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Some Notes on Mythos and Methodology

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I have read somewhere that the ONA has now entered the third phase, or stage, of its century-long sinister plan to destroy the Old Order of the mundanes. Can you go into more detail?

The essence of the first two stages was (to use new ONA-speak) basically: (1) manufacturing a variety of sinister viruses; manufacturing different strands, or mutations, of each sinister ONA virus, imbuing them with acausal energy, and then releasing these sinister and esoteric viral infections out into the world so that they might infect the psyche of susceptible individuals; and (2) creating the ONA itself as a living evolving nexion, imbued with the defiant individuality of the true LHP; independent of any one individual (including myself); and unfettered by the causal forms of the Old Aeon (such as dogma; ideology; hierarchies; copyright, and so on).

Expressed in old, traditional, ONA-speak, certain causal and esoteric forms were manufactured, and these were imbued with acausal energies. That is, certain nexions were created, and acausal energy accessed to flow through them, with the ONA itself becoming a type of sinister acausal being, presenced – living – in the causal.

One of the most successful exoteric forms proved to be the mythos of the ONA itself; another was our ONA methodology. In mundane-speak, these particular viruses inspired some creative individuals, already possessed of a latent sinister character, leading them to make their own contributions in their own valuable and necessary way. That is, because of, and through these talented individuals, there was another mutation of our sinister ONA viruses, as they contributed to – extended; evolved; represenced – that mythos, that methodology, and so gave birth to their own new causal sinister forms, their own living nexions. Thus did these gifted individuals evolve the ONA itself.

The third stage of our current long-term sinister strategy will last some four, or five, decades. As mentioned in the MS Toward The Dark Formless Acausal:

Outwardly, or externally, the third stage involves continuing to presence The Dark Forces, via nexions, through supporting, and creating, various causal “forms”; through practical de-stabilization, through supporting and championing various “heretical” causes and ideas, and so on: to the greater glory of Baphomet, one might, with correctness, say, and write.

One such causal form – and a most important one, for this particular stage – is that of sinister tribes, as briefly outlined in MSS such as (1) The Sinister Tribes of the ONA; (2) Whose Gonna Run This Town Tonight?; and (3) Heresy, Sinister Tribes, Nexions and The Methodology of the ONA.

Thus, during this third stage we should begin to see the establishment of some sinister tribes in urban areas. Initially, these will be small, local, groups, most of whose members (or all of whose members) will and should earn their living outside the laws of the mundanes, which mundanes are their prey, their resource. For it is not the function of our sinister tribes to have their members “earn a respectable living” according to the rules, the standards, the norms, of the mundanes. Rather, it their function – their character, their aim – to be sinister; to live the sinister; to presence the sinister in practical ways.

Once established in their own areas, they may seek to co-operate – for their mutual benefit – with other sinister groups in other areas, and, eventually, in other lands, so that a large sinister network (eventually extending overseas) is created purely on a practical and very business-like basis. Supply and demand; the economics of organization; the obtaining of wealth; the trading of goods; the building of respect, and the emergence of leadership, through practical deeds and by establishing in a practical way our law of personal honour, which law importantly applies to and which binds only us, our sinister kind, our feral kindred, and which we do not extend to the mundanes or anyone, unless they join us and so become part of our sinister kind, with the duty and loyalty this involves, and with them subject to our penalties should they go, or act, against us.

In practical terms, the third stage is where our forces begin to directly challenge The System on a scale beyond that of a few sinister individuals, with this challenge being especially of the so-called authority and laws of The System, of the societies created for and maintained for the benefit of the mundanes, those servants and allies of the Magian. Thus, we will be “the law” in the areas where we dwell; where our tribes have their base. We will be the ones our neighbours first turn to for practical help; we will become the ones aiding our communities by using some of our profits, some of our skills, to aid them.

It may well be from one of the new urban tribes that Vindex emerges, possibly in America. [See Footnote 1]

Another causal form important during this third stage is the emergence of more “traditional” nexions, where individuals outwardly concern themselves with following the Seven Fold Sinister Way according to ONA tradition as manifest in works such as NAOS, and where they esoterically undertake esoteric rituals to presence The Dark Forces, disrupt the Magian, and to aid and strengthen other sinister forms, such as our sinister tribes. One quite important role of such (often hidden) traditional nexions is to magickally aid Vindex and his or her forces of insurrection when Vindex emerges. Another important role is to train a few suitable sinister Adepts, and then send them out into the world to do practical sinister deeds.

In several recent articles you have made mention of sinister empaths, the breeding, the manufacture, of an entirely new type of human being who has a very developed faculty of empathy. Will you go into more detail about them?

No. Except to mention that it is empathy with living beings, and with the acausal itself, which is the fundamental basis for the successful presencing of powerful acausal energies and the creation of long-lived nexions, such as those associated with a New Aeon and its associated outer, causal, sinister forms. Here, what may be termed the sinister numen (the numen of the sinister) is important.

I read in a recent ONA MS, that you consider film should be used as a sinister art-form. What exactly did you mean?

As the ONA grows, evolves, changes, and as more and more people become affected and infected by our mythos and our methodology, there should be some gifted, creative, individuals, of sinister character, who can meld together various art-forms, possibly using modern technology, to create new presencings of the sinister.

Thus, we need new and deeply sinister music, of and in whatever genre (modern or otherwise), as we also need a whole new genre of music – a whole new type of music – to manifest the sinister. So far, no one – it seems to me – has really presenced the sinister in music.

That is, no one has yet produced an original piece of music which directly affects individuals and imbues them with sinister feeling; which may inspire some susceptible individuals to do sinister deeds; and which is dangerous: which the mundanes find disturbing and which they might seek to make illegal.

Thus, such music is far more than mere entertainment; far more than a momentary thrill; or a momentary feeling. It is real sinister inspiration, which is capable of transporting the listener elsewhere, to other realms; which affects them in a significant way and which can lead them to do practical sinister deeds.

One way to do this is through musically invoking archetypal sinister energies; evoking acausal energies, and acausal entities. Thus, such music becomes a sinister ritual of itself.

Another way to do this is to deal with genuine heresy – for the music and/or the words to concern themselves with what the mundanes fear; what they have outlawed in most if not all of their tyrannical societies.

This music can then be combined with video; with moving, colourful images and/or action that “tell a story” or which add to or which even create the sinister ambience.

In addition, there should an extension of this “story telling” and/or action so that a genuine sinister film – or many such films – are produced.

Importantly, there are no limits. That is, as mentioned previously, any type of music, any genre, can be used, from classical to hip-hop; just as the story can be anything we like or desire to presence. If we are not satisfied with some existing genre, we ourselves should create a new one. We are only limited by our creative genius, by our imagination, by our sinister desire.

Thus, there could and should be music, films, animations – whatever – about real outlaws, past and present, who inspire us; about our urban sinister tribes (real or our hopeful intimations of what they should be); about Vindex (fictional accounts or hopeful intimations); about our Dark future Imperium; about our sinister dreams and the sinister deeds we might desire to do; about individuals the mundanes fear and whom they revile and hate.

We should also be thinking of using modern technology to create new art-forms, to use such technology as a new means of presencing the sinister. The only limits, the only limitations, are those we might wrongly impose upon ourselves.

Someone has brought to my attention what appears to be a basic grammatical mistake in the chant Agios o Baphomet, since Baphomet is female. Is it a mistake?

Although this question of alleged “mistakes” in some ONA MSS, or in some ONA traditions, has been mentioned several times before, in some other mostly older ONA MSS, it does perhaps merit some further explanation, particularly since the ONA mythos and the ONA methodology has now seeded itself among thousands and thousands of people worldwide, some of who may well be pouring over various ONS MSS in the hope of sinister enlightenment.

In this matter, one must apply the fundamental esoteric principle of there possibly being an outer, exoteric (or dhir) meaning and/or intent, and there being an inner, esoteric (or batin) meaning and/or intent.

Thus, is what is first perceived as a mistake or an error, really so? Is it a real error, or a typo in the MS; or might it be a test designed to (1) encourage those possessed of our character, our ethos, to reflect further upon the matter and/or to research further, or (2) to encourage the mundanes the make the mistaken conclusion they make by virtue of their mundane personal character? Or, might it indeed be a mistake?

Our ethos is that of the individual of strong personal character who strives to learn by experience, by doing. Such a person questions; they seek to find their own answers; they challenge everything, and do not merely accept something just because it is in some MS or in some book or because someone has told them something. The author of a particular MS may indeed have made an error – no human entity is infallible, and no one in the ONA claims to be so infallible, or claims their work is divinely or diabolically inspired by some “higher entity”. I, personally, have made many mistakes, and some of my MSS may indeed contain contain some undeliberate errors.

Thus, it is for each individual to ascertain, if they can, where the truth may (or may not) lie. If a particular matter concerns them and they cannot be bothered to so ascertain the direction in which “the truth” (or the error) may lie, then they are not “of us”; but rather more akin to a mundane. Several ONA MSS – especially some “older” ones – may have some traps for the unwary; may lead some mundane who reads them to make certain false conclusions; and may, just may, inspire a few individuals of sinister character to discover certain matters for themselves.

Thus, and in respect of the particular example you cite, someone possessed of our sinister character, our ethos, might – after reflexion upon and/or further research into the matter – conclude that it is not an error because the entities being mentioned and “invoked” by such a vibration/chant are beyond the limited causal category – our limited dichotomy – of male and female. That is, our rather limited classification of sentient beings into just two categories, male and female, is or may not be strictly applicable to such acausal entities. A really talented individual might go even further, and be inspired to seek to invent some type of language – or some collocation of symbols – which goes beyond such limited causal categories. And so on.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen


(1) For a basic exoteric account of Vindex, refer to Myatt’s book, The Mythos of Vindex, of which extracts from the first two parts (Vindex and The Defeat of The Magian and The Ethos of Vindex In Historical Context) have so far been published.

As stated in A Brief ONA Glossary:

Vindex is the name of the exoteric  (or “outer”) nexion through which powerful acausal energies are presenced on Earth in order to destroy the current status quo (the Old Aeon, now manifest in the so-called New World Order) and prepare the way for – and inaugurate the practical beginnings of – the New Aeon.  Like Falcifer (q.v.), Vindex can be presenced (”manifest”) in an individual (who may be male or female). If an individual, Vindex is the embodiment of The Law of the New Aeon, which is personal honour [See the ONA MSS The Law of the New Aeon and Tyrannies End: Anarchy, Magick and the Law of Personal Honour].

As mentioned in Myatt’s The Mythos of Vindex, Vindex can be a person of any ethnicity, and may – or may not – arise in what is called The West (America, Europe, Australasia). Myatt goes so far as to suggest that Vindex could arise in Asia.

Further Reading: 

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Whose Gonna Run This Town Tonight?

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Whose gonna run this town, tonight? The short answer: we are, however long it takes to undermine by whatever means the societies of the mundanes and replace their rule of law, and their Police forces, with our law of personal honour and our tribal enforcers.

That is the essence of our sinister strategy: to build a new, tribal-based, way of life in the cities, the towns, everywhere; to break down, to replace, what exists now; and to exult in this breaking down, this replacement; to enjoy the thrill of the chaos, the disorder, that we can and should and will cause. For by doing such sinister things we live life on a higher level than the mundanes; we evolve ourselves; we extend and surpass our limits and we most certainly surpass and discard and ignore the limits set by the mundanes and enshrined in their tyrannical laws.

Let us be quite clear (again); let us be understood (again): we are sinister, in real life. We are amoral. We are feral. We are not playing some sinister game or indulging in some esoteric rôle-play. We are, or aspire to be, outlaws, in real life. We can and will and should use any and every means – however such means are described by the “ethics” and the laws of the mundanes – in order to achieve our personal, sinister, aims, and our sinister Aeonic goals. Nothing of the world of the mundanes is forbidden to us; nothing of the world of the mundanes should restrict us.

In brief, we are new sinister species. A new type of human being. The type who scares the mundanes; the type of being that they fear and dread and who may give their children nightmares, or invoke within those youngsters the sinister desire to be of us, to be like us, to aspire to be like us. For it us, and them: us and the mundanes. Their world, or our new, sinister, world.

We desire, we need, real, practical, power: on the streets; in the towns, in the cities, in the villages, the areas, where we reside. We desire to rule, to control, our neighbourhoods, our locality; to establish there our new sinister tribal culture, and we will use whatever means we can and whatever means we desire and which are necessary to establish our feral tribes. We desire in such places to make a name for ourselves; to earn respect and be respected.

We have declared war on the mundanes, for they and all that they have are our resource; and all that supports them and their system – from their laws, their so-called Courts of Law, their Police forces, to their local and national governments – we loathe and detest and regard as our enemy. We are armed and dangerous; and if we are not already so armed and so dangerous, then that is what we aspire to be, and what we should and must be, for we regard it as our natural right as members of a sinister feral species to be so armed, and we would rather die, fighting and laughing and exulting, than submit or surrender to any mundane or to their so-called forces of “law and order”.

The politics of the mundanes – their whole system of governance, their ideologies, their religions, their Institutions – are irrelevant to us. Such things belong in the past; to the mundanes. Our way is the way of personal knowing; of earning, of keeping, personal respect; of personal loyalty to the members of our own local tribe.

Each of our sinister tribes is a law, a realm, unto itself. They set their own limits. They make their own rules; devise their own codes of behaviour. They have their own, individual, tribal aims. They all have their own means, their own ways, of making their mark; of acquiring what they need; of gaining respect and wealth. But they all – each and every one of them – are of us, part of us, by virtue of the fact we are family: a new, growing, thriving, spreading, species; an extended sinister family bound by loyalty to our own kind; bound by sharing the same sinister ethos, the same sinister and feral nature: the same desire to excel; to exult; to grow, to acquire by whatever means whatever we need to survive, to prosper, to live life as it should be lived. We are a family who knows our own kind; who knows who our enemies are, and who are our brothers and sisters.

Thus, we are the darkest, most sinister, sorcery of all; Presencing The Dark by our very lives.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen

Conquer, Destroy, Create

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Most people are sick- in the head. Why? Because they lack the desire to translate into reality and because they lack the character to break the psychic chains of the modern world forged from ideas.

And I am not writing about mediocre vision, either – but about grandiose vision: vision which makes one aspire to greatness, to make real what others may sometimes dream about perhaps once in their puny, pathetic lives. I am writing about that inner vision which drives some individuals and which makes them great: makes them aspire to fulfil at least part of their god-like potential. That inner demon which compels, which makes one strive again and again and never admit defeat, even when faced with death.

Conquerors have vision: so do Artists and Explorers and Warriors. Today, there is an excess of petty individuals trying to make real their petty and cowardly concerns; an excess of petty officials and petty rules and petty governments trying to restrain the individual spirit and psyche; an excess of petty ideas trying to level down all individuals to the lowest level and SO breed a plastic bastard race equal in all things who no longer aspire to real greatness.

What is needed are individuals who dream large – who strive to make those dreams real, regardless of the consequences. In short, a return of the conquering attitude. All that is great and worthwhile is built from the blueprint of inner vision, the greatest vision is conquest – of ourselves, of others, of what is still unknown. There are no limits unless we in weakness set our limits. We, today, need to rediscover the delight of discovery and conquest: of going where no one has been before, of being masters of our own Destiny by following our visions and instincts. This is not easy. Let the weak, the scum, the majority huddle together in their quest for happiness and material well-being. Let them seek comfort in each other and ideas. Individuals are born from hardship – from the hardship of questing after a dream. Conquest and exploration bring a joy, and create a uniqueness, like no other – the joy and individuality of a god.

Seek to be like a god – that is the answer to the misery that is bred from morbid self-pity and smallness and a wallowing in abstract ideas – from the seeking after illusions like happiness and comfort and stupid ideas like ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’. The only freedom is the freedom to dream and the freedom to make that dream real, just as the only justice is that which is within each individual: what they feel. Of course, the weak and the cowardly feel a different sense of justice than the strong – they call this ‘law’ and enshrine it within a church to their gods of ‘democracy’ and ‘equality’, whereas the strong call their justice vengeance and honour, words which the majority fear or do not understand.

So what dreams are, today, fit enough for those who aspire to be like gods? There are only two, as this century ends. And they are connected.

The first is to destroy those edifices which the cowards, the weak, the huddling majority have erected to defend themselves from the natural elite – those few who dare, who defy, who despise and are fearless and conquering in their defiance. To destroy those government forms, Institutions or whatever as a prelude to renewed creation: as prelude to the conquest of the supine masses and their world. To destroy all that has and does enervate – all that makes individuals slaves and seeks to stop their dreams. For the world and its peoples exist for the benefit of the natural elite – to be subjects, to aid them, to use the resources so that in time there is an evolution upwards, rather than downwards: an evolution toward still higher forms. But this has been and only can be achieved by the majority aspiring to emulate the deeds and daring of the few, of the natural elite – by the morality and vision of the few becoming the morality and vision of the many, not the other way round. This, naturally, means suffering – perhaps wars, perhaps great sorrows. But all that is great arises from suffering not softness. Once the vision of the few is defeated by the many, once their energies are redirected – once the dreaming stops and the aspiring ceases – then there is decline and sickness, of the spirit and the psyche. This can be put very simply: war and conquest and exploration are needed; when they stop, decay sets in, the scum come to the surface.

Thus, goals of destruction, re-construction and creation must be set – and striven for. This requires a new breed, a new elite nurtured by naturalness and instinct and visions. An elite which others see, and are afraid of. Such an elite may not be political – but if it was, so what? So what if it became labelled as extreme, if the vision behind it became to be called by some name or other! Labels, names – and indeed analysis of the political, social and intellectual kind – are games played by the weak, the cowardly, the sick and the scum. What matters is action, the desire to achieve, to become again fierce, tough, forbidding and thus real individuals who have broken the psychic chains of the majority. What is important is inner resolve.

These goals would naturally lead to that second dream, fit for a god: the exploration of Space – to break away from the smallness of this world and find new ones: to explore, to conquer, to challenge us to even greater heights of being, to reach the limits of our potential and thus become god-like in our unique individuality – a new species that spreads ever onwards and upwards, toward even more, for evolution is never done. The planets, the stars, the galaxies – with their visions, their richness, their splendours, await us: and it is up to us, each and every one of us, whether we reach them, We can begin that quest – or we can remain trapped in our own pettiness with our petty, pathetic concerns and outlook, on this small insignificant planet. Or we can take up the challenge of ourselves and our future and seek to be like gods, and thus fulfil the potential latent within us.

The first step is to change ourselves – within, where it matters, and become strong in spirit and psyche: a warrior in outlook and intent. The second is to spread that change outward – to others and external forms, destroying and then creating. The third is to strive further – toward the fulfilment of our inner vision, on this world and on others.

Those who choose not to act have condemned themselves as failures.


Anton Long, ONA

The Wonder and Joy of Acausal Darkness

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In essence, The Dark Tradition is concerned with personal and supra-personal change; with evolution to higher forms; with the creation of a new type of human being.

To do this, we need vision; we need to feel the Satanic spirit of defiance and joy – the dark acausal – within us. We need challenges; we need tests; we need to accept and become that force of Nature, of the very Cosmos, which selects through weeding out the mundanes: those who are content; those whose spirit is inertial instead of promethean.

The simple truth is that we of The Dark Tradition represent, and re-present, the Chaos that is acausal and which is the genesis of evolution toward higher forms and a higher existence, while the others – the mundanes – represent and are the stultifying normality of the ponderous causal, and/or represent and are what is de-evolutionary.

The stark acausal reality is that the mundanes are either expendable, or are at their best raw material to be motivated toward change. We present them with both this possibility of change – toward a higher, sinister, existence – and with the practical chaos, terror and heresy which serves to remind them of who and what they really are. For, as has been written:

“It is of fundamental importance – to evolution both individual and otherwise – that what is Dark, Sinister or Satanic is made real in a practical way, over and over again. That is, that what is dangerous, awesome, numinous, tragic, deadly, terrible, terrifying and beyond the power of ordinary mortals, laws or governments to control is made manifest. In effect, non-Initiates (and even Initiates) need constantly reminding that such things still exist; they need constantly to be brought “face-to-face”, and touched, with what is, or appears to be, inexplicable, uncontrollable, powerful and “evil”. They need reminding of their own mortality – of the unforeseen, inexplicable “powers of Fate”, of the powerful force of “Nature”.

If this means killing, wars, suffering, sacrifice, terror, disease. tragedy and disruption, then such things must be – for it is one of the duties of a Satanic Initiate to so presence the dark, and prepare the way for, or initiate, the change and evolution which always result from such things. Such things as these must be, and always will be, because the majority of people are or will remain, inert and sub-human unless changed. The majority is – and always will be until it evolves to become something else – raw material to be used, moulded, cut-away and shaped to create what must be. There is no such thing as an innocent person because everyone who exists is part of the whole, the change, the evolution, the presencing of life itself, which is beyond them, and their life only has meaning through the change, development and evolution of life. Their importance is what they can become, or what can be achieved through their death. their tragedy, their living – their importance does not lie in their individual happiness or their individual desires or whatever.”

The very Cosmos itself is change; a fluxion of causal and acausal. Our change – as human beings at this moment in our history, and currently and mostly bound as we are to the causal – is to leave our childhood home, this planet, and expand outward to explore the stars and planets of our galaxy, to discover, to test ourselves, to find challenges great enough to change us in their overcoming; for it is this leaving – this growing to maturity – which will be the practical breeding ground of a new, higher, human species.

It is this vision – of such a change, of such challenges, of such a new human species – which suffuses the ONA, its inner Aeonic magick, its mythos, its nexions, its associates, and those intrepid individuals inspired by any or all of these.

It is lack of such a vision – a lack of inner acausal darkness; a lack of Satanic ethos – which distinguishes the Old Order, bound as this Old Order is to this planet, and bound as it is to satisfying the craving for safety and law which the mundanes, the normals, in their simian-like existence crave.

Everything that enables the achievement of this grand dark vision of ours is a causal form worth using; while everything that militates against our Cosmic sinister vision – our motivating mythos, our esoteric ethos – is to be despised, countered, and fought.

To change, to evolve, to be of the acausal darkness and thus the genesis of both our individual change and that of others, we need to be, in a practical and personal way, and in the words of one sinister Adept “the darkness which is necessary and without which evolution and knowledge are impossible…” We also need to be our own opposite: to venture between and beyond – we need to-be – the causal forms of Good and Evil, Light and Dark, and then treat those forms for the imposters, the illusions they are, to then leave them far behind us, having learnt from them, having grown from and because of them.

Then and only then will we have taken the first leap – beyond the Abyssal Unknown – toward being the genesis, the spawn, of a new higher human species.

Anton Long

120 Year of Fayen

Darkness is my Friend

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Contrary to a current and growing misconception, the Sinister Way (and Sinister Magick) involves practical acts of darkness, of heresy, of chaos – involving such things as human sacrifice. The Sinister Way does not simply involve the study of folk-traditions, of myths, of magick, of esoteric subjects, as it does not just involve individuals or groups experiencing (or claiming they have experienced) a certain “atmosphere” in certain “surroundings” which they or others believe or assume to be “sinister”. Furthermore, the Sinister Way means the wholehearted acceptance, by the Sinister Initiate and Adept, of that particular way of living which has for centuries been called “Satanic”.
The Sinister Way is still intrinsically Satanic because the Satanic archetype/mythos/image – the very Being, or life, which has been named Satan – still exists, still lives, and is still a becoming. This is so because this Being is part of the present civilization, and its Aeon, which still exists, and which will exist for several more centuries, albeit toward its decline and end. This Being is the ethos of Heresy for this present civilization of ours – the presencing of the Dark, the Sinister, and thus a practical manifestation, in the world, of the workings of the sinister dialectic: a means to bring change, imbue life, and initiate further evolution. Those who do not understand this, quite simply do not understand Aeons and the sinister dialectic itself.

However, it needs to be further understood that the acausal energies of the next Aeon, which will give rise to a new civilization centuries after, are already becoming manifest, partly through the work of esoteric groups who, knowingly or unknowingly, are nexions for the new energies waiting to be unleashed upon this world of ours. The Sinister ethos of this new Aeon is an apprehension of the acausal – the Sinister – itself. This apprehension is beyond a descriptive word or words, beyond a name and even beyond an archetypal image. It is initially – for the first century or so – a numinous symbol. This is because this new manifestation of the Sinister is a new type of Being, a new type of life presenced on this planet of ours, and presenced by our very lives, as human beings – and will thus go with us, and be manifest, wherever we go beyond the confines of this planet we call Earth. And yet this new manifestation, this new ethos, incorporates what will then be the “old” archetypal image of Satan – in the simplistic allegorical sense, the new type of Being will be the child or children of Satan, grown to maturity; a child or children born from the symbiosis with those Sinister Adepts existing now or in the near future.

Thus to scorn and reject what now is, presenced as the Satanic, is to reject what is yet to be – and thus it is to reject that which alone ensures the creation of the next civilization, its Galactic Empire and the new higher race of human beings we through our lives, our magick and our deeds, desire to create.

The reality of the present (and the next fifty to an hundred years or so) is that the majority need to be changed; they need to become human – and thus develope the potential latent within most. Only by such a change – in more that a few Initiates or Adepts – can the next civilization arise. It will not just “happen” – it has to be created, constructed, and controlled by Sinister Adepts who know what they are doing. The change that is necessary means that there must be a culling, or many cullings, which remove the worthless and those detrimental to further evolution. To change, the majority must be provoked into changing. This means them experiencing, confronting the shadows within and the shadows without; thus must the Sinister be made manifest for them, and in them. This requires Sinister Initiates and Sinister Adepts “to presence the dark”. Furthermore, the causal structures the majority rely on, such as societies, need to be changed, via the creative/sinister dialectic, and thus by such dark presencing. In these things, the Being which is Satan is important, and vital – a valid apprehension for the majority, and their means of change through provokation, heresy and direct presencing of the Sinister.
At the same time, the new Aeonic apprehension which is arising among Adepts must be nurtured, and expanded. As mentioned above, this new apprehension is even now being born from the one which still is. In Initiate (and exoteric) terms, this new apprehension is an understanding of Satan as one of the Dark Gods (or even as the Father of the Dark Gods) and a further understanding of the Dark Gods themselves as chaotic, primal, sinister entities which provoke, create, cause change and evolution, and without which evolution is impossible. In esoteric (and Adept) terms, this new apprehension is an understanding of the Dark Gods as causal manifestations, a presencing, of acausal energy – and a further understanding of how such acausal energy is the very life, the very Being, of both us as human beings, and of the cosmos itself.
Esoteric Groups and the Immediate Future
At this precise moment in our own human evolution, Sinister esoteric groups are in a unique position – capable of rationally understanding Aeonic processes, and poised between the birth of a new Aeon, and the end and destruction of the old.

The new Aeon means a new, and higher, Galactic civilization – several centuries after the energies of the new Aeon first become manifest and are presenced, via new nexions. The decline and ending of the current Aeon means the establishment of a new and expanding physical Empire: a New Order which is the last and most glorious manifestation of the genuine spirit, or ethos, of the old Aeon. Sinister esoteric groups must understand such things as these, and then act upon that understanding, esoterically and exoterically.

Thus they must understand that for the next higher civilization to arise – created by and imbued with the energies of the new Aeon – our present societies must change or be changed.  The Faustian/Promethean (or more correctly, the Satanic) Destiny of this current civilization must be returned, and the present cultural disease affecting this civilization cured, with the excision of the parasites sucking the life-blood of this civilization – for only this returning of Destiny will enable the Empire to be created, and only this Empire will breed in sufficient numbers the new type of individual required to create, build and expand the entirely new Galactic civilization and Galactic Empire which will arise from the eventual decline of the old Promethean/Faustian Empire.
Hence there are three main tasks for Sinister esoteric groups. (1) To provoke or cause, through both practical and magickal means, the destruction, the Ragnorak, which is necessary now to build a New Order from the diseased society of the present, and regain the ethos, the Destiny, which is necessary to inspire the creation of such a New Order. (2) To presence the Sinister energies of the new Aeon in particular places and through new living nexions. (3) To cause at least some of the now sub-human majority of our species to change, to evolve. This change can be achieved in two ways: (a) by presencing the dark which now is (Satan) and presencing the dark which can and will be (the primal cosmic acausal – “the Dark Gods”); and (b) by individuals following the Seven-Fold Sinister Way to Adeptship and beyond.


Anton Long ONA 107 yf


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atuXX - aeon

I shall be honest – Satanism has been hijacked.  By posers, by pseudo-intellectuals and by gutless weaklings who like the glamour and danger associated with it in the public mind but who do not have the guts to be evil – to do dark deeds.

 These modern days so-called ’satanists’ are really Nazarene scum in disguise – worms in dead snake-skin.  They prattle on about ‘morality’, puff themselves up with titles and perform verbal and intellectual gymnastics.  They think being Satanic involves calling yourself a Satanist and dressing up like Dracula or Mephistopheles or a vamp.

 Well, I am sick of these imposters.  Those who get a thrill from playing the role but who never actually do anything evil, who never go to the extremes, who never stand on the edge – or climb down to the darkness of the pit of Hell.  Those who have never experienced the limits of themselves in love, in war, in living – these weaklings trying so hard to impress.

 What, then, is real Satanism all about?  First, it is about rebellion – against the conformity of the present.  And I mean a real rebel, a real outlaw – someone who cuts a dash, who has charisma, whose very presence makes others uneasy (and who does not have to wear some stupid ‘costume’ to do this).  Second – try something to see if you get away with it.  If not – tough, you failed.  There are plenty of others…  If you succeed, try again, until you know your limits.   Choose a good cause, or a bad one or no cause at all, and really live, intoxicating yourself with life, danger, achievement.  Do not rest and never be afraid to face the possibility of death.  But in all that you do be honourable – to yourself.  Carry this honour with you everywhere like a favourite concealed weapon.

 Third, learn from your experience – like you would learn from a ‘bad’ woman (or man) in your youth when sex was still something of a mystery.  A real Satanist does not often do magick – they are magick by the very nature of their dynamic, zestful existence.  It is experience which teaches, from which you learn – you cannot learn Satanism from books (although some may guide you aright to begin with), it cannot be taught by ‘Masters’ and never involves cosy little discussions with ‘friends’ or others.  Anyone who accepts a ‘Master’ and grovels before them – however slight that grovelling may be – is not a Satanist, just a sucker who sucks.  Accepting some ‘authority’ is a sign you are weak:  a sign you need emotional crutches:  a sign you are a wimp.

 So, get off your arse, you suckers, and make Satan proud.  Learn to do evil.

 What is evil?  All that restricts life – all that tries to constrain the possibilities.  Doing evil means breaking these restrictions and constraints – and taking the consequences of your actions.  Just do – just discover, just smash the chains that hold most others in thrall, and never bow down to anyone about anything:  smash them first, or die rather than submit.  That way, you will learn how to live – and laugh at the weak.

 Of course this is dangerous – for others, and yourself!  Satanism was never easy – or for wimps.

 See you in Hell!


Anton Long

Order of Nine Angles


Nasz Dom

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The Dark Tradition Continues…

The following Interview with Anton Long was conducted near Narnell’s Rock on the Long Mynd, sometime late last month (November 115yf).

Q: Is it correct that the ONA has had an influx of Initiates as a result of ONA material being on the Internet? Does this prove the efficacy of the Internet as far as the ONA is concerned?

A: “Influx” is rather an exaggeration. There have been some individuals who have contacted various ONA Initiates as a result of the Internet, and a few of these have been given guidance by one or more of our Adepts.

But the Internet has caused some problems in weeding out the undesirables who might waste our time, so we have had to change and adapt some of the hidden tests, and suspend, a few years ago, what was a very unofficial ONA web-site which went by a rather mis-understood name. But we will not have any permanent official or even semi-official web-sites on this Internet, now and in the immediate future, due to the nature of this Internet itself, although, of course, we may well, for a short period of causal time and at a certain causal time or times, once again use such a medium to achieve a certain limited causal goal or goals, if such a usage serves certain sinister purposes, aiding Chaos and The Sinister Dialectic.

Q: Can you explain?

A: In former times – shall we say, pre-pre-Internet! – those who saught to find some guidance, some genuine knowledge of the Dark Tradition faced many difficulties. There was the problem of most of the tradition being publicly inaccessible. There was the problem of finding an Initiate of the tradition. This meant that only the most determined succeeded in gaining access to the tradition – that those who were guided already possessed something of the right character; the true Satanic spirit. Even after finding an Initiate, these novices were given many tests, unknown to them, so that only the most tenacious, the most insightful, did not give up.

Of course, sometimes people of the right character were invited by an Initiate, but even these were given tests, as I myself was.

Yet this was only the beginning for these novices. Many more tests awaited – some practical; others, not. For instance, the novice was always expected to work some things out for themselves – to apply reason; to apply their learning; to develop their intuition, and of course their magickal skills. Let us not forget these magickal skills! Particularly that empathy which developes from having undergone practical magickal workings and having run a Temple – a Nexion in esoteric ONA-speak! – for many, many months and having undertaken dark ceremonial rituals. How many, for instance, of the modern poseurs, even understand Dure ceremonial? How many, for instance, would have to look that word up via the Internet? [Anton Long laughs.]

Q: Can you give one example of what a novice was expected to work out for themselves?

A:  That even this has to be explained is indicative of out times. But yes, I will give an example. Concerning the oral and recorded tradition itself. The novice was given various MSs, and told many traditions, and was expected to work through them in a critical way – for instance, in respect of the Dark Gods. The reality – what sometimes passes for truth in the causal during some causal presencing or other – was thus more often than not discovered by them, and confirmed by the one who was guiding them.

This in itself brings us to an interesting point. What has been made public, by us, especially that which has found its way onto the Internet, is not everything. There are things that even the most advanced (in years) Internal Adept does not yet know – for they cannot know until they reach the stage where what they would know would make sense to them. That is, that they have arrived at the level, of experience, and knowledge, when they can understand and appreciate and act upon that still, for them, undiscovered knowledge. They, in their turn, will impart that to he, or she, whom they guide, when their own time is right. It is rather like – to use a classic example – trying to impart an understanding of partial differential calculus to someone who has not even studied geometry or algebra.

So – in a small way, we have created some tests to apply to what is available on the Internet, as we have, on occasion, presented opportunities there for the sagacious, for those with at least some of the required qualities and of some magickal ability or instinct – opportunities limited in causal time. One or two have enquired as a result of such opportunities. Yet this meager response – and the general level of stupidity – has dismayed some of our Adepts, who had perhaps hoped for more from this Internet. That is, they had hoped all the information easily accessible might lead to the production of more than the few Initiates created – or rather, drawn to us – by such modern means. Whether we will continue with such opportunities is now open to debate – and may be, by us, debated at some Sunedrion or other, soon.

Q: So, you are saying – or seem to be saying – that the Internet is a bad thing from the esoteric point of view?

A: It has had some benefits, for us and others like us, in regard of disseminating ideas, and information, and gaining the interest of a few novices, some of whom have gone on to follow our Dark Tradition.

But it has also many negative aspects, one of which is that it allows, and tolerates, poseurs and boasters – those who write, but do not know, who have little real practical experience of darkness, of evil, and who so clearly lack the self control of the genuine seeker.

There are also, it seems from information I have received, those who pontificate about the ONA but who so clearly cannot get beyond basics and who spew forth their hurriedly-arrived-at-conclusions after having used the Internet as their basic source of esoteric information. Some of the traps set for novices have indeed caught them!
One positive aspect is that it has allowed the wide dissemination of various ONA MSs, as it has sometimes functioned, and can still, occasionally perhaps, function as one means of posing certain questions, and presenting certain clues, to those who might be interested in our Way, as one modern means of encouraging again that genuine personal seeking and questioning which all genuine Adepts know is the beginning of their esoteric development.

Q: There has been some criticism of the ONA – on the Net, I might add – especially about “traditions” and the like, and claims of the non-originality of many ONA traditions. Would you like to comment?

A: Most of what needs to be said about this has been said, or written, by me over the decades, even in my previous answer to your earlier question, given here on this beautiful, quite warm, Autumnal morning.

Criticism is irrelevant to us. We exist; we have existed; we will exist – since our methods are personal. That is, our Way is the Way of the defiant strong individual. We provide only guidance, if and when required. The aim is the creation of strong, self-willed, disciplined, evolved human beings – a real Satanic character. Those who are of us – already or potential or waiting – are those who do not accept; they are those who question; who do not seek a Master or a Mistress or even a Tradition. Here is one key – we are, and are not, a Tradition.

There is really enough genuine information available now for some, a few, to use that information to forge ahead on their own, making their own mistakes, and learning from them, and filling in the gaps we have left: of the things not made public.

But we shall continue as we have in the past – drawing to us those few who are necessary. The rest are quite irrelevant to us. Their opinions; their so-called judgement; their assumptions; their personal attacks, are all irrelevant. Often, most if not all who venture such criticism are still trapped in the self-delusion of the causal – often in the lowest realms even before that of novice.

What many have not understood it seems is that after a true passing of the Abyss, the new Master or Mistress becomes their own Way, building upon the creative or practical but always original work they began as an Internal Adept.

To paraphrase what one of our Initiates recently wrote, somewhere: the sinister tradition, indeed all genuine esoteric traditions, are living beings. They have beginnings; they grow; they change; they evolve. Their genesis can be manifold, as can their offspring. As for originality – what, esoterically, is this? And who really cares if something is useful, or is changed and becomes even more useful, in terms of aiding the Sinister Dialectic and the production of Adepts? One might go further and pose a question the novice sub-human poseurs ignore or even cannot begin to fathom in an esoteric sense – and this is, what is an individual and how does an individual relate to what, being acausal, is the genesis of all magick and especially that darkness, that Chaos, that evolves us, of which personal creativity is but a causal and limited presencing? Thus, those who pose such questions about originality and such things do so from their own low level, and this low level is Aeonically irrelevant to us. Those who understand this, my answer, do understand it; those who do not are ignored anyway – and not only by us – unless and until they begin the questioning which is the beginning of all genuine magick. If they cannot be bothered to so question the question and those who ask, and particularly question themselves, then they have failed, in both causal and acausal terms.
There is also, be it known, much laughter here, by me and a few others, at the antics of the obsessed ones who scurry about seeking answers to questions they do not even understand or query. A laughter, because some things, some questions, were crafted in such a way to bring such obsessions and scurrying and misunderstandings and this laughter itself. For we are changelings: of ourselves, and of other things.

Q: I know it may not be important but there has been some speculation as to the meaning of the words Nasz Dom as used by the ONA. Can you explain them?

A: No! [Anton Long laughs again.] Only joking! Esoterically, it was, and is, the name for one of our Nexions – or Temples or whatever to the uninitiated – that happens to have gathered near a place of that name in Shropshire. Once, there were several such Nexions in that particular area, one being near Black Rhadley. They were never large, sometimes of only four or so members. Now, there are but two such Nexions in the whole of Shropshire, one being of only two people.
Q: Have you any advice to those who might guide new Initiates?

A: Remember the darkness – that our Way is indeed Satanic and involves practical experience of the sinister, of going to and beyond one’s limits, in everything. One aspect of this is Aeonic Insight Roles; another is culling. Another is to test them regularly until they have acquired sufficient self-insight and esoteric understanding. And so on.

Those who have gone along the Dark Path sometimes forget – in their experience of decades or whatever – what it was like to be a novice, as they often tend to forget the need for dark, dangerous, challenging practical experiences, in the real world. They must return to where they themselves once were. They must view the novice in the path of the novice; the External Adept as an External Adept. This is not an easy thing to do, which is why of course that real teachers of our tradition are few.

Remember also the Aeonic aspect – that there are dimensions beyond the causal; that there is a new way of apprehension which magick leads us toward; that there is a new human type waiting to be born, waiting to evolve; that there is a Cosmos, out there, waiting for us to manifest our Destiny; that this Earth is only a beginning.

As for Initiates and Adepts, they should recall their own life in the context of the Sinister Dialectic, striving to Chaos, to presence, to change. Exult; laugh – cry. But above all never be content, and strive always to be a source of confusion, of perplexity, to the mundane ones trapped by their own shallowness born from the ethos of their times, whether they know it or not, and mostly they do not know it.


RS  115 Year of Fayen (Baphomet)