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Magickal Mastery – A Novice’s Guide

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Magickal Mastery – A Novice’s Guide

(From Fenrir no. 6, yf 100)


The essence of achieving success in both ceremonial and hermetic rituals is to restrict the aim of the ritual to one, very specific, aim and to find before the ritual a) a simple visualization of this aim; b) a phrase (which may be chanted/vibrated) which captures the aim in a few words. This phrase can itself be written down (e.g. on parchment and in a secret code of your own devising or in one of the well-known `Occult’ scripts) and ceremonially burned during the ritual.

This aim must then become your desire – and a ritual is a means whereby this desire may be achieved. It is essential, of course, for this desire to be strong, and the techniques of magick are simply a means whereby this desire can be strengthened and directed.

The easiest technique to use and master is frenzy. This is when you gradually work yourself up to a height of emotion and excitement – and the ritual form is a means to aid this, providing a setting in both time and space. In a ceremonial ritual, for example, you should use the set texts (such as the Satanic ‘Our Father’ or the Invokation to Baphomet) as a means of generating from within yourself the necessary emotion, saying the words forcefully and with drama. If you are conducting a ritual with others present, get them into the right frame of mind beforehand as this helps to generate from them a certain amount of magickal energy – you might, for instance, keep them in a dark room for about half an hour before the start of the ritual. It is essential for you to stage-manage the ritual, making it a memorable event. The whole ritual from beginning to end should be emotive.

To achieve and sustain such emotion and drama takes practice. A good magickian will ‘play to’ his congregation like a good actor in a theatre does – ceremonial magick has always been a dramatic Art. The adept sorcerer (or sorceress) will also sometimes invoke extempore in ceremonial rituals, and for this some chants should be memorized beforehand: to be used as and when the occasion demands.

Rituals – both ceremonial and hermetic – demand energy, and you are the spark which ignites the Promethean fire. To generate this spark requires effort, both physical and mental, and you should at the end of any ritual feel elated but tired: be, in fact, almost on the edge of exhaustion. If you are not, the ritual is unlikely to be successful. This is one of the most important things to remember. It is no good just saying the words, doing a bit of chanting or waving implements about: you must be emotional. You must literally drive yourself almost to the point of possession, of divine/diabolic madness but always with your desire (i.e. the aim of the ritual) firmly before you, stopping just short of total abandonment. You must be prepared to dance, leap, laugh, cry and shout – but must be capable of changing abruptly: cultivating the dramatic silence and stare.

In most ceremonial rituals it is one of the tasks of the congregation to abandon themselves – to the dance their lusts and so on but you, as ceremonial master/mistress, cannot since you must direct the energies unleashed. There is a balance in any ritual which only experience teaches, and mastery involves undertaking rituals often in order to develop the skills required.

Rituals work through energy: this energy is directed via visualization and chant/vibration through your own desire. That is, the living ritual is the channel or ‘Gate’ which allows a flow of acausal energy into the causal (’everyday’) universe. This energy re-orders the causal – that is, produces changes.

One of the first priorities of any aspiring sorcerer should be to acquire and furnish an area as a Temple – and/or find a suitable isolated location outdoors. Temple furnishings should be simple, and space must be left for movement. Be creative and individual about creating the right atmosphere in the Temple – for example, a ‘plasma ball’ in a candle-lit Temple is more impressive than a boring collection of old bones or a skull. Do not use symbols or designs which you yourself do not understand/know the meaning of and keep to one tradition. For example, a genuine, traditional Satanist would never use any qabalistic symbolism or statues/implements/sigils from dead Aeons (e.g. Egyptian, Sumerian). Instead, there would be Septenary and Dark Gods symbolism (for which see ‘Codex Saerus’ and ‘Naos – A Guide to Sinister hermetic Magick’).

This may seem pedantic, but it is essential for you to feel part of a living, exclusive tradition – someone party to secret knowledge which outsiders do not possess nor understand if shown. For successful magick, being exclusive means added power and charisma.

Develop your chanting and vibrating ability by regular practice, and do not be afraid of using Latin chants. They are not used simply because few understand the language – but because of all languages, Latin lends itself best to being chanted according to the principles of esoteric chant (qv. ‘Naos’). It was also the language  used in the traditional Black Mass, and a few untranslated chants have survived the centuries. These chants should be among those memorized to be used extempore.

Chant Examples:
*Veni, omnipotens aeterne diabolus!
*Ad Satanas qui laetificat juventutem meam.
Pone, Diabolus, custodiam!
*Aperiatur terra, et germinet Abatu.
*Caligo terrae scinitur
Percussa solis spiculo
Dum Lucifer ex stella nascitur
In fedei diluculo
Rebusque jam color
Redit Partu nitentis sideris.


The Alchemy of Magick

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wandererONA (From Hostia I, 1991eh)

Magick is not an object for academic study – it is essentially practical. It also requires self-discipline and training – the acquisition of skills.
No books or teacher can teach magick it can only be learnt by practice, by the trials and errors of experience. All books and teachers can do, at best, is guide: toward and into the relevant experiences and offer some explanations for cause, effect and what is beyond the causal.
Similarly, willful self-expression will be mostly counter-productive. What is required of the novice and Initiate is self-discipline and that insight which arises from achievement and adversity. Modern life, however, has made these things difficult it is easy to be self-opinionated, to accept the comforts of modern living and the lack of self-discipline, just as modern “methods” and “ideas” about “magick” make it seem that understanding of and achievement in magick is easy: all that is needed are the relevant books/ grade manuals/ information and a chaotic mind/attitude/approach.
 There is not and never has been any substitute for self-learning from experience. The real learning of magick occurs by the individual novice, alone: group work and group experience merely confirm that learning and extend the techniques, the forms that are used. This is so because real magick is internal – an alchemy of psychic change. It is the techniques which are external. For instance, sexual magick is a technique of magick – it is not magick or ‘magickal’ in itself – just as ceremonial ritual is a technique. All techniques are forms which are dormant – they need vivifying, bringing to life: they need to be infused with the ‘breath of life’. This vivification is magick, and its achievement is individual, that is, it does not rely on the form – on minute details of performance or technique. Sometimes, this vivification is shared – e.g. between two individuals undertaking a sexual rite or a group gathering for a ceremony.
For too long the techniques have been regarded as magickal in themselves, leading to a complete misunderstanding of magick – as, for example, by Crowley and his followers and by adherents of latter-day “chaos” techniques. Magick is beyond technique – techniques and forms merely presence the magick in the causal, and to access the magickal energies skill is required. Sometimes, this skill is intuitive – an inborn gift – but most often it has to be cultivated, learnt, acquired. The skill is an internal one, and may be likened to an attitude of mind. It is a “moving with” magickal energies as those energies are, in themselves – it is not a loose, undirected approach, a chaotic acceptance, but a finely balanced direction; not a loss of conscious awareness/ understanding, but a new type of awareness. It is like running long distances: innate ability may help, but training is required, an awareness of limitations born from past experience, a self-discipline to achieve the distance in the time set – and then the running, which when successful is a ‘flowing with’ the body and mind…
 In magick, desire makes the energy – once accessed via the individual – presence in the form/technique chosen. This desire is usually aimed – that is, it has a causal goal (as for example in external magick). The form or technique chosen may stimulate to some extent the production of magickal energies – but it is the individual who must push open the gate (or nexion) and direct the energies that lie beyond it. What the forms and techniques most often do is make the nexion seem real and accessable – often ‘provoking’ within the individual the consciousness required to push open the nexion and presence the energies.
Because of this, ceremonial rituals (or any ritual where more than two are present and involved) require direction or control – of the images/forms/patterns invoked and the presencing of such in the causal. This direction is always toward the causal (that is, toward a specific aim or into the psyche of an individual or individuals) because of the nature of the energies – there is always ‘flow’. If no control is undertaken (or the direction is confused because more than one attempts to control the flow – perhaps unconsciously) then causal change will still occur (and must occur) although in ways probably unforseen by those involved – this is what usually happens when some individuals gather and attempt an act of magick – and often results in psychic disruption of one or more of those individuals.
The alchemy of magick is in learning this control in being able to access the energies, and being able to produce changes via the presencing of what is accessed: internally (within one’s own psyche), externally (in others and the things of the everyday) and aeonically (within and beyond the confines of aeonics). There is thus a learning about the various types of magickal energies (which may be said to be differentiated by how they presence in the causal) – and their uses. In short, the acquisition of individual skill and understanding. To achieve this, there are certain ways – certain guides which may be followed. This is a serious commitment – not a hobby, not a gathering of some like-minded people as and when for an enjoyable and ego-gratifying delving into ‘the Occult’, and certainly not ‘for laughs’ or to entertain. There is an intensity, a self-discipline, even sometimes a hardness – and those pleasures which are beyond mere mortals. In brief, new ways of living.
For while the alchemy of magick is now accessable to everyone (due to works such as “Naos”) it is unlikely many will foreswear their current and easy ways of living for the challenge.
– Order of Nine Angles –

Esoteric Notes XXIX – Magick, the Sinister, and the Psyche of the Folk

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Magick, The Sinister, Aeons, and The Psyche of The Folk:

Esoteric Notes XXIX

Essentially, magick – according to the Sinister tradition of the ONA – is defined as “the presencing of acausal energy in the causal by means of a nexion. By the nature of our consciousness, we, as human individuals, are one type of nexion – that is, we have the ability to access, and presence, certain types of acausal energy.” [See Footnote 1]

Thus, understood esoterically, an individual represents a willed-evolution: the potential to change and evolve by means of utilizing certain energies, with such change and evolution involving a bringing-into-being, or, more prosaically, a bringing-into-consciousness. That is, a making-conscious of what was hitherto “unknown”, hidden and latent, both within and external to the individual. This making-conscious is the first step – the beginning – of genuine individual magick; the first stage of that Sinister Way one of whose aims is the creation of a new, more conscious, more highly evolved, individual.

The psyche of the individual is a term used, in the Sinister Way, to describe those aspects of an individual – those aspects of consciousness – which are hidden, or inaccessible to, or unknown to, the individual. Basically, such aspects can be considered to be those forces/energies which do or which can influence the individual in an emotional way or in a way which the individual has no direct control over or understanding of. One part of this psyche is what has been called “the unconscious”, and some of the forces/energies of this “unconscious” have been, and can be, described by the term “archetypes”.

Understood esoterically, an archetype is a limited presencing (a manifestation) of acausal energy, which presencing is limited in causal time. [See Footnote 2]

Fundamentally, the basic task of an esoteric Initiate is to make-conscious – to experience, know and understand – their own psyche, and this, in the beginning stages of magickal Initiation, is done by means of symbols and rituals, both hermetic and ceremonial. That is, the forces/energies, both archetypal and otherwise, are objectified, experiences and experimented with – hence such symbols and tools such as The Septenary System (of correspondences, including the Tree of Wyrd), the Tarot, and The Star Game. To complement this, the individual undertakes “Insight Roles” where they identify with a certain symbolic aspect or aspects, or rôle – and/or a certain archetype or archetypes – and thus experience, in real life, such energies, and their causal effects. One particular aspect, of course, is The Sinister itself, which is manifest in archetypes such as “The Magickian”, The Mistress of Earth, and in Satan.

As stated in the MS The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way:

“All magick – external, internal and Aeonic – is but a means to apprehend, experience and presence acausal energies, and thus create/provoke Change. That is, the conventional magick of the Tree of Wyrd, of books such as Naos, of rituals, is but a beginning – through such things, the individual Initiate acquires experience and knowledge, and also develops as an individual: in terms of character. In the simplistic sense, they move, through the Grades, beyond “The Abyss”, toward The Goal, which is the transformation of the individual and the emergence of a new type of being, beyond the Adept.”

Furthermore, the archetypal energies which affect and influence an individual – a non-Adept – are, according to The Sinister Way of the ONA, both personal/individual, and related to the Aeon during which the individual lives. In addition, some of the personal archetypal energies which are manifest, or which can be manifest, in the psyche of the individual, are related to the living-being which is the folkish culture of the individual. Thus, in order to properly progress along The Way toward Adeptship – in order to evolve as an individual – the individual needs to understand, and work with, such particular energies.

The Folk Psyche and Folkish Archetypes:

By virtue of being a nexion, an individual is connected to the causal presencing that is Nature, and to those living-beings which are manifest in Nature. One such living-being is the folkish-culture, the folkish-psyche, to which they belong – from which they have come-into-being, as an individual. [See Footnote 3] Basically, this is just a precise way of understanding that all non-Adepts are, or can be or will be, influenced by various unconscious archetypal forces deriving from their ancestors, and their ancestral culture (or way of life) and that, whether they know or not (and they mostly do not know) they are connected to such living-beings. Generally, such a connexion (both unknown and made-conscious) is positive: that is, it tends towards an affirmation of life, and provides the individual with access to certain energies which are beneficial to them.

Furthermore, it needs to be understood that magick as a Way is neutral – that is, it can be used (or more correctly can be assumed, by those individuals below the stage of Mastery, to be so used) to either aid or harm such connexions, such Earthly living-beings, as human beings are connected to and from which they have emerged, such folkish-culture and folkish-archetypes.

In practical terms of self-development and evolution, an individual can greatly benefit from knowing, and from direct involvement with, their folk psyche and folkish archetypes: and this is especially true when the stage of Adept is reached and Aeonic workings are undertaken.

Aeons, Civilizations and The Presencing of Acausal Energy:

An Aeon – according to the Sinister Way of the ONA – is a particular presencing of certain acausal energies on this planet, Earth, which energies affect a multitude of individuals over a certain period of causal time. One such affect is via the psyche of individuals. This particular presencing which is an Aeon is via a particular nexion, which is an Aeonic civilization, which Aeonic civilization [See Footnote 4] is brought-into-being in a certain geographical area and usually associated with a particular people, or folk.

An Aeon can thus be considered to be a type of acausal being [See Footnote 5] manifesting in the causal, and, as such, has certain archetypal energies associated with it: that is, it can to a certain extent be “re-presented”, or apprehended, via causal-thinking, in terms of certain symbols, archetypes, abstractions, myths, rituals, and so on. The living-being which is an Aeon is thus “born”, lives for a specific period of causal time, and then “dies”, as, of course, do the archetypes associated with such an Aeon. Each Aeonic civilization can – according to limited causal-thinking – be described, or re-presented, by a particular mythos, which mythos is a limited causal apprehension of the life-force, of “the soul” or psyche, of the Aeon from which that civilization derives.

Hitherto, we human beings have lacked the ability to affect Aeons and thus Aeonic civilizations. That is, as stated in the MS Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction:

“All the individuals associated with a particular civilization – unless and until they attain a specific degree of self-awareness [variously called ‘individuation’ and ‘Adeptship’] – are subject to or influenced by their psyche. This psyche draws its energy from – is determined by – the civilization and thus the aeon. In practical terms, the psyche is a manifestation of the acausal energy that creates/created the civilization…”

However, magick – correctly understood and correctly used – is a means not only of personal development and personal understanding (a freeing from psychic, archetypal, influences and affects) but also of evolving to the next level of our human existence where we can understand, and to a certain extent control and influence, supra-personal manifestations of acausal energies, such as an Aeon, and thus cause, or bring-into-being, large-scale evolutionary change. Such understanding, such control, such a bring-into-being, is Aeonic Magick.

Aeonic Magick is the magick of the Adept and those beyond: the magick of the evolved human being who has achieved a certain level of self-understanding and self-mastery and who thus is no longer at the mercy of unconscious psychic, archetypal, influences, both personal/individual, and of other living-beings, since as the folk, and Aeons.

According to the sinister tradition of the ONA, there have been five Aeons, including the current Thorian (or “Western”) one. The current Aeon is, however, unique – for it has, in the last hundred years or so, suffered from a distortion of its life-force, a distortion of its soul. This distortion has been somewhat simplistically and rather graphically described as akin to a “viral infection” which has modified the behaviour of the peoples of the civilization through changing, modifying, and in some cases supplanting, the natural archetypes of the Aeon. In the esoteric sense, this distortion, this infection, can be understood as a natural process affecting our evolution – a consequence of that evolution itself,  and such an infection could have certain undesirable consequences for our evolution, and for our ability to free ourselves from those viral forces which are, in essence, de-evolutionary. That is, this distortion, this infection, represents a challenge to the Sinister Way – to magick, to the alchemy of evolution itself.

Thus, one aim of Aeonic Magick is to counter this Aeonic distortion through various sinister strategies; another aim is to consciously bring-into-being a new Aeon: one which will allow us, as human beings, to evolve and fulfil the potential latent within us.

There is thus a real war occurring at present, part of which is magickal, Aeonic and supra-Aeonic: a war, battles, between those who represent the genuine wisdom and understanding and freedom and life-enhancement which genuine magick (with its presencing of the acausal) brings, and those who represent what is fundamentally de-evolutionary, limiting, enervating and stiflingly causal, and who are manifest through and in the distortion of the Thorian Aeon. [See Footnote 6]

The Sinister Way:

In essence, all genuine magick is Sinister because it is Change: a move-toward a new bringing-into-being. A re-ordering in the causal. That is, it is a presencing of the acausal – from which all that is evolutionary and life-affirming arises.

However, to work – to affect evolutionary Change – such presencings have to be based upon, to manifest, to use, what-is acausal: that is, there has to be a knowing, an understanding, of the acausal as the acausal is. Without this knowing, this understanding, there has been, is and will be only the delusion of self and at best a stasis and at worst a return to the thralldom of the past.

Anton Long
117 Year of Fayen


(1) q.v. the MS The Five-Dimensional Magick of the Seventh Way. For a basic discussion of causal and acausal, see Chapter 0, A Theory of Magick, in Naos and the MS Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.

(2) It needs to be understood that the ONA uses such terms as psyche, and archetype, in a particular and precise esoteric way, and thus such terms should not be considered as being identical to those used by others and defined, for example, by Jung.

Thus, esoterically understood, an archetype is a particular causal presencing of a certain acausal energy and is thus akin to a type of acausal living being in the causal (and thus “in the psyche”): it is born (or can be created, by magickal means), its lives, and then it “dies” (ceases to be present, presenced) in the causal (i.e. its energy in the causal ceases).

(3) Such connexions, such living-beings as the folk and the folkish-culture which derives from the living of such a being, are only what-are, on this planet where we dwell. That is, they are aspects of Nature: they correctly describe the reality of how the acausal is presenced, in the causal, on this planet, through that living-being which is Nature. In a simplistic descriptive sense, such folk-beings are among Her descendants, her “sons and daughters”.

Furthermore, there is a symbiosis involved in such connexions – or, rather, there is now a symbiosis involved as a result of our natural evolution of will and consciousness; a symbiosis between us, our folk-beings, and with Nature, as well as with the Acausal beyond Nature.

(4) To be precise, this nexion is “a culture” which itself is a living-being, a spawn of a particular Aeon, with the Aeonic civilization itself being a by-product, a manifestation, a stage, of this new culture. However, the general term civilization will be retained, although such Aeonic “civilizations” such be understood in such a context.

Also, note that what is referred to is an Aeonic civilization – not just a “civilization”. q.v. Aeonic Magick – A Basic Introduction.

(5) For a basic introduction to “acausal beings” refer to the MS Advanced Introduction to The Dark Gods: Five-Dimensional Acausal Sorcery which explains the nature of the acausal-thinking (or, more prosaically, the “esoteric/magickal” thinking) that is required to begin to understand such beings: to apprehend Them as they are.

In addition, it needs to be understood that, as explained in many other MSS, there are many and varying types of acausal entities, or acausal beings or acausal forms of life. Some exist solely in the acausal; some can manifest in some ways in the causal, with some such causally-manifesting beings – or forms of life – being in symbiosis with the causal (or rather, in symbiosis with causal life-forms) and thus “dependant” on them to some extent. Some such dependant symbiotic acausal beings may cease to exist (in both the causal and the acausal) when their energy fades and “dies”, while others may return to the acausal to leave only a dead causal “shell” or “shells”.

Further, it should be obvious that the majority of such acausal life-forms cannot and should not be conceptualized in an anthropomorphic way, bound and limited as such conceptualizations are by causal Time and causal Space.

(6) The distortion has been, exoterically, described as “Magian”: as representative of a particular ethos deriving from the psyche of a certain people.


The Reality of Magick

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Although it has been mentioned before, this bears repeating: magick, properly used, develops the potential of an individual in a realistic, practical way –  that is, it produces, from the experiences undergone, a genuine insight and thus an understanding of self, others and the “world”.

 This is in complete contrast to what happens outside of genuine esoteric traditions where there is adherence by the individual to abstract doctrines, ideas and beliefs – that is, there is little or no understanding based on experience, on the reality apprehended through trials, hardship, explorations, and discovery.  Magick returns the individual to their inner core – destroying illusion, affectation and abstraction of the arid intellectual type.

 Of course, one should really say – real magick, properly used, does this.  There is an awful lot of pretentious “magic” and “magick” about.  What differentiates real magick is first the practical nature of its methods (which are both “internal” – i.e. psychic – and “external” – i.e. involving practical work and experiences in the “real world”, not just “in the head”) and second its structure or system: a working toward a definite goal.  This goal is Adeptship (part of which may be said to be the Jungian “individualization”) and what lies beyond even this: wisdom.  The striving for this goal (and the striving is necessary: it is not a “gift” from someone) changes the individual in significant ways – the is a re-orientation of consciousness, insights and achievement.

  The way of magick (as explicated by the seven-fold way) enables each individual Initiate to develop their won unique understanding or “view of life” or “world-view” – that is, it creates character, it uplifts the individual, separating them from the anonymous majority who mostly merely exist rather than live and who never evolve and understand.  Today, individuals are “mass produced” – and conform to the accepted ideas and norms, even in the “rebellion” that occurs, where the “herd” or some fashionable “trend” or “idea” is followed with any understanding.

 Everything is categorized, made into moral opposites – and there is developing in society an almost religious zeal about certain attitudes, a zeal which restricts individual freedom and expression and which destroys genuine individuality.  All this, however, goes mostly unnoticed, so low is the level of general insight – a situation brought about, in part, by the comfortable lives most people in the West today live; insulated as they are by technology, by material possessions, by the complexity of modern life and by ideal from life in its realness, rawness and danger.

 That is is necessary to give an example to illustrate the categorization and zeal, which is increasingly occurring, is a sad reflection on the general level of understanding.  The example to consider is the disease of “ism-itus”: the creation of an abstract idea, described by a word ending is “ism”.  Examples of the “ism” are then sought –  in society, individuals and so on, and then that society and those individuals must be “re-educated” is the “ism” is found since the “ism” is regarded as morally reprehensible, the abstract idea being formulated in an abstract moral way.  The procedure is not new –  it is essentially a religious fundamentalism, extrapolated into politics and social concerns, and may be said to derive from Nazarene belief and ideas.

  The “ism” itself becomes a “totem-word” – almost a “magical incantation” –  and is surrounded by an aura of guilt.  To be associated with an “ism” – even worse to be an “ism” or be called the “ism” – is reprehensible, almost a “sin”, and in certain countries definitely a crime, punishable by due process of law (and usually, if convicted, by imprisonment).  What this amounts to – when taken with the other abstractions foisted upon individuals (the “ism”, remember is only one example of this) – is the production of essentially characterless people who seldom if ever have any real experience of life, who conform to a certain set of attitudes, and who are psychically unhealthy in that they are infected with notions of “sin” and moral absolutes.  There is little real understanding –  only acceptance of the abstract forms which have been and are being projected onto and into “history”, “society” and individuals and which give the comforting illusion of “understanding” and knowledge (and also, in most cases, a smug moral feeling of superiority such as one sees in certain religious types).

  Magick, however, is a means to destroy all this – and thus it really is subversive and dangerous since it can free the individual, returning them to that inner Being where insight  is born and from which understanding, and ultimately wisdom, can be cultivated.

 The is the reality of magick – it produces the only “freedom” that is real and which has meaning: that inner one, which allows further steps to be taken, which allows evolution to be continued.  For Magickal Initiation is a personal liberation –when an individual takes responsibility for his or her own evolution.

  Further, this way of freedom, this means of liberation, should not be used only by a few –  it should be used by everyone, creating a whole new society (or societies) of Adepts: a whole new era or Aeon in which all have attained to self-insight.  


 Of course – but still possible, even if unlikely for at least the next few centuries.  But herein lies that almost sacred duty of each Initiate – to keep this possibility alive by maintaining the reality and effectiveness of genuine magick.



 1990 ev, Order of Nine Angles

ONA and Anarchy

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(Transcribed from a talk given by Anton Long at ONA Sunedrion, Oxford, yf 99)


Magick and Politics


What is occurring more and more within society, is adherence by individuals to ephemeral causes and ‘opinions’ as a result of the subjection to individuals to propaganda both overt and more ‘covert’ (i.e. ’subliminal’). That is, society is developing so as to make practical experience of the traumas of life more and more distant – the individual becoming shielded not only by the ‘State’ and its Institutions by also by ideas. Thus, the world is seen via the distorting lenses of these ideas. In the past, wisdom arose usually painfully over a period of time by diverse and often traumatic personal experience – that is, a very individual’ ‘view of the world’ was formed as a result of these varied experiences. Of course, few arrived at even this stage of conscious development.
Magick, properly understood, was an attempt to ’short-circuit’ this process – hence, for example, the tasks and procedures of the Grade Rituals in the seven-fold Way. Thus, magick built, from within and without ‘the individual, a genuine foundation – an ‘inner core’ which enabled the individual to not only survive in an often-hostile world, but also enhance their life quite significantly. Magick restores the individual in a very important way to the ‘roots of their being’ allowing thus a personal growth.
However, society in general does the opposite. Its ‘education’, its Institutions, its Laws all act together to produce an individual lacking in spirit: that is, devoid of a personal world-view. Moreover, this occurs whatever the outward political allegiance of the society -e.g.. Socialist or capitalist or shades in between. – and occurs whether or not a particular society is ‘democratic’ or overtly ‘repressive.
The only difference between the two is the method: the latter is more objectified and direct, often involving force and suppression, while the former is more devious (and all the more dangerous because of this).
Essentially, there is growing within nearly all the societies of the world a consensus and an adherence to a certain set of ideas and values. That is, there is a ‘levelling down’ of differences together with a real loss of individual freedom not only in terms of the ability of an individual to transit freely, unencumbered by whatever ‘past’ he or she may have, but equally importantly in terms of inner outlook. There is less and less ‘realness’ about individuals because the dramatic, formative experiences which shape and mould character and which give spirit are either becoming ‘illegal’/frowned upon or made impossible by State control and/or indoctrination of the individual into a certain pattern of living/ideas about life.
In the practical sense, one could say not only are the legal restraints on an individual and their actions increasing, but also the direct power which States have over individuals (and this includes information about individuals) are ever growing. This, coupled with co-operation between States in the distribution/exchange of information and the desire for even more and larger ‘federations’ of States (e.g. like a ‘European State’) both national and international, means more and more direct personal restrictions and less and less ‘inner freedom’. There is in short, much more superficial ways of living: ways encouraged by States and by those who adhere to what is fast becoming the accepted world ‘idea-system’. This ‘idea-system’, it will surprise few here, is based to a great extent on the ‘Nazarene view of the world’. Already in one of its many political forms it is established within the States of the West where its watchwords include ‘democracy’ and ‘equality’ and ‘freedom’. Of course, those words enshrine clever ideas – but they are not real simply because they belong to something beyond one or at least a few individuals.
This is really the crux of the matter. What is real is that which exists for each one of us, and this is and must be discovered anew by every individual as part of the process of life itself: when it is not, there is no real life – only the appearance of it. There is thus no inner essence, only outward form. What this means is that all governments, States, Institutions or power-groupings negate this essence because our conscious life is a personal process of development pivotal upon our understanding of ourselves, the world, the cosmos and those few others with whom we inter-act in a very personal way: it should not be extrapolated beyond this, and all politics, all religion and all social pressures of whatever hue contradict this. They are, essentially, counter-evolutionary because they make the individual reliant on that which is not born from within. Thus there can be no such thing as genuine ‘democracy/freedom/equality’ and all attempts to create what are only abstract ideas destroy individuality. Such abstract ideas, however, continue to flourish, and they continue to make the individual sterile. There will be, in the near future, more and reliance upon such ideas, more and more attempts to make them a ‘reality’ in State/governmental forms – e.g.. in Eastern Europe and beyond.
Of course, this analysis forms the core of ‘genuine anarchism’: but even this is a label, an ism – which has evolved into an ‘idea’ with all the dissent appropriate to an idea. Magick is a means away from all this – it is a practical system, devoid of dogma, and makes possible the next stage of our evolution as individuals. As such, it is direct opposition to all power-forms – governmental, religious or social – although this opposition is silent and will remain silent.(Note 1)
Magick is individual and will remain individual and while current conditions remain not unfavourable as regards the spread of information relating to its techniques, this will probably change: simply because inner liberation is and will continue to be so for some time the province of a small number of individuals while the devotees of abstract political and social ideas continue to flourish and expand.
This, naturally, is only a brief resume of the problem and what perhaps it is essential to remember is that we as artists of the magickal possess the ability to bring about change: both within ourselves and, should we wish it, within the society within which we live. The essence of the former is the seven-fold way, that of the latter: Aeonic Magick.

(This article first appeared in Issue 34 (Summer Solstice) yf101 of Azoth, an internal ONA bulletin.)

  (1) Silent as in “covert” – at least in respect of the intention of the Initiate/Adept of the Sinister Tradition of the ONA. Understood magickally, politics, of whatever type, is one means, one form, used in a magickal way by an Initiate/Adept to bring about causal change in accord with the sinister intent of that Initiate/Adept, and in accord with intent of the Sinister Dialectic itself. 

Mastery and Suffering

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This world is Profane and suffering is almost a given. The common misconception among those who live their lives according to the Sinister Way is that life will be easier.

In the past, few have become too obssessed with their Satanic roles and are lost when suffering still occurs because they belive that Magick will avert tragedy, suffering, etc.

From an artistic perspective, suffering serves to stimulate ones creativity. The artists and musicians that we follow express their suffering in the hope that someone could relate to them and purchase their works.

If ones life was too simple, then we wouldn’t be interested. Aren’t we also fascinated with hearing and reading about strife as long as it isn’t our own?

We must all accept that Satanism is a means towards self-excellence and ultimately, Evolution. Satanism is living life with vitality and in this life, it will also involve suffering. It is impossible to achieve in everything attempted and failure is almost predictable in many undertakings. Arising from failure and laughing in the face of it is true vitality indeed.

The Magian way would be to beseech the ally in the sky to ease your burdens. The Sinister Way would be to ascend from it.