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Some Notes on Mythos and Methodology

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I have read somewhere that the ONA has now entered the third phase, or stage, of its century-long sinister plan to destroy the Old Order of the mundanes. Can you go into more detail?

The essence of the first two stages was (to use new ONA-speak) basically: (1) manufacturing a variety of sinister viruses; manufacturing different strands, or mutations, of each sinister ONA virus, imbuing them with acausal energy, and then releasing these sinister and esoteric viral infections out into the world so that they might infect the psyche of susceptible individuals; and (2) creating the ONA itself as a living evolving nexion, imbued with the defiant individuality of the true LHP; independent of any one individual (including myself); and unfettered by the causal forms of the Old Aeon (such as dogma; ideology; hierarchies; copyright, and so on).

Expressed in old, traditional, ONA-speak, certain causal and esoteric forms were manufactured, and these were imbued with acausal energies. That is, certain nexions were created, and acausal energy accessed to flow through them, with the ONA itself becoming a type of sinister acausal being, presenced – living – in the causal.

One of the most successful exoteric forms proved to be the mythos of the ONA itself; another was our ONA methodology. In mundane-speak, these particular viruses inspired some creative individuals, already possessed of a latent sinister character, leading them to make their own contributions in their own valuable and necessary way. That is, because of, and through these talented individuals, there was another mutation of our sinister ONA viruses, as they contributed to – extended; evolved; represenced – that mythos, that methodology, and so gave birth to their own new causal sinister forms, their own living nexions. Thus did these gifted individuals evolve the ONA itself.

The third stage of our current long-term sinister strategy will last some four, or five, decades. As mentioned in the MS Toward The Dark Formless Acausal:

Outwardly, or externally, the third stage involves continuing to presence The Dark Forces, via nexions, through supporting, and creating, various causal “forms”; through practical de-stabilization, through supporting and championing various “heretical” causes and ideas, and so on: to the greater glory of Baphomet, one might, with correctness, say, and write.

One such causal form – and a most important one, for this particular stage – is that of sinister tribes, as briefly outlined in MSS such as (1) The Sinister Tribes of the ONA; (2) Whose Gonna Run This Town Tonight?; and (3) Heresy, Sinister Tribes, Nexions and The Methodology of the ONA.

Thus, during this third stage we should begin to see the establishment of some sinister tribes in urban areas. Initially, these will be small, local, groups, most of whose members (or all of whose members) will and should earn their living outside the laws of the mundanes, which mundanes are their prey, their resource. For it is not the function of our sinister tribes to have their members “earn a respectable living” according to the rules, the standards, the norms, of the mundanes. Rather, it their function – their character, their aim – to be sinister; to live the sinister; to presence the sinister in practical ways.

Once established in their own areas, they may seek to co-operate – for their mutual benefit – with other sinister groups in other areas, and, eventually, in other lands, so that a large sinister network (eventually extending overseas) is created purely on a practical and very business-like basis. Supply and demand; the economics of organization; the obtaining of wealth; the trading of goods; the building of respect, and the emergence of leadership, through practical deeds and by establishing in a practical way our law of personal honour, which law importantly applies to and which binds only us, our sinister kind, our feral kindred, and which we do not extend to the mundanes or anyone, unless they join us and so become part of our sinister kind, with the duty and loyalty this involves, and with them subject to our penalties should they go, or act, against us.

In practical terms, the third stage is where our forces begin to directly challenge The System on a scale beyond that of a few sinister individuals, with this challenge being especially of the so-called authority and laws of The System, of the societies created for and maintained for the benefit of the mundanes, those servants and allies of the Magian. Thus, we will be “the law” in the areas where we dwell; where our tribes have their base. We will be the ones our neighbours first turn to for practical help; we will become the ones aiding our communities by using some of our profits, some of our skills, to aid them.

It may well be from one of the new urban tribes that Vindex emerges, possibly in America. [See Footnote 1]

Another causal form important during this third stage is the emergence of more “traditional” nexions, where individuals outwardly concern themselves with following the Seven Fold Sinister Way according to ONA tradition as manifest in works such as NAOS, and where they esoterically undertake esoteric rituals to presence The Dark Forces, disrupt the Magian, and to aid and strengthen other sinister forms, such as our sinister tribes. One quite important role of such (often hidden) traditional nexions is to magickally aid Vindex and his or her forces of insurrection when Vindex emerges. Another important role is to train a few suitable sinister Adepts, and then send them out into the world to do practical sinister deeds.

In several recent articles you have made mention of sinister empaths, the breeding, the manufacture, of an entirely new type of human being who has a very developed faculty of empathy. Will you go into more detail about them?

No. Except to mention that it is empathy with living beings, and with the acausal itself, which is the fundamental basis for the successful presencing of powerful acausal energies and the creation of long-lived nexions, such as those associated with a New Aeon and its associated outer, causal, sinister forms. Here, what may be termed the sinister numen (the numen of the sinister) is important.

I read in a recent ONA MS, that you consider film should be used as a sinister art-form. What exactly did you mean?

As the ONA grows, evolves, changes, and as more and more people become affected and infected by our mythos and our methodology, there should be some gifted, creative, individuals, of sinister character, who can meld together various art-forms, possibly using modern technology, to create new presencings of the sinister.

Thus, we need new and deeply sinister music, of and in whatever genre (modern or otherwise), as we also need a whole new genre of music – a whole new type of music – to manifest the sinister. So far, no one – it seems to me – has really presenced the sinister in music.

That is, no one has yet produced an original piece of music which directly affects individuals and imbues them with sinister feeling; which may inspire some susceptible individuals to do sinister deeds; and which is dangerous: which the mundanes find disturbing and which they might seek to make illegal.

Thus, such music is far more than mere entertainment; far more than a momentary thrill; or a momentary feeling. It is real sinister inspiration, which is capable of transporting the listener elsewhere, to other realms; which affects them in a significant way and which can lead them to do practical sinister deeds.

One way to do this is through musically invoking archetypal sinister energies; evoking acausal energies, and acausal entities. Thus, such music becomes a sinister ritual of itself.

Another way to do this is to deal with genuine heresy – for the music and/or the words to concern themselves with what the mundanes fear; what they have outlawed in most if not all of their tyrannical societies.

This music can then be combined with video; with moving, colourful images and/or action that “tell a story” or which add to or which even create the sinister ambience.

In addition, there should an extension of this “story telling” and/or action so that a genuine sinister film – or many such films – are produced.

Importantly, there are no limits. That is, as mentioned previously, any type of music, any genre, can be used, from classical to hip-hop; just as the story can be anything we like or desire to presence. If we are not satisfied with some existing genre, we ourselves should create a new one. We are only limited by our creative genius, by our imagination, by our sinister desire.

Thus, there could and should be music, films, animations – whatever – about real outlaws, past and present, who inspire us; about our urban sinister tribes (real or our hopeful intimations of what they should be); about Vindex (fictional accounts or hopeful intimations); about our Dark future Imperium; about our sinister dreams and the sinister deeds we might desire to do; about individuals the mundanes fear and whom they revile and hate.

We should also be thinking of using modern technology to create new art-forms, to use such technology as a new means of presencing the sinister. The only limits, the only limitations, are those we might wrongly impose upon ourselves.

Someone has brought to my attention what appears to be a basic grammatical mistake in the chant Agios o Baphomet, since Baphomet is female. Is it a mistake?

Although this question of alleged “mistakes” in some ONA MSS, or in some ONA traditions, has been mentioned several times before, in some other mostly older ONA MSS, it does perhaps merit some further explanation, particularly since the ONA mythos and the ONA methodology has now seeded itself among thousands and thousands of people worldwide, some of who may well be pouring over various ONS MSS in the hope of sinister enlightenment.

In this matter, one must apply the fundamental esoteric principle of there possibly being an outer, exoteric (or dhir) meaning and/or intent, and there being an inner, esoteric (or batin) meaning and/or intent.

Thus, is what is first perceived as a mistake or an error, really so? Is it a real error, or a typo in the MS; or might it be a test designed to (1) encourage those possessed of our character, our ethos, to reflect further upon the matter and/or to research further, or (2) to encourage the mundanes the make the mistaken conclusion they make by virtue of their mundane personal character? Or, might it indeed be a mistake?

Our ethos is that of the individual of strong personal character who strives to learn by experience, by doing. Such a person questions; they seek to find their own answers; they challenge everything, and do not merely accept something just because it is in some MS or in some book or because someone has told them something. The author of a particular MS may indeed have made an error – no human entity is infallible, and no one in the ONA claims to be so infallible, or claims their work is divinely or diabolically inspired by some “higher entity”. I, personally, have made many mistakes, and some of my MSS may indeed contain contain some undeliberate errors.

Thus, it is for each individual to ascertain, if they can, where the truth may (or may not) lie. If a particular matter concerns them and they cannot be bothered to so ascertain the direction in which “the truth” (or the error) may lie, then they are not “of us”; but rather more akin to a mundane. Several ONA MSS – especially some “older” ones – may have some traps for the unwary; may lead some mundane who reads them to make certain false conclusions; and may, just may, inspire a few individuals of sinister character to discover certain matters for themselves.

Thus, and in respect of the particular example you cite, someone possessed of our sinister character, our ethos, might – after reflexion upon and/or further research into the matter – conclude that it is not an error because the entities being mentioned and “invoked” by such a vibration/chant are beyond the limited causal category – our limited dichotomy – of male and female. That is, our rather limited classification of sentient beings into just two categories, male and female, is or may not be strictly applicable to such acausal entities. A really talented individual might go even further, and be inspired to seek to invent some type of language – or some collocation of symbols – which goes beyond such limited causal categories. And so on.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen


(1) For a basic exoteric account of Vindex, refer to Myatt’s book, The Mythos of Vindex, of which extracts from the first two parts (Vindex and The Defeat of The Magian and The Ethos of Vindex In Historical Context) have so far been published.

As stated in A Brief ONA Glossary:

Vindex is the name of the exoteric  (or “outer”) nexion through which powerful acausal energies are presenced on Earth in order to destroy the current status quo (the Old Aeon, now manifest in the so-called New World Order) and prepare the way for – and inaugurate the practical beginnings of – the New Aeon.  Like Falcifer (q.v.), Vindex can be presenced (”manifest”) in an individual (who may be male or female). If an individual, Vindex is the embodiment of The Law of the New Aeon, which is personal honour [See the ONA MSS The Law of the New Aeon and Tyrannies End: Anarchy, Magick and the Law of Personal Honour].

As mentioned in Myatt’s The Mythos of Vindex, Vindex can be a person of any ethnicity, and may – or may not – arise in what is called The West (America, Europe, Australasia). Myatt goes so far as to suggest that Vindex could arise in Asia.

Further Reading: 

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The Mythos of Vindex Part I.

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The Mythos of Vindex

Part One: Vindex and The Defeat of The Magian

Mythos, in the context of this work, refers to an intimation, or intuition, of an aspect of the Numen, presenced as this is in words which relate an archetypal legend or an archetypal premonition/prophecy of some future events.

Vindex is the name of one such numinous prophecy of the near future: an archetypal figure who, by practical deeds, brings-into-being a new way of life and who confronts, and who defeats, through force of arms, those forces which represent the dishonour and the impersonal tyranny so manifest in the modern world, especially in what it is convenient to call “the West”.

Vindex thus represents, par excellence, what is numinous, and restores the balance that has been lost; lost because of the imposition of un-numinous, impersonal, and tyrannical, abstractions. As mentioned elsewhere (for instance, in Honour: The Practical Foundation of The Numinous Way, and The Way of The Warrior ), personal honour is one primary manifestation of the numinous, and it is personal honour that the abstract impersonal laws of all large modern “nation-States” take away, reducing the individual, as such States do, to a mere characterless often debt-ridden lackey or drone who is expected to toil to pay the taxes that the State imposes, which taxes are nothing more than a government run protection-racket, and which taxes keep the whole rotten, corrupt System of corrupt dishonourable politicians, and their flunkeys, going.

Personal honour is the way of the noble warrior – the way of the characterful men and women who have learnt from practical experience, who rely on themselves to solve their own problems and disputes, and for whom personal honour is the only law of true justice. The abstract law of the modern States is the way made for the supine masses who are made to rely on “the State” to solve their problems and their disputes, and who are for the most part manipulated and moulded by a powerful, arrogant, and often wealthy and privileged (not to say innately cowardly and dishonourable), self-appointed elite, which elite – through their use and control of, or influence over, such things as the Media, the entertainment industry, advertising, business, banking, and politicians and political parties – have manufactured the soul-less mostly urban societies of the modern industrialized so-called “democratic” world where some abstract “progress” has become a god to be worshipped and obeyed, where the mumbo-jumbo of usurious banking has hypnotized generation after generation, and where the impersonal manufactured law of mostly corrupt and dishonourable and self-serving politicians is stupidly regarding as representing “justice”.

In brief, Vindex restores to the modern world the fundamental principle of true, natural justice: the personal justice based on the rule of personal honour, which thus gives to the individual a genuine freedom. For it is this natural, and human, justice, which the modern State has usurped, making the individual powerless before “the might of the State”, for there are no so-called “individual rights” which the mighty State cannot take away or suspend or ignore or legislate away, and no area where the State cannot interfere or impose its will, as is so evident by the ever-increasing power and authority given by the State to its minions, such as the Police force and the Security services, which Police force and which Security personnel, can arrest, detain, forcibly restrain, and imprison – that is, take away the dignity and personal honour – of any individual provided some other minion of the State believes or assumes there is some “just cause”, according to the impersonal laws of the State itself, which laws the State continues to manufacture, tyrannical year after tyrannical year. (1)


The Tyranny of The Magian:

The abject dishonourable tyranny of the modern industrialized world – of the modern West – has been manufactured by the Magian, and by the Magian ethos.

The Magian ethos is represented in the victory of consumerism over genuine, numinous, culture. It is represented in the triumph of abstract “cleverness” – particularly abstract “law” – over the noble instincts of the man, or woman, of honour. It is represented in the triumph of vulgar mass entertainment over spontaneous family and small community events. It is manifest by the triumph of urban haste and impoliteness over the possession of rural manners. It is manifest in the triumph of loans and usurious debt over thrift. It is represented in the triumph of indecency and profanity over modesty. But, perhaps most of all, it is represented in the destruction of the slow, rural, way of life – work involving manual labour and/or the labour of animals – and its replacement by the industry and machines of Homo Hubris, made possible by a rampant capitalism and the abject and large-scale exploitation of people and natural resources by modern States and their privileged oligarchies. (2)

For the industrialized nations of the West are the original abode of Homo Hubris: that new sub-species of the genus, Homo, which new sub-species has evolved out of the industrial revolution and the imposition of both capitalism and what is called democracy. This new rapacious denizen – this creation of the modern West – is distinguished by their profane “lack of numinous balance”, by a lack of knowing of and feeling for the numinous; by a personal arrogance, by a lack of manners, and by that lack of respect for anything other than strength/power and/or their own gratification. And it was to satiate and satisfy and to use and control Homo Hubris that the Magian and their acolytes manufactured the vacuous, profane, vulgar mass entertainment industry – and mass “culture” – of the modern West, just as it is the Magian-controlled Media, and the “spin”, the propaganda, of politicians who have been assessed and accepted by the Magian cabal, which keeps Homo Hubris almost totally unaware, and uncaring, of the reality of the modern world and of the sordid dishonourable deeds of the multitude of Magian minions.

The average Homo Hubris is obsessed with “power and speed” and with gratifying themselves: thus do they love their hubrismobiles; and thus do they love to indulge themselves with “Khamr” – with that which, with anything, which can intoxicate them and which may or which can free them from either the dull routine of their working, tax-paying, menial, wage-slave, debt-ridden, lives, or from their seemingly pointless life living “on welfare” or on State-benefits.

Little notion – or none – does the average Homo Hubris have of the slower, natural, rhythm, of Nature; little, or no, awareness of their connexion to Nature, to other life, to the Cosmos itself.  No numinous respect. Instead, Nature is for them, at best, a playground, or some kind of tourist attraction, to be gawped at: momentarily, at least, while their interest, or their holiday, lasts.  At worst, Nature is just a resource, to be used, mastered; or interfered with or controlled, mostly – of course – by or through some abstract idea, or based on someone’s clever manufactured “theory”. Nowhere the awareness of, or feeling for, wu-wei…

The average Homo Hubris has no numinous culture of their own, for they have not grown from a living community with an ancestral and treasured and respected heritage. Instead, they have been given or assigned, some abstract manufactured “culture” (which more often than not glorifies the “nation”, or region, of their birth: to the “glory of the State”), or they have accepted one offered to them by the savants and servants of the Magian, for there are indeed a plenitude of such modern, meaningless because un-numinous, manufactured “cultures” to choose from.

The truth is that Homo Hubris has been, for over a century, and still is, the foot-soldier of the Magian: going to fight this war, then that. Dying for this modern cause, then that one. Spurred on by the rhetoric of some politician, or some demagogue, to invade and occupy this land, then that one. Mesmerized by and following one abstract crusade after another; mesmerized by one Magian lie after another. And all the while, the Magian and their savants and chosen acolytes stay safe, and grow and prosper.

In addition – and until quite recently – Homo Hubris has been almost exclusively of Caucasian ethnicity. For is the White hordes of Homo Hubris who have toiled, struggled, and who have fought, to manufacture, sustain, and to keep safe, the world we have today: the world of large industrialized nation-States; the world of large, impersonal, obedient, armed forces whose technological weapons have made war a very dishonourable, unwarrior-like, undertaking; the world of large rapacious trans-national corporations and international capitalist firms based on the principles of greed, exploitation, and the vulgar barbarism of the “survival of the fittest”. And it was the White hordes of Homo Hubris who – under the spell of the Magian – brutally, cunningly, and efficiently, defeated the one resurgence of the numinous, in the West, and the one resurgence of the numinous in the Far East, which resurgence in many ways (but not all) prefigured, and were intimations of, the warrior way of Vindex: the one and only attempt, in the West, to counter and replace the ethos of the Magian with the numinous way of the warrior, and the one and only practical resurgence, elsewhere in the world, to halt the spread of the dishonourable vulgar “culture” of Western Homo Hubris, and to return to a numinous, ancestral, culture and way of life.

It is the still mostly White hordes of Homo Hubris who – under the spell of the Magian and as adherents to the new Magian religion of Shoah – have created the new Empire of the Magian, manifest as this Empire now is in Amerika and its allies and collaborators. It is the still mostly White hordes of Homo Hubris who are toiling to extend the dictat of this new Empire to the whole world, if necessary by force of arms. And it is the still mostly White hordes of Homo Hubris who are striving to propagate the Magian ethos – and the Magian religion of Shoah – to the rest of the peoples of the world, to thus  ensure the world-wide hegemony of the new Amerikan Empire by manufacturing new, non-Caucasian, hordes of Homo Hubris, in thrall to the un-numinous, the decadent, the dysfunctional, ways of the modern West.

It is Vindex, and the new clans of Vindex, who is and who are the only obstacles remaining in the way of the Magian – and their savants and servants – creating an abject world-wide tyranny which will reduce the majority of peoples to the status of slaves, although, of course, the majority of the new hordes of Homo Hubris might not be aware of their true status, since they may well – as the White hordes of Homo Hubris have so amply demonstrated – be reasonably happy with their lot, being kept reasonably well-fed, well-entertained, and believing as they do the myths and lies and propaganda of the Magian, as well as having new religions, such as “democracy” and Shoah, to adhere to and believe in.


The Genesis of Vindex:

Vindex is the generic name for that revolutionary noble warrior who leads the practical fight against the Magian and their allies, manifest as the Magian are now in the so-called mis-named New World Order whose twin centres of power (both ideological and practical) are in Amerika and the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine. Vindex thus prepares the way for the Galactic Imperium, whose practical beginnings lie in the establishment of new communities, based around new clans (or tribes) whose only law is that of Personal Honour. Vindex (who may be male or female) is the embodiment of The Law of the New Aeon of the Imperium, which is personal honour, and who, with his or her victorious warriors, establishes an entirely new type of culture, and an entirely new way of life.

Used as the name of an individual, Vindex means “The Avenger”, and while it is traditionally (and semantically) regarded as a male name, with the Anglicized feminine form being Vengerisse, Vindex is now often used to refer to either the man or the woman who is or who becomes this revolutionary warrior leader.

While it is possible that, as I myself once wrote, Vindex will arise from one of the nations of the West (which includes Russia, the United States and the lands formerly referred to as Eastern Europe) – and be of Caucasian (European) ethnicity – it is also possible that he or she could arise elsewhere in the world, and be of mixed, or of any, ethnicity. For what is fundamental to Vindex is that he or she is a charismatic and revolutionary leader who inspires absolute loyalty; that he or she fights, in a practical way through force of arms, the forces of the Old Order, manifest in the power of the Magian; and that he or she triumphs in the final battle, enabling the establishment of new communities free from the now broken and discarded and tyrannical Magian ethos.

Perhaps there is still time for the needed number of people within some land or lands of the modern West to arise, reclaim their ancestral warrior heritage and culture, and take up arms against the Magian, the Amerikan Empire and the vassals and lackeys of that Empire. But, perhaps not, for we have waited for well over a half century for this to occur. Indeed, given the almost total subservience of the majority of the peoples of the modern West to the ethos, myths, and new religions of the Magian, it does seem increasingly likely that Vindex will arise, and first engage the forces of the Magian, in non-Western lands, and thus be of non-European ethnic descent, especially since even those, among the peoples of the West, who know and who understand the power and influence of the Magian, and who refuse to accept the new religion of Shoah (which new religion has aided the mental conditioning of Homo Hubris), are doing nothing practical and have done nothing practical, for decades, to directly engage the Magian and the allies and servants. For it is as if these Westerners lack that inner vitality, that instinctive feeling for honour, which was so manifest in many of their ancestors and in their former warrior cultures, and which so briefly flourished again in one Western land less than one hundred years ago before being defeated by the White hordes of Homo Hubris.

True, there have been a few individuals, in the West, who over the past fifty years have directly and heroically engaged the forces of the Magian. But a few individuals do not make a real, genuine, sustainable and continuing fighting, warrior clan or clans. It is as if the very knowing of and feeling for the numinous – the true way of the warrior – is no longer within most of those Western “people who know”, so that their words are only words, and their knowledge and understanding is the empty knowledge and the feeble understanding of those too world-weary to care, anymore; as if they are the last dying remnants of a once heroic, but now broken, people.

For what distinguishes Vindex and the new warrior clans of Vindex is their vigorous, and living, warrior belief that honour is more important, more valuable, than their own lives, so that they are ready, eager and indeed more than willing to fight and if necessary die in pursuit of an honourable duty they have sworn to do. Thus, in these clans, the culture of honour lives and thrives; the culture of honour, loyalty and of duty. The numinous culture where life is lived according to an unchanging Code of Honour, and where loyalty to a person, once given, is given unto death. This is the culture of the honourable individual, who refuses to bow down to any external abstract “governmental” authority, and who has an instinctive and natural love for the true freedom that personal honour brings. The warrior culture whose fundamental principle is that every individual has a right and a duty to bear and carry weapons, with each warrior individual prepared to use such weapons in defence of their own honour and in defence of the honour of those whom they champion or to whom they have given a personal pledge of loyalty.  The culture of the clan, and of the tribe; of personal knowledge of friends and foes, where combat among warriors is regarded as honourable, and where the impersonal war of modern armies is regarded as dishonourable and cowardly. Indeed, this is the culture of those new outlaws on whose heads the governments of the Magian – the governments of the new Amerikan Empire – have placed bounties, and who, in their typical dishonourable way, want them “dead or alive” for the so-called “crime” of defying the un-numinous and tyrannical laws and ethos of modern, Magian-led, nation-States.

-David Myatt



(1) Just consider, for example, how, in a modern Western State such as Britain, the Police have been given the “authority” to smash their way into the private home of an individual, at any time of the day or night; and have the State-given “authority” to use whatever force – and however many Police officers – they deem necessary to subdue and restrain (and thus humiliate) an individual; and contrast that with the respect for the individual still somewhat evident in a non-Western nation such as modern Thailand, where the Police cannot enter the private home of an individual, unless invited to do so, although – of course – it will probably not be long before the people of Thailand, desirous of imitating the West still further, have a government that will manufacture and enable such laws as give their State and their Police the tyrannical powers of modern Western nations.

(2) An excellent depiction of this now lost pre-HomoHubris way of life, in the West, is given in Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson.

The Mythos of Vindex Part II

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The Mythos of Vindex

Part Two: The Ethos of Vindex In Historical Context


Introduction: The White Hordes of Homo Hubris:

If we consider the actions of what we have called, in Part One, The White Hordes of Homo Hubris, over the last three hundred or so years, it is quite obvious that they possess and have possessed a certain character, or nature, distinguished as this particular personal character is by a surfeit of arrogance, pride, destructiveness, and greed.

In  addition, The White Hordes of Homo Hubris seem to be somewhat addicted to three things:

(1) to what we may call the way of competition: to the somewhat primitive belief that ruthless competition, between individuals, and abstract constructs such as nations, organizations, corporations and businesses, is not only essential to “society” but also the correct way to produce the type of individual deemed desirable. Indeed, this ruthless way of competition may be said to be not only one of the foundations of capitalism itself, but also to express the very war-like, barbaric, nature of the individuals who, collectively, form The White Hordes of Homo Hubris;
(2) to the idea, the myth, the un-numinous abstraction, of “progress”; in pursuit of which myth they have destroyed not only their own ancestral cultures, but nearly all other ancestral cultures in the world;

(3) to manufacturing machines, the use of which gives The White Hordes of Homo Hubris a feeling of power and superiority, and which use has destroyed their connexion – both personal and communal – to The Numinous.

For hundreds of years The White Hordes of Homo Hubris have ravaged the world; invading lands, occupying them, installing puppet-regimes, and claiming for themselves the wealth and resources of those lands, all the while regarding themselves, and their “European” or “Western” culture, as superior, and all the while demanding that “the natives” adopt the ways of The White Horde.

In the course of these colonial conquests and rampages,  The White Hordes of Homo Hubris have slaughtered millions upon millions of people and, in addition – in their own territories such as Europe, or in their new annexed colonies such as America – they have fought wars among themselves during which at least a hundred million people have been killed. In fact, the slaughter which The White Hordes have brought to the world is unparalleled in human history – from the ravages of Alexander the Greek, to the Empire of Rome, to the wars of Napoleon, to the genocide of the native Americans, to the so-called First and Second World Wars, to the hundreds of colonial wars in Africa, Asia and elsewhere, on to the more recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This slaughter includes some of the most barbaric killings in history – such as the slaughter, in two days, of over 200,000 people in Japan by the dropping of atomic bombs, and the fire-storm in Dresden, in 1945 CE – created by bombs dropped from aircraft – which killed at least 30,000 people in one night.

During all these conflicts – during all this slaughter – the “European” or the “White man”, has saught to change the way of life of the peoples of the world, believing, in their arrogance, that the ways of the “white man”, that the culture of “Europe”, that Western values, were and are superior to each and every other way of life, and these White Hordes have used every means at their disposal – from war, invasion, occupation, economic blackmail, propaganda, lies, deceit, flattery, and bribery to torture and imprisonment – to get their own way.

No wonder, then, that the peoples of other cultures often considered White people from the West to be “foreign devils” who could not be trusted: people who, like devils, were clever, cunning, unprincipled, manipulative and ruthless.

In addition, these “foreign devils” ruthlessly destroyed the mostly tribal way of living, and the tribal culture, which existed in most non-European lands, replacing this tribal way of life with their own manufactured abstraction of “the nation-State” which nation-State has to have, allegedly, what these “foreign devils” called “democracy”. Thus have the interfering, arrogant, prideful, cunning war-like White Hordes of Homo Hubris replaced what naturally grew and evolved in its own natural, local, and numinous way – a tribal way of life and a tribal culture – with soul-less, un-numinous, abstractions which have brought disruption, chaos, corruption, immense suffering, exploitation, inhuman conflict and death, to the world. One has only to consider, for instance, how the White colonists – the foreign devils of Britain and Europe – descended upon and plundered and exploited and changed Africa, to see one legacy of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris. For they replaced fairly stable and diverse African tribal cultures – with their own sense of identity and their limited, local, sparse tribal conflicts – with mostly corrupt “modern nations” composed of peoples of various tribes, which modern “industrialised” nations now pursue agendas and policies made for them by their former colonial “masters” or by impersonal international corporations and the ethos of capitalism. From being self-supporting agrarian communities they have become impoverished, conflict-ridden, “nations” which often depend on the so-called “generosity” of the foreign devils of the modern West, who still covertly and often overtly control them and who still set, by their Whitey abstractions, their aims, and who still, now mostly covertly, plunder the resources of the world for their own benefit.

What this amounts to, in summary, is that The White Hordes of Homo Hubris have have committed and are still committing the error of hubris: of insolence; for they have consistently and for many centuries been the destroyers, par excellence, of The Numinous, and have, due to their character and nature, brought chaos, suffering, death and destruction to the world on a scale hitherto unknown, replacing as they have the mythos of the numinous with the mythos of materialism: the mythos of pleasure, greed, dishonour, indulgence, luxury, and ruthless competition. It is no wonder, then, that The White Hordes of Homo Hubris are, and always been, the natural allies and servants of The Magian.

To understand the perfidy of the Magian, and their allies, one only has to understand how the peoples of the West – and now, the world – have been shamelessly manipulated by the Shoah myth, and how this myth, has now become a sacred dogma the questioning of which is punishable by imprisonment. To know, to feel, the dishonour of the Magian, and their allies, one only has to consider how the governments of the West shamelessly invented lies – such as Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction – in order to further their expansionist agenda; and how the foot-soldiers of this ignoble alliance treated and treat Muslim prisoners in places like Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo Bay. Indeed, the treatment of captured Muslims uncannily reflects the treatment, the torture, meted out by the Western allies to many, many, captured German National-Socialists – particularly members of the Waffen-SS – at the end of the First Zionist War (1939-1945 CE). Then, there were the show trials at Nuremberg and elsewhere; now, there are the show trials of Muslims in Amerika, and others lands; show trials of those who have dared to defy the pro-Magian status quo and who have taken up arms against this ignoble tyrannical status quo. The same dishonourable ethos is behind this; and the same methods, the same type of propaganda, have been used. Consider how the peoples of the West were deluged with anti-Taliban propaganda before the Western invasion of Afghanistan, and how the same type of propaganda was used against Saddam Hussein before the invasion of Iraq. There are striking parallels with the propaganda used against Adolf Hitler and NS Germany before the First Zionist War.

Consider how the Magian and the Amerikans and their allies can slaughter, by bullets, bombs and missiles, tens upon tens of thousands of Muslims – women and children included – in places such as Filistine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and then brazenly lie or make excuses for these murders, for which killings no one is held accountable and for which murders hardly anyone is ever tried in a Court of Law; and then consider how the Zionists and the Amerikans behave when a few Jews, or some other people, are killed by Muslims in revenge for this continuing slaughter and the continuing occupation of Muslim land. The Zionists and the Amerikans and their allies demand ‘justice’ and vow the “hunt the terrorists” down, and generally behave like the zealous utter barbaric hypocrites they are.

The simple reality is that the Magian and their allies are lying, deceitful, hypocritical, dishonourable bullies, while the majority of Islamic fighters, the Mujahideen – as were the vast majority of the soldiers of the Third Reich – are honourable warriors fighting for a just, and numinous, cause. Contrast, for instance, the dignity and honour of Mullah Umar – or Major General Otto Ernst Remer and SS General Leon Degrelle  – with the posturing and the lies of a Bush, or with the smirking of a lying Blair and a clownish Gordon Brown – and it is quite easy to see the difference in personal character. Mullah Umar, for instance, fights, lives, on the battlefield, with few possessions and is a true man of honour, while the likes of Bush, Blair, Brown and Obama send other people off to fight their wars, hide behind bodyguards, a massive security apparatus, and enjoy and indulge themselves with all the pleasures and luxuries of Western capitalism. In the same way, both Otto Ernst Remer and Leon Degrelle – both warriors who fought on battlefields – remained honourably loyal to the man to whom they had sworn an oath, on their honour, and both, through their actions both during and particularly after The First Zionist War, were exemplary examples of honourable men, men of natural dignity and of manners, in complete contrast to the uncouth, profane, barbarians of the White Hordes of Homo Hubris.

NS Germany and the Bushido of Japan:

As mentioned in Part One:

” It was the White hordes of Homo Hubris who – under the spell of the Magian – brutally, cunningly, and efficiently, defeated the one resurgence of the numinous, in the West, and the one resurgence of the numinous in the Far East, which resurgence in many ways (but not all) prefigured, and were intimations of, the warrior way of Vindex: the one and only attempt, in the West, to counter and replace the ethos of the Magian with the numinous way of the warrior, and the one and only practical resurgence, elsewhere in the world, to halt the spread of the dishonourable vulgar “culture” of Western Homo Hubris, and to return to a numinous, ancestral, culture and way of life. “

The currently unpopular and often censored truth of our times is that National-Socialist Germany – what it had evolved to be by the beginning of The First Zionist War – was a modern mostly unconscious expression of the numinous, honourable, warrior ethos, and stood in complete and stark contrast to the materialism, the hubris, of the Magian and their allies and servants in the West, represented by the arrogant, profane, White Hordes of Homo Hubris. Furthermore, had NS Germany not been defeated by The White Hordes of Homo Hubris and by the machinations of the Magian, there is almost no doubt that it would have evolved further to become the genesis of a new numinous resurgence, and restored to the West, and other lands, that connexion to the numinous which centuries of plunder, exploitation, greed, abstractions, and dishonourable war had severed.

Similarly, that natural ally of NS Germany – Imperial Japan, with its underlying Bushido ethos – was also a modern mostly unconscious expression of the numinous, honourable, warrior ethos, and would also have evolved further to become the genesis of a new numinous resurgence in the Far East, and elsewhere.

For what distinguished both NS Germany and Imperial Japan was a return to the Code of the Warrior – to that numinous Way of Life where personal honour is considered more important than the life of the individual, and where culture is not a personal indulgence but rather a profound extension of the attitude to living which a true instinctive warrior embodies: the culture of Haiku, of Geisha, of the Samurai sword; the culture of Blut und Boden, of the SS ethos… This type of dignified culture is entirely alien and even abhorrent to the Magian and their allies, such as the uncultured barbarian White Hordes of Homo Hubris, for whom “culture” means indulging themselves and being profanely entertained by some vapid effusion of the modern Magian “entertainment industry”…..

A New and Numinous Ethos: Beyond the Tyranny of the State and the Abstractions of Politics:

Both NS Germany and Imperial Japan were fundamentally instinctive and natural reactions to the dominance of the Magian ethos, and represented a mostly unconscious expression of the numinous, honourable, warrior ethos. That is, they were akin to the natural healthy reaction of a human body invaded by some debilitating virus; an instinctive attempt to restore that natural balance which the Magian and their allies had disturbed.

But, as I have stated several times in various writings, we have now arrived at the stage of our human evolution when we can not only, and for the first time, consciously understand ourselves, but when we can consciously decide how we are to react, and what it is that we should do. That is, we have become much more than thinking animals who possess the faculty of speech, for we possess the ability to conscious change, and to consciously control, and evolve, ourselves. Or, expressed, another way, we now know how to – and have the opportunity to – access and to presence, the numinous itself; to access and to presence that which refines, dignifies, and evolves us; that which makes us human, which can enable us to live numinous lives, and to fulfil the potential latent within us and so take us out to live among the star-systems of our Galaxy and of other Galaxies.

Personal honour is both the essence of the natural, instinctive, Way of the Warrior, and one primary manifestations of the numinous itself, and it is Vindex who restores personal honour to its rightful place, as the basis for both law and for that tribal way of life which has been, and which is, our natural human way of living, a natural and human way that the abstractions of both the Magian and The White Hordes of Homo Hubris have undermined and destroyed.
Thus, the duty – the wyrd – of Vindex and of the clans of Vindex is not to strive to try and restore some romantic idealized past – or even be in thrall to some perceived wyrdful, often numinous-filled, past way of living, such as that which Adolf Hitler brought to Germany – but rather to establish an entirely new and conscious and thus more potent expression of the numinous itself. This new and numinous way of living replaces the impersonal tyranny of the State with the way of the clan and the tribe; it replaces the abstraction of politics, and of democracy, with personal loyalty to an honourable, noble, clan or tribal leader…..

-David Myatt

[The above text is taken from Part Two of The Mythos of Vindex, by David Myatt ]

The Dark Imperium

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One of the exoteric – practical and outward – aims of The Order of Nine Angles is to aid the creation of a Dark Imperium. This Dark Imperium is and will be a manifestation, a practical implementation, of The Sinister, of The Sinister Dialectic, where Sinister Adepts (and, of course, Sinister Masters and Lady Masters) guide, control and manipulate – on a large scale – ordinary (non-Initiated) mortals, and thus effect sinister changes in a particular society, or in many societies.

It is one of the aims of the person named by sinister esoteric tradition as Vindex to create the foundations for this Dark Imperium, and, in practical terms, the Dark Imperium will be a large, organized – most probably militaristic – society whose ideals are those of excellence and of the noble honourable warrior and warrioress, and whose ethos will be essentially pagan. In addition, this Dark Imperium will function on the basis of the warrior leadership-principle and not upon any form of democracy, just as – and importantly – the basis for the law, for the justice, of the new societies of this Imperium will be personal honour (the law of the warrior), and not the abstract, dis-honourable, law that has come to dominate all Western societies, to the detriment of our evolution as a species.

Given this distinctive practical nature of the Dark Imperium, it will thus be ideologically, violently, and of necessity, opposed to the current materialistic, “politically-correct”, democratic, plebeian, status quo, in the West, and elsewhere, and – once established – one of the first practical aims of this new Imperium will be to extend, if necessary by force of arms and conquest, its Law of the Warrior to other societies, creating in time a new world-wide Empire. It is this new world Empire which will efficiently begin the practical colonization of Space, first in our own Solar System, and then among the stars. It will do this practical exploration and colonization of Space both as duty and as a necessity, since such practical exploration and colonization is an integral part of its fundamental, irrevocable, pagan and warrior ethos.

Furthermore, such a Dark Imperium will, outwardly, not be directly associated with “the Satanic” or with “Satanists”, although, under the guidance, the leadership, of Vindex and his (or her) successors, this warrior society will be aiding the Sinister Dialectic and thus achieving long-term Sinister, Satanic, goals.

Of course, Sinister Adepts – and some sagacious non-Initiates – will understand that such a Dark Imperium is itself only a stage; only one part of an Aeonic process; and that, as such, it does not represent the essence, nor the ultimate aims, of the ONA itself, although it is only to be expected that the majority among the plebeius will fail to appreciate the difference.

In essence, the Dark Imperium is a stage toward the emergence of – a means to create – that new human species which Sinister Adepts have named, variously, as Homo Sol, Homo Galactica and Homo Galacticus: the Promethean species whose homes, whose dwellings, whose life, will be among the star-systems of our Galaxy, and then among the star-systems of other Galaxies in the causal Cosmos.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen

Toward Sapanur

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atu VIII - change

One of the tasks of a genuine Satanic organisation, is to bring about practical, physical Change. As stressed in various ONA MSS, this Change is worth striving for only if the outcome occurs on a large scale: if its consequences create a new type of society that enshrines the Satanic vision. Much has been written – and misunderstood – as to how this Change, this New Aeon, may be implemented.

The Dark Tradition exists to create a type of being who is capable of making history; of rationally using forms (and individuals) for a higher, Cosmic purpose. The reality is there will always only be a handful of genuine Satanists amongst those who would claim such a title, since a genuine Sinister organisation does not seek a large ‘membership’: to actively do so, would imply a compromise of the Darkness essential for evolution. All that is ever really required, in terms of genuine Satanism, is the working together of the tiny minority who have struggled and suffered their individual ways though the processes of the ‘Forbidden Alchemy’ (for which read Sinister Seven-Fold Way). That few such individuals exist is not actually a hindrance to the fulfilment of esoteric aims, for it only takes two or three such beings to presence the terror necessary for the future…

 With the emergence in recent years of Aeonics (qv), allied Occult groups have concentrated on ‘seeding’ energies by subtly distorting/reinterpreting/ infiltrating existing forms, with the aim of gradually altering a cultural psyche towards (what we term) the Sinister. This is of course, a laudable premise: superficially speaking, the more organisations who adopt this strategy, the better – as long as this tactic does not result in a dilution of the Sinister within that cultural psyche. However, the Magickian must take care when using, or ‘flowing with’ what is perceived to be the contemporary trend, or opinion.

To simply state that the ‘masses’ are putty, should not really come as a revelation. In this densely-populated world of ours, the ‘average person’ is too busy with the basics of living – ie. feeding a family – or too stupefied to worry overmuch about the greater context of society (thus the trust placed in ‘politicians’ and the illusion of ‘free speech’ given by the con-trick of ‘democratic’ elections). Opinions and trends are, for the most part, engineered by the minority who are The System. The public does not exist to be convinced by any ideal that happens to come along, because it simply does not possess the capacity to think and act independent of the prevailing Power. An independent ideal has only The System to face, and unless it fights, it is regurgitated as a commodity and denuded of the power to genuinely transform. In reality, there is very little The System cannot flow with and adapt to – such is the nature of the tyranny that is ‘capitalism’: to turn heresy into fashion.

When the tactic is to fight by subtly manipulating accepted forms , the Magickian must be certain as to who exactly is controlling who – whose ego is actually being manipulated – lest the process of ‘seeding’ proves in the long term to have been a waste of time. To effectively alter temporal forms via such an approach really requires the abilities of an individual who is ‘outside of Time’, who is free of temporal, temporary influences – someone who has passed though the screaming silence of the Abyss: a genuine Master of the Temple/Mistress of Earth. [Thus the practical purpose of the Seven-Fold Way.] Subtle manipulation of forms has its part to play; but if every would-be Sinister magickian opted solely for this, then little, if anything, of significance would be achieved.


‘Seeding’ [which would include the Aeonic technique of mimesis] can only prepare the way – and only then if it is conducted with understanding; rarely does it in itself catalyse Change. When the subtle manipulator believes that s/he, “when the time is right”, will implement a next, more overt stage, they are deluding themselves: practical examples (involving conventional politics) have proved as yet that this does not happen – rather, there is a losing sight of the original aims. What is significantly missing at present, on the part of Occultists, is an overt declaration of intent in the real world. What we need now are fanatics – individuals who will remind us all of what we, as Sinister Initiates, are supposed to believe: that we can become gods within our lifetime, to the greater glory of our acausal selves.

 Thus it is vital, for every initiate who would be Satanic, Sinister, to at least once in their life, conduct a practical act of tenor in the real world: an act that does not hide beneath the guise of something else – something innocuous – but one that leaves no doubt as to its Satanic nature. Only by individuals acting thus, by directly aiding System Breakdown, will the Masses grasp the practical possibility of an alternative reality.

Let us not fool ourselves any longer: real, significant Change – the bringing of the new aeon – will only occur once The System has collapsed, and society is plunged into the necessary primeval phase where the majority – and Sinister Adepts, for that matter – are constantly reminded of that tyranny of existence which can wipe out an individual life in an instant, and in that instant render that life irrelevant. Until this next phase is reached, life remains too soft to motivate anyone beyond the intellect to implement anything worthwhile. That collapse is much more likely to be reached, not by slow ‘seeding’, but by presencing the Dark: by causing sudden explosions of primal terror.


To risk one’s life and liberty requires certainty: belief and vision – the arrogance of the genuine Satanist. The System, however, allows us the luxury to believe exactly what we want, and to find many convincing reasons why not to act in truth. But to know the reality is to know that which is beyond yourself, and until Sinister Initiates strive to embody the current of Change necessary, then the holiday that is individual life will carry on its slow, meaningless journey, deathwards.

The New Satanic Aeon

What is this far-off Satanic purpose described as the ‘New Aeon’? It does not matter that, for most, a clear answer cannot be given; only that there exists a desire to practically create a new form of existence – that the stagnation of the ‘norm’ is countered, destroyed, and laid to rest. If life is to be lived right, there must always be, for individuals, a dream, a vision-splendid to strive and most likely die for. It does not really matter if various Sinister organisations disagree over the tactics involved in bringing this Change, as long as effects can be discerned – as it also does not matter whether or not there is Sinister “unity” between those various organisations.

What matters, in the presencing of this ‘new aeon’, is that individuals strive to act with nobilty and out of duty to the furtherance of a Cosmic force beyond the personal. They must rely on their own judgment in this, regardless of consequences; and whatever mistakes are made in the process, are gifts by which further personal insight may be attained.
The loyalty of a Satanist is to the Dark – to Satan, and the forces beyond Him, by which civilisations are reminded of their unique Destiny. Because what is certain, is the suffering and death that will be required to allow the difficult transition from this dying Aeon, to the next: only through a crucible of Darkness will the “Light”, the positive upward trend of evolution, flow forth. Regardless of contemporary beliefs, human beings are not born inherently ‘good’: true ‘goodness’ must be cultivated – and such a creation only occurs through suffering.
This suffering will be because we must as a species re-integrate with what is for us, the reality of Nature – a reality from which we are progressively and deliberately distanced: our natural role as hunters. The New Aeon will be Satanic, because it implies the synthesis achieved through the conflict between Nature Herself and The System, and the triumph of Nature implies the creation of a higher type of human species – a truly free individual who needs neither politics or religion.

A Note on “Vindex’

It is generally true to say, for the Esoterrorist, that it is the Path of their occult journey that is important, rather than the forms encountered or used during the way. However, it is a mistake to believe that this is the rule for all in the broadly esoteric field, and thus that all forms ‘ipso facto’, are simply a means to be discarded when appropriate, since no form can ever express the essence. For some unique individuals, in unique circumstances, there is no living of a form whilst hiding the “esoteric reality”, the esoteric wisdom – the ‘Occult’ aspect. There is no clever deceit, no skilled manipulation, because the form created is the reality, that esoteric wisdom made real and practical. This form is usually of a ‘religious’ nature, and is what it is because it is open about what it represents, regardless of societal prejudices. In an important sense – which few will understand – the form (”organisation”) so created, is not a nexion to channel or presence the essence – it is the very essence itself: the essence evolving as it must evolve in causal time and space [hence also the continuing relevance of ‘Satan’ as an archetype]
This is the domain of Vindex, that much misunderstood embodiment of creative Change. Vindex does not really need ‘the Occult’ in conventional terms, to presence, or access the numinous ideals that s/he represents. Such things, in this case, only obscure the essence of Change, of evolution – as they can often distance a person from the creative numen which can and does provoke such an evolution. However, this aspect of bringing Vindex can cause dismay to some Occultists, who might view this stance as a betrayal of ‘occultic principles’ perhaps previously championed. The reality is, what must be done, must be done if it is to be lived – over and above the perceived “truth” of some forms (and a Satanist should always be their own opposite, and beyond …). All Vindex needs, is already what is innate, and a Will made powerful by it being grounded, or presenced, in what is – now and in the future – numinous and great in evolutionary terms. Vindex can embody what is necessary: not particularly in the sense of some popular charismatic leader (a Caesar type figure), but in the sense of creating and maintaining the form which embodies the numinous ideals in the realistic way necessary. And this is the real Magick…

 1996 e.h., Order of Nine Angles


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They patronize me here, they smile at me, they call me “Mr.” They don’t treat me like an idiot. I make it a point to go to all their little groups, I don’t go against the staff, I participate in whatever they have us do. They do sense that I have a semblance of articulation and intelligence, but it matters not. I’m still on the wrong side of the Plexiglas in this psychiatric facility.

During the 10:00 am morning group, the social worker [Quite attractive , I must say] conducted an art therapy class. “Draw, create a collage, whatever you fancy, and let’s have a discussion afterward.” She said. I could only render one thing: What I “saw.” It is probably so deep-seeded in my psyche that I would never rid myself of it in all the remaining days of this life.

No one understood it. To them, it looked to be a strange Dark world with three suns. Yes, three suns and this land looked as if it had never known the bright illumination from any of those three suns. I drew the formless “things” that I “saw” that converged upon me. Their Sinister laughter drowning out my prayers to God.

How did I end up here? First in that strange place and now in the psyche ward? I’m an architect by trade, carving out an exquisite lifestyle. I designed two of the area’s sports arenas, a bank and that bank’s large business structure that reached the heavens. I had the world and especially women, at my feet.

The bigwig who wanted to discuss the plans for another proposed skyscraper downtown had canceled our dinner at the pretentious and overpriced seafood establishment ironically named plainly,  “The Crab Shack.” I did not want to go home to my wife because I was in the city and I was dressed in my favorite Brooks Brothers suit and did not want to leave here empty-handed, meaning that I wanted to find someone and “hook up.”

I walked the crowded streets and a few women smiled at me. They knew someone with power when they saw him. I decided to pick and choose and there she was. She was walking towards me and looking at me with the most alluring green eyes that I’ve ever seen. If I knew what would have happened next, I would have just went home. She smiled at me, an almost knowing smile. Her name was Jenna, a name that I would soon not forget.




Jenna took me to a huge, affluent highrise apartment building somewhere midtown in the 50’s that would most likely cost $4,000 a month to rent. I paid no mind to where the cab took us because of the drinks at the yuppie bar. I remember all the men at the bar staring at us and feeling like the luckiest man alive. Jenna was about 5’6″, long, jet black hair and the most voluptuous, sensuous physique that I had not remembered ever seeing. Then she suggested that we “go back to her place” and off we went.

The apartment was luxurious, furnished with only the finest. I admit that even finer than my exquisite tastes. She lead me to her abode, which looked as if I had died and gone to heaven. I wish that I had died.

We kissed passionately and she almost tore off her clothes as I took mine off. She pushed me into the bed and I eyed her body. She grabbed my wrists and then straddled my erection. Her wetness and warmth overcame me. Her esoteric scent made me almost dizzy. She smelled like an orange grove on a sunny day. I have never felt as much ecstasy in my whole life when I was inside of her. Then it happened. I felt immense pain and I screamed. When she got off of me, there was blood everywhere. My erection was gone but then again, so was my penis. I cried out in shock and in pain, and then I blacked out.

sailorsong2 2

It was a fuckin’ cell. Somebody threw me in a fuckin’ cell. The cement floors, the small dimensions, the iron door with a tiny slit that they slipped trays of sparse amounts of food through. I screamed for hours on end and would just pass out from exhaustion and the pain in my groin. I thought about my wife and how much I loved her. I say “loved” because I didn’t think that I was ever going to see her again.

Then the dreams started. I couldn’t even differentiate if they were dreams. I pinched myself and I felt it. That land. The forms. They told me things. Things that I didn’t understand and still don’t. They were terrible. I said the Lord’s Prayer as I walked through this land and those things laughed at me. I cried and they laughed even louder. They called me “profane” and a “Magian” as epithets.  I was introduced to a world that I was in no way prepared for.

I had never been so glad to see cops when they busted through that cell . Then emergency workers threw me on a stretcher.  I heard that I had been in Jenna’s apartment for only two days.

There was talk that Jenna was still at large. I’m scared and I told the police, doctors, nurses, anyone who would listen. Everyone had that same smirk of disbelief. The “formless ones” said that the Darkness would converge. They said something strange like “Vindex” and “Baphomet.”   

The social worker talked to me after the art class. She let me cry on her shoulder. My wife had left me because I had betrayed her and because I could no longer satisfy her.

I know now that something had gone wrong. I wasn’t supposed to live and the things told me that I was just “food.” Jenna’s food. There’s something out there beyond any of our understanding. Something terrible and it’s coming. I’m here telling my story and no one believes me. According to Them, the New Aeon of Fire is here.

The Widow

Novus Ordo Seclorum

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Novus Ordo Seclorum
An Interview with Anton Long
Vindex Division, 114yf

Introduction – Little, if anything needs to be said in introduction to this interview with Anton Long – his first and last. It illustrates not only current aims, but brutal and dark reality of genuine Satanism.
 We are now amid an interesting and important time, where some anti-Aeonic forces have been directly attacked to sizeable consequence for the first time in many decades. What does this mean to current esoteric aims, and how much closer does it bring the west to the purging of Magian influence?

A: There is a lot to be done to purge this Magian influence, which now emanates from America. The recent practical attacks against them have forced them to react in the way one might have expected given their own primitive ethos. Thus, they have created the basis for a world-wide tyranny and America itself has now descended into a type of Police State with its armed forces used to pacify and dominate other countries and bring them under Magian control.

In the esoteric war against the Magian and their influence, America is now the primary battleground, for without the resources of America their current world-wide influence would begin to wane. Thus, Adepts and Initiates in America have a crucial role to play in the war against the Magian and their anti-evolutionary aims.
 What are the most important tactics initiates (particularly those within the United States)  can use in aiding current esoteric aims? What rites and what tasks are most appropriate to these aims?

A: There are both esoteric, and exoteric, tactics. The esoteric include increasing the number of Initiates and Adepts; spreading the sinister esoteric tradition itself; forming sinister groups whether ONA based or otherwise, and performing various rites, both ceremonial and hermetic, which not only counter the esoteric energies of the Magian but which also presence sinister energies in both causal and acausal ways. By acausal ways is meant presencing by means of rites such as the Nine Angles with the energies left to disperse as they will. By causal is meant channeling the energy in specific ways, to disrupt certain things such as groups, organizations, or target/attack specific individuals.

The exoteric includes supporting or aiding, either openly or covertly, any and all things which can disrupt and counter the Magian and their influence, and disseminating the ideals, archetypes, forms which express the sinister energies appropriate to the New Aeon. Such exoteric things include politics and political groups – especially National-Socialist and Folk Culture ones – and practical covert, direct, action against the government, the infrastructure of society and individuals who support or aid the Magian. It should be noted that such covert, revolutionary, political-type action is not appropriate for all Initiates: only some. Also, such exoteric things are exoteric – that is, forms to presence the acausal. As such, they are not the essence, but rather a means appropriate to the current and near-future situations. Initiates should remember this, especially in relation to political forms.

One very important method, a priority – both esoterically and exoterically – is to prepare the way for Vindex: for an individual of Destiny who has the charisma to lead a practical revolt against the Magian. All the indications are that this person can only emerge in America: hence the importance of the work of American sinister Initiates and Adepts. Esoterically, such preparation involves performing rites, both ceremonial and hermetic, which invoke Vindex, and others which aim to produce energies which can be focused into an appropriate image.  This image may be a sigil, or an image of a person, or at least an apprehension of what Vindex, as an individual, might look like. Exoterically, such preparation involve disseminating the idea of Vindex, of a person of Destiny who embodies evolutionary energies: who is a person to both Sun and Steel, to use a phrase of Mishima’s. Vindex is a new archetype, and one which sinister Initiates and Adepts must create through their magickal workings.

Vindex may be a man – but there is nothing to prevent this role, this archetype, being assumed by a woman. In fact, a female Vindex would be quite a phenomena.

Vindex must be anticipated in literature; in esoteric rites; in music; in Art; in images; in political propaganda, and so on. New rites must be created which invoke Vindex, and which channel the archetypal energies so produced.
 As I write, America is within days of attacking and invading Iraq. While the premises are entirely questionable (at best), it may serve to upset America’s place amongst its allies – weakening its global power – and also inviting added displeasure on the part of Islamic states and peoples. Is this the type of unrest that is a necessary prelude for change on an Aeonic level?

A: It is a part of it. The present power structures – manifest, for example, in the New World order led by America in thrall to the Magian and their messianic dreams – must be broken down, destroyed and replaced. The current global conflict, against Muslims and Muslim groups such as those led by Osama bin Laden, is one means whereby such change may occur, for this conflict will hopefully continue for a number of years, thus straining the resources of the federal government of America, weakening it economically. The more the US sustains casualties in this conflict with Islam, the better, Aeonically, for such casualties will change the attitude of the American people toward the war.

In addition, there should be, and hopefully will be, social and political unrest in America itself. All such conflicts will be a prelude to the emergence of the New Aeon, which will be born out of the destruction of the old. This means, in practical terms, the destruction of the America that exists today: a move away from a federal government and perhaps back to the old idea of more independent States within America. It may be from one of these States, or a part of it, that the New Aeon will assume a practical social and political form.
 Is an Imperium for the current Aeon beyond realistic hope, or can the destiny of the west still be achieved? If so – how is such a destiny different from what could have become of NS Germany?

A: Nothing is beyond us, if we access and channel the right energies in the right way – which means toward the destruction of the forces of the old Aeon, represented now by the New World Order – and toward the emergence of Vindex. We create – or rather, can create – our own Destiny. If enough Initiates and Adepts work toward that Destiny, it will be achieved.

NS Germany was an intimation of what might be; what could be achieved when a people are organized in a certain way. It was a necessary beginning, which ended as it should. From its ending, lessons were learnt; and magickal energies became manifest. Only now can we create what is necessary because only now do we rationally understand and thus can use our will to achieve what can and should be achieved. This is one meaning of the ONA: a rational codification of the esoteric understanding achieved over millennia; an emanation of some of the techniques, such as Internal and Aeonic magick, which can take us toward and beyond the next stage of our human evolution.
 To me, one of the things that exemplifies the purpose of the tradition, are Insight Roles. Should one be inclined to undertake an Insight Role that specifically aids Aeonic aims, if it is possible they will continue the role at some later point with Aeonic, rather than individual purposes?

A: You are quite correct about Insight Roles. The old roles, which I inherited, lacked an Aeonic aspect: they were designed to test and develope the individual, and as such were a technique of what I have called Internal magick.

If Insight Roles are to be used again – and they should be – then they must have an Aeonic aspect, which means they aid in some way the sinister dialectic. Thus, new roles can be developed which test and evolve the individual (or break them) and which presence the dark in a practical way. I am in the process of writing some new ONA MSS which describe such new Insight Roles.

An Insight Role, to be effective, must be lived for at least one year.
 It seems in past years a certain Insight Role pertaining to politics has become something of an obvious and predictable choice. In this case, most initiates have already confronted their programmed ideas, once the time is right for an Insight Role. Should not an Insight Role be something that would otherwise be considered “out of character” for the initiate?

A: Correct. For instance, one role an ONA Initiate once assumed some decades ago was to be in a Nazarene monastery for over a year. This was chosen, by him, because he loved women, violence and a few other interesting things. In his role, he had to be humble, peaceful and of course be without women. It was a hard challenge, which that Initiate overcame, thus learning many things. But in this instance, there was no Aeonic aspect, only a personal one.
 It seems easy for some to accept the less harsh aspects of Traditional Satanism or the Seven-fold Way, while quietly rejecting the darker more dangerous tasks. While most are eager to experience danger on a magickal level, few are ready to experience – practically – real darkness. How important is it, for an adherent of the tradition to truly dirty their hands in acts of definite physical danger? Do acts of real danger accelerate the flow of acausal in the consciousness of the Initiate?

A: To so reject such tasks is to merely play at sinister magick; to refuse to presence the dark as it must be presenced, for both personal and Aeonic reasons. It is absolutely necessary for all Initiates to get their hands dirty: if they do not, they have failed; they cannot progress to the higher levels, to Adeptship and beyond. There are no excuses; no exceptions. We are talking about the sinister path here, not some “white light” arty-farty mumbo-jumbo.

To be a genuine sinister Adept means to have experienced and done dark deeds. Of course, the dark deeds themselves vary, from Initiate to Initiate, and it is one of the tasks of the Adept or Master/Mistress guiding such Initiates to suggest such dark deeds, based on the character, the life, of each Initiate.

Acts of real physical danger – such as facing one’s own death – can certainly open nexions within the psyche of the individual, and thus enable not only an awareness of the acausal, but also cause that individual to be affected by those acausal energies. Thus can their consciousness be changed by such energies, and thus are such acts of real physical danger a necessary learning experience for every Initiate.
 The rhetoric amongst Satanists has thickened over the years, with little direct action prevalent. Can you reiterate what the individual may gain in terms of their own development, and then beyond, through acts that bring real terror to others?

A: By presencing the dark in practical ways the individual becomes a nexion for acausal energies and so experiences those energies in a direct way. They may be able to control such energies, or they may not. If not, they have failed, and may need to try again. Only such a presencing brings genuine understanding and such genuine understanding is necessary so that further energies can be accessed, and directed, and further progress along the sinister path achieved. Such a presencing is a transforming of the individual, part of the alchemical process of change which is Internal magick.

I must stress in words which are not open to misinterpretation that the practical presencing of the dark by Initiates is an essential part of the sinister path, of the ONA. Presencing the dark involves such things as culling;  it involves such things as covert action directed at the edifices and individuals of the old Aeon.

A genuine dark presencing is one which has an Aeonic aspect: which aids the sinister dialectic in some way.
 Do you feel that criminal and dangerous acts serve to keep one from falling into the boring “esoteric” occult games abound in many other forms?

A: Yes, but we must define what is meant by “criminal”. A lot of laws which governments make are wrong, dishonourable, and to ignore them is the right thing to do, for strong, honourable, individuals striving for excellence and to evolve to a higher level. What and who defines “right and wrong”? As someone once wrote – and I cannot remember the exact quote – the law is an accumulation of tireless attempts by the mediocre majority, or a minority acting on their behalf,  to prevent noble, gifted, individuals from making life into a succession of ecstasies. While this quote, or aphorism, is an excellent one and contains some truth, it is not an esoteric one: that is, it does not express the complete truth about life, individuals, reality, law and evolution which the ONA seeks to express.

The essence is to strive for a goal which is both beyond what was one is, and which is Aeonic, with the individual undertaking such a striving doing what is necessary to achieve this goal, regardless of whether some of the methods, or tactics, or experiences used, are regarded as “illegal” by some government in some country. The classic example here is culling. Another example is dueling. Another is using some political form which is “illegal” and heretical.

Something should not be done just because it is “illegal”. There has to be a sinister intent, an Aeonic aspect. Thus, a culling of some individual who deserves it (he supports, say, some organization which is anti-evolutionary and is a cowardly type of person) is both Aeonic and test of character for the person undertaking it: a means of learning, of evolving, of presencing, accessing sinister, acausal, energies.
 In the sense of crime in general – for the sake of an example lets consider the dealing of hard drugs – might one presence more of the dark not only by partaking in such, but also by calling attention and resources to combating such things as drugs? To me, it would seem a perfect scenario – to fight against something only to call resources to it, yet to provide also the very thing in which such resources are absorbed, and weak people broken. This would seem particularly useful in the intended wasting of American resources. As a second part to this question, what other ways – if any – might such resources be effectively wasted, stolen, or misused?

A: Such things as drugs do weaken, and are weakening, the structures of the old Aeon as they are creating opportunities for some who possess – shall we say – a more Satanic view of life, whether consciously or instinctively. The West is decaying, slowly, from within, partly due to drugs, and as one ONA statement indicated, such things – anything – which weaken the old order and prepare the way for the new, sinister, one can and should be encouraged by some Initiates. As with all such things, only some Initiates can and should do such things: the decision is theirs. That is, the doing of such things as in your example are not mandatory experiences for novices and Initiates.

There are risks, but that is part of the challenge, the enjoyment.
 Regarding Aeonic Magick: Can creative-art be used in a way that – though not specifically or obviously a form of mimesis – can be imbued with the acausal and directed via the form in which it is created? Some examples may be some of the music of Bach, or the violins of Stradivari – which through their use or performance could, particularly if created for the purpose and imbued with the acausal – become as a Nexion. How effective could this be?

A: Yes, such things can be done, and should be done by those possessed of the skill and abilities. Indeed, it is possible to create a new art-form which does this, and imbue it with a sinister intent, for example, of manipulating the individuals who see/hear/respond to that art-form, or changing them in an evolutionary way.

One example would be to use computer virtual reality where images and sounds (music) are used to generate a virtual world – or rather, to generate an interactive art-work – that the individual can alter, and thus interact with. That is, each individual perceives something slightly or greatly different. Thus, this art-work would be unique for each individual perceiving/experiencing it, while still retaining the parameters of its creation. To enable this, the interaction could be via something like bio-feedback, with such things as brain-wave patterns being the computer input which alters the computer program which creates the virtual reality. This is still slightly futuristic. What this example would amount to is a modern version of the type of thing which Wagner wished to create through his Ring cycle and his theatre at Bayreuth: a total artistic experience which makes us aware of some mythos, a numinosity, a Destiny, which raises us to a higher level.

Of course, a less futuristic example is possible, using just images, music and some archetypal forms, and combining these in as sort of film-like way.
 Obviously the fair amount of focus to these questions regards ways in which we can, at this present stage, aid the downfall of the American power structure, or at least ensure its timely irrelevance. At a point not long ago, the downfall of the Soviet Union was another such aim. Can you explain what measures were taken or perhaps played a part in this coming to fruition, on the esoteric level? It serves, at least, to illustrate the finite nature of world powers.

A: It was, and is, mainly a question of accessing, directing, presencing, certain powerful acausal energies, some of which are “seeded” into organizations, forms, and some of which are used to disrupt and/or create in individuals a yearning, a feeling. One example is a ritual producing a specific type of energy (associated say which a specific sphere of the septenary) and then directing this energy to a certain geographical area. This is done via visualization, and mostly involves a specific site, which becomes a nexion. Note that a nexion does not have to be, but can be, an object: it can be, and often is, a place, such as a hill, a mountain, a valley, a forest. It is helpful if those doing such rituals have been to the place, and especially if the ritual is performed there. This has to be repeated on a regular basis, and then such energy may produce changes in the individuals in that area. If powerful enough, such energies seep far from that area, producing change in accord with their own nature. Several such areas are required in the case of the large country. Another example is targeting, with magickal energies, certain specific, public individuals, such as political leaders. These are just two examples of many. What is important is that the energies themselves are understood by those using them; this requires prior practical experience. Magickal skill is also necessary.

More conventional means can also be used, such as using archetypal energies associated with already existing ideas, forms and the like, political or otherwise.

This is one esoteric reason why such forms as National-Socialism are used in the case of America and Europe: because NS is one of the things those who uphold the old order fear and dread. One of the greatest fears of the cabal behind such things as the tyrannical (and mis-named) New World Order is a Vindex-type figure. Thus, this fear can be used against them. Why do you think National-Socialism is so smeared, so feared that it is outlawed is many Western nations? Because it possesses an archetypal power, a natural magick. Why does the mere appearance of a swastika cause such consternation? Why does the figure of Adolf Hitler fascinate so many people? Why is he still subject to such an immense amount of hateful, lying propaganda? Forget the lies about the so-called holocaust – these things are as these things are because National-Socialism, its symbols, its heroes, its leaders, and especially Adolf Hitler are archetypal, for the West.
 What role does the preservation of history and culture play – such as the preservation of Latin and other almost forgotten languages and insights?

A: Such things play the important role of connecting us to our past, and enabling those who come after our causal deaths to begin the process of real learning which can lead to understanding and thus the fulfillment of potential.

This connection to our past gives us part of the perspective we need and must have: a perspective of our origins, our past stupidities, and the glorious future that can be ours if we learn and move beyond that learning. Our intellects must be developed, and such things are one means of training them, especially when we are children, and ravenously curious. Few human beings develope their full potential, especially in the intellectual sense.

But this does not mean that we all must learn such things as Greek and Latin; only that those who possess the interest and aptitude can do so and thus benefit from them.
 Sans Imperium, what specific potentials does the west have yet to fulfill?

A: The beginning of our real Destiny, which is leaving this planet to travel and live among other worlds.
 Can you explain how a small folk-culture might serve as a center through which a new Aeon may emerge? Also – what are the characterstics of such a folk culture?

A: Such a rural culture is a centre; the esoteric aspect of an outer form: that which gives energy to this outer form. For example, if Vindex arrives and creates an Imperium, this centre would use magickal energies to strengthen both Vindex, and the Imperium, while magickally dealing with enemies. Such a centre would also be a place of magickal and esoteric learning, and – here is the secret – where the physical nexions are.

Before the arrival of Vindex, and Imperium – from which a Galactic Empire should emerge – this centre prepares the way for them, through magickal and other means.
 At the risk of sounding humorous or ironic, without such intent – could an ANTI-Vindex; that is, someone who perhaps represents in a profound manner forces which are inherently Magian be the inspiration and the presence which finally brings forth Vindex?

A: Those of the cabal who are our magickal enemies certainly believe so: this is part of their dread, as mentioned in a previous answer. They are awaiting, and trying to aid, the emergence of their own leader.
 Could America itself be this Anti-Vindex (still… for lack of a better term!) – and if so, could such provocations and Magian dominance be eventually viewed as having been necessary?

A: The fact is that magickal energies – whether ours or theirs – cause changes in what lives. For example, in human beings, and those types of life, such as archetypes, which affect individuals. [Note: archetypes are types of acausal living beings which exist in the causal.] “America” is not a living being. Vindex is, or will be – and the Imperium (or whatever we wish to call it) will be the creation of this person, an extension of their living, their life, their very acausal essence. It will be thus archetypal, but more than an archetype: a new form in itself. An example may make some things clear: NS Germany was Adolf Hitler.

This truth about magickal change is why, for instance, no Adept or Master or whatever – except in the movies – can change a stone into a living being, or change a living being into a stone. Magick works through, and in, what is organic, because what is organic is imbued in some way with the acausal.  Thus, we can, if we are adept at magick, influence other life, such as animals, because these are also living beings. In the same way, a physical nexion is not just a place, it is living being, and we create this new living being in a certain geographical area, usually quite small in size. That is, we bring together what already lives there, in a new way: we re-order through our magick, and the acausal energy we access, the causal in that area, creating a new life.

Thus, with this answer, have many secrets been revealed.
 Without adepts, without Internal Magick and Aeonic Magick – could the potential of man, at this stage, ever be fulfilled? Would a new Aeon eventually come, via a round-about means even if nothing in the present changes or continues to change for the better – if completely left alone? Do we risk, given the general disregard for nature and her resources, bringing on the end before the next stage?

A: What must be understood is that we have now arrived at a point in our evolution when we can consciously alter ourselves and our evolution as a species. Whether we do this, is another matter. Thus, we live in exciting and interesting times: we, through our magick, our understanding, can create a new future.

My own view is that if we who understand do not intervene in a creative and evolutionary way, then it will be decline which awaits our species. That is, we have now reached the peak achievable by unconscious processes. We who know, who act upon that knowledge – who are Initiates and Adepts of the genuine esoteric arts – are the Cosmos made manifest: the Cosmos in evolution. This is our wyrd; our personal Destiny is to reach the stage where we know this, and where we put into practice what we have learnt.
 “Forge not works of art but swords of death, for therein lies great art” is a statement that speaks to the great architecture of culture, beyond personal “expression” and indulgence. If one becomes too encompassed in an Art or politics – might they be indulging in their destiny but disregarding their Wyrd?

A: Yes!
 Can you explain, perhaps with some example, the difference between Destiny and Wyrd?

A: Wyrd is acausal and thus Aeonic; Destiny is personal and mostly causal.