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Some Notes on Mythos and Methodology

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I have read somewhere that the ONA has now entered the third phase, or stage, of its century-long sinister plan to destroy the Old Order of the mundanes. Can you go into more detail?

The essence of the first two stages was (to use new ONA-speak) basically: (1) manufacturing a variety of sinister viruses; manufacturing different strands, or mutations, of each sinister ONA virus, imbuing them with acausal energy, and then releasing these sinister and esoteric viral infections out into the world so that they might infect the psyche of susceptible individuals; and (2) creating the ONA itself as a living evolving nexion, imbued with the defiant individuality of the true LHP; independent of any one individual (including myself); and unfettered by the causal forms of the Old Aeon (such as dogma; ideology; hierarchies; copyright, and so on).

Expressed in old, traditional, ONA-speak, certain causal and esoteric forms were manufactured, and these were imbued with acausal energies. That is, certain nexions were created, and acausal energy accessed to flow through them, with the ONA itself becoming a type of sinister acausal being, presenced – living – in the causal.

One of the most successful exoteric forms proved to be the mythos of the ONA itself; another was our ONA methodology. In mundane-speak, these particular viruses inspired some creative individuals, already possessed of a latent sinister character, leading them to make their own contributions in their own valuable and necessary way. That is, because of, and through these talented individuals, there was another mutation of our sinister ONA viruses, as they contributed to – extended; evolved; represenced – that mythos, that methodology, and so gave birth to their own new causal sinister forms, their own living nexions. Thus did these gifted individuals evolve the ONA itself.

The third stage of our current long-term sinister strategy will last some four, or five, decades. As mentioned in the MS Toward The Dark Formless Acausal:

Outwardly, or externally, the third stage involves continuing to presence The Dark Forces, via nexions, through supporting, and creating, various causal “forms”; through practical de-stabilization, through supporting and championing various “heretical” causes and ideas, and so on: to the greater glory of Baphomet, one might, with correctness, say, and write.

One such causal form – and a most important one, for this particular stage – is that of sinister tribes, as briefly outlined in MSS such as (1) The Sinister Tribes of the ONA; (2) Whose Gonna Run This Town Tonight?; and (3) Heresy, Sinister Tribes, Nexions and The Methodology of the ONA.

Thus, during this third stage we should begin to see the establishment of some sinister tribes in urban areas. Initially, these will be small, local, groups, most of whose members (or all of whose members) will and should earn their living outside the laws of the mundanes, which mundanes are their prey, their resource. For it is not the function of our sinister tribes to have their members “earn a respectable living” according to the rules, the standards, the norms, of the mundanes. Rather, it their function – their character, their aim – to be sinister; to live the sinister; to presence the sinister in practical ways.

Once established in their own areas, they may seek to co-operate – for their mutual benefit – with other sinister groups in other areas, and, eventually, in other lands, so that a large sinister network (eventually extending overseas) is created purely on a practical and very business-like basis. Supply and demand; the economics of organization; the obtaining of wealth; the trading of goods; the building of respect, and the emergence of leadership, through practical deeds and by establishing in a practical way our law of personal honour, which law importantly applies to and which binds only us, our sinister kind, our feral kindred, and which we do not extend to the mundanes or anyone, unless they join us and so become part of our sinister kind, with the duty and loyalty this involves, and with them subject to our penalties should they go, or act, against us.

In practical terms, the third stage is where our forces begin to directly challenge The System on a scale beyond that of a few sinister individuals, with this challenge being especially of the so-called authority and laws of The System, of the societies created for and maintained for the benefit of the mundanes, those servants and allies of the Magian. Thus, we will be “the law” in the areas where we dwell; where our tribes have their base. We will be the ones our neighbours first turn to for practical help; we will become the ones aiding our communities by using some of our profits, some of our skills, to aid them.

It may well be from one of the new urban tribes that Vindex emerges, possibly in America. [See Footnote 1]

Another causal form important during this third stage is the emergence of more “traditional” nexions, where individuals outwardly concern themselves with following the Seven Fold Sinister Way according to ONA tradition as manifest in works such as NAOS, and where they esoterically undertake esoteric rituals to presence The Dark Forces, disrupt the Magian, and to aid and strengthen other sinister forms, such as our sinister tribes. One quite important role of such (often hidden) traditional nexions is to magickally aid Vindex and his or her forces of insurrection when Vindex emerges. Another important role is to train a few suitable sinister Adepts, and then send them out into the world to do practical sinister deeds.

In several recent articles you have made mention of sinister empaths, the breeding, the manufacture, of an entirely new type of human being who has a very developed faculty of empathy. Will you go into more detail about them?

No. Except to mention that it is empathy with living beings, and with the acausal itself, which is the fundamental basis for the successful presencing of powerful acausal energies and the creation of long-lived nexions, such as those associated with a New Aeon and its associated outer, causal, sinister forms. Here, what may be termed the sinister numen (the numen of the sinister) is important.

I read in a recent ONA MS, that you consider film should be used as a sinister art-form. What exactly did you mean?

As the ONA grows, evolves, changes, and as more and more people become affected and infected by our mythos and our methodology, there should be some gifted, creative, individuals, of sinister character, who can meld together various art-forms, possibly using modern technology, to create new presencings of the sinister.

Thus, we need new and deeply sinister music, of and in whatever genre (modern or otherwise), as we also need a whole new genre of music – a whole new type of music – to manifest the sinister. So far, no one – it seems to me – has really presenced the sinister in music.

That is, no one has yet produced an original piece of music which directly affects individuals and imbues them with sinister feeling; which may inspire some susceptible individuals to do sinister deeds; and which is dangerous: which the mundanes find disturbing and which they might seek to make illegal.

Thus, such music is far more than mere entertainment; far more than a momentary thrill; or a momentary feeling. It is real sinister inspiration, which is capable of transporting the listener elsewhere, to other realms; which affects them in a significant way and which can lead them to do practical sinister deeds.

One way to do this is through musically invoking archetypal sinister energies; evoking acausal energies, and acausal entities. Thus, such music becomes a sinister ritual of itself.

Another way to do this is to deal with genuine heresy – for the music and/or the words to concern themselves with what the mundanes fear; what they have outlawed in most if not all of their tyrannical societies.

This music can then be combined with video; with moving, colourful images and/or action that “tell a story” or which add to or which even create the sinister ambience.

In addition, there should an extension of this “story telling” and/or action so that a genuine sinister film – or many such films – are produced.

Importantly, there are no limits. That is, as mentioned previously, any type of music, any genre, can be used, from classical to hip-hop; just as the story can be anything we like or desire to presence. If we are not satisfied with some existing genre, we ourselves should create a new one. We are only limited by our creative genius, by our imagination, by our sinister desire.

Thus, there could and should be music, films, animations – whatever – about real outlaws, past and present, who inspire us; about our urban sinister tribes (real or our hopeful intimations of what they should be); about Vindex (fictional accounts or hopeful intimations); about our Dark future Imperium; about our sinister dreams and the sinister deeds we might desire to do; about individuals the mundanes fear and whom they revile and hate.

We should also be thinking of using modern technology to create new art-forms, to use such technology as a new means of presencing the sinister. The only limits, the only limitations, are those we might wrongly impose upon ourselves.

Someone has brought to my attention what appears to be a basic grammatical mistake in the chant Agios o Baphomet, since Baphomet is female. Is it a mistake?

Although this question of alleged “mistakes” in some ONA MSS, or in some ONA traditions, has been mentioned several times before, in some other mostly older ONA MSS, it does perhaps merit some further explanation, particularly since the ONA mythos and the ONA methodology has now seeded itself among thousands and thousands of people worldwide, some of who may well be pouring over various ONS MSS in the hope of sinister enlightenment.

In this matter, one must apply the fundamental esoteric principle of there possibly being an outer, exoteric (or dhir) meaning and/or intent, and there being an inner, esoteric (or batin) meaning and/or intent.

Thus, is what is first perceived as a mistake or an error, really so? Is it a real error, or a typo in the MS; or might it be a test designed to (1) encourage those possessed of our character, our ethos, to reflect further upon the matter and/or to research further, or (2) to encourage the mundanes the make the mistaken conclusion they make by virtue of their mundane personal character? Or, might it indeed be a mistake?

Our ethos is that of the individual of strong personal character who strives to learn by experience, by doing. Such a person questions; they seek to find their own answers; they challenge everything, and do not merely accept something just because it is in some MS or in some book or because someone has told them something. The author of a particular MS may indeed have made an error – no human entity is infallible, and no one in the ONA claims to be so infallible, or claims their work is divinely or diabolically inspired by some “higher entity”. I, personally, have made many mistakes, and some of my MSS may indeed contain contain some undeliberate errors.

Thus, it is for each individual to ascertain, if they can, where the truth may (or may not) lie. If a particular matter concerns them and they cannot be bothered to so ascertain the direction in which “the truth” (or the error) may lie, then they are not “of us”; but rather more akin to a mundane. Several ONA MSS – especially some “older” ones – may have some traps for the unwary; may lead some mundane who reads them to make certain false conclusions; and may, just may, inspire a few individuals of sinister character to discover certain matters for themselves.

Thus, and in respect of the particular example you cite, someone possessed of our sinister character, our ethos, might – after reflexion upon and/or further research into the matter – conclude that it is not an error because the entities being mentioned and “invoked” by such a vibration/chant are beyond the limited causal category – our limited dichotomy – of male and female. That is, our rather limited classification of sentient beings into just two categories, male and female, is or may not be strictly applicable to such acausal entities. A really talented individual might go even further, and be inspired to seek to invent some type of language – or some collocation of symbols – which goes beyond such limited causal categories. And so on.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen


(1) For a basic exoteric account of Vindex, refer to Myatt’s book, The Mythos of Vindex, of which extracts from the first two parts (Vindex and The Defeat of The Magian and The Ethos of Vindex In Historical Context) have so far been published.

As stated in A Brief ONA Glossary:

Vindex is the name of the exoteric  (or “outer”) nexion through which powerful acausal energies are presenced on Earth in order to destroy the current status quo (the Old Aeon, now manifest in the so-called New World Order) and prepare the way for – and inaugurate the practical beginnings of – the New Aeon.  Like Falcifer (q.v.), Vindex can be presenced (”manifest”) in an individual (who may be male or female). If an individual, Vindex is the embodiment of The Law of the New Aeon, which is personal honour [See the ONA MSS The Law of the New Aeon and Tyrannies End: Anarchy, Magick and the Law of Personal Honour].

As mentioned in Myatt’s The Mythos of Vindex, Vindex can be a person of any ethnicity, and may – or may not – arise in what is called The West (America, Europe, Australasia). Myatt goes so far as to suggest that Vindex could arise in Asia.

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