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The Ordeal of Extreme Unctions

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Ordeals plays an important part of the Acception. It is a lesson and a rite. It requires physical action and experience, and through this a certain amount of wisdom is gained. To know something because one has read it or was taught it is far more different that to have experienced it and realized it. Wisdom only comes from experience.

All initiates must do the Extreme Ordeal as part of their training and progress to adepthood in Hardcore Satanism.

The initiate must first live his or her life for 3-6 months as a Christian or Muslim and or a conservative. The initiate must during this time attend the proper meeting places, read the proper books, make the proper friends, and convince him or herself that what is being experienced is the truth and only way. During this period he must follow to the letter the religious or moral laws of the extreme state chosen. Life must be as inhibited as possible. No one around him must know that what is being done is just an ordeal of experience. Write down your experience and emotional state throughout the period for future reference.

Once the time period is over the initiate must swing to the other side of the spectrum to experience life in the other far extreme. Extreme Satanism, excessive indulgence, crime, drugs… the initiate must go out into the real world and just do things to see if he or she can just get away with them. This is experienced for 3-6 months. Write down your experience and emotional state for future examination.

When this time period is over the initiate must honestly ask him or herself if true happiness was found in either extremes, if these two extremes were a struggle to keep up, and what fruits their actions gave birth to.

Now, the initiate must let go, become aware of the moment, and find the center, where equilibrium exists. Like water being tossed from one extreme to the other, having remained still, levels and finds its natural state of equilibrium, the initiate must also “be on the level.”

The state of being on the level is nature’s path of least resistance, where the least amount of energy is exerted. All things in nature exists in this state. Even energy seeks to gradually find its most lowest gradient. Planets and suns are spherical and not cubes because of this same reason. DNA twirls around itself, like filaments of plasma does because of this reason. Animals and trees exists in this leveled state, going with the flow of nature. Once the initiate has experienced the opposite extremes, and realizes there is a natural middle state, the initiate is considered enlightened in regards to a certain law in nature. This enlightenment is called The Anointing. This Anointing will heal him from the sickness of mind or illusion that either extreme was natural. If the essence of Satanism is the Law of Nature, then neither extreme points of the spectrum is Satanic.

It is only when the initiate becomes leveled and finds his state of equilibrium, will he begin to realize and be reconnected with Creation, and be in harmony with nature.

The initiate must understand that this lesson cannot be taught through letters or by words. It is a lesson which is learned from direct experience. And the lesson is as much a part of our Way as any written aspect of our Way.

As we have stated earlier, we must use every tool at our disposal to aid in our personal progression to adepthood. Ordeals are an integral part of our system.