominion must voluntarily pay taxes to the Colony upon demand of such taxes. If the Mundane refuses, the Colony has imperial authority; as vested by Caligula; to take private property and possession from non-compliant Mundanes to compensate for payment of taxes.

Section 29. Profane Businesses must pay taxes to the Colony upon demand. The Colony has imperial authority; as vested by Caligula; to destroy non-compliant business and its corporate building; by any method necessary.

Section 30. Every Colony of the Acception shall come together to form a network of operations, for the purpose of mutual aid, mutual business, mutual self reliance, and mutual relief with all existing Colonies whithersoever dispersed around the globe.

Article IV.


The Tribe.

Section 31. The Tribe; or rather: the General membership of the Acception; is a direct democracy, meaning that each person and or Colony has the Constitutional right and power to create and define their own rules, and live their own lives as they wish. Therefore the Tribe itself is the Legislative Body of the Acception.

The Boudoir.

Section 32. The Boudoir is the Supreme Court of the Acception and has the sole power and authority to add and evolve Opus Vrilis and this Constitution.

Section 33. The Boudoir has as its main reason d’etre the solidarity and strength of social bond of our Tribe; the growth of our Tribe via germination of new members and born offspring of the Acception; and to maintain communion with other Clans, Colonies, and Nexus of the Acception.

Section 34. The Boudoir can form committees and appoint Agents to help with their work.

Section 35. The Boudoir has the power and prerogative to impeach or order an assassination strike on any CEO of the Acception guilty of treason against Caligula.

Section 36. The essential duty of the Boudoir is Empathy. Empathy with the Acception as a whole, with its many Clans, and members. And Empathy with the Wyrd of the Acception. The Boudoir must contemplate upon the chronomorphic causal results of every activity the Acception engages in, and if an activity or endeavor proves to be destructive wyrdfully, the Boudoir shall have the power to stop such activities. Thus the Boudoir has the last say in anything.

The Triumvirate.

Section 37. The CEO has the power to make and break treaties with other institutions, and call the Acception to labour. The CEO is the Generalissimo of the Acception and has the power to declare formal war with other organizations and or Profane Businesses; put the green light on anybody’s head; order assassinations, and decapitation strikes. As the Executive officer of the Acception, he has the power and prerogative of initiative of any executive of a state or business. The CEO is subordinate to the Boudoir.

Section 38. The CFO has jurisdiction in all things hardcore or causal things pertaining to the revenue, tax collection, finances and wealth of the Acception. He has the power and authority to call the Acception to engage in any criminal and or lawful business activity, so long as it profits the Acception and its Colonies. The CFO is equal to the CEO in rank and answerable only to the Boudoir.

Section 39. The CPO has jurisdiction in all things softcore or ethereal pertaining to the Acception such as it’s politics, agendas, mythos, glamour, aims, goals, visions, and what outer form the Acception will shapeshift collectively into; so long as such named things profits the Acception wyrdfully.  It is the power and prerogative of the CPO to write new manuscripts for the Acception. Manuscripts written by the CPO, upon approval by majority vote of the Boudoir may become additional chapters of Opus Vrilis. The CPO is equal to the CEO in rank and answerable only to the Boudoir.

Section 40. The Triumvirate can create committees and appoint Lieutenants to help execute their duties.

Nexus Structure.

Section 41. Each Nexus elects its own Leader called a Master or Brother or Sister Superior.

Section 42. Each Master appoints two Wardens to help run their Colony called the Senior Warden and Junior Warden.

Section 43. All Master of a Colony are automatic Lieutenants of the Acception and are answerable to the Triumvirate.

Article V.


Section 44. The White Star Acception is a Sinister Tribe of the Order of Nine Angles and a Criminal Organization.

Section 45. Membership is for life, in otherwords death is the only way out.

Section 46. Resigning membership from the Acception after the Oath has been given is treason against the Tribe.

Section 47. Membership is open to those who resonate with Caligula and who are willing to perform the Acception’s ABC Rite to prove themselves worthy of Acception.

Section 48. Before the formal initiation, the traditional hazing rite is preformed on all New Blood.

Section 49. Children born to members are automatically members for life of the Acception.

Section 50. The demonym of a member of the Acception may be any of the following: Disciple, Omrian, Omrite, Citrian, Septavian, or Simpsonite (after Caligula Simpson).

Section 51. Every member must dedicate their lives to the Acception and their brothers and sisters, and must be prepared to sacrifice their own lives or take another’s life for the Acception and their brothers and sisters.

Section 52. Always represent 352 with ferocious zeal, ready to defend the Acception and the brotherhood and sisterhood at any time with whatever force.

Section 53. Disciple who bring in New Blood to the Acception are responsible for the New Blood’s behaviour. If the New Blood is dishonourable it is the responsibility of the Disciple who brought the New Blood in to Discipline or destroy the New Blood.

Section 54. Religion; or rather the memes of a religious philosophy; is only a tool for the Acception: a Catalyst of Social Cohesion. New Blood to the Acception who do not see value in Satanism and the occult are still acceptable and welcomed. What matters is that they are Down with 352 and all that it essentially represents.

Section 55. If the Acception is disrespected in anyway, all Disciple must unite as a single army to destroy the person, persons, or group, with whatever force necessary.

Section 56. Each Disciple has the right to express their thoughts, opinions, and constructive criticism about matters of the Acception. Each Disciple and or Nexus has the right to present new idea, mythos, rules, objectives, outer forms, politics, and philosophical concepts to the Boudoir to help progress, evolve, and shapeshift the Acception.

Section 57. Every Disciple is at liberty to organize, recruit, arm, educate, conduct business, establish treaties with local groups and gangs to benefit themselves, and the Acception. Anyone who resonates with this Constitution is a dormant brother or sister.

Section 58. All Disciples of the Acception must get the Tribal Mark (Trisickle) on them.

Section 59. The Acception is a Business Organization first, and an esoteric or traditional institution second. Therefore the Acception will engage in any and all aspects of unlawful and lawful interests of monetary benefit as it desires.

Section 60. There is no such thing as exogamy (marrying outside the order) in the Acception. Mates and or partners of any Disciple must become a Disciple themselves.

Section 61. The Acception is an ONA institution, and therefore all MSS of the ONA are mandatory reading for all Disciples.

Section 62. Second to Caligula, Anton Long is an Honoured Figurehead of the Acception.

Section 63. No Disciple betrays the Acception or a brother or sister. Death is the punishment for this dishonourable act.

Section 64. All Disciples involved in business and enterprises must get an equal share of the profit.

Section 65. The private family and non-initiated relatives of a Disciple is Family and to be treated with respect, honour, love, and affection as any our own. They are under protection of our Acception and it is our responsibility to care for and offer service to them if they need service and relief.

Section 66. Humanity is divided into two groups, our folk which are Septavians (ONA and or 352) and the Mundanes. It is us against them. It is us against their way of life, way of thinking, way of living, way of politics, and way of religion.

Section 67. Private arguments and disagreements between Disciples must be overcome and settled amicably first, or the parties involved fight it out and forget about it. Nothing must divide us apart, especially petty arguments and disagreements.

Section 68. Satan in the Acception exoterically symbolizes that which is “opposite” or “adversary” to the Mundanes. Or that which the Mundanes “accuse” of being wrong, evil, sinister, or unlawful. To be a “Satanist” in the Acception is to be one who lives life in such a way that contradicts or is contrary to the way the Mundanes live. Whatever the Mundanes reject, vilify, the Satanist lives and practices. If the Mundanes think or believes a certain way, the Satanist believes in the opposite. Whatever the Mundanes fear and incriminates is Satanic. If they fear murder, we murder. If they denounce crime we become criminals. If they believe in the Big Bang, we believe in an eternal and infinite Living Cosmos.

Section 69. There is a wyrdful purpose for our Tribal enterprises and criminal interests. First it is the progression of ourselves into a New Breed of Man. Second it is the eventual allocation of future finances towards progressing our Tribe into one which is space born. Third is to disrupt the civilization of Homo Hubris. Forth is to establish a Galactic Imperium.

Section 70. Our Acception must be able to shapeshift and change its outer form according to the time and clime to our people’s benefit.

Section 71. All of our worldly activities and enterprises must be balanced with internal alchemy. In our youth we will be active in our sinister worldly activities and interests. In age when we mature spiritually, those finer and traditional aspects of our Acception and the ONA will be the focus of our efforts. There is a moment and season for every endeavor, but always struggle to Master what you endeavor to do.

Section 72. This ends the foundation of the Sinister Constitution of the White Star Acception. This Constitution is Chapter 61 of Opus Vrilis and is perpetually binding on all Disciples. No part of Articles 1-5 maybe changed, nullified, amended, or altered. By-Laws and new articles may be added in future by majority vote of the Boudoir.

WSA 352

Order of Nine Angles

120yf gen2

Vita Et Fides, Pro Caligula

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