The Dark Rendering Energy and the Saturn Gate


As has been well documented, Sinister legend tells of the existence of a physical nexion close to the planet Saturn. Some believe this to be the location of the trans-dimensional sealing of the Dark Gods by the ‘Elder Gods’; others, one of many ports of entry created by the Dark Gods during their last significant intrusion into this causal world.

Whatever the origins, this gateway to and from the acausal realms was once sealed several aeons ago, and it has subsequently been an aim of sinister adepts throughout history to re-open it. Noted significant attempts occurred during the 15th, 17th and 18th centuries and these resulted in temporary partial openings – in part due to the rather rudimentary esoteric techniques involved. Since the early 20th century however, a partial opening has been maintained until present day, and with the increase in esoteric understanding and techniques, it is anticipated that this gate could become fully opened over the next century.

The dark rendering energy which emanates from this opening and in which the Dark Gods live – and which the Dark Gods themselves are – by nature disrupts, expands and breaks apart the causal. It is interesting to note the effects the proximity of this gate exert on the various physical laws governing the Earth. These effects can be readily discerned by those whose consciousness has been expanded beyond the Abyss, but it is possible for all Initiates to perceive elements following a ritual which has been conducted specifically to open the Saturn gate.

These influences, or pull, can be particularly sensed in the growth of trees and in water. Two basic forms for opening the Saturn gate exist: the solo and chthonic nine angles rite. Both may be preluded with walking the pathways and at each point chanting the appropriate chant, and ending at Saturn (thus, first chant is ‘Agios o Kabeiroi’, and so on). All participants must be prepared for the consequences of such workings – on themselves and on those around them, and thus it is advised that no one below Internal Adept should undertake the opening. For the Opening and the end of the Age will be both within each individual and without:

Magon we þonne nu geseón & oncnawan & swiþe gearelice ongeotan þæt þisses middangeardes ende swiþe neah is, & manige frecnessa æteowde & manna wóhdæda & wonessa swiþe gemonigfealdode; & we fram dæge to oþrum geaxiað ungecyndelico witu & ungecynelice deaþas geond þeodland to mannum cumene, & we oft ongytaþ þæt ariseþ þeod wiþ þeode, & ungelimplico gefeoht on wólicum dædum; & we gehyraþ oft secggan gelome worldricra manna deaþ þe heora lif mannum leof wære, & þuhte fæger & wlitig heora líf & wynsumlic; swa we eac geaxiað mislice adla on manegum stowum middangeardes, & hungras wexende.


WSA/ONA, 120yf

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