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kindra-tree of wyrd

Don’t listen to what they tell you;

They don’t care for you or love you like I do…

With me, you’ll find haven from all the pain;

And  truth

And choice,

And other toxicities;

That would keep you away from me.


American Gothick

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The Widow

She was light and Darkness simultaneously;

Beyond opposites, I was captivated nonetheless.

Her almost jade-like eyes and almost obsidian black hair,

The intoxicating scent that followed her.

She told me that her profane name is Jenna;

Yet she is known as someone else, possibly something else.

She became the muse for my work;

The paint seemed to kiss the surface of the canvas.

She showed me things, things that my mind wasn’t ready for;

A place of Darkness where “They” existed,

An almost nightmarish landscape to the untrained eye,

A haven for the enlightened.

Yet my new knowledge made my dreams

and my edge of consciousness become “haunted.”

It was said that my “Darkly beautiful” creations become renderings

That only the insane could create or comprehend.

This Dark New Day enlightened me…

Yet it drove me mad and I was committed

With others that society deemed sociopathic…

Still she comes to me at night…In dreams;

My immortal…



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According to the Dark Tradition of the Order of Nine Angles, Baphomet is a sinister acausal entity, and is depicted as a beautiful, mature, women, naked from the waist up, who holds in Her hand the bloodied severed head of a man.

Thus, She is the dark, violent, Goddess – the real, primal, Mistress of Earth – to whom human sacrifices were, and are, made and who ritualistically washes in a basin full of the blood of Her victims. According to aural legend, She – as one of The Dark Gods – is also a shapeshifter who has intruded (”visited”, been presenced or manifest) on Earth in times past, and who can manifest again if certain rituals are performed and certain sacrifices made.

Baphomet, in her chosen causal form, glanced at the moonlight andsmiled as walked through St. Marks Place in New York City. The tourists and residents, both male and female stole glances at her to admire her beauty yet oblivious to her Sinister intent. The form she had chosen was  pleasing to the human senses indeed. Her form consisted of long black hair with piercing green eyes, with olive skin, an almost Mediterranean look, yet indiscernible. Even the form of Baphomet’s choosing transcended race or creed. All that was clear, ironically, was her Darkness. She was dressed in a long black leather jacket, a leather corset, black leather pants and boots. Those who have gotten close enough to her causal form reported her to have a sweet orange smell about her.

The Insightful and ruthless acts of the Order and their Nexions propitiated her and manifested her Presence. The profane location of New York City appealed to her.

She walked into the crowded pub and all eyes seemed to set on her. She approached the bar and a burly man made way and pulled another man from his seat. She sat at the bar and the female bartender looked into her eyes inadvertently and then fainted, for she peered into Darkness that was beyond her mere causal scope of comprehension. Patrons scrambled around, inebriated, while one or two went behind the bar to tend to her.

The burly man looked into the form’s eyes and saw Darkness as well, yet a causal understanding. He followed her into the Darkness. Much was to be accompished.