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Aeonic Magick: A Basic Introduction

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I – Causal and Acausal

An aeon is the term used to describe a stage or a type of evolution. Evolution itself is taken to result from a certain specific process – and this process can be described, or explained [or ‘re-presented’ ]via a bifurcation of time. That is, evolution is an expression of how the cosmos changes over or through or because of, ‘time’ – this ‘time’ having two components. These two components are the causal and the acausal.

More exactly, the cosmos itself can be described or explained or re-presented by acausal and causal space-time. Causal space-time is 4-dimensional: there are 3 spatial dimensions (at right angles to each other) and 1 time dimension, this time dimension being linear and unidirectional. That is, causal time ‘flows’ in one direction only from past to present to future. Causal time is defined by this one-way flow and by the moments which are used to mark the changes in this flow. [ In effect, causal space-time is the ‘everyday’ physical world we live in and can perceive by our physical senses. It is the world described by the laws of Physics.] Acausal space-time has n spatial dimensions [where n is at present undefined but is greater than 3 and less than infinity] and acausal time dimensions. The spatial dimensions of acausal space are not at right angles to each other. Further, acausal time is not unidirectional – it can flow in any direction – and it is not linear: that is, it has more than one component. In effect, acausal time (unlike causal time) has more than one time-dimension.

The acausal and the causal can be considered as two different ‘universes’. The causal universe contains physical matter – that is, varying types of physical energy. We are familiar with the various forms of this physical matter – stars, planets, the rocks and elements forming the planets. The acausal universe likewise contains matter – acausal matter or energy. This acausal energy and its changes in acausal space-time can be described by a new science which uses the non-spatial geometry of the acausal and a representation of acausal time. At present, we are mostly unfamiliar with the types of acausal energy. However, the acausal universe intersects or manifests in the causal universe at specific places – that is, a particular type of acausal energy is present in the causal universe at these places. These places are life-forms or living organisms. That is, a living organism is a region of the cosmos where the fabric of causal space-time and the fabric of acausal space-time meet or ‘intersect’. The more evolved, the more complex, the life-form or organism, the greater this intersection.

Thus, living organisms result from a specific type of acausal energy ‘flowing’ into the causal universe – in effect, this acausal energy changes the structure of causal space-time. The greater the acausal energy, the more evolved, the more complex the organism. The physical death of an organism is when this energy flow ceases – the organism then becomes just inert, physical matter. Death means that the connection between the causal and the acausal is severed at the localized place of intersection.

Our own sentient life – the most advanced and complex living organism we know at present – is therefore the largest intersection of these two universes. We access more of this specific acausal energy than any other organism we know. In effect, each individual is a nexion – that is, a connection or nexus between the two universes. Our consciousness means that we possess the latent ability to directly access the acausal.

Aeons, Civilizations and Archetypes:

An aeon is a manifestation, in the causal, of a particular type of acausal energy. This energy re-orders, or changes, the causal. These changes have certain limits – in both causal space and causal time. That is, they have a specific beginning and a specific end. A civilization (or rather, a higher or aeonic-civilization ) is how this energy becomes ordered or manifests itself in the causal: how this energy is revealed. A civilization represents the practical changes which this energy causes in the causal – in terms of the effect such energy has on individuals and this planet. A civilization is tied to, is born from, a particular aeon. By the nature of this energy, a civilization is an evolution of life – a move toward a more complex, and thus more conscious, existence. An inexact analogy would be an oak tree – in this case, the surface of the soil is the boundary between the causal (above the soil) and the acausal (below or in the soil). The roots of the tree are thus in the acausal [ and here represent acausal energy] and the trunk and branches are in the causal. The civilization is the trunk of the tree, and the aeon is represented by the roots – they ‘drive’ or make the growth and thus determine the shape and health of the tree. The societies that make up a particular civilization are the branches of the tree, and the individuals who make up the societies are the small twigs and the leaves of the tree.

Aeons, civilizations and individuals are examples of organisms. They are all created, or are born; they all grow and change; and they all at some time die. They all occupy a finite space over a finite span of time. They all undergo metamorphosis or change. They all possess an organic structure of change. This structure – for aeons, civilizations and individuals – is of a similar type, and it can be studied and thus understood. That is, various ‘models’ can be developed to describe this structure and the changes it undergoes.

In essence, a civilization is the practical manifestation of a particular aeon, and an individual is an aspect, or part of, a particular civilization or a particular culture. A culture represents the various stages below that of a civilization – cultures are also an evolutionary development, a coming-together of individuals which enables more of the acausal to be ‘accessed’ and which thus produces changes for those individuals.

A civilization, however, represents a much higher stage of development – a conscious awareness. Here we are only concerned with civilizations and the individuals associated with civilizations – for the simple reason that compared to civilizations, cultures and the peoples associated with them, are relatively insignificant in evolutionary terms: cultures are the evolutionary forms which pre-date civilization. The reality is that civilization, and thus aeons, are the first significant manifestations of individual consciousness and thus creativity.

All the individuals associated with a particular civilization – unless and until they attain a specific degree of self-awareness [variously called ‘individuation’ and ‘Adeptship’ ]- are subject to or influenced by their psyche. This psyche draws its energy from – is determined by – the civilization and thus the aeon. In practical terms, the psyche is a manifestation of the acausal energy that creates/created the civilization. Archetypes (in the Jungian sense) are one aspect of the psyche – that is, archetypes are expressions of the acausal energy which a particular civilization represents.

This acausal energy determines and/or influences the actions and behaviour of the individuals of the civilization. That is, for the majority of individuals, their Destiny is that of the civilization itself – they do not possess a unique Destiny of their own. Only those individuals who have achieved the stage of evolutionary development which individuation/Adeptship represents have a unique Destiny, because only these individuals have freed themselves from the mostly unconscious influences and constraints which the psyche imposes. In terms of the inexact oak tree analogy, an individual with a unique Destiny is a seed or acorn which breaks free of the tree and can begin a new life as a sapling – if it survives.
The energies which a particular aeon and civilization represent are unique to that aeon and its associated civilization. That is, each civilization and aeon has its own unique, separate identity: its own ethos. Each civilization represents a stage of evolution, a step forward in the process of evolution itself. This means that each civilization has unique archetypes and that these archetypes are born with that civilization, grow with that civilization and die with that civilization – they possess no life beyond the confines of that civilization or aeon.

An aeon lasts about 2,000 years of causal time – a civilization lasts around 1,500 years. That is, it takes several centuries for the energies of a particular aeon, already presencing or ‘flowing’ to Earth from the acausal, to produce practical, visible and significant changes: to re-order the causal in a specific geographical region. An aeon is linked to a specific geographical area – and there is a place, or centre or ‘nexion’ where the acausal energy is strongest. This is because of how the type of acausal energy which creates a civilization works. Fundamentally, an aeon is an actual physical presencing, on Earth, of a particular type of acausal energy. Generally, this centre acquires a religious or cult significance in the centuries before and the centuries following the emergence of the civilization associated with the particular aeon whose energies are most manifest at that centre. In general, in the early stages of a civilization, the acausal energy is apprehended in a particular archetypal or mythological way which is unique to that civilization.

The list in Table I describes the energy associated with a particular civilization – although it should be understood that such descriptions, in terms of ‘ethos’ and such things, are merely inaccurate guides to the type of energy. Such things as ‘ethos’ are how the individuals within a particular civilization apprehend such energy. This apprehension is both causal and acausal – in inexact terms, both rational and intuitive. This ethos, like a civilization, grows and changes; i.e. it evolves, while retaining the same inner essence.

The four civilizations listed in Table I are the higher or aeonic civilizations – i.e. those which have changed/shaped our conscious evolution. Four other civilizations have existed [ the Egyptiac; the Indic; the Sinic and the Japanese] but they (a) have not contributed significantly to such evolution (i.e. they lack large-scale creativity) and (b) they are related to an already existing or a previously existing civilization. The criteria for an aeonic civilization are:

(1) it possesses a distinctive ethos [note: an ethos is not a ‘religion’ – rather, it is a particular and original “outlook on the world” and a particular way of living];

(2) it arises primarily from a physical challenge [rather than from a social challenge such as the disintegration of another nearby civilization]; and

(3) it is creative and noble on a large scale.

In analysing civilizations and their changes, the insights of both Toynbee and Spengler are interesting – forming the basis for further analysis and extension. Basically, Spengler expressed the organic nature of a civilization (although he did not fully and accurately define what a civilization is) while Toynbee provided an historical formulation for the formative changes a civilization undergoes (such things as a ‘Time of Troubles’ and a Universal State or Imperium) and a useful definition of civilization (in terms of being a response to a physical or social challenge). Cliology, although based on these insights, does not depend on the minute details inherent in their work; rather, what is essential is extracted and used as a foundation to build another more far-reaching model.

The mechanisms by which civilizations have hitherto affected evolution is that of ‘creative/heroic’ individuals. Most of these individuals are influenced by the ethos of their civilization to act or to express that ethos by their living. Hitherto, few individuals in any civilization have reached the stage of conscious evolution which frees them from the influence (mostly unconscious) of the civilization’s ethos or wyrd. Of course, there are many who now believe they have done this – as there have been some individuals who believed this in the past; but belief is not the same as reality. It has been and is one of the primary aims of genuine esoteric arts to enable individuals to reach the stage of conscious evolution and thus personal development, where they become free of such influence – i.e. for individuals to achieve a uniqueness of identity, a personal wyrd. This development requires the cultivation of insight, knowledge, intuition and reason – and for this cultivation to be achieved it is necessary for individuals to know and understand how and why things like civilizations and aeons are as they are. What I have called ‘cliology’ is an expression of such understanding, and as such a study and understanding of cliology [the science of aeons and the study of the acausal] aids conscious development, thus making

Adeptship/individuation possible and enabling aeonic magick.
The pattern which each and every civilization follows can be symbolized and thus studied. The same is true for both an aeon and an individual. This symbolism enables two important things. First, it enables an objectification – a rational insight into and thus understanding of the patterns and processes themselves. Secondly, it significantly develops an already existing mental faculty and creates a new one – the ability to reason in abstract symbols, and the ability to reason in numinous symbols.

The ability to reason in abstract symbols basically describes mathematics (and thus the laws of Physics which are best expressed in mathematical form). Cliology extends the intellectual faculty which mathematics encourages and develops by creating an abstract symbolism which represents the acausal and some of the effects of this acausal in the causal. [For a brief outline of this abstract symbolism see the MSS: Cliology – A Basic Introduction] Further, cliology creates and encourages the development of an entirely new faculty of consciousness – the ability to think in numinous symbols.
This difference between purely abstract symbols and numinous symbols is important. Basically, a numinous symbol is a symbol which possesses acausal energy – it captures the essence of something which is acausal, and in doing this the symbol has the power to provoke or cause causal changes. In the simple sense [which is rather inexact] one might say a numinous symbol possesses or has ‘life’ – it is a living entity in itself, although it lives in the psyche. A rudimentary and mostly unconscious numinous symbol is an archetype; another is a myth/mythos. The numinous symbols of cliology (of which the Star Game is an excellent example) are conscious. By ‘conscious’ here is meant – rational, understood. An unconscious symbol such as an archetype is in reality a proto-numinous symbol – it is seldom consciously understood, being felt and/or experienced rather than rationally apprehended. Further, a conscious numinous symbol can be used by an individual to bring about controlled aeonic changes because such symbols, being understood, can be precisely controlled and directed. An unconscious symbol produces imprecise internal change and imprecise external change: that is, it is not by its nature particularly amenable to manipulation. A numinous symbol thus makes Aeonic magick feasible for really the first time.

Aeons and Civilizations
Table I


Aeon  Symbol Associated Civilization Dates Magickal Working
Primal Horned Beast 9,000-7,000BP Shamanism
Hyperborean Sun Albion 7,000-5,500BP Henges
Sumerian Dragon Sumeric/Egyptiac 5,000-3,500BP Trance/Sacrifice
Hellenic Eagle Hellenic 3,000-1,500BP Oracle;Choral-dance
Thorian (Western) Swastika Western 1,000BP-500AP Ritual
Galactic Galactic >2,000eh Star Game and >

(1) ‘BP’ means Before Present (c.1980eh); ‘AP’ means After Present.
(2) There was no civilization (aeonic or otherwise) associated with the first aeon.
(3) The magickal centres (or nexion) for the civilizations are as follows: Albian – Stonehenge; Sumerian – between the Tigris and Euphrates [near present-day Baghdad]; Hellenic – Delphi; Western –  area in the Welsh Marches.


Basic Aeonic Magick

All aeonic magick can only be used, by its nature, in three ways – (1) aid the already existing or original wyrd of an existing aeonic civilization; (2) create a new aeon and thus a new aeonic civilization; (3) distort or disrupt an existing civilization and thus the aeonic forces of that civilization. That is, aeonic magick involves working (a) with existing aeonic energy (as evident in the associated aeonic civilization); or (b) against existing aeonic energy; or, finally, it involves (c) creating a new type of aeonic energy by opening a new nexion and drawing forth new acausal energies. Thus aeonic magick involves knowing the wyrd of the presently existing civilization and if there are/have been any attempts to disrupt that wyrd, magickally or otherwise.
The energy brought forth by aeonic magick can be used in three ways.

(a) Directed into a specific already existing form (such as an individual) or some causal structure which is created for this purpose. This structure can be some political or religious or social organization, group or enterprise, or it can be some work or works of ‘Art’, music and so on.

(b) Drawn forth and left to disperse naturally over Earth (from the site of its presencing).

(c) Shaped into some new psychic or magickal form or forms – such as an archetype or mythos.

Before undertaking any form of aeonic magick, the cliologist [ someone skilled in, knowledgeable about and who uses aeonic energies] must formulate an aim or intent. The means to achieve this must be chosen – and the practical forms, if required, must be created and be in readiness for the energies once the energies are unleashed. If a specific form – such as a new archetype – is chosen as means, then the cliologist must be knowledgeable about archetypes and adept at manipulating magickal energies into psychic forms. Similarly, if a physical nexion is chosen as a means of accessing acausal energies, the appropriate individuals must be organized and trained to undertake the appropriate rite(s).

Techniques and Control:

There are only a certain number of techniques by which acausal energy can be accessed, as there are only a certain number of ways whereby this energy, once accessed, can be directed or ‘controlled’ into the various forms which are to be used to spread or disperse that energy.

(1) The first technique is creating a new physical nexion. This can be done by specific hitherto esoteric magickal rites, such as the Rites of the Nine Angles (qv.) and the Ceremony of Recalling with Sacrificial Conclusion (qv.). [It should be noted that Esoteric Chant, combined with a quartz tetrahedron, is one of the most effective ways of opening a nexion.] The chosen rite is conducted on the chosen site. It is often necessary to conduct a second or third rite within the space of a few weeks to fully open a new nexion. The new nexion, once open, needs to be kept open and this requires regular rites on the chosen site for many years – a specific rite [which does not necessarily involve sacrifice] should be constructed to do this. This specific rite needs to be undertaken at the very least twice yearly for the first five years, and then once yearly for at least ten years. One of the best methods to use for this specific rite is Esoteric Chant using a quartz tetrahedron.

(2) The second technique is using the advanced form of the Star Game. The cliologist sets the pieces to represent the existing aeon and the existing civilization at the specific moment of causal time the energy is to be accessed. The pieces are then selectively moved to change what presently exists and to represent the changes desired in the future. In this technique, the cliologist becomes a nexion via the symbolism – or rather, they access the acausal via their own psyche by means of the numinous symbols of the Star Game. This is so because the Star Game exactly re-presents those intersections between the causal and acausal which are an aeon, an aeonic civilization and an individual. [ It should be noted that while this technique is the simplest, it is also the most difficult, requiring great skill in the Star Game and thus a high level of cliological understanding.]

(3) The third – and only ancient – method is mimesis. This involves imitating either (i) some aspect of an already existing cosmic/Earth-based cycle/pattern/working and then either following the natural pattern or introducing a slight variation; or (ii) creating a new pattern/cycle/mythos to describe the energies and their effects. In effect this often involves (a) “acting-out” an archetypal r“le or drama (the key here is identification with the r“le – often during a ceremony involving others); or (b) creating realistic ‘models’ of events, symbolically imbuing them with ”life” and then acting out with these models the desired future events. [ It should be noted that (a) and (b) are difficult to do properly – because intent and portrayal have to be precise- and thus are not often very effective.] One neglected form of mimesis is creative art – using an art-form (such as a work of fiction, a sculpture) to portray someone, some sequence of events or some archetypal energy. This form becomes a nexion – and thus influences the psyche of others by those others reading/viewing the art-form. However this form does not produce large-scale significant aeonic change.

The keys to controlling the energy are symbolism and forms. Unless it is be left undirected, all acausal energy, once accessed by whatever means, has to be directed by the person or persons who drawn it forth into the causal world. The easiest way to deal with acausal energy is to let it disperse naturally – i.e. no effort is made to control and direct it into specific forms or symbols. Such energy is ‘raw’ – it is chaotic and primal (when viewed from the causal) and thus exceedingly dangerous if brought forth by someone who has not attained the stage of Master/Lady Master. It is psychically disruptive.

It has to be remembered that all acausal energy cannot be contained beyond certain limits – that is, such energy produce acausal changes as well as causal changes. The causal changes are temporal ones – present or future effects caused by such energy. It is these changes which can, in the simple sense, be produced by the cliologist by that cliologist controlling or directing the energy via symbolism and/or forms. That is, these are the changes which are desired by the cliologist who uses the symbolism and/or forms to achieve them. The acausal changes are not temporal – i.e. they are not controllable in causal time. In the simple sense, they are – or rather appear to be – random changes. The cliologist must create or aim to create future forms and/or symbolism which takes into account the possible emergence into the causal of such acausal changes – in practice, such forms absorb the ‘random’ energy when it appears or manifests in the causal. If this is not done, it is possible that such energy may disrupt/distort and thus undermine the causal changes created by the cliologist. Most of these acausal changes can be gleamed from the symbolism of the advanced Star Game if the pieces are set to represent the conditions pertaining at the moment of causal time when the aeonic working is first undertaken, and if the aeonic working itself is represented by the first sequence of moves from that departure point.

To fully control and thus direct the energy, new forms and/or symbolism should be created to channel the energy. These then enshrine or come to re-present the energy. Examples of practical social forms are ideas and ideals; an example of a practical psychic form is an archetypal figure – a character from a new mythos; an example of a practical political form is a political organization; and example of a practical ‘religious’ form is a new ethos. All these things – and the many others like them – should be created before the act or acts of aeonic magick by the cliologist with the intention of them being used to cause or bring about changes in the real world, in the causal. The nature of such things should be akin to the type of changes desired. Each such creation should itself be represented by a unique symbol or sign; by a unique descriptive word, phrase or slogan; by a unique piece of sound [or ‘music’]; by particular collocations of colour, and so on – or by one particular individual who embodies that idea, ideal, mythos or whatever. These unique creations should embody the essence of the change or changes required.

During the act or acts of aeonic magick, the cliologist focuses or directs the energy so accessed into artifacts which portray or represent the unique symbols or signs, and thus into the very symbols themselves and the forms represented by those symbols. In effect, the symbols and forms become alive – they exist, have being and cause changes. They grow and undergo metamorphosis. The acquire an independent existence of their own. The greater the acausal energy presenced by or in such forms and symbols, the greater the changes produced – the more life they possess.
Fundamentally, aeonic magick is concerned with producing large-scale changes over many centuries – it is concerned with changing or altering the destiny of millions of peoples on time-scales which be as long as a millennia. This requires certain abilities and certain skills – but above all it requires that wisdom and knowledge which only genuine Masters/Lady Masters possess.


Aeons, Civilization and Ethos

Aeonic Civil.    Essence of Ethos      Country of Ethos

Albion           proto-Druidism        Britain      

Sumerian         Vedas                 Indus                         

Hellenic         Iliad                 Greece                          

Western          National-Socialism    Third Reich       

Galactic         Galactic Empire       Solar System and > 

(1) The ethos is the unique spirit, the unique wyrd of the 
civilization and thus the aeon. What is listed above is that
practical form or expression which captures or captured the 
essence ofa particular ethos.
(2) Manifestations of the ethos include the following:
	(a) for the Hellenic - Greek Tragedy; Reason; Logic.
	(b) for the Western - Science; Technology; 
	Exploration; Space-Travel.
	(c) for the Albion - Stonehenge and other, similar 
(3) Little is known about the practical expression of the
ethos of the civilization of Albion other than genuine 
Druidism (as portrayed by the Classical writers) enshrined 
some of its spirit. 

Whose Gonna Run This Town Tonight?

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Whose gonna run this town, tonight? The short answer: we are, however long it takes to undermine by whatever means the societies of the mundanes and replace their rule of law, and their Police forces, with our law of personal honour and our tribal enforcers.

That is the essence of our sinister strategy: to build a new, tribal-based, way of life in the cities, the towns, everywhere; to break down, to replace, what exists now; and to exult in this breaking down, this replacement; to enjoy the thrill of the chaos, the disorder, that we can and should and will cause. For by doing such sinister things we live life on a higher level than the mundanes; we evolve ourselves; we extend and surpass our limits and we most certainly surpass and discard and ignore the limits set by the mundanes and enshrined in their tyrannical laws.

Let us be quite clear (again); let us be understood (again): we are sinister, in real life. We are amoral. We are feral. We are not playing some sinister game or indulging in some esoteric rôle-play. We are, or aspire to be, outlaws, in real life. We can and will and should use any and every means – however such means are described by the “ethics” and the laws of the mundanes – in order to achieve our personal, sinister, aims, and our sinister Aeonic goals. Nothing of the world of the mundanes is forbidden to us; nothing of the world of the mundanes should restrict us.

In brief, we are new sinister species. A new type of human being. The type who scares the mundanes; the type of being that they fear and dread and who may give their children nightmares, or invoke within those youngsters the sinister desire to be of us, to be like us, to aspire to be like us. For it us, and them: us and the mundanes. Their world, or our new, sinister, world.

We desire, we need, real, practical, power: on the streets; in the towns, in the cities, in the villages, the areas, where we reside. We desire to rule, to control, our neighbourhoods, our locality; to establish there our new sinister tribal culture, and we will use whatever means we can and whatever means we desire and which are necessary to establish our feral tribes. We desire in such places to make a name for ourselves; to earn respect and be respected.

We have declared war on the mundanes, for they and all that they have are our resource; and all that supports them and their system – from their laws, their so-called Courts of Law, their Police forces, to their local and national governments – we loathe and detest and regard as our enemy. We are armed and dangerous; and if we are not already so armed and so dangerous, then that is what we aspire to be, and what we should and must be, for we regard it as our natural right as members of a sinister feral species to be so armed, and we would rather die, fighting and laughing and exulting, than submit or surrender to any mundane or to their so-called forces of “law and order”.

The politics of the mundanes – their whole system of governance, their ideologies, their religions, their Institutions – are irrelevant to us. Such things belong in the past; to the mundanes. Our way is the way of personal knowing; of earning, of keeping, personal respect; of personal loyalty to the members of our own local tribe.

Each of our sinister tribes is a law, a realm, unto itself. They set their own limits. They make their own rules; devise their own codes of behaviour. They have their own, individual, tribal aims. They all have their own means, their own ways, of making their mark; of acquiring what they need; of gaining respect and wealth. But they all – each and every one of them – are of us, part of us, by virtue of the fact we are family: a new, growing, thriving, spreading, species; an extended sinister family bound by loyalty to our own kind; bound by sharing the same sinister ethos, the same sinister and feral nature: the same desire to excel; to exult; to grow, to acquire by whatever means whatever we need to survive, to prosper, to live life as it should be lived. We are a family who knows our own kind; who knows who our enemies are, and who are our brothers and sisters.

Thus, we are the darkest, most sinister, sorcery of all; Presencing The Dark by our very lives.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen

Guide to Black Magick

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atu o - physis 

According to traditional Satanism, magick may be divided into three forms: external magick, internal magick and aeonic magick.


External Magick

This is results magick or sorcery, and it is the magick of the Initiate arid External Adept. It itself exists in two forms: ceremonial and hermetic.

 Ceremonial is ritual magick – ceremonies and rites where more than two individuals are involved. Ceremonial magick can be done for basically two reasons: to create/draw down and then direct magickal energy for a specific aim (e.g. cursing), or to represent through words and symbolism the myths/knowledge of a particular tradition or cultus. Sometimes, however, the energy generated by a symbolic rite can be directed to a specific end – as in the Black Mass.

 Hermetic rituals usually involve one or two individuals (‘sex magick’ is usually hermetic) and are generally done extempore. They require those undertaking them to possess or be capable of developing during the ritual, an empathy with the forces/energies employed, as well as possessing the necessary desire to direct the forces/energies. In contradistinction, ceremonial rituals are usually written down and when performed a set text is followed, with only minor variations to allow for the emotion of the moment.

 Internal Magick

This is when magickal techniques (e.g. Grade Rituals) are used to alter the consciousness of an individual. The rites of internal magick ‘open the gates’ between the causal and the acausal, and change the perception from `ego’ consciousness to the `self’ and what is beyond. In the Jungian sense, internal magick produces ‘individuation’, and leads to Adepthood. The main rites of internal magick are the hermetic workings associated with the spheres and pathways of the septenary Tree of Wyrd, and the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept which involves the individual living in isolation for at least three months. It is one of the main functions of established Orders and Temples to prepare their members for internal magick and offer guidance along the way.

Aeonic Magick

This is the magick of the Master, the Mistress of Earth and the Magus, and its basis is an understanding of those forces which influence large numbers of people over long periods of time. On one level, aeonic magick is the alteration/ distortion of such forces; on another, it is the ‘creation’ of new energies and their dispersion over the Earth to change conscious evolution. In one sense, this is the ‘blackest’ magick of all.

 Satanism, as a way of magick, has no seasonal rites, no servitude or submission to any deity and no fear. There are thus in Satanic rites no defensive circles or measures of any kind: only an exultation in the forces of the rite, a prideful possession and mastery.

 Rituals are often done at the time of the full moon because it helps one to see when the ritual is done outdoors and because it gives atmosphere to the rite. Sometimes, rites are conducted on or around the seasonal changes – solstice and equinox – because there is magickal energy present then (due to Earth’s changes) and this energy can be harnessed. The same applies to planetary workings – the rising and setting of planets (astronomically calculated for the horizon of the observer – and not using the fraudulent `planetary’ tables given in most books). Such planetary energies exist – but are generally small, and have little effect on rituals done correctly. Most Occultists delude themselves about the nature and extent of these energies (this is particularly true of the Moon) – to become sensitive to them is difficult in our shielded, technological society. Generally, only Adepts (and the naturally gifted) possess the required empathy.

 However, this said, the full moon is rightly associated with `lunacy’ and ‘demonic’ possession – as any one who has worked nights at Mental Hospitals will testify. This power can also be harnessed during a ritual.

 Celebratory rites in traditional Satanism are of two kinds – 1) those that express the energies of Satanism – e.g. the Black Mass, Ceremony of Recalling – and whose performance thus distorts the currents of the Nazarenes and the Old Aeon; and 2) those which create new energies appropriate to the Satanic age of fire to come – e.g. invokations to the ‘Dark Gods’.

The Black Mass is still celebrated simply because the Nazarenes (and their allies) are still powerful and still polluting us with their filth. It is still the main ceremonial rite performed on a regular basis by organized Temples, and – like all ceremonial rituals its performance gives identity to the Temple, strengthening the magickal and personal ties of the members as well as furthering the work of the Prince of Darkness because it is a rite of Black Magick.

 The mysteries of the Nine Angles form an important aspect of genuine Black Magick. On the physical level, the nine represent energy vibrations – for according to tradition, a crystal shaped like a tetrahedron responds to voice vibration of the correct pitch and intensity. In simple terms, the crystal amplifies the power of thought and produces magickal change. Quartz gives the best results, although spinel may be used. The tetrahedron shape has to be created from the natural material by a skilled operator.

 On another level, the nine symbolize (that is, re-present) the progression of Aeons and thus the Aeonic energies. The representation is that of the nine combinations of the three alchemical substances ((~) ~ GC~) etc.) over the seven fundamental levels, these levels being the spheres of the septenary ‘Tree of Wyrd’. The Star Game is a physical representation of these symbols – the seven boards are the spheres, and the pieces are the alchemical variations. (It should be noted that the nine main variations spread over the seven spheres also represent an individual – their consciousness, life and wyrd.) Thus the magick or ‘sorcery’ of the Star Game – an imitation (magickally done) of an Aeon or individual whose change (the moves of the Star Game) is manipulated by the magickian (the ‘player’ of the Game). The Star Game has two sets of twenty-seven pieces – one set white, the other black, representing the two aspects of cosmic Change (or the causal and acausal). These pieces are spread over the seven boards.

 The Nine Angles also symbolize the seven plus two gates (or spheres) that join our causal universe with the acausal (or ‘magickal’) universe. The seven are the spheres of the Tree of Wyrd (zones of magickal energy), and the other two are the Abyss – where the causal and acausal meet in temporary stasis – and the acausal itself, which is beyond even the Tree. The Abyss, in the septenary system, lies between the spheres of Sun and Mars, and its crossing is the ordeal of the Adept and the genesis of the Master/Mistress of Earth. It signifies the beginning of acausal perception.

 The other important form of Black Magick is to do with self-survival after death. This can be done in two ways, depending on the aim of the operator. The first is transference of the essence of self-hood, near the moment of physical death, into another physical body, ensuring thus the continuation of existence on the physical level. The second in passing the acausal Gate – creating an existence entirely in the acausal dimensions.

 The first involves finding a suitable body to inhabit; the second has some resemblance to the creation of the ‘diamond body’ in some of the esoteric schools of Taoism and it is this form which is generally undertaken by the Adept. The first is sometimes done as a temporary measure or if the wyrd of the individual compels completion of some task on the physical.

The process of the first involves the creation of a strong ‘astral self’ – via chant and visualization and strengthened through acts of magick over a period of time, sometimes using a crystal tetrahedron to ensure the right amount of magickal energy. Thus an ‘astral double’ is created – and this energy is most usually stored in a crystal until the time for transfer. Meanwhile, a donor should have been found – a good, healthy specimen. The psyche of this donor is then infiltrated through both astral and physical contact. The actual transfer occurs during a ritual with both donor and operator present (the former may be hypnotized or drugged or otherwise enticed) – consciousness being transferred to the ‘double’ which then ousts the weakened psyche of the donor.

 The second form is actually the next stage of conscious evolution – and the goal of the Adept.

What it is important to realize about traditional Satanism is what is meant by ‘Satan’. Traditional Satanists regard Satan as not simply a symbol of self consciousness, but rather as a representative of those supra-personal forces beyond the individual psyche.

 To see ‘Satan’ as simply a self symbol – as two recent ’satanic’ groups do – is, firstly, to be self-deluded about the nature of cosmic forces, and second, to make (or attempt to make) Black Magick tame and safe. To deal with greater forces is to court danger – psychologically and physically. Traditional Satanists see this danger as a means: the strong survive and the weak perish; this simply being a reflection of genuine Satanist philosophy rather than the tame view spewed forth by the imitation and toy ’satanists’ who abound today.

 Satan – in traditional Satanism – is never represented pictorially, and apprehension of the physical or causal manifestation of our Prince is an experience that each Satanic novice achieves for themselves by undertaking rites of Black Magick according to the dark tradition. This apprehension may or may not change when the new Master or Mistress of Earth is born via the ordeal of the Abyss, and it is up to each and every Adept to undergo this experience since the reality cannot be taught – only experienced in the primal Chaos that is the Abyss. What pictorial representations that are used, are those of the forms sometimes chosen by the Shape-Changer himself, for the Prince of Darkness must have his fun with feeble mortals.

It is important to realize also that the name ‘Satan’ is not his real name    it is a convenient epithet, used because it expresses part of his nature. There is, in fact, no real ‘name’ as we understand names – only perhaps a sound vibration (which cannot really be written down) which summons him to our consciousness and our world. In a sense which few people will understand, Satan is the essence of the acausal: the cosmic force of Chaos whose intrusion into our causal dimensions disrupts the entropy that linear time produces. Our species requires and has required symbols to enable apprehension and evolution – and this is true also of the Initiate (and to a lesser extent of the Adept) who belong to that lower order. The Abyss destroys – or creates a new species, a new ‘mind’ capable of functioning on levels not normally accessible to those of the lower order. And the most potent symbol of certain cosmic forces has been, and still is, Satan.

 In reality, Satan (who has a secret or ‘genuine’ name known to all Initiates) concerns Himself generally only with Aeonic magick – the changing of this world. Through him, the Masters and Mistresses work Internal Magick, and through their Orders, Initiates undertake rites of External Magick, to the glory of His name.


Order of Nine Angles

Aeonic Magick ~ General Notes

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Should only be undertaken if individual is free from unconscious influences – particularly archetypical images of current civilizations/distortions imposed upon it by others. This usually implies having passed the Abyss – by some “lesser” Aeonic magick can be undertaken by Internal Adepts. This is so because of latent archetypical energy released/created via aeonic rites, and this usually leads to problems: eg. psychic distortion, physical problems and so on.

Aeonic magick implies, for most rites, the individual being a “channel” or “gate”. Psychic residues imply a blocking.

Archetypes imply a development in time – ie. causal movement. Put simply, this means “action” – or a “story”: some role played out by the image and thus fulfilled. In the “cultic” sense, there is a “legend”/goal.

New images require new motifs: ie. new forms of fulfillment.

“Mimesis” is one method of aeonic magick that has come down over the centuries (indeed it was once probably the only means available).

Basically, this involves imitating some aspect of cosmic/Earth-based movement/working, and then either following the natural pattern or slightly altering that pattern to bring about a subtle change. (This “alteration” forms the basis for “balck” magick – qv. The Black Mass: the use of Nazarene formulae, slightly distorted via Sinister intent.)

Often, this implies “acting out” and archetypical role according to a legend or myth/legend/cult. The key here is the identification of the magickian with the role (which is, however, not a possession, as in shamanism) – this requires preparation. This “acting out” can involve others – as, for example, in a “sacred marriage” (qv. “sun” and “moon” as symbols). The intent of the working is then visualized/chanted. If the alterations are desired, these are incorporated.

Mimesis can also be done via the construction of suitable models which are symbolically imbued with “life”. It may be done via a “play/drama” whose participants are unaware of the intent and/or of the symbolism. In all cases it is necessary for the Master/Mistress of the ritual to channel magickal energy into the proceedings either via ceremonial/hermetic methods or by “opening a Gate”.

If the latter, then the energy so brought may be channeled directly or at a distance (if for example, a “drama” is being performed).


Esoteric Notes XXIX – Magick, the Sinister, and the Psyche of the Folk

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Magick, The Sinister, Aeons, and The Psyche of The Folk:

Esoteric Notes XXIX

Essentially, magick – according to the Sinister tradition of the ONA – is defined as “the presencing of acausal energy in the causal by means of a nexion. By the nature of our consciousness, we, as human individuals, are one type of nexion – that is, we have the ability to access, and presence, certain types of acausal energy.” [See Footnote 1]

Thus, understood esoterically, an individual represents a willed-evolution: the potential to change and evolve by means of utilizing certain energies, with such change and evolution involving a bringing-into-being, or, more prosaically, a bringing-into-consciousness. That is, a making-conscious of what was hitherto “unknown”, hidden and latent, both within and external to the individual. This making-conscious is the first step – the beginning – of genuine individual magick; the first stage of that Sinister Way one of whose aims is the creation of a new, more conscious, more highly evolved, individual.

The psyche of the individual is a term used, in the Sinister Way, to describe those aspects of an individual – those aspects of consciousness – which are hidden, or inaccessible to, or unknown to, the individual. Basically, such aspects can be considered to be those forces/energies which do or which can influence the individual in an emotional way or in a way which the individual has no direct control over or understanding of. One part of this psyche is what has been called “the unconscious”, and some of the forces/energies of this “unconscious” have been, and can be, described by the term “archetypes”.

Understood esoterically, an archetype is a limited presencing (a manifestation) of acausal energy, which presencing is limited in causal time. [See Footnote 2]

Fundamentally, the basic task of an esoteric Initiate is to make-conscious – to experience, know and understand – their own psyche, and this, in the beginning stages of magickal Initiation, is done by means of symbols and rituals, both hermetic and ceremonial. That is, the forces/energies, both archetypal and otherwise, are objectified, experiences and experimented with – hence such symbols and tools such as The Septenary System (of correspondences, including the Tree of Wyrd), the Tarot, and The Star Game. To complement this, the individual undertakes “Insight Roles” where they identify with a certain symbolic aspect or aspects, or rôle – and/or a certain archetype or archetypes – and thus experience, in real life, such energies, and their causal effects. One particular aspect, of course, is The Sinister itself, which is manifest in archetypes such as “The Magickian”, The Mistress of Earth, and in Satan.

As stated in the MS The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way:

“All magick – external, internal and Aeonic – is but a means to apprehend, experience and presence acausal energies, and thus create/provoke Change. That is, the conventional magick of the Tree of Wyrd, of books such as Naos, of rituals, is but a beginning – through such things, the individual Initiate acquires experience and knowledge, and also develops as an individual: in terms of character. In the simplistic sense, they move, through the Grades, beyond “The Abyss”, toward The Goal, which is the transformation of the individual and the emergence of a new type of being, beyond the Adept.”

Furthermore, the archetypal energies which affect and influence an individual – a non-Adept – are, according to The Sinister Way of the ONA, both personal/individual, and related to the Aeon during which the individual lives. In addition, some of the personal archetypal energies which are manifest, or which can be manifest, in the psyche of the individual, are related to the living-being which is the folkish culture of the individual. Thus, in order to properly progress along The Way toward Adeptship – in order to evolve as an individual – the individual needs to understand, and work with, such particular energies.

The Folk Psyche and Folkish Archetypes:

By virtue of being a nexion, an individual is connected to the causal presencing that is Nature, and to those living-beings which are manifest in Nature. One such living-being is the folkish-culture, the folkish-psyche, to which they belong – from which they have come-into-being, as an individual. [See Footnote 3] Basically, this is just a precise way of understanding that all non-Adepts are, or can be or will be, influenced by various unconscious archetypal forces deriving from their ancestors, and their ancestral culture (or way of life) and that, whether they know or not (and they mostly do not know) they are connected to such living-beings. Generally, such a connexion (both unknown and made-conscious) is positive: that is, it tends towards an affirmation of life, and provides the individual with access to certain energies which are beneficial to them.

Furthermore, it needs to be understood that magick as a Way is neutral – that is, it can be used (or more correctly can be assumed, by those individuals below the stage of Mastery, to be so used) to either aid or harm such connexions, such Earthly living-beings, as human beings are connected to and from which they have emerged, such folkish-culture and folkish-archetypes.

In practical terms of self-development and evolution, an individual can greatly benefit from knowing, and from direct involvement with, their folk psyche and folkish archetypes: and this is especially true when the stage of Adept is reached and Aeonic workings are undertaken.

Aeons, Civilizations and The Presencing of Acausal Energy:

An Aeon – according to the Sinister Way of the ONA – is a particular presencing of certain acausal energies on this planet, Earth, which energies affect a multitude of individuals over a certain period of causal time. One such affect is via the psyche of individuals. This particular presencing which is an Aeon is via a particular nexion, which is an Aeonic civilization, which Aeonic civilization [See Footnote 4] is brought-into-being in a certain geographical area and usually associated with a particular people, or folk.

An Aeon can thus be considered to be a type of acausal being [See Footnote 5] manifesting in the causal, and, as such, has certain archetypal energies associated with it: that is, it can to a certain extent be “re-presented”, or apprehended, via causal-thinking, in terms of certain symbols, archetypes, abstractions, myths, rituals, and so on. The living-being which is an Aeon is thus “born”, lives for a specific period of causal time, and then “dies”, as, of course, do the archetypes associated with such an Aeon. Each Aeonic civilization can – according to limited causal-thinking – be described, or re-presented, by a particular mythos, which mythos is a limited causal apprehension of the life-force, of “the soul” or psyche, of the Aeon from which that civilization derives.

Hitherto, we human beings have lacked the ability to affect Aeons and thus Aeonic civilizations. That is, as stated in the MS Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction:

“All the individuals associated with a particular civilization – unless and until they attain a specific degree of self-awareness [variously called ‘individuation’ and ‘Adeptship’] – are subject to or influenced by their psyche. This psyche draws its energy from – is determined by – the civilization and thus the aeon. In practical terms, the psyche is a manifestation of the acausal energy that creates/created the civilization…”

However, magick – correctly understood and correctly used – is a means not only of personal development and personal understanding (a freeing from psychic, archetypal, influences and affects) but also of evolving to the next level of our human existence where we can understand, and to a certain extent control and influence, supra-personal manifestations of acausal energies, such as an Aeon, and thus cause, or bring-into-being, large-scale evolutionary change. Such understanding, such control, such a bring-into-being, is Aeonic Magick.

Aeonic Magick is the magick of the Adept and those beyond: the magick of the evolved human being who has achieved a certain level of self-understanding and self-mastery and who thus is no longer at the mercy of unconscious psychic, archetypal, influences, both personal/individual, and of other living-beings, since as the folk, and Aeons.

According to the sinister tradition of the ONA, there have been five Aeons, including the current Thorian (or “Western”) one. The current Aeon is, however, unique – for it has, in the last hundred years or so, suffered from a distortion of its life-force, a distortion of its soul. This distortion has been somewhat simplistically and rather graphically described as akin to a “viral infection” which has modified the behaviour of the peoples of the civilization through changing, modifying, and in some cases supplanting, the natural archetypes of the Aeon. In the esoteric sense, this distortion, this infection, can be understood as a natural process affecting our evolution – a consequence of that evolution itself,  and such an infection could have certain undesirable consequences for our evolution, and for our ability to free ourselves from those viral forces which are, in essence, de-evolutionary. That is, this distortion, this infection, represents a challenge to the Sinister Way – to magick, to the alchemy of evolution itself.

Thus, one aim of Aeonic Magick is to counter this Aeonic distortion through various sinister strategies; another aim is to consciously bring-into-being a new Aeon: one which will allow us, as human beings, to evolve and fulfil the potential latent within us.

There is thus a real war occurring at present, part of which is magickal, Aeonic and supra-Aeonic: a war, battles, between those who represent the genuine wisdom and understanding and freedom and life-enhancement which genuine magick (with its presencing of the acausal) brings, and those who represent what is fundamentally de-evolutionary, limiting, enervating and stiflingly causal, and who are manifest through and in the distortion of the Thorian Aeon. [See Footnote 6]

The Sinister Way:

In essence, all genuine magick is Sinister because it is Change: a move-toward a new bringing-into-being. A re-ordering in the causal. That is, it is a presencing of the acausal – from which all that is evolutionary and life-affirming arises.

However, to work – to affect evolutionary Change – such presencings have to be based upon, to manifest, to use, what-is acausal: that is, there has to be a knowing, an understanding, of the acausal as the acausal is. Without this knowing, this understanding, there has been, is and will be only the delusion of self and at best a stasis and at worst a return to the thralldom of the past.

Anton Long
117 Year of Fayen


(1) q.v. the MS The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way. For a basic discussion of causal and acausal, see Chapter 0, A Theory of Magick, in Naos and the MS Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.

(2) It needs to be understood that the ONA uses such terms as psyche, and archetype, in a particular and precise esoteric way, and thus such terms should not be considered as being identical to those used by others and defined, for example, by Jung.

Thus, esoterically understood, an archetype is a particular causal presencing of a certain acausal energy and is thus akin to a type of acausal living being in the causal (and thus “in the psyche”): it is born (or can be created, by magickal means), its lives, and then it “dies” (ceases to be present, presenced) in the causal (i.e. its energy in the causal ceases).

(3) Such connexions, such living-beings as the folk and the folkish-culture which derives from the living of such a being, are only what-are, on this planet where we dwell. That is, they are aspects of Nature: they correctly describe the reality of how the acausal is presenced, in the causal, on this planet, through that living-being which is Nature. In a simplistic descriptive sense, such folk-beings are among Her descendants, her “sons and daughters”.

Furthermore, there is a symbiosis involved in such connexions – or, rather, there is now a symbiosis involved as a result of our natural evolution of will and consciousness; a symbiosis between us, our folk-beings, and with Nature, as well as with the Acausal beyond Nature.

(4) To be precise, this nexion is “a culture” which itself is a living-being, a spawn of a particular Aeon, with the Aeonic civilization itself being a by-product, a manifestation, a stage, of this new culture. However, the general term civilization will be retained, although such Aeonic “civilizations” such be understood in such a context.

Also, note that what is referred to is an Aeonic civilization – not just a “civilization”. q.v. Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.

(5) For a basic introduction to “acausal beings” refer to the MS Advanced Introduction to The Dark Gods: Five-Dimensional Acausal Sorcery which explains the nature of the acausal-thinking (or, more prosaically, the “esoteric/magickal” thinking) that is required to begin to understand such beings: to apprehend Them as they are.

In addition, it needs to be understood that, as explained in many other MSS, there are many and varying types of acausal entities, or acausal beings or acausal forms of life. Some exist solely in the acausal; some can manifest in some ways in the causal, with some such causally-manifesting beings – or forms of life – being in symbiosis with the causal (or rather, in symbiosis with causal life-forms) and thus “dependant” on them to some extent. Some such dependant symbiotic acausal beings may cease to exist (in both the causal and the acausal) when their energy fades and “dies”, while others may return to the acausal to leave only a dead causal “shell” or “shells”.

Further, it should be obvious that the majority of such acausal life-forms cannot and should not be conceptualized in an anthropomorphic way, bound and limited as such conceptualizations are by causal Time and causal Space.

(6) The distortion has been, exoterically, described as “Magian”: as representative of a particular ethos deriving from the psyche of a certain people.


Shadowscape: Esoteric Notes XXI

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(Note: This MS was written for those approaching the stage of Internal Adept.)

Beyond the Individual, Toward the Abyss:

In a somewhat simplified sense, before the Adept there is a concentration on the self: on the desire, the will, the personality, the skill, the Destiny, of the individual. After the synthesis that creates the Adept, there is an increasing awareness of the acausal – of how each individual relates to the acausal.

Part of this acausal awareness is some understanding, and experience, of Aeonics – of Aeonic Magick, and thus of the symbolism, the forms, of such things as Aeons (1). Another part is some understanding of the Nine Angles, of The Star Game, and of what has been symbolized by the mythos of The Dark Gods.

The ONA has stressed again and again – both exoterically and esoterically – that the Adept is only a stage; that what has been called “individuation” is only another beginning; that there is more to genuine magick, to the Seven-Fold Way, than the lower, exoteric magick of individual desire and Destiny; that there is more to existence than the exultation of the “individual”. However, this does not mean some kind of denial of life, of the kind often associated with “white light”  groups, organizations and dogma. Rather, it means an expansion of the individual – an awareness, a practical understanding, of the potential that we, as individuals possess. This is a new alchemy – indeed, it is the essence of what genuine alchemy is, and one of the tasks of a genuine esoteric Order such as the ONA is to teach this alchemy, to guide others so that they have the possibility of becoming part of an altogether different species of life than that evident in most who mistakenly dignify themselves as “human”.

In effect, the individual, as existing now – up to and including the Adept – is still bound to the causal, and to the re-presentations, the forms, of the causal, as well as to those symbols and forms which often can presence the acausal, the sinister, in the causal. That is, their perception, for the most part, is still of the flow of cause-effect, of causal time, with all that this implies in terms of “results” and “desire” and “individuality”. Beyond Adept there arises an empathy with the acausal, and thus a knowledge of how the acausal transforms as the acausal transforms, beyond symbolism, forms, names, abstractions, and such things as mythos.

What such things are, beyond, have not been written about, nor will be they written about – they are experienced by the Adept who is moving toward and beyond the Abyss: to and into the experiencing, the knowing, of the acausal devoid of causal “forms”. At best, someone who has gone that way before may guide, or may hint at some things, and that is all. For it is the experience, the knowing, that is important – not the words, of others.

For the Adept, there is an increasing appreciation of the acausal, and one practical aspect of this is the knowledge of how Change occurs, through nexions (2) – and what, in the practical sense, nexions actually are.

That is, there is some understanding of how, sometimes (depending on the nexion and on the particular presencing of acausal energy) such changes as are esoteric are slow, by causal standards, as measured by the causal life-span of individuals. Thus, in the particular case of some Aeonic Magick, the Adept learns how it takes decades, and often a century or more, for the effects of that magick to be “visible” on a scale large enough to produce certain causal, and affective, changes. There arises, thus, the apprehension of the Master and the Mistress – of those who, being beyond the Adept, re-present almost another form of living.

Thus, the Adept also comes to understand how certain causal forms, chosen to effect Aeonic Magick, are only causal forms – that they are not the essence; that they are only like exoteric shells which shells non-Adepts see and which such non-Adepts often confuse for the essence, and indeed often confuse for the aims of a group, an Order, a sinister presencing such as the ONA is. Thus do such non-Adepts mis-understand not only such groups, Orders, but also Aeonic Magick itself, confused as such non-Adepts are by the appearance of the individual, of their self, and mistaking, as they often do, the sinister for such a self, for the desires, the joys, of such a self. In one symbolic sense, Aeonic Magick – and its causal effects – are but an extension of the causal-living which is an individual.

In the personal sense, the Adept is drawn toward the understanding that the sinister itself is supra-personal – not some causal abstraction which they as mere Adepts, can totally “control”. Hence are they moved toward a genuine knowing of the sinister, toward a genuine experience of what is hidden behind such things as The Mythos of the Dark Gods, and thus are they conveyed toward an experiencing of those shadowscapes where such “things” dwell and have Their being.

The Knowing of Forms:

As has been mentioned above, and elsewhere, many times: many non-Adepts, and even some Adepts, sometimes confuse a tactic, a form, for the essence. That is, they fail to appreciate what is being done, and why it is being done. Sometimes, non-Adepts even mistake an Insight Role – undertaken by an Initiate or even an Adept – for the “views”, or whatever, of that Initiate or Adept, and thus castigate that individual! Consider, also, the incitement to action, to disruption, to practical change, which occurs in many of the exoteric (3) ONA MSS, and which sometimes might take place in some Temple (Nexion) or some Sunedrion by such a thing as an individual giving an emotive speech. This individual may even be regarded, in the conventional sense, as “advanced” (that is, beyond Adeptship) and thus may not be “expected” (by non-Adepts) to still use such emotive rhetoric or such forms.

There is, in such circumstances, a rather conventional, non-Initiated projectionism at work here by those who mis-understand such things. That is, a failure to go beyond appearance, and forms, to the sinister essence. A failure to understand that a tactic is just a tactic, which may or may not be useful, and which may be abandoned if it proves to be unsuccessful, or used again if it proves of some value. A failure to understand that such things may be some form of sinister manipulation, or some effect of Aeonic Magick, or even some form of Aeonic Magick itself.

One mark of a genuine Adept is their ability to see beyond such forms, such tactics, to the essence – to the sinister magick often at work in such things. Another mark of a true Adept (and those beyond) – as has been written many times – is the ability to appear as different things: to be a shapeshifter, a chameleon. One mark of a non-Adept is their sometimes willful refusal, or their lack of ability, to distance themselves from their own prejudices, their own views, their own opinions, and from the abstractions they have come to depend on and which they use to “interpret” the world and individuals. Often, such abstractions are inherited from the “society” they live-in, or from some dogma they have accepted, or from some ethos or form which, often without their knowing, holds them in thrall. However, such is the rather low state of most “human beings” that this wallowing in such things – this reliance on such things, this inability to strive toward Adeptship, this lack of perception of the essence, and this lack of knowing the sinister – will continue for some causal time; many centuries, in fact. It is one of the aims of all genuine esoteric Orders and groups to be there to guide, and aid, those who are ready: those who desire to move-on toward the next stage in our development, as beings. Genuine Magick is the means by which they can do this.

Anton Long

Bringing the Acausal Down

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Bringing The Acausal Down
How can the acausal be presenced, now, on this planet which is currently our only place of causal residence? Is it still relevant for the acausal – the Dark Forces, the Dark Gods – to be so presenced? 

Yes – it is still relevant, still necessary, for all those who belong to our Dark Tradition, and all those who aspire to belong, to so presence the Dark: still relevant, still necessary to do both magickal and practical deeds which glorify the Sinister, which presence the Dark Forces. This is Aeonic Magick – and a Magick which aids, or which can aid, both the Internal and External Magick of each Initiate and each Adept. Words, ideas, symbols, writings, and all such transient causal forms, are only intimations; perchance the beginnings of inspiration. Beyond such things – a necessary beyond – are the deeds, the acts, the magick, that each and every Initiate and Adept must do to presence the Dark: the practical experiencing which alone breeds the knowing of the Sinister.

Those who decry such practical things – such action, in the world, such dark deeds – are feeble; they are not of-us. They belong to the Old Order, which festers still, which still infects the world with its cosmic-denial, its pathetic anti-evolutionary materialism, its vapid egotism, its dogma of duality, of “good” and “evil”, and its limiting of each and every individual. We, on the contrary, proudly defy – as we proudly announce that we know we can be, we should be, more than we are – that we have the potential to change ourselves, to reach out into the Cosmos; to evolve; to become like gods… They of the Old Order stifle the potentiality of our being while we who pledge ourselves to bringing the acausal down to this Earth are of the new Cosmic Order yet to be: we, the future, who despise everything that belongs to, that clings to, the little ones of the Old Order who scurry about in their vanity and material concerns. We have the strength to dream great dreams – to be bold in our visions, in our quest; while they would have us all go back down to their low animal level. We have the strength to know we are a new race, a new breed of human beings, taking evolution ever upward by our magick and our deeds.

So, how do we bring the acausal down to this Earth? By Aeonic Magick, using our skill, our knowledge, our nexions, our dark forms. By practical deeds which disrupt the Old Order and all its forms, ideas, organizations, groups and societies. By practical deeds which glorify the dark and which take us, as individuals into and beyond defiance and which make us new archetypes to inspire others and future generations. By creating nexions to draw forth to this world, and to its peoples, the darkest of Dark Forces – the Dark Gods, and the Chaos of the Acausal Itself. By championing anything and everything which can challenge and disrupt the Old Order with its Magian magic and its Magian ethos (of which the Nazarene ethos is a part) and its desire for lower everyone down to the lowest level. By causing, inspiring revolution; evolution. By creating new and newer forms to presence the Sinister and so restore the balance, thus re-enabling the dialectic which powers Change and evolution. By championing those forms which actively now, and in the recent past, have challenged and even threatened the old Magian order, which forms they who belong to the Magian (and their lackeys and agents) fear.

What we always must remember is that what others think of us – what labels, what names they attach to us – are irrelevant. We are beyond such things – we, who are the future.

“I, and others like me, are the darkness which is necessary and without which evolution and knowledge are impossible. I am also my own opposite, and yet beyond both. This is not a riddle, but a statement of Mastery, and one which, alas, so few have the ability to understand.”

Anton Long
Morning Rising of Sirius, 116yf

(Transcribed from a speech given by Anton Long at a recent ONA Sunedrion)