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Tabula Rasa

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As a practical form attempts to impel the lives of those in a society towards a Golden Vision, it is in the nature of the Cosmos that a few individuals remain aware of their belonging in the esoteric essence beyond that, or any, form. In a time when the intellectual trend is towards espousing practical action above philosophy, “gritty reality” over the “numinous”, it is all too easy to lose sight of the original aims perhaps now maligned due to their being of an ‘esoteric’ or ‘magickal’ nature, since these latter terms now seem mostly to be equated with fatuous philosophy and general sub-human inadequacy. But despite the sad behaviour of the average sorcerer, the reality of what we call Magick is still pure, and still of the Source that exists for us to tap into and, through striving, consciously integrate with. There is still the potential to understand the connexion we as living Beings possess with the Cosmos, and that this understanding can bring about a unity that creates, what we at present term ‘Immortality’. Essentially, it is in the Nature of the Cosmos that there exists for a select few (although the number should increase over the centuries, if Evolution is allowed) the opportunity of becoming, through an act of Will, an aspect of the consciousness of the Cosmos.

A temporal form is a way in which the Cosmos expresses itself in the causal world, and thus this form (which may be of a political/religious aspect) is the vital, practical mechanics of Evolution – without this dynamic fusion of Force and Form, there is no `Divinity’ presenced in `the world’, and Life decays. But in our pursuit of the Form, we must not disregard outright the esoteric methods which can capture the aspiration to reach the essence, and thus acquire ‘Wisdom’. The understanding of this essence has its beginnings in “Aeonics” – and the meaning of “Aeonics” is only dis-covered through the essence.

This understanding does not lie solely in the performance of ‘magickal rites’ – and there exists only a small body of these which can create a Nexion – or the living out of an ‘esoteric’ existence according to commercial Occult fashions. Nor is genuine understanding acquired from the writings of others – despite whatever the degree of Wisdom of those so writing. The problem faced with Occult writings, if ‘wisdom’ is being sought through this medium, is the simple fact that Word will only ever obscure rather than communicate the essence, because the process of Individuation creating itself within the individual is always experienced in a way unique to the individual. At best, the written form can act as a skeletal guide to inspire those rare, willful characters of action to expand their consciousness into the acausal and thus create the Change necessary for the World – and for the Cosmos. It should be obvious that written ideas are never enough in themselves, despite the necessity of what has become, not unpredictably, the popular option of ’seeding’. If there are no individuals to become a focal point for the ethos, to breathe life into the philosophy via living those ideas, then the ideas are soon forgotten.

The Dark Tradition, or Sinister Path, as an expression of the Cosmos, is a living Being rather than a ‘tradition’ passed on via the written word. Thus, in order for this Being to live, it requires individuals to act according to their personal Wyrd. This implies that each generation of Initiates commences the Path as a ‘blank page’ since the Seven-Fold Way exists, in the early stages, only in accord with the dynamic individuality of each existence. Beyond individual existence (in esoteric terms, having ‘passed the Abyss’) lies the realm of the genuine Master/Mistress: a real knowledge of Aeonics, and the commencement of an extraordinary form of existence.

The late 20th century world of Magick is characterised by fine sounding words agitating, often in exasperated tones, for “practical action”. Considering that the Occult Way, once a Heresy, has become a commodity (and is thus ‘decadent’), a “call to arms” is indeed laudable. But, having waded through the polemic, does not “practical action” simply emerge as the ‘by-phrase’ of an Occult generation and does this not inspire the passionate to detest, ipso facto, the philosophy of Magick as an outmoded fantasy game?

Or do those who talk of Action and do not Act, do so because they do not seek to understand for themselves, so that they may act with understanding? The nobility of the Sinister Path is that it alone can guide individuals beyond the matrices of illusion to become spontaneous and natural, with an understanding beyond the limitations of Self. The ordeals of the Seven-Fold Way are designed to change forever those who can undertake them, because the experience of such an ordeal goes deep rather than at best producing a moment of insight (one which is subsequently lost amongst the delights of modern day living). The Adept – a new type of human being, rather than a title – acts with less and less emphasis on personal desire, as they move towards becoming the Path itself, knowing what is necessary. Such individuals come to know what they re-present, not by agreeing or disagreeing with someone else’s words and insights, but because they have, if it be their Wyrd and through the presencing of the future within the present, allowed within them the process of Magickal evolution to occur of themselves. For some, it is not the Forms, however numinous those Forms might be, that are important but the Path itself. It is through such individuals who are the living Source (i.e. “Falcifer”) that the Form is made meaningful to those whose Wyrd calls them to the Form itself (i.e. “Vindex”). For the individual, which aspect describes his/her existence will be dis-covered through the practical act of embarking upon the Seven-Fold Way.

This practical act not only implies undertaking the various traditional ordeals, but that the individual comes to know who s/he is via ordeals unique to their journey – these experiences making the ‘Grade Rituals’ possible. Despite what may be a move towards dismissing the ‘esoteric’, what is ‘Magickal’ can simply be described as the Desire of an individual, through an act of Will, to transform themselves into a Higher type. What is noble about this pursuit is that a consciousness is created that links the Adept with his/her own Folk – and that which is, in one inaccurate sense, beyond. It is not the pursuit of selfish pleasure and the justification of personal prejudices.

It is the Will that is the Key: it is Will that is better than any of the trappings some might use in their ‘magickal’ activities – ie. sex, drugs, ‘pain’, and so on. The Triumph of the Will is the Key to Transformation.

To repeat: the preparations for this transformation are unique to the individual. In some Cases- and often in those most profound – a chosen practical form may bear no obvious relation to what conventionally constitutes the ‘Esoteric’. Whatever, it must involve the individual in experiencing some personal trauma, because this is how the Will is tested – thus, the experience can only be of a practical nature. An ‘Insight Role’ may be one such means (qv. Hostia), but even this is still a game which the ‘Sinister Magickian’ can play for awhile. Such an ordeal does not require the detatchment from the Esoteric/Sinister Path so far lived (this detachment is required as a prelude to Adeptship). For an Insight Role, the form chosen (and/or the reasons for so choosing the form) may have no direct Aeonic significance. For such a significance to be genuinely understood beyond the Self, a form must be experienced as it is, on its own “light” terms. There must be no secret or “Sinister” agenda – there must simply be a living of that form, a ‘becoming-one-with’ that is in itself a Magickal act, though may not be perceived as such, initially. The individual must accept that this new living may, or may not, last for the rest of their causal life, since the form so lived is known to be vital to the future of Civilization.

As stated, Wyrd is then dis-covered by allowing the Changes within to occur of themselves. What this means, is that personal anguish, boredom, fear, do not in themselves constitute a reason to stop living the Form: thus, there is a Triumph of Will. It will be made clear, in its own species of time, who, or what, the Adept is: a belonging of the essence, or part of the Form – or perhaps both …

What results is an Aeonic awareness that renders those who simply possess intellectual comprehension irrelevant. In time, from this crucible, an Adept emerges: someone who embodies in their being the balanced unity (of “opposites”) from which creative, ordered and thus willed or conscious Change derives. Most importantly, they have dis-covered themselves, and others, through their own Triumph of the Will; by using their own judgements, making their own mistakes – guided by the uniqueness of their character.

The purpose of individual existence is linked to the Destiny of the Cosmos itself, and to those who understand, have a most profound responsibility in this bovine world. The Sinister Path exists to create individuals who can practically implement this understanding and thus create significant change. 

Such willed Change is Magick.

 1996 e.v. Order of Nine Angles