Questions for Anton Long


Questions for Anton Long by WSA352


352: We’re more interested in how you think: how you are in your head. What you have become since the past 30 years. If you see the world differently. What important things you have learned on your personal journey in life.

AL: Since I first became involved in “the Occult” – over forty years ago now – my fundamental aims, my perception of the causal, have remained basically the same, although the decades of my esoteric and sinister quest have enabled me to give causal forms, to assign names and terms or invent new ones, to what in the beginning was mostly personal intuition and empathy. In addition, I have learnt a lot about myself, about human beings, about esoteric matters, and our world, from having made quite a few mistakes, with these mistakes – or perhaps more correctly, these learning opportunities – mostly if not always arising because my innate curiosity, arrogance and impetuosity lead me to directly experience, experiment with, and try things and situations, rather than just study or read about them in a boring, detached, impersonal, academic way.

Thus, as a poet once wrote:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

Hence, I do not – in most ways – view the world, or human beings, differently now from when I began. Rather, I just have given conscious form – achieved a conscious, and a mature esoteric, understanding – of what was hitherto mostly instinctive, or based on my own intuition (esoteric and otherwise), on my own empathy with and concerning people, Nature and the Cosmos. Basically, this is always how it should be, for our evolution, as human beings: a growth based on the synthesis of empathy (esoteric and otherwise), and intuition, with a genuine conscious apprehension, and then a move upward to that new type of being, that new type of apprehension, that allows us to fully know, experience, understand and appreciate the acausal, sans the limited, restricting, causal forms which we humans have manufactured over millennia in a rather vain attempt to “understand”.

What I have learnt are three important things. First, how magickal, esoteric, changes actually occur, or are presenced, or are or can be brought-into-being, in the causal. Second, how many causal changes, wrought through sinister acts, take a lot longer to cause noticeable effects among humans (and human constructs – such as “society”) than I originally presumed. Third, that the system of the Magian is even more tyrannical, more de-evolutionary, than I considered it to be, and that the Magian themselves, and those allied to them or influenced by them, are even more despicable, more sub-human, than I presumed them to be.

Essentially, the essence of my life, the foundation of my own individual being, has been and still is my esoteric quest: my journeyings among and exploration and experience of, the sinister way; my dark desire to find and go beyond my own limits and to not accept nor be content with the answers, the limits, set and manufactured by others, of and in whatever causal time and place.

My fundamental aims have always been to change myself, others, and our world – to presence, to revel-in, to become, to experience, the very quintessence of life itself. For I have always intuitively felt since a very early age that we human beings have immense potential; that we are and can be far more than we realize; that we need to experience and be inspired; that we need to dream great dreams; that we need to see restrictions for the impersonal tyranny they are; and that we living, human, beings are somehow and in some way a connexion to other life, to the very living beings that are Nature and the Cosmos beyond. That is, I have always felt that we, as individuals, can participate in and somehow create our own evolution; that we have the potential to consciously bring about changes within ourselves, within others, within the world, and within the Cosmos itself – to participate in the mystery and the joy of creation, exploration and evolution.

Initially, I assumed in youthful naivety that conventional “Black Magick” – the Left Hand Path and conventional Satanism – were or could and should be, a means to bring such evolution and such change, and such experiencing and transcendence of causal restrictions and limits. Then, I understood very early on that I would have to create my own Way – that the essence of magick, of the LHP, of Satanism, had been lost over the decades and centuries. However, I was fortunate to be found by a lady who had kept alive, in a wordless mostly empathic, unstructured and always directly personal way, some aspects of this almost lost esoteric and sinister essence: more a mythos and a few esoteric techniques than a working, spreading, Way, and it was these almost forgotten aspects that I combined with sinister things of my own devising in order to bring-into-being the ONA.

352: Has this difference in worldview changed your understandings of the ONA?

For a while, I was the Order of Nine Angles, although I expect few, outside of our sinister kindred, will understand what I mean here. Most – and certainly all the mundanes – will assume I mean I was the only person “involved with” some-thing called the ONA, but this is a fallacious assumption, since even from the early days there were always around a dozen or so people “involved”.

What I mean is that the ONA lived in me, or more correctly, was presenced through me; through what I said, did, wrote and by what I inspired, directly – from person to person – or esoterically, through my personae as a shapeshifting player of many and varied rôles.

Now, things have changed because the ONA has become detached from me, and is now presenced as a type of acausal, living, entity in our causal world. Again, I expect few, outside of our sinister kindred, to understand – intuitively or consciously – what is meant here.

Initially, the acausal (sinister) energies which are and which always have been the ONA – even before they and we were described by the term The Order of Nine Angles –  were constrained and limited; more like just kept rather weakly presenced, in the causal, in a very limited causal area (mostly rural South Shropshire, in England). Then, a specific causal form was constructed to temporarily contain and store and presence the more powerful acausal energies which were unleashed through various esoteric workings – through various bringings-into-being which a certain individual undertook. Later, and as planned, some of these energies were released and spread around the world as some were stored or presenced in newly created causal forms in order to affect changes in the causal, esoterically and otherwise. Later still – around three decades after the initial esoteric workings – there was sufficient energy presenced (living as the ONA) for the burgeoning sinister entity itself to “leave its causal home” and to “shed its temporary causal forms”.

352: What you think about how the ONA has become today, and where it is headed in the very near future? What do you honestly think of all of these new millennial Nexions such as THEM, and WSA.

What the ONA is becoming is a natural and necessary evolution of what I presenced decades ago, and what I, and a few others, have nurtured since then. Thus, the ONA is now a three-fold being, although of course each of these individual aspects represent just one aspect of the triad itself – or rather, are perceived as being somehow different and distinct, when they are just different “angles”  of a certain causal presencing.

One of these three aspects is manifest, now, in WSA352 – in the emerging and often urban sinister tribes that are beginning to live the essence of the sinister ethos itself, without the restrictions of older causal forms. That is, the esoteric work – the magick – of such sinister tribes is their own unique being; their own way of living; the deeds, the work, that they do, inspired by the still emerging culture of their own tribe, their own “group”. Hence, traditional magick is mostly irrelevant for them; for their own individual and shared tribal life is itself a new type of magick, a genuine and powerful presencing of sinister, acausal, energies.

The second of these aspects is manifest, now, in traditional nexions such as The Temple of Them, in Australia, and in those reclusive individuals who work either alone, or with a magickal and sinister partner. In these nexions, traditional Internal and Aeonic sinister magick – as manifest in the various esoteric MSS of the ONA – is often still undertaken as a means of presencing acausal energies. Sometimes, these more traditional nexions are the esoteric (hidden) foundation of an exoteric causal form, as, for example, Falcifer is to Vindex.

The third of these aspects is still esoteric and thus currently rather unknown, but is manifest in a new way of living by an emerging new type of human being: the sinister empath who sometimes esoterically works, and who sometimes lives, alone, but who more often than not lives in a symbiotic relationship with either other empathic humans, or with some acausal-entity that has emerged into, or been manufactured in, our own causal Space and our own causal Time. By their very nature, these still changing, still evolving, human beings, these symbiotic sinister empaths – and thus their work – are intentionally hidden, for the mundanes, and especially the Magian and their allies, would consider them extremely dangerous, given their still developing and still emerging abilities.

However, to be precise, the ONA is now a nine-fold being, with there being three aspects to its three-fold being (that is, three “angles” to each of the three aspects). In the exoteric sense, these three “angles” of the three aspects (or three causal presencings) of its three-fold living nature – of its sinister character – can be re-presented by (1) the ONA itself [what it is causally perceived to be and what it now causally inspires]; by (2) by the ethos of personal honour (the Law of the New Aeon) and that of cultural and individual excellence and evolutionary elitism [of which one outer form has recently been termed – by Chloe of WSA – as “Reichsfolk culture” and which in general is the exoteric Way of honour and individual excellence which lies behind Reichsfolk and kindred organizations]; and by (3) the emerging Sinister Numinous Way, where the faculty of empathy and the ethic of personal honour are combined with a sinister understanding in an entirely new Way guaranteed to befuddle and confuse the mundanes even more.

What should be understood – and what is now becoming understood – is that all three of these aspects are of the ONA. That is, the sinister tribes – of which the WSA352 is or could be one potential becoming – and the traditional nexions such as the Australian Temple of Them, as well as the symbiotic empaths, are all part of the living, the acausal, matrix that is the now living evolving changing ONA, presenced in the causal. They are all causing causal changes, each in their own and necessary ways. They are all an evolving; a coming-into-being of the sinister, of our human kind. They are all part of the extended and now world-wide sinister ONA family. They all share the same fundamental sinister ethos; all presence aspects of acausal energy; and all are bringing-into-being, or will or can bring-into-being, the causal changes needed for us to evolve and leave this planet which still is our childhood home. They are all inspiring others, in their own unique ways, and they are all to be admired and aided, just as each aspect of this triad – and the triad of the triad – is but one aspect, one living function, of the living sinister being which is now the ONA.

Thus, perhaps more than a few individuals will understand and appreciate one reason why the Order of Nine Angles was and is called what it is: for it is, in essence, a living ordered (acausal) being – a causal order or biological “hierarchy”; an organic order(ing) – which has nine distinct aspects, or “angles” or “perspectives” or “causal lives/functions”, to it when such a being is manifest (presenced, and perceived) through our causal Space and in our causal Time, and according to our rather limited causal perspective and causal way of thinking.


Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
120 Year of Fayen

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