Urban Thernning [3rd Epistle]

asteroid habitat





Urban Thernning is the adaptation… expression… and living of a Natural Magick sometimes called “Thernn” in the Order of Nine Angles within the Profane Prison of steel and concrete we were born in. Here we use the word to also mean the magickal act of tribalization – that is cooperative living in harmony with Nature, our Humanness, and each other. It is more than a living. More than a choosing to live different for the sake of non-conformity to society. It is a process of reconnecting back to our primal human nature. A rediscovering of who and what we are as living human beings… as opposed to mindless Homo Hubris drones. It is a resistance… a silent war… against the Machine and its monopoly on power. It is the triad that is the Order of Nine Angles – The Seven Fold Sinister Way, Reichsfolk Culture, and the Numinous Way – in living motion.

I don’t know if you have ever watched that old (classic) silent movie called “Metropolis” where these citizen-drones spend their natural lives working and laboring for a cold, uncaring, distant, abstract monstrosity of a Machine. How prophetic that this olden movie aptly describes the world we live in today. A world or illusion and servitude we are born into. A world in which we are used by the Ten Percenters and their Magian goons. Used like creatures of burden to empower and enrich their bloodlines. Used into old age… until we are no longer of any use to them… and we are thrown away like an old shoe, to die away forgotten in some old folks home.

There is no way of breaking out of this Labor Camp. Because it owns every square inch of terrestrial land on earth – there is no escape. We can only resist and disrupt this Machine from the inside out… spreading within it as a cancer. This cancerous spreading… this brooding in silence… this Resistance against the Magian Wardens of this Labor Camp is Our Magick and Sinister Opus. Our Magnum Opus Vrilis – the Great Work of the Vril-ya.

So the mythos goes of our olden day brethren the German esoteric National-Socialists. That there lived underground a race of evolved super beings – Ubermenschen – called the Vril-ya. A people separated apart from the surface dwellers – those Homo Hubris – who have no concern for the games such lesser evolved humans play. We, to Homo Hubris, are the Vril-ya… a Sinister Kindred – a Sinister Nobility – existing beneath the awareness of these worldlings – these Anariya – underground in the shadows. Our Great Work is the evolution and liberation of our Sinister Blood and progeny from this diseased world. Sick from a terminal pestilence called Homo Hubris.

It’s no easy task to resist this Great Prison which has enslaved our species. Many before us have tried. Such as the CSA – the Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord during the early 70’s. The CSA had achieved for itself a strong coherent structure as a self contained social order. This coherency – which is power – was not to last long. The Ten Percenter goons destroyed that coherency and eventually disbanded the CSA.

There were the Nazarene stooges called the Branch Davidians of Waco Texas who also evolved into a coherent, functioning modern tribe. Like the CSA, they were crushed. This time, the crushing was lethal as the Zionist Bull Dyke Mr. Janet Reno (for “she” was hardly a woman) slaughtered the Davidians… children included.

We must be intelligent, and learn from the mistakes of others. How would the Enemy deal with us, if we thernned as a sinister commune somewhere… in a concentrated place as the CSA and Davidians like sitting ducks? Chances are, we would not last very long.

Tribal coherency does not always imply or suggest living together in a commune. We must learn from such organizations as the mafia, many large gangs, and even ethnic cultures – develop a tribal coherency within this urban jungle, disguised as outer incoherency. We must learn to thernn the urban prison intelligently and safely… as a collective force, but blend in with the profane – or suffer the consequences.


My city, like any city, is a jungle of asphalt, glass, and concrete. The only thing natural about this city… this state… this current manifestation of human civilization of ours is the rain that comes once in a while to hit my bedroom window. It is really not in tune to Nature, nor in tune to our own natural humanness. It’s an assertion… imposition, of a political machine upon Nature and our natural humanness.

It’s cliché to call the monstrosity of our cities jungles, but most people don’t understand the pragmatics of it. From an urban-anthropological angle, the city is a jungle, inside which we are born, conditioned, and raised in.

Unlike the natural jungle which is vibrant with life that surrounds us, this urban jungle is dead. Made of dead building and dead surrounding. Unlike the natural jungle inside which we are a living part of its natural symbiotic ecosystem… the urban jungle is abstract, “distant,” exploitative, and “unfamiliar.” Unfamiliar here describes a sociological phenomenon of urban life, where individuals living close together… neighbors… don’t even know each other, nor have any emotional bond with one another.

In a Natural jungle, people know each other, because those you live next to are your very own tribesman – whom you depend on for survival. There is a natural, effortless, cooperation with each other in a natural jungle where the hunting, gathering, and daily chores are mutually shared.

In this urban jungle, things are much different. The segregated urbanite is a self-reliant unit with nobody to depend on or trust. He/she must work alone for money to survive. The unfamiliarity and aloneness as a segregated unit produces large amounts of stress within the average person – stress and internal suffering.

This leads to escapism – alcohol, drugs, television, whatever. The more escapism, the better for the Machine, because instead of realizing that the Machine itself is the cause of the suffering and stress, the citizen covers up the symptoms. In some backwards oppressive States (or poor excuse of a State) such as Russia, escapism in the form of vodka cheaper than water keeps the zombified mass alive another day to labor… for a nation which is barely a functioning State.

This urban jungle we exist in isn’t going to get any better. It isn’t going to gradually turn into a utopian paradise as we pollute our environment, deplete our natural resources, and over populate ourselves to death. It’s only going to get worse. Like an expanding desert, the further into the future we go, the larger the slums in the city will grow.

Our window of opportunity of leaving this world is rapidly passing us by. As much as we hate nations and states and corporations, we needs their synergy, man power, and technology to colonize space. These States today are on their death beds facing doom. Not just economic failure, and collapse of State infrastructure, but total extinction. When that day comes we will be grounded here for a while to experience an environmental and climatic tribulation of mass death. Our great grand children will one day see with their own eyes the four horsemen of the apocalypse give unto our species what we deserve. Can our own Sinister progeny survive such a time long enough to leave the earth? Only if they tribalize.


When I sit here and watch the average urbanite live out their daily lives, I am reminded of that old story of the locust and ant. How the locust spends its days oblivious to the coming Winter playing, mating, indulging, perhaps sometimes working their 8 hours or something. All the while the ants are busy working and laboring away… preparing. When Winter comes the locust die and the ants survives to live a new season.

Even if these urban locusts are working, whom are they working for? Besides for the Ten Percenters? For themselves. Ants work for their progeny – their grubs. In time, when winter comes for the urban locust he will be housed in a nursing home and forgotten… left to die, and the children he bore – whom he neglected and did not work for, will take his place as slaves. All you have to do is visit a city’s working class section and talk to people. You will discover that many generations of the same families end up slaves of the Machine and never surpass their previous generation. This is so everywhere in America, that this “locust culture” is an aspect of occidental American culture.

Then there are those immigrants who come to America with nothing… those Chinese, Asians, Indians, Persians, Jews, etc… who spend their time working as a family like ants for their children. These children of theirs, often grow up wealthy within a single generation – the end product of an intelligent family working together for their progeny. This way of living… way of working – like ants for their grubs in 352 is called “Hive Culture.” When the mechanics of Wyrd is understood, and Hive Culture is lived in conjunction with aeonics, and chronomorphosis, it manifests generations in the future which are wealthy… a future progeny with more means available to them to Liberate themselves from this concrete prison.

Many of us dislike such people… these Jews for example, because of their hive culture. Because their grand parents and parents and family dedicated their efforts and lives to make them wealthy, to give them a popper education, and to strategically maneuver their progeny in society to gain them power and influence, to regulate their marriage and breeding, to secure the wealth and power for their next generation. What do many of us do in contrast to this? We are locusts. Many of us are children of ignorant urban locusts with no sense of hive culture. Out of jealousy, envy, frustration of being slaves we hate and desire to kill. We are all- my brothers and sisters, a product of our ancestor’s Wyrd and our own Wyrd. Who then are we truly to blame for the condition we are in today? Some external enemy or our own ignorance and inability to learn from the Ten Percenters, and do as they do for our progeny’s sake? We all deserve our lot in life. Knowing where we are and how we got here is half the battle and is the hardest part of the fight… killing self denial and facing the hard facts. Once we have realized how we ended up as slaves, we can then work to free ourselves.

No amount of hatred or killing the Enemy will ever change who and how you are as a person inside. Killing and hating Jews, the Magian, the Ten Percenters or whatever will not change how you live your own life and how you raise your children. It’s a matter of culture – Locust Culture, or Hive Culture. Which are you? If you continue to live lucust culture and neglect your bloodline and progeny, then you and your descendants will always be slaves to the Hive. It’s your own fault you/we serve them. It’s your family’s fault. The question is, knowing where you are and what you are… and knowing how to chronomorphically/aeonically produce wealthy and powerful future progeny – Are you capable of doing it? Are you capable of hive culture? Or will you remain a lucust forever?

It is our duty, out of honor and devotion to and for our unborn – for their sake – that we live and practice Hive Culture… that we tribalize and thernn. It is a magick with meaning and purpose. Not the self-centered magick of ego gratification. Not even the magick of making our own selves better. This is a magick concentrated on laboring to Liberate our future Blood from this Global Labor Camp, before it is too late.


It’s really unlikely that someone within our own Sinister Tribe (352) will make several million extra dollars to buy 15 acres or more to thernn with… especially in California. There are places such as Alaska where they actually pay you to start your own city. It’s unlikely that me, or any sane girl will relocate to Alaska to live with a bunch of mooses and penguins, or whatever is out there. If I’m going to live in such a place with open country like that, I’d rather relocate to Hawaii or New Zealand. Living in such areas makes it harder for us to fulfill our end goals. We must remain inside the city, and fester like a tumor or canker sore.

The emotional glue that creates a tribe is called the “Coherency Factor.” This factor manifests or indoctrinates a collective identity. Anyone of us who has every been involved in gangs, political parties, or organizations, will know that it is relatively easy to induce group culture. Corporations do it all the time. Street gangs somehow turn three letters and a rag into a murderous group culture. Old day skinhead gangs turned a skin color and a symbol into a very effective Coherency Factor. The secret is the fledgling morphic field of the group (the acausal entity) attracts via Resonance.

At the moment 352 has a wide variety of Coherency Factors – its letters WSA (the Tribe’s name), its numbers 352 (a Tribal Mark), its White Rag (the Tribal Flag), its Trisickle (the Tribal Mark), its ONA-ness (the Tribal Method and Magick), its Numinous Way (the Tribal Way of Life), its Reichsfolk Culture (the Tribal Politics), and it’s own rites and things contained in Opus Vrilis.

The second step to urban thernning is collective living. That is intentionally living in close proximity to each other – such as colonizing the same apartment complex or area of a city. This must also mean the sharing of dwelling space as a means to help each other save money – “Tribal Squatting” as it will be called hence forth.

Tribal Squatting is a new term, for something that has been going on forever in other cultures outside of this empathically dead Amerikan culture, where it is derogatorily called “mooching” or “freeloading.”

There are still tribes that share large Long Homes and do not know what rent is. Even in my family, when some uncle of mine needs to save money to buy a house, he will Tribal squat at my grandparent’s house, and they usually don’t charge their own blood rent. In fact, and many Asian families are the same way – my grandma would consider it offensive if my uncle insisted on paying rent. Because this causes an emotional distancing. The same emotional distancing which keeps occidentilized Americans apart when they go out to eat together and every one pays their own way. This is not tribal from a sociological and emotional perspective.

In tribal times, if you desired to further bond your tribe into a stronger unit, as chief you would call your tribesmen for a feast, in which you provided everyone at the party whatever you had. This act of sharing food also works with primitive tribal diplomacy. You invite some other tribal leader to a eat out where you provide and share everything.

It’s different in Amerika. When your “friend” invites you to dinner or lunch, you’re expected to pay your own share? This is like tribal leader inviting you to a party, but he tells you that you can’t eat his food, so you have to bring your own. It doesn’t induce tribal bonding and emotional solidarity. Going Dutch drives me crazy. I stop hanging out with anybody if they don’t have this essential tribal culture. You either pay for everything, or I pay for everything and we take turns, or we’re not friends.

Charging family members and Blood rent is stupid. It causes a distancing of emotions and kills mutual dependency. Just don’t take advantage of me.

Kicking your kids out when they are 18 is also unheard of in nearly every culture outside of occidental “culture.” In Chloe’s Asian culture you don’t leave the house until your married, and even then some married couples never leave. This reinforces collective bonding across the generations.

The second step to Tribal life is breeding which should be our primary source of new tribal membership. There must be rules and laws concerning this. 352ers should try to breed with each other. If an outsider wants to breed with a sister, he needs to convert and get the tribal marking or get his ass kicked. Brothers can reproduce with outsider girls, but those children born out of “Tribal-lock” belong to the Acception and will be raised in 352 Culture, or that outsider mother is getting her ass kicked. Each sister is encouraged to have many children… at least 5 – for Senior Security. Who cares what’s providing the sperm (sperm banks, brother, or healthy outsider men), just practice intelligent breeding.

The third step to Tribal life is cooperative business. The tribe must not only learn to make money together, beginning first with our ABC’s as juveniles, but also to pool each other’s money and efforts in starting up local businesses. Employment should be a last option. If you must work for wages at a Ten Percenter company, then tribal squat to save money to start up your own businesses for later. Don’t neglect a real education at colleges and universities. You should be chronomorphically inclined enough to have at least every 5 years planned out and written on paper. Therefore, if you work a job for over 10 years and have gotten nowhere in life, then you are a doofus who will probably get nowhere in life forever, if you continue to work for wages.

These tribal businesses isn’t to make us rich. It’s to make our children rich, or better off than we are. So that they can live a better life, free from the stress and suffering which plagues us today. It is our responsibility, when we bring our children into being in this prison – when they pass thru us from the Cosmos itself – to secure a future for them in which they inherit more opportunities than what we had. In hopes that they will break free from this earthly nursery and find Liberation out among the stars.

Our elderly brothers and sisters… let there be dignity for them. These elderly brothers and sister, who were a bridge for our crossing. Thru them did we pass from some acausal world into this one. They lived to care and provide for us. It becomes our responsibility as a community to provide for and care for our own elders in their final years. Do not throw them away into nursing homes. What honour is there is throwing the ones that gave us mortal life away? Where is the empathy and compassion?

It becomes the responsibility, the duty, of grown children to care for their old parents. Thus is having many offspring a way of securing senior life. These children we have, as many other culture do already, will kick up money and provide for their elderly progenitors. When their dying time comes – let them die before the tribe naturally, so that the young may witness the full cycle of human existence and know that death comes to us all.

Death is our great Tribal teacher. In seeing our loved ones die, we learn a valuable lesson – that life is short. In knowing this simple truth, we learn to prioritize our lives and live for things that are not fleeting, but eternal – our bloodline and progeny – which, my brothers and sisters – is the only thing under the sun truly eternal. As eternal as the Sun is itself. It is an unending river of blood which has no beginning and no end. Who is to say where the blood of our ancestors came from? We can go back to a time before humans, and our ancestral blood still flows. Beyond that even to primordial times when our genes drifted in pools of water. Past that even to the super nova of some long forgotten star that gave us our atoms, amino acids, iron, calcium, and all that we are causally. Where also does this flowing blood end? From Stars we came, and to Stars we will one day return.

It would be nice, if in our old age… in our tribesmates future old age… that they will give their tribe and blood the Highest Sacrifice – in a ritual Hohes Opfer – to cull an enemy or three – and why not, you’re going to die anyways. Our Hohes Opfer rite is a giving, a final act of giving and devotion to help end the suffering of the progeny that past thru us into this prison of suffering. It is a hero’s death, a death worthy of remembrance in the ancient halls of Valhalla.

This pursuit of cooperative living, cooperative business, towards Liberation may seem mundane and unmagical to those who believe that the ONA is nothing more than a cultish school which teaches individualistic magick, but it isn’t.


The essential power of any State lays in its monopoly of a limited natural resource – land – or dwelling space. The State’s army and police force maintains this monopoly of land, and its political and/or economic regimes/policies/parties regulates it’s citizens. It’s the same old aeonic game the Catholic Church played with it’s monopoly of “God” and “Heaven.”

Through it’s monopoly of “heaven” the ignorant mass… not knowing any better… had no choice but to comply with the laws and jurisdiction of the Church. It wasn’t until an underground group of Sinister Thinkers calling themselves the “Acception” began strategically manipulating and influencing things did this ecclesiastical grip on humanity break.

These men of the old world Acception – which our WSA is named after – infiltrated craft guilds and in those craft halls met in secret and plotted on inaugurating the Age of Enlightenment. By enlightening the common people to new ideas and new visions, they would gradually disrupt Nazarene social coherency. It was a long process which began with the printing of the Guttenberg Bible, passed thru Cromwell of England and his Parliamentarians, and came to fruition in the American and French Revolutions. After 300 years of Chronomorphic Incubation, and much revolution and blood shed, neither pope nor king had any power over the people. This Acception of ours, thus, pays a certain homage to the Free & Accepted Masons of olden times, who risked their lives to set into motion, what we today take for granted. Unfortunately, it only takes a few generations of Magian goons and their Zionist bankers to ruin 300 years of work.

I do know and understand that there are many exoteric “ONA-ers” out there who have a dislike of Freemasonry. This negative passion for this organization is “Cogitum Pro Fanum.” That is, it is an assumption of knowing the inside of a Temple standing outside of it – never having seen the actual inside. What opinions Others “of the” ONA have of this Fraternity is born out of extrapolations of rumors, misunderstanding, and internet chattering. When what we know of it comes from those of our own brothers who are inside of it – who know and understand its esoterica up to its highest Templar Degrees. There is a difference. One group entertains opinions born from chattering, emotional convictions, and speculation of its exoteric symbolism and stigmatized reputations. The other group has a genuine grasp of it esoteric mysteries from the inside.

In the same way that those outsiders not of the ONA have opinions about the ONA based on what superficial things they see or think they see in the ONA. As opposed to some of us who are deep into it’s essence and esoteric, who grasp the deeper mysteries of this Dark Tradition. This being said – no institution is free from decadence and Magian tampering. Althoe in the past the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity were composed of England and Europe’s most Enlightened minds, Alchemists, Scientists, Freethinkers,  Occultists, and Revolutionaries who came together in secret even before those times to disrupt society in their own way. Today Freemasonry is a Nazarene influenced institution which is literally dying of irrelevance, hypocracy, self-mutilation, old age, and no longer the same institution it once was during the Enlightenment. Enough of this subject matter though.

Now, during this transitioning era where the Enemy of Human Progression has once again gripped humanity in mediocrity and slavery, the Sinister Current has emerged once more calling those who resonate with it into action – to fight once again for the Liberation of Mankind. Liberation from that tyrannical monstrosity called control in whatever form it takes – political, religious, or economic.

The act of living together as a cooperative tribe, and achieving self-reliance via cooperative business is an act of resistance against this power monopoly. Colonization of space is what will truly… one day… cause these States to go into extinction, simply because space is too vast to be monopolized and controlled. Space Migration isn’t just the visionary dreams of a few mad men like Timothy Leary and David Myatt. It’s the proverbial stake which will pierce dead the heart of this blood and life sucking vampire we call the State. Cooperative living, cooperative business, tribalization, and space migration is as important a part to our human progression and Liberation as bloody revolution.

Understanding this, no state will genuinely be interested in the colonization of space, unless that colonization happens within colonies under its control. The idea of a State funding research on space colonization for the benefit of human progression is as silly as the idea of an old world king funding thinkers to research on democracy for the sake of human progression.

Individuation and segregation of the common mass into units is what maintains the power and control the State has on it’s own people. Like Jehovah who feared the Masons that came together as one force to built the Tower of Babel, the State fears nothing greater than a coagulation and coherency of its citizens as a senergic force with one determination, one passion, one vision. If the name of their game is – Divide and Conquer; then the game of Liberation must be “Unite and Destroy” – a people United For Destruction – like arrows bound together in an unbreakable fascia.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, or how many years you have been studying magic. You are still a slave to their State like the Nazarene next to you. Both you and the Nazarene serve the same Enemy from cradle to grave, and thus, you are truly no better than a Nazarene if you cannot see and realize this simple fact – that you were born a slave in a prison without walls like the rest of everybody – nor lack the will and mind to do anything about it. No amount of chanting and sinister magic, without effort and action will Liberate you and destroy the State.


It doesn’t take much to study modern Islamic nations, and old world Europe, with their suppression of women and sex/sexuality to come to an understanding that such suppression has something to do with continual control of the people. In 352, we understand this suppression as Misdirection of Awareness.

You simply cannot have Life without sex and women. Sex and women are central aspects of Life – and is Life itself. Suppression of sex and women diverts human awareness from Life itself, and Misdirects that Awareness onto an Idol which takes the place of Life. An Idol which appears to be life itself or crucial to life – the State or Religion. In essence it is a brainwashing effect, which removes your mind from Life and binds your eyes to the Idol of mass control.

Therefore, it can be understood, that any act which casts one’s eyes away from this idol of mass control back onto and into Life, disrupts the power monopoly of the State and Religion. Nothing attracts eyes better than Nature’s natural attention grabbers – women and sex.

We think we are freer in our more evolved Western society with sex and women, but we are not emotionally or mentally. Here in the West we approach sex/sexuality and women with a disgusting immaturity. A girl who isn’t married and enjoys sex is a whore. Sex out side of conventional mainstream practice is dirty and obscene. Human sexuality expressed as homosexuality is gross, and often lethal (gay bashing). Naked girls and “free love” is either disgusting to us or perversion. Gay people are dehumanized. A sexually free woman is dehumanized. Sharing of sex outside the regulation of monogamy and marriage is dehumanized. When in fact sex is the very heart and essence of what it is to be human and alive. What have we become when the simplicity and naturalness of nudity has even become perverse?

You cannot have a Life affirming, Life adoring Way such as our Seven Fold Way and the Numinous Way, without adoring Sex and Women – which are in essence Life itself. To do otherwise is to cause yourself to be out of touch with Life itself and your very own Humanness. We are literally born sexual. You have to suppress that human sexual nature out of children by telling them not to touch themselves and that its dirty.

No religion or State can compete with the immediate gratification of uninhibited, unregulated sexual expression and the mind numbing beauty of the naked female body. It doesn’t matter if you are a statesman or Buddhist monk – your humanness will rise erect and you will forget your laws and god in the presence of the panting naked flesh of a woman.

Allowing women and sex/sexuality to be free to just be and to just express themselves or itself as it comes – as it will naturally – is thus an important factor in disrupting the State’s monopoly of power.

Our new urban tribes must embrace Life in all its numinous aspects. We must grow out of this immature state of mind with sex, nudity, and women. We must allow ourselves and our own tribemates to just be human and reconnect with Life by liberating ourselves and others regardless of how they express their sexuality or with whom they share their sex with. The numinous “sanctity” of sex and woman must be replaced back to their rightful place – at the very center of Life and Humanity, and must take it’s central role in our Way of Life.

The only way to deprogram ourselves from being conditioned by religion and the State – to reconnect with Life one more – is to devise and participate in rites that makes sex and women and the natural enjoyment of life the object of the rite. We must encourage ourselves, each other, and our children, to genuinely touch once more Life and to taste once more our forgotten natural humanness – as best as we can in this modern age of ours. Nudity, sex, and woman must be purged from it’s dirtiness and perverse stigma. It’s just simply immature and Magian.


It is balance, not an annihilation of the self, self interest for a group. There is a time for private pursuits of inner alchemy and traditional magic for self evolution; but their must be a time for family, companions, and cooperative living.

This WSA of ours is not replacing the old traditional pursuits of the ONA with tribal life and urban thernning. We are bringing balance to what has always been apart of the ONA, which has been greatly neglected over the years. Neglected, or over looked for immature trivial pursuits of magic and the collection of old grimoires written by long dead hands. There is nothing wrong with such activities and interests. Just understand that there is more to the ONA than Naos and tarot cards. It must be seen and understood in its entirely – as a whole being – and this whole living being must be lived and put into causal practice. Not just in magickal pursuits, but in the effort of reconnecting with the Numinousity of Nature and Life, purged of its Right Hand – Magian idolatry  which is the genuine Sinister Path – the genuine Vama Marga tantrika.

These urban tribes are not only the ONA as a whole in causal expression, but they are seeds of a future culture. A culture more in touch with life, nature, and our own Humanness. That humanness long buried beneath the centuries of religious and political control.

These urban sinister tribes, and our thernning, is magick, the ONA with its three aspects – the Sinister Way, Reichsfolk Culture, and the Numinous Way – in practice and living motion.

Of course, cities lack natural environment. It lacks land to work with. In the beginning our sinister urban tribes much thernn in a natural setting outside their home cities. As Shropshire is to the First Ones in England. As Black Star Canyon is to California’s 352. In time as finances permits communal land will be bought for a more proper thernning and tribal living. For now we must adapt to and work with the city, which is all most of us now have.

In the beginning the few of us will struggle and experience many mistakes. From these empirical mistakes we will adapt and grow. It will only take one generation to give birth to a living culture and new way of living more “at-one” with Nature and our Humanness. As time passes, with each generation reaching for the stars – there will one day be a Thernning of the Cosmos for what Starseed will pass thru us living today. But first, we must form a Resistance, and break free from this prison.

– Kayla 352

Thernn – An Introduction to Natural Septenary Magick


I: Nature, Magick and Satan

“Magick” on the individual level is, quite simply, the attainment of conscious integration with natural forces – or with “Nature”, and the Cosmos that is beyond. This integration implies a loss of the “self-image”, and a gradual expansion of consciousness into the acausal realms. There is thus achieved a natural balance within living, and the cultivation of a more noble, higher type of human being (this cultivation being the foundations for what is conventionally termed the New Aeon).

How this alchemical process is initiated is simple in theory but difficult in practice. At present, the only realistic way of attaining this “integration” is via the practical system of the Seven-Fold Way, and this is so because, as yet, no other system contains a ritual of natural hermetic magick comparable to that of the Internal Adept (for details of which, see Naos). It is this rite, above all the other difficult tasks, that terrifies the would-be Adept, and spawns many excuses for alternative ways to enlightenment. There is no “Infernal symbolism” contained within the structure of this rite – only the stark primal fears of the Candidate.

Thus, to achieve this natural integration, the Initiate must strive primarily against him/ herself (and consequently the many factors in a society that seek to shackle individual Will to a conformity). The symbol for, or spirit of, this defiance is Satan and Satanism.

Many who profess to be Pagans and practitioners of Natural Magick cannot, or will not, grasp the meaning of Satanism. This partly stems from the perspective that “Satanism” was spawned as a consequence of the distortions of the Judeo-Christian religion, and is therefore to be regarded as having been founded upon “Old Aeon” dualism – and is thus to be superseded, since it cannot fully reflect the genuine “Western ethos”. [With regard to the latter, what is genuine about this ethos is its promethean spirit, and as such it is actually explicated by the conflicts and struggles with the external factors it draws to itself, in the quest for exploration…]

As explained in the booklet ONA: An Introduction for Prospective Adherents, “Satan” derives from an ancient Greek word meaning an “an accusation” (and also “foundation” or “origin” of something). The Hebrew “accuser” is in turn derived from this source. Thus the symbol predates the Hebrew, and has a truly Western origin: it did not come into being specifically as a response to the Nazarene distortion, but as a symbol of opposition – to what is the accepted, to what enervates.

Thus Satan (and the Sinister – one is the other) is a symbol of creative change, and is concerned with opposition not in the mis-understood sense of “dualism” (i.e. that which is based on an abstract morality), but in the sense of countering whatever is the “norm”. This is the real secret of Satanism: that it restores to a society and individuals, at any given point in history, that which is lacking. Thus there is balance, and thus synthesis: “the process of dialectical change which governs evolution”.

Satan is a vital Western archetype. What “old Aeon” connotations exist in the symbol of Satan, in reality exist only in the minds of those who simply do not understand Satanism itself, and the Sinister in general. From a conventional “Pagan” perspective, Satanism may be described as “Militant Paganism”, since the roots of the Sinister Tradition lie in the solar cults of Albion – the symbol of Satan being a comparatively recent (c. 10th or 11th century eh) and entirely appropriate adoption by what is, in essence, the original “Western Way”.

All histories begin somewhere – why not be the ones to begin the history? Thus the outdoor Temple provides the focal point for the new Magick of the working group, allowing this Magick to flow, free from expectations of a past, and towards, perhaps, the creation of something significant.

II: The Living Temple

Within the Sinister Tradition, an outdoor “temple” is of two types: i) a Nexion connected with a particular Aeon; ii) a site established for personal use by a Satanic group/”coven”/ Temple. With regard to i), the Nexion associated with this present Western Aeon is located in the Welsh Marches, having been established c. 500 AN [its twin Nexion is known as “Bron Wrgan” – mentioned in various Order MSS]. Tradition relates that the Western Aeon was inaugurated using a crystal, this object being remembered later as “The Grail” of romantic Arthurian legend. It is not known what constituted the rituals of this inauguration, although one authority has suggested a form of a Nine Angles rite (qv. Codex Saerus). It is unlikely, however, that these rites would bear much resemblance to anything of a contemporary Occult structure, since the concept of “Time” was very different, being of a more “holistic” kind. [The linear perception of Time, “cause and effect” and so on, is a legacy of the Nazarene religion- with its emphasis on “sin”.]

The energies at this Western centre are waning, and the majority of the associated sites now belong to the past – although this “past” will enable, within the next few decades, the fulfillment of a future Destiny connected to Sinister forces (the form of this Destiny is similar to how places such as Glastonbury and Stonehenge are viewed by this present society…). It is one of the aims of the ONA to establish, before the end of this century, a new Nexion to presence the New Aeon. This site will also be located in the Welsh Marches, where the Dark Tradition originated. With regard to energies, this new Nexion will be a synthesis of the aspects represented by the previous twin Nexions, mirroring as it does the evolution of the ONA itself. [Establishing an Aeonic Nexion requires some skill; apart from the obvious demands of the rites involved, the Cliologist must assess how the land is to be effected by outside forces throughout the next ten or so centuries; whether the land will remain, as desired, untouched, or whether it will become prey to development from tourism/ other business interests. Thus the site chosen should not necessarily be of “outstanding natural beauty”, or of potentially historical interest.]

With regard to ii), the “indoor Temple” is a relatively modern concept, born from the requirements of city living. While there are, of course, certain ceremonies most usually, of necessity, performed within a prepared room (i.e. Mass of Heresy), the fetish of the “indoor temple” has served more to obscure than enhance the most vital gift of magickal experience: integration with the Land. Where the indoor sorcerer dwells within a shrine to the Ego, the way of natural magick dissolves the Self and re-integrates the magickian with Nature – there is thus presenced a sense of the greater Cosmos. A magickal rite within a natural outside environment produces effects within the participants that cannot be attained when working indoors: it is the difference between playing at magick, as a hobby; and actually living as a magickal entity.

When working on and with the Land, the magickian is subject to forces that do not subscribe to the laws of learned Occult writers, and over which there is no control: there is thus the glimmerings of genuine magickal understanding. There is personal empathy, devoid of trendy abstractions and in time, the magickian attains – or is returned to – an “at-one-with” existence. [It is interesting to observe how the Land itself is changed by/ responds to the magickal work – and to observe how others within the magickal group are thus changed.]

Those followers of the Dark Tradition cannot significantly evolve along the Way without returning themselves, through magick, to the Land (this should be true of all genuine magickal paths – particularly in this present self-obsessed age). For the External Adept, natural magick within a ceremonial context is an important prelude to the hermetic context of the Internal Adept, this natural unfolding allowing this most difficult of hermetic ordeals to be lived successfully.

This living closely with Nature does not imply resurrecting old beliefs, rituals and gods. Rather, it implies, for the working group, a finding through practical experience of a natural expression of “worship” (where “worship” here means integration) relevant to the environment worked within. [Natural magick finds its ultimate expression in the establishment of an esoteric community – this again does not imply a harking back to a “golden age”, but instead the creation of new ways of living – q.v. Esoteric Pioneers.]

Thernning in Practice

The finding of an outdoor site may take some time and effort, but is an interesting exercise in itself. For the Satanic group, many factors have to be considered – privacy and isolation being the most obvious. At present, in England, the conditions for performing rites such as the Ceremony of Recalling on a suitable hilltop are increasingly restricted – although this not the case within areas of north Wales, and North West Scotland. However, the site should be within reasonable traveling distance of the dwelling place of the participants for several reasons, esoteric and practical. If those concerned live in a city, then a site should chosen on the rural outskirts (i.e. York – Yorkshire Moors; Manchester – The Pennines; Swansea – The Black Mountains, and so on).

If the magick of the group has any purposeful future, then the site will make itself known, after a relevant span of time. This is to say, that there exists a site fated to be part of the magick of the group. As with an Aeonic Nexion, the outdoor site need not have served any previous historical purpose. It is usually tempting to choose a “stone circle”, or a hill fort, for the obvious romantic esoteric connotations. Apart from being generally known, these places, for the most part, have already served a purpose and have played a role in leading us to where we are now – as previous societies have done, such as those of the Celts, the Anglo-Saxons, and so on. There really is no significant esoteric purpose in a working group “re-activating” an ancient sacred site – apart from perhaps as a prop for the benefit of the group psyche. Likewise, with the performing of long-dead rituals, where those rituals once dynamically expressed the unique forces involved in living in the society pertaining to that time – often a type of society that we can only now speculate about.

Such rites, as with places, become abandoned because they are only outward expressions of the Cosmos and such expressions do change and evolve – as Art, Musick and Science has done. It is true that we as whole have lost some things over the Aeons, but such things in essence can be re-captured, without recourse to the past, in expressions such as Magick. None of this is to say that an ancient form is irrelevant because it is ancient: a form is meaningful if it continues, since its inception, to presence the numinous necessary for evolution. Such a form belongs to a genuine Tradition and appears, while relevant, timeless in its words and imagery, until its purpose is realized and superseded (many such rites still provide the powerful foundations of the Seven-Fold Way).

In England, the most suitable sites can be found within wild woodland, preferably on “common land” or near footpaths through rough farm land (though as far as possible from human habitation). The site is best near a river/ stream, where thorn grows. Alternatively – and it must be a practical alternative – a rocky outcrop on a high peak is most effective, particularly if it is of a certain type of rock containing layers of quart (see Rite of the Nine Angles MS for further details) – such is the description of the hallowed places of this country. Establishing a Sinister temple in other lands will require its own criteria, relevant to the country involved.

Once established, a circle of seven stones is set up within the enclosure, according to the guidelines set out in various MSS, and the area protected appropriately. Following this, the Ceremony of Eorthe is conducted, re-inforced by the opening of the Earth Gate, and sealed by regular sunedrions. [Group members may also wish to undertake the Nine Angles solo rite within the Temple area, commencing the rite at dusk, and remaining there alone until dawn. Individual results would only be discussed once all participants had completed the rite. Such an experience further binds the group members to the outdoor site.] Sunderions consist of a framework of rites from Codex Saerus, with emphasis on the mastery of Esoteric Chant (this is a vital aspect, making possible the performance of future Aeonic Rites – qv. Naos and other MSS). Other features should hopefully consist of new aspects created by the Temple members themselves. Authority for the group and its actions lies solely with the Choregos/Mistress, etc. – there is no interference from some outside “higher authority” within the ONA (although the External Adept may occasionally seek advice from their Order guide on certain matters – i.e. Opfer).

Sunedrions should be as regular as possible, and are most usually conducted during the full moon (primarily for purposes of visibility, although other lunar phases are used for specific rites). Satanic Tradition contains no “seasonal rites” (i.e. “Beltaine”, “Imbolc”, and so on). If one studies the rites contained in the Black Books, it will be clear that they all presence the basic forces of the Cosmos – and mainly that which is represented as the Hierosgamos. No seasonal symbolism is employed (such as the slaying of “the Holly King”) because the tides that are prevalent at particular times can be experienced as themselves, without abstraction. All that is required is the regular performance of a rite (such as the chthonic form of the Nine Angles Rite) within a natural outdoor setting, for integration with the seasonal forces to be attained. There are, of course, certain times when the magickal tides are at their most pronounced, and these are recognized by Satanic Tradition as seven “festivals” – the two most important being around the Summer and Winter solstices. The others are: Spring Equinox; May (middle/end of month: ANTARES); August (middle of month: ARCTURUS); Autumn Equinox; early November. [There are other workings and times allotted for alchemical seasons.]

The “working tools” of a Satanic Temple are very few. The obvious items are: lanterns; censer; communal chalice. Incense is always made by a member of the Temple, using the associations in Naos as a guide (for example, if energies appropriate to the sphere of the “Sun” were being employed during a ritual, then the incense would comprise of oak). The altar is provided by the recumbent body of an appointed Priest or Priestess. The sacrificial knife is kept under the guardianship of the Mistress (along with a large silver bowl), and used solely for that purpose (and may be only once every seventeen years). According to Tradition, after such a ceremony, the head would be severed and displayed at all sunedrions thereafter, bedecked with a crown of oak leaves. Sometimes this would be the only “image” present; either that, or a statue/ painting of Baphomet, according to the genuine esoteric tradition (qv. Sinister Tarot and the various MSS concerning Baphomet contained in Hostia and elsewhere).

One important item is a large piece of quartz crystal, which is activated by voice vibration and can quite significantly enhance the energies accessed during a ritual. As mentioned many times in Order MSS, the crystal is most effective when shaped as a tetrahedron. This can prove a costly procedure, since a large enough piece for grinding needs to be purchased (and should be as clear as possible – colouring/cloudiness usually implies impurities), and the grinding itself, by a reliable craftsperson/ jeweler, does not come cheap. This shape is ideal, but not entirely essential – it all depends on one’s priorities. Whatever form is used, the Master/Mistress can opt to bury the crystal during a consecration ceremony, thereafter directing energy towards the place of burial.

Performing “natural” or “empathic” magick returns the practitioner to the SACRED patterns of Being. There is exultation and awe which transforms life away from the petty and personal via direct experience of the greater context of Nature and the Cosmos. It is the stage beyond that of the indulgence of the indoor shrine and the modern “magick” of self-conscious parody – although this early stage of involvement with the “Occult scene” can play a part in aiding the Initiate along the difficult path to Adeptship, via “people management”, manipulation, and so forth. [This is to say that Traditional Satanism is concerned with the Ego, the manipulative arts and sorcery only in the early stages of the path: such things are there to be experienced/confronted and then transcended if further development is sought.]

A genuine working group should not be as a club to which any vaguely interested person can be invited to attend. It is an organic form that creates itself through certain factors becoming balanced (these factors being unique to those involved in the group). This process can involve much causal time, but through nurture and consequent esoteric binding of those who comprise this organic form, something extraordinary may one day be created. One autonomous (Sapphic) group within the ONA has been active for over twenty years, but has only within recent years completed itself, having acquired the right individuals and environment. It is now closed to outsiders. [For further details concerning the practice of Sinister Ceremonial Magick, see The Black Book of Satan I.]

Esoteric Pioneers: Towards A New Way of Living

The Satanic Temple in practice describes in microcosm one of the most important magickal aims for the immediate future: the establishment of an esoteric community. Most magickal organizations have proved now that they can write profusely and confidently about their aims (in often polemical tones). What is needed now is a new form of magickal expression, and one that cannot be achieved via anything other than practical means. An esoteric community needs, quite simply, dedicated, pragmatic individuals who are prepared to work hard to make the dream real – it does not need another “journal”. Such a venture made real, would take magick into an entirely new phase, away from the dying, urban scene of the present: it would reinterpret magick as the most profound way of living.

To start, several Satanic/Magickal comrades need to club together to purchase a substantial property with a large amount of land (certainly no less than fifteen acres). The property needs to be well isolated but situated on good farming land, since the community must be selfsufficient, and must be understood as being the seed for a new civilization, indifferent to the goings-on of the Old World of Western capitalism (it may be prudent to establish a base that is also easily defensible). Features of the Community may include: Organic farming techniques (such as the use of heavy horses); the banning of motorized vehicles (allowing the traveler to retain integration with the environment); no electricity, thus Musick, for example, would be made by the Community members themselves; and of course, the creation of a new type of education system.

As far as accommodation is concerned, considering the failed experiment of the ’sixties’ commune, the dwelling places should realistically consist of separate apartments. The aim is not to share out oneself and one’s belongings in order to de-value the concept of self-identity through material possessions and “morality”, but to create – through individual skills – an organic whole (and a real [Folk – T.] democracy).

Feast days/Festivals would be observed communally – for example the Mass of Life (qv. The Black Book of Satan III) could be performed every Sunday, in an area designated for “worship” [such an area would become an important Nexion – as would the Community itself…]. There would also be, it is hoped, the continuation of the fifty-year tradition of The Giving (qv. Deofel Quartet ). Thus, the unique, natural magick of the Community would unfold.

Although the above outlines are offered as suggestions only, a genuine Community cannot be defined by anything less than a group of individuals creating together an entirely self-sufficient life-style, able to exist wholly apart from modern day society. This implies farming the land. It also implies family: a genuine Community cannot exist as a single-sexed unit, because the aim is to create a new society – the foundations for a new civilization comprising of a new type of human being. Striving to establish and maintain such a new society will in itself be a magickal rite – one that is greatly important for the evolution of magick as a whole. Thus there should be no compromise in fulfilling the described criteria for the Community.

In essence, the “esoteric” aspect is simply the nurturing by practical living, of the spiritual connexion we possess with the Land: it is this discovery that will presence the numinosity needed. Thus, the rites conducted by members of the Community will serve to focus, as worship, this natural magick, rather than the rites themselves providing, or creating, in the first instance the esoteric aspect.

If there is to be significant aeonic Change, then many such Communities should be established in this and other countries. Aside from general esoteric principles shared by those on the Sinister Path, there will be no one dogmatic code as to how each Community organizes itself, since the uniqueness of each Community environment will require its harmonious system of expression. To reiterate, this Great Rite of natural magick will allow a move away from the “post-modernism” of present Occultism towards a new phase where individual lives can be dedicated to a higher purpose. Those who have been denuded of real power by the System can now begin to create History – all it requires is strength of Will. For the Magickian, there could be no greater Quest.

– Order of Nine Angles –


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