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One Prologue

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One Prologue

There was a period, perhaps a million years, when she had been bored. It was no longer so, for she had spent the years of her childhood lingering in a corner of a galaxy watching the evolution of life.
 It was fascinating, this watching and, devoid of time and material substance, she drifted as pure but young consciousness around her chosen planet training herself to comprehend the subtle changes that evolving life assumed. There was no feeling in her because of this because for her no feeling was possible – the strange beings evolved from the dark waters by the transformations of time were a curiosity to fill her idle million years.
 But, as a child, boredom came to her and she began, tentatively at first, to take form among her chosen beings. She became the wonder of a man staring at the Brilliant shimmering stars bursting through the dome of night, the hand that moved its finger upon wet clay drying in the dry heat of the sun, the slow, dim thought that brought through the agency of a man burning fire from within the dryness of dark wood.
 She became a woman suckling her child, bringing strange sounds to the woman’s mouth because she became perplexed by the sensations that flooded her consciousness through the senses of the body. There was awe in the others around because of this and she stayed within the body while worship grew and the sensations became understood.
  She became the wind that bore a ship across a sea, a storm that wrecked another ship and the saviour of its crew. But she sensed with her developing senses other entities around her chosen world, changing the feelings and thoughts of her beings, turning them away in a manner she did not understand, from their dawning awareness of her essence expressed by their awe.
 Across the centuries she saught an answer. She learnt, slowly like the child she still was, the possibilities that the feelings of her chosen beings represented: she experienced the ecstasy of a woman, the savage passion of a killing man, the grief, sadness, pain and joy of the small tribe whose evolution she had followed. These experiences of feeling changed her bringing a confusion to her consciousness.
  Perplexed, she ventured among the other dimensions entwined within the cosmic structure of her world. But other entities lurked among the labyrinths of such spaces and she retreated to the loneliness of her own dimensions to watch a young man intoxicated by music rush along the lee of a city’s hill.
 There was within this man a vision that drew him irresistibly toward the dimensions of her own consciousness and brought her a strange feeling. She watched the young man clasp the hands of his bewildered friend and tell of the Destiny that, one day, he would fulfill – and his eyes gleamed with a frightening passion that told of gods, of men striving against the gravity of lire’s decline and of the stars that, one day, might be reached. His being seemed to take form in defiance even of his own kind, reaching ever nearer to her and for the first time in her existence her confusion of developing feeling, of sensual experience, coalesced into one moment of awareness that in intensity overwhelmed her consciousness.
But this feeling of love did not last, and this loss changed her. Slowly, and deliberately, she cut the ties that bound her as a child to others of her kind. None of them would know what she was about to do while, on her chosen planet, Adolf Hitler walked slowly with his friend down from the hill.

– Order of Nine Angles –