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Tabula Rasa

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As a practical form attempts to impel the lives of those in a society towards a Golden Vision, it is in the nature of the Cosmos that a few individuals remain aware of their belonging in the esoteric essence beyond that, or any, form. In a time when the intellectual trend is towards espousing practical action above philosophy, “gritty reality” over the “numinous”, it is all too easy to lose sight of the original aims perhaps now maligned due to their being of an ‘esoteric’ or ‘magickal’ nature, since these latter terms now seem mostly to be equated with fatuous philosophy and general sub-human inadequacy. But despite the sad behaviour of the average sorcerer, the reality of what we call Magick is still pure, and still of the Source that exists for us to tap into and, through striving, consciously integrate with. There is still the potential to understand the connexion we as living Beings possess with the Cosmos, and that this understanding can bring about a unity that creates, what we at present term ‘Immortality’. Essentially, it is in the Nature of the Cosmos that there exists for a select few (although the number should increase over the centuries, if Evolution is allowed) the opportunity of becoming, through an act of Will, an aspect of the consciousness of the Cosmos.

A temporal form is a way in which the Cosmos expresses itself in the causal world, and thus this form (which may be of a political/religious aspect) is the vital, practical mechanics of Evolution – without this dynamic fusion of Force and Form, there is no `Divinity’ presenced in `the world’, and Life decays. But in our pursuit of the Form, we must not disregard outright the esoteric methods which can capture the aspiration to reach the essence, and thus acquire ‘Wisdom’. The understanding of this essence has its beginnings in “Aeonics” – and the meaning of “Aeonics” is only dis-covered through the essence.

This understanding does not lie solely in the performance of ‘magickal rites’ – and there exists only a small body of these which can create a Nexion – or the living out of an ‘esoteric’ existence according to commercial Occult fashions. Nor is genuine understanding acquired from the writings of others – despite whatever the degree of Wisdom of those so writing. The problem faced with Occult writings, if ‘wisdom’ is being sought through this medium, is the simple fact that Word will only ever obscure rather than communicate the essence, because the process of Individuation creating itself within the individual is always experienced in a way unique to the individual. At best, the written form can act as a skeletal guide to inspire those rare, willful characters of action to expand their consciousness into the acausal and thus create the Change necessary for the World – and for the Cosmos. It should be obvious that written ideas are never enough in themselves, despite the necessity of what has become, not unpredictably, the popular option of ’seeding’. If there are no individuals to become a focal point for the ethos, to breathe life into the philosophy via living those ideas, then the ideas are soon forgotten.

The Dark Tradition, or Sinister Path, as an expression of the Cosmos, is a living Being rather than a ‘tradition’ passed on via the written word. Thus, in order for this Being to live, it requires individuals to act according to their personal Wyrd. This implies that each generation of Initiates commences the Path as a ‘blank page’ since the Seven-Fold Way exists, in the early stages, only in accord with the dynamic individuality of each existence. Beyond individual existence (in esoteric terms, having ‘passed the Abyss’) lies the realm of the genuine Master/Mistress: a real knowledge of Aeonics, and the commencement of an extraordinary form of existence.

The late 20th century world of Magick is characterised by fine sounding words agitating, often in exasperated tones, for “practical action”. Considering that the Occult Way, once a Heresy, has become a commodity (and is thus ‘decadent’), a “call to arms” is indeed laudable. But, having waded through the polemic, does not “practical action” simply emerge as the ‘by-phrase’ of an Occult generation and does this not inspire the passionate to detest, ipso facto, the philosophy of Magick as an outmoded fantasy game?

Or do those who talk of Action and do not Act, do so because they do not seek to understand for themselves, so that they may act with understanding? The nobility of the Sinister Path is that it alone can guide individuals beyond the matrices of illusion to become spontaneous and natural, with an understanding beyond the limitations of Self. The ordeals of the Seven-Fold Way are designed to change forever those who can undertake them, because the experience of such an ordeal goes deep rather than at best producing a moment of insight (one which is subsequently lost amongst the delights of modern day living). The Adept – a new type of human being, rather than a title – acts with less and less emphasis on personal desire, as they move towards becoming the Path itself, knowing what is necessary. Such individuals come to know what they re-present, not by agreeing or disagreeing with someone else’s words and insights, but because they have, if it be their Wyrd and through the presencing of the future within the present, allowed within them the process of Magickal evolution to occur of themselves. For some, it is not the Forms, however numinous those Forms might be, that are important but the Path itself. It is through such individuals who are the living Source (i.e. “Falcifer”) that the Form is made meaningful to those whose Wyrd calls them to the Form itself (i.e. “Vindex”). For the individual, which aspect describes his/her existence will be dis-covered through the practical act of embarking upon the Seven-Fold Way.

This practical act not only implies undertaking the various traditional ordeals, but that the individual comes to know who s/he is via ordeals unique to their journey – these experiences making the ‘Grade Rituals’ possible. Despite what may be a move towards dismissing the ‘esoteric’, what is ‘Magickal’ can simply be described as the Desire of an individual, through an act of Will, to transform themselves into a Higher type. What is noble about this pursuit is that a consciousness is created that links the Adept with his/her own Folk – and that which is, in one inaccurate sense, beyond. It is not the pursuit of selfish pleasure and the justification of personal prejudices.

It is the Will that is the Key: it is Will that is better than any of the trappings some might use in their ‘magickal’ activities – ie. sex, drugs, ‘pain’, and so on. The Triumph of the Will is the Key to Transformation.

To repeat: the preparations for this transformation are unique to the individual. In some Cases- and often in those most profound – a chosen practical form may bear no obvious relation to what conventionally constitutes the ‘Esoteric’. Whatever, it must involve the individual in experiencing some personal trauma, because this is how the Will is tested – thus, the experience can only be of a practical nature. An ‘Insight Role’ may be one such means (qv. Hostia), but even this is still a game which the ‘Sinister Magickian’ can play for awhile. Such an ordeal does not require the detatchment from the Esoteric/Sinister Path so far lived (this detachment is required as a prelude to Adeptship). For an Insight Role, the form chosen (and/or the reasons for so choosing the form) may have no direct Aeonic significance. For such a significance to be genuinely understood beyond the Self, a form must be experienced as it is, on its own “light” terms. There must be no secret or “Sinister” agenda – there must simply be a living of that form, a ‘becoming-one-with’ that is in itself a Magickal act, though may not be perceived as such, initially. The individual must accept that this new living may, or may not, last for the rest of their causal life, since the form so lived is known to be vital to the future of Civilization.

As stated, Wyrd is then dis-covered by allowing the Changes within to occur of themselves. What this means, is that personal anguish, boredom, fear, do not in themselves constitute a reason to stop living the Form: thus, there is a Triumph of Will. It will be made clear, in its own species of time, who, or what, the Adept is: a belonging of the essence, or part of the Form – or perhaps both …

What results is an Aeonic awareness that renders those who simply possess intellectual comprehension irrelevant. In time, from this crucible, an Adept emerges: someone who embodies in their being the balanced unity (of “opposites”) from which creative, ordered and thus willed or conscious Change derives. Most importantly, they have dis-covered themselves, and others, through their own Triumph of the Will; by using their own judgements, making their own mistakes – guided by the uniqueness of their character.

The purpose of individual existence is linked to the Destiny of the Cosmos itself, and to those who understand, have a most profound responsibility in this bovine world. The Sinister Path exists to create individuals who can practically implement this understanding and thus create significant change. 

Such willed Change is Magick.

 1996 e.v. Order of Nine Angles

The Practice of Evil in Context

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The practice of evil (qv. the Order MSS ‘Satanism, Sacrifice and Crime’; ‘Sinister Shadow Magick’ etc.) is an essential part of Satanism – for a novice. It builds Satanic character, tests Destiny and so on. It is, however, only a part of Satanism, and has to be seen in context. That context is the training of the novice. Such practices, and other dark and sinister experiences, are a beginning only – a foundation which enables further progress. They are also selective ordeals – the really Satanic survive; the others do not, for whatever reason or reasons.

Furthermore, these practices lead to a synthesis. They are essentially learning experiences. The self-learning that they provoke (in those who triumph, that is) leads in time to a transcendence, new beginnings, new stages of the Satanic way. This is essential for novices to understand – the experiences have to be undergone, they have to be mastered, what they provoke within and external to the individual has to be faced and then mastered. All this is seldom easy – which is as it should be, for those questing after the essence.

The practical experiences engendered by ‘living on the limits’ occupy the novice for some years – up to, that is, the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept. That ritual propels them toward a deeper self-discovery – or it destroys. Those who succeed then have new tasks, new ways of living which are unique to them and which explicate their unique Destiny.

However, it must be understood (and I repeat it again for emphasis) that this hard foundation is necessary – there can be no further progress without it. Indeed, Adeptship of necessity means this tough foundation – this understanding of oneself that such experiences provoke.

Also, one (perhaps two) experiences of the same type are sufficient if those experiences are really evil. No experience should become a fetish (that is one sign of a weakness) – it should be used to learn from and, having learnt from it, it should be discarded as one moves on. This learning of course means a self-honesty, a critical self-analysis, an assessment and a learning of judgement. These things, are of course, dynamically done – they never enervate. If they do, there is weakness of character. One is critical only to improve, to go forward. True Satanists, naturally, possess the arrogant self-confidence to do this – the imitation kind are either too critical, or seldom if ever critical. That is, a Satanist strives for a dynamic balance or tension between assessment/critical judgement and confidence/arrogance – and this balance is usually achieved from experience. This balance is one sign of an Adept.

Two examples will illustrate this. The first concerns a young lady. She sought and found an already existing group and was Initiated. She studied the teachings, undertook hermetic workings and participated in ceremonial rites. After some months, she undertook the Grade Ritual of External Adept after which she began to gain experience by undertaking certain ‘roles’. The first she chose was the seductive sinister sorceress. She had much fun, seducing and manipulating, exploring her sexuality – sadism, Sapphism, orgies. After six months, she felt she had learnt enough, and moved on – to form her own Temple and play the role of `Mistress’. So she recruited, undertook ceremonial rituals, teaching, Initiations and so on. She learnt more techniques of manipulation, developed skill in all forms of magick. After a year, she decided she had garnished enough from the role. So (on advice from the person who had guided her heretofore) she joins an extreme political group and plays the role of revolutionary activist. She suffers, and deals out, violence – is arrested a few times. She acquires, within the confines of this new world, something of a reputation as a tough fanatic. Gradually, she is drawn into Underground work of a dubious nature – and is trained in armed revolutionary Warfare. She visits comrades in other countries, and participates in a few operations, in one of which someone is killed, by her. She had, of course, chosen the victim according to Satanic principles – but made this choice seem, to her Comrades, to derive from her revolutionary beliefs.

After some months, she drifts away from such underground work, and then from her political commitments. All this she makes plausible to her comrades. She then undertakes the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept after which she moves to live abroad, outwardly quite respectable. Gradually, in the profession she has chosen (helped by an old comrade from her revolutionary days) she gains a subtle influence. Secretly, she trains and guides two pupils in the ways of Satanism. Because of her unique, strong character, she is respected – even a little feared – by those who know nothing of her past or her secret allegiance to Satanism. She gathers around her a small circle of admirers (mostly young men, some of whom are her lovers), and nurtures them, exoterically, as a good Satanic Mistress should. They, of course, know nothing of her secret life – unless she wishes them to know. So she guides a few of them, perhaps drawing forth from them traits of character or some talent …

The second example concerns a young man. After involvement with various Occult groups and after trying various paths, he finds a Satanic Master who agrees to guide him. So he begins to follow the seven-fold sinister way – hermetic workings, physical tasks, External Adept. He meets someone who becomes his magickal companion and together they form a Temple. They decide this Temple should be a genuine one – 1.e. concerned with Initiating and training Satanists, not just a Temple for their own pleasure and learning. So they find, test, Initiate and teach suitable individuals. This takes over a year. Ceremonial rituals are undertaken. Their own novices undertake ordeals, gather practical experience by playing roles and so on. Gradually, the Temple bonds together in an esoteric way, all seven members committed to Satanism and all working together. They decide to undertake the Ceremony of Recalling – the advice of the Master who first guided the young man is sought, and he advises him to undertake the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept and if, after that, he still wishes to do this ceremony, he can. Providing, of course, the Temple adheres to the guidelines for selecting and testing opfers. After the Grade Ritual, the Temple begin to plan for the Ceremony. This takes over six months. They conduct the Ceremony, which is a success – they channel the energy to fulfil an aeonic goal. Gradually, the knowledge, and skill, of the Temple grow – enhancing the lives of the members and aiding the sinister dialectic. They become expert in sinister esoteric chant, making the Temple as a nexion. They decide to remain secret, recruiting only when necessary (around every ten years or so, they decide) – and continue to lead their ‘ordinary’ lives. They also decide to continue a tradition and perform the Ceremony every seventeen years …

In conclusion – in the first example, the lady learns from her deeds, moving to new experiences and stages of self-development. She discovers and accepts her Destiny – a Satanic Mistress, teaching a few pupils and enjoying the rewards her life-style offers her. She has a secret and subtle Satanic influence – her profession is part of her Destiny, and she uses it to aid the sinister dialectic, promoting some things, discreetly changing and influencing others.

In the second example, the young man also learns, and so continues along the Satanic path. His destiny is linked to his companion and the Temple they founded. They establish a secret, and quite powerful, magickal form, using it to alter and bring change in accord with their Satanic beliefs.

In both cases, the experiences bring a self-understanding and make possible advancement along the way. Both live as most Satanists do – secretly, their work hidden. Both, in their different ways, aid the Satanic cause. Both possess a Satanic character and will probably and should they wish it, continue to advance toward and beyond the Abyss, their future made possible by their dark past which, although passed, is not forgotten by them.

-Order of Nine Angles-

Novus Ordo Seclorum

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Novus Ordo Seclorum
An Interview with Anton Long
Vindex Division, 114yf

Introduction – Little, if anything needs to be said in introduction to this interview with Anton Long – his first and last. It illustrates not only current aims, but brutal and dark reality of genuine Satanism.
 We are now amid an interesting and important time, where some anti-Aeonic forces have been directly attacked to sizeable consequence for the first time in many decades. What does this mean to current esoteric aims, and how much closer does it bring the west to the purging of Magian influence?

A: There is a lot to be done to purge this Magian influence, which now emanates from America. The recent practical attacks against them have forced them to react in the way one might have expected given their own primitive ethos. Thus, they have created the basis for a world-wide tyranny and America itself has now descended into a type of Police State with its armed forces used to pacify and dominate other countries and bring them under Magian control.

In the esoteric war against the Magian and their influence, America is now the primary battleground, for without the resources of America their current world-wide influence would begin to wane. Thus, Adepts and Initiates in America have a crucial role to play in the war against the Magian and their anti-evolutionary aims.
 What are the most important tactics initiates (particularly those within the United States)  can use in aiding current esoteric aims? What rites and what tasks are most appropriate to these aims?

A: There are both esoteric, and exoteric, tactics. The esoteric include increasing the number of Initiates and Adepts; spreading the sinister esoteric tradition itself; forming sinister groups whether ONA based or otherwise, and performing various rites, both ceremonial and hermetic, which not only counter the esoteric energies of the Magian but which also presence sinister energies in both causal and acausal ways. By acausal ways is meant presencing by means of rites such as the Nine Angles with the energies left to disperse as they will. By causal is meant channeling the energy in specific ways, to disrupt certain things such as groups, organizations, or target/attack specific individuals.

The exoteric includes supporting or aiding, either openly or covertly, any and all things which can disrupt and counter the Magian and their influence, and disseminating the ideals, archetypes, forms which express the sinister energies appropriate to the New Aeon. Such exoteric things include politics and political groups – especially National-Socialist and Folk Culture ones – and practical covert, direct, action against the government, the infrastructure of society and individuals who support or aid the Magian. It should be noted that such covert, revolutionary, political-type action is not appropriate for all Initiates: only some. Also, such exoteric things are exoteric – that is, forms to presence the acausal. As such, they are not the essence, but rather a means appropriate to the current and near-future situations. Initiates should remember this, especially in relation to political forms.

One very important method, a priority – both esoterically and exoterically – is to prepare the way for Vindex: for an individual of Destiny who has the charisma to lead a practical revolt against the Magian. All the indications are that this person can only emerge in America: hence the importance of the work of American sinister Initiates and Adepts. Esoterically, such preparation involves performing rites, both ceremonial and hermetic, which invoke Vindex, and others which aim to produce energies which can be focused into an appropriate image.  This image may be a sigil, or an image of a person, or at least an apprehension of what Vindex, as an individual, might look like. Exoterically, such preparation involve disseminating the idea of Vindex, of a person of Destiny who embodies evolutionary energies: who is a person to both Sun and Steel, to use a phrase of Mishima’s. Vindex is a new archetype, and one which sinister Initiates and Adepts must create through their magickal workings.

Vindex may be a man – but there is nothing to prevent this role, this archetype, being assumed by a woman. In fact, a female Vindex would be quite a phenomena.

Vindex must be anticipated in literature; in esoteric rites; in music; in Art; in images; in political propaganda, and so on. New rites must be created which invoke Vindex, and which channel the archetypal energies so produced.
 As I write, America is within days of attacking and invading Iraq. While the premises are entirely questionable (at best), it may serve to upset America’s place amongst its allies – weakening its global power – and also inviting added displeasure on the part of Islamic states and peoples. Is this the type of unrest that is a necessary prelude for change on an Aeonic level?

A: It is a part of it. The present power structures – manifest, for example, in the New World order led by America in thrall to the Magian and their messianic dreams – must be broken down, destroyed and replaced. The current global conflict, against Muslims and Muslim groups such as those led by Osama bin Laden, is one means whereby such change may occur, for this conflict will hopefully continue for a number of years, thus straining the resources of the federal government of America, weakening it economically. The more the US sustains casualties in this conflict with Islam, the better, Aeonically, for such casualties will change the attitude of the American people toward the war.

In addition, there should be, and hopefully will be, social and political unrest in America itself. All such conflicts will be a prelude to the emergence of the New Aeon, which will be born out of the destruction of the old. This means, in practical terms, the destruction of the America that exists today: a move away from a federal government and perhaps back to the old idea of more independent States within America. It may be from one of these States, or a part of it, that the New Aeon will assume a practical social and political form.
 Is an Imperium for the current Aeon beyond realistic hope, or can the destiny of the west still be achieved? If so – how is such a destiny different from what could have become of NS Germany?

A: Nothing is beyond us, if we access and channel the right energies in the right way – which means toward the destruction of the forces of the old Aeon, represented now by the New World Order – and toward the emergence of Vindex. We create – or rather, can create – our own Destiny. If enough Initiates and Adepts work toward that Destiny, it will be achieved.

NS Germany was an intimation of what might be; what could be achieved when a people are organized in a certain way. It was a necessary beginning, which ended as it should. From its ending, lessons were learnt; and magickal energies became manifest. Only now can we create what is necessary because only now do we rationally understand and thus can use our will to achieve what can and should be achieved. This is one meaning of the ONA: a rational codification of the esoteric understanding achieved over millennia; an emanation of some of the techniques, such as Internal and Aeonic magick, which can take us toward and beyond the next stage of our human evolution.
 To me, one of the things that exemplifies the purpose of the tradition, are Insight Roles. Should one be inclined to undertake an Insight Role that specifically aids Aeonic aims, if it is possible they will continue the role at some later point with Aeonic, rather than individual purposes?

A: You are quite correct about Insight Roles. The old roles, which I inherited, lacked an Aeonic aspect: they were designed to test and develope the individual, and as such were a technique of what I have called Internal magick.

If Insight Roles are to be used again – and they should be – then they must have an Aeonic aspect, which means they aid in some way the sinister dialectic. Thus, new roles can be developed which test and evolve the individual (or break them) and which presence the dark in a practical way. I am in the process of writing some new ONA MSS which describe such new Insight Roles.

An Insight Role, to be effective, must be lived for at least one year.
 It seems in past years a certain Insight Role pertaining to politics has become something of an obvious and predictable choice. In this case, most initiates have already confronted their programmed ideas, once the time is right for an Insight Role. Should not an Insight Role be something that would otherwise be considered “out of character” for the initiate?

A: Correct. For instance, one role an ONA Initiate once assumed some decades ago was to be in a Nazarene monastery for over a year. This was chosen, by him, because he loved women, violence and a few other interesting things. In his role, he had to be humble, peaceful and of course be without women. It was a hard challenge, which that Initiate overcame, thus learning many things. But in this instance, there was no Aeonic aspect, only a personal one.
 It seems easy for some to accept the less harsh aspects of Traditional Satanism or the Seven-fold Way, while quietly rejecting the darker more dangerous tasks. While most are eager to experience danger on a magickal level, few are ready to experience – practically – real darkness. How important is it, for an adherent of the tradition to truly dirty their hands in acts of definite physical danger? Do acts of real danger accelerate the flow of acausal in the consciousness of the Initiate?

A: To so reject such tasks is to merely play at sinister magick; to refuse to presence the dark as it must be presenced, for both personal and Aeonic reasons. It is absolutely necessary for all Initiates to get their hands dirty: if they do not, they have failed; they cannot progress to the higher levels, to Adeptship and beyond. There are no excuses; no exceptions. We are talking about the sinister path here, not some “white light” arty-farty mumbo-jumbo.

To be a genuine sinister Adept means to have experienced and done dark deeds. Of course, the dark deeds themselves vary, from Initiate to Initiate, and it is one of the tasks of the Adept or Master/Mistress guiding such Initiates to suggest such dark deeds, based on the character, the life, of each Initiate.

Acts of real physical danger – such as facing one’s own death – can certainly open nexions within the psyche of the individual, and thus enable not only an awareness of the acausal, but also cause that individual to be affected by those acausal energies. Thus can their consciousness be changed by such energies, and thus are such acts of real physical danger a necessary learning experience for every Initiate.
 The rhetoric amongst Satanists has thickened over the years, with little direct action prevalent. Can you reiterate what the individual may gain in terms of their own development, and then beyond, through acts that bring real terror to others?

A: By presencing the dark in practical ways the individual becomes a nexion for acausal energies and so experiences those energies in a direct way. They may be able to control such energies, or they may not. If not, they have failed, and may need to try again. Only such a presencing brings genuine understanding and such genuine understanding is necessary so that further energies can be accessed, and directed, and further progress along the sinister path achieved. Such a presencing is a transforming of the individual, part of the alchemical process of change which is Internal magick.

I must stress in words which are not open to misinterpretation that the practical presencing of the dark by Initiates is an essential part of the sinister path, of the ONA. Presencing the dark involves such things as culling;  it involves such things as covert action directed at the edifices and individuals of the old Aeon.

A genuine dark presencing is one which has an Aeonic aspect: which aids the sinister dialectic in some way.
 Do you feel that criminal and dangerous acts serve to keep one from falling into the boring “esoteric” occult games abound in many other forms?

A: Yes, but we must define what is meant by “criminal”. A lot of laws which governments make are wrong, dishonourable, and to ignore them is the right thing to do, for strong, honourable, individuals striving for excellence and to evolve to a higher level. What and who defines “right and wrong”? As someone once wrote – and I cannot remember the exact quote – the law is an accumulation of tireless attempts by the mediocre majority, or a minority acting on their behalf,  to prevent noble, gifted, individuals from making life into a succession of ecstasies. While this quote, or aphorism, is an excellent one and contains some truth, it is not an esoteric one: that is, it does not express the complete truth about life, individuals, reality, law and evolution which the ONA seeks to express.

The essence is to strive for a goal which is both beyond what was one is, and which is Aeonic, with the individual undertaking such a striving doing what is necessary to achieve this goal, regardless of whether some of the methods, or tactics, or experiences used, are regarded as “illegal” by some government in some country. The classic example here is culling. Another example is dueling. Another is using some political form which is “illegal” and heretical.

Something should not be done just because it is “illegal”. There has to be a sinister intent, an Aeonic aspect. Thus, a culling of some individual who deserves it (he supports, say, some organization which is anti-evolutionary and is a cowardly type of person) is both Aeonic and test of character for the person undertaking it: a means of learning, of evolving, of presencing, accessing sinister, acausal, energies.
 In the sense of crime in general – for the sake of an example lets consider the dealing of hard drugs – might one presence more of the dark not only by partaking in such, but also by calling attention and resources to combating such things as drugs? To me, it would seem a perfect scenario – to fight against something only to call resources to it, yet to provide also the very thing in which such resources are absorbed, and weak people broken. This would seem particularly useful in the intended wasting of American resources. As a second part to this question, what other ways – if any – might such resources be effectively wasted, stolen, or misused?

A: Such things as drugs do weaken, and are weakening, the structures of the old Aeon as they are creating opportunities for some who possess – shall we say – a more Satanic view of life, whether consciously or instinctively. The West is decaying, slowly, from within, partly due to drugs, and as one ONA statement indicated, such things – anything – which weaken the old order and prepare the way for the new, sinister, one can and should be encouraged by some Initiates. As with all such things, only some Initiates can and should do such things: the decision is theirs. That is, the doing of such things as in your example are not mandatory experiences for novices and Initiates.

There are risks, but that is part of the challenge, the enjoyment.
 Regarding Aeonic Magick: Can creative-art be used in a way that – though not specifically or obviously a form of mimesis – can be imbued with the acausal and directed via the form in which it is created? Some examples may be some of the music of Bach, or the violins of Stradivari – which through their use or performance could, particularly if created for the purpose and imbued with the acausal – become as a Nexion. How effective could this be?

A: Yes, such things can be done, and should be done by those possessed of the skill and abilities. Indeed, it is possible to create a new art-form which does this, and imbue it with a sinister intent, for example, of manipulating the individuals who see/hear/respond to that art-form, or changing them in an evolutionary way.

One example would be to use computer virtual reality where images and sounds (music) are used to generate a virtual world – or rather, to generate an interactive art-work – that the individual can alter, and thus interact with. That is, each individual perceives something slightly or greatly different. Thus, this art-work would be unique for each individual perceiving/experiencing it, while still retaining the parameters of its creation. To enable this, the interaction could be via something like bio-feedback, with such things as brain-wave patterns being the computer input which alters the computer program which creates the virtual reality. This is still slightly futuristic. What this example would amount to is a modern version of the type of thing which Wagner wished to create through his Ring cycle and his theatre at Bayreuth: a total artistic experience which makes us aware of some mythos, a numinosity, a Destiny, which raises us to a higher level.

Of course, a less futuristic example is possible, using just images, music and some archetypal forms, and combining these in as sort of film-like way.
 Obviously the fair amount of focus to these questions regards ways in which we can, at this present stage, aid the downfall of the American power structure, or at least ensure its timely irrelevance. At a point not long ago, the downfall of the Soviet Union was another such aim. Can you explain what measures were taken or perhaps played a part in this coming to fruition, on the esoteric level? It serves, at least, to illustrate the finite nature of world powers.

A: It was, and is, mainly a question of accessing, directing, presencing, certain powerful acausal energies, some of which are “seeded” into organizations, forms, and some of which are used to disrupt and/or create in individuals a yearning, a feeling. One example is a ritual producing a specific type of energy (associated say which a specific sphere of the septenary) and then directing this energy to a certain geographical area. This is done via visualization, and mostly involves a specific site, which becomes a nexion. Note that a nexion does not have to be, but can be, an object: it can be, and often is, a place, such as a hill, a mountain, a valley, a forest. It is helpful if those doing such rituals have been to the place, and especially if the ritual is performed there. This has to be repeated on a regular basis, and then such energy may produce changes in the individuals in that area. If powerful enough, such energies seep far from that area, producing change in accord with their own nature. Several such areas are required in the case of the large country. Another example is targeting, with magickal energies, certain specific, public individuals, such as political leaders. These are just two examples of many. What is important is that the energies themselves are understood by those using them; this requires prior practical experience. Magickal skill is also necessary.

More conventional means can also be used, such as using archetypal energies associated with already existing ideas, forms and the like, political or otherwise.

This is one esoteric reason why such forms as National-Socialism are used in the case of America and Europe: because NS is one of the things those who uphold the old order fear and dread. One of the greatest fears of the cabal behind such things as the tyrannical (and mis-named) New World Order is a Vindex-type figure. Thus, this fear can be used against them. Why do you think National-Socialism is so smeared, so feared that it is outlawed is many Western nations? Because it possesses an archetypal power, a natural magick. Why does the mere appearance of a swastika cause such consternation? Why does the figure of Adolf Hitler fascinate so many people? Why is he still subject to such an immense amount of hateful, lying propaganda? Forget the lies about the so-called holocaust – these things are as these things are because National-Socialism, its symbols, its heroes, its leaders, and especially Adolf Hitler are archetypal, for the West.
 What role does the preservation of history and culture play – such as the preservation of Latin and other almost forgotten languages and insights?

A: Such things play the important role of connecting us to our past, and enabling those who come after our causal deaths to begin the process of real learning which can lead to understanding and thus the fulfillment of potential.

This connection to our past gives us part of the perspective we need and must have: a perspective of our origins, our past stupidities, and the glorious future that can be ours if we learn and move beyond that learning. Our intellects must be developed, and such things are one means of training them, especially when we are children, and ravenously curious. Few human beings develope their full potential, especially in the intellectual sense.

But this does not mean that we all must learn such things as Greek and Latin; only that those who possess the interest and aptitude can do so and thus benefit from them.
 Sans Imperium, what specific potentials does the west have yet to fulfill?

A: The beginning of our real Destiny, which is leaving this planet to travel and live among other worlds.
 Can you explain how a small folk-culture might serve as a center through which a new Aeon may emerge? Also – what are the characterstics of such a folk culture?

A: Such a rural culture is a centre; the esoteric aspect of an outer form: that which gives energy to this outer form. For example, if Vindex arrives and creates an Imperium, this centre would use magickal energies to strengthen both Vindex, and the Imperium, while magickally dealing with enemies. Such a centre would also be a place of magickal and esoteric learning, and – here is the secret – where the physical nexions are.

Before the arrival of Vindex, and Imperium – from which a Galactic Empire should emerge – this centre prepares the way for them, through magickal and other means.
 At the risk of sounding humorous or ironic, without such intent – could an ANTI-Vindex; that is, someone who perhaps represents in a profound manner forces which are inherently Magian be the inspiration and the presence which finally brings forth Vindex?

A: Those of the cabal who are our magickal enemies certainly believe so: this is part of their dread, as mentioned in a previous answer. They are awaiting, and trying to aid, the emergence of their own leader.
 Could America itself be this Anti-Vindex (still… for lack of a better term!) – and if so, could such provocations and Magian dominance be eventually viewed as having been necessary?

A: The fact is that magickal energies – whether ours or theirs – cause changes in what lives. For example, in human beings, and those types of life, such as archetypes, which affect individuals. [Note: archetypes are types of acausal living beings which exist in the causal.] “America” is not a living being. Vindex is, or will be – and the Imperium (or whatever we wish to call it) will be the creation of this person, an extension of their living, their life, their very acausal essence. It will be thus archetypal, but more than an archetype: a new form in itself. An example may make some things clear: NS Germany was Adolf Hitler.

This truth about magickal change is why, for instance, no Adept or Master or whatever – except in the movies – can change a stone into a living being, or change a living being into a stone. Magick works through, and in, what is organic, because what is organic is imbued in some way with the acausal.  Thus, we can, if we are adept at magick, influence other life, such as animals, because these are also living beings. In the same way, a physical nexion is not just a place, it is living being, and we create this new living being in a certain geographical area, usually quite small in size. That is, we bring together what already lives there, in a new way: we re-order through our magick, and the acausal energy we access, the causal in that area, creating a new life.

Thus, with this answer, have many secrets been revealed.
 Without adepts, without Internal Magick and Aeonic Magick – could the potential of man, at this stage, ever be fulfilled? Would a new Aeon eventually come, via a round-about means even if nothing in the present changes or continues to change for the better – if completely left alone? Do we risk, given the general disregard for nature and her resources, bringing on the end before the next stage?

A: What must be understood is that we have now arrived at a point in our evolution when we can consciously alter ourselves and our evolution as a species. Whether we do this, is another matter. Thus, we live in exciting and interesting times: we, through our magick, our understanding, can create a new future.

My own view is that if we who understand do not intervene in a creative and evolutionary way, then it will be decline which awaits our species. That is, we have now reached the peak achievable by unconscious processes. We who know, who act upon that knowledge – who are Initiates and Adepts of the genuine esoteric arts – are the Cosmos made manifest: the Cosmos in evolution. This is our wyrd; our personal Destiny is to reach the stage where we know this, and where we put into practice what we have learnt.
 “Forge not works of art but swords of death, for therein lies great art” is a statement that speaks to the great architecture of culture, beyond personal “expression” and indulgence. If one becomes too encompassed in an Art or politics – might they be indulging in their destiny but disregarding their Wyrd?

A: Yes!
 Can you explain, perhaps with some example, the difference between Destiny and Wyrd?

A: Wyrd is acausal and thus Aeonic; Destiny is personal and mostly causal.

The Oath of the Abyss

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 Part Two

The Oath of The Abyss

The transition between Internal Adept and the next stage – that of Master/Lady-Master (Mistress of Earth) – is both long and arduous, requiring as it does – among other things – (1) a personal and practical experiencing, and integration, of both Sinister and non-Sinister aspects of living, and of the Adept’s own personality; (2) practical experience of Aeonic Magick and of all forms of The Star Game; (3) contributing, through fulfilling their personal Destiny, something unique, and redolent of the Sinister, to human knowledge, achievement, understanding and/or to that presencing “which is beyond human words” and which is often manifest in works of genuine artistic, and/or magickal, genius and originality. In summation, they will have presenced the Sinister both within, and external, to themselves, and externally to a sufficiency that casual effects are noticeable, as they will have both understood and to a certain extent have experienced, the acausal reality which lies behind the nexion of our causal lives, and behind the causality of appearance and forms.

They will then become, gradually, suffused with an increasing yearning for that-which-is, and for Those-Who-Are, acausal, and it is this yearning, at first somewhat intangible but always powerful (in terms of their psyche and their own lives), which propels and guides them toward The Abyss, and which provides them with the desire to take that dangerous, and secret, Oath of The Abyss. Furthermore, this yearning which becomes transmuted to, at first, a human-type desire and love, and then to some-thing founded on such human emotions but which is an evolution and a sinister transformation of such things (and all the more powerful for being so), and it is such a living-with this new evolutionary “feeling”, this dark Sinister almost supra-personal desire redolent of and which manifests something of the acausal essence, that is one of the reasons whereby a new Master or Lady Master is bound to the very acausal darkness itself, both in their remaining causal years, and in the life in the acausal which can be attained after that.

For the Oath of The Abyss has practical, causal consequences which are both magickal, and personal, and it is these personal practical consequences – and the dark dangerous nature of the magickal consequences – that distinguish this genuine Sinister Oath from the so-called other “oaths of the abyss” that some charlatans and some imposters and some frauds have had the temerity to write about and make pronouncements about, and to lyingly declare that they have “gone beyond the Abyss” itself.

The genuine Oath of The Abyss is a solemn declaration, made in front of several witnesses of our sinister-folk, by which the Adept pledges themselves, for the rest of their causal life, to – among other things – Presence The Dark, to continue with and evolve The Dark Tradition, and to aid human and non-human evolution, with the important and necessary proviso that if at any time they renounce their Sinister aims and goals, and The Dark Tradition itself, then their own life will be forfeit, with them then becoming an opfer who can and who will be sacrificed. In established Nexions (Sinister Temples of a sinister group) the current Grand Master, or Lady Grand Master, appoints several Guardians, unknown to the Candidate, who themselves are pledged to undertake – without warning if required – this honourable duty of sacrifice should such a duty be deemed or found to be necessary.

In addition, The Ceremony of The Oath of The Abyss invokes and presences within and near-to the Candidate certain acausal entities, which – and who – are forever with, or near-to, the Candidate for those remaining causal years, however long or brief, that will mark the rest of the causal life of the Candidate, and the Candidate can never escape, in this causal realm, from these entities.

Thus, it can be seen that the Oath of The Abyss is not something that is to be entered into lightly, even though the rewards of a successful crossing of The Abyss, are great indeed, and include the real possibility of that particular human entity creating for themselves, or being rewarded with, an acausal existence beyond this mortal causal realm.


Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen

Wyrd – Azanigin

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In red desert

Three fingers and a skull

Are laid on fur

The stones of a circle

Turn to frogs

The skeleton of a child

The birth of an Army

A nexion is opened…10-Wyrd-AZANIGIN


That which is beyond personal Destiny. That which causes expression of itself via the implementation or provocation of acts which in their design achieve long term aims beyond the causal death of an individual; changing aspects of a society by significant creations and thus changing a whole race of people – fulfilling the destiny or Wyrd of the ethos of a civilization. Acts that inaugurates a new Aeon. The causal nature that is dictated by the essence of things – ‘fate’ etc.

War – Abatu

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In a dungeon, a bed of fire

From an exploded sphere

Red butterflies

With a look

The war begun

A sexless mask

In the caves of the sea…16-War-ABATU


Conflict; the clashing of visions and destinies. The attempt by others to wrest away the Destiny of one individual and thus disrupt the greater Wyrd. A clouding of vision that creates doubts, lack of direction, susceptibility to outside forces and possibly, if insight is lost, the renouncing of a quest. The hardship imposed by the consequence of actions, but by the suffering such striving imposes. Wisdom – and Destiny – may be attained. Awareness of those factors – such as other people – that may fulfill Destiny, and the hard practical realities of striving to create this fulfillment. Sadness and wisdom and creativity through loss.