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Grade Ritual – Grand Master/Grand Mistress

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The Master of Temple/Mistress of Earth needs to fulfill several conditions before the ritual proper:

1) To have fully fulfilled the pledge of a Master/Mistress regarding transmission of the Way by

i) having trained at least one suitable individual up to and including Internal Adept, and revealed to them all esoteric teachings

ii) explicated that Way using appropriate means enabling understanding by others as/when their Wyrd inclines (these means including writings; images; music, etc.)

2) Having fully mastered all the techniques of Aeonic Magick and achieved by some of these new temporal forms.

3) Significantly extended the boundaries of knowledge, understanding, and existence by creative endeavor explicated causally and acausally – some magickal, others outwardly not magickal.

4) Have begun the process of directing acausal energies via a new or presently or past existing nexion according to the Wyrd of that Master/Mistress with the intention of a new aeonic manifestation or re-creating a previous form or forms.

These conditions have been fulfilled (or nearly so) the candidate sets in order his/her temporal affairs – discarding all that is unnecessary. This includes all properties, all of significant monetary value, all accumulated possessions, and all obligations of a personal kind (familial etc.; profession/employment) The candidate is to have no financial or other resources other than that required for necessary survival (and then on a weekly basis) save for a small amount sufficient only for the performance of the ritual.

All this preparation is necessary and should be strictly adhered to – this attainment of ‘temporal freedom’ being necessary for reasons which a Master/Mistress will understand. (To those lacking this understanding and post-Adept insight all that will be said that such freedom enables the candidate to become for a short period an actual ‘nexion’ between’ the causal and acausal, all attention, energies (psychic and otherwise) being then capable of focusing upon the task.).

The ritual proper involves the candidate achieving a difficult feat of mental and physical endurance – usually this involves walking, in difficult, isolated terrain, a distance of 300 miles in 15 days carrying appropriate equipment and occasionally buying food en route using the small monetary savings mentioned above. (Experienced long-distance walkers are advised to increase the distance.) This feat is planned to end at or near the site chosen by the candidate for the physical nexion.

The candidate is then to reside at or near this site for a period from Equinox to Solstice or Solstice to Equinox (or, for some nexions, for an alchemical season) during which time and using aeonic techniques, acausal energies are brought forth and directed to an individual(s)/organization/order/archetypical form(s) and so on, via the chant/name(s)/images and so on chosen by the candidate. In addition, the candidate usually creates a new technique, to enhance the working (eg. similar to the ‘Star Game’). During this period the temporal changes caused by the magick should be discernable. (Further enhancemants/workings may be required after this initial period.)

These changes signify the success of the Grade Ritual.


The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way

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The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way

(Note: While this MS assumes some knowledge of the LHP and magick, it may be useful to non-Initiates/non-Adepts.)

The True Nature of Magick:

Magick, correctly defined and correctly understood, is the presencing of acausal energy in the causal by means of a nexion. By the nature of our consciousness, we, as human individuals, are one type of nexion – that is, we have the ability to access, and presence, certain types of acausal energy.

The symbols and rituals of genuine conventional magick (as represented by the ONA) are simply a means to access, or re-present, certain types of acausal energy. Thus, and for example, the Tree of Wyrd, as conventionally described (”drawn”) and with its correspondences and associations and symbols, re-presents certain acausal energies, and the individual who becomes familiar with such correspondences and associations and symbols can access (to a greater or lesser degree depending on their ability and skill) the energies associated with the Tree of Wyrd. The Tree of Wyrd itself is one symbol, one re-presentation, of that meeting (or “intersection”) of the causal and acausal which is a human being, and can be used to represent the journey, the quest, of the individual toward the acausal – that is, toward the goal of magick, which is the creation of a new, more evolved, individual.

However, such a symbol as the Tree of Wyrd (ToW) – to be a correct and thus useful re-presentation – must be understood (”viewed”) in both causal and acausal terms. As conventionally described (”drawn”) the ToW is but a static two-dimensional object. A more accurate re-presentation is three-dimensional. A yet more accurate description is four-dimensional where the symbols are understood to “flow”/change according to their nature – and here, the transformations of the pieces/symbols of The Star Game are the key. The best – most accurate – description of such a symbol as the ToW is five-dimensional, for Time has of itself “two” dimensions, or components: a causal one (the “flow”/change)  and an acausal one, which acausal aspect cannot be understood, or viewed, or even symbolized, by conventional four-dimensional means. Thus, each individual symbol, or “association” or “correspondence” is not static and not isolated – they are but individual, causal, emanations of what is a changing aspect of some acausal energy, which acausal energy cannot by totally contained (or “described”) by some finite, causal re-presentation.

That is, there is an acausal aspect to all magickal workings, rituals and “re-presentations”/symbols, which acausal aspect cannot be re-presented by a mere four-dimensional description or symbol.

Of course, the astute reader will realize that not only is the ToW itself but one causal, emanation of what is a changing aspect of some particular acausal energy, but also that we, as individuals, are such a “thing”.

The failure of pre-ONA magick is the failure to understood, to know, the four and five dimensional nature of genuine magick. On a somewhat basic level, that is why, for instance, in the ONA Way, there are no such things as stupid “banishing rituals” – because the individual is a nexion, before, during and after some causal ritual, which ritual involves acausal energy.

The Seventh Way of the ONA:

The Way of the ONA is a Way which allows the individual to experience, to get to know, acausal energy, and to begin the process of understanding such energy via acausal symbolism. All magick – external, internal and Aeonic – is but a means to apprehend, experience and presence acausal energies, and thus create/provoke Change. That is, the conventional magick of the ToW, of books such as Naos, of rituals, is but a beginning – through such things, the individual Initiate acquires experience and knowledge, and also develops as an individual: in terms of character. In the simplistic sense, they move, through the Grades, beyond “The Abyss”, toward The Goal, which is the transformation of the individual and the emergence of a new type of being, beyond the Adept. In such a moving, such a development, they acquire a knowledge, a knowing, of the acausal, which knowledge usually begins during and after the stage of Internal Adept – and which is often glimpsed, in some causal way, by some External Adepts who may thus intuitively grasp the essence of the sinister. Also, in such a moving, they cause/provoke changes in the causal: that is, they undertake Aeonic Magick.

The basis for the Seventh Way is, firstly, the understanding of causal, acausal and nexions, and, secondly, the realization that we, as individuals, can evolve ourselves in a conscious and rational way. Esoterically, the name itself – the Seventh Way – is not that important, and in essence serves only to donate some-thing which is different from what has existed hitherto. Exoterically, it refers to the seven-spheres conventionally described by the ToW – that is, to what has been called the septenary system, which itself is but one causal, and convenient, means to describe the nexion which we are and the nexion which is the intersection/meeting of causal and acausal in our phenomenal world.

What, then, is the acausal symbolism which can aide the process of understanding and which in itself is an act of magick, a presencing of the acausal? In its most simple form it is The Star Game – or rather, the advanced form of The Star Game. But even this is only a beginning – a mere four-dimensional manifestation. In another form, such acausal symbolism is The Dark Gods – not as some “name” or “names”, and not even as a vibration/chant of some collocation of letters/names (which vibration/chant is a more accurate re-presentation than a mere “name”). Rather, the symbolism is/are The Dark Gods and the energies (the “forces”) They Themselves re-present. (1)

But what does all this mean, in practical terms? It means that to presence such energies the individual has to go not only beyond the “symbolism” but also go beyond all those things which militate against the “flow” of acausal energy to the causal. That is, they have to open the nexion that they are – they become not just some “channel” or “gate” but rather an aspect of the acausal itself, while such presencing is done, and while some of its acausal manifestations manifest themselves in our causal time-and-space. This is the essence of what it means to go “beyond the Abyss” – achieved by following the Seven Fold Way.

In addition, and of crucial importance, in the practical sense it means that the effects of genuine magick are not purely causal – they are not limited to a specific “ritual” or action, and cannot be contained within a chosen causal form, such as a static image or some artefact. In a very simplistic sense, genuine magickal energies are “five-dimensional” – they are akin to “living-forms” which thus change, may grow (or decay) and which may cause or provoke changes, in causal time, according to their “nature”. (2) Thus, to consider one very noviciate-like example, when a conventional ritual is undertaken, the energies involved are presenced both in causal and acausal time – novices (and even, sometimes, Adepts) usually only consider or feel or are aware of the causal presencing and the causal effects, which they often assume they can “control”. What they seldom if ever consider are the acausal effects.

The Nine Angles – Esoteric Meanings:

The Nine Angles have several meanings – or interpretations – depending on context. In the exoteric, pre-Adept, sense, they may be said to re-present the 7 nexions of the ToW plus the 2 nexions which re-present the ToW as itself a nexion, with The Abyss (a connexion between the individual and the acausal) being one of these 2 “other nexions”. It should be remembered, of  course, that each sphere of the ToW is not two-dimensional (or even three-dimensional) and in a simple way each sphere can be taken as a reflexion (a “shadow”) of another – for example, Mercury is the ’shadow’ of Mars.

In another exoteric sense, the nine are the alchemical process of the 7 plus the 2, which 2 are the conjoining of opposites: and, in one sense, this conjoining can be taken to be (magickally, for instance, in a practical ritual) as the conjoining of male and female (hence what is called one of the Rites of the Nine Angles) – although, of course, there are other practical combinations, just as each magickal act involving such Angles should be undertaken for a whole and particular alchemical season: that is, such a working should occupy a space of causal-time, making it thus a type of four-dimensional magick which can access the fifth magickal dimension, the acausal itself. A somewhat more advanced understanding of the Nine – in relation to a ritual to create a Nexion – is hinted at in the recent fiction-based MS Atazoth.

Beyond this, the Nine Angles are symbols of The Star Game which itself is magick – that is, one nexion which can presence the acausal. But even this is only a beginning – a re-presentation, in symbols, of what is, in essence, without symbols: a useful means for Initiates, and Adepts, to move toward the new five-dimensional magick embodied in, and beyond, the ONA.

The Seventh Way and Satanism:

For the current Aeon, the Seventh Way, exoterically, is the way of Satanism, expressed in its most obvious way by opposition to the religion of the Nazarene and by an affirmation, through rituals and similar constructs, of the energy/archetype commonly known as “Satan”.

As explained in various other Order MSS this Aeon (3), left to itself, will persist – that is, its outer forms and ethos will continue to be manifest and still hold people in thrall physically and mentally – for at least another few hundred years, even though some of the energies of the next Aeon (energies manifest in groups such as the ONA) are manifest now and will become increasingly manifest. In the practical sense, this means that individuals, organizations, groups (and so on) will continue to be influenced/controlled by the forces of the Old Aeon, and that the forces of the New Aeon will not achieve significant change, in such forms as “society”, for several hundred years, which change will mark the real arrival of the next Aeon.

Furthermore, there will come a time when the ONA – and the individuals who are part of it or who are influenced by it – will outwardly shed the rhetoric, the images, the forms of “Satanism”, for such things are causal emanations tied to a particular Aeon; they are not the supra-Aeonic acausal essence which we, through the progression of Aeons, are moving toward and which it is the purpose of genuine Occultism and magick to move us, as individuals, toward experience of and understanding of. What will also change are the means – the magick – to presence the acausal. Thus, there will be a move away from ritual, and from overt Old Aeon symbolism – and especially from “words” and “names” (4) – toward a much darker magick: a magick which manifests the acausal without the need for causal forms, and certainly without the need for “names”. One type of the new magick is The Star Game (the magick of “Thought”) and another is that which returns the Chaos which is, and which is not, The Dark Gods – but there will be many other types of this new five-dimensional magick, some of which are already known to, and used by, genuine Adepts of the Dark Tradition.


Anton Long
Morning Rising of Arcturus
(Black Rhadley Nexion) 116yf

Esoteric Notes XXIX – Magick, the Sinister, and the Psyche of the Folk

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Magick, The Sinister, Aeons, and The Psyche of The Folk:

Esoteric Notes XXIX

Essentially, magick – according to the Sinister tradition of the ONA – is defined as “the presencing of acausal energy in the causal by means of a nexion. By the nature of our consciousness, we, as human individuals, are one type of nexion – that is, we have the ability to access, and presence, certain types of acausal energy.” [See Footnote 1]

Thus, understood esoterically, an individual represents a willed-evolution: the potential to change and evolve by means of utilizing certain energies, with such change and evolution involving a bringing-into-being, or, more prosaically, a bringing-into-consciousness. That is, a making-conscious of what was hitherto “unknown”, hidden and latent, both within and external to the individual. This making-conscious is the first step – the beginning – of genuine individual magick; the first stage of that Sinister Way one of whose aims is the creation of a new, more conscious, more highly evolved, individual.

The psyche of the individual is a term used, in the Sinister Way, to describe those aspects of an individual – those aspects of consciousness – which are hidden, or inaccessible to, or unknown to, the individual. Basically, such aspects can be considered to be those forces/energies which do or which can influence the individual in an emotional way or in a way which the individual has no direct control over or understanding of. One part of this psyche is what has been called “the unconscious”, and some of the forces/energies of this “unconscious” have been, and can be, described by the term “archetypes”.

Understood esoterically, an archetype is a limited presencing (a manifestation) of acausal energy, which presencing is limited in causal time. [See Footnote 2]

Fundamentally, the basic task of an esoteric Initiate is to make-conscious – to experience, know and understand – their own psyche, and this, in the beginning stages of magickal Initiation, is done by means of symbols and rituals, both hermetic and ceremonial. That is, the forces/energies, both archetypal and otherwise, are objectified, experiences and experimented with – hence such symbols and tools such as The Septenary System (of correspondences, including the Tree of Wyrd), the Tarot, and The Star Game. To complement this, the individual undertakes “Insight Roles” where they identify with a certain symbolic aspect or aspects, or rôle – and/or a certain archetype or archetypes – and thus experience, in real life, such energies, and their causal effects. One particular aspect, of course, is The Sinister itself, which is manifest in archetypes such as “The Magickian”, The Mistress of Earth, and in Satan.

As stated in the MS The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way:

“All magick – external, internal and Aeonic – is but a means to apprehend, experience and presence acausal energies, and thus create/provoke Change. That is, the conventional magick of the Tree of Wyrd, of books such as Naos, of rituals, is but a beginning – through such things, the individual Initiate acquires experience and knowledge, and also develops as an individual: in terms of character. In the simplistic sense, they move, through the Grades, beyond “The Abyss”, toward The Goal, which is the transformation of the individual and the emergence of a new type of being, beyond the Adept.”

Furthermore, the archetypal energies which affect and influence an individual – a non-Adept – are, according to The Sinister Way of the ONA, both personal/individual, and related to the Aeon during which the individual lives. In addition, some of the personal archetypal energies which are manifest, or which can be manifest, in the psyche of the individual, are related to the living-being which is the folkish culture of the individual. Thus, in order to properly progress along The Way toward Adeptship – in order to evolve as an individual – the individual needs to understand, and work with, such particular energies.

The Folk Psyche and Folkish Archetypes:

By virtue of being a nexion, an individual is connected to the causal presencing that is Nature, and to those living-beings which are manifest in Nature. One such living-being is the folkish-culture, the folkish-psyche, to which they belong – from which they have come-into-being, as an individual. [See Footnote 3] Basically, this is just a precise way of understanding that all non-Adepts are, or can be or will be, influenced by various unconscious archetypal forces deriving from their ancestors, and their ancestral culture (or way of life) and that, whether they know or not (and they mostly do not know) they are connected to such living-beings. Generally, such a connexion (both unknown and made-conscious) is positive: that is, it tends towards an affirmation of life, and provides the individual with access to certain energies which are beneficial to them.

Furthermore, it needs to be understood that magick as a Way is neutral – that is, it can be used (or more correctly can be assumed, by those individuals below the stage of Mastery, to be so used) to either aid or harm such connexions, such Earthly living-beings, as human beings are connected to and from which they have emerged, such folkish-culture and folkish-archetypes.

In practical terms of self-development and evolution, an individual can greatly benefit from knowing, and from direct involvement with, their folk psyche and folkish archetypes: and this is especially true when the stage of Adept is reached and Aeonic workings are undertaken.

Aeons, Civilizations and The Presencing of Acausal Energy:

An Aeon – according to the Sinister Way of the ONA – is a particular presencing of certain acausal energies on this planet, Earth, which energies affect a multitude of individuals over a certain period of causal time. One such affect is via the psyche of individuals. This particular presencing which is an Aeon is via a particular nexion, which is an Aeonic civilization, which Aeonic civilization [See Footnote 4] is brought-into-being in a certain geographical area and usually associated with a particular people, or folk.

An Aeon can thus be considered to be a type of acausal being [See Footnote 5] manifesting in the causal, and, as such, has certain archetypal energies associated with it: that is, it can to a certain extent be “re-presented”, or apprehended, via causal-thinking, in terms of certain symbols, archetypes, abstractions, myths, rituals, and so on. The living-being which is an Aeon is thus “born”, lives for a specific period of causal time, and then “dies”, as, of course, do the archetypes associated with such an Aeon. Each Aeonic civilization can – according to limited causal-thinking – be described, or re-presented, by a particular mythos, which mythos is a limited causal apprehension of the life-force, of “the soul” or psyche, of the Aeon from which that civilization derives.

Hitherto, we human beings have lacked the ability to affect Aeons and thus Aeonic civilizations. That is, as stated in the MS Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction:

“All the individuals associated with a particular civilization – unless and until they attain a specific degree of self-awareness [variously called ‘individuation’ and ‘Adeptship’] – are subject to or influenced by their psyche. This psyche draws its energy from – is determined by – the civilization and thus the aeon. In practical terms, the psyche is a manifestation of the acausal energy that creates/created the civilization…”

However, magick – correctly understood and correctly used – is a means not only of personal development and personal understanding (a freeing from psychic, archetypal, influences and affects) but also of evolving to the next level of our human existence where we can understand, and to a certain extent control and influence, supra-personal manifestations of acausal energies, such as an Aeon, and thus cause, or bring-into-being, large-scale evolutionary change. Such understanding, such control, such a bring-into-being, is Aeonic Magick.

Aeonic Magick is the magick of the Adept and those beyond: the magick of the evolved human being who has achieved a certain level of self-understanding and self-mastery and who thus is no longer at the mercy of unconscious psychic, archetypal, influences, both personal/individual, and of other living-beings, since as the folk, and Aeons.

According to the sinister tradition of the ONA, there have been five Aeons, including the current Thorian (or “Western”) one. The current Aeon is, however, unique – for it has, in the last hundred years or so, suffered from a distortion of its life-force, a distortion of its soul. This distortion has been somewhat simplistically and rather graphically described as akin to a “viral infection” which has modified the behaviour of the peoples of the civilization through changing, modifying, and in some cases supplanting, the natural archetypes of the Aeon. In the esoteric sense, this distortion, this infection, can be understood as a natural process affecting our evolution – a consequence of that evolution itself,  and such an infection could have certain undesirable consequences for our evolution, and for our ability to free ourselves from those viral forces which are, in essence, de-evolutionary. That is, this distortion, this infection, represents a challenge to the Sinister Way – to magick, to the alchemy of evolution itself.

Thus, one aim of Aeonic Magick is to counter this Aeonic distortion through various sinister strategies; another aim is to consciously bring-into-being a new Aeon: one which will allow us, as human beings, to evolve and fulfil the potential latent within us.

There is thus a real war occurring at present, part of which is magickal, Aeonic and supra-Aeonic: a war, battles, between those who represent the genuine wisdom and understanding and freedom and life-enhancement which genuine magick (with its presencing of the acausal) brings, and those who represent what is fundamentally de-evolutionary, limiting, enervating and stiflingly causal, and who are manifest through and in the distortion of the Thorian Aeon. [See Footnote 6]

The Sinister Way:

In essence, all genuine magick is Sinister because it is Change: a move-toward a new bringing-into-being. A re-ordering in the causal. That is, it is a presencing of the acausal – from which all that is evolutionary and life-affirming arises.

However, to work – to affect evolutionary Change – such presencings have to be based upon, to manifest, to use, what-is acausal: that is, there has to be a knowing, an understanding, of the acausal as the acausal is. Without this knowing, this understanding, there has been, is and will be only the delusion of self and at best a stasis and at worst a return to the thralldom of the past.

Anton Long
117 Year of Fayen


(1) q.v. the MS The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way. For a basic discussion of causal and acausal, see Chapter 0, A Theory of Magick, in Naos and the MS Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.

(2) It needs to be understood that the ONA uses such terms as psyche, and archetype, in a particular and precise esoteric way, and thus such terms should not be considered as being identical to those used by others and defined, for example, by Jung.

Thus, esoterically understood, an archetype is a particular causal presencing of a certain acausal energy and is thus akin to a type of acausal living being in the causal (and thus “in the psyche”): it is born (or can be created, by magickal means), its lives, and then it “dies” (ceases to be present, presenced) in the causal (i.e. its energy in the causal ceases).

(3) Such connexions, such living-beings as the folk and the folkish-culture which derives from the living of such a being, are only what-are, on this planet where we dwell. That is, they are aspects of Nature: they correctly describe the reality of how the acausal is presenced, in the causal, on this planet, through that living-being which is Nature. In a simplistic descriptive sense, such folk-beings are among Her descendants, her “sons and daughters”.

Furthermore, there is a symbiosis involved in such connexions – or, rather, there is now a symbiosis involved as a result of our natural evolution of will and consciousness; a symbiosis between us, our folk-beings, and with Nature, as well as with the Acausal beyond Nature.

(4) To be precise, this nexion is “a culture” which itself is a living-being, a spawn of a particular Aeon, with the Aeonic civilization itself being a by-product, a manifestation, a stage, of this new culture. However, the general term civilization will be retained, although such Aeonic “civilizations” such be understood in such a context.

Also, note that what is referred to is an Aeonic civilization – not just a “civilization”. q.v. Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.

(5) For a basic introduction to “acausal beings” refer to the MS Advanced Introduction to The Dark Gods: Five-Dimensional Acausal Sorcery which explains the nature of the acausal-thinking (or, more prosaically, the “esoteric/magickal” thinking) that is required to begin to understand such beings: to apprehend Them as they are.

In addition, it needs to be understood that, as explained in many other MSS, there are many and varying types of acausal entities, or acausal beings or acausal forms of life. Some exist solely in the acausal; some can manifest in some ways in the causal, with some such causally-manifesting beings – or forms of life – being in symbiosis with the causal (or rather, in symbiosis with causal life-forms) and thus “dependant” on them to some extent. Some such dependant symbiotic acausal beings may cease to exist (in both the causal and the acausal) when their energy fades and “dies”, while others may return to the acausal to leave only a dead causal “shell” or “shells”.

Further, it should be obvious that the majority of such acausal life-forms cannot and should not be conceptualized in an anthropomorphic way, bound and limited as such conceptualizations are by causal Time and causal Space.

(6) The distortion has been, exoterically, described as “Magian”: as representative of a particular ethos deriving from the psyche of a certain people.


Shadowscape: Esoteric Notes XXI

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(Note: This MS was written for those approaching the stage of Internal Adept.)

Beyond the Individual, Toward the Abyss:

In a somewhat simplified sense, before the Adept there is a concentration on the self: on the desire, the will, the personality, the skill, the Destiny, of the individual. After the synthesis that creates the Adept, there is an increasing awareness of the acausal – of how each individual relates to the acausal.

Part of this acausal awareness is some understanding, and experience, of Aeonics – of Aeonic Magick, and thus of the symbolism, the forms, of such things as Aeons (1). Another part is some understanding of the Nine Angles, of The Star Game, and of what has been symbolized by the mythos of The Dark Gods.

The ONA has stressed again and again – both exoterically and esoterically – that the Adept is only a stage; that what has been called “individuation” is only another beginning; that there is more to genuine magick, to the Seven-Fold Way, than the lower, exoteric magick of individual desire and Destiny; that there is more to existence than the exultation of the “individual”. However, this does not mean some kind of denial of life, of the kind often associated with “white light”  groups, organizations and dogma. Rather, it means an expansion of the individual – an awareness, a practical understanding, of the potential that we, as individuals possess. This is a new alchemy – indeed, it is the essence of what genuine alchemy is, and one of the tasks of a genuine esoteric Order such as the ONA is to teach this alchemy, to guide others so that they have the possibility of becoming part of an altogether different species of life than that evident in most who mistakenly dignify themselves as “human”.

In effect, the individual, as existing now – up to and including the Adept – is still bound to the causal, and to the re-presentations, the forms, of the causal, as well as to those symbols and forms which often can presence the acausal, the sinister, in the causal. That is, their perception, for the most part, is still of the flow of cause-effect, of causal time, with all that this implies in terms of “results” and “desire” and “individuality”. Beyond Adept there arises an empathy with the acausal, and thus a knowledge of how the acausal transforms as the acausal transforms, beyond symbolism, forms, names, abstractions, and such things as mythos.

What such things are, beyond, have not been written about, nor will be they written about – they are experienced by the Adept who is moving toward and beyond the Abyss: to and into the experiencing, the knowing, of the acausal devoid of causal “forms”. At best, someone who has gone that way before may guide, or may hint at some things, and that is all. For it is the experience, the knowing, that is important – not the words, of others.

For the Adept, there is an increasing appreciation of the acausal, and one practical aspect of this is the knowledge of how Change occurs, through nexions (2) – and what, in the practical sense, nexions actually are.

That is, there is some understanding of how, sometimes (depending on the nexion and on the particular presencing of acausal energy) such changes as are esoteric are slow, by causal standards, as measured by the causal life-span of individuals. Thus, in the particular case of some Aeonic Magick, the Adept learns how it takes decades, and often a century or more, for the effects of that magick to be “visible” on a scale large enough to produce certain causal, and affective, changes. There arises, thus, the apprehension of the Master and the Mistress – of those who, being beyond the Adept, re-present almost another form of living.

Thus, the Adept also comes to understand how certain causal forms, chosen to effect Aeonic Magick, are only causal forms – that they are not the essence; that they are only like exoteric shells which shells non-Adepts see and which such non-Adepts often confuse for the essence, and indeed often confuse for the aims of a group, an Order, a sinister presencing such as the ONA is. Thus do such non-Adepts mis-understand not only such groups, Orders, but also Aeonic Magick itself, confused as such non-Adepts are by the appearance of the individual, of their self, and mistaking, as they often do, the sinister for such a self, for the desires, the joys, of such a self. In one symbolic sense, Aeonic Magick – and its causal effects – are but an extension of the causal-living which is an individual.

In the personal sense, the Adept is drawn toward the understanding that the sinister itself is supra-personal – not some causal abstraction which they as mere Adepts, can totally “control”. Hence are they moved toward a genuine knowing of the sinister, toward a genuine experience of what is hidden behind such things as The Mythos of the Dark Gods, and thus are they conveyed toward an experiencing of those shadowscapes where such “things” dwell and have Their being.

The Knowing of Forms:

As has been mentioned above, and elsewhere, many times: many non-Adepts, and even some Adepts, sometimes confuse a tactic, a form, for the essence. That is, they fail to appreciate what is being done, and why it is being done. Sometimes, non-Adepts even mistake an Insight Role – undertaken by an Initiate or even an Adept – for the “views”, or whatever, of that Initiate or Adept, and thus castigate that individual! Consider, also, the incitement to action, to disruption, to practical change, which occurs in many of the exoteric (3) ONA MSS, and which sometimes might take place in some Temple (Nexion) or some Sunedrion by such a thing as an individual giving an emotive speech. This individual may even be regarded, in the conventional sense, as “advanced” (that is, beyond Adeptship) and thus may not be “expected” (by non-Adepts) to still use such emotive rhetoric or such forms.

There is, in such circumstances, a rather conventional, non-Initiated projectionism at work here by those who mis-understand such things. That is, a failure to go beyond appearance, and forms, to the sinister essence. A failure to understand that a tactic is just a tactic, which may or may not be useful, and which may be abandoned if it proves to be unsuccessful, or used again if it proves of some value. A failure to understand that such things may be some form of sinister manipulation, or some effect of Aeonic Magick, or even some form of Aeonic Magick itself.

One mark of a genuine Adept is their ability to see beyond such forms, such tactics, to the essence – to the sinister magick often at work in such things. Another mark of a true Adept (and those beyond) – as has been written many times – is the ability to appear as different things: to be a shapeshifter, a chameleon. One mark of a non-Adept is their sometimes willful refusal, or their lack of ability, to distance themselves from their own prejudices, their own views, their own opinions, and from the abstractions they have come to depend on and which they use to “interpret” the world and individuals. Often, such abstractions are inherited from the “society” they live-in, or from some dogma they have accepted, or from some ethos or form which, often without their knowing, holds them in thrall. However, such is the rather low state of most “human beings” that this wallowing in such things – this reliance on such things, this inability to strive toward Adeptship, this lack of perception of the essence, and this lack of knowing the sinister – will continue for some causal time; many centuries, in fact. It is one of the aims of all genuine esoteric Orders and groups to be there to guide, and aid, those who are ready: those who desire to move-on toward the next stage in our development, as beings. Genuine Magick is the means by which they can do this.

Anton Long

The Mythos of the Dark Gods: Beings of Acausal Darkness

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The Mythos of the Dark Gods:
Beings of Acausal Darkness

According to the Sinister Tradition of the ONA, The Dark Gods (a.k.a The Dark Ones) are specific entities – living-beings of a particular acausal species – who exist in the realms of the acausal, with some of these entities having been presenced, via various nexions, on Earth in our distant past. These beings are shapeshifters, and can assume a variety of living causal forms, in the realms of the causal, including human form. The fictional stories Sabirah, and Jenyah, deal with one type of such acausal beings who have assumed human form – describing their need for the acausal energy (the “life-force”), possessed by humans, in order to sustain and maintain their shapeshifting causal form. The aural Sinister Tradition of the ONA holds that both Baphomet (the female entity as described by the ONA) and Satan are memories of, and manifestations of, two particular acausal beings, two particular Dark Gods. By the nature of the acausal (see Note 1), such acausal entities are – viewed from our own limited and mortal causal perspective – “formless”, ageless and eternal, although if and when they venture forth into the causal dimensions, their living-there, the causal form they adopt, are subject to causal change. Hence, for example, their need to return to the acausal, or to regularly find some source of acausal energy (in the causal).

However, aside from these specific entities known to us, or esoterically remembered by some of us, as the The Dark Gods species, there are other acausal entities, other acausal living-beings, other acausal species, who and which have been manifest in our causal Space and causal Time, or who and which can become or may become manifest in our causal Space and causal Time, many of whom are not shapeshifters, and many of whom cannot exist, for long (in terms of causal Time) in our causal Space and causal Time.

In addition, there are some entities who and which only live, exist, in those twilight realms, those strange dark worlds, where the causal and the acausal intersect or meet – that is, in the nexions which manifest such intersections, and thus the flow of acausal energy into the causal. There is an aural Sinister Tradition that what have been incorrectly termed “demons” are some of these acausal entities existing, or which have existed, in those twilight realms where causal and acausal intersect.

To understand, and appreciate, The Dark Gods – and all acausal entities, including those dwelling in the twilight realms where causal and acausal meet or merge – one has to understand the true nature of nexions, of those “gates” or openings or “tunnels” where there is, or can be, either a flow of acausal energy (and thus acausal entities) from the acausal into our causal Space and causal Time, or a journeying into the acausal itself.

The Nature of Nexions:

Basically, there are three main types of nexion. The first is an actual physical nexion – a place or region, in causal Space and causal Time, where there is a direct physical connexion to acausal Space and acausal Time; a particular place where our causal Universe is joined, or can be joined, with the acausal Universe. According to the Sinister Tradition of the ONA, there is a physical nexion in our Solar System, near the planet Saturn, as there are other physical nexions in our particular Galaxy, and elsewhere in the Cosmos.

The second type of nexion is a living causal being. That is, all living-beings, in our causal Time and causal Space, are nexions – they all possess, by virtue of being “alive” a certain acausal energy, the amount of which varies according to the type of life, with a human being considered to possess (by virtue of possessing consciousness) more acausal energy than the other life on this planet of ours. In addition, it is considered, by Adepts of the Sinister Tradition of the ONA, that most human beings possess the potential to expand the nexion that they are, with this expansion – this increase in our acausal energy – being one of the esoteric aims of genuine sinister magick.

All living causal nexions, however, are limited in causal Time. That is, they possess only a limited life-span, a limited causal duration, although some sinister Adepts have speculated that it is possible for an advanced practitioner of the Dark Arts to not only increase their life-span, through esoteric means, but also to “transcend” to the acausal itself: to become an acausal being who is ageless and eternal. This, however, is said to require not only a bringing forth from the acausal such entities as The Dark Gods, but also to “become one”, to merge, with Them (or with one of Them) by either transferring consciousness to one of Them, or having Them create an acausal vessel/form for such consciousness.

The third type of nexion is a magickal creation: that is, some form in-which acausal energy is presenced or “channelled into” by a sinister Adept, with this form being either already organically, physically, living, or which, through a sinister transformation, becomes living in the sense of being possessed of, and manifesting or channelling, acausal energy.

In the magickal sense, our consciousness, our psyche, is a region where causal and acausal meet, or rather, where they can and should meet and intersect, and it is one of the aims of genuine esoteric Orders, groups and Adepts, to guide Initiates into this realm, often through utilizing symbols and forms, such as the Tree of Wyrd and the associated “correspondences”, which are guides, maps, of such a realm, and a means to access and develope acausal energies and thus transform ourselves into Adepts, and beyond.

Manifesting The Dark Ones:

One of the aims of the ONA is the presence The Dark Ones: to return, to our causal Space and our causal Time, The Dark Gods. To unleash these entities upon the world and so cause Chaos, and that Change and evolution which will result. Thus will the Old Order – a now ever-increasing tyrannical order – be destroyed, and thus would a New Aeon begin. Thus will there be a significant evolution of ourselves, as individuals.

Such is the nature of the Cosmos – of causal and acausal, of the “Cosmic seasons” – that every two thousand years or so the Cosmic spaces are aligned such that it is easier then to draw forth, into the causal, acausal energies. Traditionally, according to Aeonic Magick, these times mark the beginning of a New Aeon, and, currently, we are within a few centuries of such a change – and thus at a time when more and more acausal energy is available to us, if we know how to access and presence such energy.

Such energy – and the living-beings of the acausal – can be presenced in several ways. First, by various rituals, such as those associated with the Nine Angles, where a specific “named” (see Note 2) entity may be called forth, or where unformed (unformed, at least, as discernible to us) acausal energy is/are accessed and released into the causal.

Another way is preparing a suitable living-receptacle (which may be a host human being or a collection of such beings) and then presencing, via ritual or other esoteric means, the acausal energies (or being, named or unnamed, or both) into such a host or hosts. That is – in one sense – making such hosts available to such entities, should They choose to accept and inhabit and use such hosts, possibly only on a temporary basis until They have found their own or have acquired sufficient energy to be able to sustain themselves, as shapeshifters, in the causal.

A Mythos of Times Past:

The aural Sinister Tradition of the ONA mentions that, at the dawn of our consciousness as human beings, some of The Dark Ones came forth to Earth through a physical nexion, which nexion most probably existed on this planet, Earth. There has been much speculation about, and some legends regarding, the location of this physical nexion – which, if it exists as tradition asserts, would be viable again now or soon, given the Cosmic cycle we are currently in.

There has also been speculation about, and some aural legends regarding, how long these dark acausal entities stayed, in our causal Time and Space, and much speculation regarding why they left, with one aural legend asserting that a few of them have, as shapeshifters, survived and hidden themselves among us, feeding, waiting for the stars to be aligned aright again and for sinister Adepts to bring forth their kin.

Anton Long
ONA, Year of Fayen 119


(1) Acausal: The acausal is used, as a word, to refer to what, correctly, is that Universe which may be described, or re-presented, by acausal Space and acausal Time.

This acausal Universe is part of the Cosmos, which Cosmos consists of both the acausal and the causal, where “causal” refers to the Universe that is described, or re-presented, by causal Space and causal Time.

(2) Names of The Dark Gods: The names which we “know”, as recorded in the Sinister Tradition of the ONA, are those which have been transmitted to us aurally: a memory (perhaps corrupted or only half-remembered) from an ancient causal time, when some such entities were once presenced on this Earth.

However, the given “name” only “re-presents” (that is, names) a particular acausal being when it is chanted (or vibrated) in a particular way under suitable conditions, which often means in association with a certain crystal of a certain shape, which crystal and which shape enhance such chant or vibration.


Lovers – Karu Shamsu

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Sappho dance in still water

Chains and roses in blue

Invoke the Sun

To an arch of fire

Gravestones, butterflies

And rivers of snakes…06-Lovers-KARU-SAMSU


The double tetrahedron a nexion created via the union of balancing forces. The sowing of the seed of Change that which may transform and carry evolution beyond the Abyss, and thus beyond ‘self-image’ – or that coerce to create something beyond ‘self.’

To Die Questing…

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Dawn arrived and the river was frigid.

I knelt before the Obsidian blade

The Baphomet, the Diabolus.

I traced an inverted pentagram over the knife.

From the Nexion in the sky, a nebulous Chaos

Engulfing the blade and then my soon to be empty vessel

‘Ad Satanas qui luetificat juventulem meam’

My journal of the Dark Immortal with entries of going beyond

The final victim would provide me solace

I am only helping to improve the human stock 

I undertake the rite of the final stage;

My journey ends by my own hand.