Rejected by the “Community”


Recently a few satanists of some apparent “satanic community” have singled the ONA/352 out stating that We either don’t belong in “the satanic community,” don’t represent satanism, or should not be allowed to represent “the satanic community.”

I’ll quote an individual identified as DJT []:

{{Qoute DJT}}:

Put simply, this group is nothing but trouble. The internet equivalent of a street gang, its members do nothing but harass people of different philosophies or those who discover what they really are.

The situation with LeGivorden has degenerated into nought but name calling and baseless accusations. I can see why he refuses to dignify you with further responses: all you do is call him names and take things he has written out of context. The casual observer may wonder why. Suffice it to say that he found some content on their site inappropriate and confronted them on the subject. They’ve been enemies ever since. But 352 has not done the honourable thing and kept these discussions private. No, its members have decried him publicly, failing to even come up with legitimate arguments against him.

I once told a friend of mine from JoS to join MySatan because I felt like it was a great community to be a part of. He took my advice, but immediately upon joining he was faced with multiple 352 members attacking his beliefs and his character. He quit MySatan soon after because he was fed up with them.

I can quote more instances in which 352 has proven itself to be a group of ingrates who like nothing more than to defame fellow Satanists, but these are sufficient to make my point. 352 is a cancer which must be removed from the Satanic community. We have no reason to tolerate its members’ antics. If you find yourself in agreement with me, I advise you to remove them from your friends and stop communicating with them. Isolate them. Do not allow them any longer to have such a strong influence on MySatan. Hail Satan.


:{{End Quote}}

The above individual has his right to make an opinion, there’s no hard feelings over what he wrote. BUT a community of satanists with the power and authority to judge and reject groups implies many things We (O9A/352) do not like or wish to be associated with in any way. 

A Community of satanists that rejects groups like this implies that there are unwritten common laws, accepted or established standards in ethical/moral conduct, recognized standards of ways of thinking, believing, and acting to FOLLOW and CONFORM to. The question is do We (O9A/352) wish to be accepted by a community of satanists of any kind and to be associate with such satanists???

What does it say about the O9A/352 if satanists find Us “bad?” The O9A has been singled out by many groups and satanic institutions as being ‘bad’ and not like the other satanists for as long since the 1970’s. We’re still here and We still want nothing to do with those pseudo-satanists and/or their community. Reject Us, Please. We don’t want to be your “fellow satanists.” Cut us out like a cancer. Hate us, shit, who the fuck wants to be grouped with you people anyways? The O9A takes pride in the fact that We are Outcasts of any and all communities ‘white light’ or ‘black light.’ Fuck your community and your pseudo-satanism.

These pseuds just don’t seem to understand what the O9A is essentially about. I would write something on what We are about, but fortunately a brother of the O9A already stated it better then I ever could:

ONA: Hardcore Hate, Ultra-violence, and Heresy

Let it be understood, again – that we of the Order of Nine Angles revel and delight in genuine heresy, in a defiant individuality, and in being amoral. Thus, when we are criticized for inciting hate and violence, and for affirming human culling, we say: so what? For that is what we do, and we do what we do because we embrace the Dark; we desire The Dark; we seek to Presence The Dark – Chaos – upon Earth and in and through others. Thus do we willingly, gladly, laughingly embrace hardcore hate, ultra-violence, and heresy.

For we love to challenge “normals” and cause offence, for such things may be the genesis of a cathartic insight, for some.

Thus, when we are criticized for championing what is heretical in our societies, we say: so what? For that is what we do. Thus do we sometimes gladly praise in our Rites, our lives and through our actions, individuals such as Adolf Hitler and National Socialism itself: and each and every other heresy of our times – and if some shudder and direct epithets and “terms” at us, our response is to laugh and raise our arm in a fascist salute. For, unlike the shuddering ones, the normals, the mundanes, we revel in life itself: our blasphemies a liberation for ourselves and for others.

Thus do we seek to ignore, to transgress, the laws, the limits, that the mundanes set to protect themselves and their societies, for we are rebellion itself: outlaws who thrive beyond and in the margins that mark the boundary between The Light and The Dark.

Thus do we desire our name – as known in the world of the mundanes, and as known in the world of The Dark – to become a synonym for Chaos, liberation, culling, and revolutionary change.

Not for the Order of the Nine Angles – or anyone connected with it – cosy intellectual discussions about obscure esoteric matters. Not for the ONA – or anyone connected with it – the scribblings of Occult internet forums where those who-do-not-know converse with those who-do-not-do. Not for the ONA – or anyone connected with it – any sincere affirmation of or any sincere identification with the ways, the politics, the religions, the world, of the mundanes. Not for the ONA – or anyone connected with it – some urban or suburban “Temple”. Not for the ONA – or anyone connected with it – ONA meetings, conferences and dialogues.

Instead, our way is the way of action, of deeds, of violence, terror, revolution, combat, war. The way of the defiant individual – the real heretic who leads and manipulates others, the human shapeshifter who plays, who acts, a rôle in the living game which is the life, the societies, of the mundanes.

Thus those who use our name in vain should beware: for we willingly, gladly, laughingly, embrace hardcore hate, ultra-violence, and heresy, dedicated as we are to bringing real Chaos to the lives of the mundanes, to disrupting and destroying their societies and all their ways of life.

Where there is The Darkness, we are. Where there is Chaos, you will find us lurking, leading, manipulating. Where there is Heresy, you will find us as instigators, as champions of The Forbidden. And where there is a law, you will find us transgressing it…

Order of Nine Angles

 Or here’s something Anton Long wrote himself dealing with the issue of those vulgar mongrels which is my personal favorite. It’s simple and straight to the point:


I shall be honest – Satanism has been hijacked.  By posers, by pseudo-intellectuals and by gutless weaklings who like the glamour and danger associated with it in the public mind but who do not have the guts to be evil – to do dark deeds.

 These modern days so-called ’satanists’ are really Nazarene scum in disguise – worms in dead snake-skin.  They prattle on about ‘morality’, puff themselves up with titles and perform verbal and intellectual gymnastics.  They think being Satanic involves calling yourself a Satanist and dressing up like Dracula or Mephistopheles or a vamp.

 Well, I am sick of these imposters.  Those who get a thrill from playing the role but who never actually do anything evil, who never go to the extremes, who never stand on the edge – or climb down to the darkness of the pit of Hell.  Those who have never experienced the limits of themselves in love, in war, in living – these weaklings trying so hard to impress.

 What, then, is real Satanism all about?  First, it is about rebellion – against the conformity of the present.  And I mean a real rebel, a real outlaw – someone who cuts a dash, who has charisma, whose very presence makes others uneasy (and who does not have to wear some stupid ‘costume’ to do this).  Second – try something to see if you get away with it.  If not – tough, you failed.  There are plenty of others…  If you succeed, try again, until you know your limits.   Choose a good cause, or a bad one or no cause at all, and really live, intoxicating yourself with life, danger, achievement.  Do not rest and never be afraid to face the possibility of death.  But in all that you do be honourable – to yourself.  Carry this honour with you everywhere like a favourite concealed weapon.

 Third, learn from your experience – like you would learn from a ‘bad’ woman (or man) in your youth when sex was still something of a mystery.  A real Satanist does not often do magick – they are magick by the very nature of their dynamic, zestful existence.  It is experience which teaches, from which you learn – you cannot learn Satanism from books (although some may guide you aright to begin with), it cannot be taught by ‘Masters’ and never involves cosy little discussions with ‘friends’ or others.  Anyone who accepts a ‘Master’ and grovels before them – however slight that grovelling may be – is not a Satanist, just a sucker who sucks.  Accepting some ‘authority’ is a sign you are weak:  a sign you need emotional crutches:  a sign you are a wimp.

 So, get off your arse, you suckers, and make Satan proud.  Learn to do evil.

 What is evil?  All that restricts life – all that tries to constrain the possibilities.  Doing evil means breaking these restrictions and constraints – and taking the consequences of your actions.  Just do – just discover, just smash the chains that hold most others in thrall, and never bow down to anyone about anything:  smash them first, or die rather than submit.  That way, you will learn how to live – and laugh at the weak.

 Of course this is dangerous – for others, and yourself!  Satanism was never easy – or for wimps.

 See you in Hell! “

 Anton Long

Order of Nine Angles


This retort is what We would call an exploitation of talk for Fame. Fame is a tagger (graffiti) concept. You go out and put your crews letters up. The more it gets up, the more heads it sticks in. The more heads it sticks in, the more people know and talk about you. It doesn’t matter if the talk is affirmative or antagonistic. Fame is generated by others talking about you. The fundamental concept behind Fame is also the social skills one would use on a school campus to get popular or the same skills a Hollywood celeb rises to the top of the popularity pile. Keep talking and telling people about us.

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